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tv   The Stasi Puzzle Project  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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acquired for me is ongoing so this is one of the buildings worth millions of dollars that have been brought down by the government in the last few weeks if it's right next to an important stream the next one to go is that the owners have already started bringing down the path for demolition. this is president at his last stop in office and he's promised more jobs through the manufacturing industry the health care affordable housing and food security for that to happen he needs to deal decisively with corruption i think he understands that this is the only chance that he has. to basically break away from the past which is basically. what i have friends in high places that make a phone call and it's just going to go away many kenyans say they're happy with what they see there however also calling for speedy trials fictions and the assets of those found guilty to be confiscated captured saudi al jazeera. mollies
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opposition candidates. reject the results sunday's presidential runoff calling on the population to rise up and other opposition leaders allege ballot box stuffing and other regular irregularities president abraham is the front runner in the vote which has been dominated by security issues one hundred polling stations were closed because of the threat posed by armed groups and for election officials were also killed. more from bamako. as the counting of ballots continued on monday we also continue to receive more information about what happened on sunday during the run of vote and that includes allegations of fraud and other violations leveled by the opposition side against the ruling party they mentioned the finding of stocks of ballot papers that have been signed and stamped with the name of presidency by him but also mention the missing ballot papers inside polling stations across the
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country other violations and disruptions have caused the dysfunctioning of the closure of about one hundred polling stations particularly in the center and in the north the oversea of a polling station in the region of timbuktu was killed by unknown gunmen however today a group of observers representing the. group of nations in africa organized a press conference they mentioned some of these disruptions but they said that they do not amount to what can be used to disqualify this election also we have been in touch with the electoral commission about the turnout figures some of those some of the sources talked about twenty two points thirty eight percent turnout yesterday the electoral commission deny that and said that the turnout so far is calculated between thirty and forty percent they also mentioned that they have counted up to now more than eighty percent of the ballots papers but the official
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results can be announced only in a matter of two or three days. american music legend aretha franklin is gravely ill according to u.s. media a seventy six year old is reportedly with friends and family at her home in the city of detroit is known as the queen of soul for her distinctive voice and powerful live performances and he won eighteen grammy awards in a career spanning nearly sixty years with hits including respect and natural woman . so to come on the al-jazeera news. president in. training finished at. work with its.
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business updates. business updates.
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the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and investigation into possible collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. became a target for president as he sent text messages disparaging his twenty six thousand election campaign. peter struck was one of the f.b.i.'s top investigators in charge of looking into whether hillary clinton broke the law by using private e-mails and also whether the trump campaign colluded with the russian government he was on special counsel robert mueller steamed in till last year when
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it emerged that he was having an affair with a fellow f.b.i. employee lisa page. they texted from their work phones and they were very critical of candidate trump in one she wrote trump won't be president right he responds no will stop him last month in a sometimes heated testimony before congress how many times did you don't look so innocent and to your wife and a lot to her about this is fair miss the rage to belittle you in this same way you struck tried to explain that in terms of the tax that. we will stop it you need to understand that that was written late at night off the cuff and it was in response to a series of events that included then canada trump insulting the immigrant family of a fallen war hero and my presumption based on that horrible disgusting behavior that
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the american population would not elect somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president the united states president trump and his allies in congress have used these text repeatedly to discredit the moeller investigation even though muller removed struck immediately trump responded to his firing on twitter writing agent peter struck was just fired from the f.b.i. finally the list of bad players in the f.b.i. and d.o.j. gets longer and longer based on the fact that struck was in charge of the witch hunt will it be dropped it is a total hoax no collusion no obstruction i just fight back lawyer says he was improperly fired the f.b.i. isn't commenting president trump's attack on the f.b.i. and its agents is unprecedented but he obviously feels he needs to discredit the investigation into his campaign and now he can point to the firing of one of its top agents as proof he is right. in al-jazeera washington thomas for
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his own day. thanks so much lauren or brooks kept his name is on the trophy but the final stages of the page a championship all about the player who finished second tiger woods fell just short of winning his first major title in a decade but woods was still able to energize the fans in missouri and world wide poorest ripples. thank god no one in golf can get a crowd going like tiger woods was on the hunt for his fifteenth major title but without having won any in the past ten years woods is back problems led to spinal fusion surgery that almost ended his career now all that most people here wanted to see was golf's greatest draw complete the most improbable of comebacks. and win his first p.g.a. championship title since two thousand and seven. unfortunately for woods in his
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weight was brooks kept the overnight lead it was relentless on sunday posting a round of sixty six was to win by two shots despite woods's best finish in a major finale a decade other than me. my team. everybody was rooting for tiger i mean as a certain. you know he's probably been is a great aspired over by the game and. to have the comeback that he's having is incredible being a part of that as a fan is cool and even when you're playing it it's still pretty mean and trying to push you to step up your game i mean you have to because you know he's right there if you fall. was had already come off the eighteenth green to a champions reception before cap has sealed victory was his will to win nearly but not quite seeing him over the greatest hurdle of his career at the beginning
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the year. yeah i would have a chance legit chance one wants to major championships. was what swing. i did have a swing at the time i mean in charge of uncharted territory because there's no one's ever had a few spine hitting it like i'm here so i've had to try and figure this out on my own and it's been really really hard it's not hard on people think. cap can make his own game look easy the third major in just over a year putting him at the top of the sports pool reese al-jazeera. earlier on we spoke to declan ahern from brand finance that's a leading business valuation and strategy consultancy he says that despite not being at his very best woods is still the biggest draw in golf. i think he is almost a person that transcends the sport of golf as a whole you can compare him to roger federer in tennis or mark or jordan in all he is the sponsors dream aside from his own personal struggles in the background i
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also think it's a do with the manner in which he plays golf plays with a lot of emotion a lot of passion which you generally live used to see him golf you hear this expression called the tiger effect when he plays ticket prices go to vision ratings go up sponsorship deals go up many attribute these huge pots in golf and model golf all dog to tiger woods hole and it's attractiveness to corporate sponsors is locked in effect for four whole golfing community and the golf economy as a whole is. a massive massive words may well get the chance to appear in gold's highest profile team event next month eight players including kept to have automatically qualified for the u.s. team they will take on europe in the ryder cup captain jim furyk now has to decide if woods will be one of his four wildcard picks. what is important is how well tiger has played you know six place of the open championship. a second place at the
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p.g.a. his game i think the word he used was trending. his games trending so it's great to see him play a well. you know for me the numbers are there nice good all look at but not always the most import we want the players are going to help us be successful cricketer ben stokes has been left out of england squad for the third test against india because of his ongoing trial for a for a stocks also missed the second test of the series in england and said they'll make an assessment about his availability after the trial in bristol has concluded a verdict is expected on cheesed. spanish midfielder david silva has announced his retirement from international football the manchester city player won the twenty ten world cup in two european championships with his country thirty two year old played one hundred twenty five times to spain made his debut back in two thousand and six. christiane aldo scored on a steady few events albeit in a pretty low key friendly new signing found the net after just eight minutes
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a mismatch against the club's beauty and elbow join the italian side for a hundred and thirty million dollars from bridge. and here's why in rooney proving he's not in the m.l.s. just to top up his pension from the thirty two year old sprinting back to d.c. united in injury time against all and by city having won the tackle rooney then had the presence of mind to set up a winning goal for school by the use you want to start i rafa nadal has decided to skip the cincinnati masters so he's fully rested going into the us open at the end of august with our one is eightieth taught science at the rogers cup and his opponent the unseeded is the finest it's a passive beat and dominic to see what you think should be done is there a way to respond well the taking of the match six two seven six i andy murray's preparations for the u.s. open have had a setback the former world number one was beaten in the first round in cincinnati by the frenchman winning in straight sets murray still aiming for full fitness
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after a serious head injury. ok let's get back to lauren in london. andy thank you very much indeed and that's it i'll be back in a minute of the news. and this new. artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on.
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would disappear a witness documentary on al-jazeera. graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous. most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is a part of life it's culture. tensions a. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate
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goodwill. among trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political. night drive a wedge between the. top three of a six time series filmed over a five year. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. president added one accuses the u.s. of stabbing turkey in the back as the lire crisis deepens. and on top of this is our jazeera live from london also coming up. i the battle for gaza me afghan security forces backed by the u.s.
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fight to repel the taliban. a mass funeral is held for the victims of a saudi a mirage he asked truck in yemen many of them schoolchildren. hundreds missing and thousands displaced we report on the situation in sierra leone one year on from a devastating mudslide. and it will begin in turkey where the local currency the lira has managed to pull back from a record low after the central bank promised to provide much needed liquidity but the pressure remains despite president richard acting quickly to prevent a sell off he says the united states has betrayed its ally by imposing sanctions but the u.s. says the situation won't change until a texture dot's an american pastor well of one national moment but first let's get the latest from istanbul with sin and cos you're. walking through a business street people take nervous glances at the foreign exchange screens
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wondering how much less their money might now be worth. here's. the dollar or the prices of what she wants to buy over on serb budget. give me a discount or leave. her request it's turned down the turkish lira is down at least thirty percent against the dollar in ten days this doesn't all of hurt the buyers but the sellers to. including tibet's carts all he has run this shop for at least twenty years how far his products are imported is cost horizon tremendously. triangle one office and we are almost at stagnation waiting for exchange rates to settle i purchase in dollars so my costs increase forty percent i'll have to reflect this in my prices. however exporters are happy with the depreciating. this. our house owner who has run the silver wholesaler with his brothers for
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twenty years say's his profits have grown. to for the other although i import my products i explored them all we don't have a problem my profit margin is bigger now also we bring foreign exchange to our country but there certainty of worry seventy one the finance minister says it has an action plan to help ease the markets concern and turkey's central bank has pledged to provide all the liquidity needed by the banks many economists say the markets demanded you trust to stop the us trouble but presents are gone and this financial team are totally against that don't say as this is a speculative attack against still there are by foreign countries and might continue. if it does experts fear it could have a spillover effect into europe where turkey is because lenders are seasoned al-jazeera stumble. white house national security advisor john bolton has met
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turkey's ambassador to the united states to discuss the detention of its pastor andrew bronson but as the director at the center for turkish studies told me earlier from since case is just one of many challenges facing the turkish government. this crisis that turkey is facing now is not just about us sanctions it's not just about turkey detaining andrew brunson it is a much more remote and much bigger crisis that they're displacing up it's been long coming turkish believe has been losing its value turkish government has been out of truck in terms of they have been called been seen as a competent government managing the economy well the become an incompetent government and not been able to manage their economy properly not preserve each time the country face a crisis but up to political crisis due to the rest of policy is what it's about turkey's foreign policy that this cause friction between the u.s. and turkey in syria and particularly for example lately he has always come up with
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the negative off having enemies targeting turkey. doing two thousand and fourteen he called it an interest lobby when gives it parkinson's what happening and now he calls it foreign countries targeting economic you know to turkey to them are going to war and so on there's not only tech is concerned by the falling layer it as a brit is under reports the new york stock exchange markets across the world are being affected. investors here in wall street are quite frankly very worried about what they're seeing happening in turkey with the economy right now on monday the dow slipped more than one hundred points and it's not only the dow the s. and p. five hundred dropped as well it's the fourth straight day that the dow and s. and p. saw losses because of worry about the turkey economic situation that continues to rattle investors as one investor said he said we're being very cautious right now because of what we see with the turkey story and what is that turkey story that
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investors are worried about on monday the turkish lira dropped more than twenty percent very briefly before recouping some of that inflation more than sixteen percent that's well above the central bank's five percent target and as another investor city goes what's happening in turkey now will probably not stay in turkey we're also seeing on markets affected in europe and asia as well a lot of analysts are saying that turkey could be going down the road of what has happened in some other countries in recent history what happens is a heavily indebted country in crisis turkey is heavily indebted a currency plunges turkey's currency currently is plunging and it affects the economy and then leads to an expensive global bailout that we're turkey's at right now no and not even close to that however economists and investors are worried that if things aren't fixed soon turkey could be going down that path very soon the
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turkish a central bank continues to try to calm the markets and say they will provide as much liquidity as needed to turkish banks and they're monitoring the situation very closely. afghanistan's military is sending reinforcements to help defend the embattled city of gaza me from a taliban attack all three hundred people have died in four days of fighting including thirty civilians the president has called an emergency meeting with police and military chiefs while the u.s. has carried out air strikes on taliban positions just one hundred fifty kilometers south of kabul on the highway connecting the capital and southern afghanistan shallot by this reports. the taliban has turned the ancient city of gosney into an urban battlefield the assault is now in its fourth day with two
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hundred seventy thousand residents locked inside the homes casualties of the offensive lissa the streets. those that reach the hospital find it overwhelmed space and medicine rationed between soldiers and civilians there are so many from our cases and too little capacity. with into order international humanitarian part and the u.n. we will try to bring in try markets sample drugs and medical supplies as soon as possible. and he became the front line of the war between the taliban and the afghan military on friday morning the taliban launch rockets at the police headquarters into chick points for publishing tweets and videos declaring victory afghan special forces responded with u.s. support but the taliban bunker down and residents harms of war his followers the government is defiant gosney is under their control. charles is younger the storm
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of one hundred ninety four taliban fighters are you kidding pakistani and foreign fighters were killed i hold the taliban responsible for what has happened in the city all the destruction and torching of buildings. with phone lines cut only residents who have escaped can reveal the reality is face is undecided. they were burning buildings and there were dead bodies everywhere in gaza new city the fight was ongoing the situation was very bad and all the shops were closed. the taliban badly want to gardening they briefly held parts of the western city of far in may two years ago but neither are a significant is this ghastly is a large provincial capital just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul it lies on the motorway that connects kabul with southern afghanistan if gosney falls kabul was cut off the government is trying to keep the road open despite frequent taliban ambushes. we have launched checkpoints for the safety of our people using the
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highway we are here to serve them day or night afghans are watching nervously they won't guarantees of safety demonstrators gathered outside the ministry of defense headquarters in kabul questioning what security their tax dollars provides. with upcoming elections president danny is looking to come concerns on sunday he had an emergency meeting with military and police chiefs and tweeted he would seen green folks minutes the red cross is sending reinforcements to dropping forty body bags bandages and medicine at the main hospital shallot ballasts. funerals have been held for some of the fifty three yemenis killed in a sound emirati air strike last week forty of the victims were children many of them killed when their school bus was struck inside a province united nations has called for a transparent investigation wanted to know reports from neighboring djibouti. falls on the south end of the film draws
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a convoy of vehicles further to the borders from the mall just looking through the streets of the certain stronghold. the coffins draped in green were laid out at the square in the city portraits of the victims lined up on the ground head of a special prayer hall that got them. to the memories we see our pastor angry mourners shelter slogans again so that every year and who they say is its biggest ally and supply the united states these people have come from various parts of the country to give a proper sendoff to those who died in the latest sodium to coalition strike security was tight at the ceremony which was up tended by several high ranking officials the funerals were supposed to take place on saturday but while postponed due to security fears the children water tunning from a school summer camp when their boss top of the busy market it was targeted by air strikes unicef has called the carnage the single biggest attack on children since
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the war in yemen escalated in two thousand and fifteen images of the children covered in blood and reeling from shock have provoked into much more condemnation we request or parties to the conflict to end the attacks against civilians against children in particular against infrastructure and we plea for them to enter into a situation of hostilities to put an end to these war the surge their morale to coalition initially denied aiming at civilians and defend the incident as a legitimate military operation a response it's a top ballistic missile fired into so that if you're the previous day but hours later the coalition promised to investigate i don't think it will be accepted that the side that has committed this crime. is allowed to investigate it because we know that it's old idea the saudi that coalition has investigated and many.


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