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tv   The Stasi Puzzle Project  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2018 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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more combative is the. buzz here but a lot of. it but i really want. the most out. babbling like you said passing. each. other. so you know what been burying it might enable you some putting money into that but oh but article but i stand by as soon as they come on busy on the land thing. it is a placid out of nowhere event to me so much down there all suffering to get back to where they are when. i came. near in the not particular mindset of the morality a direction on the run i know doug is in my permanent. government down hundred up
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it's going to plateau plateau is a am is this some i've been led become was the solemn onset only mental among us in a mood out there i want to present that most of us when you look at him want to present that it is the past you look at him more look at america but out but the one other son who by it only went on we will need going to the same scene yet see spot on. stuff that jack with us and we ended up being in a country then we gave you an idea it was really bad there is a gatekeeper here. this evening i have said nothing special now you can.
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i. didn't. want to say these to. you. the pundits say so you. don't get. to have the book in the manner in which i don't think you can really. make my see on a thought. how even muted. in the bones i need to be there but i suppose.
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the fundamental of life at least for me is that get the most. fluid see. the light. and with a little bit of luck please come out. of them to. see you think you are the end of it was that i really don't know much about if it. was within them want to be stupid is. what you are looking for that could look silly and you know it isn't just as if it wasn't for them you might see them in the thick of it see just how little yellow it will. see a bit of a study on this i mean it will seem to have been a huge one. scene in. the party last. monday
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when. not getting mean about this than winning the election and really i didn't get there but i got up went up and with. mo. defeat in. which i had to get in. c.m. to get some guns out there that that border is. in a sort of more of these three men. oh damn my job out of pocket. if we're out of the law not.
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the funny. thing is running on hearing you know what i'm going to bring up the learning i'm. going. to do the same way giving the sun does in fact he was thinking. simple while the limits of. the persona seem. to see them i found out that he doesn't work out where he. was doing it i mean the latter man has an event this is the fight over violence. ok . so i got a visa. these are. those
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are going at it is that it is the only thing i mean. not sick of being a c c c and not i'm into this on the inside of me and all mother for my small isolated thing and then i am going to be remiss in not giving her a pass being. there you are about the only get interested leave it that i said i see that it was not in my thoughts and i took it in a sign take it well don't know him. while that's a lot of border and throughout our in letters you. can we just do our job is out of our cars and if it does you need our life it would add a million down all. the way the bridges you know the feeling. you get is sadly all . the same to look at someone as you know you get mail yesterday does that model
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i was so i don't know if i miss it because when i say what another man's love it doesn't mean you're not coming up with a final tell me more than a mock up of the not that hard without realizing it on the market last night feeling a lot of. young athletes. league they can tell you they can all play. on us no one on. one of them. that it will
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the economic heartbeat of a thriving brazil's but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home has no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. if you find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera.
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a firebrand love you face and women talking about fascinating for women's liberation the coming days victory for anybody sexual assault continues an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do somewhat from whites only dear boy i'm not going to massage man he has sand goes head to head with jimmy i can't do anything else on the al-jazeera. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and heard them into a school. against their will there was no mother no father figures they put his
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in the big clearing and we sort of looked at her so i don't remember the children's names. kind of it is dark secret announces zero. zero zero zero zero zero right. thousands demonstrate in the u.s. capitol against a white nationalist rally on the first anniversary of racially charged violence in charlotte's. as a sikh and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up neither lake nor sea five
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nation agreement sets terms on how that caspian's resources will be shit. tense runoff vote in mali the opposition alleges ballot stuffing in favor of president kate. and taking ballet to the masses graceful treats of motorists stuck in traffic in the mexican kept. alive thousands of protesters gathered in washington on the one year anniversary of the violent protests in charlottesville over all racial tensions in the u.s. out in the open far right demonstrators staging what they called a white civil rights rally will vastly outnumbered by the count of protesters who turned out to oppose them my can't reform. supporters of the extreme or. right wing
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gathered outside the d.c. metro station. by a number of onlookers but the release principle organizer insists he simply asserting the right to freedom of speech why people are having to endure seeing your face feel discrimination or pretty soon to be placed right you may see different things. escorted by police the right wingers begin their march to the designated rally area near the white house where counter protesters were gathering it's kind of ridiculous that in two thousand and eighteen i have to make the sign that our friends have to kind of come here and saw a really great sign over that said i'd rather be at brunch but i have to come protest nazis he said among them family groups intent on making the voices heard we wanted to be part of all the positive energy resisting some of the mean nasty spirit to spirit to the. examples of the neo nazis and it's so magnificent look
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coming people are out here people have now the woodwork we want to show the people who are here that the nazis the white supremacists that are here now what they're doing and what the east believes they have are unacceptable and they're un-american it is not a challenge get us the real americans we love this country and we will not tolerate that kind of behavior but here to some who say they are prepared to use violence rather than ideas to oppose the far right members of the self-styled anti process movement intent on remaining anonymous by d.c. standards this is a small demonstration still throughout the day it became clear that the counter protesters composed of disparate groups far outnumber those that label themselves the old right by those here as white supremacists the groups were kept apart by a maze of police barricades but even so the shots of the. counter protesters
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drowned dart attempted speeches by the right. and as rain begin to fall all were dispersed the vastly outnumbered right wingers ushered into a white police vans to be driven safely back to the metro for their journeys home. and what was billed as the gathering of white nationalists became instead a celebration of the city's diversity and a protest against the president in office at the white house over the road mike hanna al-jazeera washington. of five countries on the shores of the world's largest inland body of water have agreed on how to divide its vast resources russia iran kazakstan turkmenistan and as advised on will open the way for the exploration of the caspian is vast gas and oil resources were a challenge for them with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of troubled waters could be receding into history the disputes over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union. in
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kazakstan four of the u.s.s.r. successes states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that peace be how fast the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed naturally it opens a wide perspective for the type cooperation of the caspian states for solving economic and transport issues these questions will improve the living standards of our peoples have cheney and that in some admonish we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark that the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran. the dispute has centered on whether the largest inland body of water in the world is a lake or a sea defining it a lake would mean the caspian should be divided equally amongst the five countries but if it's a sea then each state gets
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a share in proportion to the length of its shoreline the new agreements is that it's not quite either not a lake because of its size and not a sea because it's not connected to the world's oceans so the surface will largely be open for joint use whereas the floor will be divided between russia iran turkmenistan azerbaijan and kazakstan though the exact size of each country's lot is still to be agreed at stake are several trillion dollars worth of oil gas and pipelines for years the full economic potential of this has been blocked by the lack of a settlement the us government estimates caspian gas could boost global production by twenty seven percent over the coming decade but it's not just about energy. which it which to security is very important and this is what underpins our agreement this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east this really affects the basic interests of our states and we need to pull together to
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combat the threat of terrorism and transponder criminality this summer it's also makes the caspian sea a lockout zone these leaders don't want anyone else meddling in their waters no country that doesn't share the shoreline will be allowed a military presence there rory chalons al-jazeera moscow the turkish lira has promised to another record low on concerns over rising inflation and u.s. tariffs it fell to seven point two four against the dollar in early monday trading in the asia pacific region illyria's lost about forty percent of its value so far this year turkey's finance minister says he'll start carrying out a new economic plan to ease investor concerns on monday. turkeys blame the free falling currency on a plot to attack its economy president richard type one says the u.s. had given him a deadline to release a pastor being tried by a turkish court on terrorism charges he has the us has threatened sanctions if
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turkey refused to release andrew bronson by last wednesday hospitals in gaza have run out of vital drugs for treating cancer patients israel is a land air and sea blockade is delayed medical supplies from reaching the coastal strip before but the u.n. says international funding cuts and the rift between palestinian groups have made the situation worse than ever chance traffic reports from gaza one is one. who was diagnosed with breast cancer five months ago. has come to this gaza hospital for the seven to eight potentially lifesaving chemotherapy sessions but the drugs she needs have run out of the answer variable in any of the hospitals in gaza either had he learns the treatment for this kind of disease cannot be delayed i blame anyone who is in any way responsible for this i have pain in my neck my shoulders i have trouble breathing my sons have to help me move around i need that
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seventh dose but the doctors say they don't know when it will come. if a cancer patient wants to be treated in israel or the occupied west bank the process is complicated and time consuming ultimately israel has to agree the palestinian health ministry in gaza says around half the applications are denied this isn't the first time there has been a delay in the supply of vital chemotherapy drugs to but it is the first time that this hospital is had to turn cancer patients away because it can treat them. now the crisis is not only to do with israel's blockade on gaza it's also related to funding problems and the political crisis between hamas and the palestinian authority in the west bank the un says only around forty percent of the fifty million dollars needed from international donors for the palestinian health sector in gaza and the occupied west bank think through for twenty eighteen the whole city
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with difficulty in the health care sector has been impacted in the last the few in the last twelve years because of the season blockade imposed and there's a story of the local conciliation and political city always in the in the local the support. of the film the fatigue it is of the the city wishing those are this one. seriously the life of hundreds of people who are deceiving. the beds empty because there's no point in cancer patients coming to this hospital for treatment a smile and many like her have no choice but anxiously waiting for the medication they so desperately need john strafford al jazeera gaza. a confidential report by israeli military investigators says an armed drone deliberately killed four palestinian boys on a gaza beach in two thousand and fourteen that's according to the online
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publication the intercept reports testimony from officers involved in the attack who say the children were mistaken for ham ass fighters in broad daylight on the morning of the attack the israeli army had said live video feeds from drones help them avoid killing palestinian civilians the killing of the four cousins aged nine to eleven years prompted an international outcry. our polls have closed in mali's presidential runoff and counting is underway much like the first round of violence and claims of electoral fraud have been major issues mohammed vall has more from the capital bamako the people of mali have once again been to the polls but this time for a decisive vote their choice was between current president brought him back a keita and opposition leader. the opposition had accused the ruling party of fraud during the first round and on sunday they claimed further violations. actually
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companies on president it started even yesterday the anti fraud brigade apprehended some youth with ballot papers already filled in with the name of the current president the mali and city already know that their votes have been stolen and that the election has been manipulated. is that if i've come here to mobilize the people to vote for the other candidate us this morning i noticed that fifteen to twenty voter bulletins were missing in each booth also i found that in one room the government has two observers the opposition has none the organizers refused to allow our servers in we can understand this several hours after the polls opened eighteen local observers who said they had a president of the opposition had to be expelled from a polling station in bamako the opposition denied any links with them and provided the new list of.


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