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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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breaking the mold cricket star turned politician imran khan is sworn in as pakistan's prime minister. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin denis also coming up thousands are evacuated from their homes in the indian state of carola that's been hit by the worst floods in a century. and a u.n. report suggests for ways to help protect civilians. it's really prepares to hold a state funeral for those killed in tuesday's bridge collapse.
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the former cricket star imran khan has been sworn in as the new prime minister of pakistan it's taken him more than two decades to finally claim the top job after retiring from sports and turning his attention to politics he was elected prime minister in a vote of the country's national assembly on friday his p.t.a. p.t.i. party i should say won the may seats elections that was staged last month come all hyder is our correspondent he's live in the pakistani capital islamabad and come all. he was able to form a government with the help of other smaller parties what is the overall complection of his party. well that's very true what happened in this particular election was that although. it
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turned fortune on the politics in a country where it has been a two party system. the single largest party having said that iran did not have the numbers to have a simple majority did however have allies. banded together along with the independents and gave him a simple majority needed to form the government so indeed it is going to be a difficult dog for him around when he starts his business and that would be of course. that is going to be strong by the looks and main problems run it comes to legislation but emraan had already spoken. in order. bringing the economy back to life and. offering jobs to the people in august on across the country that tall order more emraan of course adamant that he really did
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live and he had spoken very strongly against corruption so many challenges the internal front and also on the external front bridger's foreign policy called from . an indian cricket. said to attending this particular attended the ceremony sorry. president romney had already and why did he have one ist on the range the king of saudi arabia all calling him. his priority on the external front of god's will be to mend relations with. the continuing. china economic order to all. live in islamabad thank you very much.
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well we have this report now from our correspondent now some a some a binge of aid who looks back at the journey from cricket star to the new leader of pakistan. after a twenty two year struggle in manhunts taken pakistan's top dog the charismatic cricket captain who brought home the world cup is now the prime minister for years his vision has been to build what he calls a new pakistan the state has become one viable now you can only get out of this by a complete u. turn and what we call a new box them you know we want to bring back what they were originally go back to the vision of the founding fathers. it all began with the launch of that their eakin soccer or p.t.i. in one nine hundred ninety six but it wasn't until the twenty thirteen election that it emerged as pakistan's third largest political party in this election can campaign on a track record of establishing a hospital and a university and more recently running the government of the fabric of our problems . he's long been at the center of media attention both at home and abroad which
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meant his private life was also no spotlight from marrying british socialite jim i'm a goldsmith whose most recent divorce the journalist ron paul and even his third marriage with a spiritual advisor bush has not been without controversy fans also denied his rival's accusations that he won as many seats this time because he was the military's favorite candidate. but he has been the favored candidate of many first time voters the youth as in ron hahn calls them his party supporters of disruptive to dish and politics in the last few years but their energy and aggressive social media present and they've also put pressure on iran and members of his party have misbehaved. imran khan's one of the most recognizable faces of pakistan who's been a vocal critic of u.s. drone strikes and has insisted that dialogue with groups like the taliban is the way to achieve peace people do not want this xo judicial killing. in the name of
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drone attacks is hinted at better ties with neighbors including india and afghanistan and a positive relationship with the us based on what he calls mutual respect. him and cons become the first former cricketer to have turned popular support into an election when. if he gets ready to fulfill his promise of the so-called new pakistan he faces major challenges including finishing his full five year term because none of his predecessors remained in power long enough to complete their time in office some of the job it was their. flooding in the southern indian state of carola has now killed more than three hundred twenty people in what's being called the worst flooding in a century prime minister narendra modi has taken an aerial survey of the affected areas. heavy rains over the past few days triggered landslides and samples are rushing through many villages helicopters is now being deployed to rescue thousands of people who are stranded there on rooftops of buildings that every district in
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kerala is on alert with the flooding potentially affecting the entire thirty five million population of the state it's so bad the main airport of carola culchie has been shut down for a week tourists have been told to stay away so far more than three hundred ten thousand people have been displaced by the flooding most of them are now living in the fifteen hundred relief camps that have been set up and with more torrential rains forecast for the weekend the government has pledged a seventy one million dollars aid package. for the u.s. is impose sanctions on several members of the miramar government it's accusing them of ethnic cleansing against the red they include former military and police commanders as well as two army units and these are the toughest sanctions so far but the trumpet ministrations isn't targeting the highest levels of mia miles military more than seven hundred thousand ranger have fled to neighboring
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bangladesh says the military crackdown last year. the u.n. secretary general has recommended ways to protect how the thing in the centennial could kaddish presented a report saying options could include sending u.n. . and observe as rather than job and has more from the u.n. . the u.n. general assembly ordered the secretary general and tonio good tenors to come up with the report of recommendations so that there could be new ways or perhaps a reinforcement of old ways of protecting palestinian civilians in the ongoing dispute with the israeli government the recommendations for coming from the secretary general are for the first would be increasing the number of you would personnel in the occupied palestinian territories in order to help palestinian civilians improve their quality of life the second recommendation is essentially more money for a u.n.
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and other governmental organization programs to improve health care education and the economy in the occupied territories the last two recommendations from a terrorist would need a security council resolution and indorsement before either could be employed one could deploy an observer mission that could also act as local bt interest to keep the israeli military and policy of protesters for of getting into an all out conflict the final would be a deployment of perhaps a peacekeeper force an armed force as the document calls it in order to basically make certain that these two sides don't come into any clashes and that people are killed or injured as a result those last two would be very difficult to get into doors but from the security council without considerable debate and to go see a ship and because the u.s. president donald trump has been very vigorous in its defense of israel's right to
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protect itself it is likely that should a resolution even be to go see it that the u.s. would veto. such a measure essentially putting this whole proposal into the waistband but because the u.n. general assembly decided to debate the matter and to have a good tears take a fresh look at the ongoing crisis in israel and the palestinian territories it is certainly something that's going to lead to at least a new round of discussion in the un security council. funerals in gaza meanwhile a g. to take place the tea protests if he were killed on friday it means israeli forces have now killed one hundred sixty seven people thin smart palestinians are calling for a right to return to land occupied by israel they also want an end to the blockade this is lasted for more than ten years is trial strategy is that a medical tent near the border fence. before the medics here tell us that this man has been injured by
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a live round that has gone through both his legs. the medics here say that the majority of those injured are injured in the lower limbs and they say that ninety percent of the time these bullets are live ammunition if you come over here this man. is one of the countless people. suffering the effects of tear gas inhalation medics saying they're seeing people like this all the time is not a man head who so adult tells us has been injured by what he describes as an exploding bullet obviously we can't independently confirm the spot don't just say that he's ready soldiers are using a type of ammunition that explodes in middle and the shrapnel obviously flies out and many people are being harmed this way now how mass says that the palestinians of gaza have every right to continue these protests and as we heard earlier today in the mosques there were calls for these protests to happen in
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various locations across gaza hamas says the people here have every right to protest until israel's sea is lifted and that's despite the countless injuries we're seeing here every week. we've got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including the move by the trump administration some say signals its withdrawal from the conflict in syria. and find out how an abandoned tobacco factory insula money here could help preserve iraq's history. the air. hello there we've had some severe weather over parts of europe recently ukraine has seen a lot of thunderstorms and this is what it looked like in the capital kiev this is
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central kiev an awful lot of water there flowing down into the shopping center there and causing quite a few problems that was just the rain there we also had some very gusty winds as well and they caused a fair amount of damage to now that system responsible is just making its way eastwards now and behind it we've got this system here this is a weather front is making its way eastwards and behind that it's turning a lot fresher that it has been so we'll see some pretty violent downpours here but behind it not quite as hot so around twenty four in paris and twenty three in london or chao saturday night into sunday though because we're going to see a very severe system work its way across parts of the british isles and that will make things hit very very stormy across the other side of the mediterranean generally fine and dry for many of us in the east but further west we are seeing a few areas of cloud develop and there's a chance of seeing want to showers particularly as we head through the day on sunday i think some of those around a likely to be rather heavy of course it's further south where we've got the more
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persistent rain for some of us in west africa it is looking particularly wet on saturday. the on. al-jazeera travels to the furthest reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors who are providing lifesaving care to the real community and solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we chant the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house. on al-jazeera.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the former cricket star and run column has been sworn in as the new prime minister of pakistan it's taken him more than two decades to finally claim the top job after retiring from sports and turning his attention to politics he was elected prime minister in a vote at the country's national assembly on friday. flooding in the southern indian state of carola has killed more than three hundred twenty people in what's being described as the worst in a century thousands of people have been forced out of their homes heavy rains over the past few days of triggered landslides and sent water rushing through villages. the un secretary general has suggested that un mandated armed forces. could be considered to protect palestinian civilians and turn your good terrorists has been told to find ways of shielding people from what's described as excessive and
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indiscriminate force by the israeli military. that to his credit rating has been lowered by two of the key raising his agency's moody's and standard and poor's they now say it's become more difficult for turkey to pay its debts the country has already been rocked by a financial crisis and sent and sanctions from the united states gabriel elizondo reports from wall street new york. for the turkish lira it was a week that could not in soon enough he week that started with the lira sliding to a record low of seven point two against the us dollar the currency has lost nearly forty percent of its value against the dollar this year alone as a full fledged economic crisis continues to simmer the trumpet ministration this week threaten to impose additional economic sanctions on turkey over the country's continued house arrest of a u.s. pastor on terrorism charges the diplomatic standoff led trump on friday to again
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say sanctions are justified turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can take our face but some analysts say the u.s. is being overly aggressive with the sanctions and using too much if you use them to recklessly if you don't have allies on board when you use the. you erode their effectiveness over time however there are some signs of potential relief on wednesday qatar's emir tahmima bin hamad out funny visited ankara bringing with him promises of an investment package worth fifteen billion dollars that money will mainly be injected into turkey's financial markets and banks turkey also promised to inject more money into the economy here on wall street they're watching the events in turkey very closely but most analysts say they have not seen any significant signs yet that events there are objecting the u.s.
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stock market but elsewhere that's not the case markets in asia remain mixed and european stocks were mostly down primarily because many european countries remain heavily exposed to turkey's debt while the list of grievances between these two nato allies is substantial this crisis ultimately boils down to a battle of wills between two leaders the big question now which one of them will blink first until then how far will the lira fall in the meantime gabriel is on to . new york. well our ashour mesh is a national security and foreign policy analysts he says take his economy doesn't really stand a chance against u.s. sanctions the vast majority not if not all of the civilized world banking and trade sort of transactions go through one and one and only sort of
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transactional route and that's new york that's american transactional routes if the united states decides what sanctions and those which control the vast majority of the banking transactions world. turkey doesn't stand a chance now you can get some direct investment from qatar it's being get some direct investment from other sovereigns but again your banking system is beholden rely and also the and on american watching american institutions even a broken clock is right twice a day american president president trump would always falls flaws and problems its ability is right about this case present on its checkers acts is a correct as maneuvers need to come back to the western allies the step turkey sovereign has kept turkey prosperous a lot kept turkey away from a lot of threats facing east and north. the united states has is casting two hundred thirty million dollars allocated for the cycle of stabilization programs in
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syria it says the funding will only be provided if syria engages in a credible peace process led by the un is being seen as a move to extricate the u.s. from the conflict as i what has correspondent kimberly how can our parts. it's yet another signal of the tribe administration's desire to withdraw from a visible role in syria on friday and announced it was redirecting two hundred thirty million syrian stabilization funds frozen in march to other foreign policy priorities. the move comes following contributions in pledges totaling three hundred million by coalition partners to help rebuild parts of syria no longer held by isis among the contributions announced this week one hundred million from saudi arabia. president trump since the start of his presidency has been carefully cultivated his relationship with the kingdom but the donation is
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a fraction in comparison to the reported four billion trump reportedly requested in march for syrian assistance and rebuilding still the u.s. says in former eisel strongholds like rocka one hundred fifty thousand displaced residents have been able to return the city's drinking water is now safe but according to a recent u.n. report up to thirty thousand eisel fighters remain in iraq and syria syria has called saudi arabia's contributions to the u.s. led rebuilding effort morally unacceptable through its state news agency it argued the coalition's only goal is to fragment the region that's what the u.s. contends is the goal of iran in syria and throughout the middle east is pushing for the withdrawal of iran's forces in syria we're going to continue to counter the iran regime is more an activity. to support iranian voices and to galvanize international support for efforts the u.s.
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denies the shifting of funds for syria signals a lessening of its strategic goals it says its humanitarian assistance is not effective and defeating eisel remains a top priority we continue to be committed to this fight and we're not backing down from that isis needs to be defeated in the u.s. government stands firmly by that for years president complained about u.s. allies not sharing the financial burden for efforts in syria including preventing syrian president bashar last side and iranian allies from creeping into newly liberated areas it is a goal saudi arabia says it share kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington. meanwhile in northwest province of idlib civilians fleeing ahead of a planned offensive by the government millions of syrians have been forced out of their homes since the war began many are taking refuge in camps near the turkish border it live as one of the law says who is held by the opposition to them
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coverity who has more from at me that's inside syria very close to the border with turkey. this is the marketplace of the refugee camp in northern syria by syria through a keyboard there the camp which is one of the oldest and self-rising began in the riyadh post more than eight hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees those refugees were displaced maybe once maybe a couple of times since the syrian uprising and the bashar assad regime's assaults began and many people here feel stuck because as the prayers and as the syrian regime president bashar assad threatens to a touch these people say they have nowhere else to go because this was the ultimate point by the border that they could reach and now you see the sauce you see the soft. people who are trying to make a living these friday some of the subs are following them but when you speak to
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them they are kind of things because they are made up any outsold. by the syrian regime. right let's go live now to genoa in northern italy because the state funeral is under way for the victims of the bridge collapse some families blaming the government for the disaster and they're boycotting the ceremony they don't want to take part and instead they're holding their own private ceremonies at least thirty eight people died hundreds of others were injured david changer as our correspondent in genoa. they've already started to bury the dead in a series of private funerals but the search for survivors still continues under the rubble of the collapsed bridge the rescuers are using heavy lifting the sheen area and search dogs. but hopes are fading with the child the process here that anyone else can have survived under such
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a weight of concrete. many of the families of the victims are boycotting the day of mourning called in the city this weekend they say it was a tragedy caused by government negligence and they want no part in the official ceremony for the marriage general or did little to reassure them in their grief this is a way of thinking this very very problem may become an opportunity in a society where they see it right now i mean we're going to have some investment from the from the government to the collapse of the bridge which was opened in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven as a fed growing concern about the state of at least aging roads and bridges and the quality of the cement used in the construction boom across the country it does seem that this was created more than fifty years ago and the sheer volume of traffic these bridges are now taking not only here but in many other parts of the italian infrastructure simply was not allowed for there was too much traffic it was well
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known since years since decades ago that this infrastructure was not enough for supporting all the traffic the city traffic bortz related traffic and the regional and even international traffic prosecutors in the city say ten to twenty people are still unaccounted for and a warning the death toll is expected to rise the collapse occurred just a day before italy's busiest summer holiday david chase the al jazeera genoa the u.s. geological survey has reported a magnitude six point one earthquake in southern costa rica. it struck close to the town of gulf yto that's close to the border with panama safe i would not had any reports of of damage or of injuries but power has been cut to the area. venezuela's president has confirmed his government is making its crypto currency an official form of payment alongside the boulevard the digital caste cash dollar is
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called the petro that is backed by venezuela's crude oil reserves these are the largest in the world president maduro his government has also raised wages for the fifth time to share a south american nations been battling hyperinflation which is left on the brink of economic collapse. another thirteen is a tobacco factory in northern iraq les abandoned there was talk of reopening it then talk of demolishing it but now there are plans to transform this twenty six hex to hector complex into a place where people can enjoy the arts natascha can a report from saloon money or since it was founded more than two hundred years ago so i'm in a northern iraq has been a city devoted to the arts. it's that celebrated legacy that makes it unsurprising that someone looked at this long abandoned and dilapidated tobacco
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factory and vision a sprawling cultural arts center. that is no doubt there will be a huge impact on the people also the money of all people know that people here are thirsty for alton culture and they are always spot dissipating in or holding cultural activities people even come here from other cities it has a special history from one nine hundred sixty one to two thousand and five silliman a tobacco factory rolled out carton after carton of cigarettes including the first kurdish brand the government run factory was the second largest industry in the city's history it employed more than fifteen hundred people the former iraqi president saddam hussein's persecution of the kurds destroyed tobacco farming in northern iraq these machines produced their last cigarette pack thirteen years ago
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now the hope is this will become an arts hub where movie and television shows are produced musicians can practice and perform and artists create and show their work the cultural art center will pay tribute to its historical roots the plan is to save these machines and create an exhibit devoted to the solomon a yet tobacco factory. and beginning of the cultural center project we agreed that the exterior of the building will be preserved there will only be eight innovation in sight then for the building remains as it was all easily and the next generation will know that previously for more than forty years this was a debacle factory. the kurdistan regional government has allocated almost six million dollars to the project but no one can say how soon construction will begin in earnest let alone finish. through the now they call it situation is difficult
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but we hope that it will change and it should be better then we can overcome all the obstacles you are facing. when the cultural art center does open it promises to be a place where the history of industry and the future of the arts are preserved the toscanini al-jazeera suliman asia were there in iraq. time for us to take a look at the top stars here it out there the former cricket simon cowell has been sworn in as the new prime minister of pakistan is taking in more than two decades to finally claim the top job after retiring from sport and turning his attention to politics he was elected prime minister in a vote at the country's national assembly on friday flooding in the southern indian state of carola has killed more than three hundred twenty people in what's being
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described as the worst sin a century helicopters have been destroyed to rescue thousands of people who are stranded on their rooftops. to his credit rating has been learned by two key agencies moody's and standard and polled say it's become more difficult for turkey to make payments on its debts the country has already been rocked by a financial crisis and sanctions from the united states washington is threatening to impose more pressure on ankara it wants turkey's are free a u.s. pasta he's been in jail since friday sixteen. well turkey's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as the french will see what happened they have a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful then pastor brunson they made up this phony charge that he is by as he's not is by. going through a trial right now due golden trial they should have given him back
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a long time ago and turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can take our faithful so you will see what happened. the state funeral is underway for some of the victims of the genua bridge collapse in this ending but some families are blaming the government for the disaster and say they'll boycott the ceremony at least thirty eight people died and hundreds of opens were injured. today those are the latest headlines remember you can always go to the al-jazeera website al-jazeera dot com but coming up next here it out is there it's inside story. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's well. witness on al-jazeera. as
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italy comes to terms with the bridge that collapsed killing thirty eight people the government is turning its attention to the aging infrastructure engineers are warning hundreds of bridges and tunnels could be dangerous so what can be done to ensure safety this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm adopted hamid with dozens now dead and the hope of finding any more survivors diminishing by the day the general a bridge collapse has many across the world questioning how this could have happened and where did blame lies and choose there a huge section of the bridge simply crumbled to pieces falling some forty five meters to the ground around thirty cars and trucks were on that section of the.


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