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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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live there live from genoa natasha on q. qatar says it will invest fifteen billion dollars into turkey's ailing financial markets turkish president rage of tire ago and has been hosting the emir of qatar in the capital said media says the shake time in been hama fanny is trying to strengthen the existing strategic cooperation between the two countries. well the turkish leaders fall in more than forty five percent against the dollar this year but goes on in the states some of those gains due to central bank measures in retaliation to u.s. sanctions on ways in states turkey double taxes on a range of american imports including alcohol cars and tobacco said in kosovo has more now from istanbul the government's decision to increase tariffs on the us products is welcomed by the turkish media and welcomed by the turkish citizens when you look at the new science and the and the social media because there is a positive response on the support for the government through television against the us united states increasing tariffs for the turkish products or course this is
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mainly a psychological impact where the economists say that healthful finance the psychology and this is the governments began taking some measures again through the central bank and through the finance ministry and the turkish lira began gaining value against the american dollar and other other currencies as wall and besides present are don't call for a boy called for american products and today's tariff the station is and encourage ford's turkish people in a psychological way they think that they have something in their head to response against the u.s. threats but of course on the other hand some economists say that would not the mean that would not mean much because the amount of the tariffs would not be any means to hurt the american economy. a turkish court has ordered the release of an amnesty international chairman who's been held for more than a year without trial. was charged with supporting us based businessman for to
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legoland in turkey accused of orchestrating a failed coup attempt in twenty sixteen amnesty international said he could be released later on wednesday it's accused turkey of human rights abuses over detention still to come on the program really for palestinians in gaza as israel reopens a vital border crossing a sign perhaps of easing tensions and find that was killing sea life and harvesting to resume along the coastlines of florida and the caribbean all that and more when we come back. hello looking back to international weather forecasts well across parts of china we have been watching a lot of tropical activity over the last few days and today is not any different than those we are watching one system down here across the south china sea as well
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as up here across the eastern coast of china let's take a look the forecast as we go for the next few days because we are going to be seeing plenty of rain coming out of these two systems down here across the south this storm is going to be making its way towards the west we do think as we go from thursday to friday we could be seeing a landfall in vietnam as a tropical storm but weakening quite quickly and that's going to be down to a depression but still bring quite a bit of heavy rain there and up toward shanghai we are going to be seeing some very heavy rain few as a tropical storm system makes its way on coast as well where across india very heavy rain showers have been the problem across much of the northeast down here towards a cell but the trend is going to be pushing a little bit more towards a cell in the southwest over the next few days heavy rain from new delhi all the way down towards mumbai bigger loom cloudy skies few with a temperature of twenty five degrees and on friday those temperatures still staying quite warm with hyderabad at thirty one degrees there then very quickly over here towards the middle east we are looking at doha at forty four degrees and read
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a clear sky at forty two degrees. capturing a moment in time snapshots of the lives of the stories. providing attempts into someone else's work out inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers that everybody's going to know about will be. sacrifices that. is going to be so much as the. zero. s. on al-jazeera.
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or mind that our top stories here on al-jazeera its in these governments declared a state of emergency and ordered an archon review into the state of the country's infrastructure it follows a bridge collapse in genoa that killed at least thirty eight people. at least fifty two people have been killed and dozens more are wounded in a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul many of the victims were students at a study center. cuts us says it will invest fifteen billion dollars into turkey to help boost the country's struggling economy the emir of qatar made the announcement on a visit to president reagan tayyip erdogan. that israel has reopened the only commercial crossing to gaza after a month long shutdown karam abu salem crossing was closed because of heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians lorries carrying clothes fuel and construction material can now cross israel has also lifted restrictions on the fishing zone off the gaza shoreline which on stratford has more
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trucks are started arriving gaza's only commercial crossing with israel the stop for example will fill up with goods across the border before returning in cigars though we understand around eight hundred shops are expected suppose the full the day. now we understand that a lot of pressure came on israel as well from israeli businesses that contract out gaza workers inside gaza or in for example the textile industry that kind of pressure being put on the israeli government because those businesses were concerned that those goods were not coming out we understand that the exports of goods from gaza could well starts tomorrow but of course this kind of movement at the crossings here this crossing being opened is all dependent it's staying open his old dependence on the relative calm between hamas and israel continuing. goods
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coming in include construction materials petrol gas and vegetables and clothing. for go out all over europe with where the stores were closed transport has stopped people have been really suffering thank god things have calmed down now in gaza a bit on the trucks can start moving across the border again when i figure we're going to. israel has also increased the area in which fishermen can work could see from three to six in a school miles off the northern half of gaza and from three to nine nautical miles in the south. it's not enough we need the sea to be completely six and nine nautical miles is not enough there is just left in the sea we need israel the increases according to international seaboard. of the me if. so you heard there the gaza fisherman saying these easing of restrictions on the area in which they can operate and nowhere near enough they say they literally are the stocks of fish in
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this area any more bear in mind around fifty thousand families here in gaza rely on the fishing industry in some way the israeli navy have killed thirteen fishermen since the blockade started almost twelve years ago meanwhile those negotiations in cairo continue the hamas delegation over there along with delegations from the other armed factions from gaza in a desperate bid to try and forge some last thing truce between hamas and israel. closing arguments are under way in the fraud trial involving u.s. president former campaign manager paul man a fourth is accused of tax evasion and lying to obtain bank loans charges unrelated to his time with the trump presidential campaign twenty sixteen his defense rested on choose day without calling any witnesses and has the latest from outside the courthouse in alexandria virginia closing arguments are underway here in this courtroom in alexandria virginia for paul metaphor donald trump's former campaign manager now facing the
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potential of spending the rest of his life in prison he's being charged with tax evasion and bank fraud prosecutors had what seems to be a pretty strong case they detailed for jurors a very lavish lifestyle with million dollar homes in new york virginia and florida extravagant purchases tens of thousands of dollars for one watch a jacket made of ostrich feathers for fifteen thousand dollars then they put on the stand his former business partner rick gates he's flipped on paul man afore he told the jury that they knew it was wrong to hide money in offshore bank accounts that they knew they were lying to the investigators when it came to their taxes and basically the defense didn't put on any kind of defense they're hoping that they were able to rip gates's credibility apart on the stand because on the stand he testified that he did steal money from an afford to pay for extramarital affairs so now the jury is going to get the case after the prosecution and the defense make their closing arguments but this isn't the only trial for paul metaphor even if
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he's found not guilty here well he's going to go on trial again for similar similar charges next month in washington d.c. . india's prime minister has announced a new government run health care service the largest such scheme in the world now enjoy modi says it will cover around half a billion poor people but most reports from guwahati there are concerns the move might stretch existing facilities. india's prime minister narendra modi doesn't call it modi care but everybody else does his ambitious national health protection scheme will be the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. to make the poor of the country will not have to struggle when they fall sick they will not have to borrow from money lenders families will not be destroyed. this scheme is due to start in late september and will become the largest publicly funded health service in the world in effect the government will pay the premiums for health insurance for one hundred million indian families each will get
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a policy that covers their medical costs up to the equivalent of about seven thousand dollars a year. at the moment only the well off have access to insurance to pay for treatment in a private hospital like this. i'm lucky i don't have insurance but i can afford it my husband has a good job we own our own house the new program will cover the poor half of india's population for private hospitals the scheme should see a big boost in business but there is concern they'll be overwhelmed by demand india spends just one point five percent of its g.d.p. on health care compared to a global average of six percent facilities and staffing levels in the health sector of poor but that doctors is changing a lot of. human resources but i think we continue our for people in europe our health. you know our personal health sector. some have accused of
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caring more for his hindu base than the other ethnic groups or india's poorest with health care for rule he's trying to change that image if it's a success it would be a big achievement and littleness al jazeera. thousands of brazilians are planning a mass rally to demand that their choice a presidential candidate former leader. de silva be allowed to run for office the rally consigns coincides with the deadline for candidates to enter the race which is later weighed in state support for lula is high across the country despite the former leader serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption has more now from brasilia. it was here in the arid northeast of brazil. enjoyed strong supporters president with his social programs that helped alleviate poverty his imprisonment earlier this year for corruption as part of the huge car wash scandal has left many voters
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disillusioned with their politicians and cynical about the political process now it's there is no confidence in the electoral process brazilians don't trust politicians especially with all these corruption probe so i don't see anyone talking about the elections. as popularly known is still ahead in the opinion polls his supporters believe he is innocent and the country struggling to emerge from the session they remember that between two thousand and three and two thousand and ten the store a booming economy and they believe he can save them again and lula there is no other option. he's a political prisoner he wasn't condemned there is no proof against him and he was arrested for good and i am it's unlikely however that the will be able to stand up since has created a political void it's never been easy to represent a country so huge so ethnically diverse so rich and yet so poor that really have brazil's politicians involved in a huge corruption scandal often hiding in distant brasilia been so unrepresentative
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of the brazilian electorate. tapping into that disillusionment is the anti establishment right wing military man. his support is growing especially in senses far from brasilia in the wealth of the in rio. the delegates to come in when we talk about candidates we are hold people in general don't trust any of the candidates however i have kind of decided my candidate is going to be both so narrow. however opinion polls suggest that more than half the brazilian electorate don't know who to vote for or don't like any of the choices on offer and won't cost about that despite voting being obligatory. but i think brazil is heading towards complete chaos that is my impression politicians are not governing it's a complete mess the same politicians are now faced with the challenge of convincing a disparate electorate in the country of more than two hundred million inhabitants that they have the solutions to brazil's many problems then which when there are
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two zero brasilia zimbabwe's ruling party is trying to get the opposition's challenge to last month's election result thrown out president emerson man and dad was an m.p.'s party submitted the paperwork on wednesday they want the courts to reject the petition filed by the opposition m.d.c. alliance last week its leader nelson chamisa accuses my gaggia of rigging the presidential vote or harriman tasa is in harare. goes on to be of officials say that the opposition has no case and they want the inauguration to happen as soon as possible so what happens nick the opposition have three days to respond then the judges will meet they could say eminem and gaga won the election and he has to be sworn into office within forty eight hours they could order a recount or they could order a fresh election within sixty days once a judgment is made once a ruling is made that is final there is no room for appeal and we have no idea when
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the judges will make that ruling but they have between now and about fourteen days to do so some say since robert mugabe the former president was forced from office by the army they say that maybe there are some people who still support who don't like women god why maybe some of those in the judiciary they could maybe do with the opposition but some say traditionally the courts have been seemingly been aligned to the ruling. party so they have their doubts but they say going to the courts is not the only strategy the other groups will follow they haven't they what those routes are but they're waiting for the outcome of the court masses of seaweed and talks that. are choking the close lines of florida and the caribbean the so-called red tide is the war scene and more than a decade the algae in seaweed are hurting to risen to killing sea life and affecting people's health and agalloch are reports now from miami. just. four weeks from now smelling saw gasoline seaweed has been washed ashore across the
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caribbean in florida's atlantic coast these blooms are naturally occurring but weren't seen in this region before two thousand and eleven since then the problems grow worse while scientists are unsure what's behind it many belief human activity is a factor to largest rivers feeding into the control of the land of the amazon and the congo and of course there's been huge about deforestation in those two waters. because again you cut down the forests that's going to lose a lot more the this nutrient pollution in florida toxic algae is adding to the state's environmental woes this year's red tide is the worst in more than a decade believe life has been hit hard by the r.v. which poisons fish and removes oxygen from the water florida businesses are suffering to the numbers of people reporting respiratory problems has spiked with officials warning the alkie may be around for months yesterday we were giving people little dabs of the vapor rub to put in their nostrils so that the smell
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wasn't so bad florida is no stranger to these kind of ecological events but scientists believe stricter environmental regulations would help them double it's got to be neutral pollution coming from land generated by here primarily our culture but also from sewage the challenges of dealing with masses of seaweed in toxic algae or extracting a price in this region is now more than just an inconvenience and more of a long term environmental problem that could happen serious consequences scientists say if authorities don't deal with it now it will only get worse in years to come and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. our current top stories on al-jazeera it's a nice prime minister has declared a twelve month state of emergency after a bridge collapse in the city of genoa and choose to. now at least thirty eight people died in that disaster with the number expected to rise the government's blaming a lack of maintenance as questions are raised about infrastructure throughout the
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country rescuers are continuing to search for survivors amongst the rubble but as natasha butler explains it's a dangerous ongoing operation what's making this rescue operation particularly difficult now all concerns over safety for you mergence the workers who are working there in the rubble on sneak collapsed bridge because they're all worries that the structure of the bridge is no longer safe that all the parts of it could collapse now police of ready if i curated hundreds of residents were living underneath that bridge and at least fifty two people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a suicide bombing at a study center in the afghan capital kabul there's been no major claim of responsibility for the blast in the mainly shia neighborhood of daschle barkha the previous attacks on other shia targets have been claimed by i'm so a group of young high school graduates were inside the building at the time studying for university entrance exams. cuts has invested fifteen billion dollars
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into turkeys at financial markets and banks was and i'm shortly after a meeting between turkey's president range of time bordeaux and the emir of qatar in hama to all funny in unco just discuss ways to improve their strategic cooperation when it comes after turkey severely increased tariffs on some u.s. imports it's also calling for a boycott of american elec china goods the government says it's in retaliation to what it calls a deliberate economic attack in the u.s. fallen more than forty five percent against the dollar this year. israel's reopened the only commercial crossing to gaza after a month long shot down the carrom abu salem crossing was closed because of high tensions between the israelis and the palestinians lorries carrying cold steel and construction material can now cross israel's also lifted restrictions on the fishing zone off the gaza shoreline was your headline witness is next and we'll see
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