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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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they believe he wasn't strong enough last year when he said that it was problems that the bad people on both sides that he was on the political enough in condemning people who took to the streets in the united states and twenty seventeen and chanted see slogans and that is why we're expecting to see a lot of people here in the next couple of us interesting to know who's also to risk gathering here as well just past the couple who were saying that they come here to see what was going on this morning they were going off for brunch and then they were going to come back to see what was happening later on ok there you go thank you very much with all the latest from washington alan fischer. still ahead for you on the program taliban attacks key buildings in the southeastern afghan city of gazan a but a government and u.s. eight u.s. allies are saying they are still in control and they're returning home despite the danger we have a special report on the thousands of nigerians displaced by around. hello
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there let's have a look at our storm yagi which is working its way very close to china at the moment is throwing a plenty of cloud ahead of it so we've already seen quite a bit of what weather around shanghai and now the storm is making its way on land and once it's over land it will break into disintegrate that means the winds it shouldn't be too much of a problem but it will be dumping a lot of rain as it travels across a so plenty of heavy downpours here as we head through the next couple of days that could well be some flooding we've also got the risk of flooding a bit further south as well that's thanks to a storm still developing making its way northwards we've already seen plenty of heavy downpours in the southern parts of china over the last few days some places reporting over two hundred millimeters just in the last twenty four hours and there's plenty more wet weather still to come over the next couple of days at least so there will be more flooding here you can see those showers are also affecting us
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in parts of the philippines as well the western parts of luzon is also incredibly wet at the moment to read out towards the west there's lots of cloud of rain over many parts of india as you'd expect at this time of year and we're also seeing quite a few showers in the northern parts of pakistan as well more wet weather across this region as we head through the next few days for the east generally fairly wet for the west it is looking a good deal drier. mian mars commercial capital yang gone is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their hole inside the cycle of debt when east on al-jazeera the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian gangs will host thousands of competing across a mix of traditional and a lympics pool just follow us for the news and updates from jakarta the hosting
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city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories now the leaders of russia iran kazakstan azerbaijan and menaced on a ball signed an agreement on the legal status of the caspian sea it means they can share out resource rich in body of water the largest in the world. there's just a few hours left in mali's presidential runoff which pits president abraham boubacar cater against opposition candidates to say security is a major issue with some six thousand troops deployed for the vote. and hundreds of protesters are gathering in washington d.c.
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where white supremacists are staging a white civil rights rally it comes on the anniversary of deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in the u.s. city charlottesville in which one woman was run over by a car. now taliban fighters have attacked police headquarters and other government buildings and gaza me as the battle for the southeastern afghan city enters its third day u.s. aircraft have conducted at least four as strikes in support of afghan national forces who insist the city is not under the threat of collapse but lawmakers from gaza new say the taliban is in control of much of the city after launching an attack in the early hours of friday morning over one hundred people many of them members of the security forces have been killed. or correspondent eunice i seen sent us this update from kabul. the situation is very. the taliban fighters are the election committee in the city and the building on
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fire. didn't provide any further information meanwhile the afghan military chief said that his troops can clear the city within two days also that there are more troops headed to the city to assist the special forces that are already there fighting. remaining taliban fighters in the west side of the city there are little information coming from. the main road link in kabul where i am and that has me one hundred fifty kilometers to the east is broke now three days and electricity in its work at the the phone networks are not working even the local redos are off . so dearly there is little information but our sources given us that. people are not very happy with the performance of the government managing this crisis now three days because people told us that they cannot even a rescue of the wounded people in the streets we don't have any clear idea on the
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numbers of civilian people wounded or killed in the cities because of numbers we have only one version of the story is the ministry of defense said yesterday that they managed to kill one hundred fifty thirty band members and they said also that the last twenty six member soldiers between killed or wounded taliban has yet to comment on those numbers. and explosion in northern syria has killed at least thirty six people including civilians because of the blast is unclear but opposition activists suspect a rebel arms depo was detonated dozens of people were also wounded when a five story building collapsed in some province the area has undergone intense government this week. the israeli prime minister has reacted angrily to a mass protest in tel aviv against a nation state law tens of thousands of people took part in the protest on saturday led by israel's palestinian minority netanyahu took particular aim at the presence
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of palestinian flags amongst the crowd. you know when with more of the let us of the film billy bush and we saw the palestine liberation organization flags yesterday flying in the heart of tel aviv in the heart of tel aviv we heard the chants with blood in fire we will redeem palestine many of the protesters want to cancel the law of return for jews they want to and all the anthem they want to fold up our flag they want to nullify israel as the nation state of the jewish people and turn it as some of them say into an israeli palestinian state others will say the state of all its citizens precisely for this reason we passed the nation state law. in india four million people are waiting to hear why they've been excluded from a citizenship register authorities and a some state say the ones left out illegal immigrants from bangladesh the government insists it's a genuine attempt at a census as andrew thomas reports from long in assam some believe the exercise is
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about whipping up nationalism ahead of elections. all has been nessa knows about her is that her younger sister is ninety seven so she must be older passport she says has her date of birth wrong but she does have an indian passport she is she insists indian. yet when the state government of a sound published a draft national register of systems or n r c list two weeks ago her name wasn't on it. it's him standing i was born here my father and my grandfather were born here we are all from here. about thirty three million people in assam four million are not on the register as a necessary is on the list but his wife's name is missing as well as his mother's he thinks the whole list exercise is targeted at muslims only one lord can be described as an disasters i mean when you are no laura indian citizen
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a minute you can be a pretty woman you. ethnically and religiously assam has always been one of india's most diverse states but there's a perception among some of rampant illegal immigration from neighboring bangladesh . india's hindu nationalist b j p party in power both national and state level says the only way to address it is to find those they call infiltrators and strip them of citizenship they cannot order the demography or the politburo for some movie in fact right just as some in this country should do lead for. the politics of india demography of india no. you have. in some predominantly muslim villages a majority of people are not on the list most of this crisis meeting in langley a part of an extended family of forty just four of them are on the list people here think the number left off the n.r.c. list has been kept the liberally high for political reasons they say the
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announcement of the could be as many as four million infiltrators in assam state is meant to send a signal nationally. prime minister narendra modi's government is facing reelection next year highlighting action against illegal immigration will probably win the votes. are those missing from the list and there are many who are hindu as well as muslims can appeal if you yet are suggesting the porting those made statements just a severe restriction of their rights but that's little comfort to those who citizenship is in doubt and to thomas al-jazeera longer in a sense to india. more than half of the fourteen districts in india's carola state have been put on high alert after the worst floods in a southern state dozens of people have died as torrential rain and landslides during india's june to september monsoon season of ravaged farmlands and prompted mass evacuations in careless state local weather department forecasts heavy rain until august fifteenth have also been warnings of flooding in low lying coastal
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areas. now thousands of nigerians are heading home after being displaced by violence linked to the. five years on from having their lives completely overturned by the fighting many are trading the safety of their camps in my degree for their home villages and towns i met interest reports from northeast nigeria. they set off on a two hundred eighty kilometer journey all most of them are going to their town for the first time since book or arm over only five years ago the destruction that greeted them was unimaginable yet most are glad their whole. nigeria's government says four hundred thousand homes were destroyed in borno state alone over nine years about one hundred thousand have been rebuilt despite the huge challenges in the process of constructing it we experience. does this one the second difficult didn't we think we have the transportation the building materials which
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is also another problem another issue is the prohibition of skill level to add to that is a like of money while some displaced persons of return home thousands more i mean in camps like this they say it's still on safe to go back to be religious despite assurances from the security forces their worry now is whether or not they will continue to receive help in the camps many of the people here in my degree say they would rather remain in relative safety of the city but risk attacks by book or on fighters and one myself there is no adequate security there no schools or shelter that's why we've not gone back. but for some communities the road to recovery is a bit smaller. for the little lady whose husband was killed by a book or i got her to leave. now to later on we are grateful that we have
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a roof over our head but it's been quite a struggle living without him and there's no want to help us out religion was rebuilt from scratch it now has a water supply a civil authority and a few soldiers more importantly the local school is up and running people here say the school is a symbol of defiance to book or arm whose ideology opposes western education and influences how to dress al-jazeera and all these nigeria. a prominent current from saudi arabia has been arrested in the latest crackdown on dissent nasr our omar was detained on tuesday in mecca it's unclear what the charges are against him but other clerics have been arrested for being critical of the crown prince mohammed bin sound man alone has a big online presence with more than six million twitter followers. it's been six hundred days since al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein was arrested and jailed in
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egypt without charge he is accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions both mahmoud hussein and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations and urging his immediate release laura bird and mandy reports . locked up in solitary confinement al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein is yet to have any formal charges brought against him the egyptian national was stopped questioned and detained in december two thousand and sixteen after traveling from doha where he was based to visit his family in cairo he's been held in the notorious tour a maximum security prison where he's complained of mistreatment hussein and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations against him that he broke last false news women writing letters in the last. african union playing to be in a lot of the good offices. democracy in the country by his lot of.
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which include press freedom and freedom of expression egypt level similar charges against al-jazeera trio bahama homage mohamed fahmy i'm peter greste five years ago and as there are explore my editor in chief ibrahim helal was sentenced to death and absentia two years ago. reporters without borders ranks egypt one hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty countries in this year's watch press freedom index it says at least thirty two journalists are being held in egyptian jails few have been put on trial most of been detained for months or years and over a being held on trumped up charges. those imprisoned included gyptian journalist mahmoud i was a it known as shah can he's been locked up for five years reporting on the rubber square protests in cairo where hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands
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injured recently shall can be nominated for unesco is press freedom prize and multi award winning journalist well about us had its home raided a may and was arrested and detained. as each or. of course he's target what they describe as fake news new laws were passed in july to support the arrests of journalists they allow the state to block social media accounts and detain journalists who have more than five thousand followers they exist already being used to. suppress media freedom the new laws. many more who are mostly one journalist but will be honest and because they want to express their opinion supporters of president sisi say they will safeguard freedom of expression. but rights groups say it will give a legal basis for egypt to crack down on criticism or to send more about al-jazeera
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. now one of nasa's most ambitious space missions has blasted off. three two one zero liftoff. the park a solar probe will fly into the sun's atmosphere that's closer than any previous satellites probable travel at speeds of seven hundred thousand kilometers an hour and brave temperatures of war than a thousand degrees the mission will last seven years earlier the astronomer francisco diego told our desire the knowledge gained from this mission will be invaluable. the spacecraft is going to fly into the inner part of the solar could all of this or corona is the external atmosphere of the sun we see charged with energetic particles magnetic fields is very thin kind of blast much but it interacts with the earth this sun and the air interact through the solar corona and we get all these kind of radiation particles who are tomic particles so magnetic fields distort us is really magnetic storms that can affect our satellites and they
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probably disable some of our satellites around the earth and they can produce enormous damage to. our power distribution networks here on the grid so the earth can produce no mussy blockhouse death us up in several times in the past when we have very powerful magnetic storms in the sun so we need to learn more about all these things and this is the mission of the spacecraft. just a quick reminder of the top stories this hour after twenty two years of negotiations a landmark deal has been signed which could settle a territorial dispute over the caspian sea the leaders of russia kazakhstan iran turkmenistan and azerbaijan which ordered the caspian sea met in the kazakh port city of act how they signed a convention on the legal status of the sea paving the way for more energy
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exploration and fight crime projects how to divide the area between the countries which has been the biggest cause of the dispute will require additional agreements . tamale now if people are voting in a presidential runoff likely to return the incumbent abraham boubacar catered to power despite criticism over his handling of security and corruption the first round of voting in july was marred by violence with three election workers killed in voting materials destroyed opposition leaders somalia's to say who won nearly eighteen percent in the first round alleges voting fraud some six thousand additional troops have been deployed mohamed vall has more the government is not taking any chances according to their own statements and ultimately said that they are you kreis the number of security personnel from their thousand to thirty six thousand and they have been trying to make sure that these are out across the country and the all the polling centers we know that the government has very big issues with that you know presence the government has
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a very weak presence in many areas in the center of the country and even all dozens of activists and residents have gathered in the u.s. city of charlottesville to protest against racism a year after a white supremacist rally turned deadly there last year white supremacists and counter protesters clashed in the city streets before a car was driven into the crowd killing a thirty two year old woman this year the city is holding a rally against racial hatred while over in washington d.c. hundreds there are expected to gather for what's being dubbed a white civil rights rally. taliban fighters have attacked police headquarters and other government buildings in gagne as the battle for the afghan city and has its third day u.s. aircraft have conducted at least four as strikes in support of afghan national forces who insist the city is not under threat of collapse you're up to date with our top stories coming up next on al jazeera it's one zero one east and then a full bulletin of news after that in about half an hour's time see that.
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with his blaming new shopping mall and high rise apartments yangon's become the symbol of mia mars economic rocks. but in its poorest neighborhoods families trying to loan sharks just to survive. i'm steve cho on this up a sort of one of one east we meet those trapped in a cycle of debt and the people who profit from their despair.
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and go on living on the wrong side of the tracks means living on the wrong side of the river. it is here that row migrants are a force to settle all they search for jobs in the city. some cross the river at the break of dawn knowing that they will return missing money in the hands. of the most those with no regular source of income. mornings or just the start of another day of struggle. over them every day when one comes to the market to buy food for her family the globe only on a plane could well be a. problem. on my phone
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oh oh. is it. every cent counts. which the twenty year old is shopping for her husband two infant children and three members of her extended family. but it's just two dollars twenty to spread to a hundred to buy more. clear family. i don't want to hear this is the way i found. it i found it out on our way out. and four dollars fifty a day in a part time job cooking and cleaning the middle class families in the city. this makes no knowing the family breadwinner with her husband working just two days a week as a plumber. the family have been struggling ever since no one gave birth to the
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twins. and winch it last year. with hospital bills for one hundred fifty dollars they had to take out a loan from a local money lender who charges a steep twenty percent month interest. over the course of eighteen months they managed to pay back almost all of that money but then the monsoon season struck. me though on the. issue and it had to come up when you down a lot of niala but are now demanding a same breed and i met a lot of the little the day or. the loud though only. allow a go. every day as she makes her way to the money lender's house loan carries with more than half the family's things. it's
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a heavy burden. the longer. a lot of. those things. the money lender is a friend of the family and the young mother herself the feelings of empathy were forgotten when deciding the terms of the learning. with such high interest rates how long do you think it's going to take for you to pay that you flying's. a machine i was. younger i may have been there but that the law will. never go why. but she did.
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learn is not the only one crippled by high interest rates in neighborhoods like this eighty five percent of households born money. learns usually rescue the borrower from an immediate financial emergency it was monthly interest rates as high as fifty percent become a crushing cost. mornings with thirteen year old unfit and his ten year old brother simon start with breakfast and to play for. in the parts they would head off to play football with their friends. now the only game in play involves reading in between the checking desperately searching the
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size of the right plastic bottles until. it's a relentless toss particularly in the summer months when temperatures can sort of forty degrees celsius and shade is difficult to find. with a family of six to feed the poor as it's a choice. to let them a little way to let me out. i don't think i did it i don't know at the mills i'm not a mad man imma call. it what i don't know you know i'll. tell them they don't want to see you. or anyone to want to. know don't know me i'm. a new my they have.
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me well if they go in. the boy's mother bust a customer in just three dollars fifty a twenty percent monthly interest. eight months later she owes sixty dollars. with that debt spiraling out of control the mother decided to take her sons out of school and put them to work as collectors. in this very hard. no number that is. it is a violation to think i didn't do that. would you. sadhana does the job and. the libel in. dollars i just. believe. oh i didn't know he. didn't do it i don't. know where that are you i don't know there are
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a man. in the. color of. color. starting with. unsettling and simon. but their loyalty to that is a way. they are still limited. to live in the war in iraq the way. well. i got it made the wallet and they're not until. after three hours the boys from the recycling center it's too packed full of cans and bottles. of sixty cents but. it's not enough to pay off their mother's daily interest
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payment. so they will have to return to the streets again in the afternoon. and they're not the only children who have to work here to survive. the government estimates that there are one point three million child laborers in myanmar one of the worst rates of under-age employment and. poverty has always been the driving force behind this phenomenon could the dependence of man most poor on these high interest loans be making it even was. managed to track down a break at that specializes in recruiting children into jobs as waiters cleaners and housemates the minimum working a. realist and this lady recruits children far younger than. she may live in a squatter come think about. respectable four hundred dollars per month as
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a burka recruiting two hundred jobs in towns and cities across the country. she says almost all of her clients come from families crippled by debt. maybe. i do need to need to call my why do you do such a mean to cleave you she the whole young women are going to have your i can do. it would have had to be there were no plans of juvie or mortuary or whether iraq. wasn't present top being a loser regime seem to be either that or a war do know your door yet while i walk about julia lady i gather at the wrong what are the living and working conditions like for these children don't know who i met. someone i know she mumbled mumbled i'm employed you or i walk run ins are going to march up she said to send me and i'm nearly at the army now so
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they gonna send i got their son and i said don't i know you're gonna. allow child low on a radio one of the only way we were in was doubling our weed a look that means we tell them where we are some people would say that taking children below is illegal working age and placing them in jobs in different towns and cities is human trafficking would you agree with that and i will be also i don't know when you say well we were depending on our poor imo i thought i was on what. do. who needed the war. the irony is that daughter will believes she is helping the families around. even after she says under-age and underpay children. and it's the community's money lenders. so who all these shrewd individuals
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profiting from their friends and neighbors. have. been allowed you would. need i mean i know how do you know. they aren't here. is the village seamstress but she doesn't spend much time behind the sewing machine. the idea. that they might. not be added that i was early and if. you want to tell you we are not. how did you did how many times that i got. it i mean a lot of. them are down on it yes i am a bit how did you get my drift out of your bad attitude as it were going to.


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