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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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while there's also been a big air raid in southern it lib and northern hamas where dozens of people have lost their lives. and the government protesters have been out on the streets for a second day remaining after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence with police on friday thousands gathered in the capital book or rest against the ruling social democrats many of them never mania from the remaining ins from abroad returned home to protest against corruption can't get as a journalist in the remaining capital i think in the immediate short term the protests last night and the one again tonight we may see another couple of nights of protests getting a bit smaller each evening but the protest movement in general will continue because the government is continuing to push the these measures that anger so many people and they will continue to do that it looks like you know they show no sign of changing their policies and the protesters will continue to take to the
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streets so in the short term we will probably see them protest against more nights and will maybe one or two more nights and then maybe even stop for a little while but in a month two months chances are tens of thousands will be back in the streets once more. we're going to come here at al-jazeera including tight security in mali is vegas prepared to cough a ballot in sunday's presidential runoff plus the british nobel and booker prize winning winning author vs knight will has died at the age of eighty five. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis either the caspian sea has been spawning a few showers in the last twenty four hours or so i want to have been reports is
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pretty big if you believe the figure is is in excess of sixty minutes around the coast of towards azerbaijan i'm not entirely convinced from that would certainly a place to generate because showers and you've got more rain to come moves you took biased on and beyond that now marty both potentially went on sunday a don't think tehran will be but just to your north maybe coming as a sudden caucasus well from western side to the black sea could be wet that's the wet area everything else of course is dry usually dusty and quite hot was to go forty five or so in baghdad drop me a little bit maybe all monday shostak visible run the sudden caspian nothing back through the levant that the wind directions always being critical always is critical sometimes it's dusty sometimes it's because it runs to answer the gulf it's going back to the dusty direction the next couple of days there is still largely fairly he would reckon in abu dhabi and of course it's a lot of his to run humvees blowing otherwise dry picture we've had some useful
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rain in the eastern cape recently that's more or less gone from the forecast sunday sees the cloud increasing cape town if you're lucky they'll be a little bit of rain. the weather sponsored by cats own and raise. a new village commit to my has been elected and is grappling with the oddest tosca sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village have grown impatient and have want to consign inside. the reclamation of babylon and democracy is complicated. to have a six part series founded by five years and china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera.
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diversity take a look at the top stories here out there this morning thousands of people have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law and central television the lower officially affirms israel's jewish character and jewish settlements as a national value critics say the law makes long jewish minorities second class citizens the u.n. special envoy to yemen says talks between warring parties next month will focus on stopping the fighting and forming a transitional government international criticism has been growing of the airstrikes by the coalition which had a bus full of schoolchildren. antigovernment protests have been rallying for a second day in romania after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence with the police on friday they're accusing the ruling social democrats of corruption and failing to provide job opportunities. the german chancellor angela
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merkel says no european union member can avoid the challenge of migration she made these comments at a meeting with spain's prime minister paid for sanchez as a migrant exchange deal between the two countries comes into effect. explains. a city in southern spain maybe an application for two european leaders to partner up over a divisive issue migration and agreement the german chancellor hopes will help quell the argument over the refugee crisis with the help of fellow member european union countries here. we are just a few kilometers from the african coast similar to multiple sicily so this is a challenge we must cope with together and no country can dodge this task. the aim to stop refugees and migrants using the border free schenkkan zone to travel to germany a country that has taken in already. than
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a million asylum seekers since two thousand and fifteen those who are already registered in spain will be refused entry at the german border and deported within forty eight hours. we want the solidarity of the e.u. and its members with this migration challenge that we are facing in our country but you also accept our responsibility regarding the control of secondary movements that are affecting in this case germany. if this bilateral agreement sounds familiar that's because it is it's based on the existing dublin agreement that was suspended by mrs merkel and twenty fifteen as a result of the refugee problems that year the german government has portrayed the deal as a breakthrough in the current immigration crisis a similar pact is also being made with greece and there was never any doubt that this agreement with spain would go ahead as spain has recently become the new preferred route for asylum seekers attempting to reach europe and there are fears
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that it will be yet another transit point for migrants to reach germany germany is also working with italy to agree a similar deal a challenge given the anti immigration stance from politicians now in its government so nick i echo. an anti-fascist place in the u.s. city of charlottesville the scene of white supremacist violence that killed an unarmed protesters last year this time peaceful demonstrations are being held amid tight security the city is under a state of emergency ahead of planned run is on sunday and as many as four hundred right wingers are expected to gather along with more than a thousand counter demonstrators in a park in front of the white house in washington d.c. police say this time they plan to stop the size for missing john hendren reports. half the year ago to the day liberal might that the old right now police in washington d.c. want to keep history from repeating itself. on the anniversary of the deadly white
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supremacist rally in charlottesville virginia that left a counter demonstrator dead when a car drove into a crowd as many as four hundred white supremacist marchers prepared to converge on lafayette square in front of the white house so do more than a thousand left wing marchers who call themselves anti folk or anti fascist jason kesler who organized that unite the right march is leading this one day that you hear around you that is saying and to leave right away. leaving many here fearing another round of violent confrontation i think something serious could happen i think something terrible would happen let me just say i. see chavez feel kessler's charlottesville our richard spencer is not expected in washington so his ideas are . yes i mean america story please undoubtedly a white country were headed in
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a very different direction what we're saying rings true what we're saying cuts right to the heart of the matter and that's why people are attracted to us that's why we're growing hundreds of city and u.s. park service police will line the streets with one simple goal well to make sure be to make sure that nobody is injured and nothing gets broken barricades will play a key role police say they've learned lessons from charlottesville and their main goal will be to keep the two groups apart even as they converge by the hundreds in this relatively small space it's a colossal task counter-demonstrators are already filling the streets i think it's an absolute affront to human decency to be allowed on these nazis and white supremacists on it's a calm here and march in front of the white house on this somber anniversary a police force with perhaps more experience than any in the world in handling protests tries to allow the march but not the mayhem john hendren al-jazeera washington.
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to west africa now where people in mali are preparing to vote in a presidential runoff ibra him back a case where i became as his name is expected to be returned to power for another five years he's facing the opposition leader so my say his trail behind him in the first round the vote will take place though amid fears of ethnic fathers as well as accusations of electoral fraud mohammed vali reports from the capital bamako. the results of the first round two weeks ago gave forty one percent of the vote
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while his main rival got close to eighteen percent was accused of fraud by opposition leaders but really when you know who you know to get a low result to me election is indeed heartbreaking but you cannot accuse president being behind that figure it's the decision of the million people which reflects their judgment of you. meanwhile was repeating the claims. once again i am asking for your vote so that together we can achieve the dream and the destiny that i have for mali i don't need to remind you of the grave in multiple illegalities of the first round which amount to political banditry they were a criminal breach of the law and of human dignity one day the reality will be clear to all and it will shame those who have dirty their hands with fraud and corruption . seceded borst of what he described as a major success in the first round he's the first opposition candidate in the
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democratic history of mali to take a sitting president to on of but his hopes of a united front by the other opposition parties have been partly dust by the refusal of many first round losing candidates to endorse him the government has also closed down a local radio station that support sisi accusing it of inciting violence and hate speach. supporters organize a rally on saturday to protest the alleged electoral violations and to warn against a repeat violence was reported in at least a fifth of the twenty three thousand polling stations on july twenty ninth no vote took place at all in three percent of those centers and four soldiers were killed in an ambush as the convoy carrying election material since then ethnic violence has worsened in the central region of moti as dozens of learning herdsman have been killed by rival bonzo hunters the e.u. has expressed concern over security and the government to govern t
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a free and fair enough for the leaders the focus now is on the vote but for millions there is a desire to see that democracy does not fall victim to power struggles the president is trying to stay in power he has supporters and means but his opponents are preparing a fresh offensive and many are curious to see if mali is will for the first time manage to change their leaders through the ballot box. it's been six hundred days since out is there a journalist mark wood hussein was arrested and jailed in egypt without charge hussein is accused of broadcasting falsely accused and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions here and al-jazeera strongly denies the allegations and the network has been demanding his release or bad nearly records. locked up in solitary confinement al jazeera journalists mahmud hussein is yet to have any formal charges brought against him the egyptian national was stopped questioned and
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detained in december two thousand and sixteen after traveling from doha where he was based to visit his family in cairo he's been held in the notorious tour a maximum security prison where he's complained of mistreatment hussein and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations against him that he. costs false news women writing letters even asking. for the good offices to speak with persistence he promises democracy in the country by his lot of. which include press freedom and freedom of expression egypt level similar charges against al-jazeera trio obama hammered mohamed fahmy i'm peter greste day five years ago and as there are explore my editor in chief ibrahim helal was sentenced to death and absentia two years ago. reporters without borders ranks egypt one
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hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty countries in this year's watch press freedom index it says at least thirty two journalists are being held in egyptian jails few have been put on trial most of been detained for months or years and over a being held on trumped up charges. those imprisoned included gyptian journalist mahmoud abbas a it known as shah can he's been locked up for five years reporting on the rubber square protests in cairo where hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured recently shall can be nominated for unesco is press freedom prize and multi award winning journalist well about had its home raided a may and was arrested and detained. as the egyptian authorities target what they describe as fake news new laws were passed in july to support the arrests of journalists they allow the state to block social media accounts and detain
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journalists who have more than five thousand followers the existing laws which are already being used to. suppress media freedom the new laws which this. many more people who are mostly one journalist will be arrested because they want to express their opinion supporters of president out of fatah sisi say they will safeguard freedom of expression. but rights groups say it will give legal basis for egypt to crackdown on criticism or dissent nor about manly al-jazeera. aid is arriving on the indian easy and island of lombok where three hundred eighty seven people died in last week's earthquake the air force has delivered ninety tons of aid including food medicine tent and blankets almost four hundred thousand people are now homeless or displaced. the indian state of carola is on high alert after at least thirty four people died during one of the region's worst floods
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heavy rains have destroyed farmland and four small and thirty thousand people from their homes for the first time we'll follow it is of release water from twenty five dams because they had reached full capacity. vs nightfall the winner of the two thousand and one nobel prize for literature has died at his home in london he was eighty five vs life who was born in trinidad and wrote dozens of books dealing with themes of migration and that his books cast an unflinching look at the british empire and its legacy his wife called him a giant in that he achieved. travers a take a look at the top stories here al-jazeera thousands of people in tel aviv of been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law demonstrators say the
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lord's undemocratic and marginalizes israel's known jewish citizens the bill which was passed last month officially defined israel as a jewish state and made hebrew the only official language downgrading the status of arabic. a u.n. delegation is in gaza for meetings with hamas officials to try to deescalate tensions within israel meanwhile the funerals were held for the three palestinians including a medic who were killed by israeli forces on friday in protest for twenty weeks at the girls or israel border fence protesters have been demanding the right of return to their ancestral lands and protesting against israel's continued blockade of the territory. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says talks between warring parties next month will focus on stopping the fighting as well as forming a transitional government weighing heavily on those talks will be a saudi amorality coalition air strike that has been described as the worst attack
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on yemen's children the funerals were held for those who were killed some parents still looking for their children among the dead three the u.n. security council's call for an investigation into what's being called the worst attack on yemen's children syrian government backed by russia have killed dozens of civilians in the last remaining opposition strongholds in the north of the country twenty eight children are said to be among the dead in italy province as well as in nearby aleppo province antigovernment protests is have been rallying for a second day remain here after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence with police on friday thousands of people have gathered in the capital be caressed to protest against the ruling social democrats fear sniper all the winner of the two thousand and one nobel prize for literature has died at the age of eighty five he was born in trinidad he wrote dozens of books that cost an unflinching look at the british empire and its legacy those are the headlines the
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news continues in about thirty minutes after cannes china's democracy experiment. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with the nuptial than soon there will be nothing left facing realities or our friends and allies played a positive role in the fencing and his commission for taking this hear their story on talk to al-jazeera tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. you can see religious rose up demanding the return of their lead and calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption.
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do the. job at night is the. real reason that the us is so gentle and it had not let them down. on the bases so put that way also what's up what's out there might. see. tensions are high. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but will the event unite all drive a wedge between the villagers fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years to cram china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. there is growing in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's
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going on there and find out very quickly we're not looking at the news some nation's prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company to spend the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely we pick it up less than two months after the professional america's secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into
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a very ordinary japanese for. five different stories and i am just so excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries and it was true. but i was supported only those with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has an al-jazeera. thousands protest in tel aviv against israel's controversial nation state law. hello working dodge's there live from doha. coming up. the desperate search
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a father looks for the remains of. the m.r. r.t.s. strike has been called the worst attack yet on the children of yemen. a second night of protests in romania as thousands take to the streets to demand a change of government. and the british nobel prize winning author vs nightfall has died at the age of eighty five. thousands of people in television been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law in officially a fans israel's jewish character but critics believe it turns the non jewish minorities of the country into a second class citizens the bill passed last month and was designed to enshrine israel as the nation states of the jewish people. well the measure pushed through by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares that the right to exercise
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national self-determination in israel is unique to the jewish people it also says that hebrews ian lee official language downgrading the sages of arabic previously they were both official languages and it establishes jewish settlements as a national value that the state must encourage seventy deca was at the protests in tel aviv. on march. to the museum it's nice by israeli policy. but it's right next for the cancellation of the rule there's a lot of jewish saying that they are not the direction. fundamentally are one of unity. because we don't need this of this and you won't loan off netanyahu that. number two event isn't enough i'm not. giving him to citizens and i was young this is
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amazing this is. the item number thousands of. fighting for something and this is real. people who really believe in democracy and equality we have and take democratic moves taking place in many things in the towards gays towards women in words secular and towards arabs and this is a fascist regime is turning into a fascist that is still not there but it's going in a bad direction and we need to stop it as well as soon as we can. they're trying to . force the nickname of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and there is a big question well the. going to continue with this momentum becoming law again. that the government demands that people do not everybody and everything all right
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when. meanwhile a u.n. delegation is in gaza with hamas officials there the missing is part of on going efforts to deescalate tensions with israel meanwhile funerals were held for the three palestinians who were killed by israeli forces on friday it was the twentieth week of protests at the girl's the israel border fence well the one hundred sixty four palestinians have been killed by israeli forces since demonstrations first began in march possesses have been demanding the right of return to their ancestral lands and protesting against israel's continuing blockade of the territory gaza's fishermen have also been demonstrating they're demanding the israeli siege on the strip be lifted charles traffic reports. with palestinian flags flying on their boats gaza's fischman protest against israel's blockade they gathered in the port before heading out to see what did you feel this protest as part of the demonstrations against the seas happening every week on the land border this is our
1:53 pm
peaceful activity that the whole world agrees with israel should know that this is a small geographical area but we insist on our freedom after twenty weeks of protests on the land border with israel the fishermen now say it's their turn and their plan is to take mr taylor boats and sites along the coast towards the border with israel which is around ten kilometers north from israel restricts gaza's fishermen from operating more than three nautical miles from the coast he's ready navy has called the screechy boats and killed thirteen fishermen it says try to breach the area which allows the fisherman to working since the siege began almost twelve years ago as the boat sailed towards the border people to look beach and support. the other party and we came here to protest against the siege and to tell the world about suffering we are sold this won't break through egypt but we hope. it will tell you some way to ending this injustice. the protests come days after
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the worst escalation of violence between israel and hamas since the two thousand and fourteen war. was the funerals were held for three men including a volunteer medic shot by israeli soldiers during protests on friday a delegation representing the un's middle east peace envoy seen here in gaza or in july to be meeting with us leaders trying to forge a last truce. as the fishing boats approached the border the israeli navy opened fire warning shots to force the fishing vessels back the boats turned and headed for the port israel has refused to formally acknowledge a truce announced by hamas on thursday there are fears anything either side calls a provocation could result in more violence and even another war trial started out just gaza the jordanian government says at least four police officers have been killed after storming
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a hideout belonging to suspected fighters the policemen were chasing suspects thought to be behind a bombing attack on friday that killed one person the ministry of interior says a homemade bomb was planted at the spot where security bus was shuttled to park six others were injured. egypt's security forces say there followed an attempted suicide attack they say they stopped a man wearing an explosive vest from approaching a cupcake christian church just outside the capital cairo state media says the man designated his experiences about two hundred fifty mrs away from the church killing himself and not hurting anyone else. funerals are being held for dozens of children some younger than ten who were killed in the saudi amorality s strike in yemen parents is still looking for their children among the dead three has been described as the worst attack on yemen's children mohammed a day reports from neighboring djibouti. abdulhakim amir is on
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a grim mission his looking for the remains of his son a comet who was on a boss targeted in a sodium strike in north and yemen he climbs onto the wreckage of the bus in the rubble of the destroyed market buildings desperately he such as for any signs and then he breaks down the children wanted tahnee promised some accompt went out talk happened. i just found some of what the child was wearing i didn't find any of his remains on his finger. no his skull nothing i looked through the remains in the hospital and i didn't see anything. video from both iran television shows the children boarding the boss stop moaning they all seem happy excited. to save the children says yemen is the wost place in the world to be a child it's not hard to see why when you watch these pictures taken moments up to the airstrike bodyparts us through not around injured children some with limbs
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missing lie in. it was the was children since humans put escalated in two thousand and fifteen according to unicef. in a cemetery in some other previous twenty nine child sized graves have been dug but a joint fin role for the children has been ruled out due to security concerns. hold the fighters say they feared the gathering would be targeted by more airstrikes. the sodium an article coalition initially did night aiming at civilians and defended the incident as a legitimate military operation our response is sayed to a ballistic missile fired into so did a bia the previous day but hours later the coalition promised an investigation both the fighters say they're willing to call preety in an inquiry. in condemning the hog on twenty you will tell us the u.n.
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secretary general for. investigation into its false words and the growing chorus of condemnation is instilling some hope in yemen is that the country is finally getting some attention how about the world as the. syrian government has strikes backed by russia have killed dozens of civilians in the last remaining opposition strongholds in the north of the country twenty eight children are among the dead in italy a province in nearby aleppo friday's bombardment is the most intense around and strikes for months the u.n. and agency is a warning that a full blown military offensive in italy would have devastating consequences on the population more than the hall for food are internally displaced people al-jazeera is milad fardella is in a village in aleppo province which has suffered some of the heaviest bombardment.
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you know not a new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of cobra in the western countryside of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial rates during each of which four missiles have been launched in residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of them are women and children the destruction is that massive as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering damage and casualties following the russian area meanwhile there's also been big air raids in southern and northern mali where dozens of people have lost their lives. antigovernment protests as have been out on the streets for a second damer mania after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in
2:00 pm
violence with police on friday thousands gathered in the capital book or rest they were demonstrating against the ruling social democrats many of them of remaining from abroad have returned home to protest against corruption. can't get is a journalist in their remaining capital. i think in the immediate short term the protests last night and the one again tonight we may see another couple of nights of protests getting a bit smaller. but the protest movement in general will continue because the government is continuing to press the big measures that anger so many people and they will continue to do that it looks like you know they show no sign of changing their policies and the protesters will continue to take to the streets so in the short term we will probably see him protest against more nights and all maybe one or two more nights and then be even stopped for
2:01 pm
a little while but.


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