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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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here now as mother is distraught she says she often cries for her daughter she and her husband won't let her play like the boisterous children know that doorstep. and even though she wants to go to school her parents were less or. her father says he feels helpless because he can't support his family on a good month he my journal hundred dollars on a market stall in the street but it barely covers his rent his landlord has an eviction order in place the family live in a neighborhood where poverty is the norm worse than that they're inside the rules of gaza effectively it's like a prison what is life like in gaza well that's not really enough. of an existence and this existence phenomena is one of many short sad stories different and don't tell the suffering is much to say. nama has to depend on the love of a family and hope that one day some sense may prevail instead of
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a resumption of the war that still rages inside this little girl's head. andrew symonds al-jazeera the gaza city. still ahead on al-jazeera zimbabwe's main opposition leader rejects a court ruling confirming hemis an angle as the president and not a drop of water hundreds of iraqis protest in basra against the city's power and water shortages. hello there well we are watching some humidity values starting to edge their way up here across the levant as well as down here towards the middle east take a look at the temperatures we're expectancy in kuwait now over the last few days it has been about forty seven forty degrees forty five degrees a little bit cooler but it's also going to be a little bit more humid there up towards baghdad forty five degrees as well and
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here on monday we do expect to see pretty much the same condition so very humid conditions so the heat index is going to make you feel very uncomfortable as are make a way down towards the middle east same situation is coming we are looking at winds out of the north really out of the northeast as well so for doha forty one degrees here on sunday but relatively middies could be up to about eighty five percent during the next time of the day over here towards dobby we are seeing forty two and then more clouds over here toward sauna partly cloudy conditions to mostly cloudy condition with a temperature of about twenty seven across parts of southern africa we are watching one funnel system push through but over the next few days we could be watching another one come into play that has for you is going to be really going to bring some cooler air into sports of cape town more rain across the area down towards the southeast and the southwest in the from cape down about twelve degrees but up towards him it's very partly cloudy day temperature if you have twenty two.
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ard. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories repugnant and
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a source of shame the words of pope francis on his first visit to ireland where there's renewed over the church's failure to prevent sexual abuse of children by the clergy upon tests stop short of issuing an apology the irish prime minister told the pope that action must follow words on tackling abuse. granger refugees living in bangladesh are protesting to mark one years since a military crackdown forced them to feed their homes in myanmar and more than seven hundred thousand were hanged just staying in camps near the border between bangladesh and myanmar and palestinian leaders have criticize a u.s. decision to cut more than two hundred million dollars in aid saying it shows how washington is using aid to influence policy the state department says the money will be redirected to programs that align with u.s. interests. in iraq people have been protesting in the city of basra after hundreds fell ill after drinking contaminated water iraq's government is investigating what
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caused this latest outbreak residents in oil rich basra have been angry over the last few months because of a lack of basic services osama bin javid reports. people in basra have been uploading videos of what on the out of their water tanks contaminated water which appears to be unusable and unsafe some have conducted particle tests on their own and see the water being provided is not fit for drinking hundreds of people have been treated in hospitals in the last few days but stomach related complaint aches and diarrhea. there are many poisoning cases my own family members have been affected and when i took them to hospital i was surprised to see so many other poisoning cases because of water. oil rich buzzer is iraq's second city with a population of more than two and a half million people for years its facilities and water treatment plants have been neglected using various tests iraq's government has identified deteriorating water quality along the tigris euphrates and the shuttle rob people blame politicians for
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making matters worse assim to attend to those corrupt politicians cannot even help the fish in this water to survive things that be able to help our country. even animals in europe enjoy some dignity compared to us here in iraq air and water are necessary for life but now there is no water and the anger has again reached the streets dozens of people have been protesting against the lack of solutions from the government civil society activists and lawyers have filed cases against the governor of the head of the municipal council and the directors of water and health authorities. the people buster are demanding the provision of uncontaminated drinking water as well as health services and good education these are constitutional rights the constitution is merely in qana paper and has not been properly applied to serve the citizens at all. iraq's ministry of environment calls water contamination a very dangerous situation and it's in addition to the lack of water in the
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province in a statement it said the health directorate staff and technical teams are working around the clock under the directions by health and environmental ministries to figure out immediate and long term solutions for the issues of pollution and. since last month there have been widespread protests in the province people have been demanding jobs and better public services including water and electricity prime minister hyderabad these government has faced strong criticism for not addressing the basic demand of people here was and is more people fall sick because of a lack of clean drinking water that anger is likely to continue for a job there. are millions of muslims around the world have been celebrating the. but for thousands of internally displaced yemenis the festival isn't a time to cheer alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. there's no place for celebration here this is a time for survival and little more. for thousands of families who escaped the
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fighting who did you know stay in an old school block in sanaa it's somewhere to live. but not a place anyone would call home. to do that than. eat used to be more joyful is used to celebrate the occasion with our families gravity's and friends on the contrary it here in the camp is filled with sorrow and grief as we are living the tragedy of being away from home and our loved ones however we thank god for what we have for many here a moment of joy when a smile breaks across a face is a stolen moment. a chance to forget the reality of where they are and what they are unsure of either in the past we used to celebrate aid with family and friends today we feel like we're being imprisoned in this camp we cannot go out or have fun we used to visit our relatives and friends joining used to go to the beach or the park but here there's nothing at all. most of the families here came from the port city of haditha thousands of families have come here since the saudi led coalition began
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the largest assault this is the almost four year war began aiming to seize the port and the city's airport it's estimated more than one hundred thousand people have fled the city since the beginning of june as muslims around the world wrap up the eve celebrations for the refugees here in sanaa there's no point in celebrating that will be kept for another day that i will cannot even eat used to be a gas paradise on earth but now we're living in hell deceit is speechless we cannot feel the joy or pleasure of their cage and nor can our children as we are away from home how data when the war will be over we will return home and celebrate the best aid ever there's no aid away from our home city it is meant to show the bonds of muslim brotherhood and sisterhood a time when everyone is equal but for those in yemen who feel neglected and forgotten. it's not something the ready to celebrate. for sure.
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in the democratic republic of congo opposition leader john pierre bemba has been told he cannot compete in the upcoming presidential election election commission says it's rejected his application because he's been charged by the international criminal court for tampering with witnesses members seen as a possible front runner for the presidency he returned to kinshasa to take part in the vote after serving a decade in prison for war crimes he has a week to appeal against the decision. the political uncertainty hangs over zimbabwe as a country prepares for the inauguration of. the next president the main opposition candidate has rejected friday's court ruling that concern has a new leader but it's not just politics that's on people's minds but also non-god was legacy under former president robert mugabe at least twenty thousand people were killed by the army when he was a state security minister in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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al jazeera as malcolm web spoke to some of the survivors. it was right here henry cabot says soldiers abducted him and tied him up he was in one thousand nine hundred three ways government said it was fighting a rebellion here in a much a barely learned region henry says even though he was nothing to do with it he was taken to a concentration camp and tortured for three weeks before prisoners died daily from their injuries their bodies burned in a pit don't you do do. you. been today thirty five years on it's still hard to tell the story he says he narrowly survived when soldiers try to execute him in a forest and left him for dead the. can. when robert mugabe sent the army to matabele land in the one nine hundred eighty s. investigators say at least twenty thousand people were killed many in the region say the massacres were to suppress the support base of his political rival at the
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time survivors say there's been no justice and mugabe he was finally forced from power by the army nine months ago led to elections that took place in july and some people wondered if zimbabwe's presidential election might bring change the opposition say it was rigged the electoral commission denies it the ruling zanu p.f. party's presidential candidate incumbent president. was announced the winner he was once the right hand of former leader. at the time of the massacres he was state security minister the first major investigation into the killings was written by human rights lawyer david coltart. he says the involvement of men and some of his ministers means things were changed i think it's unlikely that they would ever want a complete truth telling because the entire story of their involvement will unravel from their perspective. and that would be very damaging politically to them
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so we don't expect justice under them. then to commission to matter baby lamb to investigate shortly after taking office in november was i this is the reaction it got protesters proceedings the government says it will deliver justice the commission is independent doesn't doesn't work under the direction of anybody it will do what it feels is right we expect nothing but for accountability and for and taking off what's happened if the exceptional situation henry and the other survivors are still waiting he says he just wants an apology from the people who ordered the atrocities and compensation he doesn't know if he'll ever get it malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. russian opposition leader alexei navalny has been arrested outside his home in moscow now danny's spokeswoman said on twitter he had been taken to
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a local police station the reason for is detention is still unclear he was released in june after spending a month in jail for resisting the police and organizing and an authorized rally of armies one of president vladimir putin's most vocal critics and has been repeatedly put behind bars. the un refugee agency is urging the european union to take responsibility for one hundred fifty migrants have been stranded abroad only tie and coast guard ship for nine days it's these refusing to let them disembark unless other member states agree to take the men refugees and migrants began a hunger strike on friday but it's these far right interior minister has this message on twitter saying quote they can do whatever they like. now a new roadblock stands in the way of venezuelans escaping violence and economic collapse at home to reach for the peruvian government now wants asylum seekers to show their passports instead of just id cards before they're allowed in mariana
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sanchez reports on the peruvian city of to mess on the northern border with ecuador . hoping to escape the economic hardship ripping the country desperate venice will answer pouring into beatles were through with it well or by bus a car or by foot before saturday's deadline meant to tighten entry requirements. fifteen year old joined the bts traveled more than four thousand kilometers with some members of his family he says he never imagined leaving venus williams with it did not work at the mylar we were at the best time of our lives with friends school family but we had to leave to find a better life in venezuela we were hungry separated from their families with a risky future ahead cinelli her released into the group with friends leaving her career behind but i am. sad. i graduated with a bachelor's degree now i can't begin my career nor we all gave up our future and venezuela we don't have a chance exhausted ill or even penniless many even
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a swim and have had to rely on handouts to eat most of the people arriving here at the border between it weather and between for young adults who has been a mecca for these refugees for the past two years more than four hundred thousand venice winds are already living here open border policy allows them to work legally but now they will only be allowed in treaty with passports the united nations office for refugee says it hopes this policy stops this is very important for you in the chair possibility of exo school by asking for asylum. so we very much hope that. the government select people and most proven us win and don't have passports they're expensive and it takes many mums and bribing to get them in venezuela probably our forty say they've imposed restrictions to prevent the lincolns from entering the country but at this point of crossing or trade it in
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a while that i'm producing fence there are no controls. witness will and may still working to put an illegal however thirty three year old looks a bill matina says they want to have a chance to work i guess what it was to have dignity we must work that's why we are migrating to another country not to receive handouts but because we like to work. liam authorities say they will be flexible with children the elderly and pregnant women who don't have passports and protect those who apply for asylum there were least likely you know according to our refugee laws whether they have the documents or not if a person asks for asylum we have to process the request and allow them into the country the foreign ministry receives thirteen thousand requests each month and that number of a group as the exodus of the nist rylance continue many desperate to find a better life for their children and the innocent just so just yet to be speeded.
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tennis star serena williams will be banned from wearing her black cat suit at the french open in future due to rule changes the twenty three time grand slam champion says the outfit helped her cope with the issue of blood loss which she says almost cost her life giving birth the french town is federation has not yet revealed a new dress code but says it will not be as strict as code at wimbledon where pay is must wear all white coats. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera pope francis says he is ashamed of the failure of the catholic church to end sexual abuse of children by priests the leader of the roman catholic church is in ireland a deeply catholic country in the first such visit by a pontiff in nearly forty years the irish prime minister has told the pope that action must follow words on tackling abuse need baka has more from dublin. the
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general feeling among survivors is no he didn't go far enough it was important that the pope described sexual abuse as a quote repugnant crime acknowledging that of course it does have a long lasting effect on many of the victims but he didn't as many survivors won't say exactly what the church will do in terms of bringing those guilty of sexual abuse to justice of handing over potentially vast quantities of church documents and papers to legal also if he's legal entities in many of the countries that may be affected by clerical abuse also what's going to happen to senior figures within the church who are pretty embroiled in allegations of covering up sexual abuse over the years. russian opposition leader alexina vani and one of president putin's most vocal critic has been arrested outside his home in moscow and army spokeswoman said on twitter he is been taken to a local police station the reason for his detention is still unclear myanmar's range of refugees have been holding peaceful protests in neighboring bangladesh
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demanding justice and a safe return to their homes more than seven hundred thousand people are living in camps near the border protests were held to mark one year since myanmar's military launched a crackdown leading to what's been described as ethnic cleansing of. at least two people have been killed in a suicide bombing attack in the afghanistan city of jalalabad four others were injured after attackers detonated explosives near the election commission. and peru is closing its borders to venezuelan migrants without a passport on friday ecuador opened a humanitarian corridor a sounds of venezuelans rush to get to a sport or with peru before the new restrictions took effect early an ecuadorian judge lifted similar border restrictions on venezuelan migrants fleeing economic turmoil at home you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera coming up next it's entire story stay with us.
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it was promoted as a masterpiece of the saudi crown prince its vision plans to sell shares in state owned oil giant around co have been postponed so where does this leave saudi arabia's efforts to raise money and aversive by its economy this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm richelle carey saudi arabia has reportedly delayed its plans tillis shares have been state owned oil company ram co on the stock
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market media reports say the initial public offering has been postponed indefinitely but the saudi government has disputed this the energy minister collett off ali says the government is committed to conducting the i.p.o. at the appropriate circumstances and time the plan to float around five percent of aramco was expected to be the world's largest stock sale and it lies at the heart of crown prince mohamad instalments vision to transform the economy of the government is faced widespread criticism for its crackdown on dissent and its military campaign and yemen so why is aramco important that was set up more than eighty five years ago and his sense become the largest oil and gas company in the world and manages the kingdom's large oil reserves of over three hundred billion barrels its average daily crude production is ten point two million barrels a day but there's no clear data on how much the company is worth some analysts say
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it could be valued at one point two trillion dollars significantly lower than the official figure of two trillion dollars. as we have mentioned aramco is at the center of the crown prince's reforms well to be implemented by two thousand and thirty the vision aims to diversify the saudi economy and make it less dependent on oil and includes building the world's largest solver and wealth fund and a five hundred billion dollar economic city called the oem but in a move that was widely criticized last year the saudi crown prince arrested dozens of singer members of the world family government ministers and businessmen and what he said was an anti-corruption drive most were released after giving up their assets or paying billions of dollars the crown prince has also pledged to return saudi arabia to what he calls a moderate islam women have been allowed to drive and attend sporting events and then almost forty year ban on cinemas and cultural events hasn't it let's bring in our panel here in doha masood so here it director of the gulf study center of qatar
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university in washington d.c. mohamed chicago a professor of conflict resolution of george mason university and in singapore and joining us on skype james dorsey he is a senior fellow at the s. rajaratnam school of international studies at nanyang technological in a verse city a welcome to all of you thank you for joining me i'm actually going to start with the first question with all of you and i'll go to you first issue are you surprised by this delay. to be honest i'm not surprised of the the city has been now reported about the change of the plan about their article and i would like actually to put all of this into. real context. we have to remember that the whole issue of iran who is coming in a wide perspective with the political context which started with the emerging or after the death of concoct a lie and the merging of kings and money from the day one of that. era it was clear
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that disarmament is will be the next king after his father and since that time there was focus on two main issues one is you know the church that is the need the the debate about political reform need to be stopped and need to be redirected and to be directed to need you need to create to bring to present or to suggest a new topic for the debate and that was the political economist reform and the core of the economic reform was the story and the and other details which came which basically after that story so i think. there is nothing to be surprised about if we remember that this is. the whole issue is about marking there are concerned man one hundred settlement of the there is something important they are doing in the country and the main titles political economic reform to lead and to
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to consider the. unimportant compared with the previous kings ok we're going to take into some of the reason she touched on on some of them that are you surprised that this has been delayed indefinitely. no i'm not and i think what has happened so far in deciding the fate of the amp or i p or is a short. like short picture for or a token of asking the big question to what extent it reflects the dialogue of crown prince mohammed as a man and i think that is a difference between expectations and the know so positive reality and i think back in two thousand and sixteen when he announced this deal he was building his momentum to become a future king and therefore now the momentum is waning away he and others in rio
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expected to generate a clist one hundred billion dollars of the five percent share of the company however to the best scenario best case scenario analysts are predicting no more than between fifty and seventy five billion dollars so i think there is a mismatch between what the premise and man for seeing is for his reform plan and his twenty thirty vision and do real assessment of world markets in terms of approaching or kind of keeping distance from this be or and i think there is also the political uncertainty and most of the vote in or the kind of the adventure is decided by many summit in yemen and libya annan also of his of iran have also shadow this and have added to this and so that sort of the global investors are now taken making
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a second reflection on whether to go forward toward this i for four or sort of. we should also add that the fluctuation of the oil market and now the search for alternative energy is not on the side of the out on the guy paul at the present time ok. well come back to some of those issues that. james i suspect i know your answer to whether or not you're surprised because muhammad actually used the word that you have written about you said he meaning muhammad been someone has been very good at creating expectations but not as good at managing expectations you think that's appropriate and appropriate description for how this is all played out in d we've known for a considerable period of time that the i.p.o. at very best would be of late and may not ever happen the problem with all of this is that mohamed bin so mom has indeed been very good at creating expectations but if you look at the last several months multiple incidents whether it's the.
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arrest of human rights activists whether it's various incidents in yemen with the killing of the deaths of children and women and other civilians or the spat with canada mohamed bin selma and the saudis have been reactive they've been behind the car in for instead of in front of the cart so with other words if you're clear that this i.p.o. is not going to happen within the timeframe that you initially had announced that you were going to be strongest if you were up front with managing the publicity and the the expectations in terms of the delay and what's going to happen mohamed some of them some of the saudis have not been able to do that. measure you mentioned this a little bit do you think that this is more of a. financial and economic failing or is this
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a political failing or or that the two enter twined when you're talking about saudi arabia. actually it is both because colonel prince mohammed bin sandman wanted to enter his his air of being a king with the successes in hand and that means basically he wanted as my colleagues were mentioning he presented an amazing expectation and he was aiming or hoping maybe hoping that some of this expectational will be achieved while he can out of prince crown prince and then while after that view he becomes a prince a king you know he will have some achievements in hand as we see as we see the situation the whole thing is coming to from the gate of political change i mean they wanted the political change that political change has two main pillars one is the size of the storm in yemen which we saw the consequences of that and how much it's costing and we show the other bell or what's basically the economy changes
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inside saudi arabia let's remember the two main pillars is being decided top down basically the these are not a decision which should lie on a popular demands of course there was some anger against iran and yemen maybe people they wanted the. economy to form but i'm not sure they wanted these things as we were presented by the monarch and so they did it so basically what we see what we are seeing so far is some you know decision were made in a political economic context assuming those will bring some changes or some achievements those will help crown prince i'm not sure that all of this actually you know have brought any kind of change or a serious change actually with the criticism that the kingdom is facing women whom are rights organization and from even the united states about what's happening in saudi arabia these kind of achievements. apparently are disappearing and we are
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witnessing another day lament that they condemn is facing and i think the decision made in. through the last few days is are the more you know curt except you ation to the situation was or was or do was get sick so i think yeah ok jefferson i want to bring it into this conversation so when you want to launch an i.p.o. you're you're inviting the world into your home into your books into a level of scrutiny that saudi arabia has never really faced or had to answer to anyone for do you think that they are prepared for that mohammed. well it depends on when we ask this question i remember back in two of those and sixteen early two thousand and seventeen there was an influx of phone on c. and c. or was coming from all over the world to riyadh and some of the matter with for two to three days to meet the representatives of course or to me that was the attacks
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or the highest level of this i've because that has created a lot of vibration in world markets but now i don't think that many c.e.o.'s would go to searching for that median or the discussion i would like also to add that if we consider that this kind of yes or no question to whether there will be an i.p.o. it reflects badly on the political economy of saudi arabia and the income advancement and let me also add another factor that is now kind of hindering the momentum which is how mcgoohan solomon was good articulate in what they call symbolic politics a lot of symbolism a lot of predictions a lot of expectations however when it comes to the delivery or the of these promises it seems that he cannot achieve much let alone that the next twelve months between now and two thousand and thirty not going to keep the same vibration or the
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same strength that he hoped for therefore i think it's a matter of bad management and also not being aware that the global markets can have a different assessment in other words the difference between an inside out expectation and an outside in a system and of what can they deliver or cannot so james do you think that what mohamed describing is mohamed bin sol months later said style being. is it naive is it hubris what how would you describe it. well i think it's not thought through let me just say a couple of things which in response to what was just said by both speakers this much job is going to allow me i want to just fine tune what he said mohammed bin some is about economic and social change in saudi arabia not about political change
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and he's about geo political change in the region i think one of the problems with the approach and in the sense pointed out been some on this that there's a difference between seen on c.s. bankers fund managers willing to come in and people who are direct foreign direct investment we've seen very little of the latter and much of what has been some on wants to achieve depends not only on funding but also on foreign direct investment the third point i'd like to make is that while we're talking about the delay of the of an i.p.o. an i.p.o. is not the only alternative or the only option available to them some there is also the option of a private equity sale for example to the chinese now that would invent the ways the easier it would not give. saudi arabia the publicity and everything
2:36 am
that goes with an i.p.o. but we would get the funding and a lot less questions would be asked or at least those questions would be asked in private rather than in public shame so i want to follow up on that do you think that that's something that. can't seem to have been someone and while family actually really considering another option besides this i.p.o. or is there did they have to say face. well the optional bill of the night of the private equity sale particularly to the chinese has been touted for significant period of time and the chinese have actually hinted that they may be interested in that so i think it isn't really a real option and in many ways that is a way to save face because what it is is selling the state in the company well that you do that publicly or privately in that sense doesn't really matter.
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mazumdar what role did the u.s. and donald trump perhaps and virtually play in and causing these challenges these programs and what i mean by that donald trump obviously was excited about the i.p.o. he tweeted about it except our center but he's also put pressure on saudi arabia to pump more oil that means cheaper crude oil prices that lowers the valuation of the company was there a connection there. you know we may say there is a connection between what was happening so that i've been in the last. two three years and especially after the time came to poet i think the connection was was made between the saudi arabia and american the station may indicate the relations between all of that but i do agree with you that the contradiction the contradiction within the american foreign policy towards so the idea bia is itself becoming a problematic to the to the saudis because basically they want to please the
2:38 am
americans but they cannot have the the revenue they expect and with the pressure on them to you know to sell more and. take into consideration the price is down as well and pleasing the u.s. on a couple of different fronts because there's the there's a financial front there's the oil front there's economics and then there's also the human rights issues that what's happening in yemen civilians being bombed it seems said that that's coming more and more to the fore the forefront do you think that as this war in yemen continues to drag on there continues to be a public outcry about the alleged war crimes that are happening there the civilians that are get getting killed is that type of thing make launching an i.p.o. and being so public more difficult for saudi arabia. i think the cost of the human war with whether it's financially or politically is becoming
2:39 am
a real burn on the shoulders of so these and i think day by day this become problematic to the policy and to the even domestic politics of course we see sort of level of hypocrisy on american foreign policy towards what happened in yemen because they know we know that americans are involved in a way or other on that world whether on selling logistics or the weapons or weapons providing information regardless what is the. level of involvement we can discuss it with her ten percent twenty percent fifty percent but there is the involvement and they can become you know someone that can ask them what is about this level of involvement in that war if you are honest about the criticism of saudi arabia and the killing for the can in the families civilian. civilians so i think there is a real cost the saudis are paying concern a man and his son because of this war i think it is increasing rapidly i mean we
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see now the increasing criticism about what happened in yemen but also we see i think internally i would argue that one of the reasons behind the the changing of decision about who is the war in yemen because. remember the saudis want to control that on oil because this is the only source of revenue share if they want to sell the shares of the goddess the percentage this means they would have another hand in that cake and they don't want anyone to be partner and that they want to have it for themselves and they don't want anyone to upset them or to annoy them how to spend money and tell the hunted all you know keanu let me ask you this a vision the vision twenty thirty there's there are valid critiques of it obviously but it's at the core of it as wanting to diversify your economy and not so bait dependent on oil that's that's a lot of because other countries have had that same goal that it's it's never that easy what is the biggest challenge why is this always so difficult for countries to
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do to accomplish. well first there is merit in fortune for a an economic reform in the next twelve years but the question is how saudi arabia will proceed in implementing this informs apparently it is this idea of the versification of sectors and also moving toward technology. so there would like to have silicon valley and its own territory but the question is that now i think that if i cannot be put in a market why they own prices above seventy dollars three years ago oil price was just thirty five so i'm wondering when it can benefit from the eiffel and whether it is a solid investment in global markets so i'm left with the ironic question that probably we are just creating dreams also the other child
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within saudi arabia is this a in the in a kind of intersect there or cross section reform or is just a top down reform where you have certain companies that are seeking or benefiting from this diversification while the bottom i know and now the unemployment rate stands at twelve point nine percent which is quite high and this is three years of that the announcement of the twenty thirty vision so i think that there are certain contradictions between what we plan what we publicize in front of cameras and whether we can push them toward full implementation let alone that it is also it seems to me that there is the element of micromanagement you have been cinnamon and he is friends who are trying to control the all economy reform and this is
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not what kind of in orwell thought of a plan to move forward therefore if micromanagement doesn't help then when saudi arabia will open up to other approaches so in other words is there a real business model within the twenty thirty vision james are going to have than the last question here you cause you brought up a great point that social and political change or not nice are not really the same thing can saudi arabia launch a successful i.p.o. without having some sort of significant political change. i think we've got to be clear on what makes an i.p.o. successful in this case there were two issues one of the actual nomic issues including the valuation of the company which been some monthly two trillion dollars and which has been long questioned in that questioning of the of the valuation predates the pressure from president trump to with regard to the oil prices
2:44 am
the second level. of consideration is the confidence you have in mohamed than some bonds ability to basically implement reform and vision two thousand and thirty and what you've seen and that's what the yemen war comes in it's not a direct bearing on the i.p.o. with such but what you've seen over the last several months is. in the ability to manage confidence and to manage expectations and show the appetite to invest if you're not certain that the reforms are going to go through and that this is going to that bombers and some money can be a leader in the process. then that undermines. the chances of the i.p.o. and that's i think what we see what actually goes to the harness point so that it's about sustaining the moment and the enthusiasm and that the longer this goes on
2:45 am
perhaps the more that and go ahead and i think the way to look at this is this been someone was brilliant in creating expectations when he launched this in two thousand and thirty when he lifted the ban on women's driving when he introduced an entertainment industry he was brilliant in. could be having the high ground when we visit the united states and europe and was able to dominate the media with its myth and what we're seeing right now is exactly the opposite and that works against you and against the saudi chances ups. all right james that will be the final word thank you all for joining me in the i appreciate it michel it's a hairy mahama sure calley and james dorsey and thank you for watching it can see the program again any time if you get our website al-jazeera dot com you can also
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go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can join the conversation on twitter at a.j. and side story for me richelle carey in the entire team i for now. an instantly shifting news cycle they receive in change in america tweet the listening post takes orders and questions the world's media the devil will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language as their culture it's
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their context of why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty s. his disappearance remained in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. a new year a new kind of many new developments for this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting the frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over
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a year before revolt is in the air. call. part for a six part series is filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment on which is iraq. it was the. zero. zero this is the news hour live from my head quarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes pope francis expresses shame and pain for the crimes of the church he leads during the first papal visit to ireland in almost forty years plus the stock with no idea of whether they'll get
2:49 am
a whole range of refugees mark a disheartening anniversary also this hour no passport no entry peru puts up a new will drop for venezuelans trying to escape that country's economic meltdown. i'm joining with the sports including we talked yesterday. salutes. urging spying on. serena williams defuses the control catsuit at the french open we'll hear more from her in the next sixty minutes. thank you for joining us repugnant and a source of shame the words of pope francis on his first visit to ireland where there's renewed anger over the church's failure to prevent the sexual abuse of children by priests the pontiff stopped short of issuing an apology the head of the roman catholic church is under pressure around the world to step up the fight
2:50 am
against paedophile members of the end to end the church's practice of covering up their crimes pope francis is scheduled to meet survivors during this trip. in fundamental video clips yes take the failure of a cliche s. to call authorities the ship's religious superiors priests and others adequately to address these repellant crimes has rightly given rise to outrage and remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community i myself share those sentiments. on pope francis spoke after the irish prime minister denounced the abuse as a quote stain on the state that the pope must help fix people kept in dark corners behind closed doors cries for help that went on heard. and these wounds are still open. and there is much to be done to bring about justice and truth and healing for the victims and survivors. holy father we ask that you use your office
2:51 am
and influence to ensure that this is done here in ireland and also around the world . live tinnies bachar in dublin forestay one of the pope's uday visit to ireland is coming to an end soon need tell us about the reception he's had so far and the reaction is to his comments about the sexual abuse scandal in the catholic church. with a really mixed feelings here in ireland about the pope's visit as you probably hear there's a massive concert going on behind me here croke park it's the climax of the first day of the pope's visit the culmination of several days of a conference call to the festival of families of course the pope's visit here is or . brings with it a tremendous amount of joy for believers around seventy percent of the population even today class themselves as being catholic although many of those who define themselves as culturally catholic because the religion is still very much part of
2:52 am
violence identity is still very much part of its d.n.a. but the country has changed in recent years especially since the last pope's visit here in one nine hundred seventy nine it's become increasingly more and more secular and also civil society has become increasingly more emboldened to are some serious questions about the church's conduct in the past particularly when it comes to allegations of abuse there are according to the church's own internal documents or than thirteen hundred priests that have been accused of abuse here since one nine hundred seventy five but very few convictions of people believe that the pope should have done more to bring those guilty to account he has as you said fallen short of an apology but what people here want to see are concrete steps to bring the guilty to justice. so tell us about what else is on the agenda of the pope's visit me. but he's only here in total for thirty one hours a busy first day as we've seen already momentarily he steps aside from all of the
2:53 am
business to have a moment to himself in silent prayer a tremendous amount for the pope to take in and reflect upon but on sunday after of course the first busy day he travels to the west of oil and to the shrine no again we will see large crowds there that will largely be a religious service i feel is probably the best way to describe it then return to the capital of dublin for a massive opening. of phoenix park which will be very much in the footsteps of pope john paul the second we were trying to vos crowds when he came here thirty nine years ago three quarters of the entire population of oil and turned to see him there it is to this day the biggest mobilization of irish people in history i don't think pope francis will in any way see crowds like that it is a very different ireland but most certainly is here to address two key points the
2:54 am
legacy of abuse and also to extend hope to those believers here in ireland that will take much support and enjoy very much his presence here in the country thank you for that neve baka life for us in dublin well as our speak to peter ryan in the irish town of know his mother spent thirty years of her life in imagine a nondairy that's where women were detained by the church for having a child while unmarried thank you very much for being with us before i ask you about your experience tell us first about what you thought about what the pope said earlier today in dublin he expressed regret and talked about the failure is the church did he say enough to the p.c. or. i am very i am very disappointed with writing it to say it worse nor. ceding percent to his efforts to apologize which were bipolar or just very very disappointed in him because we were right. to look
2:55 am
for a friggin us from a horse with all of the damage that it's done to us as children going to the best system we were nobody in there i used. down down all of the time so had he apologized would that have a piece to a pardon if he had apologized would that have would that had been enough for you would put it i don't need someone who wouldn't know it would nice i would be neat to get action on that perpetrators that did a simple what they did to us and me just they were just no talk of that i would expect and so the religious artists it took that for all the damages that it to us and had first to find out information where our siblings our were in that mother that sure said pete change and that we get no agenda. and there were
2:56 am
mass parties odes i. was as siblings there was anger up or burial and we want to hear more about your experience iow mother was knocked up in imagine a non tree because she had a baby out of wedlock and she spent thirty is there how has your personal experience shaped you views of the case as a catholic how has it impacted your faith. it has weakened my faith and with the way. the trees are the john child it did the just as i said we don't know what it my mother was and it wasn't recognized when he shouldn't work or return our time and nor space what horses are for and the mothers of ireland's that was in that situation so how do you think the catholic church can restore faith in constituents like yourself considering all of the abuses and the scandals over the
2:57 am
what do they need to do they need to come out and read jett genuine and said how to chase up a need and to help us along the way as. to try and. do something for us because we're left out a number a lack of education that you never think as much as they did you know there are those who say that pope francis has gone further than any of the pope in addressing the issue of abuse in the catholic church and that he can't change people's hearts overnight and that it's going to take a very long time to heal what do you say to those people i don't see how it would take a long time to even what if they're told right. as i said to treat those people they were abused with respect now before they pass away.
2:58 am
thank you mr mo ryan thank you very much peter moore ryan for sharing your experience with us thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us thank you thank you very much. as sent to other world news and it's been one year since myanmar's military launched a crackdown against what it says on the violence that followed has been described as a campaign of ethnic cleansing against all rohingya muslims about seven hundred thousand people fled to neighboring bangladesh. all the refugees there have been holding peaceful protests demanding justice and a safe return to their homes they're now more than a million people living in camps near the border it's become the world's largest refugee settlement and is take a closer look at how it all began in august last year a hinge of fighters attacked in myanmar army post killing twelve offices a military offensive in response sent several thousand people fleeing to neighboring bangladesh two weeks later the number of refugees rose to a quarter of
2:59 am
a million doctors without borders reported at least six thousand seven hundred were hinges were killed within a month of the crackdown many of them women and children by january around six hundred eighty eight thousand will injure were living in squalid makeshift camps in march bangladesh signed a deal with me and want to return the refugees but many of the nearly three quarters of a million people are too afraid to go back algiers mohammad john jones sent us this report from cox's bizarre ways met activists was urging his fellow refugees to seek justice. speaking passionately to fellow wrote him sure if you choose well how much ily us is urging this audience to begin to mimic their right. hoping his words will connect with the old and break through to the young. ultimately inspiring them to seek justice for the constant persecution he says they faced in me and mark. me that i'm one of the that's why we're raising our voice we
3:00 am
want to go back home we want to be citizens of our country who want to live there with safety and security. and the us is a member of the ira conroe him just society for peace and human rights he tells me there is absolutely no excuse for the real him not to be recognized as citizens of me and more on my own. are mothers and fathers are from the n mar we were also born there but they still made us suffer we didn't get an education they didn't even let us pray at the mosque. one year ago a crackdown by me and more as military and rock and state began a campaign of violence against the ranges that included mass killings sexual violence and arson since then over seven hundred thousand.


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