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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 224  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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to me it's more it's much more a result of other issues other vital issues especially for the turkish side you know when you look at the last several years we have been witnessing that the united states administration has been supporting two main terrorist organizations namely p k k and its affiliated organizations in northern syria and the fed which is widely believed that was behind the failed quit time two years ago and both actors are heavily supported by the united states so the timing of the branston issue is to me. is about american domestic issues it's not directly about turkish american relations so it's not a big issue for the two countries when it comes to releasing some and not releasing some others we see that you know thousands of pages of credible kling's have been
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sent to the united states to extra's it the leader of the defector organization the federal argue lent which is who is hosted in pennsylvania but the united states remains reluctant all these all these demands from the turkish side so when. we see that the tramp and some of his men they have been they began to use attracting insulting and on fortunately unilateral aggressive language towards the the turkish administration which created the consolidation of a kind of national unity against the united states and it with a high anti-americanism in turkey you know just yesterday and today the leader of the leaders of the opposition party event. made some declarations some
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explanations against trump tweets and this unilateral and aggressive language policy discourse from the american side so unfortunately we just try to mask the real issues by considering this bronson issue as one of the main focal points between the two countries so. reunited since the american side has been hijacking the issue unfortunately while robert pearson i'd like to know if you think that the united states have been hijacking the issue but first you know the world unilateralist is something that president erda one wrote in his opinion piece is something that other world leaders have complained about the current us administration is this something that is actually
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playing in favor of the us or do you think it's. old allies and friends around the world. i think that mr trump is a very aggressive president and he's taken very aggressive steps i don't think this problem is a global problem at all i think that this problem is bounded and i two or three things that are very important the united states has always condemned the p.k. k. and always work with turkey including intelligence cooperation against the p.k. k. the united states has never ever supported the p.k. k. when the when isis invaded syria it attacked the kurds the kurds did not attack isis and when the kurds asked for help turkey declined the us agreed to help and now isis has been largely defeated secondly this is actually about the relationship for years turkey has used the most abusive language about the united
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states and about its about its leaders president obama was accused of direct knowledge of the attempted coup in two thousand and sixteen the government in turkey has used the most abusive language against the united states and i think it's the united states that deserves a little respect here this is a bounded problem it can be solved it doesn't need to escalate beyond this and turkey and the united states have a lot of common interest in that region they could cooperate on if we can move past this point and a lot of that the fans upon the turkish willingness to put its economic common sense and its political flexibility ahead of nationalism. it does feel though. if you look at events over the past twelve months and even before that that was sort of locked in a sort of tit for tat relationship between kara and washington you have as you said
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earlier it is too strong man and you get an idea that for both sides it's important to show that their opinion will prevail and it's also important portend for the stature of turkey in the region the u.s. in the rest of the world you know i mean i think what we need to acknowledge right now is that the u.s. turkey relationship is not the relationship that they had dropped when its entry yesterday was an important ally turkey continues to be a member of nato turkey actually the turkish military is the second largest armed forces pulling me down nato there's a new nato command that's going to be put into place in two years that will be under turkish command in turkey were proved by the united states and the circus be without its role as a nato airport at kabul so there are a number of areas where we already cooperate and i think that those things don't get the attention they should and they're wider interest with russia and iran and
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iraq that the u.s. and turkey where they could easily car i mean on the basis of their will to do so either exist in the middle east the point that i was that i was making is that you know turkey is not only a new no member but turkey to his schemes turkey is not a backwater anymore turkey's economies grow and it is a number of the g twenty if you know it when you actually take a look at the relationship between turkey and not it's the it's not between a century turkey depended on u.s. aid to prop up its economy that is no longer true the largest trading partner that turkey has to date is the european union that trade is worth eighty four point seven billion dollars with the united states it's only nine dollars and if you're actually keeping a look at what we're turkey's interests lie. why is much more are we not only you got countries that have been pouring a lot of investments and business into turkey i totally agree that the united
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states entered the new she needs other turkey is in a very rough neighborhood it's in the backyard of russia if borders syria iran and iraq and i have to say here that the united states actually should really can reconsider what its policy and its strategy towards turkey yes right now i don't see the trumpet ministration having a coherent strategy not only to turkey but to the middle east in general we don't really know what the end goals are what what the trumpet ministration wants coming out out of syria or iran i mean we know that the top of ministration has has next the iran nuclear deal but what is going to replace that and i think that the united states can't continue the policies that it had when it was the sole superpower of the twentieth century so as we don't know the end goal of the trump administration what is the end goal of turkey in this specific case i mean this crisis comes at
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a time where the economy is not doing very good the turkish lira has gone down a day can quite a rough beating inflation is up so at the sort of point it could play into that has a president ever when he could turn around and say to those complaining about the poor economy well it's all because we have foreign countries and meddling in our own affairs so what's the endgame here for turkey. unfortunately state and establish they all are accustomed to similar economic problems. so this is not the first economic crisis that turkey has been facing so before us yes that that's true turkish economy nobody is quite vulnerable and the turkish political system. in the country is is quite stable so here we have a strong political leadership but a vulnerable economy and unfortunately when it comes to the latest issues for
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instance yesterday's trump tweet was a direct. intervention or economy intervention for political purposes so the problem is not really economy when it comes to the church american relations we know that trump truck has been trying to instrumental eyes economy develop economy relations for political purposes so the end game for turkey the majority of turkish people think that yes no it is the turkish state is in a trance eatery period turkey is political and domestic struggle domestic structure has been restructured redefined so they will remain intact behind the leadership of the one this is my expectation and the leader of your
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party merrill action at the leader of the c.h.p. the main opposition party they all meet explanations and they all blamed the trunk administration for the latest economic intervention so at the end yes turkey will face some problems and this crisis to me will force turkey to look forward. some alternatives to increase its cooperation with china for instance with russia and with some other global and regional actors but. unfortunately it. didn't deter people the intellectuals politicians even the ordinary man on the street they all explained that we would not forget what one of the allies one of the turkish. has been trying to do against the church.
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economy system ok so let me bring you robert pearson as legion was saying turkey has been a nato ally for six decades one gets a feeling that the world order as we have known it so far is shifting isn't there a risk by alan ating. key and president emerita one who is also a strong willed man that you will see turkey move more eastward still would russia china iran i mean for even a few days you will have a visit of the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov to ankara iran said that it will support you can help its neighbor as much as it can isn't that a risk for washington. there is a risk in international affairs in all relationships with countries and since the end of the cold war countries have begun to act more independently and turkey has been on an independent track now for at least a decade so there isn't anything new about the strategic orientation of turkey
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trying to find its own place in the world and separating itself a bit from the united states and from the european union as well but i think that the point that's really important to keep in mind here is there are two ways people look at problem one is it's a game they want to know what this guy's doing and that guy's doing in this than that and the other way to look at it. it is to think about the strategic interest the u.s. has no interest in a weak turkish economy turkey has run a trade deficit since nineteen stintz the one nine hundred seventy s. and in the last ten years that trade deficit has widened under this government turkey desperately needs fundamental economic reform the cause of these incidents is slowly turkey's oppressed are without any evidence against him an economy that is descending into the pit without the reasonable measures that any country would
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norden early take to save it so the us is ready to be a partner with turkey but we have to get past this point and i've suggested a solution that gets us past this point so we can get on to those more important issues and nearer just a yes or no question if pastor branson is released tomorrow do you think things would come down it's very unlikely that pastor wright's will be released and i don't mean any church less regulations are are broken to a point where the repair is going to take a considerable amount of time thank you very much we have reached the end of this show so thanks to our guest robert pierson was getting at that man and. better astley and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time i was visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from me had out there had meat and a whole team here in the house by for now. a firebrand. and went to talking about passing the women's liberation. saying victory for anybody sexual assault continues an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do something
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well to waste. i'm not going to tot he has sand goes head to head point you made eye contact do anything else on al-jazeera. the new poll ranks mexico city as the poll with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called lal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven the training of dr as. when mexico's leaders implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms the country's oil owned by the
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mexican people for seventy five years was to be sold to private international companies. but to what extent is the country exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations could harvest our knowledge of their own. hello i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera after twenty two years of talks an agreement has been signed which could settle a territorial dispute over the caspian sea the leaders of russia kazakhstan iran turkmenistan and azerbaijan which border the caspian are meeting in the port city of a towel they've signed the convention on the legal status of the sea but so far no details on what they decided have been released it's it's all about how much of the
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caspian sea each country can claim as theirs well the russian president vladimir putin said an agreement was crucial to regional security and beyond. bizarre persisted a u.n. security is very important and this is what underpins our agreements in this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east so this really affects the basic interests states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of terrorism and trans boundary criminality meanwhile iran's president said support from the caspian sea countries for the iran nuclear deal was a good sign for an agreement on sharing the air as natural resources here for isn't as bad a drum borne vonage the five countries efforts to support the iran nuclear deal is a good step towards expanding regional cooperation and the betterment of relations between us the natural resources of the caspian sea belong to the five countries bordering it so to prevent any dispute in the areas we have not negotiated we must avoid any unilateral exploration of the natural resources in this area people in
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mali have started voting in a runoff presidential election president abraham boubacar kater won the first round with forty one percent of the vote. but opposition candidates accuses him of fraud . israel's palestinian minority years later a mass protest in tel aviv against the controversial nation state law that officially affirms israel's jewish character but critics believe it turns non jewish minorities into second class citizens thousands turned out to show their anger at the bill which was passed last month came a week after israel's jews community also rallied against the law. a prominent saudi arabian scholar has been arrested in the latest crackdown on dissent omar is extremely popular on social media with more than six million followers on twitter he was detained on tuesday in mecca itself unclear what the charges are against him but other clerics have been arrested for being critical of the crown prince
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mohammed bin. three attackers thought to be behind a bombing in jordan have been killed in a police raid security forces stormed this building in salt where several suspects were hiding they vengefully blew up the building four police officers were also killed and five other suspects were arrested the explosion in northern syria has killed at least eighteen people a five story building collapsed in samarra in the province because of the blast is unclear but opposition activists suspect a rebel arms depo was detonated it's been six hundred days since al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein was arrested and jailed in egypt without charge the same is accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions here and al-jazeera strongly denied the allegations and the network is demanding his release in afghanistan taliban fighters are pushing to take control over the police headquarters in two days after they stormed the city security
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checks are being conducted on the kabul gagne highway as the fighting continues some residents who fled the city say government buildings were set on fire the road leading to the town has been destroyed. the bangladeshi foreign minister has traveled to me and miles rakhine state where muslim minority ranger fled a brutal military crackdown almost a year ago obl haasan mahmud ali inspected preparations there for the ranger to return to me and off around a million of them are living in camps on the bangladeshi border he also met with me and my minister and the two sides agreed on the early repatriation of bringing them back to rakhine state. one of the most ambitious space missions as blasted off three two one zero lift off the park a solar probe will fly closer to the sun than any previous satellite has designed to brave extremes temperatures of more than a thousand degrees at speeds of seven hundred thousand kilometers an hour those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world such
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a vessel with five. mian mar over fifty one million people. and since two cheese party won elections here in twenty fifteen but the army still wields great power on trance of she unfortunately has no practical ability to write in the security force since
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independence from the british in one thousand forty eight its many ethnic minorities have been engaged in almost continuous to full war. it's a majority buddhist country but one minority is the region joe who are muslim and they have suffered longstanding persecution. of the majority over again john have traditionally lived in rock kind of state many in and around. in october twenty sixth seen the army began a siege of the city. there were reports of mass killings rape and of tens of thousands of russian just seeking refuge in neighboring bangladesh. the me and mark government has always maintained these reports were exaggerated so al-jazeera arabic correspondents and i'm in doubt we travel to me and mark also known as burma in february twenty seventh team to
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investigate for herself. the conflict between me and mars the ethnic minorities and the ruling burmese majority that controls the army is one of the world's longest ongoing civil wars the united nations and other agencies have repeatedly accused me and maher of widespread human rights violations and genocide. and. that the man. arrived in gone the country's largest. to find a large demonstration in progress. the military government was dissolved in twenty eleven and sends to cheese party then won a majority in both houses of parliament in the twenty fifteen elections but has not
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yet succeeded in addressing the country's long standing ethnic conflicts. on monday. given the time that you know we got a government that we're going to be best government that we all that we all want will we all believe that this time we don't have to fight each other we have to do have a dialogue to you know to have little to debate a better country for the for the time that you know that we all the people standing up together to all. but there didn't seem to be any sign of the real hinge at this demonstration. so so now mass protesters about the problems suffered by the rain in june. so if you're not up on the bottom they're not at the concrete know it and on the scene about the same ooc happening that's just
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i met idea to see how there are there were over a million brain jamie mark they say they did in what's now rock kind steam for generations but the million mark of raiment continues to maintain that they're illegal immigrants who came to what was then called our accountant after independence. asked a ranger rights activist about their disputed origins and uncertain citizenship status. and there we accepted to that of this country. we had of. many people who were out of the running election with that. you know there is an i.r.s. and so kumar mark harmon i don't think after the military in the n.t. sixty two and the great changing their behavior to our people after the
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bell to abuse ninety eighty two citizenship lol. just admitting to borrowing up people from does citizenship as the government and the authorities always say i'm not from this country and they are not us it is them the illegal immigrants from the bangladesh would us wise to only going to going to deny we are not bangladeshi we are not the people who can migrate to from bangladesh from anytime we had the back of that this land from centuries. probably for the british rule. us you behalf that. produce very rarely will question because you are already issued many going to get me and you are not a nation you have to state also issued a statement as relations and then always see and then everyone talking about
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a border has got to go to the us. but through which you every time it was my question is why. me and mark had been tightly controlled for decades and journalists banned from much abroad kind steet for some time. but top to. some amateur video from nando there were burning houses and range appearing to flee but some images of human remains were too disturbing to show. just here i needed to find out more about what happened in one tow in twenty sixteen.
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went to the capital of frac kind state city. whey rangel were allegedly forced from their homes there and put into camps. from sittwe a she planned to continue on to man dog. but soon after her plane took off there was some unfortunate news. a prominent lawyer kone had been murdered at tiangong airport even nk san suu cheese legal advisor for several. it was also a muslim a member of suit she's ruling national league for democracy party and helped create the office of state councilor that enabled her to become the effective head of the government in twenty sixteen.


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