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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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we are not hearing that so many people are going to their banks and trying to change. american dollars so right now the markets have cooled down and the psychology in the business world and among the turkish people this. thank you. israel is reopening the only commercial crossing into gaza after a month long shut down the qur'an abu salim crossing was closed on july the ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says clothes fuel and construction material can now enter and israel's expanded the fishings of off the shore of gaza let's go live now to charles transferred to is in cairo. how many trucks are they expecting per day to make this crossing. well certainly according to the israeli media and some of the people we've spoken to here today it's expected that at least today when we're looking at around eight hundred trucks potentially could be crossing as you can see these trucks are coming
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in they're filling up with their goods across on the other side of the border before going back into gaza i know man of goodspeed. as you say there's food coming in this construction materials coming again there's all these gas all these vital products that gaza has been so lacking for this last months as you say this was as a result of a security assessments done by the israelis we're also looking at an expansion of the fishing area the area that the fishermen of gaza can operate in these areas have said that the northern section of the gaza strip will be expanded to sprawl three nautical miles to six old school miles that's the area close to their border and then the south of the gaza strip up to north school miles so little bit of rest spite there for the fishermen of gaza but yeah an important day here after months of severe restrictions on allowing goods like this into the gaza strip to get the
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feeling where you are shows that israel is prepared to shut the border crossing i guess at a moment's notice if there's another spike in trouble between the palestinians and the israelis. that's exactly it yeah and let's not forget that this is just. a little bit of an easing of these kind of measures that israel takes the blockade is very much in place still and of course we see these big escalations in violence in recent weeks the israelis of have threatened or there's been certainly a lot of pressure on the israeli government for a large scale military operation if we see another escalation of course we understand that there is a hamas delegation another faction delegations in cairo at the moment trying to flesh out all maintain this calm it's not really a truce because israel has not yet formally recognized it and we understand that the palestinian authority delegation will be arriving in cairo potential thursday
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because there is a p.l.o. meeting today and they will be focusing on the wider plan for reconciliation between fatah and hamas with the idea of potentially a reconciliation a unity government i'm sorry and of course that is hugely important because it's understood that that will put even more pressure on israel to ease the siege charles thanks very much. more than forty afghan police officers have been killed in an attack on a military base in the northern province of babylon local leaders say nine police officers and thirty five soldiers died it's the latest assault on the security forces in afghanistan the afghan government says is made major gains in the city of gasoline as the army battles the taliban at least four hundred people have been killed in the past week fighting continues on the city's outskirts and villages nearby the military sent in an extra one thousand soldiers on monday to clearly armed group people have no electricity and they're running out of food and water. still to come here on al jazeera the indian prime minister unveils ambitious plans
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for the world's largest public health care scheme. and increasing calls to let brazil's jailed former president still. run for the top job one more time. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello local back to international weather forecasts well we have had storms pushing across parts of italy those storms have been quite severe at times gusty winds coming down across the central regions of italy now we're looking at some storms making their way from the central down towards the southern as we go for the rest of the day so northern italy you're looking a little bit better today temperatures there into the mid to high twenty's rome you can be seeing some showers at about thirty degrees but we're looking at better conditions out here towards the west here for france we're going to be seeing
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a fall a bundy push through that is going to bring some gusty winds there up towards the u.k. you'll be seeing some rain pushing through for london showers for you and some rain coming down to about twenty two degrees as we make our way towards their stay well across the northern part of africa really not looking too bad in most locations we are seeing some showers pushing out of tunisia those will push into the mediterranean and really for algeria we could be seeing some clouds making their way into the forecast as we go from wednesday into thursday those showers making their way into algiers for twenty eight degrees for you over here towards morocco ribot we have six c. a temperature of twenty four degrees there then across much of central africa here along the coast we are going to see some heavy rain showers few temperatures there we're looking into the low thirty's. the weather sponsored by cats are nice.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera from doha just to recap your top stories italy's transport minister has ordered a check of major infrastructure across the country after the collapse of a motorway bridge in genoa rescue teams have pulled thirty seven bodies from the rubble hundreds of firefighters are digging through the steel and the concrete.
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turkey's raise tariffs on some u.s. imports and is calling for a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in retaliation for what it calls a deliberate economic attack the lira has fallen by more than forty five percent against the dollar since the beginning of the year israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza because. it was closed on july the ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says clothing fuel and construction material cannot cross over. a new report is accusing more than three hundred catholic priests in the u.s. state of pennsylvania of sexual abuse it details allegations of assaults on children by those described as predator priests over a period of seventy. he is his christensen to me. the accusations are stunning in scale more than one thousand victims of more than three hundred roman catholic priests for decades they escaped justice because of
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a systematic cover up that included high ranking church officials and allegedly went all the way to the vatican. priests were raped raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they should at all for decades. the landmark report compiled by a secret grand jury of the state of pennsylvania took two years to compile many victims have been waiting decades for their voices to be heard and their pain to be acknowledged sean daugherty says he was abused as a child by a priest at his school whom other children had complained about you know the school protected them and allowed man three my friends and i was very dear to help pack is belongings in the rectory pack up the car and go to the new parish and the new school and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being transferred for sexually abusing two brothers two priests have been charged and one has already pleaded guilty to molesting a seven year old boy as
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a result of the investigation many of the crimes outlined in the report however took place too long ago to be criminally prosecuted. the report places significant blame on a former bishop of the diocese of pittsburgh cardinal donald wuerl for what it describes as his role in covering up abuse worl now the head of the archdiocese of washington d.c. responded in a written statement saying that he acted with diligence with concern for the victims and to prevent future abuse in july pope francis accepted the resignation of archbishop theodore mccarrick from the college of cardinals one of the church's most powerful bodies amid allegations of molestation and sexual misconduct. leave the bishops if they give us the opportunity for and the justice made an apology isn't enough for sean daugherty and other victims who are calling on lawmakers to change the statute of limitations and force the catholic church to finally pay for
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its sins kristen salumi al-jazeera harrisburg zimbabwe's ruling party is trying to get the opposition's challenge to last month's election results thrown out the president and listen. party submitted the paperwork to the court on wednesday they want it to reject the petition filed by the opposition m.d.c. alliance last week its leader nelson chamisa accuses mr gore of rigging the presidential vote. in harare zanu p.f. as for all these papers what happens now. was on a day of official say that the opposition has no case and they want the inauguration to happen as soon as possible so what happens make the opposition after three days to respond then the judges will sit and meet they could. go won the election and he has to be sworn into office within forty eight hours they could order a recount or they could order a fresh election within sixty days once
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a judgment is made once a ruling is made that is final there is no room for appeal and we have no idea when the judges will make that ruling by the have between now and about fourteen days to do so does the opposition believe they have a chance in court. some say they do some say since robert mugabe the former president was forced from office by the army they say that maybe there are some people who still support who don't like women god why maybe some of those in the judiciary they could maybe side with the opposition but some say traditionally the courts have been seemingly been aligned to the ruling zanu p.f. party so they have their doubts but they say going to the courts is not the only strategy the other two still follow they haven't said what those routes are but they're waiting for the outcome of the courts there's another court case happening at the moment the opposition alliance partner tonight meet even the magistrate's court he was arrested last week for public violence and for breaking the literal nor he gave
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a press conference to the media where he said that nelson chamisa the main opposition leader had won the election and is a law that is illegal to do so terms of public violence it's a late on the sixth of august he told opposition supporters to go to the streets burned cars burned property and in harare and allegation he denies now saying to me so the main opposition leader denies these allegations he says they're politically motivated rather we have no idea how long that court appearance or that how long that trial is going to last how do the voters feel about this now being taken into the legal arena well some say at least it's not on the streets those are some of the violence on the sixth of all this way six people were starting killed by soldiers said lisa it's peaceful now it's been taken to the courts but there is frustration of course because it means things can move the president can appoint a cabinet parliament conchs things can move forward people want to invest can come into the country and invest so those concerned about the economy are really concerned that this is taking too long they want this to end so they can move on
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with their lives and right now they have no idea when that is going to be. india's prime minister has revealed what's being billed as the world's biggest government funded health scheme the plan will cover around half a billion poor people in the rendered movie made the announcement during independence day celebrations in new delhi critics say there are huge shortages in the health system and the country doesn't have the services to look after its population. there is good good good the america the poor of the country will not have to struggle going to fall sick they will not have to borrow from money lenders or families will not be destroyed. and thomas has more now from go a hearty. at the moment health care in india is pretty terrible for all but the very richest the country overall spends about one point five percent of its annual g.d.p. on health that is way down on the global average of about six percent more that means in practice is that only the very richest have access to hospital beds like these only people like these can afford the private insurance they need to get it
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all what the national health protection scheme or mody care as it's being called by everybody here will do is it'll roll out a public insurance scheme which in theory gives about five hundred million people that's almost half this country's population access to health insurance policy that gives them up to seven thousand u.s. dollars equivalent to spend on health care each year if they get seriously ill now it sounds ambitious it sounds progressive it is but it comes with caveats this country does not have the infrastructure to support the extra demand that all those people wanting health care will want it simply doesn't have the bates and then there's the cost at least one point five billion dollars a year will be needed from public coffers to pay for this on their own for modi is facing reelection early next year he made modi care its absolute signature policy in his speech the independence day on wednesday he wants this message this
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health care message to reach right around the country and be the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. five e.u. countries have agreed to take in one hundred forty one migrants from a rescue ship. it will now allow the m.v. aquarius to dock a four day standoff during which spain and malta all refused permission for it to enter they want the ship to head to libya tunisia or the nearby italian island of lampedusa the migrants were taken to france germany luxembourg portugal and spain. of course in turkey has freed two greek soldiers who'd been detained on spying charges they've been locked up since march accused of entering the country illegally and attempted military espionage greasers these soldiers crossed into turkey by mistake while following the trail of refugees and migrants the cases feel tensions between the two neighboring nato allies. thousands of brazilians are planning a big rally to demand their choice a presidential candidate be allowed to run the former leader luis enough you
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alluded to silva is serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption the reports now from brasilia. it was here in the arid northeast of brazil. enjoyed strong supporters president with his social programs that helped alleviate poverty his imprisonment earlier this year for corruption as part of the huge car wash scandal has left many voters disillusioned with their politicians and cynical about the political process now at school there is no confidence in the electoral process brazilians don't trust politicians especially with all these corruption probe so i don't see anyone talking about the elections. as popularly known is still ahead in the opinion polls his supporters believe he is innocent and the country struggling to emerge from the session they remember that between two thousand and three and two thousand and ten the store a booming economy and they believe he can save them again and lula you know there
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is no other option. he's a political prisoner he wasn't condemned there is no proof against him and he was arrested for good and i am it's unlikely however that the will be able to stand up since has created a political void it's never been easy to represent a country so huge so ethnically diverse so rich and yet so poor but really have brazil's politicians involved in a huge corruption scandal often hiding in distant brasilia been so unrepresentative of the brazilian electorate. tapping into that disillusionment is the anti establishment white wing military man. his support is growing especially in senses far from brasilia in the well to stop our low in rio. the benefits to coming when we talk about candidates we are on hold people in general don't trust any of the candidates however i have kind of decided my candidate is going to be both so narrow. however opinion polls suggest that more than half the brazilian electorate
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don't know who to vote for or don't like any of the choices on offer and won't cost a ballot despite voting being obligatory. i think brazil is heading towards complete chaos that is my impression politicians are not governing it's a complete mess the same politicians are now faced with the challenge of convincing a disparate electorate in a country of more than two hundred million inhabitants that they have the solutions to brazil's many problems. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories so far italy's transport minister has ordered a check of major infrastructure across the country after the collapse of a motorway bridge in genoa rescue teams of coal thirty seven bodies from the rubble hundreds of firefighters are digging through the steel and concrete the tasha butler has more now from near the bridge. it is just
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a pile of rubble and concrete and that is what is making this rescue operation say difficult because the emergency service workers are having to use large machinery to move some of the concrete to use their hands pickaxes really pick through the rubble with sniffer dogs trying to find any signs of life because as the hours pass of course it will become more and more difficult for any survivors to be pulled out alive turkey has raise tariffs on more u.s. imports and is calling for a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in retaliation for to cause a deliberate economic attack the leader has fallen more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this year. israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza because. it was closed on july the ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the israeli defense minister says clothing fuel and construction material cross over. more than forty afghan police officers have been
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killed in an attack on a military base in the northern province of bug local leaders say nine police officers and thirty five soldiers died is the latest assault on the security forces in afghanistan. zimbabwe's governing party is trying to get the opposition's challenge to last month's election results thrown out the president and. party submitted the paperwork on weapons day they want the court to reject the petition filed by the opposition m.d.c. alliance last week its leader nelson chamisa accuses me of rigging the presidential vote. a new report is suggesting there could be thousands of victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania in the u.s. it details allegations of assaults on children by those described as predator priests over a period of seventy years the indian prime minister has revealed what's being billed as the world's biggest government funded health scheme the plan will cover around half a billion poor people last more news on the web site al jazeera dot com up next the
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stream by. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories the ones were dropped and when the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists the images matter a lot in. the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on the report on the stories that matter the most the big surge is someone from the country who guides you who leads you to the story you the bar line tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. i have the ok and you're in the stream today we examine the growing sexual abuse scandal within the catholic church in chile i really could be allowed to ask whether the church is doing enough to ensure survivors get justice and how it can prevent future cases of mistreatment join the conversation via twitter and our you tube shop.
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the catholic church is mired in a sexual peace scandal that is now under the lens of special prosecutors just a few hours ago authorities raided the headquarters of the chilean bishops conference it's part of an investigation into at least thirty eight cases of abuse allegedly committed by catholic clergy members survivors say the church sought to actively cover up the report and in some cases simply moved alleged offenders to different dioceses activists within the lay community have responded angrily to the church's handling of the allegations in one case a protest to storm santiago cathedral to demand the resignation of archbishop ricardo exactly he's on the investigation for allegedly covering up reports of abuse and he's going to testify in court next week earlier this month chilean bishops pleaded for forgiveness for their handling of the abuse allegations the president of the bishops conference pledged to cooperate with investigators have
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a look. we would like to humbly recognize that we have failed and i would priests for not listening believing tending to and supporting the victims of these grave sins and injustices committed by priests and other religious authorities. but beyond apologies how can the church reform itself to combat sexual abuse by the clergy for more on this we're joined from santiago chile by jose and. he is director of the un's up foundation for trust the group provides help and support to survivors of sexual abuse from dublin we have marty collins she is chief executive of the money collins foundation which works to support children who suffered sexual abuse online she's also a former member of the pontiff a core commission for the protection of minus augustine what it is a jesuit priests and he joins us from santiago and in brussels we have. she is
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a professor of theology at the catholic university of chile hello everybody. when people look at this story that they may well be thinking of the scandal in the catholic church this time in chile a what different about this one mari. pope this one are you think because the pope. after a visit to the country made some very derogatory and scathing remarks about the victims. and then had to apologize. it really brought the attention of the world on chile. of course has happened is in chile is horrific but my belief is we have the same thing in so many of the country if we look at what is happening in chile. victims coveralls abusers being protected it's a passion that repeats and repeats and repeats and the apologies repeat and repeat
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listening to the apology there in chile reminded me of apologies that i heard here in ireland. twenty years ago and we heard them in america we heard them in australia we've heard them in country after country but the situation in chile is really an example all of what is happening in so many countries but it is such a clear example and i think the fact that the police are going in that. you know the local authorities are taking action that has to happen more because if the church are not going to deal properly with this abuse of vulnerable adults and children then the state whatever state maybe has to step in and do it because it's come to the point now where we can't trust the church to do it tomorrow i shipping talking i've been saying songs i know things sound or what's behind that not. well i think that. the question our.
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institutional structure is working is this is the biggest point that is behind i mean there is a kind of. relationships that are a significant ones that are being made in this crisis year. are are creating this peace and direct for the future to. to increase i mean it's a kind of relationship that are in crisis right at this moment in my opinion. but the fact that the pope is being taken this chilean case in his soul hands. has to do with two thinks on the one hand that the chilean church are the two going to party to use. where unable simply unable to to take.
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issue. and to solve the problem and to really care about what what was going on. and on the other hand if. it if telling us about how centralized the church become church war why if if it's being right at this moment if the parent doesn't care about what is happening in all the local churches the problem maybe will never be in the soul. jose i'm wondering what you think at this point in the conversation because we got this tweet from someone named monica she says her son no is a small and quiet city where bishop was appointed despite accusations of him covering up sexual abuse there were big protests and she says the pope called know
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and habitants falls though that it's not an exact quote she says it was sad though to see how the pope allowed to deeply divide the city where i grew up jose can you relate to what she's saying here. i'm part of the group who accused. the. of a priest named father because he my very powerful. very powerful priest in t.v. who was in. quest protected by by different the authorities and especially of he was protected by the couple the church in i.o.t. and we started up a struggle against not only against. a father who abused a big group of teenagers but especially we accused the church of cover cover
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up this case and when when we started this when we started this. fight against a coach or of abuse and cover up in the church. the pope came to chile and. the pope told us it was it was of very a very hit the the heavy word against us against us is enough that we were lawyers. about this case and the case of covering up and protecting their father kind of or part of one another important. bishop called bottles who was to be shipped in this field or so to know is where is this person telling the pope divided them you know so not telling them that they
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were. left wing and friendly. to the people and after after those war to the polls i don't know. the problem the pope realized that he he was committed i missed a very big mistake and he invited us to talk to him. and to here is that not only to get to two to give. us forgiveness but to hear from our part some suggestions no we spend one week in the house with him talking about some recommendations i'm talking about this culture of abuse sexual abuse especially. this i know this. is the first time but but but we we tried to
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highlight the concept of cover up so cover up is us serious. harm. harmful is. the abuse itself all right and so on. has a my comeback changed in just a moment because i want to bring in the father into the conversation father you're in santiago and i want to show our viewers this scene from santiago in july when protesters took over the cathedral i want you to actually look at this video have a look right now i don't resign we must redeem many sins and he is a high official the church is consecrated staff have much more responsibility before god but also before the people of chile and before the crimes that have been committed with the chills you'll get it you're going to. but i'm just wondering what it's like to be a catholic priest
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a jesuit priest in chile right now what is the mood like. i think we're going through one of the divas crisis in the chilean history of a church and it's not easy to be a priest today and many of us feel deep sorrow and deep pain especially for what the victims have suffered i feel people like. this will be your comment on and. it will be interesting because while i feel they have been made many of us many priests feel they have been real heroes because they have gone through a great struggle to to be heard and to to be believed and one of the greatest sins we have listened to specially they are bishops is that they were not able to listen to him and it was
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a press which listened to them and maybe this possible that truth came out so i think they have done us a great a great contribution if it and we feel very often very ashamed of what as a church what we have done and i think we're going through this deep crisis which after a very prestigious to which during the dictatorship we had in the seventy's nine hundred seventy three july one thousand nine hundred eighty nine we had an dictatorship in which the church had a great and fearless struggle in trying to to defend the human rights and then has gone down very fast because it hasn't been able to to keep up in.


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