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keita and opposition leader. the opposition had accused the ruling party of fraud during the first round and on sunday they claimed further violations of the actually the company's own president it started even yesterday the anti fraud brigade apprehended some youth with ballot papers already filled in with the name of the current president the mali and city already know that their votes have been stolen and that the election has been manipulated. and it's attempted yet i've come here to mobilize the people to vote for the other candidate us this morning i noticed that fifteen to twenty voter bulletins were missing in each booth also i found that in one room the government has two observers the opposition has none the organizers refused to allow our servers in we can't understand this several hours after the polls opened eighteen local observers who said they had a president of the opposition had to be expelled from a polling station in bamako the opposition denied any links with them and provided
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the new list of representatives there were also some reports of violence the head of a polling station in a village north of timbuktu was killed by unknown gunmen but the president's camp says there should be no cause for concern. without any doubt this is the most transparent electoral process in mali's democratic history a few months ago a new electoral law and other reforms were introduced at the request of the opposition the government has agreed to count the results at every single polling station separately upon a demand from the opposition international observer missions have all praised the voting process in the first round of this sunday's turnout was reported to be very low in parts of the country particularly in the north the main opposition party came in a distant second in the first round of voting in the two weeks since then opposition leader so my lissie failed to convince his colleagues. and the other parties to
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join him in a united front that has left c.c. with even less chances of winning there's a feel of the shuffle here same old talk of violations exchange of accusations and confusion in some polling stations and just as the president got the upper hand in the first round is widely expected to win the final vote today. but this is. a still ahead on al jazeera we're in sierra leone one year after a mudslide devastated an entire village to see how survivors coping plus. caught in the middle of a diplomatic dispute thousands of saudi students wonder what's next after being forced out of canada. from kuwait brisk nose and fuel. to the warm trunk alters of southeast asia. hello and welcome back time to take
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a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia and for the most part is looking fine so the side of the caspian sea just a chance of one of two showers otherwise we've got a brisk when they're picking up so i think it could be some dust around through iraq down towards q eight and down through the gulf region we've lost the showers to the caucasus on the eastern side of the mediterranean is all looking draw and find plenty of sunshine expected here temperatures for beirut there it's thirty degrees celsius so down into the arabian peninsula on the western side temperatures into the low forty's i mean on the eastern side the wind is picking up a bit so the humidity is dropping and i think certainly through monday fine conditions in doha with a high of forty three degrees so move on into choosing not a great deal of change here but i think there's quite a high risk of some showers and thunderstorms in fact down through the mountains of saudi arabia just extending into yemen and that little shower symbol there gives an indication of potential for some isolated but still pretty potent storms let's head into southern parts of africa where it's looking largely fine we got some patchy
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cloud for cape town and bruce breeze in just thirteen as a high but it should warm up a little bit as we head on through the next twenty four hours into central africa showers quite a long way north across chad i'm ali harzi thirty seven and i get that is the way that sponsored by qatar race. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stones happening was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot international politics. post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most third if someone from the country who guides you to lead you to the story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on alt.
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well again you're watching as you know the mind of up top stories a vigil has been held in the u.s. city of charlottesville the first anniversary violence far right an anti racism protesters dozens of white supremacists rallied near the white house in washington but they were far outnumbered by thousands of counter protest. leaders of russia iran kazakstan azerbaijan and turkmenistan of signed an agreement on the legal status of the caspian sea it means they can now share the body of water and its oil and gas resources. accounting is under way in mali after the presidential runoff votes president bush is pitted against opposition leader so my.
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many people are missing and survivors remain homeless one year after a mudslide on the outskirts of sierra leone's capital the worst natural disaster in the nation's history killed more than eleven hundred people how many drinks reports from. seventeen year old mark to cut is returning to why i have family who used to be for the first time since last year's disaster but it means of our father and mother four sisters two brothers and a brother in law who are still trapped on that this must have rock. like hundreds of other victims rescue workers one able to retrieve their bodies. i cry anytime i remember them live less file when they were around right now i must work for someone who pays me not with money but with food to eat and. when i would use it or spoke to matter last august in hospital she was looking for an aunt she
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hoped was still alive she didn't fina after three days of torrential rains part of sugarloaf mountain broke away and crashed onto a once vibrant community burying homes and people most could not be saved due to lack of equipment manpower and bad weather some i was on the two thousand and seventeen tragedy still come here to get close to relatives they didn't get the chance to say proper goodbye to hundreds believed to be buried under the rubble the government plans to build a monument of salt here for the missing and the dead more than five hundred victims of the disaster were buried here the gravestones benoni some contain just body parts i think kilometers from the cemetery i fifty two unit housing estate was built by three local construction companies. the houses what they needed to the
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government for the survivors but it can only accommodate one hundred fifty of them . yeah the reddest out to eleven thousand people and this eleven thousand people not everybody in here lost it outs staying then for we'd stay here we find things difficult the survivors have now been asked to pay monthly rents on the houses sugarloaf mountain remains very unstable a few weeks ago huge boulders of rock came tumbling down causing panic among villagers the government has demolished more homes that are considered unsafe on the first anniversary of the disaster survivors including mcarthur still without a home are looking to the government for help and hope that they can get a new start in life how many degrees. freetown.
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the indian government says the southern state of kerala is facing a precedented crisis its worst floods in decades killed thirty seven people over the past week more than half the state is still on high alert here morgan reports. days of torrential rains in kerala in southern india have cost flash floods and dams to overflow dozens of people have been killed some have drowned swept away by fast running waters others buried in landslides and wouldn't thirty thousand people have been displaced. there are around three hundred houses here which floodwater has entered we came out of the houses in a hurry and our clothes our records our property papers identity card passport everything is left inside the house we couldn't bring out a single piece of paper even the books of our children and their uniforms are all inside the house. heavy rains are not need to corella but this year state authorities have described the floods as the worst in almost one hundred years
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eight of the fourteen districts are on high alert around fifty million dollars worth of crops have been destroyed since the end of may a huge evacuation operation began with thousands of people now sheltering in rescue camps they're relying on aid after losing almost everything they owned more than one thousand two hundred people. or dates and in middle age and there isn't everybody is staying here but. lasted three days they are all here and so many people and the organisers are not helping us despite the floods hundreds of him to divert on saturday gathered at the temple which is itself partially submerged to perform the annual celebration rituals known as vagabond. present offered for the salvation of the souls of incest is this year they're also praying for those lost in the floods and that no more lives are lost before the end of the moon some skin
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people morgan are just there are fighting between afghan forces and the talabani is continuing for a third day in the city of has need a key provincial capital that connects kabul with kandahar dozens of people are thought to have been killed since taliban fighters storm the city in an attempt to seize control some people have managed to escape say government buildings were set on fire. units at the scene has more from kabul. this is choice university is very tense a source told just that taliban fighters attacked the election committee office in the city and they said the building on fire. didn't provide any further information meanwhile the afghan military chief of staff said that his troops can clear the city within two days he said also that there are more troops headed to the city to assist the special forces that are already there fighting the remaining taliban fighters in the west side of the city there are little information coming from.
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the main road linking kabul where i am and that has me one hundred fifty kilometers to the east bloc now three days. in it work at the the phone networks are not working even the local redos are off. so there is little information but our sources given us that. people are not very happy with the performance of the government managing this crisis now three days because people told us that they cannot even rescue the wounded people in the streets we don't have any clear idea on the numbers of civilian people wounded or killed in the city speaking of numbers we have only one version of the story is the ministry of defense said yesterday that they managed to kill one hundred fifty taliban members and they said also that they lost twenty six member soldiers between killed or
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wounded taliban has yet to comment on those numbers in yemen at least eleven people have been killed in fighting between government forces and an armed group backed by the u.a.e. it happened in the southwestern city of ties the yemeni army says the abdul arabesque group has created instability due to infighting among its factions government forces control most parts of thais. now the european union has asked saudi arabia for more details about the arrests of female human rights activists and what charges they face some of them a campaign for the right to drive and an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system saudi arabia cut ties with canada after its foreign ministry called for their release in a tweet and thousands of students from saudi arabia studying in canada were ordered by their government to return home in ten monahan has this story. saudi students incurred or caught up in
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a diplomatic conflict they've been ordered by their government to leave the country in the middle of their studies. it blows count as call for jailed human rights activists in saudi to be released the universities say transferring so many students would be a logistical nightmare and could leave many with nowhere to go if there is one victim in all of this and this is important to keep in mind it is the sixteen thousand students that are being recalled to saudi arabia or who will be transferred to other countries you cannot transfer sixteen thousand students within a week or two this is complicated some of them were in the last stages of their ph d.'s some of them were medical students doing internships or fellowships in very specialized fields that will take time many students are not happy at being told to go home a saudi student group issued a press release urging their leaders to keep them out of the political route we kindly urge the government to immediately reverse its decision and work to stop the repercussions of the saudi government's policy which will affect the future of thousands of graduates canadian students unions are trying to help them cope with
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the uncertainty surrounding their academic future what we're seeing is a student scrambling and panicking about where they're going to be ending up in the next four weeks studies are starting in starting in the fall and around september so students don't know where they're going and we're quite concerned that students are being involved with then a political dispute between saudi arabia and canada and we don't believe that students should be affected by that prime minister just introduced says canada will continue to defend human rights around the world but saudi arabia saw this as an interference internal affairs and responded with a range of measures it ordered the canadian ambassador to be expelled a new trade investment to be suspended but beyond the diplomatic and economic costs the students represent the human consequences of the growing dispute into monohan al-jazeera. and pro-government demonstrators. filled the streets of the capital
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managua on saturday they are the latest in four months of protests hundreds of people have been killed opponents of president daniel ortega are calling for the release of those arrested during protests. a mexico city is one of the most congested in the world with huge traffic jams a regular part of people's journeys but now motorists are being treated to a surprise when they hit the red lights john heilemann reports on the dances taking ballet to the masses one traffic light at a time. the light turns red image to city and something extraordinary happens. this is the idea of a ballet company working with the mix crew city government to take don't steer the masses mr traffick church city means here. or. it's the satisfaction for every ballerina to dance on the stage to reach all kinds
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of different people and see their reactions much closer than just from an assigned seat watching you from every side. motorists and pedestrians who catch the performance earl italy nor will it ever makes you think oh i never seen something like that here that belongs in a theater and to see it in the street you just say wow. it reminds us what we really are because sometimes the daily routine can make us mechanical this brings us back to ourselves oh they did that to classics like swan lake and the not to fit exactly in the fifty eight seconds between lloyd's. list it made other adjustments to special non-slip shoes and changes in routine for less jumps on the hard road on cold days like this one they have to go up for an hour in a home office to performing the sacrifices are worth it they say to try and reach a new audience there are a couple of places where plays available at affordable prices but leave them in
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their city for the coming of the section is but it's something out of the three and that's what the company trying to hit to give a little change that perception and leave people searching for more and as you can hope. this bus with one's own thing i think invading the space of those in transit is a little like saying hey we're part of your society and we'd like you to come and see us or invading your space why don't you come to us why don't you think a chance and watch a performance in its entirety. after about twenty five lightning performances in one hour it's all over until they pop up at another traffic light somewhere else in the capitol. dome home of al-jazeera mexico city. sees as the rats get on mine and now in the headlines a visual has been held in the us city of charlottesville on the first anniversary
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of violence between far right in and racism protesters last year meanwhile dozens of white supremacists rallied near the white house in washington but they were outnumbered by thousands of counter protesters. the leaders of russia iran and three former soviet republics have signed an agreement on the legal status of the caspian sea it means they can now share the body of water and its oil and gas resources. and admonish we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran the turkish lira has plunged to another record low on concerns over rising inflation and u.s. tariffs fell to seven point two four against the dollar in early monday trading in
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the asia pacific region and the u.s. lost about forty percent of its value so far this year finance minister says he'll start carrying out a new economic plan to ease invest the concerns on monday. at least thirty nine people have been killed in an explosion at a rebel weapons depo in syria's province the cause of the blast is unclear but opposition activists suspect it was detonated the syrian government and its allies have been preparing for an offensive to recapture the last remaining opposition enclave. in yemen at least eleven people have been killed in fighting between saudi backed government forces and an armed group backed by the u.a.e. it happened in the southwestern city of ties the yemeni army says the avalon bass group has created instability due to infighting among its factions fighting between afghan forces and the taliban is continuing for a third day in theirs in the city dozens of people are believed to have been killed
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since taliban fighters storm the city those who managed to escape say government buildings have been set on fire those are the headlines the listening post does next. on counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran means by iranians and companies doing business there the world's biggest oil producers and climate change plus stamping out colombia's cocaine addiction counting the costs and i just. told the rockets special months tempted. to think to try to get the money. right now. well. hello richard gere's burton you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week extremist voices and the media to give them
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a platform or not that is the question if the new prime minister and the media so far so good but how real will the reforms prove to be a bangladeshi photo journalist appears on al-jazeera speaks his mind and ends up behind bars i mean this is not and the saudi twitter account that crashed and burned after evoking memories of nine eleven we began with a question on the rise of far right anti immigration movements in countries like great britain do such movements and the support that they attract drive media coverage or is it the other way around do the news media through excessive coverage help manufacture that support take tommy robinson who calls himself a warrior for freedom of speech on issues such as migration when he rails against the supposedly creeping influence of political islam in u.k. society that resonates with audiences but what came first his newfound popularity
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or the coverage of him. a recent academic study suggests that right wing anti immigration political parties such as the u.k. independence party ukip oh more of their success to the news media than they would care to admit that news outlets do far more than just reflect current events this is a story about british politics but the issue at the core of it the relationship between the far right and the news media is a dynamic at play in many countries around the globe our starting point this week is a long. time in office and the interplay of the lead over all things and after the entire opposition leader if they know. when it comes to figures like tommy robinson the question isn't just when to come for him or high do you take any responsibility for it that. you think that i'm asking do you think that i'm asking you the larger question is why when you scroll back to the beginning when robinson had no tangible following did the british media
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cover him and provide him with the platform in the first place the intuitive idea that i think a lot of having their minds many journalists included is that if you see some sort of idea or actor that you find troubling let's say with respect to the public interest you want to go and report on that you want to say look this might be a problem the counterintuitive model which is i think the one that actually holds in reality it is that it actually ends up being a feeding frenzy a lot to say nothing to you that boosts these figures further and further into public support. this is what right wing extremism in the u.k. looks like fourteen months ago a man plowed his van into a crowd near a mosque in one there were nine casualties and one fatality at the trial the court was told that the driver. wanted to kill most was a follower of tommy robinson and had been in email contact with him just days
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before. attack on british broadcasters saw nothing wrong with the interview robin's right giving him air time the day after the attack and again this was once the trial concluded with tommy robinson who has repeatedly been bailed out by the media darlings born mode a bunch of pedestrians for no other reason than that here soon they were muslims he did so inspired by tom robinson's ideology over style woodbine almost over temporarily how muslim immigration says country this very day after the murder they put him on good morning britain the day after donald's point goes to jail that brain tony robinson ought to be pursuing newsnight and give him a chance to represent himself as a martyr we had free terrorist attacks it was in quick succession and rather than talk about them is about to close in fact why this man does not react i want to put it on the fact that i report the truth every single time the media has given him a top form and made a politician out of somebody who was essentially
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a foreign football hooligan one of the most dangerous games that the the political and political liberals and the left have played over recent years as being to call for the banning of views they don't like because. all of this is the cult she was underestimation of all fellow citizens who we assume are going to be easily easily turned into racists easily influenced i think that's a very. dangerous content us that way of treating all fellow citizens. lots of people talk about media coverage anecdotally impressionistic but relatively few quantify it and analyze it an academic study published last week in the british journal of political science examined more than a decade's worth of coverage by british newspapers of u.k. the u.k. independence party and immigration party which fought for britain's departure from
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the european union the author. looked at the chicken and egg question of what came first was it you keeps the rise in popularity followed by increased coverage or did the press coverage of the party preceded surgeon support and have a causal effect we found that media coverage is a predictor of public support in future periods but we did not find any evidence that public support is a predictor of media coverage so there appears to be a unique causal effect between media coverage of these far right wing populist parties and their rise in electoral significance i don't think that the media should to be in the business of making moral decisions about what kind of voices are heard on the media i don't in the media is to blame for the rights of thomas robinson told me robinson has opinions which should be. discussed and that's not the same as saying even those those opinions depriving him of mainstream media
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coverage just means that he gains a certain mystique though his ideas is so frightening that you have to keep them out of the mainstream the british media have been creating a space for whatever reason for the far right well in advance of any of stance of support for them to justify it by saying but if we put them on television will expose them and what turns out to be the case is that journalists know very little about the history of the far right just as the history of the individuals they are all dealing with about their politics or even about how to engage with or challenge their most offensive claims in the end they end up being played by the far right. one of the broadcasters that interview tommy robinson over the derren osborne case last year and has since given airtime to his supporters is the b.b.c. this is how it explained its decision to provide them with the plots that there
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will be some politicians public figures. views featured in our news coverage that some of our audience will find unpalatable we wouldn't however censor a political viewpoint as we have a duty to create a platform where as wide a range of voices as possible can be heard we aim to analyze and scrutinize the facts so our audience can make up their own minds b.b.c. wasn't the only british media outlet we approached with questions we also wrote to i.t.v. and the radio station l b c neither chose to comment they've let their work speak for itself and generally journalists are relatively inhospitable to extreme fringe far right wing populist viewpoints but once those actors do force themselves onto the agenda then there's a feeding frenzy that occurs so that's how i think media and journalists specifically can produce a reality that they actually don't really want to see. with the governing
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conservatives divided over the opposition labor party split over the same issue and the mostly pro brackets it tabloid press still pushing its agenda british politics is already in a messy state and when the broadcast media even with the best of journalistic intentions put the likes of tommy robinson on their air so that they can grill him they find they cannot do so without giving him the exposure he craves they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions that is where britain seems to find itself today and the news media aren't just reporting the story many times they have a hand in driving it. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers joe had a hoax joe in bangladesh a photo journalist has been arrested over comments that he made on this channel what specifically has been charged with well the charges of giving false
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information. now bangladeshi police arrested shockey due for that and for allegedly making productive comments on our desire during an interview about protests that have flared up across the country over how dangerous the roads are i still believe going. to be the monster that a lawyer was charged under is the information and communications technology acts or i.c.t. and this is a statute that media right groups say is often used to target journalists now along criticise the excessive use of force by police and protesters and set the demonstrations are motivated by factors larger than road safety alone among those factors he says the government's gagging of the media and corruption and alarm isn't the only bangladeshi journalist who's paid a price after covering these protests far from it and supporters of the government and the prime minister cheikh hasina have reportedly attacked more than a dozen reporters covering the protests beating them and their equipment and asked
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for the i.c.t. at least twenty five journalists and several hundred bloggers and facebook users were prosecuted on the last year alone over online content alleged to be defamatory or blasphemous that a government has promised to change that law but is yet to deliver moving on now to a story we did a few months back hungary and the ever tightening grip that the government there has on the media and now one of the few remaining critical news outlets is how to change editorial to and how did that happen exactly well richard the outlet is hair t.v. which is now being bought out by. as an ally of prime minister viktor orban and his ruling party now here t.v.'s former owner. used to be close to the president as well but ever since relations turned sour three years ago he's become outspoken and critical which was reflected in here t.v. content now just hours after the takeover of the channel's new owners shut down hair is leading news program and fired several senior employees various other.
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analyst resigned in protest and i spoke with one of them and bihari a former reporter at the channel i mean you don't know when your media outlets are going to have a. change of ownership or are going to have a change of voice or going to have a change of structure at oriel structure a new plans new values and you have your own reality use you trying to stick to them but it's really really really hard to stick to your ground used and have a job actually hungary if you work in the media now now this transaction the sale of here t.v. it's part of a larger trend isn't that media outlets that are critical suddenly ending up in the hands of orbán supporters it is indeed and we've been tracking it in the past few years there have been a number of new media owners in hungary or been associates like and divina hein we have patina and marines. now here is what bihari had to say about this
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a lot of televisions a lot of. other outlets the news portals journos has changed owners and all of these. media outlets have been built either by really close friends was a prime minister himself or businesspeople who have some kind of relationship with the governments so the math of the hungry media changes in the really dramatic way and in really fast way because it all happened in the last two years and that was adam bihari formerly of hair t.v. ok thanks joe it was just six months ago after years of protests than a state of emergency that east africa's most populous country ethiopia saw an unexpected changing of the political guard the surprise resignation of prime minister haile mariam disallowing lead to a leader from the oromo try. taking power in the four months since he became prime
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minister he has not only forged an historic agreement to end the twenty year standoff with eritrea he's also made bold promises to end the authoritarianism of former prime ministers and to heal social tensions among ethiopia's or more and to grey ethnic groups. the media specifically social media are central to this story because it was ethiopians constant use of platforms like facebook and twitter to coordinate protests and amplify grievances beyond the reach of government censorship that preceded all the changes in the listening posts flow phillips now on how social media both inside and outside the country shaped ethiopia's political revolution and what some of the most influential ethiopian journalists are now hoping for under their new prime minister.
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on april second a new prime minister and. addressed ethiopians as one nation. good luck to them. but the moment you take that there was hope there was. you could take it as a sort of obama's moment for ethiopians. but the southern yemen. that i give him a torch. but where there are now the freedom of the press or to open up the space for political position are given to restore peace. to. listen. to. it just look at them. and i was very much impressed by his articulation his vision
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and how he would like to change things quite. different we. spoke. about that yemen but. many years back again. hired to prime minister ahmed rise to power ethiopia had had just two prime ministers in twenty three year olds. who spent his seventeen years consolidating power around his ethnic group the to groening's and. whose leadership only preserve the status quo ignoring widespread calls for a full. during that period ethiopia's democracy was stained with sham elections and clamp down some media criticism draconian legislation such as the two thousand and four criminal code and the two thousand and nine anti terror proclamation was
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repeatedly abused thousands of journalists and political activists in prisons and sending countless others into exile. i've been in prison my daughter's for over nine years. and for what for simply writing my views not nothing more this time i was in prison for six and that first i was charged as a terrorist. of course i've never been attacked first this is what triggered for working as a journalist and turns into that. critical media was dissin of being disseminated one way or another and journalists to swear leaving the country we saw that kind of feel up in the media and of course the two thousand and nine media itself put a lot of restrictions on media just ition and access to funding to the media in all these things that really systematically and emanated independent media off the
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ground. despite the ethiopian authorities tight control of the mainstream media and the incident social media platforms like facebook and twitter groups that governments hold on information increased access to smartphones and improvements in internet connectivity the tech savvy ethiopians to use. social media to talk politics. by twenty fifteen massive demonstrations against government land grabbing and the owner of the original broken out social media proved crucial for the coordination of protests and the airing of grievances. giallo mohammed an activist and journalist from our media became a key player from his base in the united states beyond the reach of the ethiopian authorities four years ago he turned his living room in minnesota into a kind of news we're hosting in tweeting eyewitness accounts of government abuse
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for his millions of followers back home sharing protests tactics and strategies and using his platforms to help ethiopians connect you cannot imagine this revolution this trade result the people from all over the world. record the video and send the last worth up or through facebook and we take that we verify it we edited and with it a button and they take over production in the very door mom it was the one central figure that played a very decisive fraud and got for nice the protest here has become a virtual space for the guys sitting off the message of the protesters who have besides it who have been killed who could not trust the media to tell their stories they trust jar they send their stories to him and keep brooke pass it back if you can disagree with him i have a lot of things that i disagree with him but you can't deny him that significant
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role he played in these. in these protests he was involved in mobilizing people you know to come out and demand their freedom. there's an absence of democracy journalists are forced to activists for democracy. that's what drove me nuts but he wasn't fighting for a specific group. he was advocating for fundamental democratic rights because unless there is fundamentally progressive democratic rights there's no journalism the kind of fast change that we've seen over the last three years result the social media would have been impossible in the mainstream media and this you know it hurts more you've got to admit that we were back burners in this whole process we were late comers into it it has taken us too long to understand this shift and the ability to use the social media to effect the kind of change that the political
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activists have done quite successfully. ethiopian journalists working in the diaspora like john muhammad have spent the last few years supporting movements for political change from afar now with a new prime minister it's time to assess whether they are mad will follow through on his promise to open up the space for free expression and for them to work out that own journalistic role in this new ethiopia. made she day is the minister for communication offense we asked him about the government's plans to review the restrictive media legislation still in place. we have already set out a leg professionals council to review different throws. that prohibits or limits. citizens exercise of their products can't write whether it is in the media contacts list or in the political party context and definitely it's going to be addressed this is part of the deepening of the work of physicians and often forms
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that has been articulated and diminished and led by the prime minister. and ethiopians are already seeing the results since the beginning of this year more than six thousand political prisoners many of them journalists like you skinned and . have been released. and on june twenty second by his chief of staff tweeted that two hundred sixty poor websites and t.v. channels including critical media outlets like joel mohammed's are a man media network have been on blocked. there are still significant roadblocks to a genuinely free press including repressive laws that remain on the books but the government school for john this to help restructuring media landscape is being taken up some of them coming home. the kind of freedom that we've seen in the orbit
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of days unprecedented but everybody has this down in their mind is this is this a dream is it going to last exist i would go into another ticket or i would be probably about the country to build the media we have now established our headquarters our offices in and sa that. we would continue to support them but we're going to call these people to fire this one because they are not open to those even if the care. does not deliver the promise of democracy then we'll be back to social media. we'll go back to advocating for democracy for transparency for equality and we'll end up trashing the government if so i'm prepared to go back to prison again so whether there's democracy or not democracy is back to work. there's no choice. and finally a diplomatic spat involving canada and saudi arabia this past week unfolded over
1:45 pm
twitter and featured account called in for graphic k s a k s a as and kingdom of saudi arabia the account was quote managed by a group of saudi youth interested in technology and social media when canada's foreign minister expressed grave concern over the kingdom's jailing of civil society activists saudi arabia instantly expelled. called the canadian ambassador suspended trade relations and a graphic appeared on that twitter account showing an airliner heading towards toronto's c.n. tower it was all very nine eleven the image was quickly pulled down an apology was tweeted and saudi officials ordered the account closed but the damage was done the bad taste noted the saudis are currently engaged in information battles on many fronts and in photographic a i say had been part of that effort ever since two thousand and fifteen weighing in on saudi conflicts with iran and guitar among other issues we leave you now with some of the graphics posted on the newly defunct account and i'll see you next time you're listening to cost.
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me a mars commercial capital yang gone is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their hold inside this cycle of debt one east on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with every. denied citizenship. health care and education. forced from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty algis their world investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. silent abuse.
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it looks ugly it sounds ugly. scares people from america's high streets to mexico's underworlds we control this the size and who controls the other side the people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it moves you to america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. alison's demonstrate in the u.s. capital against a white nationalist rally on the first anniversary racially charged violence in charlottesville.
1:49 pm
has a secret this is just the alive for the da also coming up neither lake nor sea of five nation agreement sets terms on how the caspian's resources will be shared. the israeli siege and funding cuts leave hospitals in garza out of vital drugs for cancer patients. and the tense run off vote in mali the opposition alleges ballot stuffing in favor of president kate. a lot of thousands of protesters gathered in washington on the one year anniversary of the violent protests in charlottesville the brawl racial tensions in the u.s. out in the open far right demonstrators staging what they called a white civil rights rally vastly outnumbered by the counter protest. those who
1:50 pm
turned out to oppose them mike hanna reports from supporters of the extreme right wing gather outside the d.c. metro station. by a number of onlookers but the rallies principle organizer insists he simply asserting the right to freedom of speech why people are having to endure seeing your face feel discrimination or greater social. policy right you may see a different path. escorted by police the right wingers begin their march to the designated rally area near the white house where counter protesters were gathering it's kind of ridiculous that in two thousand and eighteen i have to make the sign that our friends have to kind of come here i saw a really great sign or that said i'd rather be at brunch but i have to come protests nazis he said among them family groups intent on making the voices heard we wanted to be part of all the positive energy resisting some of the mean nasty
1:51 pm
spirit to spirit to the. examples of the neo nazis and it's so magnificent look coming people are out here people can now the wood work we want to show the people who are here that the nazis the white supremacists that are here now what they're doing and what the east believes they have are unacceptable and they're un-american it's not ph out and get us the real americans we love this country and we will not tolerate that kind of behavior but here to some who say they are prepared to use violence rather than ideas to oppose the far right members of the self-styled anti festus movement intent on remaining anonymous by d.c. standards this is a small demonstration still throughout the day it became clear that the counter protesters composed of disparate groups far outnumber those that label themselves the old right by those here as white supremacy. yes the groups were kept apart by
1:52 pm
a maze of police barricades but even so the shouts of the counter protesters drowned dart attempted speeches by the right. and as rain begin to fall all were dispersed the vastly outnumbered right wingers ushered into a white police vans to be driven safely back to the metro for their journeys home. and what was billed as the gathering of white nationalists became instead a celebration of the city's diversity and a protest against the president in office at the white house over the road mike hanna al-jazeera washington. five countries on the shores of the world's largest inland body of water have agreed on how to divide its vast resources russia iran kazakstan turkmenistan and azerbaijan will open the way for the exploration of the caspian is a fast gas an oil resources or a challenger force with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of
1:53 pm
troubled waters could be receding into history the dispute over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union. in kazakstan four of the u.s.s.r. successor states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that peace is a fuss the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed naturally it opens a wide perspective for the tight cooperation of the caspian states for solving economic and transport issues these questions will improve the living standards of our peoples have cheney and that in some admonish we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark that the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran. the dispute has centered on whether the largest inland body of water in the world is a lake or a sea defining it
1:54 pm
a lake would mean the caspian should be divided equally amongst the five countries but if it's a c. then each state gets a share in proportion to the length of its shoreline the new agreements is that it's not quite either not a lake because of its size and not a sea because it's not connected to the world's oceans so the surface will largely be open for joint use whereas the floor will be divided between russia iran turkmenistan azerbaijan and kazakstan though the exact size of each country's lot is still to be agreed at stake are several trillion dollars worth of oil gas and pipelines for years the full economic potential of this has been blocked by the lack of a settlement the us government estimates caspian gas could boost global production by twenty seven percent over the coming decade but it's not just about energy. which is which the security is very important and this is what underpins our agreement this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east this
1:55 pm
really affects the basic interests of our states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of terrorism and transponder criminality this summer it also makes the caspian sea a lockout zone these leaders don't want anyone else meddling in their waters no country that doesn't share the shoreline will be allowed a military presence there rory chalons al-jazeera moscow the turkish lira has plunged to another record low on concerns over rising inflation in u.s. tariffs they fell to seven point two four against the dollar in early monday trading in the asia pacific region the us lost about forty percent of its value so far this year turkey's finance minister says he'll start carrying out a new economic plan to ease investor concerns on monday. hospitals in gaza have run out of vital drugs for treating cancer patients israel's land air and
1:56 pm
sea blockade has delayed medical supplies from reaching the coastal strip before but the u.n. says international funding cuts and a rift between palestinian groups have made the situation worse than ever. reports from gaza. he was diagnosed with breast cancer five months ago. he's come to this gaza hospital for the seven to eight potentially life saving chemotherapy sessions but the drugs she needs have run out and they aren't available in any of the hospitals in gaza either. the treatment for this kind of disease cannot be delayed i blame anyone who is in any way responsible for this i've pain in my neck my shoulders i have trouble breathing my sons have to help me move around i need that seventh dose but the doctors say they don't know when it will come. if a cancer patient wants to be treated in israel or the occupied west bank the process is complicated and time consuming ultimately israel has to agree the
1:57 pm
palestinian health ministry in gaza says around half the applications are denied this isn't the first time there has been a delay in the supply of vital chemotherapy drugs to but it is the first time that this hospital is had to turn cancer patients away because it can treat them. now the crisis is not only to do with israel's blockade on gaza it's also related to funding problems and the political crisis between hamas and the palestinian authority in the west bank the un says only around forty percent of the fifty million dollars needed from international donors for the palestinian health sector in gaza and the occupied west bank think through for twenty eight team the whole city with difficulty in the health care sector has been impacted in the last of the last twelve years because of the season blockade imposed on the local.
1:58 pm
political city always in the in the local. support. the film the fatigue it is of the the city we're seeing those are this one. seriously the life of hundreds of people who are deceiving. the beds empty because there's no point in cancer patients coming to this hospital for treatment a smile and many like her have no choice but anxiously waiting for the medication they so desperately need john strafford al jazeera gaza. a confidential report by israeli military investigators says an armed drone deliberately killed four palestinian boys on a gaza beach in two thousand and fourteen that's according to the online publication the intercept report has testimony from officers involved in the attack who say the children were mistaken for ham ass fighters in broad daylight on the morning of the attack the israeli army had said live video feeds from drones help
1:59 pm
them avoid killing palestinians the killing of the four cousins aged nine to eleven years prompted an international outcry. all polls have closed in mali's presidential runoff and counting is underway a much like the first round of violence and claims of electoral fraud have been major issues how many fall has more from the capital bamako the people of mali have once again been to the polls but this time for a decisive vote their choice was between current president brought him back a keita and opposition leader. the opposition had accused the ruling party of fraud during the first round and on sunday they claimed further violations. by news on present it started even yesterday the anti fraud brigade apprehended some youth with ballot papers already filled in with the name of the current president the mali and city already know that their votes have been stolen and that the election
2:00 pm
has been manipulated. is that if i've come here to mobilize the people to vote for the other candidate us this morning i noticed that fifteen to twenty voter bulletins were missing in each booth also i found that in one room the government has two observers the opposition has none the organizers refused to allow our servers in we can understand this several hours after the polls opened eighteen local observers who said they had a president of the opposition had to be expelled from a polling station in bamako the opposition denied any links with them and provided the new list of representatives there were also some reports of violence the head of a polling station in a village north of timbuktu was killed by unknown gunmen but the president's camp says there should be no cause for concern. without any doubt this is the most transparent electoral process in mali's democratic history a few months ago
2:01 pm
a new electoral law and other reforms were introduced at the request of the opposition the government has agreed to count the results at every single polling us.


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