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ultimately inspiring them to seek justice for the constant persecution he says they faced in me in march neither hop allowed me that i'm on the that's why we're raising our voice we want to go back home we want to be citizens of our country who want to live there with safety and security. and the us is a member of the ira conroe him just society for peace and human rights he tells me there is absolutely no excuse for the rich him not to be recognized as citizens of me and mark. my idea. our mothers and fathers are from the n mar we were also born there but they still made us suffer we didn't get an education they didn't even let us pray at the mosque. one year ago a crackdown by me and more as military and rock and state began a campaign of violence against the ranges that included mass killings sexual violence and arson since then over seven hundred thousand roll hinges escaped to
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neighboring bangladesh the u.n. called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing mean mars government however has denied allegations atrocities were committed for the rohingya who fled violence in me and more last august life here was supposed to be temporary but in the past twelve months cox's bazaar has become home to the largest refugee settlement in the world now with each passing day the refugees here worry that their existence here may become permanent nowadays signs of construction are everywhere but as the camp grows so does the frustrations living conditions have improved and yet they're still very difficult l.e.o.'s and his family also fled the violence in iraq and stayed in august two thousand and seventeen and have not wanted to pull my children are missing their home they always say they want to go back home. his daughter sure
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me and was born while they were all hiding from the military in a forest and me and more shall turn one in just a few days early on says older children long for a home they no longer. but for his youngest it's a home he fears she may never know. i'm a gentleman visitor at the critical long refugee camp in cox's bazaar on with it. more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including already showed of power and water i.e. rocky's in basra not contend with sickening contamination rasin bob weighs main opposition leader rejects a court ruling confirming m s n one god was election win and lewis hamilton secures pole position for sunday's belgian grand prix to have all the highlights from qualifying coming up major in the new south.
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palestinian leaders have accused the trump administration of resorting to cheap blackmail with its decision to cut two hundred million dollars in aid for the occupied west bank and gaza strip the state department says the money will go towards high priority projects elsewhere in january the us slashed its contribution to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees. after this latest funding though the palestine liberation organization said palestinians would not be bullied into giving up their rights dave harden is a former u.s. aid assistant administrator he says the move by the u.s. will only empower hamas. the united states has essentially ceded the political space to hamas and other rejectionist were creating a vacuum by leaving gaza and the west bank and in so doing not only have we turned our back on the palestinian people but we've also created greater risk for israel so now we're leaving now we've concluded that we have other priorities and and so
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doing we will have empowered hamas i mean is just as simple as that and you don't even have to take my word for it i mean you can simply ask any of the security professionals american or israeli or palestinian track this very closely when we leave that backing will be filled by hamas and other rejection this. well gaza has a very young population half of the two million people living there are under the age of seventeen some of them have already lived through three wars conflicts in two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen and this cars inside and outside remain andra simmons' visitor a young girl still living with the trauma of a severe head injury. look into how the eyes and you would never guess what this child has been through. a buffoon is six yet she's suffered both pain and anguish for most of her short life. she's aged two here in the twenty fourteen gaza
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war she sustained what was described as life changing head injuries intricate surgery in turkey and three months of recuperation that saved her life. it was an israeli air attack that very nearly killed nama. not this one. nor this. these are recent strikes a whole lot of bombardment without going hamas rockets and continued attacks from israel claiming it struck more than a hundred fifty m. last august before what's meant to be a truce. the sound alone was enough to make nama relive the war and this most of the. time that i think you have a when she hears the sound of what planes she gets very scared and says i want to go back to turkey there's no warplanes in turkey. dead beaver able to sleep and care about awning voter energy mass and divert she starts screaming and heights
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that cavezzo and i had do you want to go. over and over nemesis turkey i want to go there and whispers they hit me here now as mother is distraught she says she often cries for her daughter she and her husband won't let her play like the boisterous children know that doorstep. and even though she wants to go to school her parents were letter. her father says he feels helpless because he can't support his family on a good month he might earn a hundred dollars on a market stall in the street but it barely covers his rent his landlord has an eviction order in place the family live in a neighborhood where poverty is the norm worse than that they're inside the rules of gaza effectively it's like a prison what is life like in gaza well that's not really an accurate term more of an existence and this existence phenomena is one of many short sad stories
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different and don't tell the suffering is much the same. nama has to depend on the love of a family and hope that one day some sense may prevail instead of a resumption of the war that still rages inside this little girl's head. andrew symonds. gaza city. people have been protesting in the iraqi city of basra one hundred l. from drinking contaminated water the government already facing fury for poor services trying to work out what went wrong osama bin javid reports. people in basra have been uploading videos of what comes out of the water tanks contaminated water which appears to be unusable and unsafe some have conducted particle tests on their own and see the water being provided is not fit for drinking hundreds of people have been treated in hospitals in the last few days with stomach related complaints including aches and diarrhea but since there are many poisoning cases my
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own family members have been affected and when i took them to hospital i was surprised to see so many other poisoning cases because of water. oil rich buzzer is iraq's second city with a population of more than two and a half million people for years its facilities and water treatment plants have been neglected using various tests iraq's government has identified deteriorating water quality along the tigris euphrates and the shuttle rob people blame politicians for making matters worse assume to attend a less corrupt politicians cannot even help the fish in this water to survive things that be able to help our country. even animals in europe enjoy some dignity compared to us here in iraq air and water are necessary for life but now there is no water and. the anger has again reached the streets dozens of people have been protesting against the lack of solutions from the government civil society activists and lawyers have filed cases against the governor of the head of the
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municipal council and the directors of water and health authorities. the people buster are demanding the provision of uncontaminated drinking water as well as health services and good education these are constitutional rights the constitution is merely in qana paper and has not been properly applied to serve the citizens at all. iraq's ministry of environment calls water contamination a very dangerous situation and it's in addition to the lack of water in the province in a statement it said the health directorate staff and technical teams are working around the clock under the directions by health and environmental ministries to figure out immediate and long term solutions for the issues of pollution and. since last month there have been widespread protests in the province people have been demanding jobs and better public services including water and electricity prime minister hydrilla by these government has faced strong criticism for not addressing the basic demand of people here. and as more people fall sick because of
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a lack of clean drinking water that anger is likely to continue for a job there. in the democratic republic of congo opposition leaders on pierre bemba's been told he cannot compete in the upcoming presidential election the election commission says it's rejected his application because he has been charged by international criminal court for tampering with witnesses members see him as a possible front runner for the presidency he returned to kinshasa to take part in the vote after serving a decade in prison for war crimes he has a week to appeal against a decision and political uncertainty hangs heavily over zimbabwe which is preparing for m.s.n. non-god wired to be sworn in as its next president he survived an opposition court challenge against his election victory but a ruling his main rival has rejected there also lingering questions about non-god was legacy under former president robert mugabe as malcolm web reports now from harare it was right here henry cabot says soldiers abducted him and tied him up he
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was in one thousand nine hundred three ways government said it was fighting a rebellion here in a much a barely learned region henry says even though he was nothing to do with it he was taken to a concentration camp and tortured for three weeks before prisoners died daily from their injuries their bodies burned in a pit don't. do. been today thirty five years on he's still hard to tell the story he says he narrowly survived when soldiers try to execute him in a forest and left him for dead the pilot. can. when robert mugabe sent the army to matabele land in the one nine hundred eighty s. investigators say at least twenty thousand people were killed many in the region say the massacres were to suppress the support base of his political rival at the time survivors say there's been no justice and mugabe he was finally forced from
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power by the army nine months ago led to elections that took place in july and some people wondered if zimbabwe's presidential election might bring change the opposition say it was rigged the electoral commission denies it the ruling party's presidential candidate incumbent president. was announced the winner he was once the right hand man of former leader. at the time of the massacres he was state security minister the first major investigation into the killings was written by human rights lawyer david coltart. he says the involvement of men and some of his ministers means things were changed i think it's unlikely that they would ever want a complete truth telling because the entire story of their involvement will unravel from their perspective. and that would be very damaging politically to them so we don't expect justice under them. and
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a commission to investigate shortly after taking office in november. this is the reaction it got protesters proceedings to the government says it will deliver justice with the commission's independent doesn't doesn't work under the direction of anybody it will do what it feels is right we have nothing but for accountability for and taking off what happened at the inception of. henry and the other survivors still waiting he says he just wants an apology from the people who ordered the atrocities on compensation he doesn't know if he'll ever get it malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. and the second half of. the muslim holiday. province to coping with the threat of a massive government offensive. just
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a short because i know. questions over his future. hello there well we are watching some humidity values starting to edge their way up here across the levant as well as down here towards the middle east take a look at the temperatures we're expectancy in kuwait now over the last few days it has been about forty seven forty degrees forty five degrees a little bit cooler but it's also going to be a little bit more humid there up towards baghdad forty five degrees as well and here on monday we do expect to see pretty much the same conditions a very humid conditions so the heat index is going to make you feel very uncomfortable as we make a way down towards the middle east same situation is coming we are looking at winds
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out of the north really out of the northeast as well so for doha forty one degrees here on sunday but relatively middies could be up to about eighty five percent during the next time of the day over here towards we are seeing forty two and then more clouds over here toward santa paula cloudy conditions to mostly cloudy conditions with a temperature of about twenty seven across parts of southern africa we are watching one funnel system push through but over the next few days we're going to watch you know the one come into play that has for me is going to be really going to bring some cooler air into sports of cape town more rain across the area down towards the southeast and the southwest in the for cape town about twelve degrees but up towards partly cloudy temperature if you have twenty two. well those three big challenges facing human calling in the twenty first century look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of
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the official intelligence in bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know harare talks to al-jazeera. full of struggles. and we look at it is very much over it's pretty much full of pleasure little lot of the goodness of the word and that alone possible but i mean more about you know what if to an intimate look at life in cuba today is what your mom or with your kids but but the government that we pay you to put money cuba on al-jazeera.
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our top stories on al-jazeera ranger refugees living in bangladesh are protesting to mock one year since a military crackdown forced them to feed their homes in myanmar they're not more than seven hundred thousand and growing just staying in camps near the border between myanmar and back today the u.s. is cutting more than two hundred million dollars in aid from its programs in gaza and the occupied west bank relations between the u.s. and palestinian leadership have deteriorated since president donald trump recognized them as israel's capital and move the american embassy there in may and pope francis has met abuse survivors during his trip to ireland earlier he said he shared the feelings of shame and pain over the catholic church's failure to protect children from priests the pontiff stop short of a showing
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a public apology. well island is described as ground zero of the church's global sex abuse crisis it has one of the worst records of abuse crimes that have been revealed during the last decade by a series of government ordered inquiries they found that thousands of children were raped molested and abused in church schools while bishops swept under the rug in australia former archbishop philip wilson became the most senior catholic cleric in the world to be convicted of concealing abuse by another priest and a five year inquiry recently uncovered tens of thousands of child abuse cases most of which happened in catholic institutions the church in chile has also been rocked by accusations of a wide scale cover up of child abuse dating back to one nine hundred sixty all of the countries bishops offered to quit in june the pope accepted five resignations and this month in the u.s. an investigation reveals three hundred priests sexually abused more than a thousand children in the state of pennsylvania over the past seventy is father
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james press he is a professor of theology at marquette university in the u.s. he says institutions like the catholic church take a very long time to change. he doesn't have a magic wand that somehow he could wave and then everything would be ok again and people would be happy the way he's going to have to do it is to make this person rather than this other person bishop to take this lying in his rhetoric rather than this other line and if you look at some of the reactions of bishops in the united states there are some that still say the real problem is gay seminarians and the pope is is saying no the real problem is clericalism in the church and that's broader and more deeply rooted in it's going to take a longer time to uproot he's the pope he's not god so he can do what he can do but he can't change people's hearts overnight but a nice states to give him example he has he has put in as bishops people who are
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much more in tune with him and his approach rather than elevating some of the others that were very popular during the pope in the trying to fix it approach john paul the second there benedict the sixteenth so he's trying to change the culture in the only ways it's going to be significantly effective and that's by changing the leaders. a new road brock's now stands in the way of venezuelans escaping violence and economic collapse at home to reach peru the peruvian government now wants asylum seekers to show their passports instead of just i.d. cards before they'll be allowed in let's go live to mariana sanchez is in peru that's on the border with ecuador and a house is a new password a climate affecting venezuelans at the border. will call me incredibly people keep own pouring into this border they have been shuttled by the government of a quote. that has put out
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a free buses free transport from the border really kept kind of between colombian equality and the government of iran has been shuttling people throughout the night into the morning and during the day many believe that the people the government doesn't want these refugees to stay in a while not because they were forced onto the bus the same that they would not be given to them quickly if they didn't get in the mosque and many people want to be back there they've been forced to come all the way here now people are here there's a lot of frustration but according to here say they will be flexible to allow people that have children small children the elderly and pregnant women to be flexible to allow them in without a passport but still this is not the end of the. what. is being poverty hunger in. their country back in venezuela out lack of medicine lack of jobs and they're here to find
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a better life including. hoping to escape the economic hardship gripping the country desperate venice will answer pouring into beatles water with it whether by bus a car or by foot before saturday's deadline meant to tighten in tree requirements. cysteine year old joined the ladies traveled more than four thousand kilometers with some members of his family he says he never imagined leaving the house when we did that work at the my lab we were at the best time of our lives with friends school family but we had to leave to find a better life in venezuela we were hungry. separated from their families with a risky future ahead cinelli for the biggest venture down the road with friends leaving her career behind what i am but i am a good about it it's sad i graduated with a bachelor's degree now i can't begin my career nor we all gave up our future and venezuela we don't have a chance exhausted ill or even penniless men even
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a swill and have had to rely on handouts to eat most of the people arriving here at the border between it well that and b. who are young adults but who has been a mecca for these refugees for the past two years more than four hundred thousand venice winds are already living here open border policy allows them to work legally but now they will only be allowed in treaty with passports the united nations office for refugee says it hopes this policy stops this is very important for you in which possibility of exo school by asking for asylum. so we very much hope that. the government select people and most proven us win and don't have passports they're expensive and it takes many months and bribing to get them in venezuela probably our forty say they've imposed restrictions to prevent the lincolns from entering the country at this point of crossing or trade it in a while the temperature was intense there are no controls. witness will and may
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still working to put an illegal however thirty three year old it looks a bit matina says they want to have a chance to work i guess what it's done and it was to have dignity we must work that's why we are migrating to another country not to receive handouts but because we like to work. who in authority say they will be flexible with children the elderly and pregnant women who don't have passports and it was last protect those who apply for asylum there were little cycle you know according to our refugee laws whether they have the documents or not if a person asks for asylum we have to process the request and allow them into the country the foreign ministry receives thirteen thousand requests each month and that number may group as the exodus of the nist rylance continue many desperate to find a better life for their children. as reporting their front to invest in peril on the border with ecuador moving on and donald trump is grappling with what's become
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one of the most bruising weeks of his presidency three men who are intimately familiar with his secrets and business dealings are not cooperating with prosecutors the latest is alan. the chief financial officer of trump's business empire reports from washington. president donald trump was a beat in front of an audience of supporters in ohio friday our economy is absolutely booming jobs are surging factories are returning steel is doing better than any industry just about anywhere in this country anywhere in this world but beneath the surface a legal crisis is threatening to engulf his presidency. on tuesday two of trump's close allies became convicted felons the president's former campaign chairman paul man a fort was found guilty of bank in tax fraud and trump's longtime personal attorney
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michael cohen confessed to eight criminal charges including campaign finance violations that implicate trump and. then there are the two men who reportedly cooperated with prosecutors in exchange for immunity david pecker a tabloid publisher and the president's friend who. according to the wall street journal corroborated the president's role in paying hush money to two women who said they'd had affairs with trump and finally alan weisel burge chief financial officer of the trump organization the president's money man for four decades wise oberg is expected to lead investigators through trump's finances you grants immunity because under the united states constitution unlike in great britain there is a so-called fifth amendment that enable someone to remain silent in the face of questioning if they believe an answer could incriminate themselves or their close company in
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crime but by granting immunity now they will compel a complete confession of whether and how in the circumstances in which these payments were made trump made no reference to the scandals in his friday night speech though he's often called the investigations a witch hunt in private though trump is reportedly fuming beneath the growing burden of his legal troubles and the diminishing list of loyal allies. castro al-jazeera washington. the un refugee agency the european union to take responsibility for one hundred fifty migrants have been stranded aboard an e. tie and coast guard ship for nine days italy is refusing to let them disembark unless fellow e.u. member states agree to take the men refugees and migrants began a hunger strike on friday but it's these far right interior minister has dismissed it on twitter saying quote they can do whatever they like. at least fifteen people have been killed and twenty seven others injured involved area after their tour bus
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flipped over it happened on a highway near the capital sofia police say the bus was carrying tourists on a weekend trip to a nearby resort the government has declared monday a national day of mourning. turkey's foreign minister is warning against a possible syrian government offensive in a province it's the last remaining opposition stronghold and home to the waltz biggest population of internally displaced people a military operation will put millions of lives at risk i seen him go reports are made live city. nearly three million people are trapped in the northwestern province of syria's largest remaining rebel held area if the government launches a full scale attack two and a health million syrians could try to flee to the turkish border that's been affected lucile says two thousand and fifteen. many here are now preparing themselves for the worst case scenario. of why should i be scared assad has already been killing us for seven years our families brothers and sisters even the children
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it does no difference i did not on the job we won't leave our nation alone again we will defend our people until the last breath. if that has provided a refuge for some syrians roughly health of its civilian population is displaced from elsewhere in the country. the so-called syrian government is a civil authority formed in the province last year and backed by the hardline rebel coalition. formerly known as the nusra front a group the turkey russia and the us consider a terrorist organization and was once linked to al qaida. such as how would the salvation government step in to prime minister joschka who say's they are not an opposition but the revolution itself so. it would be a disaster and they catastrophe if such an attack happens because even rich and able governments can't evacuate three or four million people quickly in such difficult conditions that we are living in it is a part of it that's at the center the obvious stronghold for the syrian opposition
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this is a calm here compared to other offices and held areas but if there is enough that this will be the last battle before the syrian government takes full control of the country opposition groups in it that are attempting to unify international army with turkey's help to try and overcome and a division but. has not offered its support yet president bashar al assad has dropped leaflets over there calling for rebel groups to surrender and this may be the new unifying factions that he and god willing and we hope that it could help the country and the revolution we hope all the factions can be joined under one name that there would be tickets and usually what you would never waste our martyrs on the widows blood we need to remember those who suffer and. prison was in the woman a good rate for now those living in serials last opposition stronghold can only wait to see what happens next scene i'm kissel the al-jazeera at that city
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northwest of syria. international committee of the red cross has nearly one million ethiopians have been forced to flee their homes after fighting between the aroma and day or people are long the border areas of the dale and west pole today and has a tell us. these ethiopian families sheltering in a courthouse fled for their lives there among the nearly one million people displaced over the past four months conrad and in a tin and loving god i'm good we came here because we were attacked we left our village empty handed to save our lives we traveled and spent three days in the bush to get here for these internally displaced goodale people stay there were attacked by mobs of a romel which is the largest ethnic group in ethiopia many don't have food and clean water and they're at risk of malnutrition and diseases like pneumonia that is a gimme that i got out even when my husband got sick and i could not help him i intended to go out and beg but i was shy his health deteriorated further and
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finally he died. the good day oh say local and federal authorities didn't protect them the government denies the accusation and says it's arrested hundreds for inciting violence. the age old ethnic tensions boiled over after prime minister up beyond that took office in april ahmed isn't oromo and the good day oh people believe the or almost feel empowered by his rise to office we've seen an awful lot of people probably more than three quarters of a million people having to move in the face of violence in a very short space of time the international committee of the red cross and its ethiopian affiliate are trying to help they're distributing blankets sleeping mats water and medical supplies but the surge of violence in southern ethiopia could fuel similar disputes in other regions the violence could undermine the new prime minister's sweeping reforms to ease tensions among eighty ethnic groups and a population of one hundred million cultured or gian al-jazeera. sports is coming
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up soon and his back he sounds dennis s to mean grabs tennis gold at the asian games so half the best have the option to stay with us. when the us has all collapsed this university professor became a millionaire and a criminal on the block. fifteen years old his daughter embarks on an extraordinary journey to find him. my six million dollars father a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a journey both dogs perceive you know there's a very for everybody there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake commuting for us to be very patient and avoid these incidents.


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