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tv   From Sugar To Rebellion  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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the meeting between the a man and gadhafi occurred in one thousand nine hundred seventy five. according to a such as son it was not amicable. shake. between nine hundred seventy six and nine hundred seventy seven a sort of intensified his efforts to end the lebanese war. many lebanese admired his courage and charisma but the found it difficult to mediate in a country so divided. in march nine hundred seventy eight israel invaded south lebanon under the pretext of crushing the p.l.o. . the united nations issued resolution four to five calling on israel
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to withdraw immediately. israel flout to the un resolution and set up what it called a security zone in south lebanon. toward the arab world to plead the case for south lebanon. then all jury in president who are a booming dnd recommended the amount of the libyan leader. agreed. contacted gadhafi the libyan leader invited us to visit him in tripoli. lawyer his saini has followed the case of the disappearance of a man and his two companions. more
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than. me in the. remembers her brother's determination to visit libya despite warnings about unpredictability. to. yeah i mean i'm young so horny and work through. them and they had their foot i don't know. the second of outsiders two companions who went missing with him was a journalist bus but dean. his oldest son recalls the last moments before his father's departure. when she.
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painted us. that would us me. to him without us me. the libyan embassy in beirut arranged three tickets on the middle east airlines flight from. from beirut to tripoli via benghazi. on the eve of his departure spent the night at his sister's. for. a better look at our door. but the. more you would bring. me to my. cell phone.
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photo. on the twenty fifth of all this nine hundred seventy eight. these two companions let me root for libya. at eight pm any a few. landed at tripoli international airport. a southerner and his two companions that disembarked from the plane no one was there to meet them. at the terminal building they were eventually met by. head of the libyan foreign communication bureau. al jazeera interviewed who millard a protocol employee of the libyan foreign communication bureau who remembers the arrival of the man and he's two companions.
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will. soon see. the candidate. if. we. do learn susi was libya's intelligence chief and would become one of duffy's closest confidants over the years. when tripoli fell to rebel fighters in two thousand and eleven a sin to seize office was ransacked many classified documents were lost or destroyed amid the chaos of the downfall of gadhafi regime any hope of discovering
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a paper trail in our investigation into the disappearance of moose or else other and his companions was made more difficult. and they. can feel. free of the stuff by them and could be that. the libyan officials left the airport with their lebanese guests. saddam and his two companions were driven to the i shot the hotel in tripoli where they would stay. this is where the shotty hotel one stood. all the remains a rusty signpost and scattered concrete ruins.
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and. in two thousand and seven the hotel was demolished another element in the story of assad there in libya that has disappeared. the ashanti hotel had been among the classiest in tripoli as a place hosting foreign visitors it was heavily monitored by the libyan intelligence service visit to libya coincided with the anniversary celebrations of the september first revolution in one nine hundred sixty nine when gadhafi had seized power. government employee who some milat had been assigned to the man and his two companions during their visit. to the front office of the. little kind of a healthy. land now let me have the. only answer. we should that be has and that is in the back of stuff out.
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and i'll stop there and also the. team caught up and what i said marked up well let me stop there. so too and i will in my muscles so that you see out of the . be amish one of. the foreign communication bureau who is close to the hotel once again who some notice the cool reception received. some of the stock will in. a moment to be walking from one american model much the long. hall of the clock the shuttle. but look of the filo. how to be the.
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mark of the. world know that i will not. fail. spent five days waiting for an appointment with. the libyan government restricted the free movement of the a man and his companions. and they will provided no means of communication with the outside world. in lebanon as family began to worry.
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and who are. highly paid that. can kill myself will. die to your million. must. go on. and. on the twenty ninth of august nine hundred seventy eight jordanian journalists shack joe he arrived at the hotel to cover the anniversary of libya's revolution he remembers meeting the mom who did not seem to him at ease. and from book to live the reform problem. so. why. i don't see what kind of
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a ruler who. you heard from the. lawyer husseini offers a reason why the imaam may have seemed anxious b. . why. perhaps the interim felt the phone call was to bring news of the meeting he was waiting for. for the third time the meeting was postponed. the patience of the image was wearing thin. but. what can we.
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can. learn. more it. would leave it. to be. a matter of being sad i didn't have that. this. company was part of the official lebanese delegation in libya to attend the anniversary celebrations and which meant gadhafi. because if. so what how it is. what we. care. about.
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the. believe alert but. the free market. and. the whole. of. on august thirty first jordanian journalist joe henry met in the hotel lobby. we had be with. course.
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for your book. for. working. with us. and the who were there. to earth and look where you were. and. who. you were there you see. you know their interests. there wanted to go to paris where his wife was in hospital this meant missing celebrations for the anniversary of september first revolution. hell. i would let fear away at. a lot of lead.
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to get. your ideas. from the shot. from book. store with a couple shots of minidisc now than the. teen . says. the man or. the brief conversation between. diem and dean suggests our souther was heading to meet gadhafi that day. after checking out the journalist i'll show her in the lobby. she was the
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last person to see them leave the hotel. there were just what year olds who were just. a shift from. the. book work at the work of the bills or sold the meal comes a little early so you know if you have work of his so you are aware. of the look to. your. say. to some of us and get the picture.
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al jazeera. it's. where every. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go from all the potential of this and that this is a plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. as helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them
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undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. well you. know some of it i like. i'm down jordan don't have the top stories here in al-jazeera australia's treasurer scott morrison has been chosen to be the next prime minister for a vote of m.p.'s in the routing liberal party he's replaced malcolm turnbull who'd been in the job for lessons for years had survived a leadership challenge as recently as tuesday. it is being a challenging time to be prime minister but i'm very proud of our record i'm very proud of my government money ministers record in achievement so i want to thank
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them i want to thank all my colleagues i want to thank my stuff because you know that has more. compared to malcolm turnbull scott morrison would be considered more conservative but throughout this leadership crisis morrison had been standing behind malcolm turnbull his treasurer and he had previously that mars and that is served as immigration minister and you could see that malcolm turnbull was pleased that if he was to lose his job that the person who would be stepping in would be scott morrison so i think those who were backing the challenge from peter dutton would be disappointed today and there really was a split within that party room meeting with forty five supporting scott morrison by the forty voting in favor of peter dutton a saudi led coalition air strike in yemen is a data province has killed at least twenty six civilians including women and children through the media says they were killed in a camp for internally displaced people the u.a.e.
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says rebels were launching missiles from the. the u.s. president says there would be an economic meltdown if he was removed from office trump was responding to speculation about his potential impeachment prosecution of two former aides one of them his former lawyer michael cohen has implicated him in breaking campaign finance laws the u.n. as a latin american countries to ease travel restrictions on thousands of people fleeing venezuela's deepening economic and political crisis comes after neighboring ecuador and peru announced tighter entry requirements for venezuelans need to show a valid passport a border crossing. zimbabwe's highest court is set to rule on an appeal by the opposition against the results of last month's presidential election m.d.c. alliance leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of the president. leaders and over ration has been postponed until the court but those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world stage that's
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what. in march nine hundred seventy eight lebanon was invaded by israel. southern charismatic leader of lebanon's shia muslim sect sought regional assistance. on august the twenty fifth nine hundred seventy eight southern traveled to libya to meet colonel muammar gaddafi. six days later on august thirty first an official motorcade left tripoli's a shouty hotel carrying a sadat and two colleagues shaikh mohammed and journalist. the three men were never seen again. question soon began to be asked about what had happened to them and whether they had actually made the libyan leader or not.
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several days after their disappearance libyan government official who some milat who had been assigned to the ma'am and his companions was visited by an agent from libyan intelligence agent who is keen to assure milat that a meeting between the a mammon gadhafi had never occurred or were you know a man of humanity. how the shafts. of. attack if. you're from any other cuts. are step. in suffolk. for well they're not letting your carbon aloft at the moment of germany have a shot. in the model. of the. hospital
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. but in. the last known sighting of the a man and his two companions with them a leaving the hotel in tripoli on august thirty first nine hundred seventy eight witnesses who saw them leave claim they were being taken to meet get happy in his private tent. it's difficult to track down anyone who was present at any such meeting but reports the filtered out that there was indeed a meeting between the m.m. and the colonel and that the meeting did not go well.
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former libyan military advisor mohammad was tripoli's prosecutor at the time of the amount his visit he heard several reports of the meeting and the topics discussed. feel he had. what he. had committed. and had it. from the. head it. was a member of libya's revolutionary council in one nine hundred sixty nine he
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confirms the story of a heated exchange over religion where suddenly a. female . lawyer husseini confirms the truth is hard to ascertain without conclusive evidence . that the. how long. it talian journalist stefan yellin miti has followed the case of us
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others disappearance she does not believe there was murdered on a point of religious dispute from coming day. why has an italian journalist been following the case of a lebanese a man who disappeared in libya. the answer there is an italian connection to the story three tickets were booked in the name of. and his two companions alitalia flight eight eighty one heading from tripoli to rome. the libyan authorities requested urgent entrance visas for us and yacoob from the italian embassy in tripoli their french visas issued in beirut were cancelled.
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there is evidence that passports of assad her and his companions were altered. on that evening the thirty first nine hundred seventy eight souther and his two companions were driven to the departure terminal of tripoli airport. exit stamps found later in the passports were dated on that day. but did they actually leave libya. what is known is that three men carrying their passports and bearing their names did board the flight to rome. shortly before midnight the alitalia plane landed in rome airport. men carrying the passports of a man who saw our souther and shaikh mohammed who had entry visas stamped.
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he. a transit to use it was issued for the man carrying the passport of. his passport has to this day never been recovered. the three men left the airport after midnight. the libyan embassy in rome it is believed that the three men spent the night here. the next morning september the first nine hundred seventy eight two men checked in at the holiday inn hotel in rome. one was bearded and dressed in a religious robe the other was in civilian clothes the two men checked in for two rooms and paid in cash for a one week stay at the hotel. ten minutes later the two men were seen leaving the hotel both dressed in civilian clothes and carrying luggage.
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ten days after the disappearance of the a man italian police discovered the luggage and passports of other. crew in the hotel in rome. but. something i something i thought. either. the italian authorities interrogated crew and passengers of the alitalia flight as
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well as staff at the airport and the hotel after a nine month investigation in a nine hundred seventy nine the italian authorities concluded that a man with some other and his two companions had not entered italy the libyan regime continued to insist that a southerner and his two companions had left tripoli for libyan assertions were unconvincing is especially as good kept changing his story. couldn't have been more how well it. had. a lot of this if you want to critique it mean anything with. the killer massage and they will be said. of the feel. i want to talk a. little more the more vulnerable than even the many.
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others given what i think of it. we have to be really sure what to do. though to get a lot of the idea we're going to really going to do what he would never let me leave you. we're under thirty who doesn't really understand will move. on the most of. the lebanese government and the families of those missing remain suspicious of gadaffi his declarations they held the libyan leader responsible for the abductions. there were also questions around a possible italian role in the strange affair. and our start up it should be only date anti cause the level of the sport he said.
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much. of the story of the. libya trip or the. security. mess this incident. for. a year after the disappearance of. other and his two companions the libyan regime details of its preliminary investigation to italian authorities. italy contested the libyan account saying its conclusions were flawed to counter these charges the libyan regime produced employees who testified to the departure of the a man and his two companions from libya. al jazeera met former immigration officer abdurahman go away lawyer who was working in tripoli airport on the night the him and his two companions disappeared. we
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went with abdirahman go to his former workplace at the immigration office. it was here in december nine hundred seventy nine that he is then boss called omar kuwait or had ordered him to bear false witness what would your lady be her. what and then been. out of her. field. for good i can look at that and they could. sort of. limit the matter they could have. the best let them have a do whatever that. has it and then upload the alice or
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her does that have to be. another libyan immigration officer who worked at the airport was also compelled by libyan security agents to testify that he had seen. her and his two companions leave tripoli. but that and with it because of the really. early leave. from what i was and i'm the sort of. you know. because you know. i am going to show that. only the. which of late i want to share that. will fix very very smart water and peace with a different. mood with
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a shared with other good ones. that i remember. where i lived. on january the first one nine hundred eighty abdurahman go away or was summoned by libyan intelligence to confirm his testimony. but betty really sort of put off. sort of the year was sort of. while he. would be headed there was indeed the. one week later the two immigration officers and the tarhouni will each summoned for further questioning by the libyan judiciary. criticism i took.
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with me to the battle could. you could. but it. was in. everything when you have. had the vision due. to be worthwhile the ships that are on the. missile sub. that there was a bust but what about a month or so that there was there was a battle there for a while about as there was that the level i had. in two thousand and five duffy asked italian prime minister silvio berlusconi to
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reopen the investigation into the case of. course in rome subsequently reported that there was no new evidence but the report hinted a father and his two companions might have disappeared in italy. italian lawyer has followed the case of the disappearance he's skeptical of the reports from the court ordered by berlusconi.
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but. after the fall of gadhafi regime in two thousand and eleven a number of his former aides spoke out about what had happened to. other abdulrahman shall go former libyan foreign minister claimed the man and his companions had been killed by palestinian militant abu nidal who had been close to gadhafi. another top aide of the libyan leader ahmed ramadan claimed during a t.v. interview following his arrest that gadhafi is communication secretary. was linked to the disappearance. former government minder who is skeptical of ramadan claims.
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however and fee. then they are not. only among the mom of the shut the sons of gadhafi secretary. have denied the accusations against their father they produced his death certificate stating he died on march the seventh one thousand nine hundred seventy eight in a plane crash five months before. visited libya. major abdul muna who also heard stories about the fate of the other has. said that. you. never should.
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there are numerous different and sometimes contradictory stories about the fate of in other and his two companions the uncertainty is compounded by the fact that no bodies have ever been discovered. in beirut the lebanese judiciary and the families of those missing have never been convinced by reports from libya. who had. had a. better way. than in the early. early. besides stories of their
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murder there have also been reports of the him and his two companions being held at one time or another in secret prisons in libya. a former prison guard. was arrested after gadhafi his downfall he was himself in prison and. sources from inside the prison were most sodas held told al-jazeera of what he revealed under interrogation. by sewed claimed he had guarded. between one thousand nine hundred ninety two and nine hundred ninety five in a secret prison in tripoli. we were not granted permission to meet and interview must so rude. the former prison. in north tripoli holds another story. al-jazeera visited the place with witness. and former prisoner. who says he was imprisoned here in two
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thousand and one and he remembers seeing on the wall of his cell the words. that. time may have raised the words. to say. how. well that as. our each year lebanon's shia community marks the day of the disappearance. shortly after gadhafi was killed lebanon sent an investigation team to tripoli which visited
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a number of jails and detention centers in several cities. was. the team pave the way for a high level lebanese diplomatic mission to meet libya's new leaders the delegation included the son of. the lebanese and libyan government agreed to make renewed efforts to investigate the secret prisons and to question former members of the libyan regime. i think.
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many state secrets may have gone to the grave with colonel muammar gaddafi. the disappearance and presumed murder of him solder and his two companions still raises questions to this day. sadder often spoke of the need for truth and justice for those without a voice. his words ring truer than ever not least to resolve the case of his own strange disappearance.
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for thousands of years families and shepherds lived off this land. but such a traditional way of life is on the increase in fact. al-jazeera world travels to the jordan valley where illegal settlements are expanding and the israeli military cordons off more of the land. what will become of the palestinian families and does
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the palestinian authority have any power to help shepherd of the jordan valley on al-jazeera. oh oh . hello there it's mostly dry and fine force across the middle east at the moment in the northern part of our map though we do still have a little bit more in the way of clouds we've seen a few showers recently from the black sea across towards the caspian sea we can expect a few more showers here over the next few days as well and the place where we're likely to see one or two showers on friday is around marty but i think as we head into saturday a better chance of a dry one for the south is just hot for most of us now including for us in baghdad where our temperatures will be getting to around forty six degrees but further towards the south and here in doha the temperatures will be slowly creeping up as we head through the next few days so
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a maximum temperature of around forty but feeling a bit sticky as we head through friday saturday perhaps a little bit dry so the temperatures will be allowed to get higher but then they'll drop again as we head into sunday because sunday will be very humid and that humidity is going to stick with us over the next few days at least for the south more cloud here around parts of oman and that could just give us one or two showers around the coast as we head down towards the southern parts of africa plenty of sunshine here for most of us but there is a bit more cloud around the east coast that could just give us one or two showers and if we head into saturday that clears away but we do have some rain working towards cape town. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe and sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives
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them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on al-jazeera. australia changes leaders for the sixth time in eight years as the country's treasurer wins a policy showdown. i'm sam is a this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead children are the victims again then yemen as an air strike at a camp kills at least twenty three rebels blame the saudi
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u.a.e. coalition. a judge orders urgent medical treatment for ugandan opposition leader bobby wine but he'll be back in court on freezing charges within weeks. and carolers worst floods in a century so more than a million into shelters was it a natural disaster fundamentalists say no. australia will soon have its sixth prime minister in eight years also a leadership change that could yet have wider political implications malcolm turnbull was dumped after the second challenge by his party this week. turnbull now says he'll resign from parliament in the coming weeks forcing a byelection the ruling coalition has a majority of just one seat well this is the man who in a few hours will be sworn in as the new prime minister scott morrison served as
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turnbull's treasurer he was one of three challenges to term or when the leadership was put to the vote mr marson addressed the nation a short time ago. we have a lot of challenges as a country and we will get through them as we always have together now our job particularly for josh and i as we take forward this new mantle of leadership as a new generation. is to ensure that we not only bring our party back together which has been bruised and battered this week but that will enable us to ensure we bring the parliament back together that we can continue to work to ensure that our country stays close together let's cross over live now to kathy novak in sydney's has been a dramatic day plenty of speeches i think some of them are still ongoing what run us through what's been said.
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well malcolm turnbull as he was leaving his position as prime minister said that israel ian's would be appalled by what they have witnessed this week it has been a leadership crisis for malcolm turnbull he has been facing what he calls an insurgency from his opponents because he represents a more moderate side of the ruling party here in australia it's called the liberal party the broadly it is on the conservative more right wing of the spectrum and malcolm turnbull within that party is seen as a moderate and his opponents wanted to see a more conservative leader installed and that's when we saw an earlier leadership challenge on tuesday from a former minister peter dutton that was an exxon ix successful challenge but today petered out and came back and said this time he didn't have the numbers and he wanted to see another vote but then surprisingly it was the treasurer and former
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immigration minister scott morrison who emerged from that party room vote victorious he had been up until that time supporting malcolm turnbull to stay in his position but when malcolm turnbull said he would not contest the leadership again scott morrison stepped up and went on to win so now as we heard him say there his task really is bringing unity to this fractured party and straightly and really don't like to see these constant changes at the top and addressing australians he says amid all this talk of whose side people are on he wants them to know that he is on the side of a stray leigh and all right kathy novak reporting from sydney. malcolm turnbull is the fourth sitting australian prime minister to be thrown out of office since two thousand and ten just before that year's elections then labor leader kevin rudd was replaced by his deputy judy guillard brito at the leadership from
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june two thousand and thirteen but his party was beaten in that year's election by the liberals led by tony abbott abbott van lost a leadership challenge to mount turnbull in september two thousand and fifteen and i would bet it is deputy director of the astray in situ to a public policy think tank joins us now from camera good to have you with us so why does australia have a new prime minister today is it revenge politics is malcolm turnbull hinted certainly revenge politics has had a lot to do with the same instability in the leadership on both sides of politics are the last decade but the three lions through all of it took both sides of politics have pain issues of climate change that's what all those last two years later shipped to the previous challenger tony abbott. certainly kevin rudd's
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decision to dump one of his signature climate policies was. really i think public support and support of his party i've actually and the lesson from malcolm turnbull's leadership. and its wake i think is that he had sought to. climate skeptics we need to own party and that strategy did not work why does the country then have so many prime ministers lately. well partly it's to do with the internal politics of the age side of politics here and where parliamentary democracy our lady is on directly elected by the public. geographic area each electorate in australia elects that and bob and then the political party and a majority puts forward our nominee it's nominee for the prime minister so the
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parties themselves have the capability if they are unhappy are removing a prime minister meets him without going to go to the general colum lynch labor as i said it's had similar problems it has changed its own internal hiding rules to prevent this type of things from happening recognising that we've been astray out disunity is dead as we say but the liberal party and national parties haven't got around to that and so we're staying at a concerted effort from the previous prime minister today stabilised malcolm turnbull's prime ministership and today i think he succeeded now if he does go through thermal does go through as expected to resigning from parliament that leads us to a by election right where does that leave the country. so at the moment the terms of the previous temple government had a very slim majority are one wentworth which is our former prime minister malcolm
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turnbull's state in new south wales fairly well to do. how that very comfortably for very many years. if he does resign and go to a byelection as he's indicating it then that really does put that threat. new prime minister scott morrison ability to form a government it is a safe state byelection senatorial sleep difficult for sitting governments. here in australia and it would not be unheard of if a very good independent candidate where to raise their hand could state what was once a safe liberal state go to a prominent independent or indeed be elected as a wentworth could register their protest at the prime minister make unceremoniously dumped by these are in a political party and choose to vote in someone else as a protest vote but things look very difficult here for the new prime minister scott
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morrison the numbers are very precarious and the liberal party is not prepared for a federal election at this stage that we're doing everything that they can to try and hold that possibility off but they have got members of for example the national party keeping they've got men in coalition threatening to move to the crossbench so very difficult still very unstable and australians will be asking themselves what if anything has changed over what that would be gaining out of this change in the prime ministership even if the liberal party does secure the byelection secure those see will the more some government be any more stable you know given the internal fractures given the precarious situation of a one seat majority. it doesn't look to be a the case that it will be any more stable at. government and have
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a reasonable guarantee of stability but as i said members of its own coalition some of them have threatened to not quit their parties but quit the government and move to the crossbenchers in the parliament they're guaranteed supply and instead and confidence in politics and particularly in australian politics nowadays there are no guarantees and a lot of that will come down to the results are they byelection in the state of wentworth but there's also now a cloud hanging over our paid adoption who was the other challenge isolator shipped over his eligibility to standing parliament that's yet to be tested in the high court and there's concern that he's profiting from commonwealth monies which is not allowed under our constitution and as you might know where we've had several members of parliament having to resign and go by elections over the last couple of months mostly because of questions over their citizenship but i said the last
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couple of years of the strategy in politics really instability is one of the defining our. characteristics of government in recent years and i don't think any guarantees for the marston government as you become stronger used to be prime minister that he's going to have any easier time of it and they'll certainly be a lot of pressure for him to go to an early election a strain's have been elected they've had no choice in him becoming prime minister i don't think that's going to sit well with a strains and they'll face considerable pressure from the public as well as from other political parties in a strategy out to go to an election as soon as possible they won't want to do that at the very precarious numbers in the parliament and may force scott morrison to go to lection before he's ready. all right thanks so much for your analysis that avenue that. coalition air strike in yemen has reportedly killed at least thirty
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one people including women and children media says it happened in one day the province the group was near a camp for internally displaced people the u.a.e. says rebels were launching missiles from the area pull chata jan reforms. civilians once again have been the targets of saudi led coalition jets in yemen. iranian backed rebels say at least thirty one people including women and children were killed in an attack on their convoy in the western province of what data dead children and women disgusting crime the victims were trying to escape a camp in al couey which the coalition says was being used to launch missiles. they hit us while we were on the road this little boy was spared unlike the forty four children killed two weeks ago in another strike that aerial bombing on august ninth targeted a bus full of.


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