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not bring your history but there's your market. for all the gold in the world want to just go. zero. head on welcome to the al-jazeera news our life from headquarters and. coming up for the next sixty minutes president of the long course on turks to support their currency is the value of the lira plunges the middle widening round with the united states. a u.s. court orders chemical company monsanto to pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars to a man who says it's waived killer calls to his cancer. dozens injured during protests and book arrest as tens of thousands returned from all the
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cities to demand the resignation of romania's government. and ready to travel one hundred and fifty million kilometers and brave temperatures of one thousand degrees we have had the product that's flying into the face of the. u.s. president donald trump has escalated a feud with turkey doubling steel and allen many in tariffs as a monetary crisis pushes towards the economic brink at the heart of turkey's failing finances as its volatile currency which is now fall into a record low since the start of the year the viewer has lost thirty five percent of its value against the dollar much of that decline has happened since president. took office with a hugely expanded powers a month ago well everyone has now urged. citizens to sell their dollars and buy
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lira instead to prop up the currency said of course the owner of reports from istanbul. turkey is president vegetate proud to an address this large rally and have this massive for his citizens yes. if there is anyone who has dollars euros or gold under their pillows that you go exchange it for lira that our banks this is the national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have wage an economic war against us turkey's currency has lost more than thirty per cent of its value so far this year at least fifteen per cent of that was just on thursday night the turkish kaname has been struggling for a few years of recombination of several financial and political factors the leader tumbled even faster after just presidential election which gave all executive powers to president our john i wish that. or mr r. and here is you know eighteen would be really really ready to hear
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a robust economic program today after they have been elected it's all fortunately there a little bit later on that as a growing about fragile economy the lira was not protected against any current suspect lation especially after the two thousand and sixteen failed coup and turkey's continuing dispute with the united states over every right jeff issues has not made things easy the most urgent disagreement has been is the tension of an american pastor named and dr branson who is on trial on terrorism charges there is a currency crisis kind of promoted by the geopolitical risks which is obviously used by the american foreign policy decision makers another factor is turkey's unwillingness to join the recent u.s. sanctions against iran turkey buys energy from iran along with russia and azerbaijan now the crisis is being felt approach with the master selling of shares in european banks with general. exposure to the turkish can i mean the dispute was
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supposed to ease as delegates from both sides gathered in washington this week but it didn't and it went to went further turks say the united states is trying to beat them with a financial stick and some even believe it's just a political move by president trump head off november's critical election now it's a question of how turkey will handle all these pressures while its currency is at ten all time low so now because solo al-jazeera a stumble. is the chief market economist at spotland capital securities and he says a collapse of turkey's currency could have a domino effect on economies of the european union. the central bank is probably going to have the results. you know maybe two or three fold from the present levels is that doesn't happen the speculation against the turkish lira will continue and
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that means that we could see crises developing when you're away and as you know some of the banks in the southern region of euro land have exposure to turkish that that. this speculation continues turkey should. then we could see a renewed crises on the european banks especially in countries like spain france and italy let's move on to other news now a u.s. jury has ordered that the makers of a controversial wheat can pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars and damages a california groundskeeper has dying of cancer which is monsanto ignoring the health risks of its product roundup to mainly johnson's lawyers of the products gave them a form of cancer called on hotchkin lymphoma monsanto says it will appeal the ruling mike hanna has more from washington d.c.
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. the case brought by the plaintiff dwayne johnson has been lasting for four weeks the jury has been considering the verdict for the last four days and it's found that the weaved killer that johnson used known as roundup did indeed lead directly to his cancer it has a war did to more than two hundred sixty million dollars in damages but importantly two hundred fifty million dollars of those are in fact humor to damages meaning that the jury found there was malice in the company's action there are thousands of other cases pending concerning the we round up and with this judgment the courts are likely to be flooded with cases in the months and years ahead the company itself insists that it will appeal this particular judgment it continues to maintain that the ingredients used in the weed killer life are saved does not cause
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cancer. or not by the environmental protection agency however the verdict in this case is likely to once again cause the e.p.a. to look at whether life is in fact a carcinogenic well let's get more on this now we're joined by heaven christophe a legal affairs reporter at courthouse news and she's joining us on skype from oakland in california very good to have you for the eyes on allergists the us a two hundred eighty nine million dollars how damaging is this for monsanto. it is it is damaging it is just the tip of the ice for. it. there are grounds for you. and i don't know whether. as we got what we were there are hundreds of other pieces. in that role and worked across the country. you know
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and. future trial. i think there's something like four thousand people in the u.s. have claimed that they became sick by using roundup does this verdict today send a message to chemical companies like monsanto that they have to be more open about the effects of their products. you know i'm not sure at this point that it does send that message monsanto has vowed to appeal. it's it would be bad for business to make any sort of mission at this point i feel that they will continue to fight in this particular case it's not anywhere near over permits mr johnson will continue to fight in trials that will be coming
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up next year in alameda county in california and in san francisco as well in general. it will be a while. i believe. when we get to the sort of. what about the chemical itself life os a which is still legal its use is legal in that the u.s. can we expect that to change as a result of today's holding. the. no i don't believe so mr johnson he never saw our arm around. his science what he wants is that warning label our. product or at least instruction safety instructions for. you know. clothing clothing that watches where why and they're spraying round up so i iraq
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the bench seals in terms of being available it might just affect people's desire to use it or at best crossed off a thank you for your time on this that haven't kristoff is joining us live from oakland thank you. thank you. now the sally an erotic coalition says it will investigate an air strike in yemen that had a bus full of schoolchildren killing fifty people the united nations is calling for an independent probe after holding a special session on the strikes the saudi led coalition insists it struck legitimate targets the whole other though is following those developments from neighboring djibouti his report begins with images that some viewers may find disturbing. it's hard to imagine a more deuced tabi and sickening image of the feet to the two over war in. the sea a strike by the sodium without
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a coalition body parts us through. a mom holds up the whole body of a child. what is built what is his crime he wonders why target these students this is the walk of the american soda coalition as strike their school children why we will seek revenge no matter what he says. these children why in a minibus full of students heading from a school so mccomb in yemen. what does their boss drove through a busy market in. the probe is it was thought that by the airstrike they do what they can here at the hospital which is under resourced. and what effect will it help on this young minds dozens of their classmates were killed in the strike there's now a growing chorus of condemnation a real thing in the immense three and a half year. it took the images of these children drenched in blood and reeling from shock to move the world we deplore thursday's attack in yemen where
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a coalition air strike is a bass carrying children in die on market in sabah reportedly killing forty people and injuring another sixty eight the u.n. secretary general and tony has called for a swift investigation into the talk the secretary general emphasizes that or parties mistake constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of military operations and he calls for an independent impromptu investigation into this incident the conflict in yemen pits the richest countries in the region so that it be on the united arab emirates against the poorest the sodium about equalisation has been to report the criticized for targeting civilian areas in their war against the whole of the forty's the fighting has killed thousands and left millions of us on the brink of starvation how about the world as . well the un security council says any investigation into the airstrike in sabah
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must be transparent. i think as with all these things the important thing is the word credible if there is an acceptable credible investigation then the council will want to consider next steps in the light that if any investigation held is not credible the council will obviously review that and want to review it more as this . camera verne's government says it will investigate a video apparently showing the military shooting at unarmed people amnesty international says it's very hard to video through one of testimony and analysis of weapons and uniforms. for president paul beer says the video was released to undermine the government ahead of elections in october but are those they are the advocacy director for africa at amnesty international and he says the video is proof of a pattern of impunity by the military. the video documents. cameroonian
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soldiers basically lining up men women and in the are north and basically committing extradition executions the soldiers are can be heard on the tape saying that they're committing a comic how is the type of operation it seems like the footage was taped by one of their own soldiers so it is very clear we've been able to confirm that these are indeed cameroonian soldiers and that they're not. type operation based on the fact that this has happened before and that this seems to be a pattern of operation by the security forces in the country in twenty seventeen we released a report that documented incidences of torture by the cameroon security forces the elite forces known as the her who had been operating in a camp called salic but these kinds of. treatment beatings and
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action executions even proceed those kinds of incidents there's years a culture of impunity the government has been fairly dismissive calling the concerns raised by both domestic and international human rights group says. not credible so today's announcement that they're going to actually investigate as an incredibly important positive step but of course a single incident is not going to address all of the incidents of abuses that have been documented prior we have plenty more ahead on the news alah including pollution of qana change and tourism take a toll on the mediterranean sea and it's. why hundreds of families in south africa's western cape have occupied private land and sports and other than a day victory for manchester united as they kick off the new premier league season against leicester.
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dozens of people have been entered after remaining in place to use tear gas and water cannon at an anti-government rally in the highest. level thousands of remaining ex-pats have been demonstrating quoting for the government to resign the protesters many of whom drive across europe to attend have angry about the way of remaining as being governed by the social democrats they blame the party for corruption and a lack of opportunities as a journalist who's been at the demonstrations and spot just some of the protesters . people i talked to were were very motivated they would have been angry about many of the steps that the government has been taking in the last eighteen months that they see that they feel will weaken the rule of law you know these are steps that basically would decriminalize low level corruption or reduce and weaken the
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fight against fight against corruption which has been a crux has been a big problem in romania for a long time and people are angry about that and feel that the system needs to change so tonight's protest there were an estimated one hundred thousand in bucharest and maybe another thirty forty thousand in other cities so it was a large protest it wasn't as large as the half million people we saw last february in february two thousand and seventy when the government first tried to pass. legislation that would weaken the wall of law but it's the largest protest we have seen in eight nine months so it was large anyway but then what happened tonight was was shocking it was very surprising in the past the protests have been have been peaceful i've been covering remain you know now for five years and so i was the first night i've ever been tear gassed it's the first night i've ever seeing the. use of water cannons security forces is the first night to see large
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scale clashes. now for the twentieth week and succession palestinian protesters gathered along the border fence between israel and gaza having to man with a right to return to their ancestral lands from where their families were expelled seventy years ago this friday as demonstration was preceded by forty eight hours of intense cross border violence between the israeli military and hamas anderson's reports from gaza. there's a truce but just here on gaza's border with israel there's no such thing as calm you see anger soon followed by live sniper round. finding their targets schools of life changing injuries mainly young people while near rafa a middle aged man and a medic died. here those wanting to express
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themselves with words not actions families with children risking their lives mixing with activists do they believe that the fighting can end it who do you say truth will hold for long the protesters have an objective until they get what they want there's going to be no call in. a cease fire called last because we have learned here the occupation has taken land by force we will get it back. not far away another rush with no protection it's evident the numbers turning out having creased compared with last week's demonstrations. the toxic mix of black smoke until gas remains much the same as previous protests the more to follow this demonstration is freedom and life but this isn't the only form of protest in gaza today the only. inside gaza city behind the rubble comes a different cell. peaceful protest on top of what remains of
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a cultural center crushed by bombing on thursday israel had said that the five story building was owned by hamas and it had a presence here these people fighters. a lot of them we have lost our culture office but gaza loses more than this a theater that helped hundreds of artists skewness go in the international community to immediately open an investigation into the israeli crime. passive resistance to life under siege. andrew symonds al-jazeera gaza city. heavily armed taliban fighters have attacked the central afghan city of gus they targeting police checkpoints and government buildings the fighters tried to others around the city setting off a day long clashes for the u.s. backed afghan forces at least fourteen afghan police officers were killed and twenty wounded in the assault. now for the al father remains the when after
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a manual recount of may's parliamentary vote in iraq that the shia cleric will need coalition partners to form a government. reports. it's taken nearly three months and as many iraqis predicted the result remains unchanged. populist my father will continue to play a central role in forming the next government coming to a vote recount was ordered in june over allegations of fraud barks iraqis have been on happy how long the process took. we live in allusion of democracy we thought the results would be announced within twenty four hours just like developed countries yet more than three months later including the burning of ballots we hear the same results we could have formed the government during this time had we known it's a mockery. with fifty four seats in parliament and suggs election win means his party would choose the new. next prime minister said everyone alliance is made up
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of religious nationalists and secular communists but the cleric is also looking beyond his base for coalition partners. the political uncertainty has raised tensions across the country thousands of people protested last month from the south to the capital against poor basic services unemployment and the slow pace of rebuilding iraq after years of war. in an attempt to quash public anger prime minister headed our bedi who seeking a second term in office sank several people in the electricity ministry over power cuts is the editor has threatened to join the opposition if his rivals failed to agree to a list of forty demands including those of the protestors and preconditions for choosing the next prime minister. you must remember that all solder has a strong support base and this could play an instrumental role in objecting to the
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formation and delay of the next government if his conditions are not met once the recount result is ratified the process of forming a new government should begin and while it will have to balance a relationship with both the united states and iran it's the iraqis it will ultimately have to answer to if their demands aren't met so i don't know that al-jazeera. now in just a few hours last launch a new probe but this one isn't for the outer planets and stead it's designed to brave extremes hate of one thousand speeds of seven hundred thousand kilometers per hour and a journey that would last seven years the parker solar project for flight of the sun to collect data from inside the solar atmosphere and shine your light on scientific mysteries she have a chance eva ports. as you might expect the key to loitering in the sun's
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atmosphere is not melting nasa engineers have built a carbon heat shield for the park a solar probe that's just eleven and a half centimeters thick they say it will protect the equipment that will be surveilling the sun as it sweeps through its corona or outer outlets for the real chill gets up to about twenty five hundred degrees fahrenheit which we're not going to do today but we are going to get it under degree and what is the feeling. i see . on the temperature of the corona is just one of the counter intuitive mysteries that the park a probe hopes to solve why is it so much hotter than the sun's core several hundred times hotter science would suggest that the further away from the sun surface the cooler the atmosphere should be the probe is named after eugene parker who formulated the theory of so no wind will be present to watch the moon for the spacecraft named in his own. in one hundred fifty eight he theorized that a flow of particles accelerated into space from the sun and that proved to be true
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but scientists still don't know how this phenomenon occurs theoretically such particles should cool down and dissipate the further from the sun they get not speed up so the wind streams could impact satellites in space and g.p.s. radio waves and electrical grids on earth they also cause rural when they crash into the earth's magnetic field and the deflected the probe will begin its first approach to the sun in november as part of it seven year mission we will go hotter than anything is being before we are in that three million degree plasma region in the corona well gradually we'll close it will take sort of seven giant steps closer to the sun until we're in that final region and as it makes those dives towards the sun surface but parker so the probe will eventually become the fastest object ever created by humankind she ever chancy out there. well let's get more on this malveaux joined by atomic maalik and astro journalist at spa. he stopped calm and he's joining on skype from new york very good to have you with us on al-jazeera mr
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malik's a mission to fly into the sun's atmosphere it has been on astronomers watch lists for many decades so just how significant is what we're about to see in a few hours. well this is something that's never been done before you know nasa is going to take a spacecraft and launch it into the outer edges of the star that we think that we'll see every day and it's something that you know the hope to kind of uncover some of these mysteries of the sun that we just still even after decades and hundreds of years of observing it don't fully understand why this outer fringe this corona of the sun is so much hotter than the actual surface of the sun is this is lingering mystery that scientists hope this machine could answer and they all in the sort of intellectual can also see having says one of the practical reasons for having this information well understanding how this level of the sun's
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atmosphere works is really key to understanding how the sun's whether it works now on earth we are really susceptible to storms from the sun the satellites that we rely on or never gave for communications even some of our power systems can be affected when the sun has a major eruption the corona is where those coronal mass is these huge eruptions of solar plasma super hot gas just erupt straight out a million miles an hour and you know scientists don't really understand how that works how can they predict them to safeguard our systems on the earth the systems that we need every day to talk over skype like we're doing now and even for astronauts in space it can be an emergency if they don't know who storms are coming this mission could help make those predictions and credible stuff and so much to learn and what did the challenges that the pocket is gong to face on this mission well the first big challenge is the launch you know everything does have to go
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right for this mission to lift off nasa has only has a few more days beyond that maybe another week or so in their launch window to try it once that it gets off the ground it's straight to the sun as your course what i mentioned earlier this is supposed to be the fastest spacecraft ever it's going to loop. venus to supercharge its feet as it approaches the sun and then it has a kind of just told it through that atmosphere as fast as possible so doesn't cook it has that special heat shield made out of carbon fiber foam to keep the room temperature atmosphere around its instruments while it's a simple super burning part of the sun so you know if all of those calculations work and if the material can survive it's going to work out just great and just lastly mr malik we have made a lot of the fact that this is the fastest object ever created i want you to give us an idea of just how fast it will be traveling so you know ness is the most recent fastest vehicle was the pluto new horizons and when it launched it took
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about ten years to get to pluto that's pretty fast for a mission this spacecraft when it's kind of at its max speed of something like four hundred thirty thousand miles an hour if you get from tokyo to washington d.c. in a minute that's how fast it's going to be traveling so just a mind blowing speed and it's going to need that to really circle the sun as what it was at. the schematic it's great to get you know and. that is space dot com static malik joining us live from new york thank you a pleasure. still ahead on the news out of the travel plans of thousands of people are disrupted as ryan as pilots go on strike. a mother seeking answers on why his son was murdered by members of colombia's military and president trying to criticize his players who continue their protests in the n.f.l. piece i will have the latest in sports.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city . hello there it's going to stay wet if you're in the southern parts of china at the moment it's all thanks to this area of cloud hair we've got a storm developing within that and it's expected to run its way towards the north while it develops fairly quickly so for the south coast then do expect some very heavy downpours and there's likely to be some flooding across the region as well hong kong will also be within that mass of cloud and rain in fact you can see the winds there feeding in from the west so for some of us in the philippines it's also looking pretty wet particularly in the western parts of luzon and that rain does stick around even as we head through sunday a bit further towards the south for many of us here there's actually a good deal of dry weather at the moment some showers around but also plenty of
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breaks as well the philippines obviously as i mentioned before that's the exception more cloud and rain here and we'll also see plenty of what weather over parts of thailand as well but towards the south force in singapore and k.l. there should be plenty of dry weather and just maybe the occasional showers at times if we head out towards the west we've had reports of flooding in carolina and here we've still got plenty of cloud at the moment the wettest weather over the next few days there is likely to be in the eastern parts of india and through nepal here so if you vary so be not only on saturday but also sunday to do with sponsored by the time he's. on counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran means for iranians and companies doing business there the world's biggest oil producers i'm climate change but stamping out colombia's cocaine
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addiction counting the cost on are just you know. the latest news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world. from around the world . is a joint. six with no functioning local government for eighteen months.
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is going to have you with us on the news hour these are our top stories turkey's layer has fallen to a record low it's lost fifteen percent of its value in the last day and a total of thirty five percent since the start of the year much of the decline has happened since president. re took office a month ago people to sell their dollars and buy more lira. a u.s. jury has ordered the makers of a controversial way to pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages california groundskeeper dwayne johnson who's dying of cancer is monsanto of ignoring the health risks of its product roundup monsanto says it will appeal against the ruling. government is investigating a video that apparently shows the military shooting at people amnesty international says it's verify the video through testimony a spokesman for president says the video was released to undermine the government ahead of elections in october. now the inauguration of the president has been
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delayed because of a legal challenge to has an electoral victory. earlier lawyers for the opposition movement for democratic change alliance found their case at the supreme court and heard r.t. they say they have evidence of fraud and election rigging. now hundreds of families in an informal settlement outside cape town have illegally occupied private land that's happened in south africa's government considers changing the constitution to allow it to seize private land without paying for it the government says this is to empower the black majority in a country where most land is owned by the white minority arm of the miller has more from stellenbosch. slivers of light shines through the simply furnished home of. she's been living on this land illegally for three weeks there are dozens more roughly built homes dotted across this he will instill in bosh near cape town an area known for its affluent vineyards and estates. it's because of our government
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that we are here we have asked for land before but they have not helped us we have to make a lot of norris and fight to get this land here a court is ordered that no more can be built and those that have been occupied be destroyed but as night falls people scurry to bring in more building material. is the believe this is our land that was taken from our ancestors even though the current owner bought this learned the previous owner stole this land and so now it needs to be returned to us when we are taking the land. according to government statistics of africa's white minority population owns more than seventy percent of privately owned farming land under political and public pressure to reform land ownership the ruling african national congress says it will support moves to change the constitution to allow the seizure of land as long as it does not harm the agricultural sector or the economy but it's unclear how this will be done and who
5:36 am
will qualify for the land while acknowledging the need for urgent land reform presidency. force appears to be struggling with a balancing act this week while addressing investors he said the government would not allow land grabs and an alkie wanting to calm the fears of the business community but deciding between what land those people need and what investors want may not make everyone happy but that woman says it plans to seize one hundred and thirty nine farms across south africa before the constitution is changed if successful amendments to the constitution could be avoided there are fears seizing land without compensation could scare off investors violate property rights and hurt crude production critics say talk around land exposed creation is a ploy for votes ahead of next year's elections rather than a sincere attempt to reform land ownership and that expectations should be managed meanwhile people here could face eviction as the landowner returns to court in the
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coming weeks to have them removed from al-jazeera stellenbosch south africa. to colombia now where a special tribunal is examining more than two thousand cases of extrajudicial killings between two thousand and eight and two thousand and fourteen the look into the false positive scandal as part of the historic peace deal between the colombian government and leftist villar forces known as the fark critics however say the court lacks the power to hold the culprits accountable from both a model of apollo reports. you know a bit of nile is a grieving mother her son by law now to the was murdered by members of the colombian military in two thousand and eight he says she was told her son was the leader of an enemy insurgency the nurses that's impossible as her son lived with both severe physical and intellectual disability but i mean for me that is it was hard for me to be told that a boy with such an innocence was labeled as being
5:38 am
a member of an armed group. over. period of six years thousands of young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty were falsely accused of being anti-government insurgents. while the colombian government was fighting a war against discovery innocent colombian civilians were being rounded up by the hundreds some were tortured killed and dumped in mass graves. the families of the victims appeared before a special tribunal recently established and. fourteen members of the military prison sentences of upwards of forty years were in attendance by testifying before the special tribunal these soldiers were allowed to carry out their sentences at a military prison. between two thousand and two and two thousand and nine assassinations grew exponentially and they happen to coincide with former president counter insurgency directive which gave members of the military incentives for
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positive results in combat. human rights organizations have registered more than five thousand seven hundred victims that means that these false positives occurred throughout the region which leads us to believe there was a policy behind the killings. the mandate of the tribunals was recently amended by the colombian congress and exempts would even and former president one man was sent to us from being forced to testify the special tribunal is facing a lot of criticism the office of the prosecutor for the international criminal court is observing the series if it determines that colombian authorities are unable or unwilling to thoroughly investigate and prosecute these cases the i.c.c. could open its own investigation. going over old photographs of her son says her story is that of thousands of families in colombia. that my son was very considerate every day who would come up to stay with his hands behind his back
5:40 am
and hand me a rose he would say mom i thought. the view i think that's what i miss the most and that's what they owe me. money no says her hope is that through this special tribunal what happened to her son will never happen to anyone ever again but it up a little dizzy to. here is president donald trump has repeatedly threatened to end the so-called dreamers program which gives temporary protection to undocumented young people who came to the u.s. for their parents but even if they stay the dream is and eligible for the loans many of them need to attend college now some states are helping them but that is gabriel is on the reports from new jersey. oh are you haven't read yet the chance of teenagers wanting the opportunity to go to college in america but who can't afford it there the so-called dreamers from the dhaka
5:41 am
program started by barack obama in two thousand and twelve it gave temporary protection from deportation to undocumented migrants who arrived in the u.s. as children but dreamers are barred from getting government aid for college most coming from working class families it means college is out of reach. such as for this teenager whose mom couldn't afford the college fees well she barely makes it now with all the bills so i think a college tuition on to that is unthinkable. while president donald trump has the end of the dreamers program altogether new jersey's newly elected democratic governor is signing a law that expands rights to the dreamers allowing them to apply for financial aid to attend college and stay. it's a directory buke to trump president trump and many of his republican enablers and congress have cast the worst aspersions on our dreamers but we did do touristy go
5:42 am
better we know that economic progress could not be achieved without social progress new jersey now becomes the tenth state in america to offer financial aid to undocumented immigrants or dreamers just here in the state of new jersey it's expected to benefit over six hundred people but critics say the new law will be expensive and encourage undocumented immigrants from other states to move to new jersey interests he was frank number one in the entire country for influx of new un documented immigrants within the state we're already spending in excess of i believe two hundred twenty million dollars per year in public education firms just on the e.s.l. programs so it has a financially detrimental impact on the state to have you got your. supporters say it's a matter of fairness and i was there we believe firmly believe that all students
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should have access to financial aid nobody should be vesting to a dilemma of whether to pay for college out of something the cost of which are increasing year by year jersey's not only asking undocumented immigrants to stay and attend college but now also providing the money to do it gabriel is on doe i'll just see it in. newark new jersey. to china now the planned demolition of a mosque has been halted after protests by members of the wheat muslim ethnic minority. grand mosque was set to be destroyed what the government said was a violation of planning regulations the top official in the local county says no action will go ahead without the agreement of locals members of the predominantly muslim who have complained of the restrictions on their religion meanwhile the united nations says it's received credible reports that two million members of minority groups are being held in secret internment camps and china estimates say
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at least half a week of muslims have been reportedly forced into political indoctrination camps in the region the chinese government has launched a security crackdown in the area targeting religious expression. the travel plans of fifty five thousand people across europe have been disrupted after ryan air pilots went on strike one and six of the budget carriers flights have been cancelled as pilots in germany ireland sweden belgium and the netherlands walked off the job of the pay and conditions dominic cain reports from berlin. sleeping on the airport rather than the whole of the hotel all because of the strike. these passengers their vacation is beginning with uncertainty and lots of tricky questions like this couple freshmen from the states when we landed here in berlin yeah. they told us that the ryanair flight to athens that we had booked to be canceled because. pilots on strike so we just went through
5:45 am
a couple different ways of getting there at the. airline rebooked going to the tonight and then tomorrow morning bouncing from personally to athens so what's behind this industrial action employs about four hundred pilots here in germany they are members of the pilots union. cockpit and for the union issue with ryanair is very clear they want improved terms and conditions and they say ryanair really needs to reform. does the other i know everyone is not about want to debate right now and it wouldn't be possible anyway against a transatlantic employer what it is about is to signal to management that there needs to be an end to them trying to beat their own staff today you want to send a clear message to dublin. so far at least the airline appears not to want to but as chief executive has accepted ryanair will take a financial hit it's hard to assess the damage of
5:46 am
a new features from. what he said he still says there are fears this summer he thought they would get a four percent you know it's pretty you get one percent so while we're there the damage that's. just. but not perhaps for those caught up in friday's strike action. al-jazeera had been shown a lot. now the overwhelming number of tourists flock to the mediterranean every summer is affecting its ecosystem david chase him off the city in the city of off last yatta on the french riviera trying to turn the tide. the mediterranean is now the most overfished sea in the world according to the latest report by the united nations. working the waters off the small portable. men like cher are cut at darnall are counting the cost. more than a third of the seized total fish population has vanished over the last fifty years
5:47 am
. pollution and climate change are taking a toll but the impact of tourism is not even being monitored. you more than your yuppie look is it to say there's no more fish when you see the pressure created by them a ters every day four to five hundred sports leave last year to port imagine it's of them brings us a killer fish some less some more well that's a lot of fish taken away every day on him and he appears to be back in the one nine hundred fifty s. just over this small stretch of the coastline in southern france there used to be something like seventy fishermen casting their nets in these waters and now they've gone down to just thirteen. their goodell is one of the shrinking band of artists and fishermen were being paid to take part in a unique project to restore the ecology of the coastline a company of marine biologists have deployed special traps that seek to catch
5:48 am
juvenile fish and raise them in protected nurseries on shore. here we've got some sea bream mullets horse macro and a lot of plankton housed on the quay side in the port of must see the species are given the best start to their hazardous lives the odds are stacked against them in nature for every one million eggs coastal fish produce only one will make it through to becoming a reproductive adult and the press of humanity makes it even worse is a profile of this bookstore delicacy that's mostly because pollution caused a construction zone in the ports the use of cement and the urban planning on the coastline. gerard has seven grandchildren he needs to help support and he's not landing enough fish to do it so now he raises rest species themselves to sell to specialist aquaria across europe like many others in the fishing communities here he has nothing but contempt for the bureaucrats in brussels running the common
5:49 am
fisheries policy he says if you want help help yourself. david j. to al-jazeera must say. we have a sports news still ahead on the news al wimbledon follows kevin anderson advances to the semifinals of the rogers cop and toronto. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese for. shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries it was really rude. i was supposed to leave. with one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is a joyful occasion the road to has an al-jazeera. when people
5:50 am
need to be heard. it's been over a few jomo sold as long as it's not. short and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been. testifying in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys are pulled back al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. now ancient objects looted from iraq during the two thousand and three invasion have been returned to the country the mesopotamian artifacts which are five
5:51 am
thousand years old while i'm covered in london by british police during a raid on a ups experts from the british museum were able to identify the exact archaeological site from where they had been stolen. right it's time for sport now his peta. thank you very much twenty time english champions manchester united are up and running for the new premier league season thanks to a two one win over leicester a third minute penalty was awarded at old trafford on friday to man united france's world cup winning midfielder paul pogba stepped up to take the spot kick sure they netted a late goal to double the lead for jos a marine years men less to pull one back through jamie vadi but it was too little too late earlier we spoke to james robson who is the man united and man city correspondent for the manchester evening news he says they are several interesting subplots to the new season or city one size will show comfortably last season it's impossible not to see them leading the way again this year and they're not they're not all too many players but when you think that
5:52 am
someone like mehndi is he didn't play last season the entire season with an injury they got him they got marez they've improved on the squad that were just too good for anyone else last season there is going to be and i would look them at liverpool the money they've spent your own club appears to address addressed just about every weak point in his squad i really think they're itching going to challenge city i think united would expect to be in the mix for the title if they finish second again look united they want to win the title that's most important thing but only wanting us to do that manchester city again take some stopping if you look at what all of them the summer you take second place united again would be too as for leicester i think with the money they've spent they're going to be looking to be challenging but your six games in total being played in the premier league on saturday the early game scenes newcastle host tottenham remember spurs did not make a single signing during the transfer window another game of note sees chelsea who
5:53 am
had a successful transfer window kick of a campaign with an away game against hundreds field town u.s. president donald trump has criticized football players who refuse to suspend during the national anthem on the n.f.l. opening night threatening. then with suspension the players say their actions are meant to draw attention to social injustices in f.l. is under pressure to rein in the protests which some see as disrespectful but as kirsten salumi reports the players are not backing down. taking a knee raising a fist these gestures made during the national anthem proved more controversial than any play made on the field during the n.f.l. is opening night the n.f.l. players are at it again president trunk tweeted making his disapproval known he described the players as showing outrage at something that most of them are unable to define stand proudly for your national anthem he added or be suspended without
5:54 am
pay we believe. everyone should stand for the national anthem but league official said the players would not be punished as they continue negotiating the league wide policy we remain committed to working with the players to identify solutions and to continue making progress on important social issues affecting our communities the n.f.l. said in a statement players say they want to call attention to social injustices not show disrespect for the flag or the military i just think it's important that we continue to. keep this. conversation going. but it's going to take you into the regular season because you are not but american athletes continue to take heat with one conservative commentator stoking racial tensions by calling on basketball star le bron james to shut up and. james who has donated millions to educate underprivileged children has taken that as the title of
5:55 am
a new docu series looking at the role of athletes and today's politically charged environment we will definitely not shut up and dribble. out with jeffrey not do that too much to. to society i mean so much city youth i mean so much. to so many kids that feel like they don't have. they don't have a way out so once the help lead them out of the situation. our cats highlighting what now may be the biggest rivalry in professional sports the players versus the president kristen salumi al-jazeera. washington open champion alexander very been knocked out of the rogers cup the german was beaten by greek teen stephan austerity parts two moves on to the semifinals in toronto six three six seven six four the school meanwhile wimbledon finalist south africa's kevin anderson has knocked number four seed google dimitroff out of the rogers cup at the court of france stage to advance to the sameas
5:56 am
a straight sets win for anderson six two six two. women's u.s. open champion sloane stephens progresses to the semifinals in montreal the american beat latvian and i start our service stover in straight sets a comfortable victory six to six to the school in that match. and number fifteen seed ashley barty beat a world number eighteen kiki bosons of belgium a six three six one to reach the semifinals in montreal just really and took just fifty five minutes to dispatcher. former through to france champion young already has been released from detention with german police following accusations he attacked and injured a prostitute in a hotel in frankfurt the forty four year old who won the tour de france in one nine hundred ninety seven is said to have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs when police caught him the incident is reported to have happened in the early hours of friday morning german police also say they're investigating
5:57 am
a case of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm the investigation is still ongoing . england are on top after a rain affected second day of the second test match against india at the home of cricket lords in london england won the toss and sent the visitors into bad conditions favorable to bowling the decision immediately paid off as james anderson bowled moderately veejay with just the first ball of the match anderson then struck again to claim india's other opener the thirty six year old showing no signs of stopping as he took five for twenty robbie chandan ashwin after scoring twenty nine while he was the top scorers the indians were skittled out for just one hundred seventy. and that's all for now we'll have another update for you again later thank you very much. for this. and just a couple of minutes thank you for watching.
5:58 am
getting to the heart of the matter unless we have a new generation to better our relationship with the natural. facing reality or our friends and allies played a positive role and his commission for taking this hear their story and talk to al-jazeera a firebrand. talking about. women's liberation. a victory for anybody sexual assault continues an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do something. i'm not going to try manti has son goes head to head with jimmy i can't do anything else i'll just. kill way erupted
5:59 am
explosively boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later. it has been spilling. for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the god is. always nice to us whether or not we accept this type of event. a new village commit to know it's been an active and is grappling with the obvious tosca sustaining the community but residents of this chinese village have grown impatient and have one concern inside. the reclamation of panama. democracy is complicated. to have a six part series see them die but five years and china's democracy experiment on
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al-jazeera. blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah. president rather one calls on turks to support their currency is the value of the lehrer plunges amid a deepening dispute with the united states. there live from doha i'm all team dennis also coming up. a u.s. court orders chemical company monsanto to pay almost three hundred million dollars to a man who says it's weed killer coal seam cancer. cameroon's government says it will investigate a video which appears to show extra judicial killings by the army and.


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