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congress alleging he falsely denied the cia had infiltrated senate staff members computers mr brennan has a history that calls into question is objectivity and credibility on twitter brennan responded saying that my principles are worth far more than clearances i will not relent democratic members of congress argue revoking brennan's clearance is a misuse of presidential power it is nothing more than a political move by the president to punish those who disagree with him they also believe it is a dangerous precedent the white house says it is also considering revoking the security clearances of nine other former government officials who have criticized donald trump publicly including the former f.b.i. director james comey the former director of national intelligence james clapper and even former obama administration national security advisor susan rice one current justice department official bruce or is also on the list trumpet after him on
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social media this week alleging he's part of a conspiracy within the department to bring his administration down on the latest move comes a day after trump tweeted he was pushing to enforce a gag order silencing former white house staffer omarosa manigault newman making the media rounds promoting a new book alleging trump is unfit to be president kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house well glenn collins an ex cia official he says is crucial for former intelligence officers to have security clearance. the only reason security car clearances would be revoked is for national security which meaning is that someone has mishandled classified information or is found to be a security threat to the nation the security threat to the nation amply documented actually sitting in the oval office in the white house you don't remove ok it never happens secure you never revoke security clearances for political differences in
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fact the foundation of the united states and of a democracy is on free speech and there are two hundred forty years of history in the united states that seek to protect speech that one hates not speech that one likes that's what her speech is and this protected so this is a purely political and dangerous for democracy step taken right out of the white house clearances don't expire at the end of one's function they they're on a schedule they last from five to ten years normally at the end of which time one is reinvestigated and then the clearance is granted again if there is a need or it simply expires now the reason that john brennan or someone of a senior position like john had as director of cia or director of another intelligence agency in the u.s. community would want to have or or it would be good to have the security clearance is because they are frequently called back on wise man panels to consult and offer
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their perspective the objective being to provide different points of view and not only that of the institution as it is currently constituted so it's a useful thing for the government and for the country that former officers senior serves have their clearances still and routine. the fraud case against us president donald trump's former campaign manager is now headed to the jury pool manifolds accused of tax evasion and lying to obtain bank loans the charge is not related to his time with the trump presidential campaign in twenty sixty jurors will begin deliberations on thursday his defense team rested on tuesday without calling any witnesses particle hayne as the latest from outside the courthouse in alexandria virginia. paul manna for donald trump's former campaign manager now facing the potential of spending the rest of his life in prison he's being charged with tax evasion and bank fraud prosecutors had what seems to be a pretty strong case they detailed for jurors
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a very lavish lifestyle with million dollar homes in new york virginia and florida extravagant purchases tens of thousands of dollars for one watch a jacket made of others for fifteen thousand dollars then they put on the stand his former business partner rick gates he's flipped on paul man afore he told the jury that they knew it was wrong to hide money in offshore bank accounts that they knew they were lying to the investigators when it came to their taxes and basically the defense didn't put on any kind of defense they're hoping that they were able to really gauge his credibility apart on the stand because on the stand he testified that he did steal money from an afford to pay for extramarital affairs so now the jury is going to get the case after the prosecution and the defense make their closing arguments but this isn't the only trial for paul metaphor even if he's found not guilty here well he's going to go on trial again for similar or similar charges next month in washington d.c. a malaysian judge is expected to decided there's enough evidence to try to woman
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charge with the murder of this strange how a north korean leader kim jong il the pen indonesian and a vietnamese were a school that into a malaysian court about two hours ago in february last year they were seen on c.c.t.v. smearing the nerve agent v.x. on the face of. the woman said they thought they were participating in a television smilies outside the high court in the city of florence so what are you expecting to happen in court today. the judge will give a five a two and quit the two women or ask them to defend the prosecution says these two women trained to carry out the killing they were recruited by four north korean men have since. been identified and named as four men who were charged with a common intention to kill kim jong nam and that they were the ones who trained these two women to kill to carry out the act that these two women knew that what
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they were doing and that they knew that the substance they were handling were dangerous these two women as you said with the. airport security footage especially the vietnamese who was clearly identifiable from the for take not so much the indonesian citizen now the defense lawyers however say these two women are political. appointees in a politically motivated killing that they did not know they what they were doing but they sincerely thought that they were just taking part in a reality t.v. show and so this hinges on whether or not so how the judge decides hinges on whether or not he believes that the prosecution has brought enough evidence to show that there is a case to answer and there are two other more unlikely scenarios the judge could decide to acquit one of the accused and call the other one the other one to a defense it is likely that city i should the indonesian citizen whose footage wasn't so clearly thin in the c.c.t.v. camera could be let off rather then they get in the third season because the agent
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was also found on the vietnamese it isn't fingernail clippings and the other far more unlikely scenario is also that the judge could decide to reduce the charge to a charge of possibly. killing through negligence this is a much smaller this is a much less serious offense and they the judge could decide to convict them of this offense so these are the four possible outcomes but the first two are the more likely one of the first two or more likely outcomes either an acquittal or being caught to enter a defense. just briefly in both u.s. and south korean officials have accused north korea being behind the killing but after a six month trial are we any closer to finding out the truth. that's right even the prosecution believes that these two women were not acting on their own they were recruited by the four north korean men who've been named who have
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been identified who are now on an interpol one to list these four men trained these two women carrying out practice runs in shopping malls in kuala lumpur but these two men were never in police custody because they were at the airport when the killing was carried out and they left the country they left to malaysia i was off to the killing the north korean embassy in malaysia has also been implicated. they were accused of buying tickets for the four suspects to leave malaysia shortly after the killing but north korea has denied any involvement in this killing south korean officials have said they believe there was a standing order from the north korean state to kill kim jong un because he had criticized the regime and when if he's gone it would strengthen. now kim jong un had believed that his life was in danger when he was living in self-imposed exile in macau but of course the true intention or the who really gave the instruction to kill kim jong un is something that the trial has not explored and it's something
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that we can only speculate. italy's prime minister has declared a twelve month state of emergency in the wake of tuesday's bridge collapse in general at least thirty eight people died the number the government expects to rise the deputy prime minister is blaming a lack of maintenance as questions are raised about infrastructure throughout the country that as a butler report from general. on what remains of genoa is marandi bridge vehicles seem to be frozen in time left where they were abandoned moments after the bridge collapsed on tuesday the driver of this truck managed to stop just metres from the edge others were not so lucky in difficult conditions emergency workers continue to search for survivors we have the pieces of the of the bridge collapse in the now we're using the cranes to move those b.b.c. zone to try to enter the rebels again search for to be victims police are letting
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anyone who's not involved in this rescue operation to go down this road to play warfare fact he waited hundreds of people who were living in the area because there are still concerns over the safety of the bridge and whether some parts of it may still collapse when they'll be still when i realized the bridge had fallen down like everyone and i felt as if the part of me had vanished it's unclear why the fifty year old bridge collapsed but some people in the city had questioned its safety this former independent senator warned of the risks as recently as two years ago. learned there were destructor problems with the breach the motorway operator needed to carry out more montanans but also the transport ministry should have been checking after visiting the city italy's prime minister declared a state of emergency and said the motor operator in charge of the bridge was to blame so. these are tragedies which are unacceptable in modern society that
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shouldn't happen this government will do its utmost to have. voyde tragedies like this happening in the future we have plans in place to take action against the companies managing the motorways the italian government says it will now inspect the structure of aging bridges and tunnels across the country it's unclear though whether that will be enough to calm fears in a city where people have been deeply shaken natascha butler al jazeera you know or italy. the worst flooding in south india as carolus state in nearly a century has killed sixty seven people more than fifty thousand are seeking shelter and relief camps the international airport in the city of karachi which serves as a major gateway to the state popular tourists will be closed until saturday due to flooding heavy rains for costa carola until the weekend. opposition supporters in nicaragua have been marching to demand the release of political prisoners more than two thousand people have been arrested during the four months of demonstrations
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against the president daniel ortega home and reports from. you fred who is among those waiting outside the cool to try and see his brother it's been a month since mid rayna come to see no leader and high profile government opponent who is charged with terrorism and planning the murder of police officers fred those only been allowed to see once what he heard was disquieting. he told us that in the chipotle prison they hit him on the head the chest the ribs the stomach that they put him on his knees and they told him they were going to kill his children. is not the only word relative as he waited to see his brother across town thousands more demand the release of human rights groups estimate the hundreds of prisoners they say that a crackdown on anti-government protests by police and shadowy paramilitary groups has meant not just illegal detentions. and disappearances human rights leader vilma
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new years was imprisoned under a past dictator just like president daniel ortega she says he's become what he struggled against and that of daniel ortega has converted it into a jail there's not just political prisoners in managua but in other cities across the country the majority of them are detained illegally for more than forty hours without starting their judicial process their practical. disappear. the government says those in prison a terrorist so violent provoke a to lose some protesters had weapons and twenty two policemen were killed i'll just ask the police and the interior ministry for comment we didn't hear back but the main message from authorities is that now the crisis is over president daniel ortega says everything is back to normal in the cry where now these marches will go smooth of them before they're
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a strong indication that that's not the case the people that we've talked to in the country say that they feel fear but also show i'm paying it off for a long period of peace and security and they could i work the situation changed. i saw hosea freddo in the march and asked him if he finally been able to see his brother not going in for a match you know nothing no information we were at the door from seven am and still nothing. for him and many others here the wait and the worry continues john hoeven al jazeera man our. time for short break here now just when we come back find out what's killing sea life and hurting tourism along the coastlines of florida and the caribbean plus. andris on a single hot sea in the northeast of india this country's prime minister has just announced what will be the world's largest publicly funded health service but i'll be looking at whether this country's health infrastructure will be able to cut. find out why one medical center in australia is banking brains and he has the
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details later in the sport more on that stay with us. through tranquil a rave in can you. can feel intense and if in addition going to look. at other places in china in areas where it's been reading persistently certainly in the south have been some nasty. the weather flooding weather in the united in this circular nation which actually is over the water has been throwing rain from hong kong back towards laos and just on the screen here another one circulation of both tropical circulation is heading north into was shanghai again to start the wind the rain and it's repeating the process of what ten days ago so now that this thing still circulating suggests very heavy rain for northern vietnam and laos and the southwest corner of china that you'd think that would take most of the energy out of the atmosphere and you'd be right to some
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degree they have been if you shop showers to the south to the sort of y.c. but nothing much to the west of that low streaks of cloud though over the south of thailand and sumatra may well turn into something rather wet of a singapore of the next day or so in the showers might show themselves in borneo northern borneo but i think there are a rare event and frequent event the monsoon rain itself has been really pepping up recently in kerala and you see a circulation in addition the chances are with the slowly retreating monsoon you get rain anywhere in the central or southern part of india of the circulation obvious just here. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. national borders the debate on migration is polarized into. two strident positions harkless and the headless how do you define an indigenous brits who do they benefit isn't this more about living with defense and you and these attacks
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and who do they contain people don't have the right to live anywhere in the world the right to leave their country maybe his son goes head to head with a cold coming on al-jazeera. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from other potential understand that this is us is them and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. slam is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour turkey's foreign minister says he's prepared to enter talks with the u.s. as long as there are no threats anger in the u.s. over the detention of an american past in turkey led washington to impose sanctions last week turkey responded in kind but not before its currency lira plummeted. a suicide attack on an education center in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed more than fifty two people most of them students it happened in a mainly shia neighborhood no group has yet claimed responsibility. on the party of brazil's imprisoned former president luis inacio lula da silva has registered him as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections thousands rallied in the capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy was convicted in jail for corruption during his time in office. israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza after
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a months long shutdown karama crossing was closed because of the heightened tensions between the israelis and the palestinians lorries carrying clothes fuel and construction material cannot enter gaza israel has also lifted restrictions on the fishing off gaza shore. india's prime minister has revealed what's being billed as the world's biggest government funded health scheme narendra modi says it will cover around half a billion people many who struggle with high health care costs but as andrew thomas reports from the northwest and. city of go r.t. there are concerns that existing facilities weren't able to handle the rising demand. india's prime minister narendra modi doesn't call it modi care but everybody else does his ambitious national health protection scheme will be the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. to make the poor of the country will not have to struggle when they fall sick they will not have to borrow from money lenders families will not be destroyed. this scheme is due to start in late
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september and will become the largest publicly funded health service in the world in effect the government will pay the premiums for health insurance for one hundred million indian families each will get a policy that covers their medical costs up to the equivalent of about seven thousand dollars a year. at the moment only the well off have access to insurance to pay for treatment in a private hospital like this. i'm lucky i don't have insurance but i can afford it my husband has a good job we own our own house. the new program will cover the poor half of india's population for private hospitals the scheme should see a big boost in business but there is concern they'll be overwhelmed by demand india spends just one point five percent of its g.d.p. on health care compared to a global average of six percent facilities and staffing levels in the health sector of poor but that doctors is changing a lot of. human resources but i think we continue our for people in europe
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our health you know our personal health sector. some have accused of caring more for his hindu base than the other ethnic groups or india's poorest with health care for rule he's trying to change that image if it's a success it would be a big achievement andrew thomas al-jazeera. at least twenty two schoolchildren have died in sudan after their boat sank while crossing the river nile it happened in a. more town around seven hundred fifty kilometers north of the capital khartoum the state news agency said the vessel was carrying more than forty people the engine apparently failed in strong currents. now zimbabwe's rulings on appears parties trying to get the opposition's challenge to last month's election result thrown out the president and once the court to reject the petition filed by the opposition m.d.c. last week its leader nelson chamisa accuses him of rigging the presidential vote as
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more from our our. president in a similar god was legal team say they have a strong case they believe the evidence filed by the main opposition leader nelson chamisa doesn't prove last month's election was rigged there is no sound argument raised by. to challenge the electoral victory of president. here's no legal grounds to challenge one is not complied with the rules of the court and secondly the case has no merits the president is telling zimbabweans and the international community the elections were free and he won fifty point eight percent of the vote he's calling for unity. this is. not throwing stones it's just some in the international community are concerned about human rights violations and post-election violence the american ambassador paid a courtesy call to the president on wednesday the deaths of six people in the streets
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here the intimidation of opposition polling agents. violence in the densely populated suburbs around harare all been issues of concern the country is in limbo a new cabinet can't be formed parliament can't convene that means decisions that affect the economy can't be implemented the court must a rule within forty days of an election challenge being lodged the constitutional court decision is final there is no room for an appeal if judges order a fresh election that has to happen within sixty days the opposition m.d.c. alliance has three days to respond to when i was application before the matter down for a hearing the nine judges will determine what happens next for the. fighting in the eastern democratic republic of congo is hindering efforts to stop on
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a bona outbreak the world health organization says aid workers haven't been able to reach some areas where groups operating in one car reports. on a recent trip to man gene are in eastern democratic republic of congo the director general of the world health organization had a chance to see from self how much work still needed to be done to end the above the crisis the latest outbreak began on august first and stands at fifty seven confirmed or suspected cases with forty one deaths back in geneva he didn't mince his words active conflict is the other challenge. and the red zones which are accessible and of course addition to that the high population density of population movement. the conflict is hindering vaccination efforts the disease could infect everyone regardless of what side they're on. we call on the warring parties for
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a cessation of hostilities because the virus is dangerous. it doesn't choose between this group or that group the august first outbreak was declared in mind jane in north kivu province but officials on tuesday said it had since spread to the neighboring it to re province north kivu is densely populated with more than one million displaced people this is its tenth break the w.h.o. is clear without a ceasefire the disease will spread whether a cease fire can be achieved with or without international help is unlikely the democratic republic of congo has been in conflict for much of the past two decades the d.l.c. is rich in minerals or says some twenty four trillion dollars according to financial analysts i. conflict has meant the country has stalled in development and low literacy rates mean that the w h o's message on above the prevention has had limited success in long car which is there for such
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a fall as on the world health organization he says getting access to people who live in dangerous areas is a priority. so i think it's important for everybody to understand that we need to have access to or areas where we need investigation so far where you have contact and casey's got access to this zone but we are not getting away from that area where you have groups such as the portland area to make sure that we can have some of the population to get what i want to have an early suspected case you can have it is a red zone it's important for the response time of going to engagements important fall out. with the population first talk prevention to go to prevention of the first action and also put you prepared to make sure that the health parts of the health worker that they have the language that what they need to move to protect the population really important to be productive look wait for cases to you know spread the it's going to start walking that it's important to be able to be very
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shallow preparedness that turkish court has ordered the release of the chairman of the country's amnesty international branch tonic kill it has been held for more than a year without trial he was charged with supporting us based business month or two ago and to turkey accuses of orchestrating a failed coup attempt and twenty sixteen amnesty has accused turkey of human rights abuses of the conditions detention. now hundreds of people have disappeared during syria's ongoing conflict the rights activists rozen as i turn a is one of them she was abducted in twenty thirteen from our office near damascus whereabouts remain a mystery so in the heart of reports from beirut my niece doesn't say from here as i was from the hospice i think as a hospice nurse. the area has from. the video was released just a few days before one of the most prominent opposition activists disappeared and
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she along with her husband. and two other colleagues and now somehow maddy were taken at gunpoint from their office on december ninth two thousand and thirteen the town was surrounded by government forces but it was under the control of the opposition. the most powerful group at the time denies any involvement or knowledge of the kidnap. was not the only faction in the time there was in the entire region forces from the martyrs of the forces of the what are rising the stomach union of the levant and even. where president. today was a very familiar face at the start of the uprising she was wanted by the syrian government for her role in peaceful protests calling for the downfall of the regime . her center kept track of atrocities but not just those committed by the government. her friends say
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saw her as a threat she promoted a civil administration and the secular state which weren't in line with the group's ideology. the violations documentation center in syria are sure the army of islam kidnapped them we have proof that rozen was in their jails and under their direct supervision this was until the beginning of two thousand and seventeen as we were able to trace her movements regrettably after the beginning of twenty seven team information was cut off and we have no knowledge about resigned. the group was forced to surrender do much to the government earlier this year before leaving it released detainees from the toby prison witnesses say resign and her colleagues were held there they haven't been found both the government and on a lesser scale the rebels have been accused of cracking down on the opposition. thousand people have disappeared by the syrian government more than eight hundred
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thousand people are still waiting. for to hundreds of people who were abducted and . there is little hope that resign and her colleagues will still be alive there is a long list of peaceful activists fighting for democracy and human rights whose voices have been silenced by those in power. beirut russian investigators want to teenage girls awaiting trial on extremism charges to be released from detention and sent to house arrest families and lawyers say the girls were part of a group that used to meet to discuss politics but was then infiltrated by security agencies for each other the reports from moscow. studiousness is how her parents described maria to public the nineteen year old like japanese comics and wanted to be a veterinarian then her world changed dramatically in march. six in the morning and i heard a metallic sound i came down from the second floor looked out of the window and saw
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a man banging on the door they were thinkers and legs standing under each window they came into the hearts and said where is your daughter. she and her seventeen year old friend and you were among ten young russians now in pretrial detention on extremism charges they called themselves no way of new greatness and would meet up in cafes to discuss politics and criticize the government then say her parents a man called wrist landi in the court documents appeared and wanted to turn that discussion into a political movement. she said i was really silly because as that we need to close childhood just our group of friends marsha please created. it was after that gave her a position head of the agent recruitment depart. maria's lawyer is convinced this was a security agent and that masha and her friends were set up. this is they want to
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stick with the security services create an extremist group in our true it's against the law according to russian security services are not allowed to provoke citizens into illegal actions it's called police publication on wednesday evening as the rain of a summer storm lashed down hundreds gathered in moscow for an unauthorized march in support of the youngsters. i think this is a mistake of society to say children are enemies that we can use them well i don't want anyone to use my children organizers called it a mother's march and asked participants to bring stuffed toys to highlight the defendant's youth the particulars of the case may be unique but the trend is a common one barely a week goes by without someone new falling foul of russia's notoriously far reaching extremism laws sometimes or as little as sharing a social media post if the group was set up the question remains is it state directed intimidation of opposition minded russians or perhaps overambitious
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security officers choosing easy targets to further their careers nobody we are asked was comfortable logs or in this either way with ninety nine percent of russian court cases ending in conviction lengthy jail terms are almost a certainty allen's how to zero mosque or. when we come back. home in the new country stay with us.


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