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president calls on turks to support their embattled currency as president trump increases the pressure on the lira. alone while you're watching out is there live from london also coming up. the u.n. meets to discuss again the saudi led coalition says it is investigating airstrikes that it's a bus full of school children. israel far as tear gas from drones as palestinian protesters gather on the gaza side of the border. and major battle is continuing in afghanistan where taliban gunmen have attacked the city of gaza
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and. u.s. president donald trump has doubled steal an aluminum chair of sun turkey as tensions mount between the two nato allies over on cross imprisonment of an evangelist evangelical pastor move increases the pressure on the turkish economy for the lira already had a record low against the dollar president's rest are to want to address the country's currency at a rally in the northeast it was urging citizens to sell their dollars and buy lira to prop up the tanking currency as well tweeted that he had increased the tariffs on turkey as quote their currency the turkish lira slides rapidly downwards against our very strong dollar our relations with turkey are not good at this time the turkish president says he will not loose an economic war with washington. no you
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know the dollar will not stand in our way to no worry about it i see it again i call on you all citizen to change the euros to dollars and the gold that you are keeping beneath your pillows into liras in our banks this is a domestic international struggle we will not lose his economic will we will respond to those sure wish to make enormous north against us with our national currency. so let's take a look at how bad things have got for the turkish lira since the start of last of the year earlier as last thirty five percent of its value against the dollar most of that has happened since i don't want took office with hugely expanded powers a month ago. cinema has more now from istanbul. turkish economy is named to be one of the fridge all economies like many other emerging markets and says the failed coup attempt in july two thousand and sixteen turkish new route was under pressure the rate for one dollar was three point five last year
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around this time and today it's more than six neeraj however the latest political dispute between united states and turkey over their arrest of pastor bronson is actually challenging because it's turkish government supporters and the government itself see this as a political movement as a manifestation speculation over the turkish lira but the analysts the market analysts warn that turkish economy has structural problems and turkey's finance minister and that's pressure minister barak is trying to deliver messages that turkey is committed to independence of the central bank. ok for more details on this being cross over live to alan fischer and washington so alan can you give us a little context as to what's happening. well things between the united states and turkey haven't been good for a while if you go back to even the coup in twenty sixteen turkey accuses the united
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states of harboring the man who they believe was behind all and refusing repeated requests to extradite him if you just go back a week ago then the united states took action against turkey because of the continued detention of an evangelical pastor by the name of andrew bronson he's being held at his home and is mere now if you're the touch you see that he was a key figure who helped for men the twenty sixteen if you're the united states you see he was an evangelical pastor who spoke to many people in his community many people who were interested in this church and did absolutely nothing wrong there was a visit by a turkish delegation to washington just this week and they went to the state department and the treasury department to see if there was some way they could get over this issue of andrew bronson but the left on thursday with new or green meant that donald trump introduced to the united on tuckey earlier this year as part of his ongoing trade war with
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a number of countries including mexico and canada he's decided no that he's going to increase these tired of this is being linked by people that we are speaking to to the continued detention of andrew burns and they're trying to put the tux under pressure knowing that the leader as you've outlined is having great difficulties at the moment of the turkish economy isn't in the best possible shape and they're doing this the white house says because the deem what turkey is doing as a threat to national security that's very narrow focus but it certainly gives the president the power to raise these tariffs and we're being told that the papers are being prepared now if you take the brunson thing the coup thing and you add into it tensions in syria because the united states were using kurdish fighters that really upset the turks some of the turkish operations. and syria have upset the united states that have been ongoing discussions between the two there were problems when president visited turkey including
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a number of people who were indicted in the united states bodyguards for president one because the they were thought to have assaulted protesters say the embassy and then if that wasn't enough there are also three no one u.s. staff at the united states embassy in ankara who've also been arrested by the pile all that in a new understand why there are these tensions and you see what donald trump has done but let me just add that not only is the turkish economy struggling just in the last hour or so we're hearing that shares in the united states and also in europe are on the slide because people and vester are worried about what is happening in turkey alan fischer in washington for us thank you. yemen's hooty rebels have backed the united nations call for an independent investigation into saudi attack on
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a bus full of school children on thursday other who they say at least fifty people were killed in the attack inside our province and over seventy wounded a saudi led coalition insists it was striking at legitimate targets moment ago has the latest from japan. it's hard to imagine a mold this tabi on sickening image of the futility over war in the. at the scene of one strike by the sodium without equally should put it parts us through. a manhole cell phone video but. what is guilt what is his crime he wonders why target these students this is the walk of the american soda coalition strike school children why we will seek revenge no matter what he says. these children were in a minibus full of students heading from a school some a company in yemen. but does their boss drove through a busy market in. the probe is he was targeted by the strike they do what they
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can here at the hospital which is under resourced an overall well. and what effect will it top on these young minds dozens of their classmates were killed in the strike there's now a growing chorus of condemnation a real thing in the immense three and a half year. it took the images of these children drenched in blood and reeling from shock to move the world we deplore thursday's attack in yemen where a coalition air strike has a bus carrying children in diane market inside the reportedly killing forty people and injuring another sixty eight the u.n. secretary general and tony has called for a swift investigation into the time the conflict in yemen pits the richest countries in the region so that it be on the united arab emirates against the poorest the sodium it ought to call ition has been report that the criticised for targeting civilian areas in their war against the whole of the fighters the
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fighting has killed thousands and left millions of us on the brink of starvation coming all the while jazeera djibouti ok we can now go live to roslyn jordan was at the united nations are also and what are we expecting from the u.n. meeting today well this is a closed door meeting that will be happening some time on friday inside the security housel chamber most it's going to be a discussion there isn't going to be anything concrete coming out of this session but certainly several countries that sit on the security council made a request to discuss the airstrike the impact as well as the prospects for trying to end the yemeni civil war before the session began on friday one of the ambassadors attending the daily meeting.
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husband of the netherlands talked to reporters about thursday's attack. what is important for us is that we keep our focus on the humanitarian situation and make sure that there are no indiscriminate attacks against civilians we have seen the images of children who died we have heard about the attacks in the hospitals we heard also claims but we think that what is essential at this moment in time is to have a credible and independent investigation. it's also worth pointing out that there was also a call for a credible independent investigation into thursday's airstrike by the secretary general of the doubt as it is worth pointing out that he did address reporters very briefly on friday about the appointment of michelle bachelet of chile to be the new high commissioner for human rights however the secretary general did not and
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refused to take questions from reporters. thanks very much straw in jordan for us at the united nations the protests are taking place on the gaza israel border testing an uneasy truce reached between hamas and israel on thursday that cease fire followed two days of intense violence which saw three palestinians including a pregnant woman and her eighteen month baby killed by israeli airstrikes rockets have also been fired into southern israel has fallen as burning kites and balloons israel has not confirmed the cease fire but there were no new strikes overnight we can now go to trial stratfor who joins us now from gaza charles what's happening there. we've seen fairly sizable protests again here in gaza today this is the twenty s week of these protests a lot of tear gas being fired by the israelis often using drones firing tear gas
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behind the crowd so the wind waltz that gas across everybody here we're also hearing from the palestinian ministry of health the pirate lee a volunteer medic has been shot and killed in the south of gaza we're also hearing that around thirty other palestinians have been injured as i say this is the twentieth week of these protests and it comes at a time off. the wood violence between israel and hamas in four years since the last war so there is a lot of anxiety there's a lot of tension here as to whether any kind of what's called is a provocation by either side could result in yet another escalation of violence and of course israel calls this these protests very much a provocation hamas says that the people here have every right to protest in what they describe as a peaceful man using these incendiary balloons and incendiary carts carrying burning rags across the border we've seen
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a number of them being launched out towards the border the soft and literally in the last ten or fifteen minutes what sounds like a live fire which we presume are israeli soldiers trying to shoot some of these balloons down but as i say as yet it's this fragile truce seems to be holding with no reports of any rockets being fired by any of the factions here or indeed any air strikes by the israelis so just give us a sense of the political situation how much interest is there really and putting together the scenes far and how united are they and in that area there in the gaza and west bank. well certainly all all the factions here in gaza which the around thirteen are determined that these protests continue down this truce this latest truce was agreed upon by hamas as you say there was no formal recognition or formal statement by israel in them recognizing this truce but
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that is the priority at this moment is trying to keep the cease fire going. in terms of palestinian politics and looking towards any kind of reconciliation here in gaza between hamas and fatah dominated palestinian authority that still looking very remote we understand that how mouses agreed to the latest egyptian proposal and has handed that folder to abu mazin to the palestinian president now that was two or three weeks ago we've heard nothing back since and there is this understanding of this belief that if indeed there is some sort of reconciliation agreement towards a potential unity government between hamas and fatah here in gaza then that could well push israel to potentially lift some of the restrictions on this twelve year see but as i say as yet there has been no movement on that for at least two to three weeks and as these protests continue there are great concerns as i say that
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anything described as a provocation by either side could risk another escalation in violence child stratford with the latest from gaza. and still to come on this program the travel plans of thousands of people are disrupted as ryanair as pilots go on strike. on the inauguration of zimbabwean president emerson emerson and one god why is delay that the court considers the opposition challenge. hello there we've got a few days of rain ahead of us in southern china and we've already seen over two hundred millimeters of rain in high now and you can see the cloud responsible for that it's going nowhere in a great hurry so as we head through saturday and sunday there's going to be yet more rain across this region and there is likely to be reports of flooding the
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weather will also be affecting us in hong kong and you can see the winds are pushing plenty of cloud and rain towards parts of the philippines as well so in the western parts of luzon we can expect things here to be very wet as well across parts of india the month seems to be fairly subdued recently but in the last twenty four hours it's really got going over carola and you can see the wet weather that we've had here in the problems that it's caused and it's all thanks to this area of cloud which as you can see can really move anywhere for about twelve hours also that's what gave us all wet weather recently then they'll be more showers as we head through the next few days the warnings are still with us as we head through the day on saturday further north lots of what weather as well for the northeastern parts of india through bangladesh and into a pole and across the northern parts of pakistan also looking pretty wet as we head through the next couple of days so watch out for the showers here they could give us a little bit of flooding here in doha staying sticky as we head through saturday still very humid it changes for sunday and the air does become drier.
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it's a story of survival. it's a story about how people lived to live in such remote. my body to the way it did to the chief and how that instinct to help them recover from the financial crash i will continue as long as i can stand. this is a story about iceland. aging on al-jazeera. well again here's
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a reminder for our top stories and. turkey's currency has fallen to a record low after u.s. president. on national security grounds. the united nations has called for an independent investigation into an airstrike in northern yemen dozens of children dead or injured. and fresh protests are taking place on the gaza israel border testing and on reached between hamas and israel on thursday the palestinian health ministry says a medic has been killed by israeli fire. now the dog is about president. has been delayed until an opposition challenge could be heard in court earlier lawyers of the movement for democratic change elian's father paperwork at the supreme court in harare they said they have mammoth evidence of fraud and election rigging we could go to joins us live from hierarchy so how can you give us more details of what's being filed in court and whether it will get
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a few fair hearing given that it's challenging the ruling party that's been charge for decades. well the m.d.c. alliance say they want the election result overturned this is some of the evidence they have they say shows forms that have been tampered with figures change here in there and they're going to present that in the courts the judges could meet quickly if they think the evidence is weak they could throw the case out fairly fast they could also decide that they need time to go through the evidence which could take a couple of days if they don't meet over the weekend monday and tuesday here a public holidays which only means they'll meet on wednesday to make a decision and that could take a while but they have fourteen days to do so some opposition supporters are clearly happy with this decision others in zimbabwe are not so happy the bobbies had been told by the business community in south africa today that if these issues aren't contained on done away with very very quickly people won't come invest and that
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means economy won't recover. in harare for us thank you. heavily armed taliban fighters have stormed the central afghan city of gosney attacking police checkpoints and government buildings of fighters trying to overrun the city setting up daylong clashes with u.s. backed afghan forces least fourteen police officers have been killed and sixty others wounded the entire city went into lockdown in the main highway connecting it to the capital kabul was closed charlotte bella's have the latest from kabul. this is attack began at about two am local time here in afghanistan the taliban launching a heavy assault on the place headquarters in the capital of the province residents saying that they heard eight rockets hitting the police headquarters just after two o'clock this morning the taliban they moved in took up positions around the police headquarters and from the air they moved out throughout the city there were heavy
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gun battles through the morning between taliban and afghan police and afghan security forces the taliban then moved into a residential area where they remained for most of the day that's where they'd watch a lot of their assault from a centrally taking human shields in people there terrified as they heard gun battles outside they saw bodies on the streets they were hearing rockets at one point the u.s. seem to be one bomber of a hit and cell phone towers are down so they really had no way to figure out what was going on in the city the taliban however was sitting out statements throughout the day claiming various successes saying that they killed one hundred forty afghan soldiers and police officers the government steered fastly denying that throughout the day saying it's simply not true we are in control of the city yes there is an attack but we are in control and have been throughout the day we maintained control of the government ministries and buildings they said this in a statement earlier because. there has been fighting in gaza the province for
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a long time in the entire province of gaza as well as gaza we have defeated the taliban and our enemy has sustained significant casualties last night the storm from packed. and my den wardak province is you know i'm president to the attack on gaza and. it's very important for the government to maintain an air of confidence for the public here in afghanistan make sure that people feel secure because we have coming up here on october the twentieth. at least four people including two police officers have been killed in a shooting in eastern canada police say one suspect is in custody and is being treated for serious injuries the circumstances of the shooting in the city of fredericton are still unclear and officers had urged people in the area to remain inside their homes with the door slaw it's so i went to my back window and i seen a fire truck coming around here is like well maybe it's something blowing up like propane or something then i realized that the area was filling up pretty quickly
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with police officers and that i'd better hit my ground so i sat on the floor of my my house shots are going off in a few more you're in there then it went downhill for about twenty minutes there was no shots or so let's say for about five all shots went off and then it was quiet for another half hour in the studio shots room. more than twenty thousand people in southern california have been told to evacuate their homes because of a wild far california police have arrested and charged a fifty one year old man for purposely starting a so-called holy far in lake elsinore of the governor has declared a state of emergency freeing up additional resources to battle the blaze the holy fire is one of several far as burning and california that have displaced tens of thousands of people relief agencies are warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of a heat wave in north korea there's been no rainfall there since july with temperatures soaring to an average of thirty nine degrees is it's destroying rise maize and
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other vital crops increasing the risk of a full blown food security crisis international sanctions could also worsen the situation with twenty five million people already vulnerable to malnutrition. the number of people known to have died in the law in last weekend's indonesian earthquake is continuing to rise at least three hundred twenty one people are now known to have died on the island of lombok the region has been rocked by hundreds of aftershocks including one across an empty supermarket to collapse more than two hundred seventy thousand people have been left homeless and they're in need of clean water food medicine and shelter. protests by members of china's way ethnic minority of a halted planned demolition of a mosque where grand mosque was set to be destroyed for what the government said was a violation of planning regulations a mosque recently opened after two years under construction the local county had
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now says no action will go ahead without the agreement of the townspeople members of a p dominantly muslim who a have complained of growing restrictions on their religion. the travel plans of fifty five thousand people across europe have been disrupted due to pilots going on strike at ryanair one in six of primaries flights have been cancelled those pilots in germany arlin sweden belgium and that the alliance walked off the job over pay conditions john mccain has this report from berlin. sleeping on the airport floor rather than the holiday hotel all because of the strike that's hit ryanair for these passengers their vacation is beginning with uncertainty and lots of tricky questions like this couple freshmen from the states when we landed here in berlin right yeah i mean really they told us that the ryanair flight to athens that we had booked are being canceled because the. pilots on strike so we just went through
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a couple different ways of getting that the. airline rebooked going that that's all we need tonight and then tomorrow morning bouncing from personally to athens so what's behind this industrial action royer employs about four hundred pilots here in germany they are members of the pilots union cockpit and for the union issue with ryanair is very clear they want improved terms and conditions and they say ryanair really needs to reform. does. today is not about wanted to be ryanair and it wouldn't be possible any way against a transatlantic employee but what it is about is to signal to management that there needs to be invented in trying to beat the roads to. today you want to send a clear message to dublin ryanair much charring and so far at least the airline appears not to want to put its chief executive has accepted ryan it will take a financial hit it's hard to assess the damage of a new features from the one piece a quarter woman told is that her fears this summer you don't do with your four
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percent you know it's trivial below five percent so here's the damage that that would be. but not perhaps for those caught up in friday's strike action don't it came out zero but been shown a lot. every year millions of visitors flock to france a scenic or does or for the summer holidays are good for the economy the tourism is having its terrible impact on the local ecosystem and fish population our correspondent david chaytor has been speaking to fishermen and marine biologists in my say on the battle to save provinces fish. the mediterranean is now the most overfished sea in the world according to the latest report by the united nations. working the waters off the small portable. men like share our caravan of accounting that cost. more than a third of the seized total fish population has vanished over the last fifty years
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. pollution and climate change are taking a toll but the impact of tourism is not even being monitored if you're more than your yuppie look is it to say there's no more fish when you see the pressure created by them a ters every day four to five hundred sports leave last year to port imagine it's of them brings us a killer fish some less some more well that's a lot of fish taken away every day and it would. be back in the one nine hundred fifty s. just over this small stretch of the coastline in southern france there used to be something like seventy fisherman casting their nets in these waters and now they've gone down to just thirteen. rubber goodell is one of the shrinking band of artists and fisherman but being paid to take part in a unique project to restore the ecology of the coastline a company of marine biologists have deployed special traps at sea the catch
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juvenile fish and raise them in protected nurseries on the shore. here of course from sea bream mullets horse matt crawl and a lot of plankton housed on the key side in the port of must see the species are given the best start to their hazardous lives the odds are stacked against them in nature for every one million eggs coastal fish produce only one will make it through to becoming a reproductive adult and the press of humanity makes it even worse this is a profile of this bookstore elephant mostly because of pollution caused a construction zone in the ports the use of cement and the urban planning on the coastline. gerard has seven grandchildren he needs to help support and he's not landing enough fish to do it so now he raises recipe she's themselves to sell to specialist aquaria across europe like many others in the fishing communities here he has nothing but contempt for the bureaucrats in brussels running the common
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fisheries policy he says if you want to help help yourself david j. to al-jazeera must say. and you can always find more on our website the address for that is al-jazeera dot com. hello there these are the top stories the knowledge is there a turkey's currency has fallen to a record low after the u.s. president donald trump doubled steel and alabama tariffs on national security grounds on the turkish lira was already in freefall over worries about president ratchet type are the ones influence over monetary policy and strain ties with america the u.s. has been pressuring turkey to release an american pastor who's been held on terrorism charges or no one is urging citizens to sell their dollars and buy lira to prop up the currency of over the u.s. dollar will not stand in our way do no worry about it i see it again i call on you
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all citizen to change the euros to dollars and the gold that you are keeping beneath your pillows into liras in our banks this is a domestic and national struggle we will not lose his economic will we will respond to those who are we should make anonymous source against us with our national currency. yemen's who the rebels have backed the un's calls for an independent investigation into an airstrike that hit a school bus who they say the attack by the saudi led coalition killed at least fifty people including twenty nine children the coalition insists the strike inside the province was aimed at legitimate targets. zimbabwean president emerson mana god has had his inauguration delayed because of a legal challenge his electoral victory lawyers for the opposition movement for democratic change lions have filed their case at the supreme court in harare they say they have mammoth evidence of fraud and that last month's election was rigged
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in my god's favor follow science health ministry says a volunteer medic has been killed by israeli far in gaza as protests take place along the border demonstrations are testing an uneasy truce reached between hamas and israel on thursday that seems far followed two days of intense violence in which at least three palestinians were killed in israeli airstrikes heavily armed taliban fighters have stormed the central off gun city of gaza gazan e attacking police checkpoints and government buildings a local health official says at least sixteen people have been killed so the headlines stay with us next court a.j. eads that's up next.
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in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese fell zero shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries it was true. but i was most importantly it was with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has an al-jazeera. record a city on the cusp of the arctic circle and often called one of the most pristine joe graphically striking places on earth but beyond the classiest and volcanoes
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lies and intriguing story of survival that's beautifully captured in icelandic cuisine. a mirror of society it brings us together traces our divergent histories and open some new future is i'm on a journey to meet food lovers around the world and get the inside track on best cities through the food they love. reykjavik is the northernmost capital city in the world settled by enormous arriving bison. it's very remoteness has forced people to listen to their surroundings and go see it live to stay alive.


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