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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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in the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most. the president calls on tugs to support their forming current see as increased u.s. tariffs add to mounting pressure on the nira. oh i maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.n. calls for a credible and transparent investigation into a saudi led coalition air strike that killed schoolchildren in yemen two palestinians shot and killed by israeli fire during protests at the gaza israel border. and dozens are injured during protests in bucharest as tens of thousands returned from overseas to demand the government resign.
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come to the program our top story u.s. president donald trump has escalated a feud with turkey doubling stale and adamantium tariffs as a monetary crisis pushes the country towards economic disaster at the heart of turkey's failing finances is its a volatile currency which is now for until record since the start of the year the turkish lira has lost thirty five percent of its value against the dollar west of that has happened since president russia type one we took office with hugely expanded powers a month ago well under one has now its citizens to sell their dollars and buy the lira instead to prop up the economy reports from istanbul. turkey its president. addressed this large rally and have this message for his citizens. to. there is only one us dollars euros or gold on the
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pillars that you go exchange of polluted our banks this is the national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have waged an economic war against this turkey's currency has lost more than thirty per cent of its value so far this year at least fifteen per cent of that was just some thursday night the turkish gold army has been struggling for a few years of recombination of several financial and political factors the lira tumbled even faster after just presidential election which gave all executive powers to president our john i wish that k.p. or mr r. and his you know eighteen would be very ready ready to hear a robust economic program today after they have been elected fortunately they're a little bit late on that as a growing about fragile economy the lira was not protected against any current suspect lation especially after the two thousand and sixteen failed coup and
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turkey's continuing dispute with the united states over a variety of issues has not made things easy the most urgent disagreement has been is the tension of an american pastor named andrew branson who is on trial on terrorism charges there is a currency crisis kind of promoted by the geopolitical risks which is obviously used by the american foreign policy decision makers another factor is turkey's unwillingness to join the recent u.s. sanctions against iran turkey buys energy from iran along with russia and azerbaijan now the crisis is being felt approach with the master selling of shares in european banks would generally have bigger exposure to the turkish kaname the dispute was supposed to ease as delegates from both sides gathered in washington this week but it didn't and it went to went further turks say the united states is trying to beat them with a financial stick and some even believe it's just. political move by present trump
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to head off november's critical election now it's a question off how turkey will handle all these pressures while its currency is at ten all time low see an abcess solo al-jazeera a stumble or the white house is saying president raised the tower ifs on the grounds of national security alan fisher has more on that now from washington. well it's been described to me as two big international figures who don't like to back down who don't like to show weakness so there's no clear indication where this row between turkey and the united states is going to go we do know that it's a week ago that the united states decided it was going to sanction two senior members of the turkish government saying that no american business no american individual could do any sort of transaction with them and that was in response to the pastor andrew bronson who's come to be held under house arrest in izmir in turkey the united states you see he's an evangelical christian who has met many
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people because of his ministry in turkey and that includes people from all different communities if you are tuckey you see that he was a key figure who spoke to people he shouldn't been speaking to before the field in twenty sixteen and will go through the turkish court system but this all goes back to beyond that or you'll remember that for tulo girland who is a turkish cleric he lives here in the united states president says he was behind the field coup in two thousand and sixteen the turks have asked for his extradition on a number of occasions that has been turned down by the united states so they tend to see andrew brunson's detention as being almost hit for tat there are also other problems as well at the united states upset turkey by using kurdish fighters and some of the battles it was waging in syria the united states isn't overly keen on some of the things that the turks have done in the offensive in northern syria as well so all of this please into
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a big trade war with the united states saying that they are going to double the sanctions on steel and aluminum no the white house explains that the paperwork is being sent to the commerce department to make sure that this can be implemented soon and we're told that president trump is doing this because he sees what the talks are doing as a threat to u.s. national security. yemen's who the rebels have joined the united nations in calling for an independent probe into a saudi led coalition attack on a bus full of school children on thursday the un has held a special session on the strikes which killed fifty and wounded seventy others inside a province a saudi led coalition insists it struck legitimate targets are going to joe has the latest from jersey. it's hard to imagine a more disturbing and sickening image of the futility of war in the media. of the
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sea a strike by the sodium erotic polish body parts us through. a man holds up the phone body of a child. and what is his guilt what is his crime he wonders why target these students this is the walk of the american soda coalition as strike they are schoolchildren why we will seek revenge no matter what he says. these children were in a minibus full of students heading back from a school summer come in yemen. but as their boss drove through a busy market in the area of some of the prob is it was targeted by the strike they do what they can here at the hospital which is under-resourced and overall well. what effect will it take up on these young minds dozens of their classmates were killed in the strike there is now a growing chorus of condemnation a real thing in the the amongst. it took the images of these children drenched in
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blood and reeling from shock to move the world we deplore thursday's attack in yemen where a coalition air strike is a bass carrying children in die on market in reportedly killing forty people and injuring another sixty eight the un secretary general and tony has called for a swift investigation into the talk the secretary general emphasizes that or parties mistake constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of military operations and he calls for an independent and prompt investigation into this incident the conflict in yemen pits the richest countries in the region so that is beyond the united arab emirates against the poorest the sodium and arctic qualification has been report that the criticised for targeting civilian areas in their war against the whole of the fighters the fighting has killed thousands and left millions of us on the brink of starvation how about the
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world just djibouti well the un security council says any investigation into the air strike in saddam must be transparent president jordan reports now from the united nations in new york. the u.n. security council met behind closed doors on friday to discuss the deadly school bus attack in northern yemen afterwards across statement in which the members of the council called for a credible and transparent investigation into the attack believed to have been carried out by the saudi coalition when asked what credible and transparent meant this is what karen pierce the u.k. ambassador to the u.n. had to say the important thing is a bit credible if there is an acceptable credible investigation then the council will want to consider next steps in the light that if any investigation held it's not credible the council will obviously want to review that and want to review this more it's necessary the security council statement did not resemble what the u.n.
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secretary general antonio guterres called for an independent investigation the saudi government has already said it's going to in take a close look at what happened during those missile strikes on thursday but there are critics who are raising questions about whether it's the saudis who should be intrusted with coming up with the dents. now two people have been killed by israeli fire as fresh protests a place on the gaza israel border this according to the palestinian health ministry demonstrations attesting an uneasy truce reached between hamas and israel on thursday ceasefire followed two days of intense violence for sort least three palestinians killed andrew symonds has the latest from gaza. there's a truce but just here on gaza's border with israel there's no such thing as calm you see anger soon followed by live sniper rounds.
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finding their targets schools of life changing injuries mainly young people well north of here near rafa a middle aged man and a medic who died in the. here those wanting to express themselves with words not actions families with children risking their lives mixing with activists who they believe the fighting can and who do we use a truce will hold for long the protesters have an objective until they get what they want there's going to be no call and. a cease fire hard last because we have learned here the occupation has taken the land by force we will get it back. not far away another rush with no cover for protection it's evident the numbers turning out having crease compared with last week's demonstrations the toxic mix of black smoke and tear gas remains much the same as previous protests that also follow this
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demonstration is freedom and life but this isn't the only form of protest in gaza today. in the inside gaza city behind the rubble comes a different sound from the. peaceful protest on top of what remains of a cultural center crushed by bombing on thursday israel had said that the five story building was owned by hamas and it had a presence who are these people on fortress. and. a lot of them we have lost our culture office but gaza loses more than this if it's a the help hundreds of artists i ask unesco and the international community to immediately open an investigation into the israeli crime. passive resistance to life under siege. the illegal. the.
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hundreds simmons of gaza city. said i had for you on the program you know gratian of zimbabwean president and god why is delayed as the court considers the opposition's challenge. and dreaming of college some of us a step in to help young people who can't get financial aid because of best citizenship status. and are there we've had some pretty violent storms over parts of australia recently . this weather system here is baltar's winds gusting over one hundred kilometers per hour in places and with that windy weather it's also rather wet and cool so a maximum temperature in melbourne just of thirteen degrees on saturday and force in adelaide will only be getting to eleven things should generally cheer up
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a little bit by sunday though there should be more sunshine around and the temperature in adelaide at least will be bouncing back up again further west we'll also see the temperatures rising here twenty degrees in perth and it should be fine and settled over towards new zealand we're watching some cloud of rain roll its way towards this it doesn't look like it's reached just by lunchtime on saturday but as we head into sunday they'll be more thick a cloud working its way into the southwest and it could just squeeze out one or two showers the heavier rain is help but for later in the day if we head further north we had a typhoon with the shanshu that's now cleared away to the east but it's trailing plenty of rain behind it so that's why we've got this area of what weather here and then to the south of that we've also got another storm that's developing and that's rushing its way towards the north and that's pushing all of this cloud of rain further north so for many of us in the southern parts of japan we're going to see some pretty heavy downpours on sunday.
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on counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran means for you iranians and companies doing business there the world's biggest oil producers i'm climate change was stamping out colombia's cocaine addiction county macof on are just. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. witness on al-jazeera. just a quick recap of the top stories now turkey's currency is for until record low of
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the u.s. president donald trump doubled steel in alimony and tariffs on national security grounds the u.n. security council has called for an investigation into an ass strike to hit a school bus in northern yemen who see rebels say at least fifty people including twenty nine children were killed in the attack by the saudi led coalition and at least two people have been killed and more than three hundred injured by israeli fire during protests along the border with gaza according to palestine's health ministry. well know the stories we're following dozens of people have been injured after romanian police used tear gas and water cannon at an anti-government rally in bucharest. thousands of remain ians who live abroad have been gathering for a demonstration calling for the government to resign many of the demonstrators drove across europe to attend they are angry about the way romania is being
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governed by the social democrats who they blame for corruption and a lack of opportunities earlier i spoke to kit get it she was a journalist it was at a demonstration in bucharest he said he spoke about the police's response to the demonstration. it's the largest protest we've seen in nine months so it was large anyway but then what happened tonight was was shocking it was very surprising in the parts the groups etc being have been peaceful i've been covering remain here now for five years and tonight was the first night there have been tear gas it's the first night i've ever seen the use of water cannons by the security forces it's the person i see large scale clashes you know there always been small clashes on the sides of protests but this was large scale clashes that lasted for a long time and it was it was a shocking kind of turn of events more than one hundred forty refugees and migrants
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have been rescued in the mediterranean aid workers from the aquarius search and rescue vessel picked up two small craft drifting from libya toward southern europe a doctor on board said one of those rescued was a newborn baby it's the first rescue mission for the aquaria since it was caught in a standoff with italy in malta over their refusal to let rescue people ashore. heavily armed taliban fighters have stolen the central afghan city of gazan the attacking police checkpoints and government buildings the fighters try to overrun the city setting off day long clashes with u.s. backed afghan forces at least fourteen afghan police officers were killed and twenty wounded in the assault the police chief says there was more than one hundred fifty other casualties but he couldn't give a breakdown shallot ballasts has more from kabul. this is attack began at about two am local time here in afghanistan the taliban launching a heavy assault on the place headquarters in the capital of the province residents
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saying that they heard rockets hitting the police headquarters just after two o'clock this morning the taliban they moved in took up positions around the police headquarters and from dir they moved out throughout the city there were heavy gun battles through the morning between taliban and afghan police and afghan security forces the taliban then moved into a residential area where they remained for most of the day that's where they'd watch a lot of their assault from a centrally taking human shields in people there terrified as they heard gun battles outside they saw bodies on the streets they were hearing rockets at one point the u.s. seem to be one bomber of a hit and cellphone towers were down so they really had no way to figure out what was going on in the city the taliban however was sitting out statements throughout the day claiming various successes saying that they killed one hundred forty afghan soldiers and police officers the government steered fast denying that throughout the day saying it's simply not true we are in control of the city yes there is an
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attack but we are in control and have been throughout the day we maintained control of government ministries and buildings they said this in a statement earlier that. there has been fighting in gaza the province for a long time in the entire province of gaza as well as gaza new fitty we have defeated the taliban and our enemy has sustained significant casualties last night the storm from. my den wardak province as you know unprecedented attack on gaza. it's very important for the government to maintain an air of confidence for the public here in afghanistan and make sure the people feel secure because we have elections coming up here on october the twentieth. flashlights caused by heavy rain have killed half a dozen people in sudan thousands of homes have also been destroyed in the eastern state of say authorities say they're working to rebuild areas as it continues to rain but some families say the government hasn't acted quickly enough can explain
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this is the aftermath of heavy rains in eastern sudan more than seven thousand homes destroyed and thousands more damaged the rains have caused flash floods displacing hundreds of families and leaving them without shelter. there is flash floods and we lost everything with it when we tried to save our properties but we lost it all we need help especially shelters. where we're grateful to be alive but we lost everything even our clothes we got little from charity to help the government hasn't provided us anything and we're still living in the open with our children. sudan's rainy season has been a challenge for the government doesn't have been killed in the last few years including seven around the country this year alone despite it being only the beginning of the season. tens of thousands of homes especially in rural areas have collapsed because of the rains poor drainage systems and subsequent flash floods
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and the water left behind is raising concerns of what are borne diseases including malaria and cholera. people who have been displaced by the recent floods have criticised the government for its slow response local authorities saying they're working to provide assistance at. the damages were major to those affected we've provided them with temporary shelters and basic necessities we're now asking organizations to help those affected this could get worse if heavy rains come again and the conditions will be much worse meanwhile the rains continue those who have been displaced can only hope it doesn't get worse and that they'll be able to rebuild their lives here morgan al-jazeera. zimbabwean president has had his inauguration delayed because of a legal challenge to his electoral victory earlier lawyers of the for the movement for democratic change alliance filed their case in the supreme court in harare they said they have evidence of ford and election rigging harmattan has no. this is the
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first time in zimbabwe's history an inauguration has been stopped the m.d.c. alliance party say they won the election result overturned they say they have evidence forms that show that the results were tampered with the judges could meet quickly if they think this evidence is weak they could throw the case out if they want more time to look at the evidence that could take a couple of days if they don't meet over the weekend monday and choose their public holidays here which means all meet on wednesday therefore team a day to make a decision and run all zimbabweans can do is wait president elect a muslim will undergo a city respects the courts zanu p.f. supporters aren't thrilled with us opposition supporters are static but most of our wins think are concerned about the economy this election was different from other elections regardless of who people voted for a lot of people we spoke to whether zanu p.f. or opposition would say it's the first election that robert mugabe on the ballot they hope for a fresh start especially when it comes to the economy they're worried because
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they're so that you can business community has warned them while we say you don't get your house in order we can come and invest we can come and create jobs people are concerned the longer this political stalemate drags on the more negative effect is going to have on the economy. the u.n. says it's received credible reports that around a million ethnic we are being held in secret internment camps in china the un human rights panel estimates that two million wigan's and muslim minorities have been forced into political camps for indoctrination in the region jang region chinese government has launched a security crackdown in the area accusing many residents of conning separatist attacks we are a mostly muslim community who live in western china. well now the the travel plans of some fifty five thousand people across europe have been disrupted after ryanair pilots went on strike one in six of ryan as flights have been canceled as pilots in germany island sweden belgium and the netherlands walk off the job of the pay and
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conditions dominate kane reports from berlin. sleeping on the airport floor rather than in a holiday hotel all because of the strike that's hit ryanair for these passengers their vacation is beginning with uncertainty and lots of tricky questions like this couple freshmen from the states and we landed here in berlin right yeah i mean really. they told us that the ryanair flight to athens that we had booked are being canceled because the. pilots on strike so we just went through a couple different ways of getting to athens and their line rebooked scaling up that's all they need the tonight and then tomorrow in the morning bouncing from that's the only thing to athens so what's behind this industrial action ryanair employs about four hundred pilots here in germany they are members of the pilots union cockpit and for the union issue with ryanair is very clear they want improved terms and conditions and they say ryanair really needs to reform.
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does. today is not about want to debate ryanair and it wouldn't be possible any way against a transatlantic employee but what it is about is to signal to management that there needs to be an end to them trying to beat their own staff today you want to send a clear message to dublin ryanair must change so far at least the airline appears not to want to but as chief executive has accepted ryanair will take a financial hit it's hard to assess the damage of a new features from the one he said no quarter would still says there are fears this summer you go through with your first four percent you know it's trivial you get paid one percent so here's the damage that that's what this is. but not perhaps for those caught up in friday's strike action. al-jazeera had been shown a third airport. yes president has repeatedly threatened to end the so-called dreamers program which gives temporary protection to young people who came to america with
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their parents. but even if they manage to stay a dream and manageable for loans which allow them to continue their education now some states are stepping in to provide college funds as gabriel and his own no reports from each as he. was at three of us that was the chance of teenagers wanting the opportunity to go to college in america who can't afford it there the so-called dreamers from the dhaka program started by barack obama in two thousand and twelve it gave temporary protection from deportation to undocumented migrants who arrived in the u.s. as children but dreamers are barred from getting government aid for college most coming from working class families it means college is out of reach such as for this teenager whose mom couldn't afford the college fees she barely makes it now with all the bills so i think a college tuition on to that is unthinkable. while president donald trump is the
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end of the dreamers program altogether new jersey's newly elected democratic governor of signing a law that expands rights to the dreamers allowing them to apply for financial aid to attend college and state. it's a direct rebuke to trump president trump and many of his republican enablers and congress have cast the worst aspersions on our dreamers but we're due to receive no better we know that economic progress could not be achieved without social progress new jersey now becomes the tenth state in america to offer financial aid to undocumented immigrants or dreamers just here in the state of new jersey it's expected to benefit over six hundred people but critics say the new law will be expensive and encourage undocumented immigrants from other states to move to new jersey interests he was ranked number one in the entire country for him plucks of
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new un documented immigrants within the state we're already spending in excess of i believe two hundred twenty million dollars per year in public education funds just on the e.s.l. programs so it has a financially detrimental impact on the state. and supporters say it's a matter of fairness and i was there we believe firmly believe that all students should have access to financial aid nobody should be rushing to a dilemma of whether to pay for college out of i mean the cost of which are increasing year by here jersey's not only asking undocumented immigrants to stay and attend college but now also providing the money to do it gabriel's on doe. newark new jersey ancient objects looted from iraq during the two thousand and three invasion have been returned to the country and mesopotamian artifacts which
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a five thousand years old uncovered in london by british authorities during a police raid on. experts from the british museum way to identify the exact archaeological site for which they been stolen. just a quick reminder of the top stories this hour turkey's current c. is foreign to a record low off the u.s. president donald trump double steal an atom minium tariffs on national security grounds the turkish lira plunged over worries about president russia influence of a monetary policy and strained ties with america the u.s. has been pressuring turkey to release an american pastor who's being held on terrorism charges on his aging citizens to sell their dollars and buy the lira to help prop up the currency of over. two dollar will not stand in our way do not worry about it i see it again our call on you all citizen to change the euros
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to dollars and to gold that you are keeping beneath your pillows into leer as in our banks this is a domestic imaginal struggle we will not lose his economic war we will respond to those who are where you make anomic wars against us with our national currency. the united nations security council has called for an investigation into an as strike that hit a school bus in northern yemen who's the rebel say at least fifty people including twenty nine children were killed in the attack by the saudi led coalition a coalition insists the strike inside a province was aimed at the just hit targets. at least two people have been killed and more than three hundred injured by israeli fire during protests along with border with gaza that's according to palestinians health ministry the demonstrations are testing an uneasy truce reached between hamas and
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israel on thursday that ceasefire followed two days of intense violence in which at least three palestinians were killed in israeli strikes. was. and dozens of people have been injured after remaining in police used tear gas and water cannon as a protest in bucharest thousands of romanians who live abroad gathered for the rally calling for the government to resign the protest as many of whom drove across europe to attend are angry about a way romania is being governed a blame the ruling social democrats for corruption and a lack of opportunities in the country well as the top stories that set for myself in the team here in london counting the cost is coming up next. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese found. shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries newsroom with
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a. supporter who will stick with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is a joyful occasion the road to has an al-jazeera. has i'm seeking this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics what the first wave of u.s. iran sanctions means for iranians and companies doing business there also this week big oil and climate change what are the world's largest oil companies failing to reveal about the future of fossil fuels. plus the economic stakes in the saudi can of the us back. so a first round of u.s. economic sanctions on iran.


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