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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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or five percent a year which they will the staggering debt service that the united states months pay will swamp the budget and at that stage the longest bull run on the market will stop decidedly so whether this will be as bad as nine hundred twenty nine thousand nine hundred eighty seven or two thousand and eight who knows when it's some stage the music is going to stop unless or until these deficits are going to be controlled this will have nothing to do with potential impeachment it will have everything to do with the markets and the fact that america's debt is running amok impatient itself as an issue it seems to have hung over this entire presidency far it only becomes relevant if the democrats take back the house doesn't it and even if that were to happen oh no oh no ok go ahead no no right now when world war two began to reverse itself churchill was asked whether this was the beginning at the end he said no this is the end of the beginning in many ways
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this is just foreplay i'm not sure that the election violation laws that president trump is accused or at least michael cohen has pleaded guilty to will be sufficient and what's going to happen more importantly is the real trial of paul man a fort in early september which will get to issues that really will relate to obstruction of justice and money laundering that can hurt the president and if a special counsel robert muller produces not just a smoking gun but a smoking howitzer over obstruction of justice and not collusion but conspiracy with the russians then all of his son the issue of removal from office will become very very real and no matter who ones wins the election remember it was the republicans in congress who finally decided that richard nixon had to go in one thousand nine hundred seventy four when howard baker asked the question what did the president know and when did he know it we're right now there are no howard baker sadly in the senate but if mr. report becomes
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a smoking howitzer then i think the republicans will have no choice but to consider very seriously the issues that are going to confront the president at this stage it is far too early this may be the end of the beginning but it is not the beginning of the end but in the case of impeachment or removal from office is it as simple as mike pence becomes president and everyone moves on yes absolutely the twenty fifth amendment dominates you need just a majority vote in the house but then you need a two thirds vote in the senate and even if the democrats were to win it's very difficult to see how a two thirds vote would occur but you may have charges against mr trump's family he may be forced to resign as richard nixon did in that case mike pence becomes president and then the fist fight will become over who's the vice president because in my judgment if mr pence becomes president he is not electable in two thousand and twenty and so the republicans will be given a huge problem now this is all wild speculation at this stage anybody who predicts
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that in impeachment proceeding upon the president is premature we will see the matter for trial that comes up is going to be important in this and more important is going to be what the special counsel robert muller uncovers at this stage i think all speculation is a waste of time it's interesting it's titillating it makes for good news it makes for entertainment but the the jury is far from out in fact the jury has not been convened yet in my judgment harlan ullman i'm glad we could talk to you really really interesting to get your views thank you for your time. we've got plenty more ahead for you this news hour there is anger in south africa after donald trump waded into the country's land reform debate by suggesting white farmers are being targeted. the israeli army launches a criminal investigation to the killing of two palestinian teenagers during protests near the gaza israel border and sport we'll hear from a competitor proving age is absolutely no barrier to success at the asian games.
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the united nations is calling latin american countries to ease entry for thousands of people fleeing venezuela's deepening economic and political crisis the call came after neighboring ecuador and predator announced tighter entry requirements for venezuelans they now need to have valid passports previously id's were enough for venezuelans according to the united nations more than one point six million people fled venezuela since twenty fifteen now latin america has really seen newman has more now from caracas. this is santa on phyllis's last day at her home in her working class neighborhood she sold everything possible and packed the rest she enters sister her two daughters and their four small children prepare to abandon israel so. i have to get my daughter out of here before it's too late. friend
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jelly's three year old can't speak since she had a stroke provoked she says by the lack of medicine to treat her repeated convulsions half of them will go to peru the rest to chile to join husbands and sons but sandra is angry enough. we want to remain here and my beloved venezuela the best country in the world until madeira destroyed it we're leaving half of our family behind our family is now scattered. indeed oil rich venezuela is on recognizable disease hunger uncontrollable violence and hyperinflation are driving millions from a country where poverty has reached eighty percent president nicolas maduro blames u.s. financial sanctions but they don't begin to explain a crisis that began long before they were imposed a year ago. what is happening is of such gravity that it looks as though we were going through a terrible war like syria except there is no war and if the expectation that things
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will get even worse it is nourishing the stampede. not that it's easy to leave a passport is worth its weight in gold to my money that i need but how is no way to get a passport at least to pay two thousand dollars under the table which i don't have . that's when the passport office official asked us to move away those lucky enough to have a passport come here to catch a bus going to peru via colombia and ecuador like everything else the bus tickets go on day by day so the people who are lining up here are doing so not to get a new ticket but to pay the difference someone they bought a month ago at four hundred and forty now they have to pay eight hundred eighty one they can't get on the bus it's prohibitive so like many others alexander is leaving for peru to try his luck with his pockets empty and. there's no work
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a consequence my family obama milk and diapers my baby so i have no choice as the departure time nears the waiting room begins to look and feel like a mass funeral parlor. husbands wives children and fiances say goodbye to each other and certain what will become of those who leave. or of those who must stay behind a tragedy that's taking place every single day in every corner of venezuela. you see in yemen al jazeera got access. here's how we're going to cover this one. is. in brazil women a venezuelans of faced hostility from locals who come to you in a moment to rise above it start with the money and asuncion is into invests on peru's border with ecuador venezuelans as we said are going to need a passport to get there from. their increasing numbers of people trying to beat the deadline. that's right come out and many people are
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arriving much more than yesterday as we've been able to see an official from the u n h e r the united nations office for refugees have been telling us in many more people today than the day before or both or what the peak on saturday where more than five thousand people more than five thousand venice will last came and crossed the border into and now it is the numbers are increasing of course because of this restriction that will be in place on saturday where the peruvian authorities will demand that they must have passports to be able to come into play to a majority of people do not have passports they only have their venice well and i also there's an increase because the ecuadorian government has opened what they called and who humanitarian corridor and they are basically transporting people who
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they are on the right on the road on the way for free all the way from the border with colombia all the way here to the border with so more people are being able to get here fast and as many ecuadorians are saying in a safer way the question come out however is what will happen to those. thousands of people who don't have passports when they get here because they won't be able to go back to a quote unquote it won't take them back so what many are already taking a legal route to the. there are other border crossings which don't have controls here include because of their open borders with the quote people are already going in that direction and of course there will be other people who are will be coming through other more difficult a route to get into peru which is. their main targets to come here more than four
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hundred thousand venezuelans are already hearing they do ok and from peru with money and a sense of thank you we go to teresa bono who is involved in brazil an update from you that's a razor. well hundreds of venezuelans continue to arrive every day in spite of the violence that happened last weekend when a group of venezuelans that were living in a shelter were attacked that shelter was destroyed it was set on fire and then a big mob basically pushed a sow's and venezuelans to the other side of the borders poleward venezuela many of them managed to come back and they're arriving at her place basically trying to find a meal medication they're saying that they do not want to go back if a venezuela remains in the way that it is and of course there's many of them arrive here the government has setup shelters there's nine shelters in the city of wabi where i am right now it's about three hours away from the border there's nine
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shelters with hundreds of people inside of them and the government is hoping to build much more because there's hundreds of people on the streets entire families with children living on the streets so there is definitely a crisis that has increased tension with the locals so for right now what the government is trying to do is to relocate many of those arriving here they say that brazil has the capacity to allow venezuelans to come to this country but this state which is one of the poorest cannot continue to receive so many people for what they're trying to do right now is to move people to other states like brasilia or to religion a goal or other places where there's been as well as that arriving will be able to find jobs and build a new life to raise a better world history in brazil thank you very much. south africa has rejected a tweet from donald trump calling it narrow and divisive trumpet said that land was being seen from white farmers and that he doest his secretary of state to examine
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the policy the south african government summon the most senior american diplomat in the country to discuss the controversy while in washington reporters pressed to trump administration officials on the issue the president asked the secretary to look closely at the current state of action in south africa related to land reform this is something that has been going on for many decades the conversation and debate about land reform there i should mention that the expropriation of land without compensation our position is that that would risk sending south africa down the wrong path we continue to encourage a peaceful and transparent public debate about what we consider to be a very important issue in south africa and certainly do as well. for the perspective from south africa family members been speaking to farmers in béla béla in limpopo province. the debate around land it's appropriate and without compensation is a very emotive one here in south africa the government says it supports the exploitation of land without paying for it as part of its land reform program but
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white farmers in particular say it will kill the agricultural sector and harm the country's economy and the economy now they say they are better ways of including landless black people in the agricultural sector and in that way empowering them and we spoke to a farmer earlier who's attending this land summit in bella bella in the limpopo province who says while farmers understand that the injustices of the past have led to the vast majority of farming land being in the hands of the white minority the government has to reconsider its stance i think at the moment the uncertainty that that's in this whole discussion really really makes us feel threatened because you don't know we we're going to be in the year star so it certainly creates uncertainty i think in the past few weeks we've got some clarity from government i mean government has surely come come out also to this learned by to go and give
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some assurance on what they planning to do how they are farmers who say this is an opportunity for the government to boost the economy and give rural communities a chance to participate i think that the issue of land expropriation is an issue that's been coming a long way in the struggle for liberation in south africa it's therefore an emotive issue and an economic issue it's really a struggle about economic freedom and the liberties of people to live and work where they wish to as the government grapples with details of just how it will go about expropriating land for the fuse been added to the fire following a tweet by u.s. president donald trump. land is being seized from white farmers now the government says trump's tweet is offensive and crude and it will deal with this through diplomatic channels and its relationship with the u.s. remains intact despite some in accuracies in that tweet is that african government
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now has to do some damage control. just to get a background on this from the tension over land ownership is a symptom of decades of the racist apartheid system in south africa which ended in ninety ninety four and yet seventy two percent of land in south africa remains in the hands of white farmers whites that make up just eight percent of the whole population according to a group of hundreds of wagner's cultural associations the killing of white farmers is actually at a twenty year low forty seven killed last year at the peak of the violence in one thousand nine hundred you're looking at one hundred fifty three farms killed president cyril ramaphosa has announced plans to redistribute land through a series of reforms he says he wants to do it in a way that doesn't further racially divide the country. it was the news hour from al-jazeera still ahead of dates with the court for ugandan musician turned politician bobby wine some charges are dropped but the case against him is far from over some of the world's most distinctive sports stars that an unexpected dimension
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to a church service in mexico. hello there the rain has finally cleared away from the eastern parts of north america you can see it on the satellite picture this area of cloud here finally working its way eastwards and behind it it should be a lot of drier and brighter than it has been recently so new york they're getting to around twenty seven degrees the next system very thin too far away to galloping its way across the plains at the moment and on friday it will be him making its way across the great lakes there and slowly edging further east with as we head through the day on saturday for the west largely fine and dry for most of us but do expect a few more showers down towards the southwest plenty more showers there but further towards the south plenty of them across many parts of the central americas and at times some of them will be heavy in between the showers though there will be some
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good spells of sunshine so a real mixed bag for most of us here i think for the south we'll see some more persistent rain stretching down into parts of panama and eventually into colombia now as we head down towards south america here there's quite a bit of rain in the eastern parts of all that you see this massive blog here that moves out the way the temperatures are really going to drop say watch asuncion thirty degrees will be our maximum on friday but if we force forward to saturday a maximum just becomes nineteen a lot cooler for us then and cohen a point as always to some of these thirty. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in us sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to
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the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation amount just sierra. al-jazeera. where every.
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this is the news are from al-jazeera and these are all top stories iranian backed hutu rebels in yemen said dozens of children have been killed in one day does that a human to strict be salty as strikes the u.s. official news agency those accused the rebels of launching a missile into the same district killing several people. the u.s. president says they would be an economic meltdown if he was removed from office trump was responding to speculation about his potential impeachment following the prosecution of two former top aides is former lawyer michael cohen is implicated in breaking campaign finance laws. and the united nations is a latin american countries to ease entry for thousands of people fleeing venezuela's deepening economic and political crisis that's after neighboring ecuador and announced tighter entry requirements for venezuelans. the fate of australia's embattled prime minister still hangs in the balance as malcolm turnbull faces a second challenge to his leadership in as many days in
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a few hours politicians in his party are expected to secure an internal vote to replace him charlotte billets. malcolm turnbull continues to charge food despite doors closing around him no astray and prime minister has survived the full term in ten years now it's turnbull's turn to fight the strike will be rightly a poll by what they witnessing in the nation's parliament to die in the course of this week he narrowly won a leadership challenge on choose day behind the scenes former allies have josel to replace him this is a government which had lost the will to leave but i don't even think on tuesday we could have seen that cannibalistic be idea of a government who is aging itself alive some members of temple's ruling liberal party don't believe he can lead them to victory in next year's elections and so the rebellion began forty three liberal party politicians must sign
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a petition requesting a meeting on friday if that threshold is his term treat it as a vote of no confidence he says he will step aside to make his posse hold a new leadership ballot where his replacement will be elected former cabinet minister peter dutton as the front runner earlier this morning i called the other prime minister to advise him that it was my judgment that the majority of the party were no longer supported his leadership but doesn't challenge is also controversial the country's top lawyer is investigating his eligibility to hold office there are concerns of a government funding for his businesses taxpayers watched the state as the government ground to a halt the leadership chaos leading to the suspension of parliament the house stands adjourned until monday ten september two thousand and eight a chain of. terminals grip on power has lasted three years now he faces an early exit from the strain in politics just like the
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three prime ministers before him shall have ballasts his era. bit of news in brief gunmen have killed six soldiers at a checkpoint east of the libyan capital tripoli two others were seriously wounded in that attack between the towns of zits and holmes reports say one of the gunman was killed during the attack security chief is blamed i saw for the attack a british iranian charity worker who's been in jail in iran for two years has been released for three days of cowdery radcliffe's supporters released this photo of her being reunited with her four year old daughter gabriella she was arrested back in april twenty sixth seen in teheran while preparing to fly back to britain with her daughter she's accused of plotting to overthrow iran's government britain's foreign secretary says he wants to see her permanent release frankly every day that she is in prison is a reminder to the whole world of a gross injustice so we call on the iranian authorities to capsulize on the good
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will from today's announcement by going the whole way and releasing rank how to cope back to our family come back to you k. which is where home is and this totally justice israeli army has launched a criminal investigation into the killing of two palestinian teenagers during the protest at the gaza israel border fence the army says the investigation is needed because there is suspicion the military violated rules for opening fire more from child strafford. sits with his grieving family. whose eighteen year old son was shot dead by an israeli soldier during a protest near the gaza border fence on march thirtieth. these ready army has launched an internal investigation into the incident and the shooting dead of another fifteen year old palestinian during a similar protest in july. but. my son loved life and he loved the
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others loved life too when he heard about the protest he decided to go and see that he went peacefully the israeli snipers fire on protesters like their turkeys it's like they're playing a video game israel thinks that when the old died the young will forget their rights but they don't need the international community to help us in order to get our rights they must help us have a homeland like everyone else. this is one of the places along the border fence where protests have been held every friday since the end of all one hundred sixty seven palestinians have been killed in those protests and there is clear video evidence that he was shot in the head last trying to help a fellow protester. this is running to help a man carrying a child which the protesters set fire to dust is kicked up by bullets hitting the ground around the street a short range out and i'm not be released to the ground in the ambulance. to get
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paid to squeal. in july the israeli army announced that an internal military investigation into the deaths of one hundred fifty three protesters was expected to find that none of the shootings violated open file orders instead it called the incidents mishaps. the conclusions of that investigation i'm now with the israeli military advocate general who can order further investigations if he sees fit gaza based human rights organization say an independent international investigation is needed. our experience is that all is ready investigations that done to try to preempt all work before we send our findings to the u.n. in geneva what's needed is a thorough unbiased look what happened. the united nations voted to send an investigation team into gaza in may and it was to produce its findings by march
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next year but there's no indication when the team will start work and israel has a long history of not cooperating with un rights inquiries or allowing access to gaza. the un resolution condemned what it described as the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force by the israeli occupying forces against palestinian civilians israel responded by saying it was being demonized. says his son was shot for demanding a better future for millions of young palestinians like him. he doubts anyone in the israeli army will be punished for killing him. that al-jazeera gaza. ugandan pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine has been charged with treason he was rearrested just minutes after being freed by a military court or had been accused of inciting his supporters to attack a convoy which was carrying the president the government's denied accusations that
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one was beaten in custody catherine so i reports now from kampala. this is the man many ugandans had been wanting to see all of you wind up popular musician and member of parliament a pianist a military court in the north and town of looking weak and in pain he had been in military cassidy's since last wednesday he was arrested for violence in local election campaigns in the north after president seventies mottaki it was attacked the state withdrew the military related charges of possession of firearms and ammunition. set free i live on how to judge just. it was an emotional moment for wine but he was not really free in the chair that i use to enter and they're arresting him now he was immediately taken to a magistrate's court where he was charged with treason with intent to do harm to the passing of the president of the republic or uganda i don't know fully.
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understand moved towards them. and smile she. the real wind screw over the pretty sure. income part of the government's deployed police and soldiers in some parts of the city that are seen as hot spots including where we are right now we're trying to prevent people from gathering or trying to get to their town since our security forces also blocked several opposition politicians from leaving their. kids a better opposition leader who has been arrested and detained often over the years was again taken by police he had talked to the media cutting off been the people to be cutting off forty million people. so. they must be able to con. the magistrate in order to that wind gets medical
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care and that doctor and he needed access to him he will remain in cassidy until the end of the month when he appeared in court. also charged with treason for god it was all the wind he supporters including cheered him on saying the wintry and it's for me. was still ahead for sports tiger woods has the chance to win nine million dollars from just one round of that and the rest of the sport far out of my.
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nearly a million people remain displaced from their homes in the indian state of carolina as it recovers from the worst floods in a century many are now questioning though whether it's a vast a could have been avoided the standard thomas reports from the town of course some blame overdevelopment and the mismanagement of reservoirs hundreds of people have died more than a million have fled their homes but how that trip was carolyn's disaster the quantity of rain it was unprecedented two and a half times the normal figure or with so far that environmentalists properly managed its land and rivers would have absorbed it and channeled it to the sea over development in flood plains is to blame left but i don't send any claiming that he was on wetlands for other uses but that is one of them
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a good thing which we did was to do it another way the plains of the form of paddy fields on a bad lands what are they going to accommodate on morsels of water. the floods will made worse say environmentalists by quantities of plastic rubbish clocking rivers stopping them flowing fast and instead the rivers burst their banks but even with those issues the floods say some could have been avoided aside from the long term impact of environmental mismanagement and pollution there is another way that some here seeing this as a manmade disaster they're blaming those who manage the dams and reservoirs carola has fifty three large reservoirs where the collective capacity of nearly seven trillion liters of water they are managed primarily for hydro electricity production and irrigation for farmers many operators are reluctant to let the water go when it's not needed so they were near capacity before the worst of the rain fell when it did the water had to be suddenly released to stop dam walls breaking
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people think infrastructure is a security against flood but more of the flood waters did not come from the rain they come from the relief off their downs never happened before if we know too much rain is coming dam should releasing water as gently and not impounding the last drop and then flooding people's out of their homes it's likely no one factor caused carolus flooding but human activity and inactivity seem to have made it worse andrew thomas al-jazeera. it's been thirty eight years since the end of a national literacy campaign in nicaragua tens of thousands of young people set off to live in rural areas in a bid to teach people how to read and write if it was largely successful but as john heilemann reports it hasn't led to the opportunities many get out. of the hard fighting of the revolution this was nicaragua's new start. they called it the
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literacy crusade in one nine hundred eighty ninety five thousand people many of them youngsters headed to the country's most.


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