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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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foreign capital flows also poured in to take advantage of relatively higher interest rates in turkey a financial bubble expanded as the cash flow dim but now global economic conditions have changed u.s. interest rates have risen making the us an attractive investment destination the u.s. dollar has strengthened making it more expensive to pay back the dollar denominated loans with the turkish lira and amid several political tussles don't trump appears determined to use the u.s. is economic clout to stop what he feels is washington supremacies of rancorous when the markets the global markets were. cheap dollars everybody got terribly excited particularly across imagine fun to markets and we'd see a win lash of the ten dollars and i swear this libretto by design president says he will not raise interest rates to stabilize the turkish lira so with the lira plunging it's unclear whether turkey can meet its debt payments that may
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potentially be disastrous for the global financial system european banks for example are owed tens of billions of dollars in debt u.s. investors have massive exposure to turkish bonds and stocks some investors are making a fortune betting against turkey others however are panicking and that's where the global risk of contagion rises blue will emerging markets hold two point seven trillion dollars of u.s. dollar denominated debt that needs to be paid off or refinanced by twenty twenty five but they often face the same economic conditions as turkey investors already beginning to flee other emerging economies it isn't clear how deep the contagion will spread some of personalizing the prospect of widespread economic turmoil as the fault of two strong men however others say this is mistaken you know always special considerations no always special facts but when you have just saying i am a capitalist crisis responded to by a set up. almost the. next crisis in the play you'll sure are later after wise
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up and realize this is a systemic problem yet politicians and bankers remain on willing to address the cycle of and bust that characterizes global capitalism and that arguably has helped the rise of such strawman in the first place hubert terms the old geezer well let's bring in ali see now he's president of the turkish heritage organization that focuses on relations between turkey and the u.s. he joins us via skype from new york alley i mean the turkish president now says ankara will boycott u.s. electronic goods i mean that may appeal to a loyal domestic audience but it's not likely to shore up confidence in the lira is it it's not i mean we are not sure if it's to work or not however it's a clear message to united states president throughout targets doubling turkey mental. tires worsen so this is also against world trade organization policies
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rules today this afternoon u.s. chamber of commerce just released a statement saying that it's clearing the usal section. imports from turkey causes serious just for us so it's kind of like a trade war i need it to go through our u.s. as well so present throughout has launched this unnecessary action against turkey and turkey is responding in a similar way and i do and has appealed to turkish citizens to change their foreign currency into lira but let me ask you ali why would people do that given that the lira is losing value presumably people want to keep their foreign bank notes. so this is a kind of message from present are doing that just trust and be confident for turkish lira is seems i took ish government now is taking necessary steps to make sure a stronger and i also see many turkish and turkish american business associations
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made a strong statement today and yesterday that they will support the president don action on making the turkish are stronger so it's kind of also like giving the confidence to turkish public be of their currency just you know use the turkish lira and we'll fight against the dollar so it's kind of like showing the solidarity in the nation and i just want to highlight even the main opposition party is supporting president are done on this action right now we know that the lira has rallied slightly since its precipitous fall but clearly the market and investors are still rattled but can the turkish central bank really weather the storm what the turkish triggering minister said in few days the central bank will be more independent there was a big criticism about that santo bank was an independent and is impacted with other factors so it seems like with the new turkish government system the central bank
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will be more free and we'll make their own decision and it seems like it will work out on tours they over one thousand foreign investors will be meeting the treasury department sent to the bank for this current crisis and the talk is so we'll share what the actions against this crisis alice enough thank you very much indeed for your time sir thanks for having me. oh a lot of also to come here on the news hour including a city under siege people struggle for food and medicines as fighting rages on for the fifth day in afghanistan's gashly city. people in sierra leone a rim of the victims of a devastating mudslide that killed a thousand people. and in sports one of cricket's biggest names was free from courts and back into his national team.
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police in london are treating a crash outside the british parliament as a terror incident three people were injured when a man drove through crowds before running into security barriers the suspects the twenty nine year old foreign born british citizen laurence li reports. the palace of westminster is a sleepy place in august as the politicians are on holiday here during rush hour this was the scene as heavily armed police swooped on a car which had apparently been driven deliberately into the crash barriers surrounding the parliament the force of the collision clearly seemed to have crumpled the whole front of the small it's only occupant showing no resistance as officers calmly took him out and led him away the question is who is he and what was his motivation in my life and it was deliberate it was a. it was no over for me if it was a direct hit this video taken from on high some distance away shows the car seeming
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to drive normally before swerving violently across the road and then veering again through the security barriers and coming to a stop to police officers had to jump clear to avoid being hit. as he crossed lanes an accelerator to point his car parliaments the driver plowed through a group of cyclists at least one was injured though not seriously. by now the full security apparatus agree there were no weapons in the car at the instant was soon treated as a terrorist related the driver's refusing to answer questions from the police and they didn't know anything about him our priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect under stablish his motivation if we can. is not currently cooperating with the morning more on it became clear there was no further threats though the government's full counterterrorism unit met to discuss what they didn't know about the matter if the aim of this was to repeat last year's attack on westminster bridge that it was more or less
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a complete failure but if the point was to prove that it is still possible to hit an emblematic targets like the houses of parliament then clearly it succeeded space was of the same time not a major incidents but something that the security services are taking very serious . indeed. of course there are strong reasons for the security services to be worried last year a car attack on westminster killed six people including a police officer and injured fifty what this was isn't yet clear but it is at least a reminder the no security can protect everything lawrence lee al jazeera london. now the largest and most comprehensive report into child sex abuse by catholic priests in the us has been released in pennsylvania the report details allegations of assaults on minors by those described as predator priests it also suggests there could be thousands of victims spanning a seventy year period the grand jury report also reveals cover ups ordered by
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senior church officials including cardinals at the vatican. to see church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as forcefully and wrestling and inappropriate contact it was none of those things it was schild sexual abuse including rape. comedic kind grown men priests against children. above all else. they protected their institution and all cost. kristen salumi was at that news conference. the attorney general for the state of pennsylvania described a systematic cover up at the highest levels of the church in pennsylvania one that went all the way to the vatican in a report that is considered to be the most comprehensive of its kind detailing church sexual abuse in the united states it looked at six out of eight diocese in
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the state of pennsylvania and found why the spread abuse more than a thousand victims around were identified many of them interviewed by a secret grand jury which comes titled this report three hundred one priests were found by the grand jury to have committed some form of child sexual abuse that range in cases from rape to inappropriate touching the oldest victim identified she is now eighty seven years old and the charges of abuse go back to one thousand nine hundred forty seven one family had five girls and all five of them allegedly were abused by one priest the youngest was only eighteen months old when the abuse started now as a result of this investigation two priests have been charged one of them has pleaded guilty. but many of the cases described in this report are actually too old to prosecute because of the statute of limitations in the state of pennsylvania
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that's something that both the attorney general and many of the victims who've been identified want to change. police have raided the offices of the top leadership of chile's catholic church they're looking for documents to support allegations of widespread abuse by the clergy prosecutors say they're investigating thirty eight cases of sexual offenses committed by priests they've identified at least one hundred four victims most of whom were minors of the time of the abuse when i left america at its alysia newman joins us live via skype from santiago to see what more do we know then about these police raids and why they're happening now damage a lot of broader than that this is just the latest. and on the headquarters of the catholic church here the bishops conference building but the investigations the problems that are taking place right now actually include one hundred and fifty eight members of the catholic church and at least two i did and seven the alleged victims some of them don't what the prosecutors were looking for specifically today
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and two weeks ago when they raided eight other offices was evidence of cover ups by bishops and in fact two cardinals including the archbishop of sound the admiral a very godless savvy who has been summoned to testify next week as a defendant in a hearing dealing with these abuses by the mighty step order this is a school that was run a catholic school and it just goes broader and broader every day. another cardinal who is actually now in rome and will sit on the nine cardinal member panels of advisors to the public on reforms is also now being investigated so for a country of only eighteen million people this is a huge huge scandal it's very broad and it also took as the pope personally because you may remember that when he came to chile in january he dismissed the charges made by the alleged victims he actually supported the he gave his
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illness his blessing to one of the bishops who was being accused of cover ups since then he has asked for forgiveness from the victims and from the people of chile and of syria how is all of this affecting the catholic church in china which as you say has been coming under increasing pressure over sex abuse scandals but you too used to be one of the most happily countries in the region. and the influence was was an extremely important but now of course less than half of the chilean people say that they belong or that they believe they'll consider themselves to be catholics but they say that they still believe in god they no longer go to choose. and church has been very very discredited sense here now whether the efforts that are being made now by the vatican to collaborate with the with the police with the investigators is going to turn that around but if it does that it's going to take clearly a long time that certainly what we hear from cheerleaders anyway let me out thank you. thank you notes also to coming out on jazeera including consulting the people
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cubans out there say i'm a biggest change to the island in decades. had already come descending that connection we tune into the french radio station with a unique message for refugees and asylum seekers. and in support former titleholder tyson fury has some choice words for the reigning world heavyweight champion that's also to come in the sport more on that stay with us. hello there's been yet more flooding in the northeast of the us this circulation of various heavy downpours just hasn't gone away they can see a streak of cloud of shores tails off in to florida and you can see here what hints at being big shadows of the plain states which is topping up on what's been a dry summer so far that's why you should seize showers to be honest so it's nice
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to say things are drawing out at least for most of the northeast corner although parts of those in new york state and beyond in certain eastern canada the rain is still there that picture will see some return for the most part of this let this lot is waiting to come across the appalachians we roll more rain to the northeast where s. further west apart from some decent showers in southern california and arizona maybe it's of southern utah there's not much going on but a hint of increased cloud in the northern california which might just might be good news to the south of all this typical caribbean daily showers although they're all not many investors until east we see some nice big white cats for me over his span yola same is true of kuber in jamaica and sherry picture that you can follow the winds towards the coast of costa rica and panama for brazil well the pacific coast looks wet but further east not say.
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china is keen to win friends and influence in the oil rich middle east business spark the long term plan of china to secure its resources for the future the i.m.f. said sub-saharan region as a whole now is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera at least twenty five people have been killed and many more injured after a highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa it came down during heavy rains sending vehicles plunging around one hundred meters to the ground. after days of heavy losses the turkish lira covered some ground on tuesday the president russia tied thirty one has called for a boycott of u.s. electronic goods in retaliation for what he says is an economic attack on his country on friday and washington impose new sanctions in response to the detention of a u.s. pastor. and the largest and most comprehensive report into child sex abuse by
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catholic priests in the u.s. has been released the details allegations of assaults on my nose by so-called predator priests and suggest that could be thousands of victims spanning a seventy year period. now turkey and russia say they want to find a solution to stop the fighting in syria is in the province the foreign ministers from both countries met in ankara turkey is against the syrian government's offensive to recapture the opposition's last major stronghold madlib come assumes says there's no reason to target the whole province just to root out some armed groups russia and turkey support opposing sides in the syrian war. screws on the just a little secret to share stoney's all these areas of deescalation was set up under certain street conditions first of all there was agreement that the ceasefire arrangements do not apply to terrorists all the territory they occupy this agreement is about all the areas of deescalation but it is much more complicated
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because of the dominance of jabar child newser in the area which is defined as a terrorist organization by the un. provincial governor of yemen has narrowly escaped a roadside bomb attack i mean mahmood was the governor was the target of the blast in aden province several others were injured one of the do as been monitoring that incident from neighboring djibouti. governor i mean mahmoud was a tunning from a citizen of mid things with official so president of the rebel masood hard this government which has base itself in other and since two thousand and fifteen he escaped with minor injuries but some of his security guards and aides was say to have been killed in the arts hark says rush to the scene and security forces were quickly deployed to the in my neighborhood of one where there are talk or card nor claimed responsibility for local officials are blaming. there's been an increase in the number of roadside bombings and drive by shootings in of them in percent among
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something off which will say signifies an uptick in al qaeda activity in the city. afghans living in the city of gasoline are running out of food and water as the battle between the taliban and military continues for the fifth day residents say the taliban has captured more than half the city afghan forces say nearly two hundred people have been killed in the fighting. residents of gaza may flee from afghanistan's new frontline in the war between the taliban and the military. and the taliban was stationed at the building inside goes in the city near the office of the provincial reconstruction team and government forces were firing mortars towards them but the mortars were hitting the residential houses. the assault started with a taliban attack on the police headquarters early friday morning over five days it is morphed into a city under siege a well stocked taliban against the afghan military which has us is support two
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hundred seventy thousand people shelter in their homes running out of food and water without power or communications. rather see the government is not able to transfer the dead bodies some of them have swollen up i want the government to transfer the dead and move the injured to a safer place. the people of gaza a largely on there are in the un has no presence in the city the main hospital is overwhelmed and running out of supplies the red cross is ferrying fuel body bags and bandages to its doctors our focus has been the local hospital as well as as of today we get also trying to help to to get their view to our colleagues strong via the constant red crescent to collect. by the use and to transport them back to their families. residents say the taliban controls more than half the city there well equipped with trucks guns and rocket launches the taliban post victories on the twitter account of chick points of iran and soldiers killed on monday the
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military deployed one thousand more troops to gaza and. the government is defiant that it's still under their control with every day comes a new declaration of victory but. at the heart with the measures they have been taken by the government i can say with courage that within twenty four hours there will be a remarkable change to the situation in gaza a province. but another day has come and girls nice people report nor change other than diminishing rations of food and water both sides are entrenched disparate to are in the city. is just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul lies on the motorway connecting the capital to southern afghanistan it's a high value assets but thousands of afghans trapped inside shell of dallas al-jazeera now it's been five years since egyptian security forces killed hundreds of protesters in the capital cairo they were protesting in a robust square against
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a military coup which depose the democratically elected president mohamed morsi human rights watch described it as one of the world's largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history one of smith reports. the wizened and you'll sit in warms the voice from egypt's ministry of interior. i think everyone wants to avoid any bloodshed. but by now hundreds of people had already been killed by the country's security forces as they moved in to end the last of the major protests by supporters of president mohamed morsi he'd been deposed in a military coup for forty seven days they'd occupied a square outside the we a mosque we have suffered from cannot kill us just secured ours just to kill our president is morsi. legitimacy this is old point of view that's you are
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not healing because. this is this is bullets. this is both go they are there and they are not in the war. most of the protesters had little to defend themselves with the security forces said that some of them were probably big trouble yes yes look look. everyone in the. square including journalists covering the protest came under a hail of apparently indiscriminate gunfire this was a team from al-jazeera was five years later more than seven hundred people arrested at a standing trial together the cases of seventy five of them have been referred to egypt's top religious or party to decide whether they should be sentenced to death. among those on trial is photojournalist mahmoud known as shall count he was arrested for taking pictures of the security forces as they broke up the protest. god willing
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the trial is fair with no injustice he's a man who's been wronged at the end of the day journalism isn't an insult or a crime. more than a thousand people were likely killed on august fourteenth twenty thirteen that's according to human rights watch. no one from the egyptian security forces has ever been charged with any offenses relating to the massacre. al-jazeera. people in sierra leone have been remembering victims of a mudslide on the outskirts of the capital freetown a year ago they were killed after a trench will downpour sent mud and rocks hurtling down a mountain crushing surrounding villages three thousand people lost their homes the government's been criticised for not doing enough to really house them but it dress was at the ceremony in freetown. a few hundredths of a gallon here to commemorate the day when you know more than one thousand two hundred people aside from the sugarloaf mountain just
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a few more hundred meters from where we decide he says we're all doing. a lot of evil in the world now the situation is such that the emotions are still people cry for the. people who don't seem to have a problem of not giving the prominent members a decent burial actually calling out for the government to at least move the debris and examine those bodies to be given a decent burial as soon as they can now with meds and lady who was married only seven months before the disaster struck she lost her husband and sixteen members of one speakers rose to all including the u.n. special representative one issue that came out and that is the. exploitation of the environment that you see the sensitivity of these disasters we've also spoken to environment and it's to say that the way the environment and resources i've been.
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there is another disaster waiting to happen so for the time being the focus now of these people is how to move on in life which is very difficult some have not have the closure they needed and so they are looking up to the government to give them the chance to grow and move on with their lives the u.s. state of nebraska has carried out its first execution in more than twenty is using a controversial combination of drugs for the lethal injection kerry dean moore was convicted of killing two men in one nine hundred seventy nine opioid fentanyl was part of a four drug combination that's never been used in executions in the u.s. a german company that makes two of the drugs tried to sue nebraska saying the state lied to get the drugs because they're not usually sold to prisons. former white house aide arrows a month ago newman says president trump is trying to silence newman just released a tell all book which accuses trump of racism. his twenty twenty lection campaign is filed a lawsuit saying newman breached her confidentiality agreement she wrote her book
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after being fired in december on twitter the president expressed his outrage over the book calling newman crazed underdog. and lawyers for donald trump's former campaign manager finished their case in his fraud trial without calling any witnesses called manifolds accused of tax evasion on lying to obtain bank loans the charges aren't related to his time with the trump campaign the case was brought by a special counsel robert muller is investigating possible collusion between russia and trump's presidential campaign. now a leader of a party advocating independence for hong kong has accused china of suppressing freedom of speech both the chinese and hong kong government wanted to stop and the chairman from giving a speech at the foreign correspondents club but china's foreign ministry condemned the f.c.c. for hosting chan and said there's a bottom line for freedom of speech his right macbride. protest by probe aging supporters outside hong kong's foreign correspondent spoke how did you learn their
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anger aimed at the man speaking inside. andy chan leads a small political party advocating independence from china leading to accusations that he's threatening national security due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to the single word independence in reality what the national party is chasing now there is no difference from what many homeowners wish for the dream of democracy. although he says he's not guilty of any crime the police have recommended his party be banned if that happens he says it sets a precedent for stifling all debate about independence but that is a very dangerous idea because they can accuse of you people in a restaurant to discuss about independence they say you have the potential to form
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a party and you have the potential to threaten their national security so we are going to arrest you right now to take preventive measures. chan is from a new generation of activists which has grown out of the so-called umbrella movement four years ago that occupied the streets of hong kong demanding greater autonomy hong kong's then leader see why learned was the target for their anger and his attacks on the foreign correspondents club along with other probe aging figures for allowing chan's lunchtime appearance has stood up the protests i mean you know your family and i you asked me if the f.c.c. should leave hong kong of course maybe even arrest them. which chinese would love our country why are you separating us from china. it's led to fears of this issue being used in a white to attack on press freedom they seem to be signaling the people to have the
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beijing that they really would like to be much more like the chinese mainland where there are controls the more journalists can do what journalists can say and indeed where they can operate for beijing get it support is the word independence has become a red line that shouldn't be crossed the fear for pro-democracy groups here is that a future though may officially banned even mention of it and so rolling back ever further the freedoms enjoyed by hong kong people macbride al-jazeera uncalled. for hong kong government says press freedom is not under threat but discussion of the city's independence should not be allowed. with hong kong as a constitutional responsibility to protect. the national sovereignty and territorial integrity and national security of the people's republic of china and hong kong and all of the people's republic of china so there's no question at all
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in the. any discussion. of. pushing forward the national. focus to. five e.u. countries have agreed to take in some of the one hundred forty one migrants on board a rescue ship malta says it will now allow the m.v. aquarius and dock it ends a four day standoff during which spain had all refused to ship entry they wanted to be taken to libya to the nearby talian island of lampedusa the migrants will now go to france germany luxembourg portugal and spain. to have its most significant political change in more than forty years and the government wants citizens to get involved thousands of community meetings are being held for people to share their thoughts on the new draft constitution from havana reports.
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their work day is done at this hospital and have an app but the staff can't go home yet. they're staying on to discuss the proposed changes to the cuban constitution thousands of these government organized meetings are taking place across the island over the next three months. it's the most comprehensive change to the country's constitution in over forty years we're going to look at i'm here to fulfill my revolutionary duty i haven't read the full project but i think it's all great. last month cuba's national assembly approved the draft constitution after several days of televised debate. the main changes proposed establishing term limits on the presidency was amending the communist party as the sole governing body on the island benefiting going to the process will help strengthen the unity of all cubans around the revolution. but cuba's legislators had to make concessions to reflect an evolving society and to try to ensure
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a more sustainable economy for the first time since the castro led revolution to power the proposed magna carta right.


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