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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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thoughts from washington d.c. . he once said he'd take a bullet for donald trump now michael cohen is offering to help an investigation the president has repeatedly called a witch hunt on tuesday don't trump's long time lawyer and fixer pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations cohen told the court he was directed by trump to make payments to two women he's alleged to have had affairs with cohen's lawyer says the fifty one year old is now more than happy to help special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia my observation is that michael cohen knows information that would be of interest to the special counsel in my opinion regarding both knowledge about a conspiracy to corrupt american democracy by the russians robert maas investigation centers on a meeting between campaign aides in a russian delegation that promised to dish political dirt on hillary clinton cohen's lawyer has indicated his client has direct knowledge of the meeting with
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claims don trump knew it was happening something the president denied of the president knew about it and there is other evidence in addition to michael cohen just basically saying it on his own then the president at this point could be went his way. to impeachment at the first press briefing since cohen's appearance in court so how could be sanders says the president has nothing to hide as the president has stated on numerous occasions he did nothing wrong there are no charges against him and this just because michael cohen made a plea deal doesn't mean that implicates the president. on the same day cohen pled guilty in new york the president's former campaign manager paul manifold was found guilty on eight charges of tax and bank fraud both cases sprang from a list team leading one republican to say it's proof miller's investigation is anything but a witch hunt democrats say trump's legal woes are far from over to take a step back. president trump's campaign manager was convicted of federal crimes
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president transpersonal attorney pled guilty to federal crimes president trump's first national security advisor pled guilty to federal crimes a foreign policy adviser to his campaign pled guilty to federal crimes and more trials are coming these two cases may now be the biggest threat to donald trump's presidency cohen's lawyer says his client is now liberated to speak truth to power and there are unconfirmed reports cohen has tapes from space will remain loyal but with november's midterm elections approaching the stakes have never been higher and gallacher al-jazeera at the white house saudi arabia has denied canceling the domestic and international stock listing of its state of giant. a statement by the saudi energy minister says the government remains committed to selling the company's stocks but only when it's ready if and when it goes ahead it will be the largest initial public offering all i.p.o. in history plans been central to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man series
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of reforms he's looking to raise money for restructuring the kingdom's economy and reducing its dependence on oil. lots more still to come here not just here including a legal challenge to zimbabwe's presidential election result. and a desperate journey across the border but thousands of venezuelans crossing over to brazil are not welcome to stay with us. however we still have plenty of hot sunshine across the middle east tells of one of two shallows yes over towards the eastern side of the region just around the himalayas much catch wanted to showers over towards is back to stand a chance of one of two showers just around the black sea around the caspian sea as well want to try for the most part that let's concentrate on the settle in sunny weather by road looking lovely over the next couple of days thirty one celsius here
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getting up into the forty's once you get into baghdad and into kuwait as you go on into friday they will change in conditions a thirty two there for couple thirty one thirty two for by route and also for which of reduced income for the south of the game flossy fine and dry as one would expect forty five celsius here in doha on thursday a little more cloud heading towards mecca you'll notice a little more cloud two for a tie around southern parts of asia but even that should clear away across southern areas of yemen and on into amman tag koehler for doha if we can say cooler it'll actually feel a little stay here a little closer as we go on into friday because the humidity will start to ramp up this weekend certainly one to watch out for meanwhile the first southern africa is generally fied and draw a chance of one of two showers around the eastern cape for a time these will clear through by friday afternoon.
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then there's nothing they set sail for gold. but this cover their resorts worth more than its weight human be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charge the burthen rise of the african slave trade mapping out history that has tainted humanity. for all the gold in the world and i just go. welcome back a quick recap the top stories here on al-jazeera china and the u.s. are imposing twenty five percent taxes on sixteen billion dollars worth of each
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other's goods is the latest round of tariffs and trade will began in july the u.s. wants beijing to change what it says are unfair trade practices china says it's falling a complaint at the. australian prime minister malcolm turnbull says he will propose a vote on his leadership on friday and majority of his party. ask him to do so in a formal letter turnbull says if the motion is passed to treat it as a vote of no confidence he says he wouldn't stand as a candidate in the ensuing leadership race. present system there was nothing illegal about payments made to two women during his election campaign that's despite the successful prosecution of his longtime personal lawyer for making those payments michael cohen says he will assist the probe into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixth elections. russian president vladimir putin is saying a summit with president trump was useful but u.s. sanctions against moscow pointless was responding to threats of more sanctions by
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washington that has seen the ruble drop to its lowest level in two years. as for the sanctions they counterproductive and since last especially in regards of such countries russia we hope that our american partners will eventually realize that uselessness of this kind of politics and constructive cooperation israel has approved plans to build more than a thousand new illegal settlement homes in the occupied west bank israeli settlements in occupied palestinian areas are deemed illegal under international law. zimbabwe's top court will decide on friday whether to overturn or uphold president. was narrow election when in july opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of the president who won with just over fifty percent . more in the capital harare. yes there was. some political analysts are calling it the most important court battle in zimbabwe since morgan signed an iced cheese and trial more than ten years ago the main
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opposition leader nelson chamisa is challenging president innocent agog was election win at the constitutional court people who went inside court watched the proceedings from home and restaurants all the results show that when a goggle won by a narrow margin opposition supporters are hoping the judges will declare chamisa the winner i'm hoping the will go through the evidence as a necessity and give what's just all come from all over your family to mr me the case is seen as a test of the independence of the country's highest court once judges make a ruling the verdict cannot be appealed i think the courts they must draw reads in good faith so that's everyone must after the ruling of the courts comments are which by the zits of them it's always granted it's. what circumstances or anything that that is has been i've been in before i think we do
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we are just expecting everything to be free and the opposition says there was a massive doctrine of results it was a court order a fresh election or declared the main opposition leader nelson chamisa the winner we've done our bit in this will go to the missed. me. lawyers representing the rulings on the party say the opposition's case is weak we believe that the results were not fake at all and it's now over the court to decide which version of the two versions is acceptable best on the evidence that the court has before it in its ruling the constitutional court could now throw the case out declare an un or order a fresh election within sixty days the main opposition leader nelson chamisa. case he'll ask the regional body staticky the african union and the united nations to intervene and to try and push for a power sharing deal with but officials in the ruling party say that's not going to
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happen. judgement has been reserved nine judges will rule on the matter friday afternoon. al-jazeera had out of the british government set to release a report on how an avoid economic collapse if it fails to get a deal on its withdrawal from the european union the so-called no deal scenario has sparked dire warnings for the u.k. raffi as the country could run out of food and medicine that major airports could close down talks with the e.u. remain deadlocked just months before britain is due to pull out of the block reports there was a time during the long saga of brics it's when prime minister to resign may used to say. no deal is better than a bad deal for britain on many occasions that no deal especially by which she meant that falling out of the european union without a trade deal was better than one which didn't reflect the referendum results but
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now it's becoming clear what no deal might look like and it's giving people the shivers the power has grabbed everyone's attention is the possibility of food shortages the u.k. imports fresh food from places like the netherlands no deal would mean the food might rules if it's stuck in queues at the border. the fear of the economy shutting down prompted heathrow airport to borrow well over a billion dollars in case it brings in no income at all for two months after bricks hits the airport is contemplating the events of planes not being able to fly over european airspace and therefore not land in london now after a week the economy would start to collapse because businesses without taking the contingency plans big money factures would close up shop they'd need to be each citizens to start to leave on mass the pound which tumbles we've never seen before anyone in that situation he was still talking up an ideal scenario saying we'd be fine with how quick you have to change tack and if there was any public support
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before that would evaporate too once people could see the actual reality of an ideal scenario. the prospect of the motorway leading to the channel tunnel in france becoming a carpark because of customs delays the nightmare of huge manufacturers shutting down and rebasing on the continent overall in theory possible along with the talks go on without an agreement breakfasters those who want a clean break with the european union this myth all of this is what they call project fear a deliberate attempt to undermine the democratic vote to leave the e.u. it will be absolutely foreign they say and indeed some argue that the little economic hardship is a price worth paying for the u.k. to regain its sovereignty and no deal breadth it would test that theory to destruction come with me and together let's see the day this sense of impending disaster the idea that politicians are fiddling while the u.k.
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burns struck many is sufficiently surreal that it has a commissar you this video comparing it to the titanic disaster perhaps the very best expression of people's worst fears anything could happen nothing can be ruled out. al-jazeera london brazil's governments trying to move venezuelan migrants out of a border state after their camp was attacked by locals they fled an economic crisis in their home country al-jazeera stories about reports on the border town above east. there's a lot of inflow to the shelter in the city. it's about three hours away from the border with venezuela is part of brazil's program to help the venezuelans arriving here. in the uk was kidding aside he came here two months ago soon after she delivered her baby boy i love that those are the biggest problems finding food in venezuela we had a house water and electricity but no food at least here i have
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a chance. at the shelter people are provided food to eat and a place to sleep. for a man that. has been here for four months his son luis has down syndrome millions of people came from latin america to venezuela when they escaped war and now look at us but it's not easy because when you go outside the brazilians look at us as if they want to kill you. the northern brazilian state of florida is one of the country's poorest and that's why the government is hoping to start moving people to other cities to ease the burden on this border state and the venezuelan for coming from brazil are not wholly living inside shelters but also on the streets all around the city are there's entire families waiting to be allowed inside the shelters families here say that their children are getting sick while they wait. for three weeks this children have been sleeping on the street they're tired hungry
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and some of them. says she has been told there is no space inside and. they say there is no space. for rinks on there. is the pressure jeff wilkinson of the u.n. refugee program says the situation is challenging with a priority shifting to help the new arrivals to quickly move on to other brazilian cities and that. looking at how to. make the process. more agile to identify and new locations and to negotiate them to push this because at the end of the day i think everyone realizes that i mean that really is the priority and that takes the pressure off this in spite of the difficulties they face in brazil hundreds of venezuelans continue to cross the border every day escaping an economic crisis and willing to risk it all in search of
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a better life. now there are several indigenous sports on show with the asian games in jakarta the diversity on the world's largest continent means that many countries of sports found nowhere else has more now on how the games are helping keep the sport's alive. the ancient indonesian martial arts is making its asian games debut this year. it's one of several sports during the two weeks of competitions that is unique to asia and one that few outside the region have ever seen before but the coach for the malaysian team is confident that's changing and being an event in the games will help. this is the first time. asian games i'm proud to and i hope it will continue to be a tournament sport in asia it may be someday being the only picks there are thousands of penn socks clubs across indonesia the head of this local one here in
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jakarta feels that the sport's exposure in the games grows recognition and interest globally. they deportee also says that the sport is expanding its country of origin two it's now mandatory at all schools. with the games in indonesia has become even more popular among children teenagers and adults it really helps. the body started in india thousands of years ago it's essentially a game of full contact tag thank you nice when indonesian and other countries asian countries are taking. so that. to see this. playing by these indonesian countries. unlike the homegrown pen sexy lot is just starting to gain ground in indonesia.
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and. the asian games allow these lesser. sports the opportunity to share center stage with widely popular sports like football or basketball giving athletes of all ages the opportunity to experience something new either from the sidelines or on the pitch got harder al-jazeera jakarta all the news of course in our website there it is on your screen al-jazeera dot com. a quick recap of the top stories here the trade war between china and the u.s. has escalated once more in a new round of terrorists each has imposed twenty five percent taxes on billions of dollars on each other's products the u.s. is targeting chinese chemical electronic and industrial goods and china has responded in kind and is also a complaint to the world trade organization and john brown has more from beijing
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the tariffs that are in effect at the moment really only affect a fraction of what china exports to the united states what we have to watch out for is what could happen a few weeks from now because the united states trade representative office is currently hearing arguments for and against about imposing tariffs on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports now if that happens it would affect a whole range of consumer items and from things like candles to parts from bicycles bridal grounds that would start to affect the u.s. consumer australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says he will propose a vote on his leadership on friday if a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a formal letter turnbull says of the motion is passed they'll treat it as a vote of no confidence he says he wouldn't run in any and seeming leadership contest. u.s. president donald trump is insisting there was nothing illegal about payments made
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to two women during his election campaign that's despite the successful prosecution of his personal lawyer for making those payments michael cohen says he will assist the probe into russian meddling in the twenty sixth election saudi arabia has denied canceling the domestic and international stock listing of its state old giant statement by the saudi energy minister says the government remains committed to the i.p.o. but will not launch it until the time is right zimbabwe's supreme court to started hearing the opposition challenge to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president non-god work the one with just over fifty percent israel is approved plans to build more than one thousand new illegal settlement homes in the occupied west bank israeli settlements in occupied palestinian areas are deemed illegal under international law. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness statement that soldier but. he is
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a self-proclaimed messenger of god painting millions of devoted but his path to enlightenment involves the rape and abuse of his followers when he used investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera . people. and the way you. look at that name it jointly many.
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people. may not seen his brother man drowned as british can learn a man and that is all untrue bassett i want to do it my way to get back there like how you get dead care like he was addressing mass murder you would say and you know his name was precious sawyer and i see fletcher one day drive down in detroit and he had one of the prettiest girls and his dad and i've been driving cadillacs ever since baby. daddy. my name is larry webster. from detroit michigan. and i have for you go
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there to to yours. me and my partner a robert davis we've been runnin shop for thirty two years. ok ron all right. like i get it that's the only call by us you know several threw down their own grass when i was company is. why. i just work on. that at the that's that's the last as the last big motor they put in that guff the force of the jury has as right as right. when i was twelve years old as a neighborhood don't want to have a bad hair you know. it really is. south of blacks we couldn't go to the barbershop with
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a black barbershop so we had to make up chemicals flour fell. and potatoes you know burn your holes straight ahead here on me and then we stabbed is that it would wave then you know i mean it became a hell of a bin this. is a man thing you know. is always minimum man thing to say you know because i like the. shoes so well that all the guys that wear shoes. i sang them for you know. and there are all of my friends that in the barbershop most of where our gate issue is you know.
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we try to put on some our goods and come to the barbershop but there is a place to be you know. but i always feel that i appreciate two people come to me let me do the head yes i feel like you're holding the. always to the right you to say i'll be talking to me all my life you know we do know this but here are the rules we're really moving to really is what you go so you are going to prague next month. i was simply going to seven to neutrally for this month. and you have to remove. a stone pensacola box to get a hold of. it. try to
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draw against the drone drones to the wrong oh. i like it to be taught i think leroy he wears it like you wear pumped out in iraq you wear a pump don't you sound like i like to for paul you know sometimes ted asked me how you want to go with acid to get to to scott's past lives i guess i'm still stuck in the sixty's. and. sometimes i get myself in trouble because i look at a lot of women. and what i'm looking at is that that kinda boom boom boom boom boom ok. so to me that is the motown sound.
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little david oh. yeah because when nobody would look over your back so much i. was working in only. their job gets kind of mind cut right to you days here when you want to have. a movie years ago. that walked out in a way i wouldn't take the right one for your friends and. pay as you go home if you read the code if they were anybody they might get you know and you know take care of yeah if you do go to the bears they would sit exposed and united states they say . it's ok to daytime nighttime it gets kind of good all that. they tell you to be kept but night bad not to go. only me go to restaurants on the night time never have a call no nothing to. i just get on to the house yeah. robert
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is my partner here in my france he's my brother you can ask me a question yasser. we have a bomb on that. you know. my. life would be trying hard but if you know how to survive it's not there are you know you know to be a people person on is going to have loved you can survive are you want to. and be selfish you want to survive at all. so i love how to you know be funny and care how to talk to people to people write you know talk to people who aren't. you don't you would just be a sense that they won't live to see twenty one. but i made it past twenty one
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hundred twenty so. i'm glad i'm happy i got better than a c. eighteen seventeen i got for they need to be fourteen but they live their lives out . you take care of it or yeah it's a good way to go would be to that's right. i just looked over work just to go help but i absolutely could not place when i say i'm on your race i give. you a break i want to jump the guy you can train for. you've. got a bit more i'm not proud of where you are young man twenty one so you don't go think. i got a black or. white all men and i would just deal on the bottom. the door when you drove in if you got good let me get everybody's fine then you can get rid of it
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that's my baby don't sound like you. don't i just like my good. there. this used to be a beautiful beautiful neighborhood it breaks my heart. you can leave one block. of beautiful houses and go to acknowledge the seven blocks and laugh my head to the bone. from the block here. every house think.
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oh no thought of all it was to the banks. the banks dated. you know trying to be green. what it was and talk to homeowners that really couldn't afford a loan to get a separate mortgage on my home and gave them the loan of little interest rates. when it came to hear. you know dead the gold they you know put a mile. what started it was doing the right in sixty seven when we had a big all right. and we lost a lot of property
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a lot of businesses would have to come back from it was hard to come back because they know by want to invest in the city because of the riots you know. going to commie went down. benefactions mode out. so it became a real a real disaster. because you know it was the only thing. in the whole united states that went into bankruptcy. i worked on the land for thirty years when he was building the mustang the mustang car was. as is a tradition you know i used to buy them myself you know i used to buy a mustang every two years you know the mustang they kept let's work and you know i
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made good money there which you know that's a thing of the past now out there everything else the housing market and everything else people can no longer birches their cars like they used to and you know we were to bless you know russia the generation the coming on that i didn't have to have a education to be in force you know now to cheers and they got to have a degree every job now that's out there is got a computer you know and these are the changes i am changes you plane's engine used to do you can do no more you know.


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