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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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trump of president putin's denial p. just said it's not russian back in the united states president trump is now waging an all out twitter campaign against a special council appointed to investigate russian collusion in recent months he's used the words witch hunt on more than four hundred occasions but the type special counsel robert miller has not responded to the constant attack from the chief executive not yet imparting any knowledge he may have that a comes from the apparent division between the executive and legislative branches of government as to russian intentions in the united states mike hanna al-jazeera new york plenty more ahead for you this news are it is not business as usual as u.s. sanctions hit their brands industry and its workforce a look at that also venezuelans racing to reach parity for new entry restrictions kick in as their government takes action against skyrocketing inflation and sport
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china sets a new world record in the poll the asian games details coming up at about ten to the. russia has dismissed claims from microsoft that it's been targeting u.s. political political groups through cyber attacks the world's biggest software company says it stopped fake websites that were set up to steal logon information from visitors ahead of the u.s. midterm elections in november but the russian foreign ministry says there is no evidence to support microsoft's claims and calls the allegations a witch hunt familiar phrase you have returned with more from washington d.c. . microsoft says russian hackers set up several domain names which were removed last week by microsoft pretty quickly they say without any damage being done but these domain names resemble other web sites that people are familiar with users all familiar with they end their web addresses with words like senate groups senate
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services hughson org. or go to the international republican institute dot org it's where phishing campaign trying to get users to log on to these web addresses and enter their credentials they think they're communicating with the senate or the right wing think tank but in fact by giving their credentials to hackers the russians deny any involvement this is what a kremlin spokesperson said we do not know what hackers they're talking about we don't know what is meant by influence on election we hear confirmations for america that there was no influence on elections who exactly are they talking about we don't understand what the proof and the basis for them drawing these kind of conclusions such information or proof is lacking microsoft hasn't really furnished us with any real evidence of the russian involvement but certainly this adds to that atmosphere of fear about russian involvement or alleged involvement in the election process here in the u.s. we've got glenn kahl with us now he was the deputy national intelligence officer
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for a trans national threat to the national intelligence council perfectly placed into talk about this with us from boston today the. russian denial in itself is nothing surprising so let's talk about what microsoft is saying and they are saying they were going off to conservative think tanks this seems to be a little bit different the types of websites being attacked. well only difference in that since it's shifted from the democrats who are somewhat on the left the united states political spectrum to somewhere on the right but the the objectives the strategy and the tactics used by the russians are unchanged and that is to undermine discredit challenge and make murky the use of any person or entity that russians perceive as some way in some way challenging your putin or russian interests so now that are responsible conservative organizations have
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taken positions more hostile to iraq continues to take them hostile to russia and no longer and supporter donald trump was. then it makes sense for them to continue and they will they will do that to anyone they view as challenging russia so then how do you stop it another it's a really simplistic question but you hear all this talk about internet companies trying to fight against this sort of hacking and fake news unfolding sorts of things but it it's getting that sort of whack a mole feeling every time you think you've got it pops up again somewhere else. well i think the whack a mole analogy is is a good one unfortunately in a way it's like fighting terrorists by trying to stop specific terrorist individuals or operations or groups you may have tactical successes but you don't address the problem fundamentally. i don't think anyone or any entity government private sector or individual has come up with a successful certain series of steps against this this will be. a
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ceaseless process much like our bodies out to fight disease endlessly because diseases always are evolving and presenting new threats and challenges to our our physical system similarly with cyber threats will be endless but what you do is you shut them down you find them and then i think the fundamental inoculation continue the analogy is that troops frankly and responsible news organizations who check their sources and themselves or are checkable such as al-jazeera the new york times the moans and so on rather than relying on nonis and quite easily distorted quote information unquote online is a major step and then you combine that with the government's. agencies like the f.b.i.
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or private companies like microsoft always being vigilant i think in the end then the truth will weigh more heavily than distortion but it will be and let's. sorry i'm just just what strikes me as you say all of that is that we are still told we're talking about a situation two years after the presidential election which was affected in this manner and we talk about the fact that it could easily end problem if you will and it is happening again i mean that can't give the american electorate any confidence really well. all publics should always be aware of facts that doesn't mean you discuss believe truth it means that you check your sources and it will never stop the russians are quite consistent they pursue their national interests which are consist of undermining the united states and the west and they will do it by any means and when caught one way and stopped one way they will continue another and
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that's how it has been mentioned examples in the past many people still believe that the cia itself committed the attacks of nine eleven or that the cia invented aids so as to kill all the blacks on earth both of these things are in power k.g.b. russian intelligence service this information campaigns which are widely believed by hundreds of millions of people so it's an endless problem and what we must do is . rely on hew to responsible news sources and always check the backgrounds of anyone who asserts and well we will do everything we can in that respect when col joining us from boston thank you any time now iran has unveiled a new fighter jets has tensions with the u.s. of course continue to increase president hassan rowhani got a firsthand look at the cockpit of the aircraft which will be produced domestically
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rouhani says iran will keep boosting its military its advance what's stopping the u.s. from attacking the u.s. of course has placed new sanctions on tehran president trumps if they have a on the way to keep iran from developing its nuclear program. and the impact of those sanctions is being felt around the unemployment rate to twelve percent now which means some three million people cannot find work and many of those who have jobs are struggling to cope with the rise in living costs with more now from. the busy buzz of a factory floor where business suits and boardrooms are left behind for overalls and dangerous work mirabeau makes industrial scale water valves and employs hundreds of people around the country and if things go to plan the intend to hire hundreds more obvious and i don't think some industries inside iran more development in the more export we can do the more factories will be brought online
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so we could employ some new workers business leaders and industry chiefs want to shift iran away from an agriculture based economy and develop its ability to make and sell manufactured goods it's in big factories like this that iran sees its financial future heavy machinery being worked by a skilled labor force making important things but if you were to drive by this industrial park on the outskirts of the capital to run you might not notice these buildings are a hive of activity and that's part of the problem say it's time to i mean vesting an industry needs financial resources one of the solutions is foreign investment where providing some incentives to attract foreign investors definitely foreign investment speeds up industrial development and consoled the issue of unemployment . iranian manufacturers boast about cheaper labor costs than china but foreign investors point to problems of scale and quality control factors holding
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a run back from taking on a production powerhouse that's been called the world's factory american sanctions also hangs like a question mark over iranian factories. the government hopes offering free land tax breaks will make it easier to convince people that iran might be their cup of tea. away from the factory floors some three million iranians are still looking for work . is a forty six year old air conditioning technician he's been out of work for a month and his age the job situation is not good opportunities are taken by people with connections have no university degree my resume doesn't register anyway when i lose my job i have to start again from zero and fortunately there is no way for people like me security. basic necessities are so expensive having fun is something most in his wife no longer think about he'd be willing to do anything to
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earn an honest living but says the job market is saturated with young people also looking for work and says he's too old for the government to care about him and that he's putting his faith in god but he admits being unemployed is destroying him . businesses in venezuela are have closed as part of a twenty four hour strike was organized by the three leading opposition parties over the country's growing economic crisis the currency of course devalued by ninety five percent on tuesday and linked to a government backed cryptocurrency other businesses closed as they attempt to work out just what to charge for goods now the international monetary fund projects that inflation is set to reach a million percent by the end of the year meanwhile millions of venezuelans have already fled the country they're trying to reach peru before new laws come into effect on saturday which will require passports to enter hundreds more defied
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similar new rules in ecuador on tuesday walking across the loosely guarded checkpoint from a church or they planned to trek in hitchhiked for another eight hundred forty kilometers in freezing conditions at the crossing out of a killer in. when the. decision we made as a group and among all the people here is to withdraw from the border risking ourselves and with the hand of god go to peru on mass. the action we are taking is to comply with bruce and she will use we want to enter the country legally and in the correct way. and despite ongoing violence towards them hundreds of venezuelans venezuelans have still sort refuge at the border town of pocket a mayor to raise about has more for us. we're here in what is known as a reception center right at the border between brazil and venezuela hundreds of people are coming here every day crossing the border into brazil requesting asylum
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or simply passing by most of them end up in this place where they're vaccinated fed and given some type of identification and this border time became an issue last weekend when violence erupted between brazilians and venezuelans a group of brazilians attacked venezuelans saying that there had been provoking and assaulting a brazilian national and then they set on fire the place where they lived and then they pushed out to the other side of the border around one thousand venezuelans were forced out of brazil that day but this as a state that the state governor is basically saying that it's in a state of emergency that they cannot afford to maintain the amount of people that have been coming here feeding them and taking care of them and that's why the have requested the supreme court to shut down this border temporarily the federal government says that that's illegal but in spite of that tension has increased in
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this part of brazil and of the border business where that something that forced the federal government to send troops here with the news are from al jazeera and still ahead taiwan loses another ally of salvador decides to switch allegiances but time high says it will not give in to pressure and able outright in democratic republic of congo kills more people but a new drug is offering hope. however still have plenty of solar storms around going away across the great plains of north america a lot of clouds are pushing up towards the lakes and only the side of canada are actually so. parts of ontario quebec seeing some lively showers longer spells of writing to say have a lot of cloud is making its way over towards the appalachians it'll move through
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as we go through the next day or so twenty one celsius in ottawa so warm enough not too bad twenty eight celsius there for new york but more clout there across the central plains easing over towards the rockies denver at around twenty four celsius want to hopefully useful showers down towards the southwest in court about the west coast will be dry thirty celsius in seattle warm one here then as we go on into stay well it cools off to just twenty degrees so that's something you'll notice the showers do continue just around the southwest over towards oklahoma acbl phaidon try by this stage more warm sunshine new york at about twenty six degrees similar temperatures there for ottawa but if on a dry weather to into the caribbean but the use will scattering the showers you mostly want to show is that into hispaniola maybe into or jamaica as well something pass on cuba some wet weather of course also in place for a good part of central america.
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then there's nothing they set sail for gold. but this cover their resorts are worth more than it's worth. human be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charge the birth and rise of the african slave trade mapping out history that there's going to humanity. for all the gold in the world want to just go the new year a new kind of many new developments for this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting frustration grips the villages and as the saga began over a year before revolt is in the air police call. pot for just six months spelled out for five years to come china's democracy experiment on which is iraq.
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you're on the news hour and these are our top stories this hour investigators in the u.s. have successfully prosecuted two big players from donald trump's twenty sixteen election campaign michael cohen once the president's personal lawyer says he broke the law after directions from trump. mr cohen guilty to two campaign finance charges one for causing an on lawful corporate contribution and a second one for personally making an excessive personal contribution both for the
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purpose of influencing the two thousand and sixteen a lot. and in a separate trial a jury found trump's former campaign chairman guilty of eight charges this is paul manifold now facing sentencing for breaching campaign finance laws for tax fraud and for failing to disclose foreign bank accounts trump though insists it has nothing to do with him. when. in other news people across india are paying tribute to those killed by the floods in kerala the worst to hit the southern state in a century in the northern city of the heart of the hundreds of people were out on the streets praying for those affected by the floods more than four hundred people are confirmed dead so far candlelight vigils were also held in the capital new delhi where volunteers have been collecting relief materials to send to carola and
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after days of torrential rain there is some good news coming out of caroline the floodwaters are finally receding but more than a million people are still in makeshift camps after their homes were simply washed away andrew thomas reports now from the town of mazar where some evacuees and residents decided to return home despite the risk. we've met daniel thomas in an evacuation camp fisherman rescued him from his home on friday now he wanted to go back but on tuesday morning the only way back was by canoe. this is the way we can do it. because they usually go from there they go where we've already started.


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