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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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and as it is currently constituted so it's a usual thing for the government and for the country that former officers jurors have their clearances still and. the fraud case against a u.s. president former campaign manager is now being considered by the jury pool and for this accused to tax evasion and line to obtain bank loans the charges are not related to its time the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign will begin deliberations on thursday has defense rested on tuesday without calling any witnesses. so ahead on al jazeera. under some a single hot seat in the northeast of india this country's prime minister has just announced what will be the world's largest publicly funded health service but i'll be looking at whether this country's health infrastructure will be able to tug. at what's killing sea life and hurting tourism along the coast science of florida and the caribbean.
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hello the streets of pennsylvania are a little bit dry and now there are still a few showers circulation right in the northeast but basically speaking it should be sunshine this is where you should be seeing showers this time of the year this and down to the southwest and that's where they are from just over the canadian border so the midwest the lakes and down towards oklahoma and texas and then the southwest monsoon brings the potential of lovely but sharp showers into arizona new mexico maybe southern california that still the case in the next day or so unfortunately the head of the rain that was over the great lakes is going east was again about as intel and showers in new york and certainly that reputation change it looks as though those showers be prompted once again and big ones maybe in oklahoma south of this i haven't seen much in the way of rain reported in cuba or
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haiti or to make it to be honest there's a massive cloud here developing in venezuela and that's actually caught in the flow so the next day or so i think that will drift across the open waters of the coast in honduras or a bit to the sas keep going beyond that up towards the yucatan the day following south of all this throughout the constants of south america should be largely dry this time of the year that is the case thirty's potentially wet around saar powder . in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese family. shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries he was rude. supposedly. with one journey. to mecca this is the
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joyful on the road to has. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now turkey's foreign minister says his country is willing to talk with the u.s. to try and resolve a diplomatic dispute as long as there are no threats washington impose sanctions on ankara last week over the detention of an american pastor turkey responded in kind but not before its currency the lira committed suicide attack on an education center in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed more than fifty people most of them students happen in mainly shia neighborhoods oak roof has claimed
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responsibility so far and the party of brazil's president former president always a nasty little to sylvia has registered him as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election thousands rallied in the capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy little was convicted in jail for corruption tied to his time in office. a malaysian judge is expected to decide if there is enough evidence to try two women charged with the murder of the a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong il the two women one indonesia and the other vietnamese were escorted into a malaysian court a couple hours ago. in february of last year they were seen on c.c.t.v. smearing the nerve agent v.x. on the face of kim jong il at kuala lumpur's airport women said they thought they were participating in a television prank lawrence louis has the latest on the courthouse in the city. all the judge will give a fiver to acquit the two women all off them too and that defense now the prosecution says these two women were trained to carry out the killing they were
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recruited by four north korean men have since been identified and named as the four men who are charged with a common intention to kill. and that they were the ones who trained these two women to kill to carry out the act that these two women knew that what they were doing and that they knew that the substance they were handling were dangerous these two women as you said with the. airport security footage especially the vietnamese who was clearly identifiable from the for to it not so much the indonesian citizen now the defense lawyers however say these two women are political. appointees in a politically motivated killing that they did not know that what they were doing that they sincerely thought that they were just taking part in a reality t.v. show so how the judge decides hinges on whether or not he believes that the prosecution has brought enough evidence to show that there is a case to answer. italy's prime minister has declared
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a twelve month state of emergency in the wake of tuesday's critical apps in china what at least thirty eight people had died at the number the government is excessive expect to rise the deputy prime minister is flaming a lack of maintenance as questions are raised about infrastructure throughout the country and reports. on what remains of genoa as marandi bridge they call seem to be frozen in time left where they were abandoned moments softer the bridge collapsed on tuesday the driver of this truck managed to stop just metres from the edge others were not so lucky in difficult conditions emergency workers continue to search for survivors we have the pieces of the of the breach of collapse of the now we are using b. cranes to move goes. on to try to enter the rebels again search for the beatings police are letting anyone who is not involved in this rescue operation to go down this road with
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a warfare fact he waited hundreds of people who were living in the area because they're all still concerns over the safety of the bridge and whether some parts of it may still collapse when they'll be still when i realize the bridge had fallen down like everyone and i felt as if a part of me had vanished it's unclear why the fifty year old bridge collapsed but some people in the city had questioned its safety this former independent senator warned of the risks as recently as two years ago. learned there were destructor problems with the breach the motorway operate door needed to carry out more maintenance but also the transport minister should have been checking off to visiting the city italy's prime minister declared a state of emergency and said the motor operator in charge of the bridge was to blame. these are tragedies which are unacceptable in modern society they shouldn't happen. this government will do its utmost to avoid tragedies like this
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happening in the future we have plans in place to take action against the companies managing the motorways the italian government says it will now inspect the structure of aging bridges and tunnels across the country it's unclear though whether that will be enough to calm fears in a city with people who've been deeply shaken natasha al-jazeera did noah italy the worst flooding in south india's carolla state in nearly a century has killed sixty seven people more than fifty thousand people are seeking shelter and relief camps the international airport in the city of coaching which serves as a major gateway to the state popular tourist will be closed until saturday because of flooding heavy rain is in the forecast forecasts rather for till the weekend. israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza after a month long shut down across selim crossing was closed because of heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians henri's carrying clothes fuel and
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construction material cannot enter gaza israel has also looked at restrictions on the fishing zone off the gaza shore more now from charles trafford trucks have started arriving here at gaza's only commercial crossing with israel they stopped for example will fill up with goods across the border before returning in cigars so we understand around eight hundred trucks are expected to pass the border today. now we understand that a lot of pressure came on israel as well from israeli businesses that contract out goals of the workers inside gaza or for example the textile industry that kind of pressure being put on the israeli government because those businesses were concerned that those goods were not coming out we understand that the exports of goods from gaza could well starts tomorrow but of course this kind of movement at the crossings here this crossing being opened is all dependent it's staying open his old dependence on the relative calm between hamas and israel continuing. goods
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coming in including construction materials petrol gas and vegetables and clothing. where the stores were closed transport was stopped people have been really suffering thank god things have calmed down now in gaza and the trucks moving across the border again minutes ago we're going to. israel has also increased the area in which fishermen can work could see three to six. off the northern half of gaza and from three to nine nautical miles in the south. it's not enough we need to see to be completely six nautical miles is not enough there is just left in the sea we need israel to increases according to international. so as you heard there the gaza fisherman saying these easing of restrictions on the
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area in which they can operate and nowhere near enough they say they're literally all the stocks of fish in this area any more bear in mind around fifty thousand families here in gaza rely on the fishing industry in some way the israeli navy have killed thirteen fishermen since the blockade started almost twelve years ago meanwhile those negotiations in cairo continue the hamas delegation over there along with delegations from the other factions from gaza in a desperate bid to try and forge some last thing truce between hamas and israel. india's prime minister has revealed what is being billed as the world's biggest government funded health scheme. that will cover around happened billion people many his struggle with high health care costs but after thomas reports on the northeastern city of goma heidi there are concerns that existing facilities be able to handle the rising demand. india's prime minister narendra modi doesn't call it
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modi care but everybody else does his ambitious national health protection scheme will be the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. if there is good good good to make the poor of the country will not have to struggle when they fall sick they will not have to borrow from money lenders families will not be destroyed. this scheme is due to start in late september and will become the largest publicly funded health service in the world in effect the government will pay the premiums for health insurance for one hundred million indian families each will get a policy that covers their medical costs up to the equivalent of about seven thousand dollars a year. at the moment only the wealthy have access to insurance to pay for treatment in a private hospital like this part of the duals i'm lucky i don't have insurance but i can afford it my husband has a good job we own our own house. the new program will cover the paul rieckhoff of india's population the private hospitals the scheme should see a big boost in business but there is concern they'll be overwhelmed by demand india
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spends just one point five percent of its g.d.p. on health care compared to the global average of six percent facilities and stealthing levels in the health sector of poor but that doctors is changing a lot of. new money sources but i think we continue our for the nearest our health you know health sector. some have accused of caring more for his hindu base than the other ethnic groups or india's poorest with health care for rule he's trying to change that image if it's a success it will be a big achievement andrew thomas al-jazeera. thailand. as they scour the bottom of the river in bangkok looking for valuables lost travel into the water over the centuries but now their livelihoods are in danger of reports. for nearly fifty of his seventy years has been
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a treasure hunter since he was a boy he's lived on the child prior river and i spent a great deal of time in its murky water using his homemade equipment to dive for underwater treasure with bangkok skyline looming in the distance he heads up river like he has thousands of times before but it mitts he still gets excited before each dive i'm. being doing this for a long time and i don't think i will quit i will continue to dive until i die i am always away as of the danger because down in the river. and then dress things that might be carried by the karens then hits me. he and the other divers go as deep as twenty metres but with near zero visibility they feel their way around a river bottom as they search for treasure so don has decided to come to this spot for today's dive that's because there used to be a river community similar to theirs they called this home decades ago and the
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current is very strong right now so it's better for their hunting to be closer to the shore. is happy with today's bounty some coins in china from a few hundred years ago but the standout piece one hundred year old opium pipe. is . to indeed said to me and we filed that. idea that have. the pipe will fetch about twenty dollars from a dealer then sold in a market for about thirty they've never found antiquities and that's a good thing because their treasure hunting is technically illegal but the police don't bother them as their findings are not too valuable. hunting is a family business his main diving buddy his forty six year old son they make about three hundred fifty dollars a month but it's about much more than the money when. a diver can be compared to
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a fish they both always need to swim like doing exercise every day so the man is very healthy when he's put on shore would be like a fish dying out of water who gets sick. is worried about his father there's a government deadline looming over their community built on stilts they are to be relocated by the end of the year. that would put them out of reach of the river and their treasure hunting the only way it has ever known to provide for his family it's got hotter al-jazeera bangkok. beaches in the caribbean and the u.s. state of florida with masses of toxic algae blooms the so-called red tide is the worst in over a decade and it's killing sea affecting tourists and hurting people's health and gallacher reports. four weeks from now smelling saw gas of seaweed has been washed ashore across the caribbean in florida's atlantic coast these blooms are naturally occurring but weren't seen in this region before two thousand and eleven since then
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the problems grow worse while scientists are unsure what's behind it many belief human activity is a factor to largest rivers feeding into the control of the land of the amazon and the congo and of course there's been huge about deforestation in those two waters. and of course again you cut down the forest that's going to lose a lot more the this nutrient pollution in florida toxic algae is adding to the state's environmental woes this year's red tide is the worst in more than a decade the real life has been hit hard by the algae which poisons fish and removes oxygen from the water florida businesses are suffering too the numbers of people reporting respiratory problems has spiked with officials warning the albi may be around for months yesterday we were giving people little dabs of the vapor rub to put in their nostrils so that the smell wasn't so bad florida is no stranger to these kind of ecological events but scientists believe stricter environmental
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regulations would help them double it's got to be due to pollution coming from land generated by your primarily have a culture but also some sewage the challenges of dealing with masses of seaweed in toxic algae or extracting a price in this region is now more than just an inconvenience and more of a long term environmental problem that could have serious consequences scientists say if authorities don't deal with it now it will only get worse in years to come and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says his country is falling to talk with the u.s. to try to resolve a diplomatic dispute as long as there are no threats and impose sanctions on ankara last week over the detention of an american pastor turkey responded in kind but not before its currency to layer upon that it airs at turkey's foreign ministry melba
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casilla told ambassadors in ankara. heard shit on here despite everything we already talk about everything to solve the existing problems as equal partners i speak openly but only on one condition. no dictator. and are says it will invest in thousand billion dollars in turkey's troubled financial sector they announced it came shortly after a meeting between turkey's president wretched type in the emir of qatar shaikh to maintain hama all funny and ankara turkey was one of the first countries to offer support to katara after its neighbors imposed a blockade last year. a suicide attack on an education center in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed more than fifty two people most of them students it appeared in the mainly shia happened rather the mainly shia neighborhood no group has claimed responsibility so far. the party of president former president luis inacio lula da silva has registered him as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections thousands rallied in the
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capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy was convicted in jail for corruption tied to his time in office. u.s. president donald trump has are both the security clearance of former cia director john brennan he was a top intelligence official during the obama administration and has been openly critical of trump and his policies and his statement question brennan's objectivity and credibility burning claims the move is politically motivated the fraud case against us president obama's former campaign manager is now being considered by the jury for his accused of tax evasion and lying to obtain bank loans the charges are not related to his time with the trump presidential campaign in two thousand and sixteen jurors will begin their deliberations on thursday his defense rested on tuesday without calling any witnesses. those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera much more to come the road to hospice next. looks ugly
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it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wilds requests for just the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it from this you tube america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. land of the rising sun. a nation of contrast where modern technology and time honored culture co-exist side by side. japan remains
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a traditional society with strong social hierarchies. but many traditions are under pressure as a younger generation turned to outside influences and ideas. here in this predominantly buddhist society islam is taking root among some japanese some of whom will be journeying to mecca for the annual has pilgrimage.
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was was the was the hustle and bustle of daily life in japan's capital tokyo the muslim call to prayer can be heard each day in a few corners of the city the. the there are about fifty mosques in japan. and there are some one hundred most on love or communal prayer rooms like this one in the tokyo suburb of cite. it was built more than fifteen years ago by bangladeshi muslim workers many of whom made japan their home. the young man here on the left is the only ethnic japanese member of their congregation.
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his name is kusa he's twenty six years old and lives about two hours outside of tokyo. who is the only child in his family and lives with his parents. and lot of money homeliness and they took an issue killed thanks to you and then when i. should go out i set about the question that i set up so you know from your bullshit look at this up like they're watching us and that they must join us on the journey and i've got. like most japanese who was brought up in the spiritual traditions of shinto and buddhism. shinto is the indigenous religion of japan and throughout history it has provided the backbone of japanese culture. the shinto faith reveres nature there are no sacred icons or books and no group
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worship instead follower. draw their dates he's from nature worshipping the rocks trees wind and sun. off to the second world war shinto suffered a setback when the emperor was forced to renounce his divinity as the living god. but while a sense of religion may have decreased after the war many japanese still profess their belief in both shinto and buddhism. the japanese are an intensely private people especially when it comes to matters of religion. look at a. little. bit
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. more saw is that on the height of my phone to call you on the corner the ice around because of course i'm on the thought of them with the most stunning to me a body in a way about not going to hide on like when i was a single mum to one of the going to hide on the bottom of a bucket and i'm one of the docks out of the way just like that but it's all shindle the law and i'm all about the gossip but i'll just go so you to multitask outsmarting so you know i can all use and stick it up just going to bother to look at the in the consciousness you know more but some will told us that about us and all that's pretty simple and.
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one of the. those who help better understand islam is a reader. who this year will be helping undertake the house pilgrimage to mecca then she said. we have no religion before redock ame on the scene few if any has pilgrims from japan made it to mecca. only stuff to equal a national holiday and of the man on. going on business is going to amman lesson you can feel and not get to listen you can feel the necessity to talk to coast guard illmatic at my side offishness and. hit the button for almost warm additional slimming movies have the right. fortune. pleasant happy penny less an adult you have the bottle any body could have come nora. believes. there is
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a way to do the riddle is egyptian and was a lawyer in cairo before he came to japan in his twenty's. he worked for a travel agency and decided to branch out to form his own agency to take care of japanese muslim pilgrims. oh it was an uphill struggle from the start made all the more difficult when the saudi authorities said they did not believe him a mismanagement the movie a ban on women as men and if we had given him a fortune to muslim in lebanon or the n.r.i. allison there may have been me and i handled in syria veneer well as an obama psyllium and more of a glib and unknown can gossip about me what we should like mostly. anonymous mentions to me.
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when. you. have to work or there's a mat on foot. sometimes when you are done bro seizure thinks about studios sometimes stick to involved sometimes. like last year. and most of the had to stay on the same seat for sixteen hours. riddle persisted in his quest to help pilgrims from japan to mecca. five years on the travel agency he set up is one of only two registered companies that have been sanctioned by the saudi government to organize pilgrimages for japanese muslims. over the years riddle has managed to increase the number of muslim pilgrims from
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japan performing the has. his goal is that the majority of these pilgrims will be ethnic japanese. now taking about ninety percent for them a. percentage of unease. when asked to make it obvious it. is to make it ninety percent original japanese and maybe ninety one percent to original japanese and one percent for. a is above the whole us. is as small as massive bill had to go to jail and want to call obama that. means you are the people too good to have you made as on and then. it is really down with the group but i can feel we can do it. to the good. woman.
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and i know that one of the in. could is a great option. must. feel and i know. the lug around the head. with abs of to me and a superman bina. must. feel it and have a mind numbing to blooming islam can. you and i live in one of the blue mcdonagh muslim issue feet. islam is gradually establishing itself in japan. converts like up the law turkey are pioneering the way. smack in the middle of tokyo's infamous red light district in kabuki cho is a little apartment that has been converted into
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a communal prayer room thirty six year old abdullah talking leads the prayers here . when he was younger he was into body piercing but now he finds a new way to express himself. yet that you. or she. are looking. almost all. of you know him or i didn't know all the well. should she have any. time to meet. to to meet cornfields should.
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he go that lentulus isn't she loved his son in. law had died down a lot of the house actually being the that he had recently and that people. in recent decades the japanese have been exposed to other religions both orthodox and orthodox the differ from shinto. islam is still considered relatively unfamiliar. but in recent years young japanese men like. the talking of.


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