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it's complicated. to have a six part series then one day but five years. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. the be the book. president rather one calls on turks to support their currency as the value of the lira plunges amid a deepening dispute with the united states. welcome to our there life from doha i'm melting down is also coming up. a u.s. court orders chemical company monsanto to pay almost three hundred million dollars to a man who says its weed killer calls him cancer. cameron's government says it will investigate a video which appears to show extra judicial killings by the army and. up
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. dozens are injured in protests in bucharest as tens of thousands demand the resignation of remedios government. the first president ever to one is urging turks to sell their dollars a by lira instead to prop up the currency which has fallen to a record low u.s. president donald trump has added pressure to take his economy by doubling steel and aluminum terrorists since the start of the year the turkish lira has lost thirty five percent of its value against the dollar and much of that decline has happened since president roger federer won the reach of office with hugely expanded powers a month ago so then because he only has more now from istanbul. turkey's
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president for just a proud to an address this large rally and have this massive for his citizens yes. if there is anyone who has dollars euros or gold under their pillows that you go exchange for lyrics that are buying us this is the national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have wage an economic war against us turkey's currency has lost more than thirty percent of its value so far this year at least fifteen percent of that was just some thursday night the turkish going to be has been struggling for a few years of recombination of several financial and political factors the leader tumbled even faster after just presidential election which gave all executive powers to president our john i wish that k.p. or mr and here's you know eighteen would be really really ready to hear a robust economic program today after they have been elected fortunately they're
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a little bit late on that as a growing about fragile economy the lira was not protected against any current suspect lation especially after the two thousand and sixteen failed coup and turkey's continuing dispute with the united states over a variety of issues has not made things easy the most urgent disagreement has been is the tension of an american pastor named andrew branson who is on trial on terrorism charges there is a currency crisis kind of promoted by the geopolitical risks which is obviously used by the american foreign policy decision makers another factor is turkey's unwillingness to join the recent u.s. sanctions against iran turkey buys energy from iran along with russia and azerbaijan now the crisis is being felt approach with the master selling of shares in european banks would generally have bigger exposure to the turkish ganymede the dispute was supposed to ease as delegates from both sides gathered in washington
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the. speak but it didn't and it went to went further turks say the united states is trying to beat them with a financial stick and some even believe it's just a political move by president trump head off november's critical election now it's a question of how turkey will handle all these pressures while its currency is at ten all time low are seen up to solo al-jazeera a stumble of intriguing to peter county who is a chief market economist in capital securities he says a collapse of techies currency could negatively affect other economies the central bank is probably going to have to raise rates. you know maybe two or three fold from the present levels is that doesn't happen the speculation against the turkish lira will continue and that means that we could see crises developing then euro and as you know some of the banks in the southern
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region of euro land have exposure to turkish that that. this speculation continues turkey should. then we could see a renewed crises on the european banks especially in countries like spain france and italy. a jury in the u.s. state of california has found a wind killer sold by chemical giant monsanto calls the cancer of a school grounds and is being seen as a landmark decision which could pave the way for thousands of other cases some financial analysts say months monsanto's future could be at risk from washington mike hanna reports. claim of damages this was the first lawsuit concerning life phosphate to go to trial and after a month of hearing evidence and three days of deliberation the jury decided that it
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had caused the wayne johnson's cancer did round up pro or ranger pro failed to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would have expected when used or misused in an intended or reasonably foreseeable way answer yes was the roundup pro or range of pro design a substantial factor in causing harm to mr chance and answer yes the size of the punitive damages awarded to the jury's belief that the company monsanto had acted with malice and had not the spawn did to the plaintiffs concerns during the years to use the product as a groundskeeper what amount of punitive damages if any do you award to mr johnson answer two hundred fifty million dollars signed by the presiding
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dated august tenth two thousand and eighteen the world health organization has found in the past life phosphate probably causes cancer but the environmental protection agency has not ruled on the matter as yet monsanto says it will appeal the case and continues to maintain that its products are not carcinogenic. but there are more than five thousand cases concerning the weed killer and it's a fix pending and following this decision the kong lumbered faces the possibility of more massive payouts to come by cannot al-jazeera. the saudi embassy coalition says it will investigate an air strike in yemen that hit a bus full of schoolchildren killing fifty people the united nations is cause for a prompt independent inquiry a saudi led coalition insists it struck legitimate targets mohamed odeh is following developments from neighboring djibouti his report contains images that some may find disturbing. it's hard to imagine
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a more disturbing and sickening image of the futility of war in libya at the scene of an ass strike by the sodium without to coalition body parts us through. a manhole subtone ordeal but. what is his guilt what is his crime he wonders why target these students this is the walk of the american soda coalition as strike school children why we will seek revenge no matter what he says. is children why in a minibus full of students heading back from a school some a company in yemen. but does their boss drop through a busy market in. the probe is it was thought that by the airstrike they do what they can here at the hospital which is under resourced and overwhelmed. and what effect will it help on this young minds dozens of their classmates were killed in
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the strike there's now a growing chorus of condemnation a rare thing in the immense three and a half year when. it took the images of these children drenched in blood and reeling from shock to most of the world we deplore thursday's attack in yemen where a coalition air strike hit a pass carrying children in die on market in sabah reportedly killing forty people and injuring another sixty eight the u.n. secretary general and tony has called for a swift investigation into the talk to secretary general emphasizes that or parties mistake constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of military operations and he calls for an independent and prompt investigation into this incident the conflict in yemen pits the richest countries in the region so debbie and the united arab emirates against the poorest the sodium of arctic qualification has been reported in the criticised for targeting civilian areas in
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their war against the haughty fighters the fighting has killed thousands and left millions of us on the brink of starvation how about the wall jazeera djibouti. the un security council met in special session and it called again for a thorough investigation into the airstrike. to think as with all these things the important thing is what credible if there is an acceptable credible investigation then the council will want to consider next steps in the light of that if any investigation held it's not credible the council will obviously review that and want to review if more stress and cameras government says it will investigate a video which appears to show you soldiers shooting it people on the sea international says it's very fied the video through with this testimony and analysis of weapons and uniforms it was reportedly filmed before may twenty sixth
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in a village in the far north of the country as the president who says the video was released to undermine the government ahead of elections in october. is the advocacy director for that africare amnesty international he says the video is evidence of a culture of impunity in cameroon's minute tree. the video documents. cameroonian soldiers basically lining up men women and in the our north and basically committing action to destroy executions the soldiers and can be heard on the tape saying that they are committing a coming cause the type of operation it seems like the footage west by one of their own soldiers so it is very clear we've been able to confirm that these are indeed cameroonian soldiers and that they are not. operation based on the fact that this has happened before and that this seems to be a pattern of operation by the security forces in the country in twenty seventeen we
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released a report that documented incidences of torture by the korean security forces the elite forces known as the her who had been living in a camp call sound like these kinds of. treatment beatings in action for executions even proceed those kinds of incidents there's years a culture of impunity the government has been fairly dismissive calling the concerns raised by both domestic and international human rights group says seek not credible so today's announcement that they're going to actually investigate as an incredibly important positive step but of course a single incident is not going to address all of the incidents of abuses that have been documented prior to the inauguration is involved is president obama's imminent
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gaga has been delayed because of a legal challenge to the election result it was sunday lawyers for the opposition movement for democratic change alliance filed their case at the constitutional court in the capital harare they say they have evidence of fraud and election rigging the has more. this is the first time in zimbabwe's history an inauguration has been stopped the m.d.c. alliance party say they want the election results overturned they say they have evidence forms that show that the results were tampered with the judges could meet quickly if they think this evidence is weak they could throw the case out if they want more time to look at the evidence take a couple of days if they don't need to over the weekend monday and choose death public holidays which means all meet on wednesday fourteen a day to make a decision and i can do is wait president elect. respects the court's supporters aren't thrilled with us opposition supporters but most above wins think
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are concerned about the economy this election was different from other elections regardless of who people voted for a lot of people we spoke to whether the opposition would say it's the first election on the ballot they hope for a fresh start especially when it comes to the economy they're worried because the south african business community has warned. us in order we can come and invest we can come and create jobs people are concerned the longer this political stalemate drags on the more negative effect is going to have on the economy. hundreds of families in africa's western cape have illegally occupied private land . and a mother seeking answers as to why her son was murdered by. hello
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there is still dry for most of us in the western parts of north america the satellite picture isn't picking up a great deal of cloud here we're told so unfortunately there's nothing weather wise that's going to help us in the fight against the fires elsewhere and towards the east there are more showers here and they stretch all the way up towards the northeastern part of the u.s. and the eastern parts of canada under that cloud and rain will see the temperatures drop a little bit for new york so no high that around twenty five degrees as we head through saturday and on sunday we might just get a touch higher but they'll still be one or two showers around a bit further towards the south and the wettest weather here has been over parts of panama and stretching further north woods recently in this area is still going to see some very heavy rains as we head through the next few days we'll also be seeing more showers for the east though for saturday i think for some of us in cuba jamaica and his pen yellow there will be quite a few showers and a few more of them will be with us as we head through sunday as well the south
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america we've had some very strong winds and heavy rains in the south but that's pulling away now and behind it we're seeing the winds swing round come up from the south so it's been quite cool for some of us in argentina through europe why and into power and it's going to stay all the fresh as we head through the next couple of days fifteen degrees in one as ari's and twenty two innocent should. commercial capital yang gone is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their hold inside the cycle of debt when east on al-jazeera. zero. every.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here is there this warning president is urging people to shore up their currency by selling dollars in exchange for the lira the turkish lira has fallen to a record low wiping thirty five percent of its value since the start of the here partly because of additional terrorists levied by the u.s. on steel and alum in europe. a u.s. jury has ordered that the makers of a controversial weed killer pay more than two hundred fifty million dollars in damages california groundskeeper to wayne lee johnson who's dying of cancer accuse monsanto of ignoring the health threats of its product round up on scientists says
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it will appeal against the ruling. cover its government says it will investigate a video that apparently shows the military shooting at unarmed people amnesty international says is verified the video through witness testimony a spokesman for president paul beer says the video was released to undermine his government ahead of elections in october. that many of becoming. impatient at south africa's land imbalance where roughly seventy percent of the population owns around seventy percent of arab ally and and in a direct challenge to the government hundreds of families from a shanty town near cape town are illegally occupying expensive private land for me to miller reports from selling bosch. slivers of light shines through the simply furnished home of. she's been living on this land illegally for three weeks there are dozens more roughly built homes dotted across this he'll instill in bosnia cape
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town an area known for its affluent vineyards and estates. it's because of our government that we are here we have asked for land before but they have not helped us we have to make a lot of norris and fight to get this land here the court has ordered that no more of almost can be built and those that are on occupied be destroyed but as night falls people scurry to bring in more building material. is the believe yeah well this is our land that was taken from our ancestors even though the current owner bought this land the previous owner stole this land and so now it needs to be returned to us while we are taking the land. according to government statistics of africa's white minority population owns more than seventy percent of privately owned farming land under political and public pressure to reform land ownership the ruling african national congress says it will support moves to change the
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constitution to allow the seizure of land as long as it does not harm the agricultural sector or the economy but it's unclear how this will be done and who qualify for the land while acknowledging the need for urgent land reform presidents forum up or supposed to be struggling with a balancing act this week while addressing investors he said the government would not allow land grabs and an alkie wanting to calm the fears of the business community but does. reading between what land those people need and what investors want may not make everyone happy but they haven't been says it plans to seize one hundred and thirty nine farms across south africa before the constitution is changed if successful amendments to the constitution could be avoided there are fears seizing land without compensation could scare off investors violate property rights and hurt food production critics say talk around land exposed creation is a ploy for votes ahead of next year's elections rather than
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a sincere attempt to reform land ownership and that expectations should be managed meanwhile people here could face eviction as the landowner returns to court in the coming weeks to have them removed from al-jazeera stellenbosch sub africa. dozens of people have been injured after remaining in police used tear gas and water cannon at an anti-government rally in the capital bucharest thousand was including many ex-pats were calling for the government to resign many of them had traveled from other parts of europe to attend the protests against the governing facial democrats they blame the party for corruption the lack of opportunities gillet is a journalist based in the remaining capital. people i talked to were well very motivated they would have been angry about many of the steps that the government has been taking in the last eighteen months that they see that they feel will
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weaken the rule of law you know these are steps that basically would decriminalize low level corruption or reduce and weaken the fight against fight against corruption which has been a crutch has been a big problem in romania for a long time and people about that and feel that the system needs to change so today's protests there were an estimated one hundred thousand in bucharest and maybe another thirty forty thousand in other cities so it was a large protest. it wasn't as large as the half million people we saw last february and seventy two thousand and seventy when the government first tried to pass. legislation that would have weaken the rule of law but it's the largest protests we've seen in a nine months so it was large anyway but then what happened tonight was was was shocking it was very surprising in the past the protests have been have been peaceful i've been covering remain out for five years and tonight was the first
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night i've ever been tear gassed it's the first night i've ever seeing the use of water cannons by the security forces it's the first night so i was seeing large scale clashes. now the travel plans of fifty five thousand people across europe have been disrupted after ryanair pilots went on strike one in six of the budget airlines flights are being canceled as pilots in germany sweden belgium and the netherlands all walked off the job over pay and conditions dominic cain reports from berlin. sleeping on the airport floor rather than in the holiday hotel all because of the strike that's hit ryanair for these passengers their vacation is beginning with uncertainty and lots of tricky questions like this couple fresh in from the states when we landed here in berlin right yeah i mean really now they told us that the ryanair flight to athens that we had booked are being canceled
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because the. pilots on strike so we just went through a couple different ways of getting that the airline rebooked scaling up that's all we need tonight and then tomorrow morning bouncing from the salafis to athens so what's behind this industrial action ryanair employs about four hundred pilots here in germany they are members of the pilots union cockpit and for the union issue with ryanair is very clear they want improved terms and conditions and they say ryanair really needs to reform. does. is not about want to debate right now and it wouldn't be possible anyway against a transatlantic employer what it is about is to signal to management that there needs to be an end to them trying to beat their own staff today you want to send a clear message to dublin ryanair must change so far at least the airline appears not to want to but as chief executive has accepted ryanair will take a financial hit it's hard to assess the damage of
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a new features from. what he said no quarter was sold says there are fears this summer he thought they would your four percent you know it's fifty five percent so . but not perhaps for those caught up in friday's strike action dominic came out zerah a bull and shown a third airport. now the planned demolition of a mosque in northwestern china has been stopped after protests by members of the muslim community ways you grand mosque was set to be destroyed what the government said was a violation of planning regulations the top official in the local county now says nothing will be done without the agreement of locals. and the united nations says it's received credible reports that two million members of minority groups are being held in secret internment camps in china estimates say at least half of them
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are we are muslims they've been reportedly forced into so-called political indoctrination camps in the shin jan region the chinese government has reportedly launched a crackdown in the area targeting religious expression. relief agencies are warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of a heat wave in north korea as we know rainfall there since last month with temperatures soaring to an average of thirty nine degrees celsius and that's causing rise maize and other vital crops to with increasing the risk of a food security crisis international sanctions could also make it worse in a country where millions of vulnerable to mao nutrition. us fall in a building barriers to try to contain the slow moving wildfire in southern california more than twenty thousand people have been told to leave their homes as of emergency has been declared so that more resources are made available to fight the flames police arrested and charged
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a fifty one year old man for deliberately starting the far in lake elsinore. a special tribunal in colombia is examining more than two thousand cases of edge should you dish or killings be. the is two thousand and eight and twenty fourteen the investigation into the so-called positive scandal as part of the peace deal between the colombian government and the rebel guerrilla forces known as the fog critics say the court lacks the power to hold the culprits accountable from the colombian capital bogota a man well that apollo reports. is a grieving mother her son out of the was murdered by members of the colombian military in two thousand and eight. she was told her son was the leader of an enemy insurgency. that's impossible as her son lived with both severe physical and intellectual disability but i mean. it was hard for me to be told that
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a boy with such an innocence was labeled as being a member of an armed group. over a period of six years thousands of young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty were falsely accused of being anti-government insurgents. while the colombian government was fighting a war against left disk innocent colombian civilians were being rounded up by the hundreds some were tortured killed and dumped in mass graves. the families of the victims appeared before a special tribunal recently established in. fourteen members of the military prison sentences of upwards of forty years were in attendance by testifying before the special tribunal these soldiers were allowed to carry out their sentences at a military prison. between two thousand and two and two thousand and nine assassinations grew exponentially and they happened to coincide with former president counter-insurgency director which gave members of the military incentives
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for positive results in combat. human rights organizations have registered more than five thousand seven hundred victims that means that these false positives occurred throughout the region which leads us to believe there was a policy behind the killings. the mandate of the tribunals was recently amended by the colombian congress and big sense would even and former president one man would sent those from being forced to testify the special tribunal is facing a lot of criticism the office of the prosecutor for the international criminal court is observing the series if it determines that the libyan authorities are unable or unwilling to their early at best and prosecute these cases the i.c.c. could open its own investigation. going over old photographs of her son says her story is that of thousands of families in colombia. that my son was very considerate every day who would come up to stay with his hands behind his back
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and hand me a rose he would say mom i thought of you i think that's what i miss the most and that's what they owe me. money no says her hope is that through this special tribunal what happened to her son will never happen to anyone ever again and i'm dizzy over to. take a look at the top stories here. the president deserves people to shore up their currency by selling dollars in exchange for the layer the turkish leaders fall into a record low wiping thirty five percent of its value since the start of the year partly because of additional terrorists levied by the u.s. on seal and dollar minium the us jury has ordered that the makers of a controversial week killer pay more than two hundred fifty million dollars in damages california groundsman de wayne lee johnson who's dying of cancer accuse
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monsanto of ignoring the health risks of its product round out on scientists says it will appeal against the ruling cameroon's government says it will investigate a video that apparently shows the military shooting at unarmed people amnesty international says it's verified the video through witness testimony especially when for president paul beer says the video was released to undermine his government ahead of elections in october. the inauguration of zimbabwe's president them as a mum and dad who has been delayed because of a legal challenge to the election result it was sunday lawyers for the opposition movement for democratic change alliance filed their case at the constitutional court in harare they say they have evidence of fraud and election rigging. dozens of people have been injured after remaining and police used tear gas and water cannon at an anti-government rally in bucharest thousands of rumanians including
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many experts are calling for the government to resign many had traveled from other parts of europe for the protests against the governing social democrats they blame the party for corruption and the lack of opportunity is. relief agencies are warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of a heat wave in north korea as we know very in full there since last month with temperatures soaring to an average of thirty nine degrees celsius is causing vital crops to wither and increasing the risk of a food crisis international sanctions could worsen the situation in the country where millions are already vulnerable to malnutrition. today those are the latest headlines from us here it out is there i'll be back in thirty minutes or so after one of the east. it's a story of survival. it's a story about how people lived to live in such remote land. pretty cheeky to the
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way it would be with the cheese and how that instinct help them recover from the financial crash i did continue as long as i can stand. this is a story about iceland. aging on al-jazeera. with its blaming new shopping mall and high rise apartments yangon's become the symbol of me and mars economic rar. but in its poorest neighborhoods families trying to loan sharks just to survive. i'm steve cho on this up a sort of one east we meet those trapped in a cycle of debt and the people who profit from their despair.


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