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in the limpopo province who says while farmers understand that the injustices of the past have led to the bass majority of farming land being in the hands of the white minority the government has to reconsider its stance i think at the moment the uncertainty that in this whole discussion really really makes us feel threatened because you don't know we we're going to be in a year star. certainly creates uncertainty i think in the past you know each week we've got some clarity from government government government surely come out. and give some assurance on what they planning to do how they are farmers who say this is an opportunity for the government to boost the economy and give rural communities a chance to participate i think that the issue of land expropriation is an issue that's been coming a long way in the struggle for liberation in south africa it's therefore an emotive issue and an economic issue is really
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a struggle about economic freedom and the liberties of people to live and work where they wish to as the government grapples with details of just how it will go about expropriating land for the fuse we nodded to the fire following a tweet by u.s. president donald trump saying landis' being seized from white farmers now the government says trump's tweet is offensive and crude and it will deal with this through diplomatic channels and its relationship with the us remains intact despite some in accuracies in that tweet of african governments now has to do some damage control. still ahead on al-jazeera and the u.s. china trade war intensifies of billions of dollars worth of new tariffs taking effect plus australian prime minister struggle to hold onto his position malcolm turnbull faces another of leadership.
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hello we're here across much of the we are watching dry conditions still stay in place for much of the area but we are seeing some clouds here pushing across the caspian for baku that doesn't really mean much today we don't expect to see much in terms of rain maybe temps are there about twenty nine degrees a little further to the south still quite hot for many areas across parts of iraq down through kuwait city forty seven degrees for you the humidity maybe starting to creep in just slightly as we go towards saturday with attempted there of about forty six but baghdad remains quite hot as well forty six degrees there well across the middle east in down towards raeburn but in so we are watching temperatures really staying average for this time of year but the military is quite oppressive in this area we're going to be seeing that stay unfortunately over the next few days with doha about forty degrees here on friday maybe making its way to forty
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three were clouds in the forecast across parts of oman that could be seen and saliva you could be seeing a temperature there of about twenty six degrees then very quickly across parts of south africa well we are watching one from a boundary that has pushed through we are going to sing another system making its way over the next few days towards cape town that's going to be bringing rain showers not on friday but we do think on saturday in the afternoon with attempt a few about fourteen degrees. china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the wrong turn line of china to secure its resources for the future sub-saharan region as a whole balance expect to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost zero.
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zero where ever you. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories the united nations says american countries to ease entry for venezuelans playing a deepening economic crisis it's concerned about a new border controls in ecuador and peru. ugandan opposition leader has been charged with treason he was rearrested moments after a military weapons charges against him on its initial detention last week sparked widespread protests with the rebels in yemen dozens of children have been killed in saudi led airstrikes t.v.
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is reporting airstrikes targeted a camp for internally displaced people and to date is. the district that is thirty one people mostly children are probably reportedly killed. president donald trump has responded to speculation about the possibility of an pietschmann following the prosecution of two former aides one of those a his former lawyer michael cohen implicated in a crime and he pleaded guilty to wrecking campaign finance laws saying he did so it trumps direction and an interview with fox news trump said there would be an economic crash if he were removed from office. i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. i'll tell you what if i ever got a ph i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor. because without this thinking you would see it you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe. the houses that date from washington d.c. . before leaving is republican election structure just might prefer it if donald trump talked up the possibility of impeachment certainly is key election strategist
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in the twenty sixteen election is saying that the developer of congressional elections should be viewed as an open or down vote on impeachment the republicans are worried that there's a complacency amongst the trump base that the democrats weren't sweep the house elections in november as a result they were go to the polls making the democratic sweep of the house even more likely and if the democrats do sweep those elections them the chance of impeachment is also more likely but ours things are there's no chance of impeachment at all unless the democrats do do very well in november as congressional elections sixteen billion dollars of new u.s. tariffs have come into force on chinese kids as the trade war between the two economic giants goes to the next level they came into effect a few hours ago china then responded with similar taxes it's also announced it's filing a complaint with the world trade organization has imposed twenty five percent taxes on billions of dollars worth of the others products the u.s.
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is targeting chinese chemical at tronic and goods they fifty billion dollars worth of goods i need to side had had tariffs added cents in july adrian brown has more from beijing. well as advertised china has retaliated against the united states imposing a twenty five percent tariff on some sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in the past few months of course china has accused the united states of being responsible for the biggest trade war in history so no sign of this dispute ending anytime soon talks though are continuing in washington between officials from the u.s. treasury department and china's finance ministry the chinese side insists that it was the united states that invited china to take part in these talks but president donald trump has said he doesn't believe these negotiations will achieve very much of more concern to china right now is the fact that the u.s.
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trade representative's office is currently hearing arguments for and against allowing the united states to impose additional tariffs on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods if that were to happen it would hurt not just china but also the u.s. consumer because it would involve products such as bridal grounds parts for bicycles that sort of stuff every day consumer items here in china no sign of panic so far as we enter the second month of this trade dispute chinese consumers though are starting to spend less there are signs that the consumers are a tightening their belts on the horizon they see an economy in china that is slowing and they also see another red flag debt that debt pile is getting bigger because china's government is doing what it always does a times like this turning on the credit tap to ensure the chinese companies and
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businesses are insulated from this continuing trade war. the u.k. government has released its contention c. plan in the event britain leaves the e.u. without a deal the rights of minister outlined would he call practical advice for people and businesses or ensley reports from london. there was a time during the long saga of breck's it when prime minister to resign may used to say maybe it is best to do no deal for britain is better than a bad deal for britain so i said on many occasions that no deal is better than a bad deal by which she meant that falling out of the european union without a trade deal was better than one which didn't reflect the referendum results but now it's becoming clear what no deal might look like and it's giving people the shivers food shortages if fresh produce rots at the border already stockpiling tins is actively being talked about what airports closed down heathrow has borrowed a billion dollars to protect itself against grounded flights would no deal mean
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economic collapse because businesses without taking on a contingency plans take money factures would close up shop they'd need to be easy since he started leave on mass the pound which tumble as we've never seen before with the government survive things like giant manufacturers shutting down and moving out does the government's even have a plan breakfasters those who wants a clean break with the european union dismissed all of this is what they call project a deliberate attempt to undermine a democratic vote to leave the e.u. it will be absolutely fine they say and indeed some argue that the little economic hardship is a price worth paying for the u.k. to regain its sovereignty and no deal breadth it would test that theory to destruction the first batch of advice from government calls on businesses to protect themselves from a new pile of red tape and bureaucracy that currently doesn't exist the nervous
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looking minister spent much time wiping the sweat from his top lip is of course in relation to those in the current. trading links with the e.u. they'll be some extra changes that they'll need to be advised of the sensible thing to do is to give practical advice and work with them to make that a success come with me. and so you get that. this sense of impending disaster the idea that politicians of fiddling while the u.k. birdie's has struck many is sufficiently surreal that it has a common values this video comparing it to the titanic disaster perhaps the very best expression that people's worst fears anything could happen nothing can be ruled out lawrence lee al-jazeera london israel has approved plans to build more than a thousand new illegal settlement homes on the occupied west bank the latest in a raft of approval since u.s. president donald trump took office israeli settlements in occupied palestinian areas are illegal under international law. israeli army has launched
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a criminal investigation into the killing of two palestinian teenagers during protests border fits the army says the investigation is needed because there is suspicion the military violated rules for opening fire reports. that sits with these grieving family. whose eighteen year old son was shot dead by an israeli soldier during a protest at the gaza border for. these radiology has launched an internal investigation into the incident the shooting death of a fifteen year old palestinian during a similar approaches to july. but. my son loved life and he loved the others loved life too when he heard about the protests he decided to go and see that he went peacefully do you really snipers fire on protesters like their turkeys it's like they're playing a video game israel thinks that when the old died the young will forget their
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rights but they don't need the international community to help us in order to get our rights they must help us have a homeland like everyone else. this is one of the places along the border fence where protests have been held every friday since the end of each one hundred sixty seven palestinians have been killed in those protests and there is clear video evidence that it was shot in the head trying to help a fellow protest. this is running to help a man carrying a which the protesters set fire to. kicked up by bullets hitting the ground around the street. and to the ground in the ambulance. to pay to squeal. in july the israeli army announced that an internal military investigation into the deaths of one hundred fifty three protesters was expected to find that none of the shootings violated open file orders instead it called the
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incidents mishaps. the conclusions of that investigation i'm now with the israeli military general who can order further investigations if he sees fit. based human rights organization say an independent international investigation is needed. our experience is that all is already investigations that. before we send our findings to the u.n. in geneva what's needed is a. look. the united nations voted to send an investigation team in may and it was to produce its findings by march next year. but there's no indication when the team will start work and israel has a long history of not cooperating with un rights inquiries or allowing access to.
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a un resolution condemned what he described as the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of these radios. against palestinian civilians israel responded by saying it was be demonized. says his son was short for demanding a better future of the millions of young palestinians like you. have anyone in the israeli me will be punished for killing him. zero. floodwaters are receding in the. floods and a century more than a million people temporary relief. washed away. for the last four days. more than two hundred people died this. devastating floods. controversial plant polling stations in a predominately black part of georgia considered by the local elections board make
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a decision on friday that he rights activists say that. suppress the turnout of. the changes are planned in randolph county where the proportion of black america twice the statewide average. aflame prime minister malcolm turnbull is still clinging to power on the eve of another potential vote on his leadership parliament has been suspended as politicians and his party consider challenging him for the job on friday charlie bell us reports. malcolm turnbull continues to charge food despite doors closing around him no astray in prime minister has survived the full term in ten years now its term bills to fight the strike will be rightly a poll by what they witnessing in the nation's parliament to die in the course of this week he narrowly won a leadership challenge on choose day behind the scenes former allies have just to replace him this is a government which had lost the will to leave but i don't even think on tuesday we
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could have seen that cannibalistic behavior of a government whose ageing itself alive some members of temples ruling liberal party don't believe he can lead them to victory in next year's elections and so the rebellion began forty three liberal party politicians must sign a petition requesting a meeting on friday if that threshold is his to treat it as a vote of no confidence he says he will step aside to make his party hold a new leadership ballot where his replacement will be elected former cabinet minister peter dutton as the front runner earlier this morning i called the other prime minister to advise him that it was my judgment that the majority of the party would no longer support his leadership but doesn't challenge is also controversial the country's top lawyer is investigating his eligibility to hold office there are concerns of a government funding for his businesses taxpayers watch the state is the government
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ground to a halt the leadership chaos leading to the suspension of parliament the house stands adjourned until monday ten september two thousand and eight a chain of. terminals grip on power has lasted three years now he faces an early exit from the strain in politics just like the three prime ministers before him shall have ballasts. check out the headlines for you on al-jazeera the united nations has urged latin american countries to ease entry for venezuelans fleeing a deepening economic crisis the u.n. is concerned about a new passport and border entry controls in ecuador and peru more than four hundred twenty thousand venezuelans have entered ecuador this year with many planning to continue south to peru hundreds of thousands of others have been entering colombia and brazil venezuela struggling with hyperinflation economic recession and
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shortages of essential goods who the rebels in yemen say dozens of children have been killed in saudi led airstrikes hooty t.v. is reporting air strikes targeted at kanpur internally displaced people and who data's to me district thirty one people mostly children are reportedly killed. ugandan pop star turned opposition leader whose arrest prompted large protests will now face treason charges bobby wine was rearrested on thursday moments after a military court dropped weapons charges against him why its initial detention last week prompted violent street protests in the capital kampala which saw security forces opened fire on crowds the government denies accusations that he has been beaten in custody. u.s. president donald trump has responded to speculation about impeachment following the prosecution of two former aides his former lawyer michael cohen implicated trump in a crime when he pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws saying he did so
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at trump's direction an interview with fox and friends trump said there would be an economic crash if he were removed from office. i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. i'll tell you what if i ever got a ph i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor. because without this thinking you would see that you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe place in argentina or searching for the searching rather the homes of president cristina kirchner as part of an investigation interruption scandal they're looking for evidence of a multi-million dollar bribes allegedly paid by businessmen and exchange for public works contracts the case centers around eight notebooks kept by a driver working for a government minister or than it does a business and former officials have been arrested in connection with the scandal those are the headlines the news continues please keep it here on al-jazeera and the meantime entire story is next.
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former u.s. presidential aides guilty of federal crimes as congressional elections draw closer how will it impact the midterms what would any change in congress mean for the world this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam he's a damn it's been a bad week for donald trump starting with the conviction of his former campaign
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chairman paul manifold for financial crimes and fraud then came the guilty plea by his former lawyer michael cohen who said he broke campaign finance laws on trump's orders but cohen's willingness to help them all or investigation could mean even bigger war is ahead for the u.s. president he denies he's done anything wrong and says cohen's making up stories will bring in our guests in a moment but first and the galaxy reports from washington d.c. . he once said he'd take a bullet to donald trump now michael cohen is offering to help an investigation the president has repeatedly called a witch hunt on tuesday don trump's longtime lawyer and fixer pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations cohen told the court he was directed by trump to make payments to two women he's alleged to have had affairs with cohen's lawyer says the fifty one year old is now more than happy to help special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia my observation is that michael cohen knows information that would be of interest
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to the special counsel in my opinion regarding both knowledge about a conspiracy to corrupt american democracy by the russians robert maas investigation centers on a meeting between campaign aides in a russian delegation that promised to dish political dirt on hillary clinton cohen's lawyer has indicated his client has direct knowledge of the meeting with claims don trump knew it was happening something the president denied of the president knew about it and there is other evidence in addition to michael cohen just basically saying it on his own then the president at this point could be went his way when a very haste to impeachment at the first press briefing since cohen's appearance in court so how could be sanders says the president has nothing to hide as the president has stated on numerous occasions he did nothing wrong there are no charges against him and this just because michael cohen made
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a plea deal doesn't mean that implicates the president. on the same day cohen pled guilty in new york the president's former campaign manager paul manifold was found guilty on eight charges of tax and bank fraud both cases sprang from well as team leading one republican to say it's proof miller's investigation is anything but a witch hunt democrats say trump's legal woes are far from over to take a step back. president trump's campaign manager was convicted of federal crimes president transpersonal attorney pled guilty to federal crimes president trump's first national security advisor pled guilty to federal crimes a foreign policy adviser to his campaign pled guilty to federal crimes and more trials are coming these two cases may now be the biggest threat to donald trump's presidency cohen's lawyer says his client is now liberated to speak truth to power and there are unconfirmed reports cohen has tapes from space will remain loyal but with november's midterm elections approaching the stakes have never been higher and
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he gallacher al-jazeera at the white house. well let's bring in our panel we have joining us from london james boys an analyst on u.s. politics in lubbock texas we're joined by all of a maggie on skype he's an advisor at the national diversity coalition for trump and in brussels steven erlanger who's also on skype the chief diplomatic correspondent for europe at the new york times welcome to you all if i could start with stephen have the last few days been a turning point in terms of the vulnerability of the white house yes i think they have no this is a story that has a long way to go but this is the first time that president trump has been quite clearly implicated in a crime is personal lawyer is considerably airy if you like and knows where
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a lot of the secrets are kept. pled guilty and testified that he had committed a crime at the instigation and then coordination with the president of the united states but they are not let me say i mean i'm going to show you know trump supporters would argue he hasn't been charged himself trump hasn't been charged themselves not why does this make him vulnerable then. well we don't indict sitting presidents but i'll tell you if he wasn't a sitting president he probably would have been indicted ok i can see oliver is shaking his head in horror i'm sure he has something different to say about this go ahead all of our. whole heartedly agree with you it's very difficult to indict a president who's done nothing there's no collusion collusion isn't a crime it's a wink wink nod nod or hang on oliver let me think it leave interrupted we don't know yet that he hasn't done anything we can only say so far the investigation is
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ongoing we can only say so far no charges have been brought or accusations leveled against him right. the investigation is going on for five hundred days still no collusion has been found we basically are basically indicting everyone else in the world except for implicating donald trump this is a man who is basically campaigning that for. dozens of campaigns every forty eight hours to ten thousand people he was speaking in front of cameras when did he have time to collude with the russians not at all he was too busy beating hillary clinton in the campaign and he was out on the road so this is very difficult to kind of make that stretch into colluding with apparent power when he wasn't in charge of the united states so i think that's a reach for the democrats i think they're overstepping i think they have over comp despite all the bias and i think there's a quiet silent majority in america they're saying we're going to go to the polls in two thousand and eighteen in a few days and we're going to vote like we were putting in two thousand and sixteen because right now this election is about enough i think all of
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a you kind of an all right let stephen come back and then we'll go through james' point. the michael cohen case had nothing to do with russia the michael cohen case had to do with paying off two women for their silence so that donald trump as the republican candidate was not embarrassed during the election campaign rushes an entirely different issue cohen accuses trump of instigating a crime about campaign finance russia is another matter and which we can talk about that is exactly the point i was going to raise thank you for doing it with even let me say that's five let's take it on a step forward though and ask the question to james in london i think where we're going now with this discussion is the question that if the president's lawyer eggs lawyer is now facing jail time for doing something that he says he did on the
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orders of donald trump can donald trump at some point face charges himself. you know what's interesting i think about how both robert mueller is building this case and have donald trump is responding to it all the interesting overtures to how one would build and respond to a case in investing get it regarding organized crime so we see it going after the lower level individuals getting convictions against them then facing serious jail time and then them to use donald trump's words flipping against their higher ups that's exactly how criminal cases are built against organized crime organizations and now donald trump of course has come out and praised. for staying silent and attacked. the chap for basically basically spilling the beans and and talking about the situation. how does this face don't trump legally will as
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state rightly pointed out under the constitution and d.o.j. guidelines united states simply doesn't indict a sitting president but we're no longer to be president either through his resignation his impeachment and removal from office or is eventual stepping down from the presidency at the end of one or two terms he could then face legal jeopardy if indeed there is evidence to bring to court after that time period you raise the ire you were there impeachment let me take it back to all of those the real threat to the president from all of this perhaps. tied to what happens in november if the republicans lose the control of congress does this open the door for proceedings against the u.s. president within congress. i think the democrats are overreaching about the twenty eight thousand midterms i think that we're going to see a very big surprise what's interesting about this upcoming midterm election is this
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is going to be about donald trump not on the ticket but he is going to be on the ticket i think voters on the trump side are going to go. just like they did in twenty sixteen a silent majority and they're going to vote straight down the g.o.p. ticket because they don't know what's happening they know this is a witch hunt they know that this is a state news they know that this is basically basically just i. think it was brought in by the hillary clinton campaign who said she was going to accept the election as it was and now we're into a russian collusion delusion right now but also we're now gone into five hundred days investigation to all kinds of give me for helping and again all of us so just to clarify what you mean when you say it's a witch hunt there's already been admissions of guilt are you saying that the u.s. justice system is politicized it is not fair the convict the charges brought against manifold the guilty plaiting by cohen himself all of that is a political witch hunt. sammy what i'm saying that this is
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a political persecution not a proper prosecution this is designed for a stage in the court of public opinion and then to basically demolishing the u.s. justice system although no i'm not polishing the u.s. justice system i believe in the u.s. justice system but i also know how could it be a political witch hunt and it can be a credible justice system at the same time explain that to all of you i know what. we know at crime supporters we know what the miller best occasion is this is a witch hunt we know that basically is trying to go into tangency that someone's trying to prosecute you stabbing and they can find anything they can find anything to base a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich so that's essential what we've got is no way to get depressed that could defend himself and not get nowhere nor can trump supporters so we're not paying attention to it we're just simply stand this is enough is enough we're going to vote straight down the ticket for donald trump in the g.o.p. and that's when we're going to preserve his presidency i really and i think trump supporters do as well they find it insulting that they want to impeach this
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president just merely because he beat hillary clinton that is not going to work so i think we're all going to wait in a few days the election it's another surprise if the democrats were smart they would basically play it cool and they were basically let their base come out and vote vote straight up and all of a sudden you could have a flip in the congress and house but they always do that in midterms but given this type of emotional trumped arrangement central going to take place we're going to come out and grow some are just going to simply go into resistance to what that's happening in the media right now against the g.o.p. let me take your vision of what's going to happen in the elections to stephen do you see it that way do you think any of these issues that the convictions the guilty pleadings the scandals is any of that going to impact the trump base in midterm elections do you think well i think to some degree of energizes that i think you've been here that from all over and one hears it elsewhere i mean trump has presented its president see it as an anti and lead us troops say
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against the swamp he says it's been a drain the swamp that what is the swamp the swamp the the f.b.i. the swamp this intelligence agency is the swamp this congress this one up as anyone who actually criticizes him and we have a very partisan very divided country and the midterm elections will be that they are. by definition politicized and they will be very divisive what will be interesting to see i'm sure the trump people will come out his supporters will come out but his presence is also energized a lot of anti trump voters a lot of democratic voters some of whom don't like hillary clinton by the way and so it really will be an interesting test or is quite right trump is not on the ticket but to some degree we will always see the midterms as a kind of referendum on the president will he win it state i mean forgive me for jumping in but i mean for the narrative that you know he's vilifying the entire
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intelligence agencies the f.b.i. his side of the story at least is that he's targeting the elite in some of these government institutions not the rank and file with that sort of narrative perhaps resonate with the average american who will see themselves a bit disenfranchised from for a variety of economic and other reasons. well it does resonate but of course there have been you know some of these people have been in franchise because they have elected donald trump president after all but what you will have is i believe the democrats will findley take control of the house the republicans will retain the senate and don't forget in the obama presidency he got pretty much everything he got done in the first two years when the democrats controlled both houses of congress if the republicans lose the house i think quite
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a lot of what donald trump would like to do at least through congress will get stymied it will be much more difficult for him as it was for obama but we'll have to see what happens i i i'm not doing prophecy but there's no question trump is appealing to his base his base is you know thirty percent of the electorate maybe but people come out and vote we'll see how many people come out and vote for democratic candidates who are opposed to donald trump. we've got a bit of time between now and november james in london how crucial do you think the next three months are going to be in terms of the rusher investigation not so much the bank fraud charges and what happened with campaign finance but the actual russia investigation you know michael cohen's lawyer is also already talking about how his client has things to say which could link the u.s. president more directly to russian efforts to allegedly interfere in elections do
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you think that kind of stuff might have more of an impact on voters as if stuff like that comes out closer to the elections. well i doubt the anything that michael cohen knows will be made public quite frankly say what you will about robert muller . and his investigation he's kept a very tight ship there's been relatively few if any leaks coming out of it and as a result i think whatever michael cohen decides to proffer with regards to robert melo will stay relatively secret as long as mullah wishes that to do so i think what's going to be more important moving forward of course we have a man a fort second trial in d.c. taking place in september that will be very very telling i think that of course is when he's accused basically of the fourteen united states in failing to register as a foreign agent in the service of the ukrainian government we've also got of course sentencing coming up for various individuals between now and the end of the year
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including of course mount a forward for the trial that concluded this week and for michael flynn as well so we've got a series of incidents what will trigger reaction i think is the president's response to the poor man afford it particularly after the second trial in d.c. if you were to pardon his former campaign chair for example that my i think on the surface be considered prime facia evidence of an attempt to obstruct justice that could trigger a backlash amongst the sceptically moderate republicans i think and also if you temps to fire up mother now that some in the white house's steadfastly said he has no intention of doing unfortunately as the tapes of came out in the last couple of weeks of revealed this is the seventy president one can always take on his word but certainly if the president were to try to fire a mullah and to pardon poor man of four i think that would have an interesting a dimension moving into the midterm elections in about seventy days from now.
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oliver if we come back through stevens i don't say prophecies made a very close not in the business of prophecy let's call it prediction if we could all analysis that we could see a scenario where the democrats take over at least the house the house of representatives in the congress how real does the possibility of impeachment become in that scenario. well if the democrats take over the house or it could be just the opposite the democrats take over the senate and not the house i think politics in washington is always changing it's like creating sausage i think they may absolutely upset their base and slow up impeachment they may slow up the process of doing that because once you're in power and you also are away from campaigning that you know how and you now have to govern congressmen are basically trying to govern for two years and then in one year in their term they got to get reelected raise
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money so they may find that the obstruction of killing the country putting to a presidential pietschmann may not be politically savvy in washington so you may not have that it all things may change the president or change the congress will change because it will be about getting things done what we're seeing right now is the stored send guns and all kinds of things then sync with each other because we're trying to get into a rough and tumble midterm election and this is something to each side of the base is trying to over promise and under promise right so i think it's a little bit of an overconfidence bias a winners' curse that leads to real obstructions in judgment and inputs are perfect prognostications than pretty predictions no one really knows what's ahead but we do know what it sounds like you're saying the impeachment is not such a serious possibility let me take that i think i can see james in london shaking his head do you agree with that though in moving actually despite what people the transpose might call the media hype are we actually moving further away from
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a trump impeachment. i don't think we're moving away from it but i think the the impeachment word is bandied around far too lazy unfortunately i remind everybody there's not been a successful impeachment and removal from office under the full process in american history there's been two cases where american presidents andrew johnson and bill clinton were impeached and they retained their office afterwards there was no we're vote to remove and richard nixon of course resigned before the impeachment process could be concluded so this is not by any stretch an easy process if the republicans were to lose the house and the democrats control that will they could in theory introduce articles of impeachment but if the damage the republicans controlled the senate moving forward then any trial in the senate would almost certainly fall as it did in one nine hundred ninety s. along pretty straight parties and lines and donald trump would repeat would receive five an impeachment trial quite frankly so the idea that somehow you know donald
2:42 am
trump could be impeached at the drop of a hat i think is certainly a misnomer all right stephen do you think whatever happens do you think that the white house is going to be weakened the donald trump presidency is on a course to be weakened even if this doesn't end in an impeachment in some kind of impeachment process in one of the houses of congress. well first of all i think james is quite right i mean there are democrats who are arguing that if they do win the house and do vote to impeach clearly it will fail and that may energize trump space and actually help help donald trump but i think the swing will be visible away from trump in the ember i think the white house has already we can by its own divisions and its own obsession with us muller and what happens to the president also spends
2:43 am
a lot of time trying to keep track of donald trump's moves the other thing one should say though which i think is quite important is that there are a lot of business men in america who love donald trump i mean he's brought them a big big corporate tax cut. the stock market has record hires. there are lots of. corporate people in america who think you know he's been manna from heaven so you know don't just lump those is supporters into this narrow group of disenfranchised people that's really being quite unfair to him i think ok let's shift focus a little bit and james i'm wondering does a weakened white house in any way mean the u.s. perhaps pursuing a different trajectory on some of the issues donald trump has done a one eighty or appears to be doing a one eighty on when it comes to whether it's global free trade strained relations with allies like canada our nato ally turkey the palestinian israeli issue the iran
2:44 am
deal and so on and so forth is there any reason to believe there might be a change in tone if not substance on some of those issues. difficult to see don't trump changing his tone quite frankly he's been pretty consistent throughout most of his career both as a businessman and as a more recent politician. when you think about the potential for a lack of a loss of control over the house of representatives difficult to see how that's going to impact foreign policy too greatly very often in fact almost always through this because of an american presidency you see it beginning with a domestic focus and moving more and more towards an overseas focus as the president's ability to get anything through congress diminishes and i think stephen brought eluded to iran we've seen this happen in the past the idea that you're
2:45 am
going to see a shift away from a domestic focus as barack obama got everything done effectively in his first new years in office if the republicans lose control of the congress i think what you see is president trump moving to be come more of an internationally focused president as ok to get in think done domestically got thirty seconds left let me give in thirty seconds all of a do you agree with that does a post trump president post midterm election trump presidency look at the difference differently now approaches the world wholeheartedly agree that west virginia he's created ten trillion dollars in value since he's been elected and the world leaders love it the world countries right now are all about the g.a.a. in nato countries about growth fast growth and fast capital investment knology so this is basically transactional diplomacy is in the trump age different than relational diplomacy there was post world war two so we're in a new century and so right now leaders around the world right lessing around that
2:46 am
right now if i were donald trump's advisors right now it's in a broad because it's polls go numbers go straight up when it goes airborne and international trips might depend where he goes though let's leave it there for now and thank our guests james boys all of them they gave me and steven erlanger. and thank you for watching the show you can see it again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for the discussion go over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle there is at a.j. inside story from me sam has a band and the entire team here for now it's goodbye eight.
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al jazeera where every. goes hand in hand with growing old. refusing to be defined by their mexican women of bringing out that dancing machine. and rediscovering that using one step at a time. by johnson hotham of the view find out in latin america. at this time on al-jazeera. all those three big challenges facing humankind in the
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twenty first century they all look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of intelligence and bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know harare talks to al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes at the u.n. urges south american countries to ease venezuelans playing a worsening. anomic. a date with the court for ugandan musician turned politician bobby why some charges were dropped but the case against him is far from
2:49 am
over. another escalation in the trade dispute between the u.s. and china and this time beijing is threatening a legal challenge against washington. and far as small have all the day's sport including singapore's olympic champion joseph schooling clenches his second gold medal in the asian games after winning the fifty meters the butterfly final. at the u.n. has made an urgent plea to latin american countries to ease entry for been israel a national economic hardship and a deepening political crisis it's forced concern at a new passport and border entry requirements both in ecuador and peru every day thousands of venezuelans are leaving to escape the country's economic turmoil about two point three million have gone in the last four years and that's just those who have legally migrated they have spread across south central and north america but
2:50 am
some playing to the caribbean a large number are going to colombia brazil peru and ecuador and ecuador more than four thousand venezuelans are arriving every day our correspondents are following the crisis from all the affected countries. as in the ecuador colombia border maria sanchez. that is peru teresa vista and brazil let's begin with our latin america tour with sam newman who is in caracas so we see in this attempt to economic reforms is it having any impact on this mass exodus of venezuelans. and over show this is the first day that we are seeing really some economic activity in the streets where the market right now in a lower income neighborhood and in the reasons. this is that since the government revamped and the currency there is one of the most scarce items commodities in this country is sort of appearing and that is cash and that's because the government has
2:51 am
been printing out money faster than i can speak and that you would think it would be a good thing people are being able to buy a few things but everyone we have spoken to without exception believes that this event what we're seeing now is not going to last more than a few weeks or even a few days because they think that the government simply cannot control what they call the monster and that is the hyper inflation that is has sent the economy of this country into freefall government have started to arrest some businessmen who have been raising prices to try to adjust to the new currency other shops are completely shattered many companies just aren't working at all and in the meantime we are seeing hundreds and hundreds of people lining up at bus and bus stations bus terminals trying to get a ticket to the closest border so they can leave this country. this is santa on phyllis's last day at her home in her working class neighborhood she sold everything possible and packed the rest as she and her sister her two daughters and
2:52 am
their four small children prepare to abandon. their i have to get my daughter out of here before it's too late. for three year old can't speak since she had a stroke provoked she says by the lack of medicine to treat her repeated convulsions half of them will go to peru to rest to chile to join husbands and sons but sandra is angry. we want to remain here and my beloved venezuela the best country in the world until destroyed it we're leaving half of our family behind our family smell scattered. indeed oil rich venezuela is on recognizable disease hunger uncontrollable violence and hyperinflation are driving millions from a country where poverty has reached eighty percent president nicolas maduro blames u.s. financial sanctions but they don't begin to explain
2:53 am
a crisis that began long before they were imposed a year ago. what is happening is of such gravity that it looks as though we were going through a terrible war like syria except there is no war and if the expectation that things will get even worse it is nourishing the stampede. not that it's easy to leave a passport is worth its weight in gold to my money that i need but hell is no way to get a passport at least to pay two thousand dollars under the table which i don't have . that's when the passport office official asked us to move away. those lucky enough to have a passport come here to catch a bus going to peru via colombia and ecuador like everything else the bus tickets go on day by day so the people who are lining up here are doing so not to get a new ticket but to pay the difference from one they bought a month ago at four hundred and forty now they have to pay eight hundred eighty what they can't get on the bus it's prohibitive so like many others alexander is
2:54 am
leaving for peru to try his luck with his pockets empty and. there's no work a consequence my family obama milk and diapers my baby so i have no choice. as the departure time nears the waiting room begins to look and feel like a mass funeral parlor. husbands wives children and fiances say goodbye to each other and certain what will become of those who leave. all of those who must stay behind a tragedy that's taking place every single day in every corner of the newsweek. and that was a c.n.n. reporting let's go live now to. say you have been on the border for venezuela and brazil and it was incredibly tense more than the other borders over the past week but how are things now. well hundreds of
2:55 am
people continue to cross the border every day they're coming in search of a guaranteed a meeting started to medicine in search of a new life they fear that they do not want to go back to venezuela and left the situation changes let's not forget what happened over the weekend when it camp where venezuelans were leaving was attacked it was that on fire and then the local population forced out of the country of brazil and into the van and into venezuela around one thousand people many of those tried to return and that forced the brazilian government to deploy more security forces in order to control the situation here many of the refugees that are coming here and up leaving in camps like this one where they have tents where they can live they have a meal and they're taking care of but there's hundreds of people on the streets of boy that are again desperate they're leaving on the streets with no shelter we have asked u.n. agencies about why they're not able to come inside the shelter and they say that
2:56 am
they think we do not have space for everyone does not forget that there's twelve ministries involved in this whole operation the united nations the armed forces the brazilian government is definitely trying to take control of the situation and what they also say is that they want to reduce the tension at the border and wrote i you must hate where the fifty located is one of the poorest in brazil with the needs of its own with unemployment with poverty and that's why the government wants to start relocating refugees to others it is they want them to go to my mouth or to brasilia so that they can start to live there they hate it has been asking the federal government to shut down the border temporarily at the federal government has undoubtedly go. thank you i have a census is on the summary of border crossing were most of this violence are entering illegally marianna what this is situation though there because the government there has said you have to have a pass for passport and everyone doesn't have a passport. that's right michel and it's very difficult to get
2:57 am
a passport in venezuela because it's like a very expensive i would take months and the people are desperate to get out so many have been riding for the past two years with either passports or they're in a cell an id card company not been allowed to come in but the number is a sense of. why is he here because there's this restriction shop coming towards saturday's so many people are arriving from a lot many people will continue to go back from a quote in the next few days to be able to cross into bill before that description is imposed what will happen if they don't have a pocket when they get here that is a big question because they can't go back with quote there they have the same wish fictions there so i lot of people are beginning to already cross in areas that are either illegal or border crossings like i was that is not too far away from here where there are no control over how many people have been like
2:58 am
a state coming to the route there are nearly four hundred thousand been a few months already living in haiti and there are there's a lot of criticism of why the government is now when there is this crisis impulsion this restriction and many say and it's because it's a political decision by the president because public opinion has been a lot against men even if there were reports of an assailant be involved in crime or just a few so many here will be paying the price for what you have done public opinion against the presence of many minutes went on however the prime minister has said that the restrictions however will be at least for children for pregnant women and for the elderly. the sense says thank you marianna is going to outsell a center around the audience on the rim of chalk a border crossing between colombia and ecuador also legal and passport issues where
2:59 am
you are as well alessandro. absolutely ray shall we say that this is the main difference here is that we've seen a reduction in the number of visits and i'm migrants arriving here at the main bridge between columbia and ecuador from forty five hundred a day to less than five hundred the question here for authorities is what has happened that some might have decided to remain in colombia but most of them according to the colombian red cross are now crossing be illegally either on dirt roads or simply getting a staff. who will still stand there and you and i see and then just walk through the border hoping not to be stopped by the ecuadorian police and actually that has been the case mostly it looks like the ecuadorian authorities are letting them through since most of these people are just crossing back weather and
3:00 am
they're hoping to make it to through by saturday when the passport restrictions enter into effect in vast country produce seems to be the final destination for many of the people we've talked to here however there are families that have been stranded that are still stranded here it may be because some family members do have first others don't they want to continue together they want to continue legally and they're trying to decide what to do so there's a situation here remains in flux but definitely the main consequences of ecuador secession so far as being an increase in the legal immigration and people crossing illegally finally on friday because the question of judging people is expected to this.


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