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on friday thousands gathered in the capital book or rest they were demonstrating against the ruling social democrats many of them of remains from abroad have returned home to protest against corruption. can't get it is a journalist in their remaining capital. i think in the immediate short term the protests last night and the one again tonight we may see another couple of nights of protests getting a bit smaller. but the protest movement in general will continue because the government is continuing to push the big measures that anger so many people and they will continue to do that it looks like you know they show no sign of changing their policies and the protesters will continue to take to the streets so in the short term we will probably see him protest against morrow night and maybe one or two more nights and then be even stopped for a little while but in
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a month two months chances are tens of thousands will be back in the streets once more. lots more to come here at al-jazeera including spain and germany agree to a new partnership to control migration. and tight security in malawi is rangers prepare sorry in mali in order to cast their ballots in sunday's presidential runoff plus. how the caspian sea has been sporting a few showers in the last twenty four hours or so i want to have been reports is pretty big if you believe the state is is in excess of sixty minimize around the cost of two is azerbaijan i'm not entirely convinced from that but it's certainly a place to generate because showers and you've got more rain to come members who
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took biased on and beyond. both potentially went on sunday adults in tehran will be but just to north maybe coming out says something caucasus well from western side to the black sea could be wet that's the wet area everything else of course is dry usually dusty and quite hot was to go forty five or so in baghdad drop me a little bit maybe all monday shasta visible around the sudden caspian nothing back through the levant that the wind directions always being critical always is critical sometimes it's dusty sometimes it's because it runs to answer the gulf it's going back to the dusty direction the next couple of days there is to life he's fairly regular in abu dhabi and of course it's a lot of his to real life blowing otherwise dry picture we've had some useful rain in the eastern cape recently that's more or less gone from the forecast sunday sees the cloud increasing cape town if you're lucky they'll be a little bit of rain. this
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was wrong to teach children away from their pyramids and heard them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we saw earlier look to her so i don't remember the children's names. canada's dark secret on al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here and out as they're of a small thousands of people have been protesting against israel's controversial
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nation state law in central tel aviv the law officially affirms israel's jewish character and jewish settlements as a national value critics say the law makes known jewish minorities second class citizens. international criticism has been growing over air strikes in yemen by the saudi of morality coalition which hit a bus full of school children many of the remains have yet to be identified this father the circuit searching the wreckage the signs of his twelve year old son. antigovernment protesters have been rallying for a second day remaining after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence with police on friday they're accusing the ruling social democrats of corruption and of failing to provide jobs. the german chancellor angela merkel says no european union member could avoid the challenge of migration she was making these comments at a meeting with the spanish prime minister pedre sanchez as
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a migrant exchange deal between the two countries comes into effect sonia guy explains. a city in southern spain may be an application for two european leaders to partner up over a divisive issue migration and agreement the german chancellor hopes will help quell the argument over the refugee crisis with the help of fellow member european union countries here. we are just a few kilometers from the african coast similar to multiple sicily so this is a challenge we must cope with together and no country can dodge this task. the aim to stop refugees and migrants using the border free schengen zone to travel to germany a country that has taken in already more than a million asylum seekers since two thousand and fifteen those who are already registered in spain will be refused entry at the german border and deported within forty eight hours. we want the solidarity of the e.u.
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and its members with this migration challenge that we're facing in our country but you also accept our responsibility regarding the control of secondary movements that are affecting in this case germany. if this bilateral agreement sounds familiar that's because it is it's based on the existing dublin agreement that was suspended by mrs merkel and twenty fifteen as a result of the refugee problems that year the german government has portrayed the deal as a breakthrough in the current immigration crisis a similar pact is also being made with greece and there was never any doubt that this agreement with spain would go ahead as spain has recently become the new preferred route for asylum seekers attempting to reach europe and there are fears that it will be yet another transit point for migrants to reach germany germany is also working with its league to agree a similar deal a challenge given the anti immigration stance from politicians now in its government on a diagonal. an anti fascist rally is taking place in the u.s.
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city of charlottesville the scene of white supremacist violence that killed an unarmed protesters last year this time peaceful demonstrations are being held amid tight security the city is under a state of emergency ahead of planned rallies on sunday. i do as many as four hundred right wing protests as are expected to gather along with more than a thousand counter-demonstrators in a park in front of the white house police say this time they will stop the size for a meeting john hendren ripples out from washington. the year ago to the day liberal might met the right now police in washington d.c. want to keep history from repeating itself. on the anniversary of the deadly white supremacist rally in charlottesville virginia that left a counter demonstrator dead when a car drove into a crowd as many as four hundred white supremacist marchers prepared to converge on lafayette square in front of the white house so do more than
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a thousand left wing marchers who call themselves and chief were anti fascist jason kesler who organized that unite the right march is leading this one day that you hear around you that is a anti-white. leaving many here fearing another round of violent confrontation and i think something serious could happen i think something terrible would happen let me just say i. shot israel kessler's charlottesville our richard spencer is not expected in washington so his ideas are. yes i mean america store at least undoubtedly a white country we're headed in a very different direction what we're saying rings true what we're saying cuts right to the heart of the matter and that's why people are attracted to us that's why we're growing hundreds of city and u.s. park service police will line the streets with one simple goal well to make sure be to make sure that nobody is injured and nothing gets broken barricades will play
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a key role police say they've learned lessons from charlottesville and their main goal will be to keep the two groups apart even as they converge by the hundreds in this relatively small space it's a colossal task counter-demonstrators are already filling the streets. i think it's an absolute affront to human decency to. the white supremacist honor to come here and marching for the white house on this song during a verse or e. a police force with perhaps more experience than any in the world in handling protest tries to march but not the mayor john hendren al-jazeera washington and hundreds of protesters have been out on the streets of the peruvian capital lima they're demanding gender equality and reform to the judicial system the demonstrators say the justice system ignores a high level of violence against women seven out of ten women in peru have suffered
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some sort of physical or psychological abuse rights groups want politicians to discuss these masses in congress. turkey's president has vowed to defy what he describes as u.s. attempts to undermine his country's economy rather tired after one read an opinion piece in the new york times in which he warned the u.s. must respect. all their partnership could be in jeopardy he said his country will seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues u.s. president donald trump announced this week that he would double steel and aluminum tariffs on tacky yes. if you have dollars on the or pillow take these out if you have euro take these out if you have gold take these out i am talking to those who have immediately give these to the banks and convert to turkish lira and by doing this we fight this war of independence and the future it's wrong to try to bring turkey in line for a pastor i am once again calling on those in america it is a pity you choose
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a pastor of your strategic partner in. in just a few hours people in mali will be voting in a presidential runoff ibra him cater or i became as he's known is expected to be returned to power for another five year term but he's facing the opposition leader so much say his trail behind him in the first round the vote will take place amid fears of ethnic violence as well as accusations of election fraud mohamed valve reports from the capital bamako. that is also the first round two weeks ago gave forty one percent of the vote while his main rival got close to eighteen percent was accused of fraud by opposition leaders but really i mean you know to get a low result in the election isn't it heartbreaking but you cannot accuse president being behind that figure it's the decision of the molly and people which reflects their judgment of you. meanwhile was repeating the claims. what was.
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once again i am asking for your vote so that together we can achieve the dream and the destiny that i have for molly i don't need to remind you of the grave in multiple illegalities of the first round which amount to political banditry they were a criminal breach of the law and of human dignity one day the reality will be clear to all and it will shame those who have dirty their hands with fraud and corruption . seceded borst of what he described as a major success in the first round he's the first opposition candidate in the democratic history of mali to take a sitting president to on of what his hopes of a united front by the other opposition parties have been partly dashed by that if you sort of many first round losing candidates to endorse him the government has also closed down a local radio station that supports sisi accusing it of inciting violence and hate speech she says supporters organize
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a rally on saturday to protest the alleged electoral violations and to warn against a repeat violence was reported not least a fifth of the twenty three thousand polling stations on july twenty ninth no vote took place at all in three percent of those centers and four soldiers were killed in an ambush as their convoy carrying election material since then ethnic violence has worsened in the central region of mctee as dozens of herdsman have been killed by rival duns or hunters the. you has expressed concern over security and the government to govern a free and fair enough for the leaders the focus now is on the vote but for millions there is a desire to see that democracy does not form victim to power struggles president is trying to stay in power he has supporters and means but his opponents are preparing a fresh offensive and many are curious to see if mali is will for the first time manage to change their leaders through the ballot box haven't fired.
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if in six hundred days in south america muhtar same is arrested and jailed in egypt without charge the same his accuser broadcasting false news and of receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions here and out is there a strongly deny the allegations and the network has been demanding his release lower birth monthly reports. locked up in solitary confinement al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein is yet to have any formal charges brought against him the egyptian national was stopped questioned and detained in december two thousand and sixteen after traveling from doha where he was based to visit his family in cairo he's been held in the notorious tour a maximum security prison where he's complained of mistreatment hussein and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations against him that he broke last false news
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writing letters even asking. for the good offices. democracy in the country by his lot of people which include press freedom and freedom of expression egypt level similar charges against al jazeera trio bahama hammad mohamed fahmy i'm peter greste day five years ago and as there are explore editor in chief ibrahim helal was sentenced to death and absentia two years ago. reporters without borders ranks egypt one hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty countries in this year's watch press freedom index it says at least thirty two journalists are being held in egyptian jails few have been put on trial most of been detained for months or years and over a being held on trumped up charges. those imprisoned included gyptian
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journalist mahmoud abizaid known as shah can he's been locked up for five years rip . in the rubber square protests in cairo where hundreds of protestors were killed and thousands injured recently shall can be nominated for unesco is press freedom prize and multi award winning journalist had its home raided a may and was arrested and detained. as the egyptian authorities target what they describe as fake news new laws were passed in july to support the arrests of journalists they allow the state to block social media accounts and detain journalists who have more than five thousand followers the existing laws which are already being used to. suppress media freedom new laws. many more who. will be honest and because they want to express their opinion supporters of president out of c.c. say they will safeguard freedom of expression but rights groups say it will give
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a legal basis for egypt to crack down on criticism or dissent nor about manly al-jazeera. aid is arriving at the indian easy an island of lombok with three hundred eighty seven people died in last week's earthquake the air force's eleventh ninety tons of aid including food medicine tents and blankets almost four hundred thousand people that's around ten percent of the island's population and now homeless or displaced the indians say the carola is on high alert after at least thirty four people died during one of the region's worst floods on record heavy rains have destroyed farmland and forced more than thirty thousand people from their homes for the first time the authorities have released water from twenty five dans because they've reached full capacity. vidia and i pulled the winner of the two thousand and one nobel prize for literature has died at his home in london
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he was eighty five v.s. naipaul was born in trinidad he wrote dozens of books dealing with themes of migration and his votes cast an unflinching look at the british empire and its legacy his wife called him a giant in all that he achieved but the tributes have been pouring in for the sniper who inspired admiration and criticism perhaps in equal measure among them author soundman rushdie tweeted saying we disagreed all our lives about politics about literature and i feel as sad as if i've just lost a beloved older brother. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera the slowing thousands of people in tel aviv have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law demonstrators
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say the law is undemocratic and that it marginalizes israel's non-jury citizens the bill which passed last month officially defined israel as a jewish state and made hebrew the only official language thereby downgrading the status of arabic. a u.n. delegation is in girls are familiar with hamas to deescalate tensions with israel meanwhile funerals were held for the three palestinians including a medic who were killed by israeli forces on friday it been protests for twenty weeks now the girls are israel border protesters have been demanding the right of return to their lands and protesting against israel's continuing blockade of the territory international criticism is growing over air strikes in yemen by the saudi amorality coalition which hits a bus full of school children many of the remains have yet to be identified and this father has been searching the wreckage for signs of his twelve year old son.
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syrian government strikes backs that's why russia have killed dozens of civilians in the last remaining opposition strongholds in the north of the country twenty eight children were among the dead in province and nearby aleppo province. anti-government protesters have been rallying for a second day in remaining after more than four hundred were injured in violence with police on friday thousands of people have gathered in the capital b. caress to protest against the ruling social democrats police denied accusations that they used excessive force on friday. where sniper the winner of the two thousand and one nobel prize for literature has died at the age of eighty five he was born in trinidad and dozens of books that pass an unflinching look at the british empire and its legacy his wife called him a giant in that he achieved roger and today there is the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next people in power.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. on al-jazeera mean mars commercial capital yangon is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their hole inside the cycle of debt but when east on al-jazeera. its rollers of the united states exports billions of dollars worth of arms to its allies what isn't as widely understood is that many of the guns it sends him to those in the middle east so the remission is manufactured in eastern europe so how
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do the supply routes function and waves of the weapons go in the first of a special trip cross investigation into u.s. arms sales giuliana rufus has been to investigate. well there really were there are part. of your words here we are know that. you're controlling the. june two thousand and seven efraim given rolly a twenty one year old arms dealer from miami beach is negotiating a three hundred million dollar ammunition for the u.s. plan to go on. his albanian contact because the tributes is secretly recording the
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conversation he wants to prove knows that the seller has links with organized crime . problem i don't have a choice the u.s. government or. the united states needs weapons for its allies in the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the guns must be kalashnikovs and other soviet style weapons it's what its allies are used to. speed is of the essence. a year after the coup with give the rolly. tribute sky is dead many believe the albanian mafia silenced him to stop him from speaking about the pentagon deal gone bad. rise to a scandal that was supposed to change how the american government lies weapons to its allies overseas but the question is has it we set out to investigate just
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how these weapons find their way into some of the most fragile states on. this is david peck who's he used to be did rowley's business partner the story of how the two young amateurs from miami beach turned into international armies broca's was so incredible that it became a hollywood blockbuster. they said. the pentagon was forty year old chinese ammunition that was stored in albania aboard really any business with us but what works with the chinese weapons were under u.s. sanctions so they repackaged the ammo to hide its origin. in twenty eleven after new york times expose a different oh you went to jail but the coos got away with house of interest. so you guys didn't really have
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a background in that you were just two young guys in their twenty's why did you get contracts to supply arms and you mean why did they give us the contracts. well they gave us the contracts probably because we were very very competitive we were what they called the best value to the government. who says the wood oaks movie failed to tell the whole story he insists the pentagon knew all along that he and his partner was supplying sanction chinese ammunition. his claim supported by documents that surfaced in court. they kept on taking deliveries i think like three deliveries a week of four aircraft loads of ammunition for like four or five months after they found out it was chinese. who says the pentagon was happy with the arrangements until the media got hold of the story how important was it for the u.s. army to get quick supplies operational necessity is a term that the military used when they wanted to say that they got to get this
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done one way or another and that meant that they were willing to overlook certain procedures and rules and safeguards that the administration had put in place. says it's this operational necessity that drives the u.s. government to employ private companies it allows them to be one step removed because a lot of these suppliers in central europe and the east. the law may not have great reputations they may have supplied other people you know that have committed atrocities if they only deal with us companies who go out and then do their own deals and then the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from fast forward to twenty fifteen. america's supporting another were in the middle east but in syria it's supplying arms to rebels not two state forces. again the weapons us soviet style easy to
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use and so common in the region they're hard to trace if something goes wrong. when i so controlled territory expands u.s. supplies stepped up. i'm pleased that congress has now voted to support a key element of our strategy a plan to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists this is exclusive footage of what one of the pentagon secretive projects looked like. again the u.s. government uses private companies to train its allies we're going to examine the outside. these men are highly experienced new fighters mike doherty and frances no we. aren't they were in bulgaria to train on subject sell weapons that would be supplied to syrian rebels it seemed like a straightforward mission. but it would cost nobody you his life.
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friends know we you is survived by his wife the chair and two young children. and juliana she has agreed to me terms. we're joined by mike does he know we use training. he was present when a ouija was killed. i was about five or six feet away and as he approached the launcher he literally raised the round and as soon as you started to slide it in and it detonated. and that's when everything just went white for me it's like instantly it really well and she asked apparently i was thrown into a concrete wall and you know the blast effect threw me back down against the ground and my hand was split down here and hanging and the other hand was had
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a big chunk of metal and then i just remember looking up and i saw our other colleague and his hand was hanging and his arm was and just shattered are just tore up i started to to kind of flip myself over to crawl and i start crawling towards and then i passed. the multi-million dollar pentagon contract to train and equip it was received by a company called purple shovel but it seemed to be insufficiently prepared for the task. and mike say there were problems right from the start the awarding of a contract happened very quick and there were a lot of things that we we questioned why are we not doing medical why are we not doing threat brief some things like that it felt very rushed i remember francis saying it just crashed and it wasn't we really didn't understand the scope of what
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we were getting into. mike tells us the official investigation into what exactly happened in bulgaria seems to have stalled. it's still not clear what caused the missile launcher to malfunction. did the u.s. government's urgency to supply weapons i mean safety procedures were ignored once more there was until i would say over a year later that we learned that the ammunition was over thirty years old and over the last thirty to forty years where was a stored what were the conditions during that storage and were they doing the right things to ensure that it was probably taken care of and that we don't know my can assume in the company i would request to travel to an interview was declined the company continues to receive u.s. government contracts it seems like the government just wants to layers over this contract before so you cannot really know much about it so we can do things outside of the military that are maybe
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a little bit more shady and. meanwhile the convert supply of weapons from south eastern europe continues. observers have noticed that a small airport in riyadh croatia has become a major hub for the flow of arms to the moves of the middle east. we have come here to find out what type of weapons are used by the us government and how they are transported. because for. a total launchers you can spot a bulgarian rug missiles you can spot mortar shells. yelena is a member of the balkan investigative reporting network together with the organized crime and corruption reporting project they have spent two years tracking the pentagon's secret weapon shipments into syria we have set up a joint investigation this one was produced in serbia it's ok our team
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a shingle up in the syrian battleground the u.s. government publishes information about federal contracts online. yelena and her colleagues have used this database to calculate the u.s. government's expenditure on soviet style weapons. since two thousand and fifteen until two thousand and twenty two pending will spend or two point two billion us dollars what do you know about the routes how weapons from balkan countries go to the middle east they go through turkey jordan. qatar and saudi arabia so that's all u.s. allies u.s. allies exactly exactly yeah and i had been investigating a plane they departed from reactor airport five days earlier which she believes carried weapons to the middle east. you can see tongue fight for there are the
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words that this plane took several time and you can see places such as r r ion gotta exactly and also has flights number mark which is very specific for the planes that are actually transporting military goods. this is footage of the plane yellow not tracked it has been loaded with crates at least twenty u.s. military flights have left this airport in the past six months. and when we arrived at the airport we to see a plane hole. this is one of the busiest airports when it comes to players such as this one. is from the same airline yelena had been investigating boeing is really is pretty nuts it's just in the middle of a traffic junction. they are about to take off.


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