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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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support also comes from turkey's regional partners in syria russia and iran who are also suffering from u.s. sanctions yet we didn't. over use of the u.s. dollar as a world reserve currency will lead to its own deterioration many other countries will choose to switch from trading in dollars to the national currencies turkish imports energy from both russia and iran and that cost constitutes almost half of a straight deficit that's why economics warn trading in national currencies with these countries is not feasible experts say market dynamics should be the priority what we need to do is that say ok we are slowing down the economy and we are the one ready to get into a very recession in a very small period of five and we first of all hike rates and we fall problems with the with the u.s. but president are drawn as adamant raising interest rates is not the answer that he say's would only make the rich richer and the poor poorer seen on kosovo al-jazeera
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the stumble off war in the story i'm joined now by alan makowski he's a senior fellow at the center for american progress our very warm welcome to the program so we've seen there that are the ones announcing that potential boycotts of u.s. electronic does turkey feel like it's under some sort of economic siege if i can put it like that well turkey clearly feels like it's rounder. an economic siege president erda wanted to talk about economic terrorism being directed against the country. but i don't think that boycotting us electronic goods is going to have much of an impact here in the united states. it may harm a few people but. the trade between turkey and the united states is rather limited it we each export approximately nine billion
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a year to the other country and for turkey that smore than five percent of its overall exports for the u.s. with chaz roughly. one and a half trillion dollars overall worth of exports it's really a minuscule amount i don't see much of an impact than actually it's really not clear what the president intends and no official action has been taken taken to impose a boy and my knowledge so alan could do we see further sanctions in tyrus from trombone and if so what's the endgame here from the u.s. the u.s. is not ruling out further sanctions if the u.s. prisoners are not free the end game is to have turkey release pastor andrew bronson. as well as eleven other u.s.
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citizens who are in jail on political charges and three foreign service nationals that is three turkish citizens who were working for u.s. embassies now some people feel that because it is. the administration here has put so much emphasis on bronson as opposed to the other prisoners and because evangelicals of which pastor bronson has one or is such an important part of president trump space that word turkey to release brunson that would defeat use the immediate crisis between the u.s. and turkey now it would not diffuse turkey's current economic problems but that's a separate issue and on that no i want to have these events playing domestically for to an end he's pointing the ping the finger you know for me outside his board
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us but of course there are very much economic problems. anyway right you're very right about that he's got a very loyal base and he was just reelected to another five year term in june. so he is really not politically salable at this time. most turks based on polling that start that took place before the crisis began but when the lira was already falling remember it's been falling all year but it is fallen more precipitously since the crisis with the u.s. over pastor brunson brunson start it. most turks according to the polling accept that and agreed with president won that the primary problem were conspiratorial. evil outsiders who were imposing.
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a war on the turkish lira not. and they were not generally blaming present an heir to one's own prophet and on the policies which are the real cause of the problem makowski their joining me live from washington d.c. star thank you. now turkey and russia say they want to find a solution to stop the fighting in syria's province the foreign ministers from both countries a meeting in turkey opposes the syrian government's offensive to retake if the positions last major stronghold it's feared a full scale offensive by the syrian government which is backed by russia could cause another humanitarian crisis. is only just a little secret that she has the needs of these areas of deescalation was set up on dissidents and street conditions first of all there was agreement that the ceasefire arrangements do not apply to terrorists all the territory they occupy
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this agreement is about all the areas of deescalation but it is much more complicated because of the dominance of nusra in the area which is defined as a terrorist organization by the un well then what has the latest now from beirut. turkey and russia stakeholders in the syrian conflict both countries have influence in syria both countries support opposing sides but they have been cooperating together for some time now through the so-called aspen a process but it is clear that these two countries do not agree on what to do in the north western province along the border with turkey is under the control of the opposition the syrian government has repeatedly said that they want to recapture this whole province turkey has said no that is a red line because if you do that it would cause human suffering further displacement three million people live there and turkey does not want to take in more refugees so what these two countries have been trying to do is find some sort of an arrangement now russia the russian foreign minister lavrov when he said we
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are still looking for peaceful approaches this of course will be welcomed by turkey so maybe there is some common ground on how how to try to resolve the problem is that we do know that the russians have given the turks a deadline really to get rid of and to eliminate groups that are linked to al qaida and but so far those groups have not disbanded nor have they joined the ranks of the of the so-called moderate opposition military action has also not been taken against these groups but a lot really has changed to following the deterioration in relations with turkey and the united states and russia and the united states now turkey and russia need each other more than ever and they do have common interests so they're going to try to find a way to reach some sort of an arrangement because we heard the turkish foreign minister say bombing the whole of the bombing hospitals bombing schools this will only create in his words a massacre and it will not be just if there are just a few in his words terrorist groups and so these two countries there's still no
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agreement on but both of them saying that more discussion will be held. a court in turkey history to greeks will just detain them spying charges turkey's help them since march alleging they entered the country illegally and attempted military espionage he says the soldiers cost into turkey by mistake while following the trail of suspected illegal migrants the cases feel tensions between the two neighboring nato. five european union countries have agreed to take in one hundred forty one migrants on board the mediterranean rescue ship the aquarius as a result multigrade to allow the ship to door and it ends of four day standoff in which spain june as the end malta at all refused to ship entry arguing that it should be taken to libya chin is here or the nearby island of lampedusa will the migrants will go to france germany luxembourg portugal and to spain medical sources say thirteen civilians have been killed in
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a saudi coalition air strike in yemen air strikes targeted a whose he held city in one day the province at least twenty four others have been injured who data is the fourth largest city in yemen and it's home to a crucial port through which the majority of the country's supplies pass through meanwhile the u.n. says it expects the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen to properly investigate the killing of dozens of children last week the children were traveling on a bus in the yemeni province of saddam but it was hit by a saudi amorality airstrike my understanding is that the coalition is going to start its own investigation and that's an american general is going to go over to help the coalition conduct a thorough investigation what the security council called for was a credible and transparent investigation and that's what we'll expect to see a roadside bomb attack is targeted a provincial governor in yemen tice governor and mark would survive the blast in
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a province several of those were injured attacks and shootings have been escalating in the province in recent days. buyers for donald trump's former campaign manager have finished their case in his fraud trial without calling any witnesses home on a ford is accused of tax evasion and lying to obtain bank loans charges unrelated to his time with the trump campaign the case was brought by special counsel woman miller who's investigating possible collusion with russia during trump's presidential run the baskets carried out its first execution in more than twenty years using a controversial combination of drugs for the lethal injection carried the more was convicted of killing two men in one nine hundred seventy nine the opioid fentanyl was part of a four drug combination that's never been used in executions in the u.s. a german company that makes two of the drugs tried to sue nebraska saying it lied to get the drugs because the company doesn't sell to prisons. this in london are
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treating a car crash i would say the british parliament as a terror incident three people were injured when a man drove through a group of cyclists and pedestrians before crashing into security barriers the security minister says the suspect is twenty nine year old foreign born british citizen places searching three properties in central england lawrence lee explains . the palace of westminster is a sleepy place in august as the politicians are on holiday here during rush hour this was the scene as heavily armed police swooped on a car which had apparently been driven deliberately into the crush barriers surrounding the parliament the force of the collision clearly seemed to have crumbled the whole front of the small car it's only occupant showing no resistance as officers calmly took him out and led him away the question is who is he and what was his motivation and why put it was different it was a. it was more over you know for you it was a direct hit this video taken from on high some distance away shows the car seeming
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to drive normally before swerving violently across the road and then veering again through the security barriers and coming to a stop to police officers had to jump clear to avoid being his. as he crossed lanes on accelerator to point his car parliament the driver plowed through a group of cyclists at least one was injured though not seriously. by now the full security operates and there were no weapons in the car at the instant was to treat it as a terrorist related the driver's refusing to answer questions from the police and they didn't know anything about him and of course he now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect understand his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperating with the morning war only became clear there was no further threats though the government's full counterterrorism unit met to discuss what they
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didn't know about the man if the aim of this was to repeat last year's attack on westminster bridge that it was more or less a complete failure but if the point was to prove that it is still possible to hit an emblematic targets like the houses of parliament then clearly it succeeded space was of the same time north a major incident but something that the security services are taking very seriously indeed. of course there are strong reasons for the security services to be worried last year a car attack on westminster killed six people including a police officer and injured fifty what this was isn't yet clear but it is at least a reminder that no security can protect everything lawrence lee al jazeera london ceremonious been taking place in sierra leone to remember the victims of the dead to say to one slide they killed more than a thousand people a year ago today the victims died after torrential rains and mountain morgues hurtling down a mountain on the outskirts of the capital freetown surrounding villages were
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crushed with more than three thousand people losing their homes the government's been criticised for not doing enough so we have them auckland interest was at the ceremony in freetown. a few hundred. to commemorate the. more than one thousand two hundred. just a few one hundred meters from where we. are now the situation is such that the emotions are still people cry for the. people who don't seem to have. given the problem of. decent burial actually calling out for the government to at least move the debris and examine those bodies to be given a decent burial as soon as they can now with met and lady who was married only seven months before the disaster struck she lost her husband and sixteen members of
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one speak to including the u.n. special representative one issue that came out is that. exploitation of the environment that you see is sensitive to these disasters we've also spoken to environmental is to say that the way the involvement and resources i've been. there is another disaster waiting to happen so before the time being the focus now of these people is how to move on in life which is very difficult some have not have the closure they needed and so they're looking up to the government to give them the chance to grow and move on with their lifes. still to come on the news hour flash flooding in the northern philippines forces fifty thousand people from their homes. didn't surprise for civilians are running low five days into a bloody battle for control of the afghan city of gassing. teatime formula one
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champion for nando alonso makes a major announcement we'll have more length in sports. how this what appears to be a wall of much cooler across europe i would have to say again but the difference between the champs is ahead of it and behind it means if you do some very big suns tones more recently over italy but over the next twenty four hours or just slowly across the ages it further south into was greece throughout the balkan so the rain line she's not one for the north heading east to look towards moscow actually had it quite warm behind it dropping about ten degrees and scandinavia as heat wave is gone but we are funny temperatures rising again in france in the british isles up to the high twenty's that started sort of sustainable we're back down to twenty the day after so it's fluctuation but these are the end of i think being the story
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flash flooding is certainly a potential in this part of europe over the next day or so i think nothing much will happen to the south a shower or two will probably just clips the northern shows a tunisia otherwise it's still quite warm not so much i have to say in robots a twenty four most of the chinese shore is about thirty thirty seven in cairo and still we're seeing showers a long way north flow time of year right up into the the desert be on the sahara but up in northern parts of chad needs share and they're going to continue least the next day of say. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story and this happened was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot international politics joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big
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third if someone from the country who guides you who needs you to this story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera that there's nothing they set sail for gold. but discover their resources worth more than its wants him and be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charge the burthen rise of the african slave trade mapping the history that there's going to humanity. for all the gold in the world i want to just go.
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well in mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least twenty six people have been killed in a highway bridge collapse in the italian city of genoa many others were injured when the bridge came down during heavy rain sending vehicles plunging around ninety meters to the ground a new report has revealed over a thousand children were sexually abused by hundreds of predator priests in the united states and it was systematically covered up by the catholic church in pennsylvania. turkish president ridge of time burdens announced a boycott of american ally products in retaliation for what he says is an economic attack on his country tarkus leader has fallen more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar the same year. one reason for the slumping media is the recent u.s. decision to impose sanctions on turkey the white house is angry at uncle his refusal to free an american evangelical pastor who was arrested in twenty sixteen
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and accused of overthrowing the government u.s. as a game cold for his release certainly the president how is it a great deal of frustration on the fact that pastor bronson has not been released as well as the fact that other u.s. citizens employees of diplomatic facilities have not been released we're going to continue to call on turkey to do the right thing and release those individuals. there are fears that turkey's economic problems may spread to other emerging markets and have a devastating impact on the global financial system she have returns he explains. we've seen this all before in the run up to previous global crises notably the asian financial crisis of the late ninety's and that's why investors are concerned turkey and gorged itself with cheap foreign loans many held in u.s. dollars when interest rates were low in the us and elsewhere foreign capital flows also poured in to take advantage of relatively higher interest rates in turkey a financial bubble expanded as the cash flow dim but now global economic conditions
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have changed u.s. interest rates have risen making the us an attractive investment destination the u.s. dollar has strengthened making it more expensive to pay back the dollar denominated loans with the turkish lira and amid several political tussles don't trump appears determined to use the u.s. is economic clout to stop what he feels is washington supremacies of rancorous when the markets the global markets were like that cheap dollars everybody got excited particularly across imagine fun to markets and we'd see a win lash of the taliban dollar in weaponize whether it's libretto by design the president says he will not raise interest rates to stabilize the turkish lira so with the lira plunging it's unclear whether he can meet its debt payments that may potentially be disastrous for the global financial system european banks for example are owed tens of billions of dollars in debt u.s.
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investors have massive exposure to turkish bonds and stocks some investors are making a fortune betting against tech and that's where the global risk of contagion rises blue will emerging markets hold two point seven trillion dollars of u.s. dollar denominated debt that needs to be paid off or refinanced by twenty twenty five they often face the same economic conditions as turkey investors already beginning to flee other emerging economies that isn't there how deep the contagion will spread. see al-jazeera. heavy rains and flash floods in the philippines and force more than fifty thousand people from their homes and these three people have died in the country's northern ireland imran khan has the story. slowly picking through the rubble to recover what's left of their lives the mary keenan river burst its banks at the weekend leaving behind huge mounds of garbage and sludge. disaster management officials said in just eight hours the river rose from sixteen
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to twenty one meter is. just shy of the record of twenty three meters nine years ago when seven hundred people were killed this comet conic is trying to rescue these tools. all our belongings were washed away including the supplies in my shop everything is destroyed now all that is left are good for nothing just scrap metal and here we are trying to clean them up his case is typical of the region's poorest who are living day to day before the floods and the struggle even more officials are asking the international community for help they want to strengthen and build up their flood control infrastructure. there was and we are now we will be in our reading image. networks and as the typhoon season continues americain a city and other low lying parts of the philippines bracing for more flooding in wrong card which is a. afghans living in the embattled city of guys knee are running out of food and
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water as a fierce battle between the taliban and military continues and these four hundred people have died in the fighting shot at by force. residents of gaza a flee from afghanistan's new front line in the war between the taliban and the military. and the taliban was stationed at the building inside gaza in a city near the office of the provincial reconstruction team and government forces were firing mortars towards them but the mortars were hitting the residential houses. the assault started with a taliban attack on the police headquarters early friday morning over five days it is morphed into a city under siege a well stocked taliban against the afghan military which has us is support two hundred seventy thousand people shelter in their homes running out of food and water without power or communications. rather see the government is
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not able to transfer the dead bodies some of them have swollen up i want the government to transfer the dead and move the injured to a safer place. the people of gaza me a largely on there are in the un has no presence in the city the main hospital is overwhelmed and running out of supplies the red cross is ferrying fuel body bags and bandages to its doctors our focus have been the local hospital as well as as of today we had also trying to help to get their view to our colleagues strong d. of a constant red crescent to collect bodies and to transport them back to their families the taliban post victories on the twitter account of chick points of iran and soldiers killed on monday the military deployed one thousand more troops to gaza and. the government is defiant that it's still under their control with every day comes a new declaration of victory but. if the harsher the with the measures that have been taken by the government i can say with courage that within twenty four hours
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there will be a remarkable change to the situation in gaza a province of the horrible. but another day has come and girls nice people report nor change other than diminishing rations of food and water both sides are entrenched disparate to are in the city. is just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul lies on the motorway connecting the capital to southern afghanistan it's a high value as it were thousands of afghans trapped inside a shell of dallas al-jazeera the chinese and hong kong governments have criticised the leading media club for hosting a speech by an independent activist and the chan who's the leader of a political party is now under threat of being banned said he is chasing the dream of democracy as more. protest by probe aging supporters outside hong kong's foreign correspondents club stuff you know their anger aimed at the man speaking inside andy chan leads
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a small political party advocating independence from china leading to accusations that he's threatening national security due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to the single word independence in reality what the national party is chasing after is no different from what many homeowners wish for the dream of democracy although he says he's not guilty of any crime the police have recommended his party be banned if that happens he says it sets a precedent for stifling all debate about independence but that is a very dangerous idea because taking a cue few people in a restaurant to discuss about independence they say you have the potential to form a party and you have the potential to threaten their national security so we're
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going to arrest you right now to take preventive measures. chan is from a new generation of activists which has grown out of the so-called umbrella movement four years ago that occupied the streets of hong kong demanding greater autonomy hong kong's then leaders see why learn with the target for their anger and his attacks on the foreign correspondents club along with other probe aging figures for allowing chan's lunchtime appearance has stirred up the protests i mean clearly you asked me if the f.c.c. should leave hong kong of course maybe even arrest them. which chinese would love our country why are you separating us from china and. it's led to fears of this issue being used in a why do attack on press freedom they seem to be signaling the people to have the air beijing that they really would like to be much more like the chinese mainland
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where there are controls and more journalists can do what journalists can say and indeed where they can operate for beijing get it support is the word independence has become a red line that shouldn't be crossed the fear for pro-democracy groups here is that a future though may officially banned even mention of it and so rolling back ever further the freedoms enjoyed by hong kong people mcbride al-jazeera uncaught. well in response to understand speech hong kong's government says press freedom is not under threat but no discussion of the city's independence should be allowed. we mustn't forget that home call is a constitutional responsibility to protect so you've got the national sovereignty and territorial integrity and national security of the people. in hong kong it's a beautiful part of the people's republic of china so there's no question of our
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independence that's why we always say we can't pull over any discussion. couldn't pay me for the sake of pushing forward the nationalism independence because the both of. them as well and prosecutors say they've arrested two high ranking military officers following an alleged attack on president nicholas madugalle he was addressing a rally in caracas last week and to expose of laden drones blew up overhead the duel has blamed opposition politicians the u.s. and neighboring colombia for the attack fourteen others have already been arrested . ten women have been killed in a fire in a nursing home in chile only three women were rescued from the women's dorm and she where the fire broke out in the middle of the night witnesses reported hearing an explosion regional governor said stafford checked the home ten minutes before the fire and found nothing unusual at least twenty four people have died and another
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nineteen have been injured in a bus crash near the ecuadorian capital t. till the colombian registered bus was travelling along the road known as the dead man's car when it hit another vehicle at high speed most of the passengers were colombian but a few venezuelans were also on board rind a hundred cars of incest a light in sweden and what police say was an organized night of vandalism mass goings torched the cars in towns and cities across the country facing goldenberg where the most cars were burned say they've arrested several youths sweden's prime minister has bad it's a punish those responsible. so there also before i'm furious that the question has to be asked of those people what the heck you doing who do you think you are you destroy the whole area for the neighbors for the children on their way to preschool to have to see these cars burned this is completely unacceptable. the palestinian postal service is sorting through ten tons of letters
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and packages that have been released by israel after being held back for eight years the parcels have been prevented from entering the occupied west bank from jordan but have now been released by israeli officials palestine signed a postal delivery deal with jordan israel two years ago israeli authorities haven't yet implemented that agreement columbus' government is blocking treasure hunters from salvaging what they're calling the holy grail of shipwrecks the spanish san jose galleons more than three hundred years ago and said to be carrying billions of dollars in gold and precious stones manuel rupp hollow reports. stories of ship wrecks and sunken treasure have long captivated the imagination. but perhaps no wreck has fascinated underwater archaeologists and treasure hunters quite like the sun who say. attacked by britain's royal navy in seventeen zero weight during a battle off the coast of gaza hanna colombia all but seven members of her crew
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went down with the ship. unfortunately the san jose was too heavy to maneuver itself against the attack and was sunk by the british where. three years ago former colombian president juan manuel santos announced his government had found the fabled galleon. with the aid of on manned submersibles three d. mapping technology state of the art robotics and an international team of experts the son who say was found. the catch is a company called sea search armada claimed they had found the ship more than thirty five years ago and had been locked in a fierce legal battle with the colombian government over their share of the treasure a treasure that today is valued up to twenty billion dollars. it had everything the cargo manifest lists gold silver precious stones pearls all of the wealth from taxes collected over six years from colombia and to.


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