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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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we have seen the government really ratcheting up this crackdown this fight against corruption of seen many other government officials arrested many are in court involving various scandals that have heat several public offices as well so people saying that this is a good thing the president himself has come out very decisively saying that he's the his government is going to deal with these issues it's not time to play around saying that it doesn't matter how much money you have it doesn't matter how powerful you are or who you know if you're caught in corrupt activities you're going to be arrested or you're going to go to court but people are saying that beyond arresting people beyond taking people to court that more needs to be done there has to be the trials have to be speedy there has to be convictions and. those who are found culpable have to be confiscated as well. the same time one wonders what sort of impact the investigation might receive the rest of
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them have not only the railway project perhaps other investments involving china's financing. well the government is very passionate about infrastructure this is the one thing that. he wants to leave behind as his legacy and the standard gauge really sunny as i said is very important to the government and to president. pass in the lead so i think this project is going to go one we haven't seen any chinese companies implicated in any of this so the project is going to go on but they are either a lot of concern especially when it comes to this gauge really their concerns about how expensive this project is there's been a lot of accusations over the years that a lot of costs have been inflated at the now saying that it's not market making money yet but the government insists that it is a viable project and you know there's also a lot of concern about the debt ratio in this country we have fifteen million
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shillings in debt and seventy percent of that is loans to china so a lot of concern by people about that but the government saying that these projects are going to continue they're good for the country they're going to make the country progress even more. thanks so much catherine sort of. malaysia's prime minister is planning to cancel several multibillion dollar infrastructure projects with china he's made the announcement as he prepares for a trip to beijing in one two three year old wants to scrap a rail link into gas pipelines that was signed under the previous prime minister najib razak has been charged with corruption. we want to maintain good relations with china. as a source of. investment in malaysia and we want to make sure that the investment is a really beneficial the militia on the other hand we don't think we need those two
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projects we don't think they are viable saw if we can and we would like to or. just drop the projects but if they're going to be done we'll have to postpone need to the future where we have the need. a new era of pakistan politics is beginning with the swearing in of a government department is meeting for the first time since elections last month ministers took their oath as part of the handover of powers to the new government with a headache and soft party emerged as the largest party with one hundred sixteen seats it's very hard will be sworn in as prime minister later this week still ahead of al jazeera caught in a diplomatic dispute thousands of saudi students wonder what's next after being forced out of canada.
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by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome to international weather forecast and as we take a look at weather conditions across europe we have an area of low pressure moving in from the west across the u.k. into the low countries and this system is giving some pretty intense thunderstorms across southern parts of france at the moment on the system will move further into wards the alps tour in the next twenty four hours so fresh conditions behind it temperatures still not too bad across the u.k. twenty four in london find that across much of the iberian peninsula eastern areas all looking draw and find that low pressure system though will move further towards the east here in the course of choose day so unsettled weather through the baltic region and also around parts of italy and the alps generally it is looking pretty wet with some severe storms likely for that fine weather hangs on in the southeast thirty three the high in athens the other side of the train in the weather
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conditions are looking fine plenty of sunshine and temperatures much she to expect thirty six for instance in cairo for central africa you see these storm clouds some big storm systems through chad and cher and towards mali and those expect to continue again by mcculloch's i will pick up some showers during the course of choose day and for southern portions of africa weather conditions are should expect largely dry and fine it should be a nice bright day in cape town with high sierra of fifteen. there with sponsored by qatar and peace. a new. and is grappling with the deuce tosca sustained. but residents of this chinese village complaining. and have one can stand inside. the reclamation of. democracy is complicated. by the six point three. five pm so we can do chinese democracy experiment announces iraq.
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you're watching our desert time to recap our headlines now funerals are being held for some of the fifty one people killed in a saudi u.a.e. airstrike on thursday which hit a school bus forty of the victims were children saudi a moroccan coalition initially said the strikes had conform to international laws and were aimed at the rebels firing missiles. turkey's interior ministry says it will take action against three hundred forty six social media accounts used or accused rather of coasting about the plunging currency in a negative way the central bank is implementing new measures to stabilize the lira
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for more than forty five percent this year against the us dollar. and pakistan's new members of parliament have taken their following last month's elections but their soft policy known as the p.t.i. won the most seats but is still shy of a majority can all be sworn in as prime minister on saturday. in syria dozens of people have been killed in an explosion at a weapons death toll in the province an offensive to recapture the last major opposition is under way by government forces a sob and divider forte's. from under a collapsed building some made it out alive it was part of the quote of the younger ones had to be carried out by volunteers the familiar exercise for syrian rescuers . a powerful explosion brought down this building in the town of sediment in northwestern syria but this time it wasn't an attack by the assad government or its allies. at first we thought it was an air strike but shortly afterwards we realized
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it was an explosion inside a warehouse civil defense teams arrived on the scene and began working to free survivors they were able to risk you seven civilians who were still alive some of whom were badly injured and they also took out about five dead bodies according to residents there were more than fifty people living in these buildings so we believe there are between thirty five to forty trapped under the rubble. activists see where the weapons depot which exploded it's not clear what caused the blast. it was the last remaining rebel stronghold and fighters have been preparing for an offensive by the assad government the promise borders turkey and it's a major trade route from the north regime forces have warned of a final campaign and called on people to leave the area according to state media the syrian army has launched a series of attacks on what it calls terrorist positions in a province. where government media has reported a troop build up from multiple directions two words. would use applauded online
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appeared to show columns of soldiers shia militia and military hardware heading towards the rebel held province last month which said the retaking of it was among the priorities for the syrian military operations. was other areas fierce siege and bomb tactics by the syrian forces and the russian and ukrainian allies it was home to two million people including those forced to leave their homes from other rebel held parts. aid workers are warning of another humanitarian disaster when fighting breaks out some of the. north and south korea have agreed to hold a third summit in pyongyang in september representatives held talks in the border village of panmunjom on monday to discuss details of their first historic summit in april north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president when jane expressed optimism that ties between the two koreas could be improved u.s. cargo ship that's been stranded off the coast of china for more than
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a month has docked in the port of delhi and the peak pegasus carrying seventy thousand tons of soybeans has become a symbol of the trade war between the u.s. and china the vessel arrived off china on july the sixth just after beijing imposed a twenty five percent tariff on soybeans from the u.s. the levees were a response to u.s. tariffs on chinese goods worth thirty four billion dollars. our fire in a hospital tower block in taiwan has killed nine people and injured sixteen others broke out on the seventh floor of a building in taipei city thirty two patients were housed there all in hospice care ambulances lined up outside to evacuate the building but firefighters were able to bring the fire under control after an hour the european union is asking saudi arabia for more details about the arrests of female human rights activists and the charges they face some of the women had campaigned for the right to drive an end to
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the kingdom's male guardianship system canada's call for their release date for the kingdom cutting ties the dispute is jeopardize the education of saudi students in canada into my hand has their story. saudi students in canada or caught up in a diplomatic conflict they've been ordered by their government to leave the country in the middle of their studies. it blows count as call for jailed human rights activists in saudi to be released the universities say transferring so many students will be a logistical nightmare and could leave many with nowhere to go if there is one victim in all of this and this is important to keep in mind it is the sixteen thousand students that are being recalled to saudi arabia or who will be transferred to other countries you cannot transfer sixteen thousand students within a week or two this is complicated some of them were in the last stages of their ph d.'s some of them were medical students doing internships or fellowships in very specialized fields that will take time many students are not happy at being told to
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go home a saudi student group issued a press release urging their leaders to keep them out of the political route we kindly urge the government to immediately reverse its decision and work to stop the repercussions of the saudi government's policy which will affect the future of thousands of graduates canadian students unions are trying to help them cope with the uncertainty surrounding their academic future what we're seeing is a student scrambling and panicking about where they're going to be ending up in the next four weeks studies are starting in starting in the fall and around september so students don't know where they're going and we're quite concerned that students are being involved with then a political dispute between saudi arabia and canada and we don't believe that students should be affected by that prime minister just introduced says canada will continue to defend human rights around the world but saudi arabia sold this as an interference internal affairs and responded with a range of measures it ordered the canadian ambassador to be expelled
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a new trade investment to be suspended but beyond the diplomatic and economic costs the students represent the human consequences of the growing dispute bintan monahan al-jazeera. cancer patients in gaza are being turned away from hospitals because doctors have rounds of drugs to treat them charles strafford reports. he was diagnosed with breast cancer five months ago. he's come to this gaza hospital for the seventh of eight potentially lifesaving chemotherapy sessions but the drugs she needs have run out and they aren't available in any of the hospitals in gaza either. the treatment for this kind of disease cannot be delayed i blame anyone who is in any way responsible for this i've pain in my neck my shoulders i have trouble breathing my sons have to help me move around i need that seventh dose but the doctors say they don't know when it will come if
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a cancer patient wants to be treated in israel or the occupied west bank the process is complicated and time consuming ultimately israel has to agree the palestinian health ministry in gaza says around haul the applications are denied. this isn't the first time there has been a delay in the supply of vital chemotherapy drugs to gaza but it is the first time that this hospital is had to turn cancer patients away because it cannot treat them now the crisis is not only to do with israel's blockade on gaza it's also related to funding problems and the political crisis between hamas and the palestinian authority in the west bank the un says only around forty percent of the fifty million dollars needed from international donors for the palestinian health sector in gaza and the occupied west bank think through for twenty eighteen the whole city with one difficulty in the health care sector has been impacted in the last in the
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last twelve years because of the season blockade imposed when there's a sliver that a local conciliation and political city who is in there in the local the support. the film the fatigue it is of the the city listeners or this one. in fact is seriously the life of the hundreds of people who are deceiving. the beds empty because there's no point in cancer patients coming to this hospital for treatment or smart and many like her have no choice but to anxiously wait for the medication they so desperately need john strafford al jazeera gaza. hundreds of people are still missing one year after a mudslide on the outskirts of sierra leone's capital the worst natural disaster in the nation's history killed more than eleven hundred hundred resupport from freetown. seventeen year old might to cut is returning to why i have family who
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used to be for the first time since last year's disaster but it means of our father mother four sisters two brothers and a brother in law are still trapped under this must have rock. like hundreds of other victims rescue workers one able to retrieve their bodies. i cry anytime i remember them live let's file when they were around right now i must work for someone who pays me not with money but with food to eat and. when i would use it as talk to my to last august in the hospital she was looking for an aunt she hoped was still alive she didn't fina after three days of torrential rains part of sugarloaf mountain broke away and crashed onto a once vibrant community burying homes and people most could not be saved due to lack of equipment manpower and bad weather so i was on the two
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thousand and seventeen tragedy still come here to get close to relatives they didn't get the chance to say proper goodbye to hundreds believed to be buried under the rubble the government plans to build a monument of salt here for the missing and the dead more than five hundred victims of the disaster were buried here there gravestones bear no names some contain just body parts i think kilometers from the cemetery i fifty two unit housing estate was built by three local construction companies. the houses what they needed to the government for the survivors but it can only accommodate one hundred fifty of them . yeah latest ultra lemon thousand people and this eleven thousand people not everybody in here masted outs sting then for weed that's stay
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here we find things difficult the survivors have now been asked to pay monthly rents on the houses sugarloaf mountain remains very unstable a few weeks ago huge boulders of rock came tumbling down causing panic among villagers. the government has demolished more homes that are considered unsafe on the first anniversary of the disaster survivors including mccotter still without a hole are looking to the government for help and hope that the can get a new start in life power to greece al-jazeera freetown. and let's take you through some of the headlines here in algeria now funerals are being held for some of the fifty three people killed in a saudi u.a.e. strike on thursday which hit a school bus forty of the victims were children the saudi amorality coalition
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initially said the strikes had conform to international laws and were aimed to thier rebels firing missiles. turkey's interior minister says it will take action against three hundred forty six social media accounts accused of posting about the plunging currency in a negative way the central bank is implementing measures to stabilize the euro it's fallen more than forty five percent this year against the us dollar president the rise of tiber as one says it's a plot against turkey's economy but critics blame his financial policies kenya's top prosecutor has had the heads of the public land and state railway agencies arrested as part of a crackdown on corruption it's related to the three billion dollar nairobi mombasa railway that was inaugurated last year the agency heads were among eighteen people arrested on saturday from this using public funds a laziest prime minister is planning to cancel around twenty billion dollars worth of infrastructure projects with china the ninety three year old wants to scrap
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a rail link into gas pipelines they were signed under the previous prime minister najib razak who's been charged with corruption. we want to maintain good relations with china. as a source of. investment in malaysia and you want to make sure that the vestment is a truly been efficient the militia on the other hand we don't think we need those two projects we don't think viable saw if we can and we would like to. just drop the projects but if they're going to be done we'll have to postpone need to the future where perhaps the need arise pakistan's new members of parliament have taken their oaths following last month's elections it's a headache and softball team known as the p.t. i won the most seats but is still shy of a majority and run hollande will become prime minister on saturday. those are your
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headlines the news continues who else stay with us every week lee news cycle brings a series of breaking stories to join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. was to cancel villages rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption. was. a major crackdown activists shreds implored died in police custody. but
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