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tv   Tomorrow We Disappear  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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bid to try and force some last thing truce between hamas and israel a turkey has upped the ante in its continuing dispute with the united states it's sharply increased tariffs on some u.s. imports and is calling for a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in retaliation to what it calls a deliberate economic attack the liras fall in more than forty five percent against the dollar this year. the turkish president type one is now targeting cars where tariffs have been raised two hundred twenty percent he's also raised the charges against alcoholic drinks two hundred forty percent and tobacco is also in the crosshairs even though the most popular brands in turkey are from the u.s. they will be subject to a surcharge of sixty percent tariffs on cosmetics rice and cold. cereal as more from istanbul. the government's decision to increase tariffs on the. by the turkish media and by the turkish citizens when you look at the new science and the
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and the social media because there is a positive response on the support for the governments or television against the u.s. and united states increasing tariffs for the turkish products of course this is mainly a psychological impact where the economists say that healthful finance the psychology and this is the government began taking some measures again through the central bank and through the finance ministry and the turkish lira began gaining value against the american dollar and other other currencies as wall and besides a present. for american products and today's tariff the station is encourage ford's turkish people in a psychological way they think that they have something in their hand to response against the u.s. threats but of course on the other hand some economists say that would not the mean that would not mean much because the amount of the tariffs would not be any means to hurt the american economy still ahead aide workers face
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a new threat as they try to contain an ebola outbreak democratic republic of congo . making ends meet the war in yemen is hurting those with physical disabilities. hello looking back to international weather forecasts well across parts of china we have been watching a lot of tropical activity over the last few days and today is not any different than those we are watching one system down here across the south china sea as well as up here across the eastern coast of china let's take a look the forecast as we go for the next few days because we are going to be seeing plenty of rain coming out of these two systems down here across the south this storm is going to be making its way towards the west we do think as we go from
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thursday to friday we could be seeing a landfall in vietnam as a tropical storm but weakening quite quickly and that's going to be down to a depression but still bring quite a bit of heavy rain there and up towards shanghai we are going to be seeing some very heavy rain few as a tropical storm system makes its way on coast as well where across india very heavy rain showers have been the problem across much of the northeast down here towards the self but the trend is going to be pushing a little bit more towards a cell in the southwest over the next few days heavy rain from new delhi all the way down towards mumbai bigger loom cloudy skies few with a temperature of twenty five degrees and on friday those temperatures still staying quite warm with hyderabad at thirty one degrees there then very quickly over here towards the middle east we are looking at doha at forty four degrees and rid a clear sky at forty two degrees. it looks to me it sounds ugly. from america's high streets to mexico's on the
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world's very controlled is the side and who controls the other side the people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy at least america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. and again you're watching edge there reminder of our top stories this hour italy's transport minister says maintenance was not completed as it should have been on the bridge that collapsed in general. has ordered
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a check of major infrastructure across the country has also demanded all documentation from the company that oversees the bridges maintenance death toll has reached thirty seven. blasted an education in afghanistan's capital has killed at least twenty five people suicide bomber blew himself up at the building in the mainly shia area of west palm no one has claimed responsibility. and israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza. was closed on july ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians minister clothes fuel and construction material will be allowed in. fighting in the eastern democratic republic of congo is hindering efforts to stop an ebola outbreak the world health organization says aid workers have not been able to reach some areas. armed groups are present in our can report. on
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a recent trip to man gina in eastern democratic republic of congo the director general of the world health organization had a chance to see foam self how much work still needed to be done to end the above the crisis the latest outbreak began on august first and stands at fifty seven confirmed or suspected cases with forty one deaths back in geneva he didn't mince his words active complete the challenge. and the red zone as we you know accessible and of course you know addition to that the high population density the population movement. the conflict is hindering vaccination efforts the disease could infect everyone regardless of what side they're on. we call on the warring parties for a cessation of hostilities because the virus is dangerous to on doesn't choose between this group or that group the august first outbreak was
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declared in mind jean in north kivu province but officials on tuesday said it had since spread to the neighboring it to re province north kivu is densely populated with more than one million displaced people this is its tenth break the w.h.o. is clear without a ceasefire the disease will spread whether a cease fire can be achieved with or without international help is unlikely the democratic republic of congo has been in conflict for much of the past two decades the d.l.c. is rich in mineral resources some twenty four trillion dollars according to financial analysts. conflict has meant the country has stalled in development and low literacy rates mean that the w h o's message on a bottle of prevention has had limited success in wrong current which is a. a so safe all is a regional director for emergencies at the world health organization he says getting access to people who live in dangerous areas is a priority so i think it's important for everybody to understand that we need to
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have access to or. investigation so far where you have contact and cases you have access to this zone but we are not getting our lead from that area where you have groups to support them really to make sure that we can have some of the population to get good i'll have an early suspected case you can have it is a red zone important for the response time of continuous months important for our. population first for prevention because prevention is the first action and also to preparedness to make sure that the health for the health workers that they have. what their little group or two populations are really important to be productive look work for cases to you know spread. out it's important to be a. prevention of preparedness at least twenty two children on their way to school died when their boat sank crossing the river now in sudan state news agency says it
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was carrying more than forty people the engine failed in strong currents it happened in a small town around seven hundred fifty kilometers north of the capital hard to zimbabwe's ruling party is trying to get the opposition's challenge to last month's election result thrown out president emerson my god was zanu p.f. party submitted paperwork and wednesday they want a court to reject the petition filed by the opposition and d.c. alliance last week it accuses of rigging the presidential vote. the fraud trial involving u.s. president donald trump for my campaign manager is expected to end soon is accused of tax evasion and lying to obtain. prosecution and defense have begun their closing arguments the case was brought by a special counsel who is investigating possible collusion between russia and
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trump's presidential campaign has the latest outside the courthouse in alexandria virginia. closing arguments are underway here in this courtroom in alexandria virginia for paul man a fourth donald trump's former campaign manager now facing the potential of spending the rest of his life in prison he's being charged with tax evasion and bank fraud prosecutors had what seems to be a pretty strong case they detailed for jurors a very lavish lifestyle with million dollar homes in new york virginia and florida extravagant purchases tens of thousands of dollars for some one watch a jacket made of ostrich feathers for fifteen thousand dollars then they put on the stand his former business partner rick gates he's flipped on paul man afore he told the jury that they knew it was wrong to hide money in offshore bank accounts that they knew they were lying to the investigators when it came to their taxes and basically the defense didn't put on any kind of defense they're hoping that they were able to rip gates's credibility apart on the stand because on the stand he testified that he did steal money from an afford to pay for extramarital affairs so
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now the jury is going to get the case after the prosecution and the defense make their closing arguments but this isn't the only trial for paul man a for even if he's found not guilty here well he's going to go on trial again for similar to similar charges next month in washington d.c. . a new report is accusing three hundred catholic priests in the u.s. state of pennsylvania of sexual abuse it details allegations of assaults on children by those it cools credits of priests and it predicts the victims could number in the thousands christian salumi reform. the accusations are stunning in scale more than one thousand victims of more than three hundred roman catholic priests for decades they escaped justice because of a systematic cover up that included high ranking church officials and allegedly went all the way to the vatican. the priests were raped raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they
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hid it all for decades. the landmark report compiled by a secret grand jury in the state of pennsylvania took two years to compile many victims have been waiting decades for their voices to be heard and their pain to be acknowledged sean daugherty says he was abused as a child by a priest at his school whom other children had complained about you know the school protect them and allowed man three of my friends and i was very dear to help pakis belongings in the rectory pack up the car and go to the new parish and the new school and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being transferred for sexually abusing two brothers two priests have been charged and one has already pleaded guilty to molesting a seven year old boy as a result of the investigation many of the crimes outlined in the report however took place too long ago to be criminally prosecuted. the report places significant
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blame on a former bishop of the diocese of pittsburgh cardinal donald wuerl for what it describes as his role in covering up abuse worl now the head of the archdiocese of washington d.c. responded in a written statement saying that he acted with diligence with concern for the victims and to prevent future abuse in july pope francis accepted the resignation of archbishop theodore mccarrick from the college of cardinals one of the church's most powerful bodies amid allegations of molestation and sexual misconduct i believe the bishops if they give us the opportunity to find justice and we made an apology isn't enough for sean daugherty and other victims who are calling on lawmakers to change the statute of limitations and force the catholic church to finally pay for its sins kristen salumi al-jazeera harrisburg. around two million people in yemen are living with some type of disability and the international red
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cross estimates six thousand people of lost a limb or suffered some other severe injury since the war there began in two thousand and fifteen and even though there are laws that protect the rights of the disabled the war is making it difficult to enforce them one hundred at all reports from neighboring djibouti. physically disabled muhammad would be the yemenis struggling to survive the war in his country. with a proper job he provides for his wife and two children selling secondhand clothes in this tiniest hole in the cup with. conditions before the war were better after the war prices skyrocketed in the past people used to buy from me without any concern now prices are astronomical i sell for a slim margin people hardly buy and if they buy a bargain a lot. for yemenis with disabilities like mohammed the visit options calls by years of conflict between government forces and rebels and an all out war since two
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thousand and fifteen have been could is this suffering and put many out of drops in schools and as the war grinds on their numbers to a crusie according to the international red cross an estimated six thousand people have lost a limb or suffered some other sivia injury in the conflict yet few have access to health care and we have believed to. be monsanto for people with special needs is just one of few such facilities still operational and some. it cares for those with speech does orders and other disabilities before the war the center through to one thousand two hundred people in now serves just seven hundred one hundred four we once had five branches across and we also covered many of the of a provinces regretfully with the war to close down for them for fear of the falling missiles and lack of funds we've considered closing in months and many times since
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the beginning unfortunately the threat of closure is always here with. a man sent to once boasted a division that told that is a bow people skills such as painting tailoring and carpentry. i completed my study and joined the tailoring section after that i also joined the sports class despite the house life conditions and the saudi missiles falling on our heads we're still surviving in the human heart leaped. in what is already one of the poorest countries. world an acute shortage of basic needs such as food and medicine has led many families not to pay attention to the education that rehabilitation. children it is not trying to fill the void in the. public service sector but many still need help. from a dog. djibouti. india's prime minister has revealed what is being billed as the
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world's largest government funded health scheme run remote he says it'll cover around half a billion people but as andrew thomas reports from gore how wattie there are concerns that existing facilities won't be able to handle the rising the market. india's prime minister narendra modi doesn't call it modi care but everybody else does his ambitious national health protection scheme will be the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. you need to make the poor of the country will not have to struggle when they fall sick they will not have to borrow from money lenders family has been largely destroyed. the scheme is due to start in late september and will become the largest publicly funded health service in the world in effect the government will pay the premiums for health insurance for one hundred million indian families each will get a policy that covers their medical costs up to the equivalent of about seven thousand dollars a year. at the moment only the well off have access to insurance to pay for
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treatment in a private hospital like this. i'm lucky i don't have insurance but i can afford it my husband has a good job we own our own house. the new program will cover the poor half of india's population for private hospitals the scheme should see a big boost in business but there is concern they'll be overwhelmed by demand india spends just one point five percent of its g.d.p. on health care compared to the global average of six percent facilities and staffing levels in the health sector of poor but that doctors is changing on target guarding the human resources but i think we continue our for people in europe our health bill really you know our personal health sector. some have accused of caring more for his hindu base than the other ethnic groups or india's poorest with health care for rule he's trying to change that image. if it's a success it would be
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a big achievement and littleness al jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories italy's deputy prime minister is blaming a lack of maintenance for the bridge collapse in general or his transform minister daniel otani nearly has ordered a check of major infrastructure across the country he's also demanded all documentation from the company that oversees the bridges maintenance rescue teams are pulled thirty seven bodies from the rubble could request a lot of maintenance to the bridge has not been undertaken as it should have it is extraordinary that this could lead to the blockage of such an important port as genua we are studying a support proposal at the moment which will allow us to get people out of genoa and also
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a reconstruction project for the british. at least forty five forty eight people rather have been killed in a blast close to an educational center in afghanistan's capital a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up in the mainly shia area west of kabul latest reports say at least sixty seven people have been injured no one has claimed responsibility israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza after a month long shutdown the caramel salim entrance into the strip was closed on july ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians israeli defense minister says quote few and construction materials will now be allowed through. turkey has upped the ante and it's continuing dispute with the united states it's sharply increased tariffs on some u.s. imports and is calling for a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in retaliation to what it calls a deliberate economic attack those are the headlines the stream is next
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as protests in nicaragua against the president continue and the number of those killed rises. someone says them so they don't want to have to question the reality that usually gets blocked. sent here america's take is from a vice president al jazeera. i have the ok and you're in the stream today we examine the growing sexual abuse scandal within the catholic church in chile i'm really could be allowed to ask whether the church is doing enough to ensure survivors get justice and how it can prevent future cases of mistreatment join the conversation via twitter and our you tube shop. the catholic church is mired in a sexual peace scandal that is now under the lens of special prosecutors just
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a few hours ago authorities raided the headquarters of the chilean bishops conference it's part of an investigation into at least thirty eight cases of abuse allegedly committed by catholic clergy members survivors say the church sought to actively cover up the report and in some cases simply moved alleged offenders to different dioceses activists within the lay community have responded angrily to the church's handling of the allegations in one case protesters stormed santiago cathedral to demand the resignation of archbishop ricardo exactly he's on the investigation for allegedly covering up reports of abuse and he's going to testify in court next week. earlier this month chilean bishops pleaded for forgiveness for their handling of the abuse allegations and the president of the bishops conference pledged to cooperate with investigators have a look. we would like to humbly recognize that we have failed and i would priests for not listening believing tending to and supporting the victims of these
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grave sins and injustices committed by priests and other religious or thorough. beyond apologies how can the church reform itself to combat sexual abuse by the clergy for more on this we're joined from santiago chile by jose and. he is director of the un's up foundation for trust the group provides help and support to survivors of sexual abuse from dublin we have marty colleen she is chief executive of the mommy collins foundation which works to support children who suffered sexual abuse online she's also a former member of the pontiff core commission for the protection of minus augustine whatever that is a jesuit priest and he joins us from santiago and in brussels we have this she is a professor of theology at the catholic university of chile hello everybody. when people look at this story that they may well be thinking of the scandal in the
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catholic church this time in chile way what different about this one mari. the different pope this one i think because the pope. after a visit to the country made some very derogatory and scathing remarks about the victims. and then had to apologize. it really brought the attention of the world on chile. of course has happened is in chile is horrific but my belief is we have the same thing in so many of the country if we look at what is happening in chile. victims coveralls abusers being protected it's a passion that repeats and repeats and repeats and the apologies repeat and repeat listening to the apology there in chile reminded me of apologies that i heard here in ireland. twenty years ago and we heard them in america we heard them in
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australia we've heard them in country after country but the situation in chile is really an example all of what is happening in so many countries but it is such a clear example and i think the fact that the police are going in that. you know the local authorities are taking action that has to happen more because if the church are not going to deal properly with this abuse of vulnerable adults and children then the state what i was stated maybe has to step in and do it because it's come to the point now where we can't trust the church to do it tomorrow i shipping talking i've been saying songs i know things sound or what's behind that knowledge. well i think that's. the question our. institutional structure is working is this is the biggest point that is behind i
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mean there is a kind of. relation ships that are a significant ones that are being made in this crisis year. are are creating this peace and direct for the future to. to increase i mean it's a kind of relationship that are in crisis right at this moment in my opinion. but the fact that the pope is being taken on the chilean case in his soul hands. has to do with two thinks on the one hand that the chilean church are the two going to parties. where unable simply unable to to take. issue. and to solve the problem and to really care about what
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what was going on. and on the other hand if. it is telling us about how centralized the church become church war why if if it's being right at this moment if the parent doesn't care about what is happening in all the local churches the problem maybe will never be in the soul. jose i'm wondering what you think at this point in the conversation because we got this tweet from someone named monica she says her son no is a small and quiet city where bishop was appointed despite accusations of him covering up sexual abuse and there were big protests and she says the pope called no and habitants fools though that it's not an exact quote she says it was sad though to see how the pope allowed to deeply divide the city where i grew up jose
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can you relate to what she's saying here. i'm part of the group who accused. the. of a priest named father because he my very powerful. very powerful priest in t.v. who was in. quest protected by by different the authorities and especially of he was protected by a couple of church in key and we started up a struggle against not only against. a father who abused. the group of teenagers but especially we accused the church of cover cover up this case and when when we started this when we started this. fight against
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a coach or of abuse and cover up in the church. the pope came to t.v. and. the pope told us it was it was of very a very hit the need to have the word against us against us is enough that we were lawyers. about this case and the case of covering up and protecting the kind of. part of one another important. bishop called bottles who was to be shipped in this field or so to know it were this person telling the pope divided them you know so not telling them that they were. left wing and friendly. to the people and after after those war to the polls i don't know if. the public the pope realized that
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he he was committed i missed a very big mistake and he invited us to talk to him. and to here is that not only to get to two to give. us forgiveness but to hear from our part some suggestions no we spend one week in the house with him talking about some recommendations i'm talking about this culture of abuse sexual abuse especially. this i know this. is the first time but but but we we tried to highlight the concept of cover up so cover up is us serious. harm. harmful is.
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the abuse itself right and sort of. has a mad come back change in just a moment because i want to bring in the father into the conversation father you're in santiago and i want to show our viewers this scene from santiago in july when protesters took over the cathedral i want you to actually look at this video have a look right now i don't resign we must read the many sins and he is a high official the church is consecrated staff have much more responsibility before god but also before the people of chile and before the crimes that have been committed with the chills you look at it you're going to. but i'm just wondering what it's like to be a catholic priest a jesuit priest in chile right now what is the mood like. i think we're going through one of the divas crisis in the chilean history of
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a church and it's not easy to be a priest today and many of us feel deep sorrow and deep pain especially for what the victims have suffered i feel people like. this will be your comment on and. it will be interesting. if i feel they had been made many of us many priests feel they have been real heroes because they have gone through a great struggle to to be heard and to to be believed and one of the greatest sins we have listened to specially day of bishops is that they were not able to listen to hear it and it was a press which listened to them and many if this possible that truth came out
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so i think they have done us a great a great contribution in and we feel very very ashamed of what as a church when we have done and i think we're going through this deep crisis which after a very prestigious to which during the dictatorship we had in the seventy's nine hundred seventy three to allow one thousand nine hundred eighty nine we had an dictatorship in which the church had a great and fearless struggle in trying to to defend the human rights and that has gone down very fast because it hasn't been able to to keep up. with it. surgeries are on the list i just because some pick up some of something you said you spoke about the the sin of the church leadership the bishops not being able to deal with the situation but
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surely that's not really reflective of a plus that was happening it wasn't and that they were not able to do it if they weren't willing to do it and this is what's happening around the world there are a bishops church leaders who are not willing to deal with abuses in the proper way and by protecting an abuser you facilitate their further abuse because they can continue abusing if you don't stop them and what is that in the call i'd like to ask you a question what is the culture of the church structure of the church that causes these men in these hierarchy to position to to be able to do this when it's all previous to everybody that what is happening is that crying and crying that they're colluding with it's not their sinning they are actually colluding with the crime and that's the whole difference there between. not being able to do
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something and nothing will do it i would like to say something. in my life in. this way a little complicated i have. been. i have i have been a priest a very. good priest. i think their response a kind of a struggle within the church. there's a culture of abuse of coverup. in in that period and i think people know up within not that much but but but but but they have their might make up things that you are very good with this and what we think from from from here from the church why you are not taken the control of the church you
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the good people the good priest where you are not taken the control and you're not taken away but it bishops' under but priests who are abusing and co-operatives as a marine you asked to amazing questions father i'm going to give you a chance to actually respond to both of those go ahead. well first of all the way you're straining report. on on abuse that they're ok action and what i see what happened in history is similar as what has happened in chile and other countries it has taken a very very long suffering time to realize that it child abuse it's not a sin it's a crime it's taken a very long time for him and it's on on another side also it's important to realize that the bishops we actually have. it up bishops that we're
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elected by rome and we're led in many of them with a profile with a very common genius profile or very conservative people of their strip with a very strict on liturgy and moral and central mormon but no not really possible leaders so i think that there is a responsibility in the election of these bishops in which a lot of laypeople have not been listens many communities have not been listen and and and the attention of people is that i feel many of them didn't have the abilities for the leadership of a parish and many of those in could get in interviews a power i let something with the possible. i agree with. you. i would also like.
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point out that when it comes to the education the theological impossible for the future minister it's very secure like like you will on what is related with the power of. the power in the church. the way they are going to feel we we we are man we have a child etc now so in this way i think that. they started me all making a kind all. professional ethics all for their leadership in the church under you know and. also you know. of them just as they are not all of the bishops last i mean we are talking about the priest i mean internet our minister city there she's under i agree agree with you and i do pull
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personally. to to change or to ask. or to question to question the way to understand the power the way to understand women the role of the women in in the church because they think that the sexual abuse child sexual abuse in the church east abuse of power and you cannot understand the sexual abuse without on the train to understand the use of the pathological use of power in the church was a i was i want to jump in here because a i mean i know you're right in that and i think our community agrees with you and it's something that that idea really is permeating beyond just as i want to bring in here i want to bring in our online community because they're watching this they want to be part of this conversation as well so this is
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a hashtag that was brought to our tension this is church too in this really just goes to show that this is beyond chili. as i mentioned this is a global conversation this hash tag in particular is gaining traction after eight mother jones reporter here in the u.s. opens up about sexual abuse the chief face within an evangelical church and more people are going to sharing their stories but there are members of our community it's wow who say within the last two weeks this is bubbled up and lots of places around the world have a listen to ten lennon recently we seen in chile were the civil society the police's church offices we've seen that also going to michigan we also are seeing in the state of pennsylvania. the report of the grand jury which examined six diocese which showed three hundred predator priests and systematic and historic cover up by church authorities in pennsylvania we find we can't rely on
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the church. that we need civil society to examine that children need to be protected. and church officials are more interested in their reputations and protecting children. so mari ten here is the president of an organization called survivors network of those abused by priests and he's also a survivor of clergy sexual abuse himself but what i want you to pick up on is he says we can't rely on the church anymore we have to rely on civil society and you were a former member of a papal a group looking into this and you're not anymore what do you make of his comments and i would like to mention here that i am a survivor also. and that's the reason that i got involved in the whole issue in the first place because in my own case my abuser protected. we don't longer can trust because the church has shown it has had nearly three decades now since this issue first came to the fore in countries came here in the
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end in the ninety's nine hundred ninety s. in america in the early two thousand we've had report after report showing all saying the same thing concluding the same thing. the church protected the patients before it protected children had the chance to change that and do something about it i was three years on the pontifical commission take to the minors which was there to advise pope francis on what he could do to change things to protect children better look after survivors and we recommended and accountability tried bill which would bring bishops to those bishops that did not protect children who covered up for abuse this if they would be brought before this trial properly disciplined and sanctioned for their behavior on the crimes and the pope francis approved stuff when it went to the congregation for the doctrine of faith which is
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like the civil service they were out to implement this put this into operation they refused. and we produced guidelines a policy document which used to be global every church in the world was all it would protect children better and they didn't either and if you're. not inside it let me ask you this then because this is interesting what's happening in chile which is civil law is taking place right now so we have a very well known prosecutor. investigating these cover ups of sexual abuse by the catholic church in chad hey this is what he says he's been doing his investigation have a look no will i can concrete only refer to a specific thing or document or seizure but we found evidence of the destruction of documents and that aside from being circumstantial evidence of a cover up itself that's also a crime that could be a crime of concealment or of destruction of information from
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a. father could this now mean exactly i'll i hear that and we see this on the news every day there's a headline right now about the catholic church in abuse cases that is not in chile not about chile but father the idea of. catholic priests either covering up or being accused and found guilty of abuse then going to prison is that a possibility that that's civil law not canon law are you comfortable that of course is. guilty and there are. some priests that have gone have gone to jail are actually in jail and. also that the bishops. are there. to to. to to face this is the law in this. mary i would like to ask you you know where i mean
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since you are a former. son you really have less than one minute left to make this quick are very fast fast as you can because the question is that if you can clear about the group even if you are you know of the church. i think in my opinion i mean one of the question sanjay i was going to be at the end of the show if there was the question is that the question of tools that it without calling me a couple of chairs will work so well. in the in the case that all of us were it would only work if those at the top. characterless them is killing the church and if those at the top will only agree that this is an issue they must deal with that they cannot rely on power prestige and position anymore they have to behave as thank you mari. thank you jose thank you father really appreciate you being part of this program today we continue always online at a.j. stream on twitter take everybody.
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capturing a moment in time. shots of our life's other stories. providing into someone else's what about inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going in. circles. is going to be so nice to be remembered oh oh come. on al-jazeera. the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian games will host thousands of competing across a mix of traditional and a limp dick sports follow us full of the news and updates from jakarta the hosting
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city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera. this was wrong to take children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after ourselves i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that canada's dock secret on al-jazeera. conservation ease helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest
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evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international based of threatened species. this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here in al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm come outfront summer. welcome to the news grid nearly four dead four hundred forty people evacuated two days of mourning and countless questions to. review the country's bridges and tunnels has been ordered after the collapse of the pump but on the in genoa while the company which oversees maintenance is being
11:49 pm
singled out for blame by the transport minister. also on the grid the reopening at . it is the commercial lifeline for the gaza strip through which vital supplies parts of exactly been closed for a month by israel but now cooking gas flour clothing construction materials like once again be delivered to gaza's two million inhabitants and once it's india's independence day or really the. reelection campaign with around eight months until the general election india's prime minister has been talking up plans for health care even manned space exploration and look at what he's achieved and what he's still from. it's one of the most dangerous countries for journalists hundreds had been missing in syria now there's a renewed effort to help find them and we're looking at the online campaigns helped by the last i'm head of a homage to show you see the hash tag aging is spread. with
11:50 pm
the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and around as a result comment a day after we saw those frankly terrifying images of a massive bridge falling to pieces and initially was starting to get a clearer picture about what could have caused it to collapse killing at least thirty eight people seems it could have been avoided as well italy's deputy prime minister is blaming a lack of maintenance for the disaster so now an urgent check has been ordered to make sure tunnels and bridges right across italy are up to scratch that's happening rescue is a still crawling through that rubble what's left of the bridge hoping to find survivors you would suspect it is not looking good and all of this of course is sounding alarm bells about the state and quality of italy's infrastructure we will start with this report from but it's. buried under thousands of tons of reinforced concrete it's possible there might still be survivors from the genoa bridge collapse. we've inspected all the zones that we were able to reach without using
11:51 pm
bulldozers since last night we started removing bigger concrete parts of the collapsed bridge sorts teams could go in and find more people. there were at least thirty cars on the bridge when it collapsed in driving rain on tuesday according to local forty's when i saw the i heard an amazing noise i saw the road collapsing and i went down with it i was lucky enough to land i don't even know how because if you saw my car. what caused them around the bridge to fall is unknown early speculation is focused on structural weakness and italian specialist and you nearing website published an article that highlighted how the fifty year old bridge had always presented what it called structural downs he called the collapse a tragedy waiting to happen. maintenance to the bridge has not been undertaken as it should have it is extraordinary that this could have led to the blockage of such an important port as general. transport minister was referring to motorway firm
11:52 pm
autostrada the holds the concession for the bridge he's demanded the resignation of the company's top managers the italian government says it will now inspect the structure of aging bridges and tunnels across the country bernard smith al-jazeera . in genoa for us reporting all day has been natasha butler she's with us now natasha the italian authorities the transport ministry the transport minister they are not holding back it's amazing less than twenty four hours after this and they are being very pointed with their criticism. well what we're seeing is a lot of people blaming each other actually we have italy's transport minister and deputy prime minister saying the blame lies with the motorway operator who owned the concession for this toll bridge and basically run all the motorways across italy as a private company the government saying look perhaps they should have done enough
11:53 pm
maintenance on it then you have also government ministers blaming previous government ministers but over the past a day or so we've heard from many other people residents and we just spoke in fact to one former senator in the city who said that they had raised concerns and worries about this bridge years ago in fact this senator told us that back in twenty sixteen he had warned that this bridge was perhaps an accident waiting to happen too much traffic was going over it now though structurally perhaps it may have been a built in the first place so a lot of people a saying that more should have been done and what is clear is that. this could have been avoided if some of these warnings have been heeded if proper maintenance had been done because it seems it has and i hadn't perhaps are these real tragic deaths could have been avoided tell us about the rescue operation ongoing natasha.
11:54 pm
well there are hundreds of rescue is still behind maddening if you can see they are trying to climb over the rubble very difficult conditions indeed huge bits of concrete they're having to use very heavy machinery sniffer dogs they are still desperately trying to find survivors they are hoping they can find someone and it's possible we're being told because they could be at pockets for example emergency workers saying is very much like an earthquake zone where people could be trapped in an air pocket for days and actually they could be able to survive one thing though that is making the rescue operation extremely difficult is the fact that the bridge as you can see is still to precariously balancing now and they're all concerns that one of the all the pillars could collapse and in fact a short while ago some hours ago part of the operation was suspended waltz some of the agency work is really looked at whether or not it was safe enough to continue
11:55 pm
because that is a real concern hundreds of residents have been evacuated from the whole area so there are questions over whether or not what you can see behind me will actually remain standing. so this is a slightly odd question but can you believe what you're seeing when you turn and look at that bridge i'm wondering what it's like to actually see that in person because when you look at these pictures it's surreal. yes is extraordinary and you know probably the most striking thing is how eerie it is because i don't know if you can see on the other side of me but there are actually cause backed up all along the side of the road the bridge that didn't collapse and camper vans you know caravans obviously those people going to hold a holiday season here in europe and they've all stopped to mobilize as if frozen in time drive as passengers simply fleeing those cars abandoning them and then just at the end of the bridge you have a lorry just a few meters away the driver reportedly told italian media that he managed to break
11:56 pm
just in time and avoid to plunging into the riverbed which is which is below extraordinary seems is very eerie scene and it's something that many people have spoken to around this area residents we've been speaking to are all standing there looking and they really can't believe what they're seeing is a bridge that they've used every day it's a bridge they used to go to the airport to get on the motorway so of course for them this is a very traumatizing moment quite astonishing isn't to talk about those in general thank you natasha. so yeah lots of questions out there about bridge safety and it might have to spread further afield initially this is just by the by i want to show you this first of all as we zoom in over libya the. bridge in libya half a kilometer along the second highest bridge in africa i know that google image is a bit distorted but you can see very much if i turn it that way actually the shape of the bridge there and then if we fly out way over to south america you've got
11:57 pm
a place called lake murray. in venezuela it's a huge in that they which comes of the caribbean sea and find zoom right in this in line here you've got the general rafael or deny it's a bridge eight point seven kilometers long and two and you see again that's very familiar looking suspensions same design as. upon but on the engine are designed by the same man rick how to miranda who passed away back in ninety nine known for his use of reinforced concrete unfortunately that would be now coming under scrutiny let's widen things out now with patty agnew a rum based journalist for the sunday independent joining us via skype from rome patty i've had a question from one of our viewers on facebook live who said who is ultimately responsible for this this is criminal you neglect obviously we don't know that yet but with your knowledge of of italian politics and italian life is this got to go right back to to government levels do you think you know if i think it's very clear
11:58 pm
if it proves that this tragedy has happened because of a lack of proper and routine maintenance to the bridge then it's the company that runs that section of the other settle down is. just not be tell you which is owned by the. luxury close where a firm bennett they are responsible they're responsible for they don't cave and if there is i'm sure there will be a very lengthy. legal proceedings coming out of this tragedy and the better may well be held responsible for this tragedy and a live sunday got with the minister introduction minister conelly said was afternoon i looked at the contract that got signed a contract with cement meant do routine maintenance on the bridge of course homes here will be going to the investigation of. public prosecution best a geisha will not causing environmental disaster
11:59 pm
a. lot are. investigated will. obviously be looking to see if the bennett company did. the main event well and are going to be learnt difficult already the happy promise to meyer was as bone of finding them one hundred thirty million europe when is it right do you think to go straight away and be checking well not all but i guess really looking very closely at bridges and tunnels all over to italy in one sense it feels like it could be a kneejerk reaction but i guess also you can't be too careful now i don't usually jerk reaction here a lot this is you know you're not trash or there she said couple of really good things about you know in particular how the local people been saying this is an accident waiting to happen and i'm and i'm sorry to say but there are similar actions waiting to happen or run it like this is about the fifth such motorway bridge collapse in the last seven or eight years and the problem is that
12:00 am
a lot of stuff they you know if it was rebuilt after the ruin of world war two in particular in economic boom of the sixty's and. a lot of that stuff is that's not not thirty years old and more a lot rides aging and summer hasn't aged very well and needs to be checked all over the place but experts point out that to check it out will be very difficult because there isn't even that anybody knows about there isn't even a proper inventor paddy agnes' joining us from rome to i think the signal is actually frozen unfortunately but good to talk to him when we could right. elizabeth on facebook just said this lawful lot of what could have been avoided if the warnings are followed where else could this happen it seems to be retrofitting people just like this isn't right this is very concerning going forward especially in twenty eight hundred that's really the sentiment kemal and the hash tag you know are brave and point time around they are trending online and most people are shocked posing condolences to the families of the.


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