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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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always protested but to no avail now u.s. wines are priced out of the chinese market compared with the fruits of chilean french and australian video the world is getting smaller you see great interest in the chinese culturally they want wind they want the finest things in life they know that now provide produce to some of the best wines in the world so we have this great opportunity but the government is putting this huge impediment in front of us it's not just growers here in california is wine country who are feeling the pinch all over rural america including many areas that heavily supported trump in two thousand and sixteen farmers' livelihoods are being disrupted by his trade policies trade wars have a extremely detrimental effect on on farmers compared to a lot of other industries soybeans is probably most affected and then commodities like pork and sorghum winery has been in the same family for three generations
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without expansion into new markets like china he says its future is in doubt we're generational business i'm trying to create something for the future of my family the fourth or fifth generation holdings that are going to be running this business so what impact is today but it will impact us in twenty and thirty years if we don't do something now a rich harvest amid a season of uncertainty rob reynolds al-jazeera napa valley california. well let's get more on this knowledge joined by pauline the managing director at asia and unless i've got at the policy risk consultancy and she's joining us live from hong kong very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so let's talk more about the impact of the tax on chinese businesses people and the economy are we starting to feel the effects and china as we heard from our correspondent and yet. well it's early days yet because it takes time for the terrorists to walk through from one level to. another in another level but basically china has
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a great disadvantage in any sort of terrorist war the reason is that americans buy chinese goods mostly because it's cheap so tariffs do have an impact chinese consumers however buy american goods for lots of other reasons being cheap is seldom one of them i mean they don't buy an i phone because the cheap so tariff a terrorist a china is at a disadvantage in using the terrorist retaliation so then how is the chinese government going to protect the chinese economy chinese businesses from these tariffs. well basically i think the chinese government is going to do everything it can to ensure that there's plenty of liquidity plenty of credit and more importantly i think they will start on
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the first coast now nothing like two thousand and eight but they are already talking about. giving approvals to infrastructure projects that they have held up for a long time they are putting more money into the system and don't forget in the chinese political calendar something very important is coming up in years two thousand and twenty one is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the chinese communist party now they don't want the economy to be tanking it's around then so they're going to do everything they can starting now building up building up towards a good you know economy in st years or atmosphere and thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this that is pauline live and joining us live from hong kong thank you. there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including the astray in
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prime minister's struggle to hold on to his position malcolm turnbull faces another leadership vote. and for spain's top footballers threaten strike action and response for the united states polls here but that story. the u.k. government is releasing a report on how it will avoid economic collapse if there's no deal on its withdrawal from the e.u. the so-called. has prompted warnings that version could have run out of food and medicine and that major airports could close down. remain deadlocks just months before the u.k. is jus to leave the e.u. reports. there was a time during the long saga of brics it's when prime minister to resign may used to say. no deal is better than
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a bad deal for britain said on many occasions that no deal is better than by which she meant that falling out of the european union without a trade deal was better than one which didn't reflect the referendum results but now it's becoming clear what no deal might look like and is giving people the shivers. the power has grabbed everyone's attention is the possibility of food shortages the u.k. imports fresh food from places like the netherlands no deal would mean the food might rules if it stuck in queues at the border. the fear of the economy shutting down prompted heathrow airport to borrow well over a billion dollars in case it brings in no income at all for two months after bricks hits the airport is contemplating the events of planes not being able to fly over european airspace and therefore not land in london now after a week the economy collapse because businesses without fail the contingency plans big money factures would close up shop they'd need to be nice citizens to start to
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leave on mass the pound would tumble as we've never seen before anyone in that situation he was still talking up an ideal scenario saying we'd be fine with how quick you have to change tack and if there was any public support before that would evaporate too once people could see the actual reality of an ideal scenario. the prospect of the motorway leading to the channel tunnel in france becoming a car park because of customs delays the nightmare of huge manufacturers shutting down and rebasing on the continent overall in theory possible the longer the talks go on without an agreement breakfasters both who wants a clean break with the european union dismiss all of this is what they call project fear a deliberate attempts to undermine the democratic vote to leave the e.u. it will be absolutely foreign they say and indeed some argue that a little economic hardship is a price worth paying for the u.k.
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to regain its sovereignty or no deal breadth it would test that theory to destruction come with me and to lead. this sense of impending disaster the idea that politicians are fiddling while the u.k. birds are struck many is sufficiently surreal that it has a commissar you this video comparing it to the titanic disaster perhaps the very best expression of people's worst fears anything could happen nothing can be ruled out. lawrence is joining us live from london now so the warnings are certainly bleak to say the least laurens what will brics minister dominant be saying he's speaking right now and to ease people's fears here. well he's he's a fully paid up and bought in himself and people like him i think find it very irritating the questions are being asked about what happens to you know the finance sector in places like this you can probably see out the window behind me will the
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city of london still be able to operate some money around between between the u.k. and europe there's a story in the sun newspaper which is also a fully paid up bricks of supporting publication this morning say that in this batch of papers for example british citizens who live on the consonance and who have a pension that they're paying into a british bank account from the consonance will lose that pension because the banking system will start to fall apart and so even though bracks it is find it irritating that they're having to explain these things these are genuine and real issues and you know heathrow airport which as i said borrowed a billion pounds this week to cover the events of not having any planes land at heathrow airport for two months is very serious about this and i think over overwhelmingly what it demonstrates is a lack of clarity in the lack of control that the u.k. continues to have in the negotiation with the european union they said it was all about regaining control but actually they they haven't got any sense of clarity as
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to what's going to happen past the autumn at the moment and when will we have more clarity lines on if no deal is likely to happen. well if the deadlines are all being pushed by the european union had insisted it was going to be by a summit in the middle of october now it looks like the u.k. is going to say it can't do that and they might hold an emergency summit in the vent of the european side has said that the absolute deadline is the start of december and if there's no deal by then then there will be no deal it's all the made that entirely clear as the commentator in the report of mine just said what would happen after that presumably over christmas into the new year would be the prospects of the pound collapsing potentially the economy starting to collapse and all the contingent things that go with that the question is if brics is supposed to open in march would they try to push bricks it back and extend the negotiation or would the government here start to collapse so these things are all entirely up in
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the air. and then there's a report you can't rule anything in or out because of the lack of clarity as always more questions than answers with the bricks at issue lines we thank you very much for that for now that's lawrence lee joining us live from london. to india now where floodwaters are receding in the state of carolina which has seen its worst flooding in a century more than a million people in temporary relief camps after their homes were washed away there's been no rain for the last four days but vast areas are remain underwater more than two hundred people died this month after torrential downpours began hammering carola setting off devastating floods andrew thomas has more from kara. the rise in the official number of dead is not because people are dying now it's because bodies are being found of those who died at the end of last week and over the weekend as the floodwaters recede and people are clearing out the months those
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bodies in some cases within it a political argument is now going on india as well between the state government in kerala and the national government in delhi delhi has turned down the financial assistance of countries predominantly in the middle east where many. your from carol at work all the hundred million u.s. dollars worth has been offered but politely refused by delhi carroll is saying in that case delhi needs to make up the shortfall and so far there's no direct sign of that there's also a blame game going on who was to blame for these floods was it just the to rent to run unavoidable or was it years of environmental mismanagement allowing people to build too close to rivers and too much pollution in those rivers as well didn't help many are saying plastic bottle for those sorts of things clogging up after release i mean the water has nowhere to go when that huge amount of rain came down and finally there is the argument about management of dams and reservoirs to run through rains began many of the reservoirs in kara were already near capacity
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people are saying water should have been released much earlier but in smaller quantities rather than waiting until they were about to burst their banks and then letting all that water go out once they're saying this was a disaster that could have been prevented. astray as prime minister malcolm turnbull says he'll propose a vote on his leadership on friday but that's only if a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a formal letter ten bill says if the motion is passed he'll treat it as a vote of no confidence and won't stand as a candidate he narrowly won a leadership challenge from former home affairs minister peter dutton on tuesday. the party room of course made on tuesday and confirmed my leadership by majority so . we need to see that there is a majority of members in line they to put their names to these a momentous times and it's important that people are accountable for what they're doing so when i if assuming i get that letter which are read in the press. as
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is already in place but perhaps maybe it isn't we'll see but as soon as i get that mine tension is to hold a party meeting at midday tomorrow when the party room meeting is cold invite. a spill motion to be moved if the motion is carried i will treat that as a vote of no confidence and i will not stand as a candidate in the ballot. where the boarding party is examining whether painted as eligible to be prime minister he has business interests in child care centers that have received millions of dollars in government funding since twenty four tane the opposition says that made him out and has released a legal advice which he says clears him off any constitutional breaches. and a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still ahead on the new venezuelan families in search of a better future why brazil is moving the mountains of
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a border state and the israeli army launches a criminal investigation into the killing of to me and teenagers during protests near the gaza israel border and some of the world's most decks sports stars add an unexpected dimension to a church service in mexico. by the sky. or off the coast of the italian riviera. in these next couple of hours we are watching two typhoons making two landfalls in two different countries i want to update you on what is happening with these two storms we have typhoon cimarron as well as typhoon. so. that's right and we are watching this as they make landfall this hour want to give you the details of what is happening right now first of all let it goes let's
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go with what is happening with typhoon cimarron as we make our way over the next few hours the storm has actually weakened over the last twenty four hours still a very powerful storm making landfall we think probably next hour here in parts of southern japan that is going to be moving very quickly to the north and then we have right here which is making landfall in the southeastern city southwestern part of korea now that is going to bring some very very heavy rain over the next day or so that's going to stay over land even longer than the other typhoon but the two typhoons are both going to be bringing some very heavy rain and winds across much of the area over the next few days though we're going to be watching soulik rate here make its way over south and north korea bringing very heavy rains there we do think that localized flooding is going to be a big problem there as well as the next storm is going to be pushing up towards parts of northern parts of japan bringing very heavy rain across that region as well. the way the sponsored by qatar raise.
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well there are three big challenges facing humankind in the twenty first century they are look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of intelligence in bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know harare talks to al-jazeera and unreported world on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on
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al-jazeera. to have with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine has been charged with treason shortly after a military court dropped accusations of illegal weapons possession as arrest last week spot violent clashes between police and protesters in kampala china and the u.s. of imposing twenty five percent taxes on sixteen billion dollars worth of each other's goods as the latest round of tariffs since the trade war began in july china says it's. filing a complaint at the world trade organization and south africa's president says he totally rejects the donald trump statement on land reform the us president ordered
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a study into farms said what he called a large scale killing a farmer as citing a report on fox news one of south africa's biggest farming organizations says killings are at a twenty year low well let's get more on this now we're joined by ten baca. noir and the author of the land is alice and he's joining us live from johannesburg very good to have you with us on al-jazeera and so what do you make of donald trump's comments about this. was donald trump's comments display here is it. because if he had not been as ignorant as he is what you would have seen. is no crisis of learned reform is a crisis of learning listeners and certainly what you would have seen as our south africa does not really wish to be monitored by the head of imperial power and the reality on the ground is that there is a debate in south africa not about whether learned reform is necessary there's
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broad consensus in society about the necessity of before the debate is whether learned reform should be done via a constitutional amendment or that it should not be done. even on both of those schools of thought of the matter is that we are all common ground that it should be done under the ada is under the spirit and under the foundation of the rule of law and the southern blues and why this comment is particularly ignored it is there is no wide scale killing of white farmers in south africa this starts produced by. illustrating the general problem of crime. i think the start is to show that we have more than fifteen thousand murders out of those approximately forty two specifically farmers those figures are still regrettable it is still. unacceptable that we have such high percentages of murders but it's certainly not only
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a systematic purging more systematic genocide systematic killing that is targeted at white farmers so listen to some of the listen you're going to be giving also to tell us what to do but given he is president of the united states do you think the south african government has said that they totally reject his statement but do you think how do you expect them to respond to this while they respond and will they be worried about the possibility of say u.s. sanctions over this. is no reason to speak up. at this point in time whatever the disagreements are the factors guard. is urgent. but also learned. the rule of law and people with concerns about you could not have been outside the judicial process and personal with a particular disagreement on the floor in this country. so
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it's true that donald trump has shown some interest but i think. this is largely domestic concern and within the country itself there are major disagreements but those. people sitting around the table and not by people shouting from across the atlantic mr nucleotide every second very much for your time on this that is ten becca joining us live from johannesburg thank you. to brazil now where the government is trying to move venezuelan liberians out of a border state after their camp was attacked by locals twelve ministries the military and the u.n. refugee agency are assisting venezuelans arriving in the economic crisis and their home country traceable reports from the border town of bor this. there's a lot of inflow to the shelter in the city. it's about three hours away from the border with venezuela is part of brazil's program to help the venezuelans arriving
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here. in the uk was kidding aside he came here two months ago soon after she delivered her baby boy i love that those are the biggest problems finding food in venezuela we had a house water and electricity but no food at least here i have a chance. at the shelter people are provided food to eat and a place to sleep. for a man that. has been here for four months his son luis has down syndrome millions of people came from latin america to venezuela when they escaped war and now look at us but it's not easy because when you go outside the brazilians look at us as if they want to kill you. the northern brazilian state of florida is one of the country's poorest and that's why the government is hoping to start moving people to other cities to ease the burden on this border state and the venezuelans for coming
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to brazil are not only living inside shelters but also on the streets all around the city that there's entire families waiting to be allowed inside the shelters families here say that their children are getting sick while they wait. for three weeks this children have been sleeping on the street they're tired hungry and some of them. says she has been told there is no space inside and. they say there is no space. for wreaks on there. which is the pressure jeff wilkinson of the u.n. refugee program says the situation is challenging with a priority shifting to help the new arrivals to quickly move on to other brazilian cities and that they are now. looking at how to. make the process. more agile to identify and new patients and to negotiate them to push this because at
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the end of the day i think everyone realizes that i mean that really is the priority and that takes pressure off. in spite of the difficulties they face in brazil hundreds of venezuelans continue to cross the border every day escaping an economic crisis and willing to risk it all in search of a better life. i still has released what it says is a new species from its leader. for the first time in nearly a year on the order of according posted online a man believed to be baghdad he calls on his followers to continue fighting despite defeats in the fifty five minute statement he can regulate what he calls the striking lions behind recent attacks in canada and europe. the united nations is warning of a third wave of the cholera epidemic in yemen the outbreak is already the largest on record and the numbers could rise two thousand three hundred deaths and more
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than one point one million suspected cases have been recorded since april last year . humanitarian partners are responding to avoid a large scale resurgence this month or partners have vaccinated more than three hundred eighty five thousand people against cholera in the high risk districts of her data and if our humanitarian colleagues are also disturbed by damage to health and water sanitation hygiene infrastructure due to the conflict access to the services is crucial to prevent another cholera epidemic or parties to the conflict must meet their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure now a community in southeast yemen has shut down the construction of a saudi military base in the area it's one of a growing number of felony funded projects in the middle of the civil war well people are skeptical of the other motions as alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. the land lies beer and empty but initial work had clearly begun to turn
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key sites in the government into a saudi military base four places have been identified across southeast yemen the local authorities gave the go ahead and local stoned out two weeks later the shutdown construction the see it as provocation. then i may say i've never behind it delayed the presence of these massive forces in. can't be understood nor justified or there earlier this month yemen's president a job in months to a highly announced new infrastructure projects in all matter funded by the saudi government but social media in yemen has suggested as well as a hospital in a new power plant the saudis want to expand and control the local port to handle oil exports and that would be protected by saudi soldiers based in newly built camps locals have already protested about the growing presence of sodium in iraqi forces in the area staging protests demanding their withdrawal from all he to
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airport and the port of nice to and. locals in yemen believe the saudi projects are aimed at punishing saudi arabia's image. in the area and that riyadh this involved in a race with the united arab emirates a group power and influence something that concerns local leaders and is drawing worrying glances from just across the border in oman. djibouti. saudi arabia has denied a report that it's calling off plans to sell shares in its state oil company. news agency earlier question senior sources saying the float had been cancelled the saudis energy minister insisted it would happen when the time is right the plan to sell five percent of the company could bring in billions of dollars israel has approved plans to build more than a thousand new illegal settlement homes in the occupied west bank they are the latest in a raft of approval since u.s. president donald trump took office israeli settlements in the occupied palestinian
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areas are illegal under international law. now the israeli army has launched a criminal investigation into the killing of two thousand in teenagers during protests near the gaza israel border fence the army says the investigation is needed because this especially the military violated rules for opening fire one hundred sixty seven palestinians have been code since weekly protest against israel's blockade of gaza began in march child strafford reports. sits with his grieving family. whose eighteen year old son was shot dead by an israeli soldier during a protest at the gaza border fence thirty of. these radio army has launched an internal investigation into the incident and the shooting dead of another fifteen year old palestinian during a similar protest in july. but. my son loved life and he loved the others loved life too when he heard about the protest he decided to go and see that
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he went peacefully do you really snipers fire on protesters like their turkeys it's like they're playing a video game israel thinks that when the old died the young will forget their rights but they don't need the international community to help us in order to get our rights they must help us have a homeland like everyone else. this is one of the places along the border fence where protests have been held every friday since the end of all one hundred sixty seven palestinians have been killed in those protests and there is clear video evidence that he was shot in the head was trying to help a fellow protest. this is running to help a man carrying a child which the protesters set fire to dusty's kicked up by bullets hitting the ground around the street a short range and i'll not be released to the ground in the ambulance. to pay to squeal. in july the israeli army announced that an internal military investigation
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into the deaths of one hundred fifty three protesters was expected to find that none of the shootings violated open file orders instead it called the incidents mishaps. the conclusions of that investigation i'm now with the israeli military advocate general who can order further investigations if he sees fit. based human rights organization say an independent international investigation is needed but. our experience is that all is ready investigations that to try to preempt before we send our findings to the u.n. in geneva what's needed is a. look at what happened. the united nations voted to send an investigation team it's in may and it was to produce its findings by march next year but there's no indication when the team will start work and israel has
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a long history of not cooperating with un rights inquiries or allowing access to gaza. the un resolution condemned what it described as the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force by the israeli occupying forces against palestinian civilians israel responded by saying it was being demonized. says his son was shot for demanding a better future of the millions of young palestinians like him. he doubts anyone in the israeli army will be punished for killing him. gaza. now a controversial plan to call his polling stations in the predominantly black part of the u.s. state of georgia is being considered by the local elections but what will make a decision on friday voting rights activists say the proposed closes that suppress the turnout of black washes in the. us the changes are planned and randolph county
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with a proportion of black americans is twice the statewide average. now thursday marks thirty eight years since the end of a national literacy literacy campaign and. tens of thousands of young people set off to live in rural areas to teach people how to read and write if it was seen as last successful on home and of course it hasn't led to the opportunities that many had hoped for. of the hard fighting of the revolution this was nicaragua's new start. they called it the literacy crusade in one nine hundred eighty ninety five thousand people many of them youngsters headed to the country's most isolated regions to help the half of the population that couldn't read or write it became a national obsession built around uniting rich and poor young and old eighteen year old gabriella trek to the small village of alaska skeeters she stayed for five
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months and among others francisco them forty she'd never been to school. no one knew how to read it was the saddest thing i remember when she was with us i was so happy and so sad when she left my girls gone i say. on this day thirty eight years ago the crusade finished many consider it the revolution's greatest triumph literacy rate soared it changed a generation feliks then only eleven was one of the youngest volunteers as we thought with the triumph of the revolution everything was possible that we could do anything and the crusade was just the first step. but the volunteers we took to build things didn't work out that way the party of the revolution is in power but it's a key.


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