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american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it. america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. we are not going to. the media strikes back editors around the u.s. and the world defend their journalism against attacks by president trump. ellen malcolm you're watching out is there live from london also coming up. another violent attack hits kabul as afghans bury the wake so good wednesday suicide bombing of a study center. their lives and houses were spared but those living in the shadow
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generals collapsed bridge may never be able to return home. and farewell to the queen of soul the world pays i it's r.e.s.p. e.c.t. to aretha franklin has died aged seventy six. u.s. president on trump has hit out at a campaign by hundreds of u.s. newspapers supporting free press he took to twitter saying the presence free to write and say anything at once but much of what it says is fake news all the boston globe is leading the campaign with a twitter hash tag enemy of none in reference to trump calling journalists the enemy of the american people more than three hundred you newspapers published editorials on thursday criticizing the u.s. president and his attacks on the media she have written c. has more from washington. we're at the newseum in washington d.c.
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a museum dedicated to reporting and news gathering each day here on pennsylvania avenue they display the front pages of the nation's newspapers it's interesting to note that some of those taking part in what the boston globe cools a fight back against donald trump's dirty war against the press did actually endorse still trump at the last election but here's the philadelphia inquirer it sums up the message stop the war on the free press a war on the press is a war on democracy it was not enough to label american journalists as enemies of the people now he has called the entire profession quote dangerous and sick he being told concluding if the press is not free from reprisal punishment or suspicion for unpopular views or information neither is the country neither are its people and let's say in washington we can go to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett so kimberly this was the first time a head of state to add has been in contention with the media why is this eliciting
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such a reaction. well certainly in the united states the press is viewed as an important check on power protected by the us constitution and that is why perhaps the collectively the print media in the united states the three hundred fifty newspapers that have banded together to push back against the criticism by the president that they are fake news is getting so much attention we should give this some context however donald trump isn't the first us president to push back in this manner i mean well his his brand of pushback is unique but certainly we've seen barack obama was heavily criticized in recent memory for weaponize in his justice department forcing or trying to force reporters to turn over sources even jailing whistleblowers and you could continue down the line of u.s. presidents what donald trump has done though is made it overt and certainly as
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a master marketer we he already honed these skills in terms of name calling and he is an equal opportunity name callers well he doesn't just attack the press he attacks all of his critics but again given this sort of constitutionally protected role of the free press in the united states a fundamental foundation of its democracy that is what strong such a huge response we should point out in advance of a cabinet meeting by the president today he did take to twitter multiple times to defend the criticism certainly this is causing some consternation by the president where he is defending himself saying he wants as you pointed out at the start of the program freedom of the press but it is the press that's a problem he says it is pushing what he calls big news and can really what is the likely impact of all these very vocal editorials. i think that this is bringing this to the forefront and allowing for ordinary americans to put
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into some perspective the value of the role of the media having said that this is a deeply divided country we say this almost every day and there are many in the united states that agree with donald trump and in many ways the media as sort of the criticism as some of it is done the term is really a reflection of what many in the united states of believe if you look at conservatives in the united states the majority of them do believe that the media is in the lead us to a group that is out of touch with ordinary americans and so perhaps a lot of this criticism and what we're seeing right now is a reflection donald trump is a reflection of what many americans have felt for a very long time so this is brought to the forefront a discussion that perhaps is long overdue the role of the media and the stories that it needs to tell and whether or not it needs to chase every single tweet and the shiny object that donald trump has been so carefully able to manipulate and
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master these editorials are not only pushing back on the president putting into the public discourse the role of the media and perhaps even lifting that discourse even higher aspiring to loftier goals can really hot in washington thank you. well our own journalists here at our desire how have often become targets for something doing their jobs it has been six hundred days since our desire journalists insane was arrested and jailed in egypt without charge hussein is accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions he and al-jazeera strongly deny the allegations and the network is demanding has really. two gunmen have been killed after six hours tied off with security forces in the afghan capital of kabul they targeted a training center for afghanistan's security service this has kept
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a particularly violent week with hundreds of military police and civilians killed in a series of attacks charlotte has more in this. ten am in kabul's whiston neighborhood known as p.d. five. gunmen launch an assault on a training seem to the national directorate of security afghanistan's primary intelligence agency. special forces well versed in urban firefights repel the attack they form a cordon and move people out of range of the bullets. a short drive west from here and not twenty four hours prior a different result the a suicide attack on an education seem to killed at least thirty four people most of the victims were students teenagers studying for university entrance exams.
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the force of the bomb blew the roof off the classroom. killing students is against all human dignity people should never be this brutal in any part of the world those behind this action or worse than animals. i so claimed responsibility it kept off of the to kill a violent week within a particularly violent month for afghanistan. the taliban launched an attack on gaza one week ago the city was under siege for six days more than four hundred people died in the fighting a quarter of them gussie's residents there are also multiple taliban attacks on police and military outposts across the country dozens of afghan soldiers and policemen were killed. we want peace in our country we cannot continue this bloodshed any more we demand from the government and government forces to stop the war and work towards peace and brotherhood. the afghan government
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appears to be listening president musharraf danny says he will not negotiate with eisel but there are talks of a ceasefire with the taliban during the holiday of each next week it would replicate an unprecedented ceasefire in june this is negotiations continue between the u.s. and taliban for a long term peace plan but analysts say it may be the prospect of peace that is causing war both hardline balla been who are with hardliners who believe in fighting it out and then be politic gram conflict there are making america big in my view. rocket and created your region where a big gob amend it going to difficult situation to announce prior. to the stakes a growing with or that's a ceasefire with the taliban all the red acacia if i saw. right. those who remain say be desperate for change shallot ballasts al jazeera.
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aretha franklin the universally acclaimed queen of soul has died at her home in detroit's the seventy six year old american singer has been ill with pancreatic cancer tributes are being paid from the music world and beyond you're looking at the scene at the apollo theater in harlem that's where she began her career gabriel elizondo looks back at her life. she was simply known by her first name aretha because of her unmistakable voice she was born a rita louise franklin in one nine hundred forty two in memphis tennessee from her first recordings as a young gospel singer she went on to become part of the sound of detroit her singing career would span six decades away was.
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a winner of eighteen grammy awards distinctive gospel honed vocal style influenced multiple generations she was number one rolling stone magazine's list of the greatest singers of all time she was the first. ever inducted. but it was in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven song respect which garnered her international attention and payment. fifty years ago she sang at dr martin luther king jr's funeral and many years later at the dedication of dr king's memorial in washington she was active in the civil rights movement for decades something she spoke about in two thousand and fourteen well it certainly was a struggle and still is although we have come a great ways a long way there still is a significant way. the recipient of the united states highest civilian honor the
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presidential medal of freedom her voice delighted presidents as her health declined she curtailed her performances but she always sang like idiots two thousand and fourteen performance and she sang adele's hit rolling in the deep. was. a genius the night of. her fans she always was and always will be. frank with her seventy six years old. and what a voice and still to come on this show facing trial two women in malaysia have been charged with the murder of kim jong un's brother. diving for treasure and thailand's muddy waters we reports on
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a livelihood under threats in bangkok. and of the story continues has been one that's been around at least five days this circulation here is a tropical storm being and it's been bringing rain to the southwest to china an influence in the rain in vietnam and laos for the best part of a week it's going to do the same again it will probably disintegrate as it goes over land in the next two days and therefore the heaviest phase like to be in vietnam and then laos as well but the legacy rain is still there in southwest china and hong kong like you get as well and all this time you've just been watching over shanghai that's a tropical storm to you when it's way through make it becoming a tropical depression to be honest but the amount of rain one changes to the potential of at least two hundred millimeters i think so expect flooding along the
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sides of that part of the yangtze valley the concentration of rain in india recently though had some big showers in the north has been down towards carola huge amounts of rain as you've probably seen it's a news story worst flooding for one hundred years and the forecast doesn't improve things again from carola northwards that's where they likely rainey's on these heavy rain over the next day or so which means to the east it is drying out in also pradesh is drying up but there's still a few showers potential even there. of struggles. with no show me that i mean. that i want either one of them to full of pleasure we grew up on the good things. going to an intimate look at life in cuba today as it was then you want to. whether you want
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to give it a bunch of money q on just. again here's a reminder for our top stories knowledge is there are hundreds of u.s. newspapers have published coordinated editorials criticizing the u.s. president for a so-called dirty war on the press donald trump has repeatedly derided the elements of the media as fake news. two gunmen have been killed after a six hour a standoff with security forces in the afghan capital of kabul it kept a violent week that saw over thirty killed and i saw bombing targeting shiite
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students on wednesday. aretha franklin the universally acclaimed acclaimed the queen of soul has died at her home in detroit a seventy six year old american singer has been with cancer. aid agencies are scrambling to prevent humanitarian crises in the war torn yemen one and a half million children there are suffering from malnutrition and health workers fear it could worsen a cholera outbreak has this report from neighboring djibouti. go way beyond the bomb some bullets. luckily food is the greatest threat ronald holiday is awake and severely malnourished she's nine years old but weighs on in nine kilograms the ideal weight for a one year old baby. everyone i know has been sick for almost four years and i
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took her to several hospitals when they failed to treat her i took her to a hospital the pediatrician there examined her and found a big stone three centimeters in size in her kidney. doctors our health hold a hospital in the port city of her doing all the qantas everyone else live. from said she was suffering from severe pain in her left side after diagnosis we discovered that she has a fully blocked kidney we managed to do the operation for free but she didn't get any better due to malnutrition in. yemen has always been desperately pool but the war has made things much worse. while food prices rise incomes off plummeted with frequent asterix it's difficult for people to leave they'll see. the destruction of roads and bridges have limited the supply of vital supplies of food and fuel to a population already is self going to learn how the nutrition department receives
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more than twenty cases a week from her data in neighboring areas this is because of the current situation in the country and because the closure of health centers outside due to fear of shelling also because of the financial situation lack of jobs fathers families cannot meet basic needs. according to the un two point eight million people have been driven away from their homes by the bombing in yemen many of them are living in dream comps in the middle of the country surviving one may go to live hundreds whose deliveries are few and far between the world health organization is in the middle of a large drive to prevent a recurrence of color in north london. the destruction to the country's wartime senate to show for citizens already cost on which affected more than a million people. will say any major break in the middle of the month attrition. crisis could wasson the humanitarian crisis behind the well just zero djibouti.
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turkey says it's ready to enter talks with the united states over a dispute that seen tariffs pile up and its currency plunge qatar has come to turkey's aid agreeing to invest fifteen billion dollars to boost the flooding in column e. other route with the u.s. began after turkey detained an american pastor accusing him of links to the organization behind the failed coup two years ago the u.s. tariffs targets turkey steel and aluminum exports schools attended by half a million palestinian refugees will reopen as planned later this month this by funding cuts by the us the united nations agency for palestinian refugees has prioritized we're putting more than seven hundred schools across the middle east because it says education is a fundamental right of the agency which is known as on raw is still still needs another one hundred twenty million dollars to support five hundred thousand
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students past september u.s. cuts half its promised funding to the un r w a in january. very far said has more from bethlehem in the occupied west bank. but after months of warnings about the possible impact of enron's financial crisis on the operations of its schools like this one the agency has announced that its seven hundred schools operating across its five areas jordan lebanon syria and the occupied palestinian territories of gaza and here in the occupied west bank they will open on time here in the occupied west bank that means the twenty ninth of august there are seven hundred schools serving more than half a million palestinian children in the region the head of the agency has said that it was vital for dignity for the future that the schools should open on time but he's also saying that the future of the schools is by no means set and that's because of the withdrawal by the united states of its funding it typically funds
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about half of the seven hundred million dollars annual unwrap budget and this year it decided to withdraw that funding so throughout the year has been having to have these funding drives getting people to put forward existing commitments or make new commitments and so far that has come in a piecemeal fashion allowing them to operate for a few months more at a time currently the agency says it has enough money to operate until the end of september and it's not just schools that they do provide they also provide humanitarian sist assistance food medical assistance and indeed jobs to many palestinians in the region so for now the schools will be operating as normal from the start date on the twenty ninth of august but the future of that schooling system and indeed of the agencies other services has yet to be guaranteed. a malaysian judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to try to women for the murder of the north korean leader kim jong un's half brother the indonesian and be
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enemies nationals are accused of carrying out the attack on kim jong nam at kuala lumpur. last year using a banned nerve agent called v.x. florence louie has this report from. cold blooded killers or unwitting pawns one p. hong from vietnam and city and indonesian citizen have been presented as both the prosecution says they were trained to kill the judge heard evidence of practice runs at shopping malls in kuala lumpur and absolute security footage showing the attack traces of v.x. the banned nerve agent considered by the un as a weapon of mass destruction and used to kill kim jong was found on the women's clothes the judge said their intention to kill could be inferred from the fact they targeted his eyes to ensure the substance which penetrate his bloodstream quickly defense lawyers say the accused are disappointed with the judge's decision to take the case to trial instead of acquitting them outright it does not mean that the
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judges would have duty what it means and is this day to judge by the days of promised us against. his death and because most of the court wants to hear gavel should just be. the judge said he couldn't rule out the possibility that the killing was a political assassination but said there wasn't enough evidence to prove that police have also charged for north korean men who they say trained the women but left malaysia hours after the attack u.s. and south korean officials have accused north korean agents of planning the killing north korea denies any involvement in a few months the two women will have a chance to tell their story as they take the stand to defend themselves. defense lawyers say they'll call witnesses and hope to taint more information about the four north korean men perhaps then more information will come to light about who gave the order to kill kim jong nam florence the al jazeera malaysia. the
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collapse of a motorway bridge in general has prompted the italian government to consider taking charge of the entire motorway network away from private companies and contractors and while an investigation into what happened may take some time hundreds of people displaced by the bridge collapse are wondering well they'll sleep for the night that's harsh a butler has this report from genoa. below what is left of geno's marandi bridge hundreds of properties stand empty more than six hundred people were moved from this neighborhood after the bridge collapsed on tuesday some are returning to collect their possessions many all still visibly shaken. portugal a lot of i saw the bridge collapsing because my apartment looked over it so i saw it fall or heard a big noise like thunder and i thought it was a storm and then there was dust everywhere and i saw a building in terms of rubble. it's unclear if people will be allowed to live here again as experts say the structure could be unsafe this firefight to show me what's
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now known as the red zone a high risk area if you look up you can see just how close the mine where it is to the top of some of these apartments it almost seems to me it's and you can really understand why it's on authorities despite the fact you wait this whole neighborhood because of course if any part of that bridge was to collapse anyone underneath would mean grave danger. carrying their belongings residents leave to stay with family and friends or in city shelters this man's elderly mother was too shocked to come back he says my fear never be the same so next week for can please you and i used to be a firefighter and looking at all this i believe it will take years to rebuild and recover. in the cause i'm a little longer. at the rescue site hundreds of emergency workers continue to search for survivors as time passes hopes are diminishing now we are cutting that
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big slabs we are moving them and then we send the can and units the dogs the search dogs. if there are positive signs we send our teams. direct research casualties into or. into the voids people in juneau are still coming to terms with what has happens in their city there's grief anger and for those who call this district home there is now a future full of uncertainty natasha butler al-jazeera genoa italy. it's the sixth anniversary of the maracana massacre in south africa where forty seven people were killed by police officers miners had gathered at the longman platinum mine during a strike to demand better pay and living conditions families of the victims are still waiting for compensation and justice america the massacre is regarded as one of the most brutal post apartheid clashes between protesters and police.
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mali's president abraham who bought her case has won a second term after taking sixty seven percent of the vote in a runoff election supporters of cater cheered and danced after hearing news of his landslide victory that caters main rivals she says he'll reject the results and is urging the people to rise up voter turnout was low in the last months vote with armed men attacking several police stations polling stations and want to lection official killed. of the been called thailand's indiana jones diverse there divers is scour the bottom of the main river running through bangkok looking for valuables that have been lost or thrown into the water another livelihoods are in danger scott hydel or followed one of the treasure hunters in bangkok for nearly fifty of his seventy years old i'm come king has been a treasure hunter. since he was a boy he's lived on the child prior river and has spent a great deal of time in its murky water using his homemade equipment to dive for
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underwater treasure with bangkok skyline looming in the distance he heads up river like he has thousands of times before but it mitts he still gets excited before each dive when i might not have been doing this for a long time and i don't think i will quit i will continue to dive until i die i am always away as of the danger because down in the river. and then dress things that might be carried by the karens then hits me. he and the other divers go as deep as twenty meters but with near zero visibility they feel their way around a river bottom as they search for treasure so don has decided to come to this spot for today's dive that's because there used to be a river community similar to theirs they called this home decades ago and the current is very strong right now so it's better for their hunting to be closer to the shore. he. is happy with today's bounty some coins in china from
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a few hundred years ago but the standout piece one hundred year old opium pipe. is . the twentieth century and we filed that. in. at the end that have. the pipe will fetch about twenty dollars from a dealer then sold in a market for about thirty they've never found antiquities and that's a good thing because their treasure hunting is technically illegal but the police don't bother them as their findings are not too valuable treasure hunting is a family business his main diving buddy his forty six year old son they make about three hundred fifty dollars a month but it's about much more than the money on. a dime it can be compared to a fish they both always need to swim like doing exercise every day so the man is very healthy when he's put on shore would be like a fish dying out of water who get sick. is worried about his father there's
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a government deadline looming over their community built on stilts they are to be relocated by the end of the year that would put them out of reach of the river and their treasure hunting the only way it has ever known to provide for his family it's got hotter al-jazeera bangkok. here's a reminder for top stories and. u.s. president donald trump lashed out at a campaign by hundreds of u.s. newspapers supporting a free press treated that the press is free to write and say anything it wants but much of what it says is fake news the boston globe is leading the campaign with a twitter hash tag anomie of non that's in reference to trump calling journalists the enemy of the american people more than three hundred newspapers have published editorials criticizing trump and this attacks on the media she had has more from
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washington it's interesting to note that some of those taking part in what the boston globe calls a fight back against donald trump's dirty war against the press did actually endorse or drop at the last election but is the philadelphia inquirer it sums up the message stop the war on the free press a war on the press is a war on democracy it was not enough to label american journalists as enemies of the people now he has called the entire profession quote dangerous and sick he being told including if the press is not free from reprisal punishment or suspicion for unpopular views or information neither is the country neither are its people two gunmen have been killed after six hours turned off with security forces in the afghan capital of kabul they targeted a training center for afghanistan's security service that has kept a violent week with hundreds of military police and civilians killed in a series of attacks turkey says it's ready for dialogue with the u.s.
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over a dispute that tariffs pile up and its currency plunge qatar has come to turkey's aid agreeing to invest fifty billion dollars to boost the flagging part of me the route of the u.s. began after turkey detained an american pastor accusing him of links to a failed coup attempt to years ago. u.s. singer aretha franklin has died of pancreatic cancer in seventy six the undisputed queen of soul is known for classic rhythm and blues tracks such a thing i say a little prayer and her signature song. eighteen grammys during. and she was the first female artist to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of saying. that line it's my cuba that's next.
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