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and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world without the right to leave their country. and get his head to head with a cold coming on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes at least three hundred people killed in the worst floods to hit the southern indian state of carolina in nearly a century two palestinians killed by israeli forces and two hundred seventy injured during another round of friday protests along the gaza border friends a court in turkey decides not to release an american pastor whose arrest has
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strained relations between the two nato allies also the paul's women voiced their fury over a proposed law they say will reduce them to second class citizens and on people with old school says indonesia's capital city jakarta gets it to host the asian games but air pollution is proving an additional problem for athletes that in malaysia this news hour. hello we begin with the latest wave of flooding in southern india which has killed at least one hundred sixty four people in the state of carolina posts the total monsoon season death toll to almost three hundred and twenty these are the worst floods seen there for one hundred years bernard smith has the full story. hundreds of soldiers have been sent to caroline to lead the rescue effort.
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thousands of people are stranded across the southern indian state at least two hundred twenty thousand people have sought refuge in relief camps. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by floodwater. north and central carola have been worst hit by the floods but the entire state is on red alert as heavy rain is predicted for several days if you have a fresh spell of flags inundating vast areas. we have deployed our forces over there in seven districts. the government says ten thousand kilometers a perilous roads have been destroyed. the international airport is flooded and have been temporarily closed. monsoon rains are a fact of life in india but these are the heaviest since one hundred twenty four millions of dollars worth of crops have been washed away. indian prime minister narendra modi says he's praying for the safety and well being of the people of
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color bernard smith al-jazeera. is the editor in chief of the news minute dot com and she says the death toll will probably go up as the waters recede. yes calculation still going on in at least by just the districts of canada lot of people have been deskilled it on sunday are those who are stuck on the rooftops of their houses bolted not able to reach places in other places that's just too many people to be rescued at that our school can polytechnic five hundred thousand people at one spot and there is no way these can be thought of seeing social as announced in didn't need these and dropping food packets but these people the chief minister the feet of cattle have said that more votes will be put into service tomorrow hopefully more people will be rescued but in some places things are becoming pretty tough people are saying that the biggest problem they face now is that they are not able to travel to one district or another to be landslides across
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highways if pulled access is cleared and i think the relief well can go on better to the government on parity it's going to clear all these are told but the cloak is also not progress as much as they would have like i'm actually people nolde they will pay reading through the day to day things progress i don't now three point one lakh people are into lease camps across the state and that's what we dramatically go off was really police have closed the gates of accra mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem following a stabbing incident a police statement says a man approached several officers in the old city and tried to attack one of them they then opened fire and killed him police say the suspect was an israeli palestinian. elsewhere israeli forces have killed two palestinian cause asters in gaza during the latest round of friday demonstrations at the border fence more than two hundred forty people are injured demonstrations have been going on since march
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calling for the right to return to land they and their ancestors were forced to leave more than eighteen thousand palestinians have been injured during the waves of demonstrations charles stratford stopped by one of the medics tents to see how they're coping with the medics here tell us that this man has been injured by a live round that is going through both his legs. the medics here say that the majority of those injured are injured in the lower limbs and they say that ninety percent of the time these bullets live ammunition if you come over here this man is one of the countless people. suffering the effects of tear gas inhalation medics saying they're seeing people like this all the time is not a man hater who so delta tells us has been injured by what he describes as an exploding bullet obviously we can't independently confirm the don't just say that
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he's ready soldiers are using that type of ammunition that explodes in middle it and the shrapnel obviously flies out and many people are being harmed this way now hamas says that the palestinians of gaza have every right to continue these protests and as we heard earlier today in the mosques there were calls for these protests to happen in various locations across gaza hamas says the people here have every right to protest until israel's sea is lifted and that's despite the countless injuries we're seeing here every week. china has offered support to turkey to help deal with the currency crisis brought on in part by a growing diplomatic standoff with the u.s. beijing has called for a dialogue between the nato allies off to the u.s. threats to introduce more sanctions on thursday the turkish lira has lost nearly forty percent of its value against the dollar this year alone and at the center of this diplomatic dispute is the american pastor andrew bronson who's been detained
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in turkey for nearly two years a turkish court has now rejected an appeal by brunson for release from his house arrest he's being accused of espionage links to the failed coup two years ago well the u.s. president donald trump is now warning of further action against the pastor's detention. he's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as. we'll see what happened they have a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful pastor brunton. made up this phony. by. by. going through a drought write down your goal that they should have given him back a long time ago. turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last that we are not going to take it down they can't take
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our people so you will see what happens so you're going to go has more from istanbul. turkey has descended into a financial crisis for turkey and at the center of it is the american pastor andrew bronson who stands accused by his facials of having links to terrorist organizations as well as espionage and mr bronson lawyer said on friday that they will be appealing the decision and also that they would probably take the case to the country's constitutional court as well and it's a case that has been vocally supported by the president donald trump but it has had a very negative effect on the relationship between the two nato allies and of course the negative impact as well on turkey's economy the turkish lira has already depreciated some forty percent this year thanks in part to the sanctions that have been put on to government ministers as well as tariffs bartz there have been some
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stabilisation of the turkish lira this week. due to measures and also a pledge by cattle to inject some fifty five billion dollars worth of investment directly into the turkish economy but with the threat of further sanctions there seems to be still a worry that this could impact the turkish economy even further and also further devalue the lira. the trump administration is changing priorities in syria redirecting hundreds of millions of dollars and stabilisation funding elsewhere where the u.s. state department says the money will be used to fund other foreign policy priorities let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly halakhah joining us live so is this just another sign that the u.s. is trying to reduce its foothold in syria and i lost my connection here with you but let me just tell you a little bit about what i know about this project this is essentially a fulfilling donald trump campaign pledge sensually this is sort of signaling
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another retreat by the united states when it comes. to syria bit of an incremental one if you will what we know about this is that the united states has for a while been soliciting from partners within the region for donations to help with that rebuilding effort and sensually now it is at the point where it's got enough contributions or pledges in order to amass a roughly three hundred million dollars and so in march we know that the united states set aside two hundred thirty million dollars that was sort of frozen well it collected these pledges now that it has even more than that amount it's decided that it can redirect its own funds to other projects we know this will be happening in action with the u.s. congress but what we also know is that syria is not very happy about one of those pledges that's one hundred million coming from saudi arabia in fact the state news
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agency rather we're told that syria believes the contribution of one hundred million by saudi arabia is morally unacceptable saying that this u.s. led coalition is criminal doesn't deserve support and essentially the u.s. led coalition's only goal is not stabilization rebuilding but instead fragmentation of the region yet what are we to make of the timing of this announcement was it expected at all. certainly this was something that we've seen on the radar the united states has for some time been signaling that it was hoping to get support from other partners in the region we've heard this from donald trump we've heard this from the trumpet ministration we know that donald trump has been holding phone calls that for example with the kingdom we know that there have been not only phone calls but
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there have been meetings we have also heard that the president asked for some four billion dollars from saudi arabia so one hundred million the certainly a drop in the bucket having said that the u.s. is continuing to push for other partners in the region as the as they call them to step up in the rebuilding efforts the u.s. believes that it has made a significant contribution in not just military but also humanitarian assistance the state department putting out some numbers in fact saying that they have put forward eight point one billion to help those displaced not only inside syria but outside syria and as a result while they are shifting some of the money for rebuilding to other areas what should not be interpreted from all of this is that the u.s. has not changed strategy is still committed to the defeat of eisel the state department says and it's also says still committed to holding accountable particularly with respect to the use of chemical weapons and take them really hard
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at thank you. well russian and turkish defense ministers are meeting in moscow to discuss the plight of syria's refugees many people are now fleeing the province one of the last opposition strongholds ahead of a planned offensive by government forces there are taking refuge in camps near the turkish border cinema kosovo glu has more from me that's inside syria near the border with turkey. this is the marketplace of a refugee camp in northern syria by syria after a keyboard there the camp which is one of the oldest in the alps rising began in the riyadh post more than eight hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees those refugees were in this place maybe once maybe a couple of times since the tsunami rising and the bashar assad regime's assaults began and many people here feel stuck because as the president as the syrian regime president bashar assad strengthens to touch these people say have nowhere else to
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go because this was the ultimate point by the border that they could reach and now you see the dots you see the shops and people who are trying to make their living here friday the shops are well with them but when you speak fluently oh they are kind of things because they made up any outsold. by the syrian regime afghanistan's president has visited the southeastern city of gaza and that's where dozens of people have been killed in fierce battles between the taliban and security forces witnesses say there were two rocket attacks in the city while ashraf ghani was holding a meeting with tribal leaders the afghan army says it's now fully in control of the city. much more still ahead for you on the al-jazeera news hour including what else is at risk italy looks at its aging infrastructure after the genoa bridge collapse india says a final farewell to the prime minister who oversaw the transition into
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a nuclear power and tennis controversy is the sport's most famous tournament davis cup is set for a revamp that's coming up a little later in sports. imran khan has been endorsed to become pakistan's new prime minister members of parliament voted one hundred seventy six to ninety six in favor off on who's the headache and soft party now has the most seats his swearing in is planned for a saturday morning column is seeking to draw a line under elections that were overshadowed by allegations of military manipulation and media crackdowns he's been a household name in pakistan for decades as captain of the national cricket team he led pakistan to the world cup trophy in one thousand nine hundred two he immediately retired from cricket to devote himself to social work he founded the
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p.t.i. in one thousand nine hundred six with a social justice platform it took six years for the party to make its of the national assembly with khan winning a seat in two thousand and two can lead protests against what he denounced as election fraud in twenty fourteen and he demanded the resignation of the government led by no washer reef probably has also called for the resolution of the kashmir dispute peace talks with the taliban and his criticized us policy in afghanistan let's take all of this on with the heart and she's a visiting research fellow at the cato institute she's joining us live from washington d.c. thanks for speaking to us again on al-jazeera so if we look at what imran khan has spoken out about recently he spoke about the working relationship with the united states pursuing a dialogue with india and helping to usher peace in afghanistan out of those three which is going to be his most difficult test. thank you so much for having me i think actually all three of those issues are extremely important and
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something that iran will have to deal with but i think at the forefront is going to be of course the u.s. pakistan relationship and that's for a couple of reasons the first is that you know the global war on terror is still ongoing and u.s. troops are still in of line is now the top administration has been trying to resolve the finest on war and some extent has even started direct talks with the taliban so i think in this case box that might find itself in it advantageous position especially under iran hans administration who has traditionally had a more sympathetic approach towards the taliban when it comes to relationship with india i think will have to be extremely careful now which was sort of the prime minister who was ousted a couple of years ago he tried to have a better relationship with india and that was something that the box on the military establishment was very much against and we sort of saw how that ended so i think iran is actually have to work a lot more closely with his own military to determine how pakistan will proceed
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with within speaking of the members of the jews but speaking of the military is he going to be able to maintain the balance of power when it comes to civil civilian and military relations. you know the past of the backside the military has very much been a part of the country's political life and they very much have wanted to maintain control over not only the foreign policy of the country but also national security and i don't think that's going to change but i think what's different with imran khan is that he has kind of you know even on the campaign trail he indicated that he does not want to thread on the military he does not want to take over the military and i think that's also why they've been a lot of allegations of why the military establishment supported him. of course are both parties have denied as the military denies this and iran denies this is all that i spoke like very strongly. on accountability what he said is that he's promising strict accountability for quote those who looted the country we know that in pakistan hundreds of billions of dollars have been siphoned out of the country
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by leading politicians is this something that he is going to be able to tackle. so he has always been anti-corruption and he himself is not corrupt there are no allegations against him but i think what's concerning about him on khan is that the politicians and bureaucrats that he surrounded himself with were actually part of past administrations and of policies. that he was against and so i think will be interesting to see how he maneuvers and how actually these all bureaucrats and politicians will be able to forward his anticorruption agenda all right i did want to get on the issue of the economy but we have run out of time so her con we thank you for speaking to us from washington d.c. . more than a long saw it would be closer to a miracle but it's highly and firefighters lifting away tons of rubble from the journal our bridge collapse haven't given up hope of finding someone alive three days after the disaster that's killed at least thirty eight people attention has
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also turning to aging bridges tunnels and other infrastructure elsewhere in italy david chaytor is in general itself with an update. there is still reports and think between ten or twenty people are missing after this tragedy while those reports are accepted this work will continue its dangerous and difficult and exhausting work in this heat and all the way through the night for the rescuers trying to dig their way through that amazing amount of rubble behind me that fell into the river bed now they have managed to remove one of the large spans of concrete but as the hours passed must say that hopes are beginning to fade. anybody can be found alive buried and in tuned under such a weight of concrete nevertheless miracles have happened before they hope they'll happen again but there is increasing anger in the city amongst the that the morning the private funerals have been taking place during the course of the day some
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seventeen families of the victims have decided to have their own private funeral but we called seeing the. official day of mourning because of their anger and contempt for what they call the negligence of the government and we were talking to the mayor of genoa. and here she said that in these tragedies there's always an opportunity he said that the government will be sending more money to the city of genoa now that was an extraordinary statement it didn't show any real sympathy for the suffering to have been going on here and it perhaps supports the reason why many of the families nearly half of the families of the victims here have decided to have nothing to do with a day of mourning in genoa on saturday in the polls parliament as they debating a bill that could make it difficult for women to pass on citizenship to their children activists say the proposal is discriminatory against women and they want
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to stop the subpoena stress that has more from katmandu. these women are protesting in the midday heat and cut spending even used to be treated as second class citizens. its parliament is debating a new bill that says women need an apology husband in order to put their children to be in a police agency activists say the constitution itself which was adopted in two thousand and fifteen is discriminatory. although it says a child of an apology mother or father can be citizen there are clauses that do not allow the poly women marry to foreigners to pass on distance and ship to their children. deepti group had to go to the supreme court to get citizenship for her children now her husband whose mother is also in a poly citizen has no citizenship. my husband is trying to get citizenship for his mother his father died when he was young he went to the courts
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and even though the courts instructed local officials to do was necessary to give my husband citizenship the local authorities refused. bureaucrats many of whom are seen as socially conservative can now make it more difficult for people like dip these husband to obtain citizenship difficult bill is deeply problematic now nepali women have to prove that the father of their child is an apology citizen requirement that is just not there for men the only other way out is to say that she doesn't know the identity of the father in an already deeply patriarchal society where women face many indignities this bill is seen by these women as yet another level of discrimination. been that there is a member of parliament who has been a strong advocate for women and equality. there are some parliamentarians who think men are the only ones who can say finish and sovereignty very think women are
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inferior yet there are many who have come to realize they shine and they were voted in by both men and women so we are objects in this bill. while the debate goes on in the parliament women's rights activists say they will not stop protesting until they're treated as equal citizens sabinus russia al-jazeera dutchmen do thousands of people have been paying tribute to the former indian prime minister atal bihari vajpayee who has been cremated in new delhi he was the first prime minister from the hindu nationalist b j p and is considered a consensus builder and the thomas followed the funeral procession. india's current prime minister was among the last to life laos next to one of its most respected i then came the last post. the new delhi six miti style memory place i'll tell biharis batch possibility was gently taken from its coughing and laid on its pile.
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for the crock to certain i knew gunfire. the pyre was lit earlier budget price body had been taken on a perception through the streets of new delhi he didn't really be devoted to that he'd be the right man for everyone. and he wanted to do everything but everybody. twenty five roads in the center of the capital with close to allow the crowds to gather thousands of people have come through here on their way to raise the funeral rates and this is just one of many ways among the official more this is a delegation from the incoming government of pakistan imran khan about to be sworn in as pakistan's new prime minister also sends a message of goodwill saying budge pi's death left a vacuum in the sub continents political arena. that's why is remembered fondly by most indians his period in office was one of strong economic growth and investment
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in roads and bridges for i it was also when india became a nuclear power the tests i was sore in one nine hundred ninety eight so controversial internationally but popular at home divisive though with two thousand and two use of end single after a train carrying hindu pilgrims was set on fire killing fifty as many as two thousand mostly muslim men were killed in riots many thought the state government did little to stop them but europe's then chief minister is today's prime minister on friday the renderer modi called by his guru. cremation marked the end of an indian political giant andrew thomas al-jazeera new delhi. just ahead in the second half of this news hour officials are fired and a drug company faces threats of punishment over a vaccine scandal in china a british parliamentary committee puts its support behind the cigarettes and hopes
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of getting smokers to kick the habit but are they safe and doping has surfaced in athletics again peter we'll have the details on the latest offender coming up in sports. hello and welcome back to international weather forecasts we're going to start this hour here across parts a little we are looking at fairly dry conditions across much of the area but the term chairs are very very warm across the region look at this baghdad of forty four degrees on saturday down towards quaint city we expect to see a high temperature a few of forty eight degrees and that really doesn't change too much as we go into sunday and i think as we go towards the beginning of the week we may even see some a dust starting to build up so lower visibilities are going to be in your forecast as we begin into monday and into tuesday as well down here across much of the
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arabian peninsula clouds down here towards the south across parts of yemen as well as into southern parts of mon as well we do expect to see slow at a temperature of twenty six trees and up towards miska a little bit better at about thirty to temperatures moderating there but doha we expect to see a temperature on sunday of about forty two degrees for you there and then very quickly down towards the southern portions of africa we are going to see a funnel system make its way towards cape town you can see those clouds right there on the satellite that will continue up here towards the north east and we do expect to see rain coming into the forecast over the next couple days for durban you can see those clouds right there where the temperature there of seventy degrees in cape town you can be clearing out with a temperature of seventeen. on counting the cost financial. investor sentiment in emerging markets a perfect storm of factors including. google is
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tracking your every move. this through. al-jazeera world follows from iraq and truck drivers in danger. just to make a living if you crash that might break your miracle or even kill you because of her and she's known for. from i guess you. just zero.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour at least one hundred sixty four people have been killed in the worst flooding in one hundred years in the indian state of carola more than two hundred twenty thousand people have taken shelter in camps israeli police have closed the gates of the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem following a stabbing incident a police statement said a man approached several officers in the old city and tried to attack one of them they then opened fire and killed him police say the suspect was an israeli palestinian the trumpet ministration says it's redirecting hundreds of millions of dollars in stabilisation funding for syria the u.s. state department says the money will be used to pay for other key foreign policy priorities now that it's managed to raise three hundred million dollars from allies
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like saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . the u.s. has imposed sanctions on two of me and mars infantry divisions for human rights abuses the u.s. treasury department says it wants those responsible for crimes against muslims to be held accountable more than seven hundred thousand rivendell have fled to bangladesh since late last year during a military offensive against armed groups the un those civilians have been targeted and has likened the offensive to ethnic cleansing the german chancellor angela merkel hosts the russian president vladimir putin for talks near berlin on saturday although the two leaders are far from friends they do have shared interests dominic kane explains what they are. when angle americal me to vladimir putin on saturday it will be for the second time in just three months on the table of the conflict in syria the situation in ukraine and the controversial north stream two gas pipeline
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under the baltic sea but hanging over the meeting is this statement from donald trump of july's nato summit but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it is getting so much of its energy from russia so we're supposed to protect germany but they're getting their energy from russia explained that they can't be. russia provides only around half of germany's annual energy consumption but most is in the form of natural gas and that is why the nord stream two gas pipeline is so contentious it's a network which when complete will transport natural gas from russia under the baltic sea to western europe bypassing the existing land based pipelines through ukraine and it might deprive the government in kiev as much as three billion dollars a year in revenue ministers in kiev say the project is purely political moscow insists it's just business but i sure wish i knew when you have the stomach stick
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that lets us get them up for talk we have always treated this project as exclusively economic we have always kept this outside the scope of any political process i would also like to say that after the launch of nordstrom to stopping the movement of russian gas through ukraine it is not intended. but russia's role in ukraine continues to concern the leaders notably angered americal specifically moscow's immoveable a see over the minsk agreement which broker a cease fire between government and separatist forces the often does fall we hope to move forward on the issues of the minsk agreement with ukraine and russia france and germany took on responsibility many years ago we are saddened that still no day goes by without a violation of the cease fire but we don't give up hope and we know that through this the relationship with russia could be significantly improved and. ukraine assigned to the two leaders do have common ground such as in keeping the iran nuclear deal both share concerns about the trumpet ministrations tariffs and
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diplomacy but their relationship has never been easy i think both sides have accumulated a lot of skepticism mistrust neutral reproaches and grievances that overshadow their relationship which is why few people in the german capital expect any breakthroughs as a result of this meeting dominic. berman of families continue to arrive at the us mexico border are seeking a new life in the united states most remain hopeful that they will be able to enter despite the trumpet ministrations hard line policies that have jailed families and separated children from their parents castro has more from texas. four immigrants just released by the u.s. border patrol the first taste of freedom on american soil is this bus terminal in macallan texas here they enter in neat lines clutching plastic bags containing the
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first and only belongings of what they hope to be their new lives in the u.s. and the progress that is being philly's thank god i'm here i mean i'm happy because i'm with my family i mean a lot and is doing it with. this man and his fourteen year old daughter had timing on their side they arrived at the border just after a government policy of separating families ended rather than enduring weeks or months apart as did almost three thousand families before them the two were processed and released within days. the only thing before it was a terrible moment for all who went through the thank god we and during this mobile this time that we can be together despite the trump administration's zero tolerance policy to deter people from crossing the number of families apprehended by border patrol remained above nine thousand in july adults who are caught crossing this border without their children are still being prosecuted for the crime of
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a legal entry punishable by up to six months in prison every day dozens of people are arrested and then taken to a federal courthouse where a judge hears their cases not as individuals but in mass hearings as long as the push factors that are pushing these people out of guatemalan on the earth however the more violence that the reds and security extreme property as long as those they push back to for their people are going to keep coming because they're fighting for their lives. blocks from the mccallum bus terminal is a shelter for newcomers run by catholic charities here children and parents receive a brief respite before continuing their journeys they recognize their fortune of being together while hundreds of kids who came before remain alone and in shelters the government deported their parents and is still determining how to reunite them i know of us who have been out i do feel sorry for them they must be sad the
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parents left and the children stay behind my children have to be with me because they are my life. these families will now catch buses to take them deeper into the u.s. then they'll have to convince an immigration judge to let them stay and most will be ordered deported but for now each step forward feels like a triumph heidi joe castro al-jazeera mccallan texas all in china for senior officials including a provincial deputy governor have been dismissed over defective vaccines program one hundred eighty eight thousand children and chandon province had been given the injections which contained what the government's called substandard medicine adrian brown has more from beijing. of the four officials who've been dismissed one is the deputy head of the organization responsible for regulating the drug industry here in china as well as the deputy governor of jilin province these dismissals were confirmed in
9:38 pm
a report in the people's daily overnight the people's daily is the newspaper of record here in china it said that the state council which is a body headed by president xi jinping had met to discuss the case and this was the result president xi jinping it seems has been playing an active role in the fallout of the scandal which appears to be widening now this all began back in july when it was revealed that the chunk chunk biotechnology company had been falsifying production records it produced vaccines which were then given to children these are vaccines which are not dangerous they simply ineffective in effect useless so now you have thousands upon thousands of parents in china still not sure still not convinced they can trust the industry which provides vaccines for their children there really is a trust deficit in this area at the moment and a lot of anger in the streets when you speak to people about the scandal they say how can we trust our vaccine industry and of course foreign vaccines simply aren't
9:39 pm
available in china so people here in china have no option but to use the locally produced ones now we know also that some five hundred thousand ineffective vaccines were produced that's double the figure the government gave a month ago and that one hundred eighty eight thousand of these vaccines were administered to children we know also that fifteen officials from the company at the center of the scandal are still under investigation including its chairwoman malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad isn't beijing on his first trip to china since winning may's election he recently said he wants to cancel or renegotiate some of the. deal struck between his predecessor and the chinese government's foreign story reports from kuala lumpur. the chinese have long had links with the mill a peninsula is to teach it to look asian the convenient midway point for chinese
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traders plying the east west route even now commerce is at the heart of the relationship with malaysia accounting china as its biggest trading partner but of late the actions of malaysia's new prime minister mahathir mohamad who came into power in may as concerned china has suspended three chinese led projects and said earlier this week he was aiming to scrap or at least renegotiate the deals it was a crucial part of the platform on which bucket of higher up party which now it's a federal government was elected a body there were perceptions that these projects that the culture is governing the world upside that wasn't favorable to build a shed that he could probably access a bit of depth or even jeopardize our sovereignty to the. the contracts were signed by the previous government led by not to pasok who's been charged with corruption and money laundering officials are investigating whether the previous administration used money from the projects to repay debts owed by the
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scandal ridden fund one and be set up by not get. rid of the three projects that have been suspended the biggest is the twenty billion dollars east coast rail link which would connect the eastern states of peninsula malaysia with the capital kuala lumpur and southern thailand it's part of china's so-called boughton road initiated an ambitious plan to link it with europe and africa through a network of ports roads and railways. analysts say chinese officials desire to see the initiated succeed where projects in other countries have hit hurdles may influence how they view martin's request if both sides could come to some sort of compromise in terms of the construction cost in terms of for example the future types of investments i think malaysia and china economic cooperation was due for had a malaysian government advisor visit to beijing last month to lay the groundwork for
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mahathir is first visit to china since his election ultimately the two countries need each other but nation wants to reduce its debt but not at the expense of future investments china needs a friend and ally in the region just recently the chinese foreign ministry said any disagreements between the two countries should be resolved through talks and indication perhaps that china is willing to renegotiate the terms of its deals with malaysia florence li al jazeera. the vatican has condemned the sex abuse described in a report in the u.s. state of pennsylvania as more of really reprehensible a vatican spokesman said pope francis is on the victim side the report contains accounts of assaults on thousands of minors by priests described as predators. greeks living overseas are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help victims of fires that swept through areas last month prosecutors an inquiry into why ninety six people were
9:43 pm
killed relatives of the victim say police failed to respond properly. reports in the village one of the worst hit places. it will be over the five years this used to be by your kitchen the only survived the fire that swept through this neighborhood on july twenty third because he and a friend acted quickly after smelling the smoke you frightened you for we went to the main road and there was a tsunami of flames sixty meters high as soon as we saw this i said save your family take them to the sea we ran back and i grabbed my mother i should be a sequel this is where i'm from is ended up along with hundreds of others some scorched by the flames just a little given to be extramural there was absolutely no warning perhaps the authorities didn't realize the size of the phenomenon it was so sudden my house is four hundred meters from the scene the fire took three maybe four minutes to cover that distance an inquiry is now looking into why all photos he's failed to better
9:44 pm
coordinate their response the local mayor says firefighters acted heroically but everything happens to first mattress for the keepers i see as good civil protection measures exist here as in every municipality but when you have twelve force winds blowing through pine forest and it becomes extremely inflammable the city is a government is trying to restore a sense of normality trees are being cut down even though many of them appear only superficially singed the public power corporation is restoring electricity the government will pay each stricken household an emergency some of the around five thousand dollars replace basic appliances and give pension is a double payouts this month all in the hope of reducing its political liability you know yet another name of the probe is no right to talk about political responsibility we've assumed the political responsibility already the prosecutor is an independent authority they're investigating but they won't find anything in the
9:45 pm
government we have no criminal liability. cities are has already a reputation for slowness and civil protection at the height of the refugee crisis three years ago it took months to ask brussels for help resulting in greater suffering for refugees and last year it was unable to prevent oil from a sunken tank from soiling kilometers of pristine coastline west of athens but this time greece seems to have suffered an unprecedented number of deaths from wildfires even in two thousand and seven when two and a half percent of greek territory went up in flames the death toll did not exceed sixty for those who have lost family members say no amount of money will bring them back jumpstart openness al-jazeera. of aping is so much better for people than smoking that cigarettes should be freely advertised as a way to help people quit that's the assessment of a u.k. parliamentary report which also recommends that doctors be able to prescribe
9:46 pm
medically licensed cigarettes but questions still remain about how safe they are as lawrence lee reports from london. so no denying the popularity of aping in the cigarettes nowadays in the u.k. places like this have sprung up all over the country and almost three million people nowadays in the u.k. routinely use the cigarettes as a less harmful thing to do they assume than conventional spoking of course the science is a little sketchy and opinions are mixed the report this week suggest that the cigarettes are actually more harmful than people think they might be on the basis that they can cause lung infections but now an officially sanctioned report by a government committee here suggests that not only already cigarettes are actually much better for you than conventional ones but they could even be used to help people give up smoking completely just like patches and nicotine replacement and that sort of thing and even further the authors of this report suggests that the health service hasn't made
9:47 pm
a proper distinction between conventional cigarettes and the cigarettes and that it could even be the case that people could use these cigarettes in places like public transport and offices in a way that is currently banned that is quite controversial but here's what the chairman of the government committee had to say i don't discount the issue of the sort of nuisance value of people very paying a lot of people complain about the smell of the sort of cloud of the surrounds some people who do but we mustn't confuse that with. public risk in the way that we know cigarettes cause risks secondary smoke ng we know has an enormous risk. attached to it thing is wholly different to that and we want to encourage a public debate about. treating differently to smoking in public places sonny to
9:48 pm
a degree all of this flies in the face of the received wisdom inside the national health service which runs public hospitals like this one in central london their advice is that cigarettes. and conventional ones but they might not get you over the only option and help you give up smoking and so it is still a very confused picture for smokers here's what's coming up in just a moment we'll find out why the boxing heavyweight world champion got into an argument with his rivals dads all the details coming up in a moment. hello
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again time for the sports news here is peter thank you so much we're just hours away from the start of the asian games in indonesia millions of eyes will be on the capital city of jakarta for saturday's opening ceremony we musicians and four thousand dancers will greet the competitors the numbers really are staggering the asian games are actually the world's second largest sporting event after the olympics with fourteen thousand athletes taking part from forty five asian countries those athletes will take part in four hundred sixty two middle events across forty seven sports ten of which are new to the asian games including jet skiing paragliding bridge and e-sports to carter has undergone a big tidy up but as step vaseline reports air pollution is still a big problem. a country better known for its diverse culture and for its sports. asian games are the largest event ever organized what and fourteen thousand
9:51 pm
athletes are arriving in the congested capital jakarta and in the city of palembang the center of the early forest fires stadiums have been built and renovated and city centers have undergone a transformation this is what visitors will see when they look up the air quality index just three days before the opening of the games show unhealthy levels. when beijing was hosting the olympics janish low evolution by decreasing the number of cars and closing down factories and its relatively better equality in environmental issues are not a priority especially equality the government puts the economy first air pollution has been called a silent killer in the indonesian capital with figures in two thousand and ten showing that fifty seven percent of its people suffer from respiratory diseases but indonesian at least seem unfazed having to compete against countries like china or
9:52 pm
japan which have won the most medals at previous games they say they have other worries like eighteen year old runner lalu mohammed story who last month surprised many by becoming the world champion at the under twenty hundred meter sprint in finland young against a lot of shopping mentality i need to mentally prepare myself because at the asian games i will be up against athletes that are all older than me and very experience . in the media is aiming for sixteen gold medals especially in new sports events like bridge jet skiing roller skating and martial arts while indonesia is gearing up to what is promised to be a spectacular opening of the asian games on saturday the country wants to show the world it's capable of organizing such a big event having less time to prepare after vietnam withdrew as a host not everything is quite ready at. the athletes' village is near an area where a polluted river spreads a fold smell instead of cleaning it ahead of the games it is covered by in that and
9:53 pm
it's smell unsuccessfully treated with chemicals are complaining about logistical problems making it hard to reach the venues on time. games are very important for our nation important for asia the energy of issues being portrayed here that's why we have a speeded up the building of venue so the people of asia who are coming will be happy and proud. in the. nisha hosted the asian games for the first time in one thousand nine hundred sixty two than the still young nation built this welcome statue one of the city's landmarks fifty six years later it will once again welcome asian athletes even if it's sometimes hard to see because of the polluted air stop fast and al-jazeera jack after the football of the asian games has already started and hosts indonesia still have a chance of reaching the knockout stage that's after they beat the group a minnow the ousts three gold. and there was
9:54 pm
a shocker south korea were beaten by malaysia in group east some questionable go ping from song bomb made it to the opener for malaysia three hundred. thirty are champions events a splash more than one hundred million dollars on cristiana rinaldo and on saturday will be the first club tasked with stopping him in his new black and white kit consider know this will be his very first match playing in the tallinn league and this is something new and he's very curious to know they'll be better and how the teams play here it's the beginning of a brand new season and the new challenge for us tennis is one hundred eighteen year old davis cup is set for a radical revamp the international tennis federation or i fear face changing the mainstream and from a year long one hundred thirty two team event through an eighteen team competition that will last just a week the new format is backed by an investment group led by a japanese billionaire and founded by a spanish footballer gerrard p.k.
9:55 pm
the partnership is said to be worth three billion dollars over twenty five years. i'm very very proud of my team of course much there she read in thank you very much to all the nations that have voted. and the ones that have voted to get. rule try to prove that we can deliver to reduce the reduce competition ever in tennis in the next twenty five years but not everyone is happy five federations voted against the overhaul including germany who's head of the six time grand slam champion boris becker tweeted last of words about the decision today hash tag davis cup former davis cup winner pat cash called it a said day for men's tennis and that the i.t.a.'s are fooling themselves if they think top players will play an eighteen team competition over one week at the end of the year another kenyan runner has been suspended for
9:56 pm
a doping related offense middle distance runner keep begon betts who won bronze in the eight hundred metres at last year's world championships in london refused or failed to provide a sample to the athletics integrity unit which handles doping issues for the sport's governing body the i.w. if it follows doping suspensions of two kenyan marathon runners in the last month former pakistan cricket enough to jump ship has been banned for ten years for spot fixing the opening batsman on the right in these pictures was described by pakistan's cricket board as the linchpin in the corruption scandal that plagued pakistan's domestic t twenty two element last year england captain joe root has confirmed that ben stokes will play the third test against india the all round it was found not guilty of a free in a british court just four days ago but he comes straight back into the starting eleven for the game at trent bridge at the expense of sam curran who was england's man of the match in the first test at edge bester. i think that's
9:57 pm
a decision was made above our heads and he has been made available for selection use from that point on it's all about his eagerness to play for england in terms of me and in this team. he's been a fine performance for us for a long period of time and you know it is hard don't want to leave so much better now america's world heavyweight champion the on say while the says there's no question he will fight englishman tyson fieri this year but today he actually came closer to fighting firies dad john it all happened in northern ireland where tyson was fighting for weighing in for his belt against francesco pietro this weekend and then while the gate crashed preceded us. how was. god the. very charming of the very most would later ok peter we'll see you later all thank you and thanks for watching the news hour we hand you over to clark and our colleagues
9:58 pm
in london more news for you on al-jazeera stated. tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but willie event tonight on drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years to conk china's democracy experiment on
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al-jazeera. the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian games will host thousands of competing across a mix of traditional and a limp explores follow us for the news and updates from jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one east investigates on al-jazeera. full of struggles but i'm a nobody that of christendom which i also. have their battle their booth they are so full of pleasure we waste i live in a home a little. an intimate look at life in cuba today.
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that it thinks this is. cuba on just you know. hundreds killed and thousands more stranded india's southern state of carolina is hit by the worst flooding in nearly a century. and i'm nick lowe this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program tookie rejects another appeal to free the posture at the heart of its role with the united states as its currency goes into a tailspin and more sanctions all threatens. u.s. president donald trump a read directs millions in funding for syria warning it won't give any more money
10:01 pm
and told as a credible peace process. i mean one can promise is a new era of responsibility and prosperity.


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