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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 227  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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expect. edouard to visit us in september eleventh serious discussions we are partners in nato with our partners if you have a customs union between the e.u. and turkey we have we have three million turks. popley bits turkish national tea party with german national tea party with both living in germany working here we have a vital interest in stable in the state of turkey and the trickle down relations are the energy but the trick i'm sorry to interrupt is just that since you're bringing up the ties between turkey and germany that leads me to a follow up question for you because on monday german chancellor angela merkel said that they want to make sure that you know that the central bank in turkey has its independence she said nobody has an interest in economic disable ization in turkey and everything must be done to ensure an independent yes central bank so my
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question for you is would germany be in a position to help now in some way well i don't know we will give him a new on the it why it's that our stability our arising out of the ashes of world war two was largely due to not only our efforts and part and free trade and so forth but all in so that we've run by in our money terry policy by and in the pendent central bank and also the european central bank have insisted on that is independent north central bank that cannot act independently can pursue rational and reasonable monetary policies and if everyone doesn't understand this. it may be almost hopeless to head turkey but if he and that should decide to see the light we might be able of course to help
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them because we have a vital interest in a stable turkey for all kinds of strategic economic reasons but also because turkey due to the three million turks in germany is part of our domestic policy scene and what are president everyone's options right now. well there are several options i mean the first obvious right thing to do would be to do what our other guest was suggesting to provide the central bank with the independence that it needs to fulfill its mandate but if out on continues with his in insistence to not allow this then the other options are one one of them of course going to the i.m.f. . there are many observers who are betting that this will end up being the case however of course there is a big issue with that and that is the fact that the government really invested
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a lot in its claim that it was under this government that turkey finally came out of these i.m.f. programs and subs it subjugation to policies and posed by international organizations for add on to go back to the i.m.f. would be a big embarrassment another option would be to seek support from the turn at the allies which are known as already hinted he might do russia china qatar but again it's dubious the extent of the help which these governments me be willing to offer. and obviously releasing the pastor would be yet another option a very obvious solution to diffuse the economic strings and the problem there of course is the fact that with the sanctions having been imposed on turkey by
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president trump no one no longer has. a way to. come to a solution with the u.s. was also of saving face and not appearing like turkey is capitulating to it to the u.s. as threats and certainly to release the past they're under bunsen right. you know without any major concessions from the u.s. side would appear to be doing exactly that so hence the difficulty of the situation . you heard a gay there talk about the detained american pastor andrew bronson my question is how much of this confrontation now is basically a fight between u.s. president donald trump and turkish president. air to one i believe that it is the tip of the iceberg because particularly in the united states as a matter of fact sanctions towards turkey to lay to pass to brass and they're all
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going to be cooked in the congress so even if the president had not weighed in you would see the sanctions coming from the u.s. congress vorse turkey so as a matter of fact it's divisible part of a much deeper and bigger problem between the two and between turkey and the united states it includes turkey's purchase of as four hundred missiles from russia it includes well i mean it's includes differences between the united states and turkey even it comes to syria and actually the whole of the middle east it includes public opinion towards the united states in turkey and public opinion towards turkey in the united states so i would not call it a problem between the presidents idea trick is the u.s. turkey crisis beyond repair at this point or do you think that it can be mended whale to tripes special tides if you want to put it to egomaniacs getting at each other
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a quiet squarely feeing what i think about the two. that's always difficult in particular because they are both determined by. let's see the messy policy consideration in the united states for instance that they have in the elections. and the bible belt the pot store the bible belt it is important they stopped in the united states as support for president trump and his party so we'll have this aspect and i would say that to the the parts store who is of the same. protestant could not take ition christian connotation as the vice president of the united states plays a big role and we need to find a face saving mechanism to get this passed out of the fire
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line i think that is important yes there are other considerations and. like the game turkey plays by being room have in have out nato have with the with have with putin buying one material from the russians etc etc i think he is over stretching its limits and where he is vulnerable he has now been taught that there's no free lunch even not for it turkish president on the other hand the american president doesn't care too much about what's going on in europe including turkey. he has his own domestic agenda so we are in a very precarious situation and i as a german european i therefore think that not only germany but the european union
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heads to play a certain role in order to. get things calm down but for that we need also some flexibility from both sides including ords or the president of turkey again looked as though you were reacting to what dietrich was saying there did you want to add to what he had remarked upon well my reaction was one of agreements for the first time the turkish government finds itself where the u.s. counterparts where which doesn't really care what their turkey remains in the nato or not at least when we talk about a trumpington of it's not really one of his primary considerations that go into his decision making. until now turkey always used the current based on the assumption that the u.s. side would not. risk losing turkey to russia and
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breaking the nato ranks and i think that was the source of the turkish government's miscalculation in what happened in the past couple of weeks. and the question now is based on what they have experienced whether the president mr i do want will go into a strategic reconsideration in how it deals with the us based on his realisation that the old tactics no longer work that's the optimistic scenario the pessimistic scenario is one in which we are seeing the beginnings of a permanent break between these decades a lot old allies. oh dear what do you think what are the strategic and geo political ramifications of all of this. first of all i would like to express that although a diplomatic solution is possible it is also very difficult at this point because the president of the united states with this tweet sad statement says not only dig his heels into his current position but is also denied the president to go on and
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on the way out of this crisis so at the moment a unilateral. decision by president added on to release pastor bronson would make him appear weak domestically and also it initially and that is something that president added one would hate so the solution should be something in which pastor bronson is released in return for something that president add on japanese that to the turkish society as a success and the ramifications i actually did it concerning i don't think that either president trump or present add one has any intention to see turkey outside of nato though maybe needed would care deeply our i believe that this crisis could trigger a dynamic at the end of which turkey is nato membership would be questionable into a key as well as outside and even if it's not the intention of the turkish president actually events could drag turkey towards such as tradition i believe
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that a lot is that stage. and we should start acting today dietrich analysts have been saying that this financial crisis in turkey has been a long time in coming has this been a long time coming. of course it has but it has been now reinforced by american countermeasure because of this this. issue. which should not be underestimated i would like to repeat we germans as well as we europeans have no interest in letting turkey go down the drain so to speak economically we want a stable turkey in good relations and terms with the e.u. with nato. with all possibilities for turkey or to play
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a role in the middle east etc so we want to be partners. had one comes to visit us in berlin in september we will do our best to be of help whether that will be enough depends on the edge it you yes of the american president also but also of mr atwan i would like to remind you we were recently on the heavy threats from the american president on trade issues and to commission took a strong stand but also a flexible one and it came to a standstill and the are not on the goats uniting it is not impossible to bring a similar situation about. between turkey and the united states but it will require the head of. freds and pop most of turkey
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still economically strongly linked with turkey and on to domestic leaf through the three million turks in germany we will try to do our best whether it be big enough to do so will be to have probably the help of the commission the e.u. commission. major pop those like france in the e.u. and we will do our best that's all because i hope it depends also on the flexibility on the board these called participating in this all right we are out of time so we're going to leave there because. i want to be optimistic and go up to ms dietrich the duration sweet natured i'm sorry to interrupt what we have run out of time thank you very much we're going to have to leave it there so thanks very much to all our guests osborne look at dietrich von cow and egg said chicken and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's
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facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from name how much i'm doing the whole team here i found out. travel often. by tranquil boards and purple farts named pride won't rule. books if only. icons landmarks valleys and scotland's. live for adventure. discover its chops
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because following places closer thing going this is together with cats i always. in this new delhi swap artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on. tomato would disappear a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian games will host thousands of families competing across a mix of traditional and the limbic sports followers for good news and updates from
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jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one of one east investigates on al-jazeera. hello and has. the top stories on edge zero italy's transport minister has criticized the maintenance on the bridge that collapsed in genoa then hilo tony nearly has ordered a check of major infrastructure across the country is demanded all documentation from the company that oversees the bridges maintenance rescue teams are pulled thirty seven bodies from the rubble on a quest to see if maintenance to the bridge has not been out to taken as it should
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have it is extraordinary that this could have led to the blockage of such an important port as genoa we are studying a support proposal at the moment which will allow us to get people out of genoa and also a reconstruction project for the bridge israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza carol salim was closed on july ninth during crease tension between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says clothes fuel and construction material can now enter. india's prime minister has revealed what is being called the world's largest government funded health scheme where andrew modi says it will cover around half a billion people he made the announcement during independence day celebrations in new delhi critics say the government can't afford it. the poor of the
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country will not have to struggle going to fall sick people not have to borrow from money lenders families will not be destroyed. andrew thomas has more from guwahati . at the moment health care in india is pretty terrible for all but the very richest the country overall spends about one point five percent of its annual g.d.p. on health that is way down on the global average of about six percent more that means in practice is that only the very richest have access to hospital but it's like the only people like these can afford the private insurance they need to get it well what the national health protection scheme all modi care as it's being called by everybody here will do is it'll roll out a public insurance scheme which in theory gives about five hundred million people that's almost half this country's population access to health insurance policy that gives them up to seven thousand u.s. dollars equivalent to spend on health care each year if they get seriously ill now it sounds ambitious it sounds progressive it is but it comes with caveats this
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country does not have the infrastructure to support the extra demand that all those people wanting health care will want it simply doesn't have the bates and then there's the cost at least one point five billion dollars a year will be needed from public coffers to pay for this on their own for modi is facing reelection early next year he made modi care its absolute signature policy in his speech will independence day on wednesday he wants this message this health care message to reach right around the country and be the centerpiece of his re-election campaign has been an explosion close to an educational center in afghanistan a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up at the building which is west of the capital kabul police say casualties are likely. turkey has upped the ante and is continuing dispute with the united states it severely increased the tariffs on some u.s. imports and is calling for
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a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in response to what it calls a deliberate economic attack the lira has fallen more than forty five percent against the dollar this year turkish president richard cohen is now targeting cars where terrorists have raised to one hundred twenty percent he's also raised the charges against alcoholic drinks two hundred forty percent and tobacco is also in the crosshairs even though the top smoked crude cigarette brands in turkey are from the u.s. they will be subject to a surcharge of sixty percent tariff on cosmetics rice and cole will be doubled and the man who drove a car into barriers outside britain's parliament has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and twenty nine year old was initially detained under terrorism offenses police confirmed reports the suspect is a british citizen originally from sudan three people were injured in an incident those are the headlines and zillah world's next.
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a good year in southern morocco on the atlantic coast near the foot of the atlas mountains population around seven hundred thousand. industries tourism agriculture and fishing and major ports for exporting goods to europe and
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for imports into africa. camels no longer distribute produce the only effective network in this part of the world is the roads to places like dakar the capital of senegal. that it's. taking. roads and trucks hundreds if not thousands of them. drivers have to deal with the mechanics of huge engines and maneuver created monsters with eighteen tons mt over fourteen foot would need ten.
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thousand nine hundred. seventy four this film to try to drive very under three thousand kilometer journey from a good dealer to dakar. distribute i now needed help to make last minute repairs to his vehicle to get it's ready for the outward trip which might take as longest. to the folks. driving sketch and the spectators. are nice. and dogs could be sets off in the dark and heads off towards the coast road that will take him first to the southwestern border of morocco.
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atop this could be it is not. easy getting there struck by impact in public and the two go follow one another for the full three thousand kilometers to dakar for the mall all morning and then the on off. on it's. an ending she didn't need then over the last one second the women a lot of them say for it. it will look. like. a number. of those that she. and women are going to. look into that she. edible a india is.
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all talents. should do was. talk to us. and have to make their first stop before dawn to grab some fresh fruit from our normal. lives. a lot of the lower. end of any of. us. has guts but i it was good to see. there will be times in the next few days when they will miss not only their families thoughts also the simple comforts of even this modest roadside cafe.
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in the fifty's. but you know if you are a kid in the uk. of course it's all. but. one it but he and i have this could be your set off they can't always tell their families how long they'll be away such is the unpredictability of the journey ahead . for them to say visually. and i didn't feel. she she. didn't mean it did that to me.
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this is not like truck driving across the united states for long distances are common. but where ours are controlled by federal law. it's not like driving in europe with its titrate condition and vehicle monitoring systems measuring driver time activity. this is driving it so hard i think. there are no motorway service stations no twenty four hour s.o.'s vehicle recovery no spare parts at the end of a mobile phone. to call them. there
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should be a multiple it's always pistol to be a. slovak and surely you have been a hostile or that's. called on didn't make any sense of that but it's all that i know we're. challenging know your department. driving hours don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. painted on this trip is mineral material but whatever they're carrying they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station as there be huge distances to head with nothing but deserts hour after hour.


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