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older children long for a home they no longer have but for his youngest it's a home he fears she may never know. but the refugee camp cox is bizarre with it so he is facing to death in a cook all save the children and she says an entire generation of. children has suffered a terrible terrible experience coming out that this is really bane a children's crisis of fifty five percent of the people in this camp a little kids and what we've found is that children have been through things that no child should have after experience many children seen a parent's killed in front of them that had to have a long hard journey that they arrived here with basically no food and had to survive now in these camps for many of the about about a year now it's horrible it's not a place where children should be living they live in tiny show which is made out of bamboo and plastic on mud to floor is surrounded by garbage exposed to all sorts of
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diseases this is a critical situation for children basically thousands of children arrived in these camps on their own unaccompanied or separated from their parents about six thousand of them we were able to stay. out of this group there's an assumption that many of them could be reunited with their families and what we found with this effect meant was that fifty percent of the kids that were now caseload have been found to be opened which means that their parents were killed in the violence in my and before coming here many of the children have eyewitness reports of their parents and killed in front of them. or been just finding that just again highlights the tragedy to situation. now palestinian leaders are strongly criticize the u.s. decision to cut more than two hundred million dollars in aid saying it shows how washington is using aid to influence policy the u.s. has already withheld millions of dollars from the un relief agency for the palestinians the state department says the money will be redirected to programs
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that quote aligned with the u.s. interests relations between the u.s. and palestinians have deteriorated after president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in them is the u.s. embassy that child's shop and has more from gaza. it's difficult to know which projects will be directly affected by this announcement of more than two hundred million dollars being held with by the u.s. but it's safe to say that american funding has been doing in recent years certainly the last two years seventy five million dollars sent each year for palestinian projects we understand most of that went to hospitals in jerusalem as well as electricity projects here in gaza. let's put it in context it was earlier this year that the us said that it was withholding around three hundred million dollars from on the united nations relief and works agency here that's had a massive impact so the u.n.
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say hundreds of people made redundant in that organization and when you look at the level of suffering which gazans have enjoyed now for nearly twelve years of israel's land air and sea blockade around ninety percent of gaza's water is on drink kubel around four hours of electricity only being received in certain areas of gaza rule sewerage being pumped into the ocean fifty percent of the population living under the poverty line fifty percent on the employment down here so yes this announcement from the us if you get more money being held withheld for palestinian projects could potentially have a massive impact not only here in gaza but the occupied west bank also. the turkish foreign minister has warned against a possible syrian government offensive in italy province this is the last remaining opposition stronghold in syria and it's home to the world's biggest population of i.d.p.'s or internally displaced people
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a military operation would put millions of lives at risk acim calls the early reports from a glib city. nearly three million people are trapped in the northwestern province of it that syria's largest remaining rebel held area if the government launches a full scale attack two and a half million syrians could try to flee to the turkish border that's been a fact a list sealed since two thousand and fifteen. many here are now preparing themselves for the worst case scenario list of why should i be scared assad has already been killing us for seven years our families brothers and sisters even the children it doesn't a difference i did not on the job we won't leave our nation alone again we will defend our people and told the last breath. if that has provided a refuge for some syrians roughly health of its civilian population is displaced from elsewhere in the country. the so-called syrian government is a civil authority formed in the province last year and backed by the hardline rebel
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coalition. formerly known as the looser front a group the turkey russia and the us consider a terrorist organization and was once linked to al qaida. such as how would the salvation government step into prime minister joschka who say's they are not an opposition but the revolution itself. it would be a disaster and a catastrophe if such an attack happens because even rich and able governments can't evacuate three or four million people quickly in such difficult conditions that we are living in it is a part of it that's at the center the obvious stronghold for the syrian opposition this is a calm here compared to other offices and held areas but if there is enough that this will be the last battle before the syrian government takes full control of the country opposition groups in it that are attempting to unify international army with turkey's help to try and overcome and
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a division but. has not offered its support yet president bashar al assad has dropped leaflets over there calling for rebel groups to surrender and this may be the new unifying factions that he and god willing and we hope that it could help the country and the revolution we hope all the factions can be joined under one name that there would be tickets and usually what you would never waste our martyrs on the widows blood we need to remember those who suffer in the prisons and the woman. for now those living in syria has lost opposition stronghold can only wait to see what happens next. al-jazeera at the city north versus syria. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. his main opposition leader rejects a coup. drooling which confirmed m. is a man and god as president. he got it in forgotten internally displaced yemenis find nothing to celebrate during the muslim holiday of eight. and his record
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sounds dennis is stone man grabs tony's gold at the asian games will have the best of yet coming out. of china says it's seriously concerned about u.s. allegations that it's partly responsible for a lack of progress in denuclearization tools with north korea on friday president trump said a planned visit by his secretary of state might prompt you to pyongyang will be delayed announcing the move on twitter president trump accused beijing of easing pressure on north korea following the start of a trade war between china and the us south korea has called trump's decision unfortunate she have a chance he has more from washington. just a few days ago doldrum been pretty upbeat about negotiations with north korea telling reuters that pyongyang had taken steps towards denuclearization of missile
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testing and stalled and he was looking forward to another summit with north korea however house to be said mike compares last trip to north korea was a bit of a disaster by many accounts even snubbing compare there was a great deal of pressure for something tangible to come out of this one from the bows now have more hawkish people around him drawn bolton is national security advisor for example but it is striking in these tweets but all drop is still very diplomatic very respectful towards chairman kim and he says he still does want a summit to take place at some point in the future. in the democratic republic of congo opposition leader john pierre bemba has been told that he can't compete in the upcoming presidential election the election commission says it's rejected his application because he's been charged by the international criminal court with tampering with witnesses is seen as a possible front runner for the presidency he returned to kinshasa to take part in the vote after serving a decade in prison for war crimes he has
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a week in which to appeal well harry or her is here with me on set he's a professor of government at georgetown university here in doha and harry is a specialist in this particular area d.l.c. great lakes so he has a week in which to appeal but is that it is that it is he's lost is his chance now to contend in december's elections or his team is likely to go through the motions or at least try to lodge their appeal but it's extremely unlikely that this will result in anything productive from his from his you point but then this was always going to be the case i mean the electoral commission which is supposedly independent has long been painted by ben burned by his supporters as deeply partisan as coming up with inflammatory statements or inflammatory rules so what is most likely to happen is indeed supporters will take to the streets and will seek to find other ways extralegal ways to try to shape this this election this process
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perhaps even to boycott it or to try to derail it and of course to try to appeal for for international support because that is there could be crucial in the next coming couple of days if foreign embassies and foreign missions would weigh in and would lead present could we don't know that this is unacceptable there might be another solution is found we are in the current position whereby the opposition have decided to team up basically and to pitch one candidate as the opposition figure bender is seen as one of those who have perhaps the best chance against the kabila but candidate which is what we have now what now if. who does that who will lead this opposition charge for the presidency come december what is going to be a very big problem in this historical program of the opposition being on able to agree on a consensus candidate to challenge the president or the presidential majority but there's also the very particular problem of the three leading candidates is by far politically speaking at least the best candidate is a man who speaks the language of the street who has genuine backing all across
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western congo despite this checkered record that you refer to in terms of human rights in terms of corruption and so if he's ruled out that really only leaves felix the security dishonor the erstwhile opposition leader big he many ways lags both the financial means but also perhaps some of the of the of the political organization outside his core areas to really take this fight to the president so in many ways this is very good news for president kabila and his backers and. that of the kind of of president kabila because their main their main rival has been has been at least officially ruled out in many ways a lot of what we're discussing is academic isn't it really because nobody really expects it expects this to be a free and fair election and the candidate that has been backed by could be the is the one who is going to reign supreme and what everybody is expecting is a kind of putin medvedev arrangement whereby we have to be pulling the strings from behind that is indeed what i think most people are are suspecting and it seems that
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this is what the president is trying to do this being said one would make a mistake in knots allowing for the possibility that some violence on the street for example and. as i said extra legal opposition by bemba and others could derail the process altogether and then we might be in for him are far more fluid and fragile scenario because at the moment the state in the market to go public of congo is very very weak it does lost control over large swathes of the territory and in that sense you know if there is no election is there is no credible process we may see a further unraveling of of the state itself and therefore more violence harry verhoeven thank you very much indeed thank you. political uncertainty looms over zimbabwe as the country prepares for the inauguration of m s m one and gaga as the next president the main opposition candidate has rejected friday's constitutional court ruling which conferred one on gaga as a new leader but it's not just politics that's on people's minds but also leningrad
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was legacy under the former president robert mugabe at least twenty thousand people were killed by the army when he was the state security minister in the one nine hundred eighty s. malcolm weapons when speaking to some of the survivors. it was right here that henry cabot says soldiers abducted him and tied him up he was in one thousand nine hundred eighty three zimbabwe's government said it was fighting a rebellion here in a matter barely land region henry says even though he was nothing to do with it he was taken to a concentration camp and tortured for three weeks he saw prisoners died daily from their injuries their bodies burned in a pit don't. do. been . thirty five years on is still hard to tell the story. he says he narrowly survived when soldiers try to execute him in a forest and left him for dead the pilot. when robert mugabe
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sent the army to matabele land in the one nine hundred eighty s. investigators say at least twenty thousand people were killed many in the region say the massacres were to suppress the support base of his political rival at the time survivors say there's been no justice and mugabi was finally forced from power by the army nine months ago led to elections that took place in july some people wondered if zimbabwe's presidential election might bring change the opposition say it was rigged the electoral commission denies it the ruling party's presidential candidate incumbent president. was announced the winner he was once the right hand man of former leader. at the time of the massacres he was state security minister the first major investigation into the killings was written by human rights lawyer david coltart. he says the involvement of men and some of his ministers means things were changed i think it's unlikely that they would ever want
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a complete truth telling because the entire story of their involvement will unravel from their perspective. and that would be very damaging politically to them so we don't expect justice under them. penned a commission to matter baby lamb to investigate shortly after taking office in november was this is the reaction it got protesters blocked proceedings the government says it will deliver justice with the commission's independent doesn't doesn't work under the direction of anybody it will do what it feels is right we expect nothing but for accountability and for and taking off what happens if the exceptional situation henry and the other survivors are still waiting he says he just wants an apology from the people who ordered the atrocities and compensation he doesn't know if he'll ever get it malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe.
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kevin's here so that means it's time for the weather and behind you kevin that looks ominous hawaii that's very well it's not as bad as it was because we were talking about a category five hurricane before now it's a tropical storm but the big problem with this right now is it is moving so slowly and it's still providing quite a bit of flooding rain across much of anywhere from the big island of hawaii all the way over towards maui so right now two hundred ten miles to the south southwest of honolulu winds are the same as they were when they came on three hours ago at one hundred clams for hour the movement six kilometers per hour and that is the big problem when the storm is not moving that means rain continues to fall in the same areas so we have seen one hundred sixty thousand and thirty two millimeters of rain here in hilo as well as just to the just to the north northeast northwest we have seen about eleven hundred just over eleven hundred millimeters of rain some locations have seen even more than net so what you expect to see of the next few days well the storm is expected to make its way towards the west but in that area
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anywhere from the big island over towards maui even over towards honolulu we can still expect to see in the next two to three days three to four hundred millimeters of rain so flash flooding mudslides landslides power outages are still going to be a major problem as well as road closures across many of the areas that need recovery as well as relieve. still to come here. ecuador lifts border restrictions to allow entry to venezuela's fleeing economic crisis. and coming up in support ferrari's formula one team owners of victims of the genuine bridge. and instantly shifting news cycle receive in change in america tweet the listening post takes questions the world's media double will be of the details the climate
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cannot be convicted two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language it's their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how the news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what. the listening post on al-jazeera.
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turns to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera repugnant and also a shame for the catholic community these were the words of pope francis on his first visit to ireland a country that faced it share of abuse by priests the pontiff. to meet some of the victims later today the irish prime minister told the pope that action must follow words on tackling abuse. range of refugees living in bangladesh are protesting to mark a year since a military crackdown forced them to flee their homes in miriam are there now more than seven hundred thousand or hinder staying in camps near the border. the us is crossing more than two hundred million dollars in aid from its programs in gaza and the occupied west bank relations between the u.s.
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and palestinian leadership have deteriorated since president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the american embassy in may right we can speak to salomé in ramallah in the occupied west bank he's a former policy advisor to the palestinian prime minister that this is come as a surprise and the donald trump's administration is preparing to back up the rather frosty relationship with action and taking away a much needed aid. well it doesn't come as a surprise because if we watch the american the trend of the american aid to the palestinian authority frankly it has been declining since two thousand and ten if you look back at the figures america gave police authority and the palestinian people are owned one billion one hundred and fifty nine million dollars in two thousand and ten and today is almost close to zero so i think by making this announcement the american administration is trying to bully the still thirty to
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accept a deal that simply does not think that it is at the interest of the palestinian people this is a bullying method was used in the past but it did not what it wasn't effective and i don't think it will be effective now right but aid is increasingly i mean globally aid is increasingly being used as a foreign foreign policy tour is increasingly being is not for humanitarian purposes alone but in order to further a policy objectives isn't it so america is not alone in this. well i think america is alone frankly america is has cut it significantly to the palestinian authority unlike other countries especially other western countries especially the e.u. and i think this story both decision is going to push the palestinian leadership to even take a harder line so i think it will it is going to fire back on the american policy in
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terms of accepting or not accept or i am eric and will i was actually going to ask you what do you think the policy objective is then in so doing and increasing the hardship of the palestinian people which it undoubtedly well what exactly is the policy objective do you think. well the present objective is to take down the the deal of the century. which is the way the palestinians view it is it's completely designed to to end any hope for palestinians for states and any hope for palestinians for the future for palestinians and i think the protesting in leadership is very determined to clearly to to to lobby and to take this deal done and i think it's going to also push the policy of leadership to look elsewhere for support away from america could be europe it could be russia could be other countries but it will not certainly be the u.s.
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because the gap of distrust between the two sides is the widest it has ever been in decades and i'll far do you think the u.s. administration that has undermined its own position with regard to israel palestine . well the palestinian people do not trust anything that comes from the from the american administration anymore and if the american administration thing using. money to try to pressure palestinians to accept something they don't want to accept i don't think that is going to happen i think if palestinians anything they are more resilient than anything else and i think they will figure out a way to survive without the american money already the policy of the authorities. basically internal revenues is increasing they depend less and less and less on foreign aid anyway so the american decision is coming at
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a convenient time for palestinians in a way if that decision was made in two thousand and ten or eleven i think will have a much larger impact than today but it's simply do not need american money to survive and i certainly would not make them do something that they don't want to do the right asked and salomé talking to us live from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you very much thank you meanwhile half of gaza's population are under the age of seventeen and some of them have already left three three was andrew simmons is being to visit a young girl his son living with the trauma of a severe head injury that she sustained in the twenty fourteen war. look into how you would never guess what this child has been through. namable food is six yet she's suffered both pain and anguish for most of her short life. she's aged two here in the twenty fourteen gaza war she sustained what was described as life
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changing head injuries intricate surgery in turkey and three months of recuperation there saved her life. it was an israeli air attack that very nearly killed nama. not this one. nor this. these are recent strikes a whole night of bombardment with outgoing hamas rockets and continued attacks from israel claiming it struck more than one hundred fifty m. a star gets before what's meant to be a truce. the sound alone was enough to make namma relive the war and. than any other when she hears the sound of what planes she gets very scared at and says i want to go back to turkey there's no warplanes in turkey. dead beaver able to sleep and have our awning voter and the mess and divert she
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starts screaming and heights that cavezzo and i had do you want to go. over and over nemesis turkey i want to go there and whisper as they hit me here now as mother is distraught she says she often cries for her daughter she and her husband won't let her play like the boisterous children know that doorstep. and even though she wants to go to school her parents were letter. her father says he feels helpless because he can't support his family on a good month he might earn a hundred dollars on a market stall in the street but it badly covers his rent his landlord has an eviction order place the family live in a neighborhood where poverty is the norm worse than that they're inside the rules of gaza effectively it's like a prison what is life like in gaza well that's not really an accurate more of an existence and this existence phenomena is one of many short sad stories different
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and don't tell the suffering is much the same. nama has to depend on the love of a family and hope that one day some sense may prevail instead of a resumption of the war that still rages inside this little girl's head andrew symonds al-jazeera gaza city. well yes i will jam a is director general gaza's community mental health program he says children in gaza are living in a constant state of trauma. unicef said recently that one in four trillion is in need for some sort of psychological. support and you think that. most of the children are living under some sort or impacted by some sort of trauma but one of the reasons that keeps the doesn't community thinking of moving forward is then the cement they won me makes and his children which means that everyone is there looking for
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a brighter. future for the child so everyone is pushing the children to do well at the education at the schools and then later at universities but unfortunately in the recent years we see more from him is at school for example of violence among children and those are the last could achieve meant and this are warranting conditions of course we need to keep in mind that generally people here like you know affected by three factors one of them is the ongoing conditions when you speak about two thirds of the populations artificially is when you speak about an area and a patient for decades and then when you speak about the blockade that is hindering the development and on the contrary making things are like the living conditions worse. the people of interest testing in the iraqi city of bears are after hundreds of them fell to drinking contaminated water iraq's government is investigating what caused the latest outbreak residents in this oil rich city of a now where the last few months because of a basic a lack of services i saw
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a binge of age reports. people in basra have been uploading videos of what comes out of their water tanks contaminated water which appears to be unusable and unsafe some have conducted particle tests on their own and see the water being provided is not fit for drinking hundreds of people have been treated in hospitals in the last few days with stomach related complaints aches and diarrhea says there are many poisoning cases my own family members have been affected and when i took them to hospital i was surprised to see so many other poisoning cases because of water. oil rich buzzer is iraq's second city with a population of more than two and a half million people for years its facilities and water treatment plants have been neglected using various tests iraq's government has identified deteriorating water quality along the tigris euphrates and the shuttle rob people blame politicians for making matters worse since to attend any of those corrupt politicians cannot even help the fish in this water to survive things that be able to help our country.
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even animals in europe enjoy some dignity compared to us here in iraq air and water are necessary for life but now there is no water and. the anger has again reached the streets dozens of people have been protesting against the lack of solutions from the government civil society activists and lawyers have filed cases against the governor of the head of the municipal council and the directors of water and health authorities. the people buster are demanding the provision of uncontaminated drinking water as well as health services and good education these are constitutional rights the constitution is merely in qana paper and has not been properly applied to serve the citizens at all. iraq's ministry of environment calls water contamination a very dangerous situation and it's in addition to the lack of water in the province in a statement it said the hell directorate staff and technical teams are working
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around the clock under the directions by health and environmental ministries to figure out immediate and long term solutions for the issues of pollution and. since last month there have been widespread protests in the province people have been demanding jobs and better public services including water and electricity prime minister hydrilla by these government has faced strong criticism for not addressing the basic demand of people here. and as more people fall sick because of a lack of clean drinking water that anger is likely to continue a summer job there. then is of muslims across the world have been celebrating. thousands of internally displaced yemen is the festival hasn't been a time of chair alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. there's no place for celebration here this is a time for survival and little war. for thousands of families who escape the fighting who did you know stay in an old school block in sanaa somewhere to live.
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but not a place anyone would call home. to do that than. eat used to be more joyful as they used to celebrate the occasion with their families relatives and friends on the contrary it here in the camp is filled with sorrow and grief as we are living the tragedy of being away from home and our loved ones however we thank god for what we have for many here a moment of joy when a smile breaks across the face is a stolen moment. a chance to forget the reality of where they are and what they are unsure of in the past we used to celebrate aid with family and friends today we feel like we're being imprisoned in this camp we cannot go out or have fun we used to visit our relatives and friends joining used to go to the beach or the park but here there's nothing at all. most of the families here came from the port city of who did or thousands of families have come here since the saudi led coalition began the largest the song says that almost four year war began aiming to seize the port
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and the city's airport it's estimated more than one hundred thousand people have fled the city since the beginning of june as muslims around the world wrap up the eve celebrations for the refugees here in sanaa there's no point in celebrating that will be kept for another day that i will cannot even eat used to be a gas paradise on earth but now we're living in hell deceit is things we cannot feel the joy or pleasure of their cage and nor can our children as we are away from home the data when the war will be over we will return home and celebrate the best ever there is no eat away from our home city it is meant to show the bones of muslim brotherhood and sisterhood a time when everyone is equal but for the.


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