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idea remote controlled drone attack just like material was except the truth is that you are just all out ok we will leave it at that con such we thank you very much for joining us we appreciate it. computer. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov and his turkish counterpart who are meeting in ankara to discuss the situation in syria for more let's go now to say in a holder who is live in beirut so what what have they been saying to the media as. well both russia and turkey are stakeholders in the syrian conflict they support opposing sides but they have been cooperating for some time now through the so-called asked in the process but it is clear that these two countries disagree over what to do in it live it was clear from the statements made by both the turkish and the russian foreign ministers the turkish foreign minister saying that we will discuss how we can work together in a. province in the northwest of the country which borders turkey it is under the
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control of the opposition the syrian government has said time and time again it wants to recapture this whole province turkey says no that is a red line because there are three million people there and we do not want to cause further displacement and turkey even warning russia that our political alliance could be threatened if this military operation is to take place but we heard the russian foreign minister say that we are searching for a peaceful approach to solve this problem so this of course will be welcomed by turkey which doesn't want to see a wide scale attack we heard the turkish foreign minister say a wide scale attack bombing hospitals and residential areas that will be a massacre and to do that with the excuse that there are a few in his word terrorist groups in it would be wrong so these two countries trying to find some sort of an arrangement how to deal with. but it is clear from the words of lavrov is that he's holding turkey to to a certain extent responsible saying that the deescalation zone that you commit to
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should be fully implemented which means that they need to get rid of groups linked to al qaida in her life for us and they were saying thank you very much. police in london are treating a crash outside the british parliament as a terror and sit at america's twenty's was arrested by police shortly after he drove a car through a group of cyclists and pedestrians before crashing into security barriers at least two people were injured british prime minister trace him a tweeted that she's thankful for the immediate and courageous response from emergency services. and so seeing i don't relate to lou. i was appalled that when we do we stay in force in my community that you know the average of twenty miles of a mother was a huge pain it may be going to fifty miles an hour maybe more. and he remains to the full all right outside of the. house of parliament.
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mr leask they oversee this room you know he's a guardian for them but you really can create. in my opinion it was deliberately wasn't it was no other you know i mean you would use a diary. aren't sleigh joins us live now from london so warrants what are we learned in the last few hours since this happened. well i mean it's difficult to to come to any other conclusion that it was deliberate and it's not surprising the police are treating it as what i would describe as a terrorist incident given given what we know to have happened it's inconceivable really that from the look of it that it was an accident a variety of different witnesses and indeed television reporters who were broadcasting on the green space directly opposite the parliament where this happened at the time video dates and i mean know exactly what the what happened was
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the college was driven at some speeds down the road a single file right which is always very very busy people talking about up to seventy kilometers an hour deliberate apparently drove into a group of cyclists and then crashed headlong into this very. very thick concrete barrier that erected along the extent of the parliament building to protect it from attack and some reports said that this small car it was of a silver ford hatchback was driven so fast into the barrier that the whole back end went up in the air and came down again and one television reporter who actually videoed it from opposit said that within literally seconds a fleet of police b.m.w. set arrives in convoy on the scene out with the semiautomatic rifles stuck in the side of the windows and pull the guy out who apparently came out without any source of protests is all and he was he was more away and in that sense that's more or less the end of the ins and we believe that there were two people who were snot
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very seriously injured possibly one one was a cyclist are being treated for in all spittle for that and also the man's now being questioned under the terrorism act and so in one sense it's not a very serious incidence in terms of what happens at least compared to the westminster bridge attack last year which which which killed people but it's also very serious for the security services in the sense that it's emblematic for an attack to to be carried out on the houses of parliament and so for all those reasons the taking it very seriously and that's why this enormous cordon is still stretched out for several blocks around around the perimeter by orange flame with the latest for us outside of parliament thank you why it's. plenty more ahead in the news hour including outrage as a former archbishop the spared jail time after covering up child sex abuse the divide over hong kong status to talk beijing wanted banned raises new questions about freedom of speech. and in sports arena williams makes comeback on what was
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the worst loss of her entire career. on this day five years ago hundreds of people were killed by security forces in egypt's capital cairo human rights watch described it as one of the world's largest killings and demonstrators and a single day and recent history the group are protesting against the coup which to pose a democratically elected president mohammed morsi reports. the wizened and. the voice from egypt's ministry of interior. everyone wants to avoid any bloodshed. look but by now hundreds of people had already been killed by the country's security forces as they
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moved in and the last of the major protests by supporters of president mohamed morsy had been deposed in a military coup. for forty seven days they'd occupied a square outside a lot away a mosque to have some order from qatar cannot just secured ours just to kill our own president is mostly. for legitimacy this is only going to fuel that's who are not killing because. this is this is most. this is mostly you know are they out and they are not in the war. most of the protestors had little to defend themselves with the security forces said that some of them were probably big trouble yes yes look look. everyone in the square including journalists covering the protest came under a hail of apparently indiscriminate gun fun this was a team from al jazeera was five years later more than seven hundred people arrested
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at rabaa a standing trial together the cases of seventy five of them have been referred to egypt's top religious all party to decide whether they should be sentenced to death . among those on trial as photojournalist mahmoud known a shower he was arrested for taking pictures of the security forces as they broke up the protest when he shot. god willing the trial is fair with no in justice he's a man who's been wronged at the end of the day journalism isn't an insult or a crime. more than a thousand people were likely killed on august fourteenth two thousand and thirteen that's according to human rights watch. no one from the egyptian security forces has ever been charged with any offenses relating to the massacre. al-jazeera amandi is a researcher for the middle east and north africa division of human rights watch
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and joins us from berlin thank you very much for your time when we look back at those pictures was there an appropriate amount of international outrage about what happened. unfortunately i think our opinion in human rights watch is that international science and science from egypt's. allies in particular is like the u.s. and france the u.s. and germany give a green light to this must occur and also to give a green light for the egyptian authorities not to. persecute any of the security members who are members of the security forces who participated in this operation why is that. and also i want to hunt also to the. statement that came from european. council for an affair is after the
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massacre calling on members member states of the european union to stop arms exports to egypt could be used against protesters unfortunately five years after this statement or forty years after this statement we have seen at least eight or ten european countries who have been supplying egypt with arms that are used against protesters and i think the reason is that. these countries leadership is very shortsighted they are back to business as usual with egypt and many countries in the region. do you think that dictatorship is the only way to step belies these countries or bring back the status code that. they lived under for thirty years and they think that any and that's the way to like prevent any future people. so when you talk about what has transpired in the five
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years since this horrific thing and as our reporting reflected that there's been no accountability and in fact many of the demonstrators are the ones that are actually in the court system what type of trajectory do you see egypt on a very bad trajectory situation is worsening this mass killing of protesters as we documented amount to crimes against humanity. of limitation and should be persecuted officials who participated in this should be prosecuted unfortunately we have seen more killings of peaceful protesters after this must occur two days later and for the most more protesters were killed and over the. three or four years following the massacred there there have been incidents of resisters killings as well and we have seen mass oppression that appeared. no one
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from the whole spectrum of the egyptian opposition mr cicutto we have we have a least sixty thousand activists in prisons have been persecuted or sent to jail and we have seen also thousands of civilian sentiment in the records thousands have received provisional death sentences and tenth tenants have been executed and that's three d. the worst human rights crisis in egypt's recent history. thank you very much for joining us we appreciate it afghans living in the city of gazan are running out of food water is a battle between the taliban and military continues now it's in its fifth day and residents say the taliban has control of more than half the city at least four hundred people have been killed in the fighting us reports. knees residents have been thrust onto the front line of
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a war and they can't escape. the assault started with the taliban attack on the police headquarters early friday morning over five days it is morphed into a city under siege a well stocked taliban against the afghan military which has us is support two hundred seventy thousand people shelter in their homes running out of food and water without power or communications. dan rather see the government is not able to transfer the dead bodies some of them have swollen up i want the government to transfer the dead and move the injured to a safer place. the people of gaza a largely on their own the u.n. has no presence in the city the main hospital is overwhelmed and running out of supplies the red cross is fearing few body bags and bandages to its doctors the roads in and out a contested the taliban claim to control every access heavy fighting in the city in the past three days has resulted in more than one hundred civilian casualties
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communications networks and electricity supply are currently down in the city resulting in water shortages and food is also reportedly running low resistance say the taliban controls more than half the city there well equipped with trucks guns and rocket launches the taliban post victories on the twitter account of chick points of iran and soldiers killed on monday the military deployed one thousand more troops to gaza and. the government is defiant that it's still under their control with every day comes a new declaration of victory but. it with the measures that have been taken by the government i can say with courage that within twenty four hours there will be a remarkable change to the situation in gaza a province. horrible. but another day has come and girls nice people report nor change other than diminishing rations of food and water both sides are entrenched
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disparate to are in the city. is just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul lies on the motorway connecting the capital to southern afghanistan it's a high value as it were thousands of afghans trapped inside a shell of dallas. a leader of a party advocating independence for hong kong is accused china of suppressing freedom of speech are protests created andy chan as he arrived at the foreign correspondents club to give a speech with the chinese and hong kong governments wanted the event cancelled last month the police put forward an unprecedented proposal to ban chan's party for national security reasons. due to the nature of how the chinese public and the machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to the single word independence in reality what the national party is choosing not is different from what many homeowners wish for the dream of
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democracy and now as you all know the government is trying to. complete the calling us an illegal society robin wright has the latest from hong kong. protests here in the center of hong kong angry at times and centering on this one particular building this is the foreign correspondents club and this has been the venue for a controversial lunchtime speech by andy chan now he is a little known political figure here but he heads up a party of maybe only a couple of dozen members but they have advocated for independence now this for many of the protesters who've been gathered outside determined to have their voices heard this crosses a red line this is a betrayal of the system of one country two systems that hong kong should always be a part of mainland china and it does seem as though they are thirties here will in the next couple of weeks than this party from operating what is concern many
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journalists here though is the way that this issue seems to have been used by a number of political figures in particular by a former leader c.-y. long as a way of trying to stifle the workings of a free press here using it as a battering ram against the workings of a free media and a few moments we will have the weather with richard still ahead right now on al-jazeera consulting the people he wins have their say on the biggest change to the island and decades. and the sports now has a tale says the match out to their city rivals in major league baseball. from flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. in the greater scheme of things tropical storm but being a won't make great headlines of live long in the memory the winds with it well good
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enough to fly a kite but really not much more than not but as a low pressure center is a very active feature in terms of the rainfall and the effect it's having around the region as a whole because this pressure if you like unscientifically is was sucking the air in a way getting some big rainfall totals being reported across the south of los at the moment and again we're getting a lot of rain coming in northern parts of the philippines you see there bring for totals over forty eight hours approaching four hundred millimeters of rain and this system is likely to continue to be a significant feature across southern parts of china and then moving into northern parts of vietnam of course this is a really hilly area so it's prone to flooding so as a move the forecast on you've still got this enhanced flow towards in the in part the philippines i'm in the us i think it will still stay pretty wet here but also across northern parts of vietnam that's where we're going to see that intent rainfall continuing on the low pressure self will probably run up against the
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mountains become even slower moving drop most of its moisture and i think these northern parts of vietnam and indeed laos there could be some significant flooding . the weather sponsored by catarrh airways. tensions are high. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life to political change. but really a friend to unite will drive a wedge between the village and. crack jazz part three of a six part series filmed over five years to conk china's democracy experiment amount to zero. zero where every.
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china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the wrong turn blind of china to secure its resources for the future of sudden subsaharan region as a whole dow is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you this hour counterterrorism officers are now leading in the investigation into the crash of a car into security barriers outside britain's parliament the driver was immediately arrested two people were injured several walks around the area are cordoned off. the witness of the turkish currency is starting to affect other
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emerging markets hit a record low just hours ago and currencies from argentina to south africa all fell on monday turkish lira has all the more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this year. fighting is going to. uing in the afghan city of gosney at least four hundred people are known to have been killed over the past five days aniston's military a sending reinforcements to help defend the city from a taliban attack. the most senior catholic official to be sentenced for covering up child sex abuse has avoided jail australian philip wilson will serve his twelve month sentence as home detention and that has angered at these victims reports from sydney side story we not only did he dodged jail time but philip wilson evaded pleas for an apology to abuse survivors one would have contrition philip will use side story somebody in the catholic church so i sorry to put a lot million dollars we is the contrition from archbishop former archbishop wilson
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he's growing as somebody just sit ups these has shown no grice on the sword myself about this the former bishop of adelaide was convicted in may of failing to report a child sex abuse by a priest of two altar boys in the one nine hundred seventy s. he's the highest ranking roman catholic official convicted of such a crime but resigned from his post last month following intense pressure from political leaders including the prime minister feeling actually quite happy it's a custody will sentence that has been handed down and he begins the sentence today so. will new season my senior cleric to have been found guilty sentenced and start the sense of the court decided wilson will serve out his sentence at his sister's house ju-ju a range of health issues including heart disease victims and campaign is say the law needs to be tougher on those who conceal child sex abuse pitiful get to do
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their highnesses act because people are the can say all or ignore what they do this is totally unacceptable it's a big trial of the victims of the trial of the community and it's of a trial about children of the future because if the lek lost. laws of the presence of a gun to be used again in the future when the results of the past are going to be the results of the future wilson intends to appeal his conviction but this case is being seen as a landmark decision with broad ramifications for the church it sends a message that the church is accountable and can't hide behind canon or the confessional seal to escape reporting crimes like this yarber mohammed al jazeera sydney to the court as a campaigner and lawyer representing the victims of institutionalized child abuse she joins us via skype from melbourne we appreciate it very much so as we reported just a moment ago one of the reasons that wilson's resignation even happened was because of public pressures from leaders why do those leaders not used to employ it's
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that they have to actually affect the laws. ok so. in many ways the same to the maximum sentence under the laws of new south wales would have been two years imprisonment that's and we've got to understand and this is not right we've got to understand that when dave laws were made they were not made with the with concealing trial six curran's in mind they were made with other types of crimes in and in victoria so every state in australia has its own criminal provisions in their crimes acts so in the tory it for example it's almost impossible because between nineteen eighty one and twenty four train a long period of time. we have to prove for example that
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a person not only consumed and covered up child sex crimes or serious crimes. the information they have has to lead to a prosecution and a third element that must be satisfied is that that person has to receive some sort of benefits or gangs so there would be financial money or money's worth so we don't have after shit wilson it's true it is a landmark case it's the most senior person in the world to be convicted but i have to say in australia all of the states in australia. manifestly in adequate for these shocking crimes we have some. pedophile clergy pedophiles in this country i'll talk about one in particular in the turia he was writing and sexually assaulting children or some as young as eight
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and nine for about fifty years so far i've decay it's that kind of for a priest was protected by the hierarchy of the church that had the hierarchy in a. not aren't they able him to commit could christine crime said send him off to a new terrorist community where he was basically provided with a whole bunch of new children. it's just classified history and you don't need mention a very other significant part of this equation yesterday saying that the laws are extremely outdated in basically put an undue burden on the victims but the church plays a significant role in this as well when it comes to lack of accountability what is being done about that what can be done about that if you mean accountability within the church itself yes. it will there isn't any this is been the problem the church
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has lived by its own can and war and basically for decades and decades has been getting away with very very serious crimes so i'll just an interesting point here is that i did my doctor research in this area of the catholic church and whether or not the germans were finding justice and it was quite i was quite surprised that the most important element or criteria for justice for the dims and if families was criminal accounted but all the members of the hierarchy who covered up and in i wrote the pedophile to commit the crimes that is more important to victims then criminal accountability of the offend himself so it is you know the point the point you make is there has been no accountability within the church or even this is the very first time that there has been any
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criminal accountability for that very very serious crime so ok sure it's yeah it's great but we sure do have a long way to guy judy coren thank you very much for joining us from melbourne we appreciate it thank you you thank. to have significant political change in more than forty years when the government wants citizens and paul thousands of community meetings were being held for people to share their thoughts on a new track constitution from havana galiano reports. their workday is done at this hospital and have an hour but the staff can't go home yet. they're staying on to discuss the proposed changes to the cuban constitution thousands of these government organized meetings are taking place across the island over the next three months it's the most comprehensive change to the country's constitution in over forty years we're going to look at me i'm here to fulfill my revolutionary duty i haven't read the full project but i think it's all great. last month cuba's
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national assembly approved the draft constitution after several days of televised debate. the main changes proposed establishing term limits on the presidency was lamenting the communist party as the sole governing body on the island. building and getting the process will help strengthen the unity of all cubans around the revolution. but cuba's legislators had to make concessions to reflect an evolving society and to try to ensure a more sustainable economy for the first time since the castro led revolution to power the proposed magna carta recognizes private property long considered an enemy of a socialist society. same sex marriage has also been proposed perhaps the most visible of social issues to feature in the constitutional draft the government is encouraging cubans to read this document in detail it's made available for sale at
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newsstands all across the island and to take part in the public meetings about it the leadership here says these meetings are emblematic of the country's democratic process while critics of course dismiss the entire exercise as a pointless. the problem they say is that the government is only affecting changes to benefit themselves not ordinary people but for a society that has barely experienced any constitutional change since the soviet era many analysts argue that even small changes matter when i walk i think cuba is changing and the constitution is part of that change it won't make the change go faster. the constitution is not a pocket change it won't protect everything people want nor will it give everything that they expect. the process from here is a painstaking one officials are expected to take down the participants commons and send them back to the assembly line a cuban's will then vote on
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a final document in a referendum early next year julia galliano al-jazeera. argentina's former president has denied any wrongdoing in a corruption scheme. in court on monday and says the accusations are politically motivated. and. she was once argentina's most popular president but things have changed cristina fernandez since leaving office she's faced a series of allegations over corruption the latest in which her name is reportedly mentioned in the notebooks of a driver in the public works ministry in which he details how millions of dollars in cash were moved in his vehicle and delivered to the presidential palace when and then christina waring office in the past week businessmen and politicians came to this courthouse to testify in this enormous corruption investigation several businessmen a minute they paid millions of dollars in bribes to members of the previous
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administration in exchange for public works contracts the lot was the first one to see the old folks as it was. a neighbor had a friend who was a driver who gave them a series of notebooks which described how corruption operated in the previous administration and he was supposed to reveal them only if something happened to his friend. carried out the investigation but did not publish the findings instead he took the notebooks to a state prosecutor so he could initiate an official investigation silence was crucial not only for the case to move forward but also for his own safety. i held back publishing because i believed much more needed to happen i only published it when the investigation was on and those involved were being questioned what it shows is that the history of corruption in public works is not unique to the previous administration but it did happen and it is this that brought cristina kirchner again to court. on monday she tweeted that this is
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a regional strategy to prescribe leaders of movement some political forces that have increased people rights and allowed thousands to leave poverty behind for many the corruption investigation is the biggest in a country that has failed to prosecute white collar crime over the years you know that. the reality is bigger than what we imagined we all knew that there was corruption but not that it was systemic like the notebook's revealed. this addressing the incident that happened outside of parliament when a car rammed into a crowd let's listen i had seven thirty seven am a silver ford fiesta was involved in a collision in front of the houses of parliament that vehicle collided with cyclists and pedestrians before hitting a barrier and coming to a stop two people have been taken to hospital while mom has already been discharged and one woman remains in hospital being treated for serious but thankfully.


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