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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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yes daryn they are tightening security and they have increased and i'm back security personnel from thirty thousand to about thirty six thousand i actually trying to spread them by the across the country but we know that during the last previous round there were discussions and there was firearms and there are tax across the country particularly in the north and in the center in the region of marketing the government is trying to add to make sure that this does not repeat again and yesterday we learned today that they have arrested three people in bamako are suspected of having been trying to straight attacks inside bamako to coincide with election day so the government is not taking any chances this is spec trying to do it by we know that it has some you know problems in terms of presence the strength of our state presence and some can in some areas of the country as i have mentioned i'm now speaking to you from the head from the for the head in front of the questions are going to happen and i have with me mr muhammad to come alive is
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a spokesman our president to bring him back into the camera who would like to ask you about it people have concerns about the rant because during the first round there were allegations of these actions allegations of i had an ally scale. are there any guarantees taken by the government that this will not be repeated this time around i think that what you explain is not the reality of what we are living here in mali he said we have a first running when you know july only of so most international and national say that religion i mean there was there was some places in the country where people couldn't good a good man is trying to change that you know them to be able to vote for the second round but clearly the election was good and everybody told them so when the opposition is saying that there was an occasional food it's a game they're playing a game because they know that they can't win this election so when they know the country relational trying to disturb people about saying that there was. true but
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lets people do their vote that we voted in tonight in shanghai we know with the winner in the very continent our present we relooked at people across the divide i think that you know in five u.s. presidents a guy could not really do much in terms of stabilizing the country granting security and even you proving the economy tell us about these problems what is he going to achieve in the next five years that he has failed to achieve in the and the biggest one i'm sorry it's very little but i don't think you have the good you know when the president was elected in two thousand thirteen the country was collapsed completely collapsed we signed a peace agreement in two thousand and fifteen and there is no longer war between money and that's a very good point when we arrived you can us collapsed and i do a growth rate is around five percent a year for the last four years so that's a result good result we increase the salaries really increase i mean i can control production everything and people are leaving and moving into the country without
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any problem so what we want to do for the next minute is to increase to improve to correct what didn't go well and to do better in all the things this is let me turn out today how do you explain it. we had been to centers and we have seen very very few of them as you know it was raining this morning so i think that is the reason why people didn't go i mean. we have to do in the afternoon and evening so i believe that direction is evening probably going with the ridgeview i guess i just took and i was. president by me back in time so right along with this very closely today and the turnout has been like as i have mentioned we don't know maybe in the afternoon it's something that depending. on the rain situation of the weather our sun and weather people are really just because we have we have a question saying that many people including of course supporters of those twenty
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three other candidates who are now demoralized and they don't think they will they will be able to change the situation they will think that president by bucket i will win anyway back to you and i are mama down there in bamako mama thank you. to come here on news hour including protests in bangladesh calling for the release of a well known photographer and activist. and a bell and booker prize winning author vs knightfall dies at the age of eighty five we look at his life and his legacy and in sport fireworks are often a balance he reaches the final in toronto tatyana will have all the sports a little bit later in the program. now israel's palestinian minority has met a mass protest in tel aviv against the controversial nation state law it officially affirms israel's jewish character but critics believe it turns non jewish minorities into second class citizens thousands turned out to show their anger at the bill which was passed last month came
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a week after israel's druze community also rallied against the law stephanie dec i was at the protest in tel aviv. turned up here in tel aviv. the museum is going to rise by israeli palestinian. for. the moon there's a. lot of jews who are saying that they're not happy with the direction. it's one of us. because we don't need this of this. netanyahu. event. this is amazing this is. a member thousands of them. for something and this is a real barrier. that people don't really believe in the upper and
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we have and taken a crack if moves taking place in many things in the towards gays towards women. words and to examine and this is a fascist regime it's turning into a fascist that is still not there but it's going in a bad direction and we need to stop it as well as soon as we can. they're trying to . do israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and there is a big rush. to going to continue with this demented becoming the are against this government immense and people do not really receive the right wind from. well the measure pushed through by prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares the right to exercise national self-determination in israel is unique to the jewish people it also says that hebrews the only official language downgrading the status of arabic
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previously they were both official languages and astonishes jewish settlements as a national issue that the state must encourage well binyamin netanyahu reacted angrily to the protests taking particular aim at the presence of palestinian flags at the rally. you know when we morning. we saw the palestine liberation organization flags yesterday flying in the heart of tel aviv in the heart of tel aviv we heard the chants with blood in fire we will redeem palestine many of the protesters want to cancel the law of return for jews they want to win all the and they want to fold up our flag they want to nullify israel as the nation state of the jewish people and turn it some of them say into an israeli palestinian state others will say a state of all the citizens precisely for this reason we passed the nation state law. professor at eugene confident of each in west jerusalem he and his organization the current policy forum have worked closely with the israeli government on the drafting of the nation state law professor this controversial law
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declares the right to exercise national self-determination but it fails to have any broad consensus across israeli society as those protests showed no wonder then we've seen massive protests no wonder critics say it's racist and it cements the discrimination of non jewish minorities in the country what's your response. nothing in the law discriminates against any individuals based on any basis it does not take away anybody's rights and it does not give a special rights to any individuals the notion of having an official language of the majority language in the country is not a weird idea most western european liberal democracies have it and every arab country has that there's nothing racist there's nothing discriminatory in this war and of course the fact that you can have huge protests in tel aviv with the palestinian flag is a sign of how vibrant israeli democracy is this is a democracy that functions this is a democracy we're even the harshest critics of the existence of the country can
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speak out in the middle of television if only we could have such demonstrations in ramallah ok but i beg to differ about the democracy and even if we go back to israel's declaration of independence in one nine hundred forty eight at the time it set new standards by emphasizing democracy by emphasizing equality for all regardless of religion or ethnicity but neither democracy or equality are mentioned once in the nation state law so as someone who advised on the drafting of this law what's your response to those who say it's racist undemocratic and certainly unequal. again the most important point to emphasize there's nothing in this law neither the creation of an official language of flag takes away anyone's rights or gives away anyone's rights and the equality was already in the constitution israel introduced constitutional guarantees of human dignity human rights and there's a constitutional right of equality that's already in the constitution israel does
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not have a constitution that was written all it wants instead it's written in little pieces and the human rights and equality provisions the provisions about democracy there are already there and when people say why aren't they in this basic law that's because they're already put in indeed israel did democracy before address the jewish character of the state so these criticisms i think a disingenuous. professor your argument doesn't hold water because we just played a sound bite from the israeli prime minister who said he rejects the idea that israel is a state for anybody else than the jewish people but instead of democracy and equality non jewish minorities have lost the right to self-determination the arabic language as we know has been downgraded and the creation of purely jewish settlements has been declared an issue of national interest that's extraordinary i mean these settlements as we know are illegal under international law and arabs point out that this is not a policy of equality it's a policy of superiority isn't it i think everything in your description of the
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law is incorrect the law does not allow the creation of jewish particular settlements it encourages the settlement throughout the country but not in the specifically jewish settlements arabs and jews can live in all israeli cities the law has nothing to do of the west bank and does not apply there and arabic was never made an official language by israel it was made in official language by the colonial british mandate and israel has simply never made a law about this palestine has arabic as an official language egypt has arabic as an official language why can the world's one jewish country let's not have hebrew as it's a little joins look let's just broaden this out because even self-determination self-determination in the realm president. said the undemocratic nature of the law makes it a weapon for israel's enemy and the outgoing head of the jewish agency nathan sharansky says look the law is driving a wedge between jews in israel and those in the diaspora so even jews at home and
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abroad are extremely worried about this law. the even jews argument is easy to make because israel is a democracy were lots of people can express different views it's true it's hard to make the argument even palestinian arabs disagree with the palestinian government because there are people in jail it's true in israel the law was subject to a seven year debate in the knesset it won by a significant majority and polls show the stream were popular simply restates the basic values of his vote that the jewish people ok have a national home ok like every other ok running out of time to get a final point from you professor and we know as good as that's democracy a final point many observers say that look the nation state law is largely pointless anyway it's really about netanyahu picking a fight with the political left and the broader international community to win another majority at the next election is a shrewd move by him politically that isn't it. this war was actually the first introduced seven years ago by
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a left wing party which only began opposing it after the right wing government took power this is not a right wing law the current prime minister does not need this law to win a new majority and the law has been passed simply to restate what every count will most countries have in the constitution based provisions about language national character israel's waited seventy years it's taken a long time and after putting democracy in the constitution after putting equality in the constitution now it is time to address the basic idea that the jewish should have a state like other people in the world eugene contra rivers thank you for talking to al-jazeera. now a confidential report by israeli military investigator says an armed drone deliberately killed four palestinian boys on a gaza beach in twenty fourteen that's according to the online publication the intercept the report has testimony from officers involved in the attack who said the children were mistaken for hamas fighters in broad daylight on the morning of the attack the israeli army had said live video feeds from drones help them avoid
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killing palestinian civilians while the killing of the four cousins aged nine to eleven prompted an international outcry now the bangladeshi foreign minister has traveled to me and miles rakhine state where muslim minority are a hinge of fled a brutal military crackdown almost a year ago apple has done mahmud ali inspected preparations there for the ranger to return to me and mop around a million of them are living in camps in the bangladesh border he also met with me and my minister and the two sides agreed on the early repatriation of ranger back to rakhine state. not really calling for the release of an arrested photo journalist and activist has been held in the bangladeshi city of chittagong alarm was sent back to police custody after a medical examination he'd accuse police of torturing him in jail where he's been held since sunday he rested after an interview with al jazeera about anti government protests let's talk to omar waraich he's a deputy director of south asia at amnesty international he joins us from colombo
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ok so the protests have been going on now for a while in bangladesh and by all accounts there's more to come so how would you assess the government's handling of these protests will these be unfortunately very heavy handed the government has to do with measures the use of existing walls from the police. including tear gas and rubber bullets and we've also seen. student unions being unleashed on student groups as we lead to the attacks on students who who were overwhelmingly peaceful and photographers and journalists including cycle of. so what do in terms of the bigger picture assess the bangladesh government's record on human rights and freedom of expression. well you and your story. pointed to the fact that bangladesh has been when we come to the question of revenge or refugees and extremely generous and. at
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a time when most of the world has turned it back on refugees it has been host to nelly in million of them over the past year however it has failed to show the same to him and to human rights in other areas such as building roots of the expression the detention of shogun allam whom amnesty international considers a prisoner's conscience meaning that he's only been detained for peacefully expressing his views and that he should immediately and unconditionally release is a stain on the government's record it has used legislation like the normal that was used to charge section fifty seven of the i.c.t. act in very deep and coercive knowing that criminal as we go expression so we hope that it will actually reverse course so let me ask you do the laws need to change and why is the government apparently arresting journalists and protest as arbitrary . the government itself is that mr that this law is floored and yet it persists
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with its use we believe that the rulings to go that freedom of expression where it's peaceful nice being protected as there's freedom of assembly and so on unfortunately the government seems to be pressing ahead with these measures but we hope that there will see since there have been lots of this use of public concern both have affected people and they should be allowed to peacefully demonstrate in the streets and say what they want and appearing out to zero and express their views ok so you have you appear to be saying the government recognizes the problem but i guess the big question is are they likely to change any of the laws. at the moment they're heading towards elections and sadly that seems like an indicator that we may see more repression before it stops however the government should take notice of the international outcry that has been in terms of a case asylum where it has risked tarnishing a reputation as for very hard to improve with its hosting of the refrigerating
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genes issue take most of the fact that precision could only get worse if it presses with these measures and we hope that as elections approach people ok he's fully expects that human rights are as pretty as possible thank you for talking to our desire. when she brought a sort of check on the weather now history problems in afghanistan now problems of a weathering nature and let's have a look at what's going on there at the moment that these pictures show very very dusty conditions and that's because we are in a drought and this isn't something that's happened just in the last couple of days over last few weeks this is something that has to have happened over a good few months at least and here's why here is the amount of rainfall that you expect every month in kabul and at the moment august day you only expect well less than two millimeters of rain in the entire month it's in the winter and the spring where we expect around seventy millimeters in a month so that's when we should have seen the rain and the snow and that's when it didn't turn up and unfortunately it does mean that some of the farmers now are
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having to just give up and go to the cities so problems in afghanistan problems that aren't going to be fixed in the next few months until we get the winter rains once more because there's no rain on the horizon and there isn't expected to be this time of year there is what whether a little bit further north how marty seen a fair amount ten millimeters of rain in the last twenty four hours or so it does dry up there is we had through monday there twenty seven degrees will be our maximum the rain then moves away further towards the east or a few more showers sprout up just to the south there as we head through into choose day for the west with still think there are showers between the black sea in the cafe and see the really wet here recently further south though as you'd expect aren't just incredibly hot at this time of year stuff thank you very much last morsel to come here and al-jazeera as al-jazeera is much the same spencers six hundred today in prison we look at the state of media freedoms in egypt. and it's called the baltimore orioles great to fifty year recall but it's not one to be proud of tachyon over here with more in the sport more in the states.
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and this new delhi slum artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on. tomorrow we disappear a witness documentary on al-jazeera. ethiopia's economy. country. heard here. just how close this groundbreaking documentary. discussion just six months ago we were at the. programs take you on
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a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera. top stories. after twenty two years of talks the leaders of russia iran. conventional the legal status around the caspian sea iran says additional agreements will be needed and a territorial dispute over the sea. of the world's largest collections of oil and gas reserves. voting in a runoff presidential election the president. won the first round with forty one percent of the vote opposition. for the first round.
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struggles against groups. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has reacted angrily to protest against the controversial pro jewish nation state law. in tel aviv on saturday. saying that's one of the reasons the law was passed critics believe the bill. into second class citizens. protest as gathering on the streets of charlottesville a year after the violence killed one person joins us live now from the city in the u.s. state of virginia so just bring us up the dates on the protests what's been happening . or down as you can see behind me this is one of several peaceful protests that have been planned to mark twelve months since those horrible scenes we saw last year in charlottesville that resulted in the death of one protester heather heya another reason we're at
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a city park away from the city center is because there's been a huge deployment of police here at the streets in charlottesville of basically being blocked off has become a restricted area but this is really a moment of self reflection for this city since last year most of the city officials resigned including the mayor and the chief of police there is new leadership in place here and there is not been much of a sign of any of those white nationalists that we saw last year they're really preparing to march in washington d.c. but lots of people here have been going through this period of soul searching some here blaming external forces for what happened in charlottesville last year but many others like the activists here behind me say that this is just a reflection of physical showing of the white supremacies it's always been in a place like charlottesville and those confederate statues the robert e. lee statue and dozens of others are still standing despite moves to try and pull them down and despite the fact that they have been pulled down and other cities across america really here peaceful for the most part but really
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a moment of reflection for those horrible events that we saw twelve months ago here in charlottesville and on the all kind of shadow has last year's violence cast over the city of charlottesville. i mean it's really affected everything we've been here for about three days talking to local local leaders local reporters and local people and everything that happened last year has cast a shadow since over this city it's caused it to go through this period of self reflection it's caused it to lose the majority of its of its leaders here the mayor went last year after last year the chief of police lots of local councilors so there are still ongoing problems here one of the big things that people here today are protesting about is the amount of policing that there is actually here twelve months later because the police the authorities don't want to take any chances they don't want to see a repetition of what was seen last year so there have been helicopters hovering over our heads police in riot gear and as i said the entire city is really heavily
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restricted to to make sure there are no repeated scenes of what happened twelve months ago resulting of course the death of thirty two year old had a mayor and a thank you not a gypsum court has handed the muslim brotherhood leader mohamed badie another life sentence he was convicted in a retrial on charges of murder and inciting violence near cairo back in twenty thirteen it was one of a number of cases against him human rights groups have raised serious concerns about thousands of political prisoners in egypt often convicted in mass trials while staying with egypt and justice the steel billionaire linked to hosni mubarak has been cleared of all money laundering charges against him argument is was released after agreeing to pay around one hundred million dollars he's now free to travel and access his funds he's was once a senior official under former president mubarak but was arrested after the revolution in two thousand and eleven. it's been six hundred days since the al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussein was arrested and jailed in egypt without
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charges sainz accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions hussein is among at least thirty two journalists currently being detained in egypt according to reporters without borders twenty two are being held without charge their all egyptian nationals and half of them say they face abuse and health problems in prison the government also increased online censorship it's estimated eighty five hundred news web sites have been blocked over the past year well hussein and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations against him and the network demands his release lower burden manoli has more. locked up in solitary confinement al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein is yet to have any formal charges brought against him the egyptian national was stopped questioned and detained in december two thousand and sixteen after traveling from doha where he was based to visit his family in cairo he's been held in the notorious tour a maximum security prison where he's complained of mistreatment hussein and al
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jazeera strongly deny the allegations against him that he broke last false news writing letters in the last. african playing to the good offices. democracy in the country but he's lost. which include press freedom and freedom of expression egypt level similar charges against al-jazeera trio bonhomme hama mohamed fahmy i'm peter greste day five years ago and as there are explore editor in chief ibrahim helal was sentenced to death and absentia two years ago. reporters without borders ranks egypt one hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty countries in this year's watch press freedom index it says at least thirty two journalists are being held in egyptian jails few have been put on trial most of been detained for months or years and over
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a being held on trumped up charges. those imprisoned included gyptian journalist mahmoud abizaid known as shock and he's been locked up for five years reporting on the rubber square protests in cairo where hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured recently shall can be nominated for unesco is press freedom prize and multi award winning journalist well about us had its home raided a may and was arrested and detained. as egyptian authorise. target what they describe as fake news new laws were passed in july to support the arrests of journalists they allow the state to block social media accounts and detain journalists who have more than five thousand followers and existing laws which are already being used to cost you. your freedom new laws and more wishes. many more who are not even journalists but will be honest and because they want to
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express their opinion supporters of president out of c.c. say they will safeguard freedom of expression. but rights groups say it will give a legal basis for egypt to crack down on criticism or dissent nor about manly al-jazeera. thousands of students from saudi arabia studying in canada being ordered by their government to return home the saudi government's angry that criticize the arrest of human rights activists in the kingdom fintan monaghan has more. saudi students in canada or caught up in a diplomatic conflict they've been ordered by their government to leave the country in the middle of their studies. it blows count as call for jailed human rights activists in saudi to be released the universities say transferring so many students will be a logistical nightmare and could leave many with nowhere to go if there is one victim in all of this and this is important to keep in mind it is the sixteen thousand students that are being recalled to saudi arabia or who will be
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transferred to other countries you cannot transfer sixteen thousand students within a week or two this is complicated some of them were in the last stages of their ph d.'s some of them were medical students doing internships or fellowships in very specialized fields that will take time many students are not happy at being told to go home a saudi student group issued a press release urging their leaders to keep them out of the political route we kindly urge the government to immediately reverse its decision and work to stop the repercussions of the saudi government's policy which will affect the future of thousands of graduates canadian students unions are trying to help them cope with the uncertainty surrounding their academic future what we're seeing is a student scrambling and panicking about where they're going to be ending up in the next four weeks studies are starting in starting in the fall and around september so students don't know where they're going and we're quite concerned that students are being involved with then a political dispute between saudi arabia and canada and we don't believe that
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students should be affected by that prime minister justin trudeau says canada will continue to defend human rights around the world but saudi arabia sold this as an interference internal affairs and responded with a range of measures it ordered the canadian ambassador to be expelled a new trade investment to be suspended but beyond the diplomatic and economic costs the students represent the human consequences of the growing dispute vinton monahan al-jazeera. in afghanistan taliban fighters are pushing to take control over the police headquarters in two days after they stormed into the city security checks are being conducted on the kabul to gaffney highway as the fighting continues some residents who fled the city say government buildings were set on fire the road leading to the town has been destroyed. now the nobel prize winning author vs knight paul has died at the age of eighty five he was one of the first widows of the leading british niche reward the booker prize the popular but controversial
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writer penned more than thirty fiction and nonfiction books reports that. you know really. aren't experiences through video. pool was born into an indian family in trinidad in the west indies in one nine hundred thirty two he was the son of a civil servant and won a scholarship to study english literature in oxford university. naipaul's early work focused on the caribbean he traveled the world and chronicled the histories of people whose stories had not been written he also focused on the themes of migration displacement exile and rootlessness i think we should remember him full swatches just lists i think what an exceptional writer he was in my opinion the greatest writer of english prose of the second half of the twentieth century one of the things that happen to people who get the nobel prize is that they also get a lot of media attention naipaul received the nobel prize for literature in two
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thousand and one the swedish academy praised them as a philosopher who chronicled the stories of the vanquished i want to be right about that too. to do a series of books. that have been a little off the books of the show fans flocked to read his self reflexive books and enjoy his unique voice which used the tools and the art of short stories to compose books that address themes like the human condition the trauma of colonialism and the struggles of people in the developing world nine ball like any other human being or a writer had his drawbacks and. and and problems. but that does mark. mean that his writing. can be rejected completely. all those writing was widely praised for its compassion his critic.


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