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tv   My Dancing Heart  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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for. safety it's like the place where all the suv sit and fear filled up and that is a lot of people who love you around you if there is local to love you i don't feel we don't feel safe. we have people we are yellow we have all this and that's why we come to you at all because for for letting you know that is all right it's not like people descend on the part of the house district a lot of different country or disk risk and this was the will of the field that he is dead as you will right so we feel like if it's a whole lot of us if it's. emanuel isn't the only one who's being encouraged to make his voice heard through the theater so i was also keen to show how positive experience of arrival in germany until gratitude at the welcome has received. even the thoughts of home a never far away i at the end of a fuss about it yeah oh my that was any of. those she knows that in comparison
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to other refugees she and her children a fortunate they come from one of the five countries given priority status by the german state iraq syria iran eritrea and so malia their applications are processed more rapidly and help is provided more quickly upon their arrival the family were housed briefly in an abandoned military base before being moved to more permanent accommodation the city pays their rent and the cost of heating for. almost the same detail home i want to be in the mail was named by a con artist from the lao should go to any. office on l.a.'s. in addition to the housing so odd receives around one thousand euros a month to support herself and her family and to children were immediately inroad in local schools. eighteen months after their arrival
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seven year old that i one now speaks german as well as she speaks arabic and is even starting to learn english i. went when the bears did did. a local charity worker sabina has been helping the family through their arrival in germany needs to do a good feel good to get home. today she has some good news so our son who is ambitious to one day be an electrical engineer has managed to find him some vocational training which will begin in a few weeks. from jacksonville but was just a little it was rather distributed to shoot some color kind on for him. when you
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have something new or interesting to. know it's all for his or coming here from syria and iran want to study secret difficult to get to the german system that quickly to get into the language if you're going that level to study two countries another way to control your printer ship and if you want to study the treaty electrical engineering you do an apprentice should like it as an electrician and loads of knowledge. as part of its integration program the german government has insisted that all new arrivals learn german. every morning so on sets off to school for four hours of lessons and ani model their body their stalls and any fee that may also that my team you know we always how we mit. yeah should be more. than big. stands a bit i'm all for names that i in
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a car go between as a when i know cargo or common zebras or indeed to own your basin in the midterm or the low. altitude villani morse that is e in deutschland leave been. here don't do this much to play a against side thank you mother. in my young richie funny feeling dizzy again you know if you don't see him there and if you wait a minute to minute to see who would stand up to shout i know fargo's then it would only. get you anywhere. your hero you know like there is nothing good to see out here and i. was looking up from time i think. i was having that. line it's about well living in germany speaking a little bit but not fluent in so it's not
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a problem when you make some mistakes we have an examination i'm at the end of this course and some basic the most important thing is that they can speak and we can understand their language lessons are funded by the state and free for refugees from the five countries given party status by the german government but the oversubscribed with two hundred thousand people nationally still in need of a place it means that not all the refugees and detmold have received the same treatment. our children who are not only should have to get a friend market bubbles in the us but out there in the invest. it better than it was a shelf of proof is true to which if i'm sure you talked on. the show for just in case you. say yeah tough then there is because he's from sudan which isn't on the government's priority list emanuel doesn't have access to as much support as
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other refugees it's something of a sore point for me at the house but i tend to love to make a general calls for free it felt to me that you know how to give us said. why not me and let me use it's not like i would if you started other people. the language problem is still a common stumbling block to full integration there is plenty of work here in theory in two thousand and fourteen germany opened its doors to refugees promising gainful employment. with an aging population and affording both free to countries and die in need of manpower but like many thousands of others emanuel will only really benefit when he can speak german competently. staying in the industry in the meantime he's restricted to unskilled was only three hundred fifty euros a month reasons for coming here. for
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now emmanuel works for charitable organization it collects unwanted funicello to distribute free of charge to low income households. we just take it to our place and if i. decide needs someone is a need to come in our place. and if you see that something is going to take it. this is like shopping but without money. i understand the cereals need and someone use something so when i go daddy and some people come into don't have anything in to get something it's making yourself feel good. how much you want it i thought you saw the need in the communal as i see it on the island i don't think of the president of egypt i know i came over to the depths of the hottest been if. it's a hit from the moby dick you know if there's a ship as i did this will be
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a thirty year old dhoni out there you know back in sudan emanuel had a senior position at a five star hotel. but here in germany he must make do with work as a removal man number less he considers himself internet for now. he said he read. mine things i visit to do some things that make me to think i saw i meet new people that is i have some celebrity every day i have to work morning. to do my job as a human being so it's helping a lot it's not only about money it's had believed to be healthy but even with a steady job under his belt emanuel fears that he will be allowed to stay in germany. try to get. a strawman emissions happening. you know it's a complete one up you know doesn't you know is there something in there but here is his german friend who really has been helping him with his residency application he
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loves his warehouse she's why i'm here and she's my best friend and sister and somebody and she's my everything that he did with so many refugees to deal with the state is swamped with asylum requests and sometimes it can take years before an application is processed. emanuel has been on the waiting list for eighteen months for humanitarian reasons we ask for complete stopping off him being rejected and beings sent from germany. i think we would be successful also in this because we we believe in him and there's enough proof that a man has been well integrated this working here so it's a good chance as i think this is all because all. away from the complex paperwork and concerns about employment and language skills that they had to perform it's finally coming together. as a section and this ng is activated in ny and some kalash. sure is that
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a see i just. know you do some collage and this in no way to money. right i mean me i just feel if i see it is love. this is just the theme for today's expulsion for fear of which still haunts some of the refugees . mr shims in my blue military. the highest us has only won the trashmen. man of until a full one after the un frizzy to. defund tying the. length. is veena act of mention. conant. an event he just unleashed out.
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and then all too quickly the big day arrives in debt most town square theater footpath for that performance. entitled a meeting in paradise it's to be a possible reflection on what sanctuary in germany has given to the refugees on. ants i cut. that out and if i am a god it is true that i am not going lead a snake he would say give those things i think ok to have you can feel the show begins with the story of the refugees as flight from home feel. feel.
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as if you did to get to this into this is to live in this is bad just to listen to. the but if you do anything. in the second top of the performance the audience is invited to get involved. so. they can taste the traditional soup listen to recitals from the migrants or sign up for some charity what. he believes to be good in the ninety's is because this is a big thank you. thank you and told you can go there and eat something all together if there's
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a big beef with the good and the good and see if i help out with and then to really add fuel relative to the old so like that was an official in the name just as an interesting since the end of its name and stuff she sacrifices but what it is by no means it would be wrong to conclude from this brief glimpse into germany's assimilation process no matter how successful it has been in detmold that refugee is a universally welcomed there is growing intolerance and frustration to be found here as elsewhere in europe and whether they do is remain open to migrants remains to be seen. for now though the one hundred plus million euros that is costing the german states seem to be being well satisfied. thanks it's just the beginning x. so they're going to try to understand each other and to need to get a six of in general all together. thanks.
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desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of century are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drive them home. in the second of two films on these contrasting experiences people and power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same problem. gambia back home on al-jazeera.
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they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade for europe's own consistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate vacuumed of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that about little produced. that ass in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take full. from sugar to rebellion episode two of slavery roots on al-jazeera. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes.
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in the meaning of all shall join the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all my blood when they. make it and survived the initial. sound of the boxset this is year. on al-jazeera. pope francis says he shares the outrage over the sexual abuse of children by priests as he makes his first visit to ireland. plumb fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also ahead. thousands of ranger refugees protest a year since the start of
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a military crackdown in myanmar the un has called ethnic cleansing. palestinian leaders strongly criticize a u.s. decision to cut more than two hundred million dollars in eight and peru imposes border restrictions impacting thousands of venezuelans as caping economic crisis. repugnant and a source of shame the words of pope francis are in his first visit to ireland where this renewed anger over the church's failure to prevent sexual abuse of children by the clergy the pontiff stopped short of issuing an apology the irish prime minister told the pope that action must follow words on tackling abuse multiple instances of sexual assault on children by paedophile priests and subsequent cover ups has turned some people away from the catholic church. and for the mental video clips here sticky the failure of
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a cliche as to cool forgeries the ship's religious superiors priests and others adequately to address these repellent crimes has rightly given rise to outrage and remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community i myself share those sentiments . much laundries mother and baby homes. industrial schools illegal adoptions and clerical child abuse are stains on our state our society and also the church. people kept in dark corners behind closed doors cries for help that went on hurt. and these wounds are still open. and there is much to be done to bring about justice and truth and healing for the victims and survivors live to large as there is. for us day one of the pope's two day visit to ireland the then the crowds are gathering for the festival of families what's the visit been like so far.
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this is really the climax of day one it's the end of the festival of families that's been taking place over the course of the entire week here in dublin it's a major global church event that takes place every three years croke park is one of the main stadiums in the irish capital we have a long standing link with the catholic community in dublin and we're expecting crowds possibly in excess of seventy thousand people here the pope will speak address the crowd to roughly an hour and three quarters time before that we are expecting celebrations all sorts of different performances so he clearly as you can probably understand he has been welcomed we've seen vast crowds lining the route as he drove through the center of the city but there are also undoubtedly demonstrations planned over the course of this week and a large one particularly on sunday although the pope has gone perhaps further than any other religious leader in the catholic church in addressing historical
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allegations of sexual abuse in the church many believe he hasn't gone far enough most certainly those people out to demonstrate want the pope to acknowledge that more should be done by him and the vatican to atone for the catholic church is past wrongs as you say need their supporters of the pope there but also. victims of abuse by the catholic church wow what do they make of the comments the pope made earlier today when addressing the issue of child sex abuse in the catholic church should he think that he went far enough. the general feeling among survivors is no he didn't go far enough it was important that the pope described sexual abuse as a quote repugnant crime acknowledging that of course it does have long lasting effects on many of the victims but he didn't as many survivors won't say exactly what the church will do in terms of bringing those guilty of sexual abuse to
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justice of hanging over potentially vast quantities of church documents and papers to legal thora to his legal entities in many of the countries that may be affected by clerical abuse also what's going to happen to senior figures within the church of freedom broiled in allegations of covering up sexual abuse over the years some senior clerics some of them cardinals have been listed and named in investigations in the united states in the run up to the pope's visit here to ireland so what people survivors first and foremost wanted were concrete steps although pope francis has fallen short of an absolute apology is accepted these were repugnant crimes but hasn't exactly what the pope what the church can do going forward when it comes to dealing with these historical allegations thank you for that nice brocken life for a same dappling. in other world news it's been a year since myanmar's military launched a crackdown leading to was called the ethnic cleansing of ranger hundreds of
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thousands of people fled to neighboring bangladesh. and the refugees have been holding peaceful protests demanding justice and a safe return to their homes and now more than seven hundred thousand people are living in camps near the border has become the world's largest refugee settlement bangladesh has signed a deal with myanmar to allow the refugees to return but the repatch relation process has been stalled. and has more from could to prolong campaign cox especially. the scenes out of good on campus they have. been absolutely extraordinary thousands of or hinder refugees demonstrating i have been to cox's are bangladesh this is my third time covering the region crisis and i have never seen demonstrations of this magnitude the refugees had to get special permission from the bangladeshi authorities in order to stage these demonstrations what we saw men women young and old demanding their rights demanding justice asking for the
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international community pleading with the international community to do more to help them but also saying that they want to make sure that the perpetrators of genocide as they say genocide has been taking place against them inside of me and they say that the perpetrators of the genocide of the accused being i mean the army they need to be held to account they need to be brought to justice by the international criminal court so really a remarkable day yesterday when we were speaking to organizers we were told that this might be some type of a sit in it might be even a quieter type of protest today very loud voices people in bold and to express their opinions to demand justice he asked the international community to do more for these seven hundred thousand actually more than seven hundred thousand people that have come here fled the violence in iraq and state and me and more in the past year now living in the world's largest refugee settlement where circumstances even though they're slightly improved are still extremely dire in afghanistan at least two people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the eastern city of jalalabad four others were injured after
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attack as detonated explosives near the election commission office thousands of protesters have gathered there in support of upon entry candidates who was disqualified over suspected ties to groups afghanistan's paan and chain actions is scheduled for october. palestinian leaders have criticized the u.s. decision to cut more than two hundred million dollars in aid saying it shows how washington is using aid to influence policy the u.s. has already withheld millions of dollars from the u.n. relief agency for the palestinians a state department says the money will be redirected to programs that align with u.s. interests relations between the u.s. and the palestinian leadership deteriorated after president down trump recognizer will stand as his ras capital and move the american embassy there in may. as a fund salamanca is a former policy adviser to the palestinian prime minister he says america is trying to bully palestinian people into accepting
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a deal but they won't give it well the brazil objective is to take down the deal of the century. which is the way the palestinians view it is it's completely designed to to end any hope for palestinians for states and a new hope for palestinians for the future for palestinians and i think the british the union leadership is very determined to clearly to to to lobby and to take this deal done and i think it's going to also push the producer leadership to look elsewhere for support away from america could be europe it could be russia could be other countries but it will will not certainly be the us because the gap of distrust between the two sides is the widest it has ever been in decades and if if the american administration thing using. money to try to pressure
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palestinians to accept something they don't want to accept i don't think that is going to happen i think if palestinians anything they are more resilient than anything else and i think they will figure out a way to survive without american money. well half of the people who live in gaza under the age of seventeen some of them have already lived through with three wars and this cause remain al-jazeera sandra simmons visited a young girl still living with the trauma less of year head injury she sustained in a twenty four timor. look into how eyes and you would never guess what this child has been through. namable food is six yet she suffered both pain and anguish for most of her short life. she's aged two here in the twenty fourteen gaza war she sustained what was described as life changing head injuries intricate surgery in turkey and three months of recuperation that saved her life. it was an israeli air attack that very nearly killed nama. not this one.
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nor this. these are recent strikes a whole lot of bombardment without going hamas rockets and continued attacks from israel claiming it struck more than one hundred fifty m. last august before what's meant to be a truce. the sound alone was enough to make namma relive the war and this most of the. planet i think you have up when she hears the sound of what planes she gets very scared and says i want to go back to turkey there's no warplanes in turkey. dead beaver able to sleep and have out on voter many masham devoured she started screaming and heights that cavezzo and i had do you want to go . over and over nemesis turkey i want to go there and whispers they hit me here
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now as mother is distraught she says she often cries for her daughter she and her husband won't let her play like the boisterous children know that doorstep. and even though she wants to go to school her parents were letter. her father says he feels helpless because he can't support his family on a good month he might earn a hundred dollars on a market stall in the street but it barely covers his rent his landlord has an eviction order place the family live in a neighborhood where poverty is the norm rather than that they're inside the rules of gaza effectively it's like a prison what is life like in gaza well that's not really an accurate more of an existence and this existence phenomena is one of many short sad stories different and don't tell the suffering is much the same. nama has to depend on the love of a family and hope that one day some sense.


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