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party but. now that i will not. fail. spent five days waiting for an appointment with. the libyan government restricted the free movement of the a man and his companions. and they were provided no means of communication with the outside world. in lebanon the a man's family began to worry. well. pay me on. harming. me or. with. my.
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kill myself will really determine. your million. women to being with. me and go on. missions. on the twenty ninth of august one nine hundred seventy eight jordanian journalists shack joe harry arrived at the hotel to cover the anniversary of libya's revolution he remembers meeting the mom who did not seem to him at ease. to learn from book to live the are forming problem so there is little. hope of the new year so. that we will know who those who are and if you jimmy the.
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lawyer husseini offers a reason why the may have seemed anxious be. perhaps the phone call was to bring news of the meeting he was waiting for. for the third time the meeting was postponed the patience of the in was wearing thin.
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more it. would leave. the. house a lot. and that could be. i didn't have a lot. more this. company was part of the official lebanese delegation in libya to attend the anniversary celebrations and which meant. so what how it is. how we. can. be.
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alert but smoking loudly in the law. and. the whole. mean. on august thirty first jordanian journalist shakur all joe harry met in the hotel lobby. we had be with. you. and as we learned for your book. for.
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this to. work. with us. and the who were there were no no. to earth and phone book where you were the. who the other use of you know their interests. their wanted to go to paris where his wife was in hospital this meant to missing celebrations for the anniversary of gadhafi september first revolution. hell. i would let fear away at me. a lot of lead.
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to get. your ideas. from the shot. from book. store with a couple shots set of needs a skinnier than the. teen. says. because if you want. the brief conversation between. diem and dean suggests our souther was heading to meet gadhafi that day. after checking out the journalist i'll show her in the lobby. she was the last person to see them leave the hotel. who were just. assure from.
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the. phone book work at the work of. believe or sold her. her v.c.r. if you have a work of his so you are aware. of the look to me. as either. one of your. say. to some of us and get the picture.
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you responding six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and bring the stories they tell you that this was not good enough not to let us down. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian back to al-jazeera fluent in world news then there's nothing they set sail for gold. but this cover their resorts are worth more than its way to human beings that is not driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion should have been executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charts the birth and rise of the african slave trade mapping a history that the state of humanity. for all the gold in the world want to just
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get up. well i'm a clock and lot of the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump's former lawyer he once said he'd take a bullet for the u.s. president has reportedly reached a plea deal with prosecutors michael cohen has appeared in a court in manhattan and has indicated he will enter a guilty plea to charges raised by special counsel robert miller's investigation into the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign the deal appears to include prison time cohen has admitted buying the silence of an adult actress who claims to have had an affair with president trump back in two thousand and six christensen to me has more this is a man who was hired to take care of
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a lot of the presidents before he was president was hired to take care of downtimes a lot of his personal issues like. allegedly paying off these women who the president had affairs with so it was believed by many and speculated by many that michael cohen knows a lot of president trump's dirty laundry if you will in the fact he has suggested that to some media outlets here in the united states that president trump knew about a meeting between his son and a russian official someone who was working connected to the got russian government and had information about hillary clinton that was useful for the election michael cohen has suggested that president tribe knew ahead of time about that meeting even though he had said that he didn't know about that ahead of time meanwhile we've just learned the jury in the fraud trial of former trump campaign chairman paul metaphor has not reached a consensus on ten charges brought against him on
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a full have pleaded not guilty to eighteen counts of tax evasion bank fraud and hiding foreign bank accounts afghan forces have launched an air assault in kabul of the rockets were fired at the presidential palace during the corrections i still says it was behind the attack. venezuelans are racing to reach peru before new regulations come into force on saturday which mean they will need passports to enter the country more than two hundred people defied similar new rules in ecuador on tuesday walking across the loosely guarded checkpoint remey charkha this government introduced a new currency in a desperate attempt to tackle rocketing inflation. all right up to date with the headlines here on our deserves their words because of their world is continuing right now.
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in march nine hundred seventy eight lebanon was invaded by israel. southern charismatic leader of lebanon's shia muslim sect sought regional assistance. on august the twenty fifth nine hundred seventy eight southern traveled to libya to meet muammar gaddafi. six days later on august thirty first an official motorcade left tripoli's shouty hotel carrying a sadat and two colleagues shaikh mohammad yacoob and journalist. dean. the three men were never seen again. question soon began to be asked about what had happened to them and whether they had actually made the libyan leader or not.
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several days after their disappearance libyan government official who some milat who had been assigned to be ma'am and his companions was visited by an agent from libyan intelligence agent was keen to assure milat that a meeting between the a ma'am and get dappy had never occurred. of humans in. how the shots. were being in the. middle of a saucy. hour. or so that. they knew from any other misstep cuts. no let me look i've been lucky the moment. when you have a shock and the model. of the.
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hospital. but. the last known sighting of the a man and his two companions was them a leaving the hotel in tripoli on august thirty first nine hundred seventy eight witnesses who saw them leave claim they were being taken to meet get daffy in his private tent. it's difficult to track down anyone who was present at any such meeting but reports of filtered out that there was indeed a meeting between the m.m. and the colonel and that the meeting did not go well. former libyan military advisor. was tripoli's prosecutor at the time of the visit
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he heard several reports of the meeting and the topics discussed. the feel he had. to what he. had committed that is of the new what he had it. from being a mom. hello. had it. was a member of libya's revolutionary council in one nine hundred sixty nine he confirms the story of a heated exchange over religion where suddenly. you were letting the.
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female be in. lawyer husseini confirms the truth is hard to ascertain without conclusive evidence let me. leave. the. how long. italian journalist stefan yellin miti has followed the case of assad those disappearance she does not believe that was murdered on
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a point of religious dispute frank come in day. why has an italian journalist been following the case of a lebanese a man who disappeared in libya. the answer there is an italian connection to the story. three tickets were booked in the name of. and his two companions alitalia flight eight eighty one heading from tripoli to rome. the libyan authorities requested urgent entrance visas and yacoob from the italian embassy in tripoli their french visas issued in beirut were canceled. there is evidence the passports of assad her and his companions were altered. on
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that evening of august the thirty first nine hundred seventy eight a southerner and his two companions were driven to the departure terminal of tripoli airport. exit stamps found later in the passports were dated on that day. but did they actually leave libya. what is known is that three men carrying their passports and bearing their names did board the flight to rome. shortly before midnight the alitalia plane landed in rome airport. men carrying the passports of our souther and shaikh mohammed yaku had entry visas stamped. he. a transit to use it was issued for the man carrying the passport
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of. his passport has to this day never been recovered. the three men left the airport after midnight. the libyan embassy in rome it is believed that the three men spent the night here. the next morning september the first nine hundred seventy eight two men checked in at the holiday inn hotel in rome. one was bearded and dressed in a religious robe the other was in civilian clothes the two men checked in for two rooms and paid in cash for a one week stay at the hotel. ten minutes later the two men were seen leaving the hotel both dressed in civilian clothes and carrying luggage.
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ten days after the disappearance of the a man italian police discovered the luggage and passports of other. crew in the hotel in rome. but. something i something i thought. either. are good. the italian authorities interrogated crew and passengers of the alitalia flight as well as staff at the airport and the hotel after
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a nine month investigation in may nine hundred seventy nine the italian authorities concluded that in southern and his two companions had not entered italy the libyan regime continued to insist that a southerner and his two companions had left tripoli for libyan assertions were unconvincing is especially as good kept changing his story. how well it. must be a lot of this if you want to do mean anything with. a massage and they will be said . to feel. i want to talk a. little more than. many.
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others given what i think of it. we didn't really know what. they were going to was really going to do and what he would never let me leave you . we had the under thirty was only in the general mood. for the most of. the lebanese government and the families of those missing remain suspicious that gadhafi is declarations they held the libyan leader responsible for the abductions. there were also questions around our possible italian role in the strange affair. and our start up it should be only date anti cause the sport. much. of the story of the. shoot all the
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pertinent use of it. this incident. report for. a year after the disappearance of. other and his two companions the libyan regime share details of its preliminary investigation to italian authorities italy contested the libyan account saying its conclusions were flawed to counter these charges the libyan regime produced employees who testified to the departure of the a man and his two companions from libya. al jazeera met former immigration officer abdurahman go away lawyer who was working in tripoli airport on the night the him and his two companions disappeared. we
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went with abdirahman whaler to his former workplace at the immigration office. it was here in december nine hundred seventy nine that he was then boss called omar kuwait or had ordered him to bear false witness who would your lady. of the america we had the lead. but. then the been. out of her. field yes sir most of the. look i look good i can look at that and the could you was. a. little samantha they could have. the best let them have it was that the first. one has it and i'm only alice had this to be.
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another libyan immigration officer who worked at the airport was also compelled by libyan security agents to testify that he had seen. her and his two companions leave tripoli. but the and with it because i really really believe. from what i was and i'm there to. communicate with the case you know. i'm going to show that. only the. which of late i want to share this. with it's. a somewhat of a piece with a different. mood with a shared with other good ones. that i
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remember. where i lived. on january the first one nine hundred eighty abdurahman go away or was summoned by libyan intelligence to confirm his testimony. at the basement. level. but betty really sort of put off. the year was. while he. would be headed there was indeed the. one week later the two immigration officers and the takumi will each summoned for further questioning by the libyan judiciary. criticism i took.
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with. it. but. this is all. that. what he said that everything when you have. had to bitch and you. has. there was muscle support. but there wasn't but what about a month or so there well as i was there was a battle there for a while about as there was that the level i had. in two thousand and five duffy asked italian prime minister silvio berlusconi to reopen the investigation into the case of. course in rome subsequently reported
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that there was no new evidence but the report hinted a father and his two companions might have disappeared in italy. italian lawyer has followed the case of the disappearance he's skeptical of the reports from the court ordered by berlusconi.
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but. after the fall of gadhafi regime in two thousand and eleven a number of his former aides spoke out about what had happened to him. abdul rahman shelagh i'm a former libyan foreign minister claimed the man and his companions had been killed by palestinian militant abu nidal who had been close to gadhafi. another top aide of the libyan leader ahmed ramadan claimed during a t.v. interview following his arrest that gadhafi is communication secretary. was linked to the disappearance. former government minder who is skeptical of ramadans claims. although to the man. however and fi caught there and then the other can. only muscle their mouths shut
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the sons of gadhafi secretary tom. have denied the accusations against their father they produced his death certificate stating he died on march the seventh one thousand nine hundred seventy eight in a plane crash five months before. visited libya. major abdul muna m l who need also heard stories about the fate of the other has. said that. there are few more who. never should be. with us from. the are numerous different and sometimes contradictory stories about the fate of
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the other and his two companions the uncertainty is compounded by the fact that no bodies have ever been discovered. in beirut the lebanese judiciary and the families of those missing have never been convinced by reports from libya everywhere here. who had. he had left. as a way. well of a lick. in . but then he. could have. besides stories of their murder there have also been reports of the him and his two companions being held at one time or another in
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secret prisons in libya. a former prison guard. was arrested after gadhafi his downfall he was himself in prison and. sources from inside the prison where my soda is held told al jazeera what he revealed under interrogation. by sewed claimed he had guarded. between one thousand nine hundred ninety two and nine hundred ninety five in a secret prison in tripoli. we were not granted permission to meet and interview. the former prison known as. north tripoli holds another story. al-jazeera visited the place with witness. and former prisoner mu is boo. boo eladio says he was imprisoned here in two thousand and one and he remembers seeing on the wall of his cell the words. that time may have raised the words.
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then. to me to say. how. i know that. our arm each year lebanon's shia community marks the day of the in mum's disappearance. shortly after gadhafi was killed lebanon sent an investigation team to tripoli which visited a number of jails and detention centers in several cities. was.
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the team pave the way for a high level lebanese diplomatic mission to meet libya's new leaders the delegation included the son of. the lebanese and libyan government agreed to make renewed efforts to investigate the secret prisons and to question former members of the libyan regime. who is. far.
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more. senior in. many state secrets may have gone to the grave with colonel muammar gadhafi.


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