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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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this is all just part of a pattern of behavior that you know michael kirk is my fixer he's always been paying off women to silence them about my adultery but from my personal benefit to prevent my marriage from breaking up all my personal reputation for being impugn that can be d. link from the campaign and theoretically then donald trump has not broken any laws and away the idea that if you make even defending or making that legal argument depends on him being indicted the department of justice guidelines of a sitting president should not be indicted that doesn't necessarily mean that every prosecutor has to follow it a prosecutor conceivably could try and indict donald trump that would immediately be appealed that would then go to the supreme court and that's where things also get interesting because donald trump moment need to fill the vacant position on the supreme court brett kavanaugh is own record as saying that sitting presidents shouldn't be indicted or questioned while they're in office so that all these sorts of things whirling around but for the moment he seems pretty safe donald trump all right she had thanks very much and she returns the reporting there from washington well the united states and china have opposed to twenty five percent tariffs on
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sixteen billion dollars worth of each other's goods to the largest economies to now slapped a tit for tat levies on the combined one hundred billion dollars of product since july china says it resolutely opposes the measure but it will keep retaliating as long as washington refuses to back down and your brown has more now from beijing. well as advertised china has retaliated against the united states imposing a twenty five percent tariff on some sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in the past few months of course china has accused the united states of being responsible for the biggest trade war in history so no sign of this dispute ending anytime soon talks though are continuing in washington between officials from the u.s. treasury department and china's finance ministry the chinese side insists that it was the united states that invited china to take part in these talks but president
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donald trump or said he doesn't believe these negotiations will achieve very much of more concern to china right now is the fact that the u.s. trade representative's office is currently hearing arguments for and against allowing the united states to impose additional tariffs on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods if that were to happen it would hurt not just china but also the u.s. consumer because it would involve products such as parts for bicycles that sort of stuff every day consumer items here in china no sign of panic so far as we enter the second month of this trade dispute chinese consumers though are starting to spend less there are signs that the consumers are a tightening their belts on the horizon they see an economy in china that is slowing and they also see another red flag debt that debt pile is getting bigger
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because china's government is doing what it always does a times like this turning on the credit tap to ensure the chinese companies and businesses are insulated from this continuing trade war. well you're watching live from london still to come on the program. israel's military launches a criminal investigation into the killing of two palestinian teenagers during protests along the gaza israel border. and as venezuela's economic crisis worsens the u.n. calls on its neighbors to take in thousands more people fleeing the country. hello again it's good to have you back well here across parts of southeastern china and into the south china sea we are watching one area in particular notice all
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those clouds right there were on the satellite well as we look at our forecast map we start to see an area of circulation in that region now the system is going to stay weak if it even develops but what is expected to do is make its way to the north very slowly over the next few days and that is going to bring some very heavy rain towards parts of taiwan as well hong kong on saturday it is still going to be rainy for you tempter there of about thirty four degrees well here across india particular down to the southwest things are clearing up you notice on satellite not a lot of clouds down here towards carola state but we are picking up some very very heavy rain showers up to the north east and those rain showers are going to cause the potential for some localized flooding over the next few days so west bengal you can be seen as a very heavy rain as well kolkata attempt a few of thirty three degrees on friday staying thirty three but more heavy rain in the forecast as well as up towards katmandu that is going to be in the area all the way through the weekend as well the over here towards the arabian peninsula well it is humid across much of the the gulf regions we are seeing doha at forty degrees
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humidities a quite high at the time and saturday we expect that to go up to a temperature a few forty three degrees. struggles . full of pleasure. i leave the. room an intimate look at life in cuba today. this is my cuba on just him.
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and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and ugandan pop star an opposition leader in charge of treason just minutes after he was freed by a military court the government denies that he was beaten in custody this footage shows him limping on crutches just enough to call. donald trump has warned that would be an economic crash if he's impeached trump has been on the defensive following the prosecution to form. the u.s. and china have imposed twenty five percent tariff some sixteen billion dollars worth of each of those goods world's two largest economies have now slapped at the top on a combined one hundred billion dollars of products and. so israel has launched a criminal investigation into the killing of two palestinian teenagers during protests near the gaza israel border fence the soldiers involved are suspected of
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violating the rules for opening fire one hundred sixty seven palestinians have been killed since march in weeks the protests against israeli land confiscation from gaza has. it sits with his grieving family. whose eighteen year old son was shot dead by newsradio soldiers during a protest near the gaza border fence on march thirtieth. these radio has launched an internal investigation into the incident and the shooting dead of another fifteen year old palestinian during a similar protest in july. i have been away my son loved life and he loved the others loved life too when he heard about the protests he decided to go and see that he went peacefully the israeli snipers fire on protesters like their turkeys it's like they're playing a video game israel thinks that when the old died the young will forget their rights but they don't need the international community to help us in order to get
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our rights they must help us have a homeland like everyone else. this is one of the places along the border fence where protests have been held every friday since the end of each one hundred sixty seven palestinians have been killed in those protests and there is clear video evidence that he was shot in the head last trying to help a fellow protester. this is running to help a man carrying a child which the protesters set fire to kicked up by bullets hitting the ground around the street a short range and i'm not be released to the ground in the ambulance. to get paid to the square. in july the israeli army announced that an internal military investigation into the deaths of one hundred fifty three protesters was expected to find that none of the shootings violated open file orders instead it called the
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incidents mishaps. the conclusions of that investigation i'm now with the israeli military advocate general who can order further investigations if he sees fit. gaza based human rights organizations say an independent international investigation is needed but. our experience is that all is already investigations that done to try to preempt our work before we send our findings to the u.n. in geneva what's needed is a thorough unbiased look what happened at. the united nations voted to send an investigation team in cigars in may and it was to produce its findings by march next year but there's no indication when the team will start work and israel has a long history of not cooperating with un rights inquiries or allowing access to gaza. the un resolution condemned what it described as the disproportionate and
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indiscriminate use of force by these radio occupying forces against palestinian civilians israel responded by saying it was being demonized. it says his son was shot for demanding a better future for millions of young palestinians like him. he doubts anyone in the israeli army will be punished for killing his. child strafford al jazeera gaza . the un is a jean latin american countries to ease entry restrictions for venezuelans fleeing the economic crisis that peru and ecuador announced last week they wouldn't let in venezuelans without a passport well than four hundred twenty thousand of them today could all this year many planning to continue south to peru colombia has granted temporary residency to another eight hundred thousand venezuelans in america at its newman reports now from the venezuelan capital of caracas. this is santa's uncle is his last day at
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her home in her working class caracas neighborhood she sold everything possible and packed the rest as she and her sister her two daughters and their four small children prepare to abandon israel. i have to get my daughter out of here before it's too late. for an jellies three year old can't speak since she had a stroke provoked she says by the lack of medicine to treat her repeated convulsions half of them will go to peru the rest to chile to join husbands and sons but sandra is angry. we wanted to remain here in my beloved venezuela the best country in the world until madeira destroyed it we're leaving half of our family behind our family smell scattered. indeed oil rich venezuela is on recognizable disease hunger uncontrollable violence and hyperinflation are driving millions from a country where poverty has reached eighty percent president nicolas maduro blames
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u.s. financial sanctions but they don't begin to explain a crisis that began long before they were imposed a year ago. what is happening is of such gravity that it looks as though we were going through a terrible war like syria except there is no war and it's the expectation that things will get even worse it is nourishing the stampede. not that it's easy to leave a passport is worth its weight in gold to my money that i need but how is no way to get a passport at least to pay two thousand dollars under the table which i don't have . that's when the passport office official asked us to move away. those lucky enough to have a passport come here to catch a bus going to peru via colombia and ecuador like everything else the bus tickets go on day by day so the people who are lining up here are doing so not to get a new ticket but to pay the difference someone they bought
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a month ago at four hundred and forty now they have to pay eight hundred eighty one they can't get on the bus it's prohibitive so like many others alexander is leaving for peru to try his luck with his pockets empty. there's no work a consequence my family obama milk and diapers my baby so i have no choice. as the departure time nears the waiting room begins to look and feel like a mass funeral parlor husbands wives children and fiances say goodbye to each other and certain what will become of those who leave. or of those who must stay behind a tragedy that's taking place every single day in every corner of an israel or to see a new. al-jazeera. british airways and air france of announce they're suspending flights to iran's capital tehran from next month and a statement british airways said that the route is currently not commercially
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viable the u.s. reimpose sanctions this month off to pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal it's threatening to punish any company doing business that to ron's ambassador to the u.k. says the decision is regrettable and the demand on the route remains high a british iranian charity worker who's been in jail in iran for two years has been released for three days not in eons ago ari rockliffe supporters have released photographs of her being reunited with her four year old daughter gabriela she was arrested in april two thousand and sixteen in terror on while preparing to fly back to britain with her daughter after a family visit she was accused of plotting to overthrow iran's government britain's foreign secretary says he will push for permanent release people in hawaii bracing themselves for what could be the most powerful storm in twenty five years the international space station captured these pictures of hurrican lane a wise government to shut down schools and set up evacuation centers you can't
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agree for hurrican could bring winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour emergency workers are worried about possible floods and landslides we do not want to see what happened in puerto rico and we do that by making sure we're prepared and it starts with every one of the residents on this island to make absolutely certain that they have their hurricane kit they have fourteen days of food and water that they're working with their family and neighbors helping each other sheltering in place unless they feel they need to go on in the shelters because it's dangerous. the u.k. government has released its continuously plan if britain crashes out of the e.u. without a deal the brakes it minister has warned companies that they might face a tangle of red tape or delays and costly credit card payments if the government fails to negotiate an exit deal with brussels reports now from london. there
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was a time during the long saga of brics it's when prime minister to resign may used to say maybe it is best to do no deal for britain is better than a bad deal for britain so i said on many occasions that no deal is better than a bad deal by which she meant that falling out of the european union without a trade deal was better than one which didn't reflect the referendum results but now it's becoming clear what no deal might look like and it's giving people the shivers food shortages if fresh produce rots at the border already stockpiling tins is actively being talked about would airports close down heathrow has borrowed a billion dollars to protect itself against grounded flights would no deal in economic collapse because businesses without taking out a contingency plans big money factures would close up shop they'd need to be e.c. since it started leave on mass the pound which tumbles we've never seen before with the government survived things like giant manufacturers shutting down and moving out does the government even have a plan breakfasters those who want
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a clean break with the european union this myth all of this is what they call project fear a deliberate attempt to undermine a democratic vote to leave the e.u. it will be absolutely fine they say and indeed some argue that the little economic hardship is a price worth paying for the u.k. to regain its sovereignty or no deal breadth it would test that theory to destruction the first batch of advice from government calls on businesses to protect themselves from a new pile of red tape and bureaucracy that currently doesn't exist the nervous looking minister spent much time wiping the sweat from his top lip is of course in relation to those in the current. trading links with the e.u. they'll be some extra changes that they'll need to be advised of the sensible thing to do is to give practical advice and work with them to make that a success come with a. and to. see. this sense of impending disaster the idea that
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politicians are fiddling while the. many is sufficiently surreal that it has a. video comparing it to the titanic disaster perhaps the very best expression that people's worst fears anything could happen nothing can be ruled out don't sleep al-jazeera. or let's have a recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera and first up a ugandan pop star and opposition politician has been charged with treason just minutes after he was freed by a military court or we wind was transferred from military detention to civilian custody on thursday the government has denied accusations he's been beaten in custody well though this footage shows him limping on crutches as he left the court winds arrest last week spot violent street protests catherine sawyer has more now
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from kampala is whole situation causing a lot of tension particularly here in the capital. they hate the deployment of police and soldiers in areas to be a hot spot people being prevented from gathering or trying to get to you know. we also so opposition. politicians been blocked by security forces from leaving their homes in fact one of the politicians he's a bet was arrested at his home while we watched donald trump was warned that would be an economic crash if he's impeached the u.s. president has been on the defensive following the prosecution of two top aides one of those aides his former lawyer michael cohen implicate in a crime when he pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws saying he did trump's direction. and south africa has accused donald trump of inflaming racial tensions after the u.s.
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president tweeted about alleged land seizures from white farmers trouble says he's our secretary of state. to study land and farm seizures in expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers in south africa but many experts say there's no evidence to suggest white farmers are being targeted the government is pushing for land reform to give black citizens an equal share of land the u.s. and china have imposed twenty five percent tariffs on sixteen billion dollars worth of each other's goods the world's two largest economies have now slapped for the levies on a combined one hundred billion dollars of product since july china says it resolutely opposes the measures that it will keep retaliating as long as washington refuses to back down british airways and air france have announced they're suspending flights to iran's capital of tehran for next month's in a statement british airways says the route is currently not commercially viable the u.s.
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re-impose sanctions this month after pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen year deal you're up to date with headlines next up it is my cuba life around. me always now might even miss a. lateral. play
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