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violence and unlawfully announcing election results tendai biti of the m.d.c. alliance was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in zambia his bail conditions include paying five thousand dollars to the court and surrendering his passport is also banned from addressing rallies or talking to the media until the case is ended mr aris is a former finance minister from the short lived government of national unity he had sought political asylum in neighboring zambia which was refused param a tartar has the latest from harare. tendai biti has been charged with breaking the electoral law he gave a press conference where he announced nelson chamisa the main opposition leader had won the elections and as a winner only electoral commission can announce results he's also been charged with causing public violence last week during protests it's alleged that he told opposition supporters to burn cars and destroy property in harare an allegation he denies the judge has also told him that he cannot address press conferences or
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rallies until the matter is finished in court the charges i think are worrisome on the face of it we will continue to follow this case closely and we will continue to insist mr beattie's physical integrity human rights and constitutional rights and the constitution of zimbabwe are respected the main opposition m.d.c. alliance said it's going to file papers in court to try and challenge the election results which they say were rigged they haven't done that yet they have until friday they say they have nothing to stop the inauguration from taking place which is scheduled on sunday but officials in the rulings on it here party say they are confident whatever evidence that the opposition says they have is not strong enough they are planning ahead with this dog aeration already rehearsing and some presidents have confirmed they will attend the inauguration ceremony on sunday. where more than a week after the voting in zimbabwe and the credibility of the election is still being questioned. we've seen a disproportionate disproportionate use of deadly force against protesters by the
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security forces which is a great concern of ours were concerned by those numerous reports of human rights violations sense the elections have taken place about a week and a half or two ago we have received credible allegations of detentions of beatings and other abuses of the people of zimbabwe particularly targeting opposition activists those who also come here at al-jazeera including catering for people too scared to go home wife thousands of flocking to larger towns in northwestern nigeria. and another culture parents for malaysia's former prime minister in the latest corruption case. hello there we're still plenty of wildfires in the west and parts of north america
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are at the moment and still no wet weather on the horizon the rain has been further south stretching its way across the gulf states and then towards the east ahead of it for us in new york friday will see a top temperature of thirty degrees but then the rain will push its way across us and then our maximum will drop just to twenty five before the towards the south and the wettest of the weather here is definitely in the western parts of our map stretching from panama up towards the yucatan peninsula and then plenty more showers across parts of western mexico as well i think here will see the showers begin to break up as we head through friday so for the yucatan peninsula it should be a good deal brighter towards the east there will also be plenty of dry weather here but watch out for some showers most of those will be cropping up later on during the day we'll see more showers too as we head through saturday some particularly heavy ones in the southern parts of cuba down towards south america or in the wetter weather here is moving away from the southeast now and behind it it's
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brighter but it's also wrong all the cool for many of us asuncion will see the temperatures struggle just a nineteen degrees i'm forty one and ari's will only be getting to thirty if we fast forward to saturday the temperatures a slightly recovering in the sunshine back to twenty two. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so a weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up less than two months off in the professional america's gone the secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera.
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covers it take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the un has called for an independent investigation after a coalition air strike hit a bus full of school children in yemen's hoofy held solder province a total of fifty people were killed saudi arabia insists the strikes were legitimate military target. us the palestinian group which controls the gaza strip has told al-jazeera a trace has been agreed with israel the israeli government is yet to officially comment it follows a major flare up in cross border violence on wednesday and thursday. a senior position has been banned from addressing rallies on news conferences while he faces charges for inciting violence and unlawfully announcing election results tendai
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biti of the m.d.c. alliance was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in zambia he's been granted bail. a major military operation has begun in northwestern nigeria to crack down on criminals who have been raiding villages now it's thought that more than two thousand villages in the area have been killed by gunman says twenty eleven i am a dangerous reporter matter doune in northwestern nigeria. digging in for a fight these soldiers are part of a one thousand member force sent to fight gunman who'd laid siege to villages in west nigeria for more than seven years they sacked many villages looting killing and raping the criminals are forced up to forty thousand people from their homes yet despite the military operations civilians continue to seek refuge in larger towns sonnier committee says his village was raided. and you could hear my e.
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ticket get out of it to kill my father they walked right into his room and shut the old man there we did our cattle and camels some of my villagers were kidnapped for ransom they took our women raped and abandoned them for us to take to hospital more than one hundred people lies to me to have been killed in the past six weeks alone survivors say their taxes showed no mercy it tell what delegate they my neighbor who was pregnant was shot at close range she lost the baby but she survived she's now in hospital. each day at meal time they line up their plates to be served by the quality of food has not been good an outbreak of cholera swept through some camps recently leading to several deaths but officials say it's been brought under control this camp in good and can open just ten days ago and officials say already six thousand people have registered or thousands more are living with their relatives in town some say they are eager to go back home but most say they're
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afraid to even step out of town this is their villages are not saved by the army which is trying to battle so many crisis across nigeria says it can guarantee their safety i will continue to assure them of their protection as long as they are willing to go back to their localities of viciously six thousand people listen to the army's advice and returned home but more than thirty thousand others are still waiting to see if it will ever be safe enough to grow back. west niger. now south sudan's president salva kiir has granted amnesty to former vice president rick macha and to all rebel fighters involved in the five year civil war a power sharing agreement was signed earlier this week which gives silva care and his former deputy macha eight months to form a transitional government south sudan's opposition is criticizing amnesty saying
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president care first needed to answer for the atrocities committed by his troops tens of thousands have been killed in the war that began soon after south sudan gained independence in twenty eleven malaysia's former prime minister is backing called for the next stage of his corruption case it's expected the hearing in kuala lumpur will set a trial date for analogy braszczok on corruption and money laundering charges they relate to mostly billion dollar looting of the state's investment fund one m. d. b. denies the charges firstly has more from the malaysian capital. not your product will face trial he's been charged with money laundering criminal breach of trust and abuse of power now all of this is in relation to the allegations that he had deposited about ten and a half million dollars into his personal bank accounts between the months of december two thousand and fourteen and february two thousand and fifteen these
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moneys allegedly came from a company called s r c international a company that was under the control of the finance ministry at a time when not just was not just the prime minister of malaysia but also the finance minister of malaysia s r c international is formally a subsidiary of. the state investment fund that nudge it that set up when he was prime minister in two thousand and nine now u.s. prosecutors allege that four and a half billion dollars have been stolen from that fund one n.d.b. is being investigated in at least six countries including the u.s. switzerland and singapore is also accused of trying to cover up the corruption scandal at one m. de sac in his then deputy prime minister and the attorney general replacing the attorney general with an officer who subsequently not ship's name but since coming into a part into power the new administration led by mahathir mohamad has made uncovering the true extent of the corruption scandal surrounding one and one of its top
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priorities. his month long debate on legalizing abortion has ended with politicians in the upper house of parliament narrow lead voting against change senators defeated the bill by thirty eight to thirty one after debating for more than fifteen hours the proposal would have allowed abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy pro abortion rights supporters for police who used. a latin america editor lucien newman is in the out in time capital decided. it was a bitter and divisive debate both inside the senate and out here on the streets of borno site is but after the storm comes the calm at least that is what president is trying to convey speaking from the presidential palace behind me he said that argentina had shown maturity and a willingness to debate a subject that until not so long ago had been absolutely to bull he said this was
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a sign of democracy and of dialogue between arjun times let's hear what else he had to say. the important thing is that we all understand that we have to listen to each other to respect each other and even expand all points of view and often change them. in many cases and i think. and speaking of expanding points of view the presidential palace is reportedly considering a change to the penal code to remove the part that contemplates prison sentences for women for illegal abortions as for those who lost in this vote well yes they are looking their wounds there were a lot of tears out on the streets this morning but the pro-abortion advocates say that they have not lost the battle that they are going to continue to push for the full legalization of abortion and to also try to present a new law a new bill to congress before the end of next year. if it is shared on social media
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shows waves of rubbish and plastic washing ashore. at a popular mexican tourist resort media in cabo san lucas reporting that the normally pristine. beach is now being swamped by garbage as hurrican john makes its way through the pacific people are trying to clear the beach collecting tons of debris. where rico's government is that knowledge that hurricane maria killed fourteen hundred people that's more than twenty times the official death toll the government made the new estimate in a report to the u.s. congress question reports. when hurricanes irma and maria struggle puerto rico nearly a year ago their furious winds and waters were initially reported to have killed about a dozen people. president donald trump highlighted the number when he visited days after the storm six. hours.
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but trump's words would prove premature the disasters drawn out aftermath the days and months without power fresh water and working hospitals has taken many times more lives on thursday the puerto rican government acknowledged for the first time that the death toll could be twenty times the current official count of sixty four a report from the governor's office says there were one thousand four hundred twenty seven more deaths in the four months after the hurricanes the normal but as the cause of the yacht that may or may not be attributable to the hurricanes. where me there's no doubt that they have to be me and you still listening to all of these stories. telling you how everything changed their money or
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how they don't have any rain or how they lost their houses or your farms how they don't even have money to one who don't that they will. this summer some puerto ricans are living under the same blue tarps in dealing with electricity outages which continue to plague swaths of the island story. i feel powerless it's called powerlessness because i can't do anything puerto rico's governor has asked congress for one hundred thirty nine billion dollars in relief assistance noting that almost a year after the disaster permanent reconstruction has just begun. if only the government has given me a little more everyone i called offered a hand but i'm still waiting. for the people of the island who are suffering and dying to help cannot come soon enough. castro al-jazeera.
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now the u.s. has announced what it calls a space force to be formed in time this will be the first new branch of the military says the hundred forty seven and its primary purpose will be to defend u.s. satellites and spacecraft from attack while official reports. trump has been pushing for the creation of a new branch of the military for months he talks about it often that israelis we may even have a space force now his vice president says donald trump's vision will become a reality while too often previous administrations all but neglected the growing security threats emerging in space president trump stated clearly and forcefully that space is in his words a war fighting domain just like land and air and sea the new force will be used to protect u.s. satellites in space which provide vital services like communication it can also protect spy satellites which direct military operations and there is the growing
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commercial space market too it's not a new idea in one thousand nine hundred three president ronald reagan called for a space based missile defense system just a year after congress demanded the establishment of a new space force the defense system dubbed star wars by critics never got beyond the research phase the u.s. already has a space command this part of the air force and some see the new branch as an expensive waste in fact defense secretary jim mattis initially resisted it but just earlier this week signaled he was no on board and we're in great alignment with the president going to burn about the fact they are after him basically could be work here again for economy we're going to have to address it and other countries capabilities what they're creating a new branch of the military needs congressional authorization and funding if republicans lose control of the house of representatives in november's midterm elections it might never have. and former astronaut mark kelly says he doesn't see
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the point there is a threat out there but it's being handled by the u.s. air force today doesn't make sense to build a whole nother level of bureaucracy spaceports if approved would become the sixth branch of the u.s. military it would be led by a four star over so i would pull resources from other military branches. russia has a space force china's space program is run by the military and the white house will include and the billion dollar funding request for their new space force in the next budget alan fischer al-jazeera washington. take a look at the top stories here it out there the u.n. has called for an independent investigation into a saudi a morality led coalition air strike on a bus full of school children in yemen fifty people were killed in the attack which
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happened in the his. province saudi arabia says the strike hit the military target . hamas the palestinian group which controls the gaza strip is told a truce has been agreed with israel the israeli government though has denied any agreements being weak it follows a major flare up in cross border violence on wednesday and in which three palestinians were killed in iraq a nationwide recount of votes from the election has reaffirmed. his coalition as the winner the electoral commission conducted a manual recount after widespread allegations of fraud in the may vote the results must now be ratified by the supreme court. a senior position figures being banned from addressing rallies all news conferences while he faces charges of inciting violence and unlawfully announcing election results tendai biti of the movement for democratic change was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in neighboring zambia he's been granted bail it's been an ordeal but we survive.
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it's a treaty that. most of africa return to strict. standards but we survive we live to fight on the free i'm glad to be to be home. because there's no issues around day what's happening to me a way i'm here when most of us here. argentina's months long debate on legalizing abortion has ended with politicians in the upper house of parliament now really voting against change senators defeated the bill by thirty eight thirty one after debating for more than fifteen hours the proposal would have allowed abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy pro abortion rights protesters fought police used tear gas and water cannon to date those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next people in power. full of
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struggle. but i mean on them while they are now touting the same human guinea full of pleasure. blankly funny and only having an intimate look at life in cuba today if you don't mind i don't know whether guinness a dozen movie again anderson has done that would have been a new my leave. my cuba on al-jazeera. it's well known to the united states exports billions of dollars worth of alms towards our lines which isn't as widely understood is that many of the guns it sends interviews in the middle east the sochi remissions manufactured in eastern europe so how do the supply routes function and waves of the weapons go in the first of a special trip cross investigation into u.s.
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arms sales giuliana rufus has been to investigate. there were a bar. there were three i know that. you're controlling the. june two thousand and seven efraim given rolly a twenty one year old arms dealer from miami beach is negotiating a three hundred million dollar ammunition for the u.s. plan to go on. his albanian contact because the tributes is secretly recording the
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conversation he wants to prove to vote he knows that the seller has links with organized crime. the problem i don't have a choice the u.s. government. the united states needs weapons for its allies in the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the guns must be clashing across and others soviet style weapons it's what its allies are used to. speed is of the essence. a year after the coup with give the rolly. tribute sky is dead many believe the albanian mafia has silenced him to stop him from speaking up about a pentagon deal gone bad. tributes rise to a scandal that was supposed to change how the american government buys weapons to arm its allies overseas but the question is has it we set out to investigate just how these weapons find their way into some of the most fragile states on earth
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. this is david he used to be did rowley's business partner the story of how the two young amateurs from miami beach turned into international brokers it was so incredible that it became a hollywood blockbuster. based. plied the pentagon with forty year old chinese ammunition that was stored in albania on board during any business with us but what works with the chinese weapons were under u.s. sanctions so they repackaged the ammo to hide its origin. in twenty eleven after new york times expose a different went to jail but the quds got away with house of it. so you guys didn't really have a background in that you were just two young guys in their twenty's why did you get contracts to supply arms and you mean why did they give us the contracts. well they
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gave us the contracts probably because we were very very competitive we were what they called the best value to the government. who says the wood oaks movie failed to tell the whole story he insists the pentagon you all along that he and his partner was supplying sent to chinese ammunition. his claim supported by documents that surfaced in court. they kept on taking deliveries i think like three deliveries a week of full aircraft loads of ammunition for like four or five months after they found out it was chinese. who says the pentagon was happy with the arrangements until the media got hold of the story how important was it for the u.s. army to get quick supplies operational necessity is a term that the military used when they wanted to say that they got to get this
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done one way or another and that meant that they were willing to overlook certain procedures and rules and safeguards that the administration had put in place. says it's this operational necessity that drives the u.s. government to employ private companies it allows them to be one step removed because a lot of these suppliers in central europe and that you. law may not have great reputations they may have supplied other people you know that have committed atrocities if they only deal with us companies who go out and then do their own deals and then the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from fast forward to twenty fifteen. americas supporting another were in the middle east but in syria it's supplying arms to rebels not to state forces. again the weapons us soviet style easy to
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use and so common in the region they're hard to trace if something goes wrong. when i still controlled territory expands u.s. supplies stepped up. i'm pleased that congress has now voted to support a key element of our strategy a plan to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists this is exclusive footage of what one of the pentagon secretive projects looked like. again the u.s. government uses private companies to train its allies we're going to examine the outside. these men are highly experienced new fighters mike doherty and frances no we. aren't they were in bulgaria to train on subjects so weapons that would be supplied to syrian rebels it seemed like a straightforward mission. but it would cost nobody you his life.
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friends is no review is survived by his wife the chair and two young children. yes i'm juliana she has agreed to meet us. we're joined by mike doyle fifty knew we was training college. he was present when a ouija was killed. i was about five or six feet away and as he approached the launcher he literally raised the round and as soon as he started to slide it in and it detonated. and that's when everything just went white for me it's like instantly it read well and yes apparently i was thrown into a concrete wall and you know the blast effect threw me back down against the ground and my hand was split down here and hanging and the other hand was had a big chunk of metal and then i just remember looking up and i saw our other
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colleague and his hand was hanging and his arm was he just shattered or just tore up i started to kind of flip myself over to crawl and i start crawling towards and then i passed. the multimillion dollar pentagon contract to train and equip it was received by a company called purplish shovel but it seemed to be insufficiently prepared for the task. and mike say there were problems right from the start the awarding of a contract happened very quick and there were a lot of things that we we questioned why are we not doing medical why are we not doing threat brief some things like that it felt very rushed i remember francis saying that it just crashed and it wasn't we really didn't understand the scope of what we were getting into. my tells us the official investigation into what exactly
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happened in bulgaria seems to have stalled. it's still not clear what caused the missile launcher to malfunction. did the u.s. government's urgency to supply weapons mean safety procedures were ignored once more there was until i would say over a year later that we learned that the ammunition was over thirty years old and over the last thirty to forty years where was a stored what were the conditions during that storage and were they doing the right things to ensure that it was properly taken care of and that we don't know my concern as suing the company i would request to travel to an interview was declined the company continues to receive u.s. government contracts it seems like the government just wants to layers over this contract for so you cannot really know much about it so we can do things outside of the military that are maybe a little bit more shady and i. meanwhile
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the convert supply of weapons from south eastern europe continues. observers have noticed that a small airport in reoccur croatia has become a major hub for the flow of arms to the moves of the middle east. we have come here to find out what type of weapons are sourced by the us government and how they are transported. because for. launchers you can spottable garion rather missiles you can spot mortar shells. yelena is a member of the balkan investigative reporting network together with the organized crime and corruption reporting project they have spent two years tracking the pentagon's secret weapon shipments into syria we have set up a joint investigation this one was produced in serbia it's ok our team
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a shingle up in the syrian battleground the u.s. government publishes information about federal contracts online. yelena and her colleagues have used this database to calculate the u.s. government's expenditure on soviet style weapons. since two thousand and fifteen until two thousand and twenty two pending will spend or two point two billion us dollars what do you know about the roots of how weapons from balkan countries go to the middle east they go through turkey jordan. qatar and saudi arabia because so that's all u.s. allies u.s. allies exactly exactly yell and i had been investigating a plane they departed from reactor airport five days earlier which she believes carried weapons to the middle east. to fight for there are the words that this plane took several times and you can see places such as our. our ion got
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exactly and also has flights number mark which is very specific for the planes that are actually transporting military goods. this is footage of the plane yelena tracked it has been loaded with crates at least twenty u.s. military flights have left this airport in the past six months. and when we arrive at the airport we to see a plane cool. and this is one of the busiest airports when it comes to playing such as this one. is from the same airline gillan i have been investigating various really is pretty nuts it's just in the middle of a traffic junction. there are about to take all. their there weapons.


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