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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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well. i would say. there should be a multiple it's always pistol to be. slovak surely you have been a hostile order that's. all done didn't make it a sin to do it but it's all that i know it. joe know we all did. driving hours don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. painted on this trip is mineral material but whatever they're carrying they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station as there be huge distances to head with nothing but deserts hour after hour. i did could be as makes himself comfortable for the
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night as best he can inside the cab. ibrahim's has discovered that it's higher on one of his trigger wheels to speak up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert he has to get it fixed when he comes across a roadside mechanic. even
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it's. we have in this the head if you mean the end of the make up of the wheel but i. don't feel that the. o.c. who's live fish want to look at the past but it's a look at the fair in the. other she always name appears will shift or so and then leads us not. sure. but a little shirt lower than the. imitation the scale of your shift i would give she met them as you. don't get over some do man up but he will. mark oh i learned. he would be a bit hit me this if it's in the scenes that i have a feeling this in the whole. of the d.j. i didn't. in sydney good zen and maybe i'm late i'm sure we'll
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see you think it's a set up and then actually had that. was enough i don't own way yet. could not get on her this was. when i was lucky. enough not to i would not it's lights out for you know it wasn't you know going to miss any of the end. up at the thought of going to a show. and then the she had another good subtle. middle of. the woody deal.
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or the deaf dumb as a child has. had. its own stuff up i'm not about to show for you. but what about her and their interview. since you already have it. was all about giving up but i have. said you know. what i said. i did represent. the d.s.m. of the end of good in a. that's what will through the eyes of locals an awful
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hostile subtle hostile shout. in a kitchen to tell was odd but yet the show all the ball. at the bottom of it and i've been coming out of the mud of the gods. and i know what if that's. what i want them and you have. to do what i disagree with i've got to keep it up. because you're sure to believe the love. she has i could be a good one to have. you know we just waited until. there's a lazy hole good luck i'm now with the devil's softball to get all. the holster for a feel of it all. i did was to sit.
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in the us a driver can be at the wheel for up to eleven hours out to fourteen in europe the rules are tighter the daily maximum is normally nine hours but brakes have to be taken every four and a half hours daily rest should be enough an hour to. put this is the moroccan so hard. i thought this could be told his friend in the coffee there is no longer. needs i'm looking at. the message. that nobody has done as fun as he just did not. much steve is going to edit here when i get up now i gotta stop. that is really. hard to continue for another. all night and the night another beautiful snow so what about swells in
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a façade lot of those the open just looks. good build up in the look of a mission. but a g.-d. of one of the little mob but. i don't see. the sense of. sadness yes and asked what i've got i'm going to use. i'm going to put up one of the spots if it all. out and i'll. see you know what's. it's al. i'm good on i'll give a child. a look a lot and look at you when i was looking for rest first digit but i didn't you know i did pick up my shoes styles you want to see what's available at the home office
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with you and i was the. one that was being pursued obvious mr. wu that. this minute to get out of their country you'll get a bishop. took me off ship to scratch got me. i did could be it and brought him are now driving over an area known as questor and some tar on. it has been a disputed territory between iraq and what's called the police are your friends since one nine hundred seventy five. the un has maintained to peace keeping mission in western sahara a territory about the size of new zealand for twenty seven periods. un efforts have repeated the field to broker a settlement over the despair. into territory which the polisario says the longs to
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the sally people. morocco controls ninety percent of the territories including its three main town buses and insists its energy go part of the kingdom while polisario demands a referendum on self-determination through. the two drivers have now reached the southwestern corner of the disputed territory here a small town called got outs where there is a un buffer zone but which is effectively the border crossing into mauritania. over one hundred eighty thousand travelers pass through here every year tourists visiting west africa and africans heading to morocco and europe. as a hotspot for smuggling and illegal immigration the wait here can be lengthy they can't inspect over thirty thousand trucks and cars here every year. for
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ibrahim of this could be it it's an unwelcome bottleneck and they have no idea how long the visa procedure vehicle inspection and people work will take hours days or even longer and. the drivers are also concerned for their safety as there has been violence here in recent years. brahim and i. have no alternative but to wait in a makeshift bedroom where there's no food and drink other than what they've brought with them and that is approaching. zero. as it is. what services are looking at
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one of the one who made it or. did. you shoot it on. over the muck of c.m. preview. of a somewhat of an up and city getting challenge to sandy seymour hoffman city government. a whole lot of movie love the you know that's kind of us none of. the hopes of another woman the mother of those never do one of you know it's usually not ten it was never the hampshire that you always wanted it done the most remarkable of what i'm working on the. movie and oh really really hard to do this for us is the most assumed that's
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what i saw the look and see. what it was new york made over the years in the market. and the shift. in the mood. of the building is of the city and the source. person so this should focus it. should was on wasn't just in moscow book or less of the circles it is that was it and it was of the shitty of all of the not so meters most of. the kids oh sure ok and a lot of them saw it all but it was their traditional. or partner. who needed each other to look it up that. you just believe
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this is. the deliver the goods but there was the other woman she did it this is the next you know i'm starting to walk away from what you stated you may need more help on student service change issues in addition to see the mother who you know well she was usual who are with were that age she didn't number them three loony views it was me. who should also mention one came up out of the water that our mother the only bit of the other stuff our council of nicaea thing will not be another for the dish another on the spot more volatile more understanding or going on the ninety nine than don't want to smear slaughter will show the tissue of more money and talk to her mother and me than we do in the heat from. the apartment if not all
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of us even on. our meds and of course none of them as a. carton of our own set of outlets and the not yet. another op ed in the command in us all a lot more enough. of it in most. cases. of people who actually educated or when you can help by. it's not looking good for the two drivers who have no idea when or if the ever gets
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over the border into mauritania. where they don't manage to cross the river into senegal. or into brahim skis whether he'll quit truck driving all together. in another one of the four going to the court as a fuss of the model year wasn't. a lot of them had to get all these missions but. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is
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the big player and we sort of looked after ourselves i don't remember the children's names i'll never forget the courage counted as doc secret on al-jazeera . this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in that's something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone who are often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i crudely as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. they set sail for gold. but discovered their resources worth more than its great human being. driven by
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commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charts the birth and rise of the african slave trade nothing in history that is going to humanity. for all the gold in the world i want to just go. hello i'm down jordan in doha with a quick reminder the headlines here on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says he is prepared to enter talks with the u.s. as long as there are no threats the two nato allies imposed tit for tat sanctions last week it began when ankara detained the american pasta under brunson prompting washington to impose sanctions but since then turkey's currency has plummeted is what turkey's foreign minister cover suit told him bassem is in ankara harish air
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down there despite everything we already talk about everything to solve the existing problems there is equal partners i speak openly but only on one condition no threatening no dictator. meanwhile cattle says it will invest fifteen billion dollars in turkey's troubled financial sector the announcement came shortly after a meeting between turkey's president russia type and the emir of qatar shift i mean been hammered out there any in ankara. a suicide attack on an education center in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed more than fifty two people most of those were students it happened in a mainly shia neighborhood no group has yet claimed responsibility. the party of brazil's imprisoned former president luis in a salute to silver was registered to him as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections thousands rallied in the capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy louis county serving
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a prison sentence after he was convicted of corruption during his time in office. u.s. president donald trump has revoked the security clearance of the former cia director john brennan he was a top intelligence official during the obama administration and has been openly critical of trump and his policies in a statement from questioned buttons objectivity and credibility when in claims the move is politically motivated. italy's prime minister has declared a state of emergency following the collapse of a bridge in the city of genoa on tuesday at least thirty nine people died in that numbers are expected to rise the deputy prime minister is blaming a lack of maintenance. israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into does a month long shutdown the qur'an crossing was closed because of the heightened tensions between the israelis and palestinians lorries carrying clothes fuel and construction material can now enter gaza israel's also lifted restrictions on the fishing zone of gaza shores but as the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after al jazeera world statement that's watching. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one of one east investigates on al jazeera. we're i describe it i now and it but i have to be a car driving their trucks lead in with minimal material on the three thousand kilometers through the desert from a good ear in southern morocco to the synagogue nice capital to car. the trip passes through on hospitable to rain not least the disputed territory of western sahara. they had to wait the east to cross the border into mauritania without food or much to drink spent most of their money on visa and exit permits
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and still have a thousand kilometers to travel. they're finally allowed to cross the border and get on their way but mauritania is not their favorite section of the route. they're going to spend a lot of fun in this area. has been to the brim if you're going to be i would have thought this i want of it out a lot of adult goodson to see this look at that video and almost. never going to come out of us and i did if. you want to get a body back and a couple to look at then what i did in a positive good about it is there are good the scholars will. never miss my stuff with all of us in five years or the other just not the latest yes no yes some
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of us but it all. she gets up to five o'clock o'clock a lot of interest quite a good morning i'm also with a snake up against a fifty seven below us at the mouth of the set or one of the. presidency to give the example madam molly your kids am no madam nice or how cocktail mom i mean i don't. know when i'm on a game whose mom. bought the gun so what seeds of always it almost but i got my watch i got a good thing. there was. a seventy one you wanted yeah. i mean it gives you an aisle can still pull the covers off and. you can also have learned that what i think of it all.
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but i can tell you some of the guy was on my way about to do the most contentious and. that's all a model for this year the. next most of them are up but what about not to leave it up to a spot. in one of the best not to produce him an agent and offer to buy those must buy. new much of that is the capital of her. and with a population of around six hundred and sixty thousand one of the largest cities in the sahara. it has a deep water points to international airports history museums and beaches. atop this could be it in the past have now been on the route for eleven teams and
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are not in the tourist. we. don't know how old your there but. the rest of the journey through mauritania is uneventful as the two drivers meet their way two hundred kilometers south. on the border with senegal. population around fifty thousand and is the third largest city in mauritania but has no bridge across the synagogue river. the two forty six
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ton trucks can only cross on the tiny ferry one at a time. ibrahim and i did have been up since the early hour worth and the stresses of the journey are starting to take their toll especially during ramadan most of sub-saharan africa i have a follower of. mother mona as surely. as south africans that's what the russians have among all over the other more modern i. get to know are jews going to forget the malls well it's cloudy and difference there it's a little good and elements of the children will mature she'll get some power some a lot though. just promise the bottle should do it for i says that should end because as. some know unless you know what a monkey and i'm above the fold out of the office then you can. call a hello and
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a whole other level. but crossing the border into senegal is not as easy as the two drivers had hoped to get seriously did need a customs and immigration waiting for papers getting information from there should be. talking to their boss back and i could see. and waiting for their process or exit. and they missed their families. all those of us who. are not going to give up on those fearful and i look up to them and sit on. the bottom of the kyoto protocol. both good so good school. schedule you have. just.
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got a bite. of food which most of the other people. one of according to . the say i shut. up. shut up i can look it up i also have a wonderful cultural to this. i'll list that kind of. stuff. well she wants to go to the local squash crowd but the. hot. and the last one a lot of little soul. is that it. isn't out long. either one of them. against no one it is an odd lot. that there is
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a. i don't. want. yet i was what i was that i shut the door not come to dinner and now comes a. lot of. not all good sitting near omaha it's all so it can be answered it's all make up so i know. a lot about the climb up the oracle top of the it. does it. obvious got the attack that got a guy at it. and then up costs you a clue to study awards for bottom without seeing the bottom and i thought that was it isn't it we're going to france and unlikely and. then i'll say what i did with them and offer you. one subpoena him and how this could be it got through customs it was around
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a hundred kilometers from the us on to the senegalese port of san leave on the atlantic coast. from there it's another three hundred and thirty kilometers south to the capital of the car their final destination. sandy leave was the first french that cement in the region in the seventeenth century. it's at the mouth of the senate gallery and has a population de stays of around one hundred and eighty thousand. by the time the two drivers arrived in town to read it was already dark but they pressed on towards the capital. city got to have the love of other life than others and you know i love the mother. in the want to take us to all of the others but i've got as a bit of the zone but it. a
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low handle. but i call your audience you got no absolute of a world of. peace and the more you go the rights lawyer. forces you have over them so to only. does what it does with dog look it's getting better but we don't get to have all have a. house party come up all right. and those in the know in the complex but. the careful and the deputies that it. will lead to. the can in the case or worse. a lot of. we're going to hear that leaky quickies if it gets to me alive or dead men are going to realize that the media. costs.
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look at the cost i think out of the action our. gave an incentive we'll look at one of the it's an end survey and you know why they go. and do love but i thought if that's so that's a lot. of why the moderates on the. double i'm doing the local you know or the give me a little you know who are the duck out of shot last. couple of clay one and she our of us out to the field but once i think you know more than half of it but you know the flow of those shows are shown a sample. of them. finally dakar three thousand kilometers and over two weeks on the road but that's not it
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they're supposed to unload their trucks though it's not unusual for there to be a two lane. in fact the drivers don't understand until her need. next morning and then have to get ready to collect a new gold of fresh produce to transport back to morocco. the shipping agent seems to have arranged for it brahim and i have. to pick up a consignment of mangoes but the fruit isn't yet ready for collection. there's really fraserville i forgot a mock up on officers. one of the innocent into it with certain words they were in the reservation.


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