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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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for all the gold in the world on us just go. the rain has eased but the misery is far from over and india's floods hits carola more than seven hundred thousand people are living in relief camps. alone welcome devika polony are watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up afghanistan's president declares a three month cedes bar with the taliban but so far the group hasn't agreed to it. brazil sends troops to its borders venezuela after hundreds of venezuelan migrants are driven out of town by angry locals. you'll recognize the significance but to be honest right now isn't our view i feel nothing but excitement. because this all
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asian says the director and executive producer look at the film taking hollywood by storm. in that authorities are concerned about the outbreak of disease in the southern city of carola following the worst floods in a century that's one chill rains have eased but there are now health fears for the seven hundred twenty five thousand people crammed into relief camps in rescuers are continuing efforts to reach people cut off for days many of them without food and water under thomas is in chengdu no that's one of the worst affected areas. people in kerala described the whole of the wards and noted since meets is all but in debt relative to the baltics ankle deep only waist deep. some walking kilometers to the nearest dry road to home my house and then it went up on
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my head no it ground floor was completely covered the old are evacuated first carried for the folks that came for them elsewhere the water is shallow enough for trucks to drive in and. out walks in and found most people want to stay at home in houses with second floors they can pass families guard because like morning i wake up they're having so much alike that in my heart boys are having walk those lysol for free. where people remain in their homes food water medicines and toiletries are being carried in the car just simply too strong to promote on a boat like that and hope it ok it will get swept away so they study matter going to holding on to this rope as they walk the boat about an hour and a half in that direction this is the day and walking through fast flowing water with debris. hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and now in camps
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statewide an unprecedented relief effort is underway india's military has fifty four helicopters over carola some drop supplies others amounting rescues the weather is improving there was much less rain across carola on sunday than at the end of last week but what is already full is fast flowing dangerous and everywhere this is an ongoing emergency under thomas al jazeera carol. the afghan government has announced a three month scenes fara taliban fighters ahead of the religious holiday of aid president ashraf ghani has been marking the country's independence day so he hopes the taliban follows with its own cease fire violence in afghanistan has increased in recent weeks especially in the city of gardening that's where the taliban's been fighting for control units i.d.'s and has more from kabul. this is not the first time that president musharraf of any announced a cease fire on
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a religious holiday back in june in the fifth of the end of ramadan president rabbani announced a ceasefire for three days taliban the taliban accepted the offer and many people here in afghanistan remember when taliban fighters and army soldiers share the same most next to each other and hug each other it was for many here and it's an inspiration that peace perhaps is. reachable and it's possible in afghanistan however this offer is quite different the duration of the cease fire proposal proposed by president romney is for three months like three days in a little fitter and also people here believe that president is trying to reach some sort of agreement with the taliban to secure the country and to provide the necessary conditions to help the election at the end of october and also this this
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offer and this proposal is different because president rouhani said that this cease fire can last as long as taliban onerous and respects the terms of the cease fire of course has yet to deliver its. position on this offer but today they announced a symbolic gesture they said that they were they will release. hundreds of army. soldiers held in taliban's custody according to our sources taliban is not a united front on this on this matter some members of the political bureau of the taliban are with this offer and they think that it is necessary to accept the government offer but some members. can be told here in in in kabul as radicals they don't think that this is
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a good idea. results president michel to america has called an emergency meeting to deal with clashes along its border with venezuela earlier national troops were deployed to the border town of parker i'ma after hundreds of venezuelan migrants were attacked and driven out of their makeshift camps. according to the u.n. to point three million people have left venezuela to look for work and its keep offer to tens of thousands of them have crossed into brazil and colombia has given temporary residence to eight hundred thousand venezuelans some travel on to peru and ecuador book but both countries are now cracking down they want migrants who want to enter to show their passports instead of identity cards many people don't hold a passport a crackdown on anti-government protesters by president daniel ortega nicaragua has
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also led to people leaving their two that were violent protests in costa rica on saturday some people shouted anti migrant slogans and attacked a group of nicaraguans ellis on their m.p.'s he has more from colombia's capital bogota. it clear that the situation seems to be getting out of control in many of these border crossings in colombia every deal and also now in ecuador as more and more a venezuelan migrants are out of necessity fleeing their country they are flooding many of these towns like park around where the worst incident has happened on saturday are already very poor towns that are ill equipped to receive such a huge influx of people the brazilian government has briefly steals their northern border at the beginning of august and they've sent troops and better
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saying that if they continue to see these numbers in the un says that another two million colombians sorry business wayland's could be leaving their country. this year this situation could get completely out of control and we're seeing an increase in incidents like the one that happened on saturday in brazil and this of course a war is the governments here that are are taking more extreme measures to try and control or stem the flow of venezuelan migrants ugandan police have hard tear gas and live bullets at protesters killing one and injuring five others the clashes took place in the town of myth piano with that's about fifty kilometers west of the capital kampala the protesters are angry that five politicians were arrested and beaten for stoning the motorcade of the president here worry most of a new he had been in the town to campaign for the ruling party candidate.
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a magnitude seven point two earthquake has struck the indonesian island of lombok the u.s. geological survey says it was at a very shallow depth just hours earlier another six point five magnitude quake triggered landslides on the island the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies the local airports and hospitals were evacuated there have been several earthquakes on the island over the past few weeks and more than four hundred sixty people were killed in a magnitude seven quake on august fifth emergency workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa that collapsed on tuesday forty three people died in that disaster and rescue workers say no one else is still missing the company that built and maintain the bridge has pledged over five hundred million dollars to help rebuild it well thousands of bridges and tunnels are being structurally assessed across it's only they would cheat or has
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this report from the bone and someone a province. a consumer association report which was published just two days after the general of bridge collapse says that there are twenty two bridges on the italian network that need serious maintenance work because they're showing signs of structural damage now i'm under one of those bridges that was mentioned in that report now just to take a look up underneath this span and you can see what's happening there is there a series of water leaks coming through corroding the metal and what they've done here is they've stayed pulled a piece of wood between two of the cracks to try and hold it together that seems extraordinary that doesn't seem to be the sort of maintenance we need on this motorway which is on the main drag between genoa and children so it does appear this bridge is only twenty years old it does appear that there is a serious problem with the quality of cement that's being used and it's not only
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here in italy that there are problems but the french government have just published an audit they commissioned on the state of french bridges and motorways and they say that there are eight hundred forty bridges in france that are showing serious signs of still of structural deterioration and might indeed in the end collapse much like the whole genoa tragedy so this seems to be a problem that is throughout both italy and france and needs serious attention. they're watching on to their large from london still to come on this program muslims prepare for it you need but in libya there's little to celebrate but the price of land too steep for many. and will be in spain where the number of migrants trying to enter a spiked and i'll tell you how some are using it for political mileage. the at. the
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end. hello there the remains of a tropical storm are giving us some rather lively weather across europe on the satellite picture you can see the plot of clarity as it worked its way across the british isles and into scandinavia it is intensifying as it runs its way eastward so for some of us in the baltic states it really does look like it will be hammering down during the day on monday then that system works its way further eastward still as we head into chews day trading down from the south of that system is this huge area of cloud here and that's the leading edge of some fresh air across europe so for warsaw twenty three degrees will be our maximum on tuesday for the west will get to around twenty seven in paris thought the air is to the south it'll still be warmer dritte up a thirty five degrees of force in bucharest will be up to around thirty three for the other side of the mediterranean plenty of sunshine here as you might expect still warming crook cairo they're afraid around thirty seven degrees but further west there's a bubble cloud here and the chance of see one or two showers
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a lot of those will be across the mountains there that some of them may just skillet along the coast there in parts of our area and choosier will see both of them as we head through tuesday to this the central belt of africa where we've got the majority of the showers at the moment some of them very very heavy particularly over pose of cameroon and into nigeria to. the i. the c.e.o. travels to the fund this reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors who are providing value saving can to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we chose to dramas and deny each of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house . on al-jazeera.
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hello again history minor for top stories and i was there and in authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern state of carola following the worst floods in a century seven hundred twenty five thousand people are crowded into relief. the afghan government has announced a three month cease fire with taliban fighters ahead of the religious holiday of. president ashraf ghani who's been marking the country's independence day says he hopes the taliban follows but that's far. and brazil is sending troops to its border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were run out of town by locals thousands of brazilians attacked two makeshift camps and. and it's lisa to
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interior minister threatening to send one hundred seventy seven migrants on board an italian coast guard ship back to libya but they are salvini is demanding that other e.u. countries take their men these comments follow his counterparts in laws are calling for another migrant bird to dock on the italian island of lampedusa the boat has been selling off the island for several days while others also accused it clear press carrying migrants in maltese waters purely to prevent them from entering italy while the number of migrants trying to reach the southern coast of spain from north africa has tripled this year and then greece has put pressure on rescue services and food fuel the political debate on how to handle the situation penn hall has this report from the spanish sports city of ahead see it us. exhausted but happy almost three hundred refugees and migrants rescued after
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setting out from the rock over in baba rafts and spending the day adrift. this is the southern spanish port of the his serious poster from west africa including guinea ivory coast in mali the youngest is just a month old. this mother tells me she's hungry we really missing the taste of tapioca and fish from home. twenty three year old has suddenly rived in spain two months ago he was no position party used to organizer in guinea can actually told us he fled to escape arrest. he crossed from morocco in a day like this packed with fifty others paying as much as four thousand euros each . i couldn't turn back the arabs forced to suborn with machetes at one point the engine gave out and i saw death before me i ask god to pardon me it was the worst moment of my life it was a catastrophe. a spanish in geo pays has sounds board and lodging until his
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political asylum request is processed. did vasso give to my african brothers is that crossing the mediterranean is because people don't risk your lives but hope for a better future is a powerful magnet standing here helps put things in a lot better perspective this just fifteen kilometers of c. that separates spain from the north coast of africa and if you're standing over there europe must look like a dream that you can almost touch at city hall mayor. of the opposition people's party says the surge in migrant arrivals has become a crisis they cannot and it was sufficient to you that we don't have sufficient aid to help all of africa we don't have enough capacity to receive all those who want to come we have to use our head because the budget simply is not figured out human rights activists say the people's party is scaremongering. back at the port it's
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after midnight hundreds more are still arriving. a sick woman is stretchered off some huddle under red cross blankets and wait to be brave just it was. a baby cries for his mother he hasn't yet realised he's in safe hands culprit i just sirrah. spain. pakistan's new prime minister in non-con has used his first address as leader to blame the previous government for the country's debt crisis concept pakistan had never before faced such difficult economic problems but promised to create greater prosperity through better trade links he also pledged to improve the health care system and eradicate poverty. turkish president wretch of type one remains defiant after two major ratings agencies warned that his country will find it even harder to pay its debts early on insists the growing economic crisis is part of
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a plot against her the turkish lira has lost forty percent of its value this year now while there are fears turkey's economic or currency crisis could spirals foreign tourists are reaping the unexpected benefits so an explainer. well turkey's currency has devalued by forty percent against the us dollar it's proven to be a boon for the tourism industry this year alone compared to this time last year there's been an increase of twenty five percent in visitors coming here and the drop seems to be the cheaper prices. which is. back from. a good truck. so this is cheap for us it's been pretty inexpensive i think one dollar is like sixty or so that's been good for us but. really it's not your stuff the cost of coming to turkey today is cheaper than staying in a resort in brazil where i'm from so it's definitely worth it and we're loving it here and for those working in retail aimed at attracting as many foreigners as
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possible it's been a welcome upturn because of. the turkish lira as on the dollar is like when we compared to our currency like the stops are getting cheaper for them so they are like more able to get their staffs but of course this is the high season and the same problems which are plaguing turkey's economy now will likely still be there this temporary boost the real challenge will be to provide a longer term solution to turkey's overheating economy israel says it's closing one of the key crossings into gaza in response to protests along the border fence there as crossing is the only way people can get from the besieged gaza strip into israel at least one hundred seventy one palestinians have been killed by israeli fire since the weekly march of return demonstrations which began in march. yemen is facing the world's greatest humanitarian crisis after three and
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a half years of war millions of people are malnourished and living in poverty by repeated bombings have damaged or destroyed water and sewage facilities increasing the spread of disease. has more from neighboring djibouti. aiden's congested streets pulls over all see which is of the where heaps of garbage dump piled up in most neighborhoods in the city's divil habbush area barefoot children trudged through human waste oblivious of the risks we face a slope that says this month. we are living very hard conditions diseases are rife from cholera to diarrhea clean water is a rare commodity here above all electricity is out all the time the government has not done anything to repair the sewage system government officials refuse to move unless they're given bribes. entire neighborhoods have been flooded by sea would
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spill starts in some cases of contaminated water supply as another i've got it out i don't know about other diseases sewage garbage so what on earth is this this is shameful we cannot even walk around the neighborhood to reach and waste have flashed into our home we are forced to scoop it out with our hands. yemen has long been the arab world's poorest country and all suffered from frequent conflicts. the current ones thought that in two thousand and fourteen when all the fighters from the north allied with parts of the yemeni military stormed the cockpit or forcing the infamous later government into exile. in march two thousand and fifteen a coalition led by so did a bia and the united arab emirates launched a military campaign aimed at pushing back the whole trees and restoring the government. many coalition airstrikes are not only killed and wounded civilians but also damage to water and sanitation facilities the world health organization is in
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the middle of a campaign to prevent a recurrence of all it'll. the destruction to humans will transcend additional facilities has already caused a cholera epidemic which has affected more than a million people letters that are. currently rates of contraction of cholera still high according to the latest to sticks of infection rates across the twenty three provinces across the country is about ninety six percent in other words twenty two out of the twenty three provinces in yemen so we can say the country is plate with the epidemic which is alarming an acute shortage of food and the resulting malnutrition is waltz in what is already the world's last humanitarian crisis the. for the outbreak of color in the middle of the model crisis could intensify the situation in yemen ramadan the world has either. syrian
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government troops are reinforcing their positions around it that's the last rebel held province in the country the u.n. is warning that a government offensive in the northern province with three million people in danger but that hasn't stopped refugees in turkey from crossing the border back into syria for aid thousands of people have been seen passing through the baba how are crossing well and sharing aid sheep are slaughtered as part of the traditional sacrifice but in libya a huge jump in the price of sheep means many can't afford to take part one with a bit of a head has more from tripoli. it is lamb season in libya lake other muslim countries. most of them and hurries to guarantee one for his family. his making sure it is old enough to secure finds during their holiday. he says it used to be affordable to buy a sheep that weighs forty kilogram but now prices are very hotly.
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it took us months to save the land price in fact many people can't even afford to buy one this year is worse than the previous years banks are struggling with a shortage of currency and people queue up for long hours to cash their de lay cherries some lim traders are even accepting checks and credit cards but they often charge high interest trades sheep markets are everywhere in libya these days but yet the prices are very high and average land here is valued at around seven hundred dollars that's largely because during the last three years the libyan d.n.r. has lost much of its value. oil exports are the backbone of libya's income but fighting in the east has led to the blockade of four major oil ports for almost
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four years that has wasted more than one hundred billion dollars according to estimates this into the bank of libya has approved around one hundred million dollars to import plans but because this decision was made late civil shipments have not arrived on time for the holy day but there were no maché for a forward first it does not care about domestic livestock sheep have been smuggled to egypt and tunisia we can't be blamed for the high prices at the prices of fodder we buy has increased two hundred percent libya is rich in natural resources experts say it can grow more than its share of livestock but many here say mismanagement and corruption force them to compromise even on religious obligations . tripoli the movie crazy rich
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asians has raked in thirty four million dollars in u.s. box office sales in just five days the film tells the story of an asian american woman who gets swept up in the glamorous world of the chinese elite with its all asian cast signaling a massive change for the hollywood industry rob reynolds takes a look from hollywood. a gala opening night for a movie that's breaking barriers. the romantic comedy crazy rich asians is the first major hollywood film in a quarter century with an all asian cast director and executive producer we all recognize the significance but to be honest right now as i'm talking to you i feel nothing but excitement. the actors may be asian but the movie's themes are universal family love and money just the biggest appellate burst in on the scene of crazy rich asians is based on the bestselling novel by kevin kwan who produced the film you know i think it's important to acknowledge that it's been way too long
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since we've had an all star asian cast in a hollywood movie about the same time this is the movie for everyone lori nakamura has already seen the film once and she's back with friends for a second viewing it's a wacky brahm com but i think at the same time it's also showing. asians in normal situations just like everybody else crazy rich asians is in a way a repudiation of hollywood sad history of racist and stereotype depictions of asians in film by. others from the exploitative kung fu flicks of the seventy's and eighty's must make them want the lingo you know not to mickey rooney's performance in breakfast at tiffany's asians have been denigrated and asian actors passed over for leading roles according to a recent study only about five percent of hollywood movie parts go to asian actors
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like laura condom or it just really seems that there are a lot of character parts out for ethnic you know are people of color but there weren't a lot of leading roles but sure the hoopla over crazy rich asians is box office hype the idea that an. all asian test is some sort of novelty glosses over the historic achievements of japanese korean and tiny cinema among others but coming after recent films like the superhero hit black answer and the charming animated feature coco crazy rich asian seems to be part of a long overdue trend i feel like we are seeing a sea change though a lot of these americans have come out of screens they have this this and it is like this urge to cry and they don't know exactly why this movie is for that crazy rich asians will open in theaters worldwide in august and september robert oulds al-jazeera holly. and remember you can always find much more on our website to
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find that go to al-jazeera dot com. hello again these are the top stories and al-jazeera and authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern state of camera following the worst floods in a century the tarantula rains have eased but there are now health fears for the seven hundred twenty five thousand people crammed into relief camps in rescuers are also continuing efforts to reach people caught up for days many without food and water. the afghan government has announced a three month cease fire with taliban fighters ahead of the religious holiday of the president ashraf ghani has been marking the country's independence day says he hopes the taleban follows with its own ceasefire. now brazil is sending troops to
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its border then israel off to hundreds of migrants were run out of town by locals dozens of brazilians attacked two makeshift camps and soccer i must swear at least a thousand venezuelans have been living residents say the violence began on to several migrants rob little shop owner al assad or m.p.'s he has been following the story from bogus and columbia. clear that the situation seems to be getting out of control in many of these border crossings in colombia great deal and also now in ecuador as more and more venezuelan migrants are out of necessity fleeing their country they are flooding many of these towns. ugandan police have hard tear gas and live bullets at protesters killing one and injuring five others the clashes took place in the town of myth yano which is about
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fifty kilometers west of the capital kampala the protesters are angry that five politicians were arrested and beaten for stoning the motorcade of the president yoweri museveni a six point five magnitude earthquake a three hundred landslides in the indus indonesian island of lombok the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies that have been several earthquakes on the island over the past few weeks and emergency workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa that collapsed on tuesday forty three people to cyprus in that disaster although that line stay with us now for talk to us there.
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my whole. evening will. be. nicaragua once again a central american powder keg late april into anger brings tens of thousands of nicaraguans on to the streets to demand the resignation of president daniel ortega the former revolutionary hero whom the accuse of having turned into a dictator during one hundred days of confrontations up to four hundred fifty people are killed and thousands injured the vast majority are young people ortega responds with a deadly crackdown paramilitary groups armed with assault rifles operate in plain daylight breaking up barricades and go.


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