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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 32  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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hundred fifty million kilometers and brave temperatures of a thousand degrees we look at the probe that's flying into the face of the sun. and wet weather gets the better of this mostly g.p. rider in austria will have that story and more with tatiana in sport. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with a natural world then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played a positive role and the phone thing and his commission for taking this hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe.
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to. al-jazeera has correspondents living the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. outers zero follows the lives of people in the heart of immigrant communities. in six major cities across europe. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. a brand new documentary series this is year a coming soon on al-jazeera. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no room or there are no father figures they
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put is in the big league and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera. a comeback the first space mission to brave the sun's hot and hotshot miss ferris been delayed for twenty four hours because of a last minute technical glitch now says pocket solar probabl fly closer to the star than any other spacecraft before it is designed to withstand heat of a thousand degrees speeds of seven hundred thousand kilometers per hour and a journey that will last seven years shavar towns he reports. as you might expect
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the key to loitering in the sun's atmosphere is not melting nasa engineers have built a carbon heat shield for the park a solar probe that's just eleven and a half centimeters thick they say it will protect the equipment that will be surveilling the sun as it sweeps through its corona or outright was found the real chill gets up to about twenty five hundred degrees fahrenheit which we're not going to do today but we are going to get it under degree and what is the feeling. i see . on the temperature of the corona is just one of the counter intuitive mysteries that the park a probe hopes to solve why is it so much hotter than the sun's core several hundred times hotter science would suggest that the further away from the sun surface the cooler the atmosphere should be the probe is named after eugene parker who formulated the theory of so no wind will be present to watch the launch of a spacecraft named in his own. in one hundred fifty eight he theorized that a flow of particles accelerated into space from the sun and that proved to be true
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but scientists still don't know how this phenomenon occurs theoretically such particles should cool down and dissipate the further from the sun they get not speed up so the wind streams could impact satellites in space and g.p.s. radio waves and electrical grids on earth they also cause when they crash into the earth's magnetic field and the deflected the probe will begin its first approach to the sun in november as part of its seventy a mission we will go hotter than anything is being before we are in that three million degree plasma region in the corona well gradually will close it will take set of seven giant steps closer to the sun until we're in that final region and as it makes those dives towards the sun surface but palca so the probe will eventually become the fastest object ever created by humankind. for now tatiana.
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thank you very much chelsea have made a storming start to the new english premier league season on the new manager about it theo saturday the london club visited hadas failed on saturday goals from can take heart here and petra overdrink is in short a comfortable three know when to start the sorry era in fine style we have not a physical team and i think the best of the game it is the capacity. for fifteen minutes in the first up then i think in the second of the opponents to be diverted he was easier earlier in the day taught him defeated newcastle to one spot as scored faster yonder to taunt him before his seller equalize for the home team tottenham went in front again through delhi alley and held on for the when you guys are sure to finish the big quality was i believe
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if you look good for us i think in the end we all this is a good chance. massive if or if you are so broke in the world. were so so important for us. if you put all of this it was the answer would be a massive massive create it would be too because. it was easy. but you know we deserved this and. we played against a very good team you could see the product of the same time you could see our team is pretty good. work rate and also the chance of surviving members of the. in addition to those wins the chelsea bournemouth and crystal palace hole so on the winning side they defeated new teams cardiff and fed them respectively the often nearly promoted club wolverhampton wanderers played out in exciting two zero draw
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whatever ten. the dynamic duo that is neymar and kelly and i'm back hey we're back in training ahead of the start of the french league on season paris on demand begin their campaign on sunday against khan nineteen year old and by pace scored four goals for france of the world cup in russia meanwhile teammate neymar had a disappointing stint in the tournament peers one the french champions trophy last week thrashing monaco for nell. the spanish football season will kick off on sunday when the league at champions barcelona face capa delray when a severe in the super cup the traditional season opener is being played over just one leg for the first time since one thousand nine hundred two over the years the match was actually played over ten legs another change to the fixture in two thousand and eight tame as that is being staged in the moroccan city of township barcelona aware if the via have already been playing europa league matches in the last few weeks if you haven't. they have the advantage over the radio play during
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the last two or three weeks they may feel at a later stage the tightness of play too many games but right now they have the advantage of having their computer to turn some of the games they played as difficult as regular ones. are a super team and specialists at winning finals the stats prove that they can count on many of the best players in the world and that is often decisive but i always say that the only sport in which a theoretical inferior team can beat a superior one or at least one of the few is football that's what's great about it and we know that we will have our chances. we have a new leader the year is the final major the us page a championship taking place and think louis missouri u.s. open champion burke's kepcher who shot a tournament record seven and a sixty three in friday's second round has moved to the top of the leaderboard kepcher is thirteen under and leads by three gary woodland who led the hof ways.
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has tumbled down the leaderboard has lost three shots on the first ten holes on saturday and is now in seven under par over hole and tiger woods's made a move himself the fourteen time major champion is four under for the day eight under overall and trials by five straight sets. tennis now and world number one rafael nadal has reached the semifinals of the rajah's carpenter runtime and with that it's guaranteed a spot at the a.t.p. tour finals in london in november the spaniard didn't get off to the best start losing the opening set of the match against their intelligence but rafa showed just why here and the right to be back at the top of the world rankings fighting back to wrap up the final two sets nadal will go on to play russia's current cash and also in the last for the last one a title and this level on hard courts surface five years ago. women's world number one simona halep has reached the final of the rogers cup in montreal this after she
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beat australia and ashley barty in the last for the remaining winning in straight sets six four six one hundred looks to continue what's been a fine year for there are many and rising to the top of the rankings of winning her first grand slam at the french open earlier this year. the defending montreal champion alienness fertility you know was forced to come from behind to progress in the tournament after going down early in the first set to release a man who's a belgian she then fought hard to take both said seven five six three setting up the semi final clash with the us open champion floyd stevens. the world's top moto g.p. riders are in austria this weekend for the latest round in the world championship the second to moto two writers are at the red bull ring to japanese right it'd suit and i guess she might have stayed on him though after losing control round the bend he resembled a. biker. meanwhile the championship moto g.p.
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overall standings leader mark mark has taken pole position for the austrian grand prix is the underwriters start a pole in four round its knees and the rail of history also will start in second position with ducati team a hothead let him sit in. it was it will do. during. these are more symbolic than like the motor will be the eyes so it's important to be concentrated because they have a good base i mean. really is it we did that before these the most important but to morrow we'll be. there warm up but i have to understand and choose the best one for the race england a family in control of the second cricket test match against india or lord's in london although the indian bowlers pegged to the home batsmen back in the early exchanges on day three jonny bass daryn cresswell would put on a one hundred ninety nine run stand wag's was on one hundred twenty not out of the
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close of play with anger and a three hundred fifty seven for thanks and i laid off two hundred fifty you know i was over the need to get the call to back in the squad to be honest. so i could never of regents of. scored one hundred. test but you just my killer was sweet six of safer strange times you know five six weeks out through injury you're watching the boys all summer you want to be. here you get. nothing up and that was the problem. so yeah. you know all of that and most offspring in. the first two took the game over but it happens in c. you know this much as you get five wickets quickly your faults quickly and you get a one partnership you win but. we have done it many times so this is a problem. was what was not doing much so. well this fall
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for now more later. on a thank you very much well that wraps up the news hour but a full bulletin is coming up very shortly i will see you in a couple of minutes with a full round up with a story. the nature news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to
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a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months. a firebrand. of the of people and what talking about passing people up for women's liberation they're saying victory for anybody sexual assault continues an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do something it won't wait on gay vote i'm not going to massage man he has sand goes head to head point you made in korea i can do and you feel l. on the al-jazeera. on. this was wrong to take children away from their parents and herd them into
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a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put us in the big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that kind of as dark secret on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of jewish and palestinian israelis protest against a new law they say creates different classes of citizens. i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up searching for any sign of his son among those feared dead on a school bus hit by an air strike in yemen on thursday the leaders of spain and
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germany meet to discuss their vision of how to accommodate migrants arriving in europe and ready to travel one hundred fifty million kilometers and break temperatures of a thousand degrees we look at the probe that's flying into the face of the sun. in one of the largest joint jewish and arab demonstrations in the country's history tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of tel aviv to protest against israel's controversial nation state law the law officially affirms israel's jewish character but critics believe it removes rights from non jewish minorities a bill passed last month was designed to enshrine israel as the nation state of the jewish people in the country's basic law the measure pushed through by prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares that the right to exercise national self-determination in israel is unique to the jewish people it also proclaims the
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language of the state to be hebrew with arabic given special status previously they were both official languages and it establishes jewish settlement as a national value that the state must encourage for the one fifth of the population who are israeli palestinians the fear is that all this leaves them as second class citizens stephanie decker has more now from tel aviv. to the museum it's nice by trade i listed. a big. and there. for the calculation of the moon there's. a lot of to say are saying that they're not the direction. and fundamental is one of the energy. because we don't need this about the politics of this and you don't loan off netanyahu is amazing this is. no i don't remember but i was.
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fighting for something and this is real there is a god i. think the people that really believe in the us and equality we have and take them across it moves taking place in many things in the towards gays towards women in words secular and towards arabs and this is a fascist regime it's turning into a fascist that is still not there but it's going in a bad direction and we need to stop it as well as soon as we can. their side to the . buddha first and let them have the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and there is a big question whether the. going to continue with this momentum becoming more against this government a message that people do not everybody every single right when from. all in all the developments a u.n. delegation has held meetings with hamas in gaza in a bid to lower tensions with israel and push for
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a last thing ceasefire it comes as funerals were held for three more palestinians including a medic who were killed during friday's protests on a land order and on saturday gaza's fishermen staged a rally of their own child's traffic reports. with palestinian flags flying on their boats gaza's fischman protest against israel's blockade they gathered in the port before heading out to see what this protest is part of the demonstrations against the seas happening every week on the land border this is our peaceful activity that the whole world agrees with is. should know that this is a small geographical area but we insist on our freedom up to twenty weeks of protests on the land border with israel the fishermen now say it's their ton and their plan is to take this but it's a lot of boats and sights along the coast towards the border with israel with around ten kilometers north from here israel restricts gaza's fishermen from operating more than three nautical miles from the coast these ready navy has
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confiscated boats and killed thirteen fishermen it says try to breach the area to allows the fishermen to work in since the siege began almost twelve years ago as the boat sailed towards the border people walked along with beach support had less second not been found yet and we came here to protest against the sage and to tell the world about thufir ing we are shoulder swine the thing age but we hope it will cost some way to ending this injustice. the protests come days off to the worst escalation of violence between israel and hamas since the two thousand and fourteen war. funerals were held for three men including a volunteer medic shot by israeli soldiers during protests on friday a delegation representing the un's middle east peace envoy seen here in gaza or in july to be meeting the last leaders trying to forge a last in truce. as
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a fishing boats approached the border these ready navy opened fire warning shots to force the fishing vessels back the boats turned and headed for the pole israel has refused to formally acknowledge a truce announced by hamas on thursday there are fears anything the either side calls a provocation could result in more violence and even another war tossed off at al-jazeera gaza. well authorities in yemen is still struggling to identify the remains of those killed in a saudi amorality coalition air strike which hit a school bus they say rebels say at least fifty one people were killed in thursday's attack including forty children the u.n. has demanded an independent investigation and its special envoy says talks next month will focus on the somnolent vomited those been following developments for us from neighboring djibouti abdulhakim is on a grim mission his looking for the remains of his son who was on a boss targeted in
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a sodium strike in all from the yemen he climbs onto the wreckage of the bus in the rubble of the destroyed market buildings desperately he such as four and his sons and then he breaks down the children watertown him from a summer camp when the talk happened. i just found some of what the child was wearing i didn't find any of his remains not his finger. no his skull nothing i looked through the remains in the hospital and i didn't see anything. video from both iran television shows the children boarding the bus stop on their own soon hopped into exile to. the charity save the children says yemen is the wost place in the world to be a child it's not hard to see why when you watch these pictures taken moments of the the airstrike body parts are strewn around injured children some with limbs missing like. it was the walls children since humans put escalated in two thousand and
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fifteen according to unicef. in a cemetery in some other previous twenty nine child sized graves have been dogg. but the joint fin role for the children has been ruled out due to security concerns . the whole thing fighters say they feel at the gathering would be targeted by these. the sodium an article coalition initially did night aiming at civilians and defended the incident as a legitimate military operation our response is sayed to a ballistic missile fired into so did it be on the previous day but i was late on the coalition promised an investigation both the fighters say they're willing to call put in an inquiry. in condemning the hoc antonio will tell us the un secretary general also called for a swift and in some national investigation into its false would something growing
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chorus of condemnation is instilling some hope in yemen is that the war in the country is finally getting some attention how about the world has the djibouti. egypt's security forces say they foiled an attempted suicide attack they say they stopped and man who was wearing an explosive vest from approaching a coptic christian church just outside of cairo state media says the man detonated the explosives about two hundred fifty meters from the church killing himself but no office. the jordanian government says at least three police officers have been killed after storming a hideout belonging to suspected fighters a policeman were chasing suspects thought to be behind a bombing attack on friday that killed one person the ministry of interior says a homemade bomb was planted at the spot where a security bus was scheduled to park in a haze six others were injured in five days explosion. well now turkey's president has vowed to defy what he describes as u.s. attempts to undermine his country's economy version of tayyip erdogan wrote an
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opinion piece in the new york times warning the u.s. must respect the sovereignty or their partnership could be in jeopardy he says his country will seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues u.s. president donald trump announced this week that he would double steel an aluminum tariffs on turkey yes. if you have dollars under your pillow take these out if you have euro take these out if you have gold take these out i am talking to those who have known immediately give these to the banks and convert to turkish lira and by doing this we fought this war of independence in the future it's wrong to try to bring turkey in law and for a pastor i am once again calling on those in america it is a pity you choose a pastor over your strategic partner in. baron cohen who is an assistant professor of world history in the american university of iraq he says that despite threats turkey's options are limited. the one big problem for. turkey
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is that there's not a lot more that we could sell to russia or buy from russia or. in light of the events of the past couple of years to start receiving millions of more russian tourists in our country for turkey to basically you know sell i guess use the word tourism as a verb here to tourism its way out of this crisis more than half of turkey's treat i'm talking about exports here it goes to the european union and north america and the rest of the sort of you know quote unquote western industrial world it's trade with iran russia and china is much smaller than that to the extent that turkey could actually grow itself or export itself and host tourists out of this crisis i don't think it's very sustainable i don't think that's that's extreme
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that's very realistic antigovernment protests as a rallying for a second night in romania after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence with police on friday many of the protesters in the capital bucharest are remaining in migrants who've returned home to demonstrate against corruption and he said deny that they used excessive force on friday and they use tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters kit is a journalist based in bequests and says demonstrators struck a more peaceful town at saturday's protests tonight protests were much calmer and there was a sense that they were trying to keep things less tense there were people sitting down in the crouse trying to show a less confrontational approach there were maybe fifty thousand people is the estimate some stay and the period of time the whole crowd turned their back on the government building as both you know a show of defiance against the government and they were asking to resign but also you know again.


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