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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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more than a week after the six point nine quake struck the search for survivors is drawing to a close more than four hundred thirty bodies have been recovered but many more remain missing treating the injured has also been a major challenge as many parts of the island are almost impossible to access now. volunteers have been doing their best to find them it's a route through the destruction. of civil liberties and patients with fractures come to us because we have five operation rooms and i doctors of volunteers who join the military we have five operations day here but that's not enough for the thousands of people affected there still discovering people who haven't been reached with assistance and at the same time they're delivering very basic emergency assistance food water medical shelter the damage hasn't been assist so there's a lot of uncertainty about the future thousands of people remain displaced and afraid to go home because of the fear of more earthquakes and aftershocks they've
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already lost family friends in many cases their homes and most of their belongings they don't know how much more they can lose people morgan al-jazeera iran's supreme leader ali khamenei has refused that donald trump's offer for direct talks he says he's banned iranian leaders from meeting with president donald trump saying the u.s. never followed through on promises it makes during talks common a also ruled out the possibility of war with the u.s. xanthus ravi joining us from tehran to talk us through the significance of how many is comments and why he's weighing in now. absolutely it has to be said there's nothing necessarily new in what the supreme leader of iran has said today but every time he speaks on any given issue with lends a certain amount of religious weight to the issue that he is discussing and so if you follow the arc of that logic now it is the law of the land of to not negotiate
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with the united states but as is the case with most of what officials in iran say there are it's the supreme leader it later in that address said that if iran is in a position to resist economic pressure and if iran is strong enough to negotiate with the united states on more equal footing and if the united states becomes more human towards iran then then iran may enter back into negotiations with the united states so there is a subtle nuance there but he said as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned there is no way that iran will ever negotiate with the current white house now the foreign minister zarif the iranian foreign minister in an interview with echoed many of the supreme leader's comments here's what he had to say. we have no problem with dialogue but if mr trump really serious about talks if he is serious about talks without preconditions well the secretary of state put some conditions for talks two hours after trump's comments impossible conditions the first question is
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if they themselves have reached an agreement inside the u.s. about talks with or without preconditions our policies in the region are totally clear it's the us who needs to be accountable for policies in the region. now in that interview the foreign minister also had strong condemnation and criticism of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for carrying on a war in yemen he also blamed europeans and americans for supplying the saudis with the necessary weapons of war that they needed to wage a campaign in yemen that is arguably resulted in one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world at the moment all right thank you. plenty more head on the al-jazeera news hour including a call for unity as a legal challenge hangs over the reelection of zimbabwe's president. and allegations of fraud on
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a huge kenyan infrastructure project that was welcomed with fanfare just a year ago and after hitting the heights in toronto rafael nadal the side they miss is the best option for his next tournament that stories coming up a little later in sports. seoul zimbabweans have been urged to unite as the country marks thirty eight years of independence president elect emmerson. is addressing the crowd in his first appearance since his inauguration was delayed the opposition had filed a legal challenge over the results of july's election well the president elect says it's time for the country to put the elections behind them and embrace the future. facing as he did is it gave one. is.
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the economy and the. nation. the lender of men's was ability. we should never did jim crow said to blacks or to get to believe vents which we encounter in our cause to believe that an open free democratic and prosperous living bubblier the zimbabwe we once here's where i'm a tough guy with an update from harare. it seemed like president elect was trying to unite a divided party in the disputed election all the barwon to move on beyond the election when the polls will agree and be blamed all the post-election violence on the main opposition party and anything they were responsible for the dates of people who took to the streets in protest against the result that is going to set
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up a commission of inquiry to see what actually happened and to investigate the main opposition leader nelson chamisa recent statement earlier in the day where he said his supporters are building the magically targeted by the ruling party even if there's nothing to tell a breakdown heroes day i mean all i am now on record when you finally meet probably in a few days time they could order a recount because they went and got one and if you wanted an. election within a day. the. railway and its public land agency have been charged with fraud over a new three billion dollar project they pleaded not guilty when they appear in court in nairobi charge alongside sixteen others. siphoning off money through false compensation claims for a land that used to build the new it runs between the capital and east africa's biggest port in mombasa and it's funded by china catherine soy has more from
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nairobi. where the seventeen suspects. government officials have been charged with seventeen. crimes corruption abuse of a trial they have just pleaded not guilty and this specifically involves a standard. they are accused of fraudulent authorizing. states to pay out money as compensation to individuals that did not exist and that does not exist and even land that already belongs to the states. so this is a very significant development in the last few months we've seen the government really ratcheting up its fight against corruption federal government officials have been arrested some of them are in court involving millions of dollars and you know scandals in public offices the president come out very strongly saying that
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government is going to deal with corruption in this country there's been a lot of concern by people the president saying that it doesn't matter who you are how powerful you are how much money you have if you are caught in corrupt activities you are going to go to jail so a lot of people really supporting him and think that it's about time that the government really takes up this fight against corruption saying that beyond people being arrested and taken to court kenyans want to see the speedy trial convictions and they also want. to. malaysia's prime minister is planning to cancel several multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects with china ahead of his visit to beijing. says he only welcomes foreign investments that benefit malaysia the ninety three year old wants to scrap twenty billion dollars worth of deals including a rail link to gas pipelines they were signed under the previous prime minister
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najib razak who's been charged with corruption. we all want to maintain good relations with china. as a source of. investment in malaysia and be one to make sure that the best. of the malaysia on the other hand we don't think we need those two projects to do. viable so. we would like to. just drop the project but if that can be done we'll have to. do the future way ahead of the need rice. the u.s. cargo ship stranded off the coast of china for more than a month has finally docked in the port of delhi on the peak pegasus carrying seventy thousand tons of soybeans has become a symbol of the trade war between the u.s. and china the vessel arrived off of china on july the sixth just after beijing imposed a twenty five percent tariff on soybeans from the u.s.
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the levees were a response to u.s. tariffs on chinese goods worth thirty four billion dollars. china is denying allegations from the u.n. that it's holding a million muslim leaders in interment camps a un committee said on friday that it has credible reports of people being detained in secret jails engine jang that's in the northwest china's delegation says the country's clamping down on what it calls terrorists and the semi it's one of its region but denies targeting ethnic minorities rights groups say many weekers have been held without charge. mali still waiting to hear who will be its president counting is going on after the presidential runoff voter turnout was low because of the threats of attacks from armed groups and there have been allegations of ballot stuffing. has more from the capital bamako. the people of mali have once again been to the polls but this time for
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a decisive vote their choice was between current president abraham buck akita and opposition leader. the opposition had accused the ruling party of fraud during the first round and on sunday they claimed further violations. by news on present it started even yesterday the empty fraud brigade apprehended some youth with ballot papers already filled in with the name of the current president the mali and city already know that their votes have been stolen and that the election has been manipulated. and is attempted yet i've come here to mobilize the people to vote for the other candidate us this morning i noticed that fifteen to twenty voter bulletins were missing in each booth also i found that in one room the government has two observers the opposition has none the organizers refused to allow our servers in we can understand this several hours after the polls opened eighteen local observers who said they had a president of the opposition had to be expelled from
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a polling station in bamako the opposition denied any links with them and provided the new list of representatives there were also some reports of violence the head of a polling station in a village north of timbuktu was killed by unknown gunmen but the president's camp says there should be no cause for concern. without any doubt this is the most transparent electoral process in mali's democratic history a few months ago a new electoral law and other reforms were introduced at the request of the opposition the government has agreed to count the results at every single polling station separately upon a demand from the opposition international observer missions have all praised the voting process in the first round of this sunday's turnout was reportedly very low in parts of the country particularly in the north the main opposition party came in a. second in the first round of voting in the two weeks since then opposition
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leader so my lissie failed to convince his colleagues and the other parties to join him in a united front that has left sisi with even less chance of winning there's a feel of this hour for here same old talk of violations exchange of accusations and confusion in some polling stations and just as the president got the upper hand in the first round is widely expected to win the final vote today mohammed by a disease. or hundreds of people are still missing one year after a devastating mudslide on the outskirts of sierra leone's capital the worst natural disaster in the nation's history killed more than eleven hundred people at a time a high densities reports from freetown. seventeen year old mark to cut is returning to why i have family who used to be for the first time since last year's disaster. that means of our father mother four sisters two brothers and a brother in law are still trapped under this must have rock. like hundreds of
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other victims rescue workers one able to retrieve their bodies. i cry anytime i remember them live less fire when they were around right now i must work for someone who pays me now with money but with food to eat and. when i would use it as poke to my to last august in hospital she was looking for an aunt she hoped was still alive she didn't find her after three days of torrential rains part of sugarloaf mountain broke away and crashed on to a once vibrant community burying homes and people. most could not be saved due to lack of equipment manpower and bad weather so my boss of the two thousand and seventeen tragedy still come here to get close to relatives they didn't get the chance to say proper goodbye to hundreds believed to be buried under
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the rubble the government plans to build a monument of salt here for the missing and the dead more than five hundred victims of the disaster were buried here the gravestones bear no names some contain just body parts i think kilometers from the cemetery i fifty two unit housing estate was built by three local construction companies. the houses were donated to the government for the survivors but it can only accommodate one hundred fifty of them . yeah the reddest out to eleven thousand people and this eleven thousand people not everybody in here lost it outs staying then for we stay here we find things difficult the survivors have now been asked to pay monthly rents on the houses sugarloaf mountain remains very unstable
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a few weeks ago huge boulders of rock came tumbling down causing panic among villagers the government has demolished more homes that are considered unsafe on the first anniversary of the disaster survivors including macarthur still without a home are looking to the government for help and hope that they can get a new start in life how many degrees. freetown. time for a check on the weather here is richard with the latest on the heavy rain that has left scores of people dead in india's carola state richard yeah really really bad flooding there the situation is a bit better now daryn as we look at some of the pictures that we've had coming in you can see the extent of the flooding across the region as a cause a lot of crop damage as well but the pulses of the monsoon who comes and goes over a period use about two or three days in terms of heavy rain so actually looking at the situation we got the moment still bevy rain being reported across parts of the region about some fairly typical daily rainfall totals look at the forecast again
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you can see down through the western ghats the the brain sort of pulsing from time to time there are one or two where the heavier bursts of rain within it but across the areas a whole there's nothing to get greatly concerned about less ahead off towards europe where there's a desperate need for rain of course because of the drought the heat wave that hot here in the rhine old ship from eight hundred ninety five been exposed by the very low levels of the rhine but rees i grew cultures being badly hit and looking for rain to really pick up the crops many of the crops are actually a third down this year but we have got this frontal system now beginning to push in quite an active feature with some weird severe storms associate with the center of the low up towards the low countries and would like to find further heavy rain here today sweeping further east during the course the next twenty four hours and maybe green up the crops. richard thank you well still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour staying put syrian rebels prepared to defend their last major stronghold against a government offensive plus desperately in need of cancer drugs but supplies are
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running out for the patients of gaza in sport christiane rinaldo makes the perfect start for his new club and he will be here with that story a little later. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one east investigates on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. national bulletins will be based on migration is polarized including too strident positions on clothes and headless how do you define an indigenous person who they benefit isn't this
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more about living with difference and you and visas that and who do they contained people think the right to live anywhere in the world have every right to leave their country maybe his time goes head to head with a pool coming in on al-jazeera. well again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour turkey's president dressed up to a bird iran insists the economy is not in crisis he spoke to investors as the currency fell to record lows against the u.s. dollar the central bank says it's ready to take all necessary measures to ensure
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financial stability funerals are being held for some of the fifty three people killed in a saudi u.a.e. airstrike on thursday forty of the victims were children. coalition said the strikes conform to international law and they were aimed with the rebels firing missiles at least four hundred thirty six people are confirmed dead from last sunday's powerful earthquake on and i learned the damage caused by the magnitude six point nine tremor now exceeds three hundred forty two million dollars aid is slowly arriving in remote areas. let's get more analysis on turkey's economy and speak to us gore on the side chick and he is the director of the german marshall fund of the united states office in ankara thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so we can see erdogan saying that the economy is not in crisis and what he's trying to do is clearly a rally his supporters how is this playing out in turkey. on
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the to you can you hear me now mr oh. yes i can to you know my question to you is is trying to rally his supporters in turkey he's coming out and saying that the economy is not in crisis and this is all a plot how is this playing out in turkey. so far it is playing out is presumed to have gone as desired as they usually do the turkish people when they perceive a threat from outside they rallied around the flag and the president so the president's assortment that this is a foreign plot is bought by the society how sustainable is this argument for him though over the long term if the leader of continues to free fall it's not sustainable for two reasons first of all because the turkish economy is in crisis and because the first step of recovering from the crisis will be admitting
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that fact what do you think he will do going forward are there any signs or some people rather say there are signs that mr erdogan will try to find some sort of deal some sort of diplomatic solution with the united states over this well that is the only way to go forward but it's not very easy either because through is very firy twitter messages president trump has done two things first of all the years dig his heels into his current position which is that there can be no solution pastor branson is not released immediately body has done also another thing year is denied any on the way out for president added on if turkey and now you know left to do the duty these past two bronson than president would look defeated so a diplomatic solution should be sit within these parameters pastor branson should be released and the united states in return should your president add on it would
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not make this look like a defeat for him. as far as the opposition is concerned clearly one would assume that the opposition is going to capitalize on this in fact the c.h.p. that is the main opposition has said this that the turkish lira is loss of value is a result of wrong political decisions made by the ruling party. r t how will the opposition be capitalizing on the situation the opposition is saying that the loss of the euro is a result of the wrong political decisions made by the ruling party well the main opposition party leadership crosses itself into a position within the party is seeking. leadership of the party is denying this. disunited and i don't think that they will be able to capitalize on
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this ok we will wait and see what happens we thank you very much for joining us from ankara well speaking of turkey it is stepping up diplomatic efforts to avoid what president says could be a catastrophe in syria's province the syrian government has been threatening an offensive to retake the rebel held province near the border with turkey zana huldah reports from beirut. the syrian government says it is going to take the lead army helicopters dropped leaflets telling rebels and civilians in the opposition controlled northwestern province that it is better to join reconciliation agreements as others in syria have done that rebels have agreed to such deals when on the verge of military defeat so far those in it looks like they are not ready to surrender instead they arrested dozens of people they accuse of promoting a return to state rule know a lot of our security track down people who are promoting reconciliation with the regime they're trying to help the regime into some areas so we arrested them
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they're waging psychological warfare to weaken the morale of the fighters and people they collaborating with the regime. like in previous assaults the syrian government backs up calls for reconciliation with military action state media showed reinforcements being brought to the conscripts of months of cars were temporarily shattered in recent days dozens of civilians were killed in airstrikes that targeted towns and villages on the fringes of the province but despite this many believe the wide scale assault is not looming. the regime wants to control not just the place but that jerk's will play a role in the brawlers is under turkey's protection and turkey reach an agreement with russia it will force her to share. or joins the rebel brigade. or the group formerly known as al nasra and al qaida syria affiliate arrested deen
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have not shown any intention to disband turkey was under pressure from its political allies russia and iran to eliminate them possibly using syrian rebels. the pressure may now turkey had warned russia and iran that a government offensive adlib what threaten their political alliance the three countries the main stakeholders in the syrian conflict have been cooperated through this so. called aston a process their partnership has recently taken a whole new meaning the united states has declared economic war against them cooperation between these main players could stave off a battle that could affect the lives of billions in libya limited military operations however are expected around the edges of the province the government wants to secure main highways and prevent it little be used to attack it strongholds jennifer to beirut a taliban assault on the afghan city of gaza is in its fourth day with the death toll climbing above three hundred presidents called an emergency meeting with
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police and military chiefs and the sending reinforcements gazan is just one hundred fifty kilometers south of kabul on the highway connecting the capital and southern afghanistan charlotte ballasts reports. the taliban has turned the ancient city of gosney into an urban battlefield the assault is now in its fourth day with two hundred seventy thousand residents locked inside the homes. casualties of the offensive lissa the streets those that reach the hospital find it overwhelms space and medicine rationed between soldiers and civilians they have so many trauma cases and too little capacity. with into order international humanitarian part and the u.n. we'll try to bring in trial markets essential drugs and medical supplies as soon as possible. doesn't he became the frontline of the war between the taliban and the
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afghan military on friday morning the taliban launch rockets at the police headquarters into chick points publishing tweets and videos declaring victory afghan special forces responded with u.s. support but the taliban bunkered down and residents homes of p.r. war his followers the government is defiant is under their control. charles the jungle the storm of one hundred ninety four taliban fighters. pakistani and foreign fighters were killed another one hundred fifty of them were injured bush i hold the taliban responsible for what has happened in the city all the destruction and torching of buildings. with foreign mines cut only residents who have escaped can reveal the reality is fate is undecided. they were burning buildings and there were dead bodies everywhere in gaza new city the fight was ongoing the situation was very bad and all the shops were closed. the taliban badly want to go they briefly held parts of the western city of far in may two
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years ago but neither are a significant is this is a large provincial capital just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul it lies on the motorway that connects kabul with southern afghanistan. kabul was cut off the government is trying to keep the road open despite frequent taliban ambushes. we have launched checkpoints for the safety of our people using the highway we are here to serve them day or night afghans are watching nervously they want guarantees of safety demonstrators gathered outside the ministry of defense headquarters in kabul questioning what security their tax dollars provide with upcoming elections president danny is looking to come concerns on sunday he had an emergency meeting with military and police chiefs and tweeted he would seen green force mints the red cross is sending reinforcements to dropping forty body bags bandages and medicine at the main hospital shelob alice. a new era of pakistani politics is beginning
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with the swearing in of imran khan's government ministers took their oaths as part of the handover of power as the to headache and soft party emerged as the largest one with one hundred sixteen seats its leader imran khan will be sworn in as prime minister later this week come on haidar has more from islamabad. winnowed of their dream d. eighteen election they're all parliamentary died or dead minute by the outgoing speaker of the national a family and ridge all the parliamentarians who won the election were president. don in their time that of indian government is handing over to our now the elected civilian government in a country where his parliamentary democracy and been marred by military. nor dead to date for the first time in forty eight the new party led by imran khan
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the thing in. parliament parliament speaker and deputy speaker in a brockton i didn't need to take a couple of days off to raise the leader of the house. emraan khan likely to be sworn in on the deed of august and the new prime minister of pakistan the green before it's prime minister and. considered to be to fifteen session of parliament and budget on fifty three it is going to be the provincial assemblies than at least . where the parliament. will be digging or on the same day however the decision on the ridge in the country. will be made on the fifteen day after budget done celebrate its seventy fourth anniversary which are due on or good to forty argentina as former president cristina kirchner is appearing in court for
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question. in a corruption scandal so the investigation centers around a driver who kept records of cash deliveries to the presidential palace and private residence a judge wants to remove her immunity from prosecution to was a bow following the story joining us from being investigated for corruption in several cases what's different about this one. well cristina kirchner entered this courthouse about half an hour ago she still hasn't come out but it was a spec to that she will present a written statement and not answer questions from the judge and what's different this time is that as you said before this case is it based on age old books that where written by the driver of the planning ministry that during a period of ten years that detailed how backs of cash were moved around and other parts of the country and in many cases ended up in the presidential palace or.
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private residence this is for many one of the largest investigations corruption investigations in argentina many compare it to the carwash investigation that has been ongoing in brazil and that ended with former president. in prison it also involves former members of. ministrations but also some of this country's most important business men. always. cousin is also being investigated five business men have already requested. so of course this is a major case in argentina of a safe and it's all based in this age old books that have shocked the argentinean society so could she end up in brazil in prison like brazil's former president of the civil.


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