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today getting a little more determined to carry on a fluke that did it because there is no money cuba on al-jazeera. final tributes ahead of the funeral of india's former prime minister atal bihari vegetable i his died at the age of ninety three. zero live from doha i'm also coming up. we're committed to a whole of government effort to change the iranian regime to be havior. a new approach the u.s. announces a plan to deal with iran after withdrawing from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal.
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it's really turns its attention to fears over its aging infrastructure following the genoa bridge collapse. concerns over the quality of air in indonesia's capital is a country prepares for the i think of the asian games. the funeral procession of former indian prime minister atal bihari of advise now on the way new delhi he'll be remembered measures for testing nuclear weapons in nine hundred ninety eight and intensifying the arms race with neighbor pakistan andrew thomas has mall. tens of thousands of indians have gathered along the route for the funeral procession will also among the official mourning those will be a small got a guy some from pakistan including it's not to the information minister but a stone's incoming prime minister a month on host issued a statement saying that a vacuum has been created in the what's. arena of the subcontinent i extend my
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sympathies to the people of india and this great now it was passed by of course who approved the testing of nuclear weapons in one nine hundred ninety eight in turn pakistan that its own tests that same year on the two countries became in the way on to the outrage of the world but it was only short lived or at least that's how most indians would see it and i think the security in the long term is the more important on the out right now on a plane crash probably was also well known for his economic reforms. in the economy and for a strong period of growth particularly investment in the roads infrastructure of india but it was while he was prime minister in two thousand and two a good year out riots happened killing at least a thousand cuts as many as two thousand muslims and really creating ethnic divisions that carry on to this day the funeral procession will lead to the banks of the river where a commission will take place. on friday indians around me by the last respects.
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and the indian state of carolers facing an extremely grave crisis that's according to its chief minister as monsoon rains back to the region at least one hundred sixty people have been killed the damage is being described as the worst in illness a century that is smith has the latest. hundreds of soldiers have been sent to kerala to lead the rescue effort. thousands of people are stranded across the southern indian state at least two hundred twenty thousand people have sought refuge in relief camps. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by floodwater. north and central carola have been worst hit by the floods but the entire state is on red alert as heavy rain is predicted to several days in a view of a fresh spell of flags inundating vast areas. we have deployed our forces. bad in seven districts. the government says ten thousand kilometers of
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perilous roads have been destroyed. the international airport is flooded and have been temporarily closed. monsoon rains are a fact of life in india but these are the heaviest since one hundred twenty four millions of dollars worth of crops have been washed away. indian prime minister narendra modi says he's praying for the safety and well being of the people of color but it's made al-jazeera. the u.s. has announced a new task force to deal specifically with iran is it says it's to persuade terror on the government to change its ways secretary of state might pump a announce a new unit as the u.s. increases economic pressure by reimposing sanctions this year the u.s. withdrew from the twenty fifty nuclear deal describing it as decaying and rotten. our hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see major changes in the regimes behavior
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both inside and outside of its borders rosen jordan has more from the u.s. . the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o has unveiled what is being called the iran action group trying to make certain that all parts of the u.s. government are working on a strategy to compel iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions as well as to stop its efforts of supporting groups such as hamas hezbollah the who these in yemen and other such organizations that have been listed as terrorist groups under u.s. law even though this effort is now being unveiled the administration is denying charges that it is trying to push for regime change inside iran there's also the question of whether the u.s. is goal of trying to get other countries on board with this new effort will work notably countries within the european union which have longstanding economic ties.
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ron wood asked whether or not the u.s. was going to have a problem getting these countries to agree to put more pressure on iran to change its ways this is what bryant hook the new special representative for iran had to say that's the purpose of maximum economic pressure the point is not to create any rifts with with other nations but when you look out the kind of money that iran provides to assad and to shia militias to lebanese hezbollah it's billions and billions of dollars and we need to get at drying up those revenue streams so far the beggar's of the iran action group is a very small one the that ministration wasn't ready to unveil those daves on thursday however brian hook did tell reporters that this is a key policy addition of of the trumpet ministration and that they are committed to trying to get iran to change its political and security ways and we've been
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speaking to trita parsi he's from the national it raining in american council. what we're seeing here is the continuation of the escalator tory plan that the trump in the situation put in place on day one when the into the white house which is some form of confrontation with iran that talking point is that this is just about changing behavior there's even an offer to talk on the table but everything the trump administration is doing is very clearly pointing towards a demand for iran and carrots elation which will happen which as a result very likely will either lead to some form of direct confrontation with iran or efforts by the united states to destabilize iraq on the trunk of mr asian is on record admitting that they're trying to foment unrest and what that would do is that it would force him on to turn its research resources are inwards and it would be this evil from projecting power in the region and from the perspective of some of the iran's regional rivals that type of instability in the bar is probably
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the second best option compared to what their primary preference seems to be which is the military confrontation the u.s. has suggested that further sanctions could be placed on turkey amid the continuing dispute between the two nato allies the is here centers on an chris refusal to release a u.s. past whom turkey accuses of espionage and terror related activities is led to an overall weakening of turkey's currency although the layer has stated in recent days . that rescue workers assailed digging through the rubble in genoa after tuesday's bridge collapse at least thirty eight people were killed and hundreds more were injured the governments are focusing its attention on its aging bridges and tunnels some of which are more than seven sorry more than forty years old that's at about the has more from genoa. well the prosecutor here in genoa says there are all still
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ten to twenty people missing and that is why emergency workers hundreds of them and fire fighters have been trying to sift through the rubble at the scene they're still having to try and shift these huge concrete slabs which fell to the bridge collapsed on tuesday using heavy machinery then they are going in with their bare hands using sniff adults to try and see if there are any signs of life as the hours and days paulson calls hopes are diminishing but they could still be somebody trapped in an pocket they could have survived this long emergency workers saying that is why they are continuing their work and say they will not give up until that certain that there is nobody left there now the country will be united in mourning on saturday there will be a state funeral state ceremony here in genoa attended by families of the victims and also by the prime minister and various officials but several families of actually said that they will be holding private funerals and ceremonies for their loved ones this is of course a moment of great grief and sadness for them and what's been emerging over the past
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few days are really several engineers structural engineers who've come out and said the problem is they could be tens of thousands or up to ten thousand i should say bridges and tunnels across italy all risk because in the sixty's and seventy's there was a building boom there's a lot of corruption substandard concrete was being used so there are now questions over the safety of the infrastructure across the country not just bridges and tunnels i should say but also buildings municipal buildings like schools the government says it will be inspecting all those bridges and tunnels it will be a big job and whether or not that would be enough to calm people's fears here in italy remains to be seeing a passenger plane has get it off the runway during heavy rain landing at manila's airport in the philippines the plane operated by men airlines had flown from china one hundred feet. the seven passengers and eight crane members escaped using
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imagines the slides and the no injuries. that newspapers across the u.s. clipped their front pages on thursday and they printed editorials fighting back against donald trump's attacks on the media have a tons of reports now from washington d.c. . here at the newseum in washington d.c. the front pages of some of the over three hundred newspapers taking part in what was billed as an attempt to end a quote dirty war on the free press and quote we're being displayed their goals for the day really are to remind the public about the value to our democracy of afraid independent press and maybe tone down the rhetoric that leads some on the fringes to violence by using inflammatory terms like enemies of the people they are the fake fake disgusting news. donald trump's attacks on the media have been rhetorical and that has its dangers but he hasn't been journalists with the espionage act or seized their records and demanded sources as president obama did
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instead trump is playing on suspicions about the media the house long been the charge that the mainstream media does reflect the views of the establishment and the elites and marginalizes those who question that at least and some do wonder whether donald trump is now giving the mainstream media the opportunity to present itself as anti establishment without having to conduct any self reflection answers and what you just did is inflammatory to the u.s. media has awoken under donald trump and is likely to take a far more adversarial position against the white house. but has the age of trump truly ushered in a new era of fearlessness for a fourth a state finally willing to speak for the people or is the press simply reflecting the unease of the establishment but trump ended with his victory that many of a long called for an adversarial relationship between the media. the sitting president but the question is what. the relationship is
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a just simply belt based on attacks personal attacks going back and forth that don't have substance that don't actually improve people's lives that don't highlight issues but in effect inflate the personalities and egos of major celebrity media figures and people on the trumpet ministration the polls show most americans care far more about free health care or reversing economic inequality than the alleged russian collusion that establishment voices blame for them in the last presidential election. dominates the us media and those that do take an adversarial stones to the establishment on social and economic issues remain as marginalized as ever meanwhile the polls reflect that the climbing trust in the media nationwide. continues his attacks. washington. so. many people were killed.
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and then bringing the pain of trying. to make favorite into everything. hello again good to have you back well here across parts of south asia we're looking at some very messy weather of course appear towards the north where thailand as well as the philippines is seeing some very heavy rain showers at times most of the philippines is going to be seeing some rain and clouds of the next twenty four to forty eight hours down here towards the south though not looking too bad borneo partly cloudy conditions but as we go towards sunday more clouds and rain start to edge their way down here towards the south into java partly cloudy conditions with temperatures into the mid to low thirty's there well australia you
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could be seeing a change in weather as we go through the weekend cold fronts can be pushing through this one right here that is going to make its way across melbourne so temperatures are on their way down how about starting the next temperature on saturday of about sixteen degrees but as we go towards sunday that front pushes through and the overnight hours we may see some freezing conditions especially to the higher elevations but only a high temperature no point of about ten degrees there sydney about fifteen degrees and your forecast and then very quickly over here towards new zealand well the south island is looking at some very heavy rain pushing through even some lightning of the last day or so things are going to be getting better over the next twenty four hours we do expect to see partly cloudy conditions for most of the area but rain and clouds in the forecast next day. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now
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private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one of one east investigates on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here it out sarah the u.s. is announced a new task force to deal specifically with iran it says it's to assuage terror government to change its ways secretary of state might pompei or nelson new unit as
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the u.s. increases economic pressure with more sanctions the funeral of the former indian prime minister atal bihari vachss prize due to be held in a little while from now he'll be remembered for a number of his controversial decisions during his terms in office including turning india into a nuclear superpower. the collapse of a bridge in general has drawn attention to italy is aging infrastructure around seventy percent of its major ways and bridges are more than forty years old at least thirty eight people have been killed in the disaster and investigations now underway. malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad is in beijing on his first trip to china since winning may's election he recently said he wants to cancel all to renegotiate some of the deals that were struck between his predecessor and the chinese government firstly reports. the chinese have long had
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links with the malaysia is to teach. the convenient midway point to the chinese traders plying the east west through. even now commerce is at the heart of the relationship with malaysia counting china as its biggest trading partner but of late the actions of malaysia's new prime minister mahathir mohamad who came into power in may as concerned china has suspended three chinese led projects and said earlier this week he was aiming to scrap or at least renegotiate the deals it was a crucial part of the platform on which bucket of her own party which now leads a federal government was elected a body there were perceptions that these projects that the culture is governing dumb world upside that it wasn't favorable to build a shed that it could probably exacerbate our depth or even jeopardize our sovereignty. the contracts were signed by the previous government led by not to pasok who's been charged with corruption and money
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laundering officials are investigating whether the previous administration used money from the projects to repay debts owed by the scandal ridden fund one set up by nudging. of the three projects that have been suspended the biggest is the twenty billion dollars east coast rail link which would connect the eastern states of peninsula malaysia with the capital kuala lumpur and southern thailand it's part of china's so-called boughton road initiated an ambitious plan to link it with europe and africa through a network of ports roads and railways analysts say chinese officials desire to see the initiate of succeed where projects in other countries have hit hurdles may influence how they view martin's request if both sides could come to some sort of compromise in terms of the construction cost in terms of for example or the future types of investments i think malaysia and china economic cooperation was still for
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had a malaysian government advisor visited beijing last month to lay the groundwork for . first visit to china since his election ultimately the two countries need each other malaysia wants to reduce its debt but not at the expense of future investments china needs a friend and ally in the region just recently the chinese foreign ministry said any disagreements between the two countries should be resolved through talks an indication perhaps that china is willing to renegotiate the terms of its deals with malaysia florence al-jazeera. israeli police are again questioning prime minister benjamin netanyahu over corruption allegations it's the eleventh time they've spoken to the prime minister he's been accused of receiving lavish gifts from businessmen the police have recommended indicting him netanyahu has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing mali's president. has won reelection with sixty seven
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percent of the vote his main rival so may say got thirty three percent in this runoff but sisi has rejected the results and promised to contest them voter turnout for this runoff election in july was low and some polling stations didn't even open because of violence from saturday indonesia's congested capital will host the asian games there's been a campaign to tidy up the city of jakarta but air pollution is still a big problem misstep for us and now reports. a country better known for its diverse culture and for its sports. asian games are the largest event ever organized what and fourteen thousand athletes are arriving in the congested capital jakarta and in the city of palembang the center of yearly forest fires all stadiums have been built and renovated and city centers have undergone
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a transformation this is what visitors will see when they look up the air quality index just three days before the opening of the games show unhealthy levels they do sign up when beijing was hosting the olympics janish lower body krishi in a number of cars and closing down factories and it's relatively better equality intercut environmental issues are not a priority especially equality the government puts the economy first air pollution has been called a silent killer in the indonesian capital with figures in two thousand and ten showing that fifty seven percent of its people suffer from respiratory diseases but indonesian at least seem unfazed having to compete against countries like china or japan which have won the most medals at previous games they say they have other worries like eighteen year old runner lalo mohammed story who last month surprised many by becoming the world champion at the under twenty hundred meter sprint in
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finland young against a lot of help in mentally i need to mentally prepare myself because at the asian games i will be up against athletes that are all older than me and very experience . in the media is aiming for sixteen gold medals especially in new sports events like bridge jet skiing roller skating and martial arts while indonesia is gearing up to what is promised to be a spectacular opening of the asian games on saturday the country wants to show the world it's capable of organizing such a big event having less time to prepare after vietnam withdrew as a. most not everything is quite ready at. the athletes' village is near an area where a polluted river spreads a fold smell instead of cleaning it ahead of the games it is covered by in that and it's smell unsuccessfully treated with chemicals are those are complaining about logistical problems making it hard to reach the venues on time. games are very important for our nation important for asia the energy of issues being portrayed
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here that's why we have a speeded up the building of venue so the people of asia who are coming will be happy and proud. indonesia hosted the asian games for the first time in one thousand nine hundred sixty two then this still young nation built this welcome statue one of the city's landmarks fifty six years later it will once again welcome asian athletes even if it's sometimes hard to see because of the polluted air step fasten al-jazeera jack after a memorial a second place in spain to mark the first anniversary of an attack in which thirteen people were killed and more than one hundred were injured the families and politicians have been laying flowers in the central barcelona where the attack happened a man drove a valid high speed through a pedestrian street that was popular with tourists the driver fled the scene and was shot and killed by police several days later. greeks have
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a season raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help victims of that threat through results of athens last month prosecutors have launched an inquiry as to why so many people died. one of the worst hit areas. this used to be by your kitchen the only survived the fire that swept through this neighborhood on july twenty third because he and a friend acted quickly up to smelling the smoke you find different and we went to the main road and there was a tsunami of flames sixty meters high as soon as we saw this i said save your family take them to the sea we ran back and i grabbed my mother i should be a sequel this is where i ended up along with hundreds of others some scorched by the flames just a little too many because for me every race there was absolutely no warning perhaps the authorities didn't realize the size of the phenomenon it was so sudden my house
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is four hundred meters from the sea the fire took three maybe four minutes to cover that distance an inquiry is now looking into why authors he's failed to better coordinate their response the local mayor says five faces acted heroically but everything happens to fust methods by the keepers i see as the civil protection measures exist here as in every municipality but when you have twelve force winds blowing through pine forest and it becomes extremely inflammable the city is a government is trying to restore a sense of normality trees are being cut down even though many of them appear only superficially singed the public power corporation is restoring electricity the government will pay each stricken household an emergency some of the around five thousand dollars replace basic appliances and give pension is a double payouts this month all in the hope of reducing its political liability you know yet another name of the probe is no right to talk about political
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responsibility we've assumed the political responsibility already the prosecutor is an independent authority they're investigating but they won't find anything in the government we have no criminal liability. cities are has already a reputation for slowness and civil protection at the height of the refugee crisis three years ago it took months to ask brussels for help resulting in greater suffering for refugees and last year it was unable to prevent oil from a sunken tanker from soiling kilometers of pristine coastline west of athens but this time greece seems to have suffered an unprecedented number of deaths from wildfires even in two thousand and seven when two and a half percent of greek territory went up in flames the death toll did not exceed sixty for those who have lost family members say no amount of money will bring them back jumpstart openness al-jazeera. the family of everything frankly and has announced that a funeral will take place next week the legendary queen of soul died on thursday at
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the age of seventy six john hendren reports from her hometown of detroit. in detroit aretha franklin was the diva next door outside her family's church friends and families hold vigil with flowers bellew's and the occasional busted move to a to hear her inside where her sonorous voice once reached the rafters she inspires spontaneous outbursts of song feel like a loving husband said thursday i never want to write here but she was like the sister to all of us or in part because. she was sick with all of that we relish and glorified in a way that will and cherished. the mezzo soprano rolling stone magazine calls the greatest singer ever leaves her hometown sumber celebrating
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a presence who shone on stage and here at home. when she walked into rows you just light up the room. c. was our queen she was our queen. the queen of soul it was here at new bethel bob's his church that c.l. franklin aretha franklin's father preached and it was at her father's church that she got her start singing in the choir it wasn't long before she was the star soloist here and eventually around the world. the singer who could turn an old otis redding song about respect into an anthem about feminism and civil rights that helped define an era was remembered by the u.s. president well i want to begin today by expressing my condolences to the family of a person i knew well. she worked for me on numerous occasions she was terrific aretha franklin on her passing. she was also mourned by the president she brought
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to tears barack obama and his wife michelle wrote in her voice we could feel our history all of it and in every shade our power and our pain our darkness and our light our quest for a dempsey and our hard won respect. around the world she is remembered on subways and theater marquees in a world where soul has lost its queen john hendren al jazeera detroit. trying to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the funeral procession of the former indian prime minister atal bihari valid spy is underway in new delhi he'll be remembered for testing nuclear weapons in nine hundred ninety eight and for the poetry that he write the number of people killed in india's sudden sale of carola has climbed to more than one hundred sixty days of heavy rain has resulted in
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severe flooding which has been described as the worst in nearly a century thousands of people have been false out of their homes as rescue efforts continue to help those trapped the u.s. has announced a new task force to deal specifically with a wrong he says it's to persuade terror and terror on this government to change its ways secretary of state might pompei on else a new unit as the u.s. increases economic pressure with actions our hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see major changes in the regime's behavior both inside and outside of its borders. the collapse of a bridge in genoa has drawn attention to italy's aging infrastructure around seventy percent of its bridges and tunnels are more than forty years old at least thirty eight people were killed in the general disaster an investigation is underway the u.s. has suggested further sanctions could be placed on turkey amid the continuing
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dispute between the nato allies these who sent his own anger his refusal to release a u.s. pastor who turkey accuses of espionage and terror related activities is led to an overall weakening of turkey's currency although the layer has stated in recent days president trump has used twitter to attack a campaign by hundreds of us newspapers supporting free press he said the press is free to write his say anything it wants but much of what it says is fake news three hundred newspapers published editorials criticizing trump's attacks on the media a passenger plane is skidded off the runway during heavy rain whilst landing at manila's airport one hundred fifty seven passengers and eight crew members managed to escape one of one east is next.
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across the philippines badly nature's fury is a part of life and death. floods earthquakes and typhoon ravaged this nation with terrifying frequency. but amid the chaos and devastation some of the country's largest corporations are finding golden opportunities to profit from the misery. i'm steve chair on this edition of one east we investigate the rise of disaster capitalism in the philippines. the. the philippine island of leyte is no stranger to catastrophe.
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i was here five years ago when it was still reeling from super typhoon haiyan the strongest storm to ever hit the country.


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