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tv   Democracy is Complicated  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2018 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go. on al jazeera. killed on friday protests at the gaza israel border fence. also coming up. for the children killed in the saudi m.r.c. as strikes on thursday. president warns us their alliance is at stake to donald
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trump increases tariffs on steel and. and accusations of a land grab in south africa. a u.n. delegation is in gaza for meetings with hamas officials that visit as part of. tensions with israel funerals have been held for the three palestinians killed by israeli forces during a twentieth friday of protest at the gaza border three hundred others were hurt. joins us now live from gaza so just what are we hearing today both about this delegation visiting gaza and ongoing violence. just in the last hour or so we can confirm there have been true. in the north of the gaza strip around grade. noon no casualties reported there
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a second strike in central gaza with east of central gaza we understand at least two people injured in that strike we understand that these drones would target seeing protesters trying to move either these insane loons or quite sort of flowed across the israeli border and so israel says it destroyed a large areas of their land with respect to this u.n. delegation. this is a delegation representing the u.n. special called nature for the peace process nikolai mlodinow of who try to come to gaza last week on thursday but because of that law just collation violence didn't so this is a delegation representing these meetings have been held a lot in recent months this desperate bid to try and establish and maintain some sort of last thing truce between hamas and his world they have all been old majority of these meetings have been closed to the media being closed door meetings
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but it just shows you again just how desperate the efforts are being made to try and as i say maintain some sort of truce off such a large escalation of violence in recent days that has in the last hour you telling us about a price has to play television to leave force and briefly israeli blockade what's the update on that. well this is a process that is being organized by the fishermen here of gaza we've been told that there's hope that around between forty and fifty boats will leave the pool and sail north towards the border with israel this is a main so they say of highlighting the problems that the fishermen have faced in the near twelve years of this land air and sea blockade by israel the fishermen say that every week we see these protests on the border twenty weeks now of these processes we saw yesterday and this is their chance they want to highlight their suffering now more than fifty thousand families are in some way involved in the
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fishing industry here in gaza it's a huge economic in colton's fisherman currently are not allowed by israel to move any further offshore than three nautical miles the fishermen say their stocks a seriously depleted and indeed since the siege started thirteen fishermen have been killed by the israeli navy and many boats also called the skated so yes we expect this protest to start soon and we also expect pretty much inevitably that israel will stop the moving any further than that border a few kilometers north from here does any idea what sort of resistance they can to meet when they meet they won't stop three nautical mile boundry are they going to meet a full force that the protesters at the security fence have been met with. we're streaming directly out of from the coast that's the area that the fishermen are
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allowed to fish in at the moment this protest is going directly north along the coast towards the israeli border and as i say there have been numerous boats that have been confiscated in recent years thirteen fishermen have been killed and we stay in a hotel close to the pool to and you regularly in the morning here warning shots by the israeli navy firing above these boats trying to keep them within that restricted area so we can only presume that israel in the navy will be very keen to stop them moving into this area or moving out of this area that is so heavily restricted ok as yet another protest keep a close eye on that charles thanks very much the update from gaza port. and egypt says that security forces have foiled an attempted attack on a coptic church just outside of cairo it tackle is talks in washington as attending a mass in the virgin mary chairs and the. governess north of cairo in recent years
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churches have become the target of attacks often claimed by i so the saudi ambassador relations says it will investigation as strike in yemen had a bus full of school children killing at least fifty one people this father was saying the wreckage for signs of his twelve year old son and many of the remains have yet to be identified the coalition insists it struck legitimate targets graves have been dug for many of the children who were victims of the blast at least forty children were among the dead the funerals are set to take place on sunday let's go live now to mohammed and his engine beauty and love and given that many of the remains have yet to be identified could the number of these children killed actually go up. indeed laura and the save the children aid agencies say yemen is the wast place in the world to
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be a child and you can easily understand why that is when you look at the television footage emerging from the scene of the incident in the moments after the hockey children some of them missing limbs really thing painfully under the bus the mungle the remains of the bus they walk in as well as rescue workers trying to bring out children who. you can see shock on their faces and the patterns of those children who are still missing half the mockup tusk of looking for the remains of the children of bill clinton and brown a forty year old man was seen walking on the wreckage of the boss looking underneath it looking for his son in the tools bus that was ferrying children who were tunning from someone come just hours before these children was
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singing dancing and very exited about the trip they was having so. it just shows you how. the horror of what happened really was and sharing pictures of these child sized graves being why is there been a delay in the funerals. well the leaders in the parts of yemen have ruled out any joint general ceremony saying that they are doing because of security reasons they are free to offer more as happening there once the procession starts and also their families who are concerned about safety as well and now organizing their own private funeral and burial ceremonies for their own relatives so this is basically people avoid avoiding
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a repeat of what happened at the market in the morning rush hour when the missile struck the bus and also killed so many people who are in the market as well wanted to have a voice enough and thanks very much for that. the syrian army is threatening a major assault on the last remaining rebel held province dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying ass strikes the bombing targeted parts of spilled over into areas of western aleppo leaflets have been dropped warning people to accept government rule there are breaks fidelis in a village in aleppo province which is seen as some of the heaviest recent airstrikes. in new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of cobra in the western country side of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial raids during each of which four missiles have been launched in residential areas this led
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to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of them women and children the destruction is that massive as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering damage and casualties following the russian area meanwhile there's also been big air raids in southern and northern where dozens of people have lost their lives. turkey's president has vowed to defy what he calls u.s. threats to his country. speech follows an opinion piece in the new york times warning that the u.s. must respect turkey's sovereignty all that partnership could be in jeopardy he wrote that his country was sick new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues as president donald trump announced this week that he would double steel and aluminum tariffs on turkey. you know all it's wrong to
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try to bring turkey in line for a pastor and once again calling on those in america so it's a pity that you choose a pastor over your strategic partner in nato. to sell the dollars and buy naira instead to prop up the currency which has fallen to a backward low so is the sound of give tax lira has lost thirty five percent of its value against the dollar much of that decline has happened since president took office with hugely expanded powers a month ago. as an assistant professor of history at the american university of iraq and salami he says it will be difficult for techie to replace its u.s. trade with business elsewhere though the one big problem for my side turkey is that there's not a lot more that we could sell to russia or buy from russia or. in light of the events of the past couple of years to start receiving millions of
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more russian tourists in our country for turkey to basically you know sell i guess to use the word tourism as a verb here to tourism it's way out of this crisis more than half of turkey's treat and i'm talking about exports here goes to the european union and north america and the rest of the sort of you know quote unquote western industrial world it's trade with iran russia and china is much smaller than that to the extent that turkey could actually grow itself or export itself and host tourists out of this crisis i don't think is very sustainable i don't think that's that's extreme that's very realistic. many people in south africa have become impatient over land and balance where roughly seven percent of the population and around seventy percent of our ball learned in a direct challenge from the government hundreds of families from an informal settlement outside of cape town have taken to illegally occupying private land for
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me to miller has more from stellenbosch. slivers of light shines through the simply furnished home of. she's been living on this land illegally for three weeks there are dozens more roughly built homes dotted across this he will instill in boston a cape town an area known for its affluent vineyards and estates. it's because of our government that we are here we have asked for lent before but they have not helped us we have to make a lot of norris and fight to get this land here the court has ordered that no more can be built and those that have been occupied be destroyed but as night falls people scurry to bring in more building material. is the believe this is our land that was taken from our ancestors even though the current owner bought this land the previous owner stole this land and so now it needs to be returned to us while we are taking the land. according to government statistics of africa's whites
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minority population owns more than seventy percent of privately owned farming land under political and public pressure to reform land ownership the ruling african national congress says it will support moves to change the constitution to allow the seizure of land as long as it does not harm the agricultural sector or the economy but it's unclear how this will be done and who qualify for that and while acknowledging the need for urgent land reform president appears to be struggling with a balancing act this week while addressing investors he said the government would not allow land grabs and an alkie wanting to calm the fears of the business community but deciding between what land those people need and watching this as one may not make everyone happy but that woman says it plans to seize one hundred and thirty nine farms across south africa before the constitution is changed if successful amendments to the constitution could be avoided there are fears seizing
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land without compensation could scale off investors violate property rights and hurt food production critics say talk around land explode creation is a ploy for votes ahead of next year's elections rather than a sincere attempt to reform land ownership and that expectations should be managed meanwhile people here could face eviction as the landowner returns to court in the coming weeks to have them removed from al-jazeera stellenbosch south africa. still ahead here on al-jazeera chemical company monsanto is hit with two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages for failing to warn about the health risks of a weed killer. the white supremacy is here and it's been here for a long time and our u.s. city of charlottesville is still scarred by the bottom protest and here a guy. how
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the still much rain falling in the southwest of china particularly around high not but it's mostly over water it is creeping over land you can see and you get the white disk there so that's a bit of a concern because the potential out of that which is a tropical depression to world intents and purposes is several hundred millimeters of rain because in extreme south china otherwise you've got something just trying to catch shanghai which is equally a tropical depression in between there's not much left really to fall out of the skies a few showers or bit of rain might still hit sichuan the higher ground to the west should do which is potential for flash flooding as well.


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