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goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation. the rain eases and floods hits carolus states in india but more than eight hundred thousand people are in relief towns the new fear is disease. hello and welcome i'm david apollo and you're watching us is there live from london also coming up. afghanistan's president calls for an ied ceasefire with the taliban as the u.s. offers to help facilitate peace. result sends troops to its border then israel after hundreds of venezuelan migrants are driven out by out of town by and with
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locals plus we all recognize the significance but to be honest right now as i'm talking you i feel nothing but excitement. because there's always the director and the executive producer will take a look at the film taking hollywood by storm. in the authorities are concerned about the outbreak of disease in the southern states of carola following the worst floods in a century the tarantula rains have eased but there are now health fears for more than eight hundred thousand people who are crammed into relief camps in need rescuers are continuing efforts to reach people cut off for days many of them without food and water our correspondent andrew thomas is in chengdu are one of the worst affected areas. people in kara describe the water i noted centimeters. but in debt relative to the baltics ankle deep only
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waist deep. some walking club which is to destroy i wrote to. my house and then it went off on my head it ground floor was completely covered. or evacuated first carry for the books the train for them elsewhere the water is shallow enough the trucks to drive in. and found most people want to stay at home in houses with second fools they can stammers guard because tomorrow morning i wake up they're having so much a wide value in my heart also having watched those lysol so afraid. where people remain in their homes food water medicine and toiletries are being carried in the car just simply too strong to promote on a boat like that and hope it ok it will get swept away so they started magically holding on to this rope as they will the boat about an hour and
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a half in that direction this is and walking through fast flowing water with debris . hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and now in camps statewide an unprecedented relief effort is underway india's military has fifty four helicopters over carola some drop supplies others amounting rescues the weather is improving there was much less rain across carola on sunday than at the end of last week but what is already full is fast flowing dangerous and everywhere this is an ongoing emergency hundreds of us al jazeera carried out. the united states says it is ready to facilitate peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban u.s. secretary of state mike pompei are also welcome the muslim eed holiday season far by president musharraf's ghani earlier that was probably on has yet to respond although unofficial sources say the group is considering taking part in the truce
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as follows a week of fighting across afghanistan which saw the taliban launch a massive assault on the provincial capital gardening units a.d.'s in has more for us from kabul. this is not the first time that president musharraf of any announced a cease fire on a religious holiday back in june in either the fifth or the end of ramadan president or any announced a cease fire for three days. taliban accepted the offer and many people here in afghanistan remember when taliban fighters and army soldiers share the same mosques right next to each other and how the treasure it was for many here and it is an inspiration that peace perhaps is. reachable and it's possible in afghanistan however this offer is quite different the duration of the cease fire proposal proposed by president romney is for three months like three
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days in a little fitter and also people here believe that the president is trying to reach some sort of agreement with the taliban to secure the country and to provide the necessary conditions to help the election at the end of october and also this this offer and this proposal is different because president rohani said that this cease fire can last as long as taliban onerous and respect the terms of the cease fire of course has yet to deliver its. position on this offer but today they announced a symbolic gesture they said that they were they will release. hundreds of army soldiers held in taliban's custody according to our sources taliban is not a united front on this on this matter some members of the political bureau of the
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taliban are with this offer and they think that it is necessary to accept the government offer but some numbers. can be called here in in in kabul as radicals they don't think that this is a good idea. and jowett now there is the director of the british and irish agency's afghanistan group he says it is unlikely the taliban will accept a prolonged cease fire it is a time when the taliban all are gaining ground militarily and different parts of the country and this is also election season so although they might accept a three or four day ceasefire it will be highly surprising if they accept an extended. one so there are reasons for the optimism because the previous cease fire resulted in an overall reduction in violence and created
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a breathing space for the civilians who were suffering from unabated filings but they are also reasons for premise pessimism because certain elements and surgeon see elements that are not part of the taliban per se or former taliban members who are now. fighting under the brunt of in the country they continue their attacks on civilian and government targets so although this is going to reduce violence we are yet to see if this is going to result in a complete end of violence or a start of peace talks. brazil's president michel to mare has called an emergency meeting to deal with clashes along its border with venezuela earlier national troops were deployed to the border town proper imo after hundreds of venezuelan migrants were attacked and driven out of makeshift camps allison that i'm p.f.c. has been following developments from colombia's capital boulder to this situation
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seems to be getting increasingly out of hand in a number of border crossings in border towns in colombia brasil and whether that have seen i mean crease in the number of really swell and migrants arriving here in the last few weeks the biggest incident happened on saturday in a brazilian border town. where huge crowds of local set fire to migrant camps there following this to have being a local restaurant owner allegedly by venezuelan criminals so this has been just the last of a series of incidents as these are really struggling to keep this situation under control in a number of towns in the southern colombian border with ecuador also we've seen hundreds of venezuelan migrants stranded there as ecuador is now demanding them to show their passport to continue their journey but very few of them have
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a passport given the situation back home this is truly becoming a major regional many tarion crisis here with the country's just the struggling to deal with these challenges that are getting more and more complicated day after day well according to the u.n. two point three million people have left in israel or to look for work and it's k. poverty tens of thousands of them have crossed into brazil and colombia has given temporary residence to eight hundred thousand then israel and. some travel on to peru and ecuador but both countries are now cracking down there now making migrants who want to enter show their passports instead of identity cards and many people to hold a pos port a crackdown on anti-government protesters by president daniel ortega in nicaragua has led people leaving home there too there were violent protests in close to costa rica on saturday some people shouted anti migrant slogans and attacked
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a group of nicaraguans soni a shot specializes in latin american relations and she says the region needs to do more to help those venezuelans fleeing the country to start a new life. everybody knows that immigration nice a very sensitive issue everywhere around the world but what toppan right now in venice which is a situation with no precedent in the region never happened before in the contemporary history of to read your of latin america why are we in the soil and leaving menace where because they don't see a future there is no electricity no energy no water no security no food no matter these scenes so no future at all the majority of witness for lands who are leaving because three are very skilled workers even colombe a profit from the workers of their oil industry in minutes well are now working on the colombian oil industry so there are very skilled workers it was
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a time when when this fellow was her for living more kristie and it was a very air a stable democracy in the world to contrary there was her policy of open arms and money in when the soil unswayed all kind of people's problems are on the war now there is a time a phrase you put all city and i actually remind all the congress in the region they have to think about what is the situation been a silence they do not believe the contrary because they want to change. the war accord what they are free they are escaping the crisis him and i swear. to pakistan now where the new prime minister non-con has used his first address as leader to blame the previous government for the country's debt crisis can said pakistan had never before faced such difficult economic problems but promised to
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create greater prosperity through better trade dealings he also pledged to improve the health care system and eradicate poverty. pakistan needs peace we won't peace has without it no progress and development is possible population is below the poverty line we can't help them without stability will do our best to maintain good relations with their neighbors. come out hyder has more from. twenty two. started its political party and run condor twenty second prime minister of pakistan address the nation for the first time he talked about the grave economic crisis confronting the country saying that a country that grain to the outside world with the begging bowl did not have any self-respect he also talked about the fact that their former rulers had taken over ninety five billion dollars of loans saying that the country was now bordering money just to pay interest on the loans their debt already taken from the
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international community said that it was time to broaden their track because many people in pakistan were not paying their taxes a promise better health care than the government hospitals and also emergency plans to ensure that their twenty five million pakistanis children who were out of schools got an education emraan had made several promises but on the foreign policy level he. said on the need to improve relations with neighboring countries that message that will go down well in the region but on the other promises given the fact that the country is confronting national crisis it was said by many experts that it was going to be difficult if not impossible. stay with us now is there a tele head. the search for what caused the genoa bridge to collapse continues we'll tell you why warning four decades ago may help investigators. and the
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thousands of syrians heading back home for even despite the security risks. and. hello there the latest rainmaker is now moving away from australia it's been in the southeast corner as well to some very wet conditions here and it's still pretty windy across the southeast as well so that won't help us in the fight against the fires it is cooler than it has been the only look at melbourne a maximum just of twelve degrees of force in adelaide of around thirteen that cool air is pushing its way northward and even brisbane will only be getting to around twenty three as we had to choose a further west it's warm for now but the temperatures will be easing as we head into tuesday thanks to a bit will cloud and a change in the wind direction now that area of wet weather over the southeastern
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australia is working its way away from australia but towards new zealand you can see plenty of cloud with us at the moment it's already giving us some heavy rain and will be plenty more as we head through monday and tuesday as well as some very wet weather we're also expecting some very windy weather as well christchurch the temperatures struggling here just a maximum of ten if we head further north we have some storms that are working their way towards the northern parts of asia you can just about make them out on our chart here but they're not going to hit us on monday instead on monday they'll be plenty of fine weather across japan there's wetter weather over parts of eastern china that's also stretching its way into north korea and then gradually pushing east winds for tuesday. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. provided into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers
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everybody's going to. be so. al-jazeera. hello again here's a reminder for our main story for knowledge of their indian authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern state of carola following the worst floods in a century more than eight hundred thousand people are now crammed into relief camps . the united states says it's ready to support and facilitate peace talks between
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the afghan government and the taliban earlier president ashraf ghani announced a muslim even holiday season are the taliban has yet to respond. resolute sending troops to its border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were run out of town by locals dozens of brazilians attacked two makeshift camps and a car i'm. now syrian government troops are reinforcing their positions around the lib the last rebel held province in the country the u.n. is warning that a government offensive in the northern province would put three million people in danger but that hasn't stopped refugees in turkey from crossing the border back into syria for aid so of course he has more from the turkey syria border and it is an ordinary around refugee camp in northern syria kids are playing in the streets they are making jokes of each other welling around us trying to tease us asking where we are from it is just right. that there are reports and fears in the
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midst of a calendar but you don't feel anything and a sentiment about this when you walk in the streets when you speak to elderly people especially women you feel how desperate this feel are and how much they miss their contrie the night that this is the regime has been threatening it since the beginning of the war but people are used to that we feel safe here close to turkey . we may be far from our homes but we are safe. down in the misrata what i missed most is the happiness that's what we used to have before here we are not happy and there is no joy because we left our village. reality i worry with my kids specially while they're passing through the states also that they're sleeping for the roads killing the youth i have boys crossing that road and the kids they are not aware of what's going on and people are saying they write me a meal and turkeys for days with some fear that one day maybe assault myself.
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israel says it's closing down one of the key crossings into gaza and response to protests along the border fence there as crossing is the only way people can get from the besieged gaza strip into israel at least one hundred seventy one palestinians have been killed by israeli far since the weekly march of return demonstrations began in march egypt's president has signed a new law that can block websites the government considers a threat to the states well they are soft sand sites may be fined or face prison sentences and anyone a visits the sites could be penalized egyptian authorities say the new cyber crime laws part of an effort to tackle instability and security threats but critics say it is just another attack on freedom of speech ugandan police have fired tear gas and live bullets at protesters killing one and injuring five others the clashes took place in the town of matina that's about fifty kilometers west of
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the capital kampala the protesters are angry that five politicians were arrested and beaten for stoning the motorcade of president yoweri museveni he had been in the town to campaign for the ruling party candidate a magnitude seven point two earthquake has struck the indonesian island of film book the u.s. geological survey says it was at a very shallow depth just hours earlier another six point five magnitude quake triggered landslides on the island. the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies the local airport and hospitals were evacuated and there been several earthquakes on the island over the past few weeks more than one hundred more than four hundred sixty people were killed in a magnitude seven quake on august fifth the italian engineer who designed the general are bridge that collapsed and killed dozens on tuesday had warned four decades ago that it would require constant maintenance emergency
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workers are now struggling to secure what remains of the morandi bridge before it causes even further damage they've a cheater has this report from genoa work at the scene of the bridge collapse is now switch from the search for bodies to a search for clues firefighters are working under the supervision of the prosecutor's office to collect any evidence that might help them piece together the proof of the tragedy but working out exactly what it was and therefore who is responsible might prove even more difficult as for the collapsed bridge the number of a cause that actually employed it compared to the first two years of its ration are more than four times the same number of workers and each of them is normally much heavier than used to be forty or fifty years ago a survey by the italian consumers association that in five twenty two bridges in the country motorway network that are showing worrying signs of degradation. one of
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them was on the main highway between genoa and children we look beneath the spans to see for ourselves we found this crude plank of wood staple to cover the cracks in the structure the steel rods used to reinforce the concrete walls showing signs of corrosion. the bridges are an economic lifeline to nearby towns like. the mess said people here were all too aware of the dangers that you're here in iraq and the problem that if you this bridge has been reported on day for a while here with pictures on faces or fees for show we'll be approaching the company about what they can do a moment like this economy because diners in the restaurant told us they went out of their way to avoid driving on the motorway it's bright very frightening and you think. we're going to do now a sophisticated geo radar has now been installed on the remains of the bridge in
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genoa to monitor any dangerous movements but it's not just italy that has to learn the lessons from this tragedy the french government have just published their own assessment of state run motorway networks and they've identified eight hundred forty bridges which are showing dangerous structural defects which could cause collapse. it's taken more than forty deaths here to raise the awareness of the government to the scale of the problem but it could be one that stretches what a call to be with you. being treated how to do a job. it's only since here a minister is threatening to send one hundred seventy seven migrants on board an italian coast guard ship back to libya but they are any is demanding that other e.u. countries take the men now these comments follow his counterparts in amata calling for another migrant boat to talk on the italian island of lampedusa the boat has been sailing off the island for several days also accused italy of rescuing
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migrants in waters appearing to prevent them from entering it's only well over in spain the number of migrants trying to reach the southern coast from north africa has tripled this year the increase has put pressure on the rescue services and field of political debate on how to handle the situation carpender hall has this report from the spanish port city of his see it us. exhausted but happy almost three hundred refugees in migrants rescued after setting out from iraq over in baba roughs and spending the day adrift. this is the southern spanish port of the his serious poster from west africa including guinea ivory coast in mali the youngest is just a month old. this mother tells me she's hungry we really missing the taste of tapioca and fish from home. twenty three year old has suddenly arrived in spain two months ago he was an opposition party youth organizer in guinea canakkale for told
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as he fled to escape arrest he crossed from morocco in a dinghy like this packed with fifty others paying as much as four thousand euros each. i couldn't turn back the arabs forced to suborn with machetes at one point the engine gave out and i saw death before me i ask god to pardon me it was the worst moment of my life it was a catastrophe. a spanish in geo pays has sounds board and lodging until his political asylum request is processed. did vasso give to my african brothers is that crossing the mediterranean is because people don't risk your lives but hope for a better future is a powerful magnet standing here helps put things in a lot better perspective there's just fifteen kilometers of c. that separates spain from the north coast of africa and if you're standing over there europe must look like
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a dream that you can almost touch at city hall mayor. of the opposition people's party says the surge in migrant arrivals has become a crisis they cannot that it was sufficient to you that we don't have sufficient aid to help all of africa and we don't have enough capacity to receive all those who want to come we have to use our head because the budget simply is not figured out. human rights activists say the people's party is scaremongering. back at the court it's off to midnight hundreds more are still arriving. a sick woman is stretchered off some huddle under red cross blankets and wait to be brave just stood up. and a baby cries for his mother he hasn't yet realized he's in safe hands call pedal i just sirrah cedars spain. south koreans long separated from relatives are
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preparing to travel into north korea for a rare reunion they have been adds an orientation session before being allowed to cross into the border across the border on monday it will be the first event of its kind since october twenty fifth teen and only the twentieth this millennium many korean families have been divided since the war in the one nine hundred fifty s. which but until or. now crazy rich asians has raked in thirty four million dollars in u.s. box office sales in just five days the film tells the story of an asian american woman who gets swept up in the glamorous world of the chinese elite with its all asian cast is that signaling a massive change for the hollywood industry that supports. a gala opening night for a movie that's breaking barriers. the romantic comedy crazy rich asians is the first major hollywood film in a quarter century with an all asian cast director and executive producer we all
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recognize the significance but to be honest right now it's on talk radio i feel nothing but excitement. the actors may be asian but the movie's themes are universal family love and money to kids the biggest appellate burst in on the scene of crazy rich asians is based on the bestselling novel by kevin kwan who produced the film you know i think it's important to acknowledge that it's been way too long since we've had an all star asian cast member and a hollywood sort of movie about the same time this is a movie for everyone lori nakamura has already seen the film once and she's back with friends for a second viewing it's a wacky brahm com but i think at the same time it's also showing and asians in normal situations just like everybody else crazy rich asians is in a way a repudiation of hollywood sad history of race a stand stereotype depictions of asians in film.
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from the exploitative kung fu flicks of the seventy's and eighty's plus my key that was the link of oh you know not to mickey rooney's performance in breakfast at tiffany's asians have been denigrated and asian actors passed over for a leading role. according to a recent study only about. i've percent of hollywood movie parts go to asian actors like laura condom or just really seems that there are a lot of character parts out for ethnic you know are people of color but there weren't a lot of leading roles but sure the hoopla over crazy rich asians is box office hype the idea that an all asian cast is some sort of novelty glosses over the historic achievements of japanese korean and tiny cinema among others but coming after recent films like the superhero hit black answer and the charming animated feature coco crazy rich asian seems to be part of
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a long overdue trend i feel like we are seeing a sea change though a lot of these americans have come out of screenings they have this this and it is like this urge to cry and they don't know exactly why this movie is for that crazy rich asians will open in theaters worldwide in august and september robert oulds al jazeera holly. play again these are the top stories. in authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern states of carola following the worst floods in a century that's a wrench the rains have eased but there are now health fears for the more than eight hundred thousand people crammed into relief camps in the rescuers are also continuing efforts to reach people cut off for days many of them without food and water the united states says it's ready to facilitate peace talks between the often
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government and the taleban u.s. secretary of state my pup a also welcomed the muslim eat a holiday season far announced by president gandhi earlier well the taliban has yet to respond although unofficial sources say the group is considering taking part in the truce. brazil is sending troops to its border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were run out of town by locals dozens of brazilians attacked two makeshift counts improper i'ma for at least a thousand venezuelans have been living president say the violence began after several migrants robbed a local shop owner tens of thousands of venezuelans have fled into brazil in the past three years or less of their m.p.'s he is following the story from bogota colombia. clear that the situation seems to be getting out of control in many of these border crossings in colombia every deal and also now in ecuador as more and more of venezuelan migrants are out of necessity fleeing their
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country there flooding many of these towns a suspected boko haram attack has killed at least nineteen people in a room ot village in my degree in nigeria's north east arms fighters attacked the area in the early hours of sunday i would say the fighters have been spotted in the village three days before the attack a six point five magnitude earthquake has triggered landslides on the indonesian island of lombok the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies the local airport and hospitals were also evacuated there have been several earthquakes on the island over the past few weeks and those are headlines stay with us now for witness that is up next. on counting the cost financial tremors in turkey shake investor sentiment in emerging markets a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting south africa's economy
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plus why google is tracking your every move counting the cost. of. people. your behavior and the way that you. look at the game if you want to get in the game it is no use. going to the russians going to. the.


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