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gadhafi is right hand man. visited beirut during the civil war though he never met . the first meeting between the a man and gadhafi occurred in one thousand nine hundred seventy five. according to our solders sun it was not amicable. shake your head. if you have. between nine hundred seventy six and one nine hundred seventy seven a sort of intensified his efforts to end the lebanese war. many lebanese admired his courage and charisma but the found it difficult to mediate in a country so divided. in march nine hundred seventy eight
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israel invaded south lebanon under the pretext of crushing the p.l.o. . the united nations issued resolution four to five calling on israel to withdraw immediately. israel flout to the un resolution and set up what it's called a security zone in south lebanon. toward the arab world to plead the case for south lebanon. then all jury in president who are a boom in dnd recommended the man meets the libyan leader. agreed. contacted gadhafi the libyan leader invited us to visit him in tripoli. lawyer his saini has followed the case of the disappearance of a man and his two can. thought to be. more
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than cool. to me in the. then also. remembers her brother's determination to visit libya despite warnings about gadhafi is unpredictability. but only. yeah i mean i'm young so horny and work through. it or. lose them and they had their foot i. the second of outsiders two companions who went missing with him was a journalist bus but dean. is eldest son recalls the last moments before his father's departure. from and she.
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painted us. that with us me and called to him without us me. the libyan embassy in beirut arranged three tickets on the middle east airlines flight from. from beirut to tripoli via benghazi. on the eve of his departure spent the night at his sister's. for. a better look at our door. and there were. only.
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about. hans and not going to my. cell phone. my. cell phone or a while and. on the twenty fifth of all this nine hundred seventy eight. and his two companions lead the route for libya. at eight pm n.e.a. flights landed at tripoli international airport. a southerner and his two companions that disembarked from the plane no one was there to meet them. at the terminal building they were eventually met by. head of the libyan foreign communication bureau. al jazeera interviewed who's millard
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a protocol employee at the libyan foreign communication bureau who remembers the arrival of the man and his two companions. will. see. if. the new sea was libya's intelligence chief and would become one of his closest confidants over the years. when tripoli fell to rebel fighters in two
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thousand and eleven as the new season office was ransacked many classified documents were lost or destroyed amid the chaos of the downfall of gadhafi regime any hope of discovering a paper trail in our investigation into the disappearance of mr al souther and his companions was made more difficult. can feel an itch but it feels the bottom of the building. the libyan officials left the airport with their lebanese guests. souther and his two companions were driven to the i shot the hotel in tripoli where they would stay. this is where the shotty hotel one stood. all the remains
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a rusty signpost and scattered concrete ruins. and. in two thousand and seven the hotel was demolished another element in the story of southern libya that has disappeared. the ashanti hotel had been among the classiest in tripoli as a place hosting foreign visitors it was heavily monitored by believe be an intelligence service visit to libya coincided with the anniversary celebrations of the september first revolution in one nine hundred sixty nine when gadhafi had seized power. government employee who some milat had been assigned to the man and his two companions during their visit. to the memo so the front office of the. little kind of healthy should learn now let me have the.
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only and. we should. be has. that is in the back of stuff out. and i'll stop there and all sort of. caught up on what i said mixed up well let me stop there i have. so to do and i will in my muscles so that all of the c.r.t. . well to. be amish had one of. the foreign communication bureau who's close to the hotel once again who sam noticed the coup section received. the stock will in. a moment to be walking from one of your one model much the long. hall of the clock the shuttle
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a holy. little feeling you are the stuff but look of the filo. how to be the way he. and charlotte. feel pretty. now that i will not. fail. spent five days waiting for an appointment with. the libyan government restricted the free movement of the a man and his companions. and they were provided no means of communication with the outside world. in lebanon in mom's family began to worry. they me on their. own harm with.
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me or. with. my. kill myself or. that i had to the armenian caylee. had been. gone. and seen. on the twenty ninth of august one nine hundred seventy eight jordanian journalists shack joe harry arrived at the hotel to cover the anniversary of libya's revolution he remembers meeting the mom who did not seem to him at ease the . book the love the our form. of the new year
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so. that we will know who those who are and if you jimi. husseini offers a reason why the a mom may have seemed anxious to be. perhaps the in the phone call was to bring news of the meeting he was waiting for. for the third time the meeting was postponed. the patience of the in was wearing thin.
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what. teen. morning. sun have. you been in the. america being side of the law. this. company was part of the official lebanese delegation in libya to attend the anniversary celebrations and which meant gadhafi. because if. so what how is.
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what we. care. about. the. whole. so.
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on august thirty first jordanian journalist shocker our joe henry met in the hotel lobby. we had be with. schools. for your book. for. this to. work. on with us. and the who were there. to earth and look where you were. and. who. you were there you see. you know they're just. they're wanted to go to paris where his wife was in hospital this meant to missing celebrations for the anniversary of september first revolution.
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hell. i would let fear away at me. at a lab. to get. your ideas. from the shot. from the. door with a couple shots see it really needs a skinnier than the. teen. where nor. the man or. the brief conversation between. diem and dean suggests a souther was heading to meet gadhafi that day. after checking out the
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journalist joe henry in the lobby. he was the last person to see them leave the hotel. there were just what year olds who were just. a shift from. the. book work at the work of the bees or sold the meal comes a little early so you know if you have work of his so you are aware. of the look to. her mother who. is either. one of your. random us to say. to some of us and get the picture.
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desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to it because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. an ambitious health system restore that paid off the show clear you wish to media and we've been
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able to ten million over ninety six million citizens receive free health care without a paying insurance premiums. in. the extraordinary story of turkey's monumental health care transformation and the people at the heart to fix the people's health on al-jazeera. hello i'm lauren taylor with a reminder the top stories on our zero but provinces has met eight victims of sexual abuse within the catholic church on the first day of a visit to ireland the pope is currently addressing a crowd in dublin earlier he admitted defeating shame about the church's failure to prevent abuse arlen's prime minister leo veronica told him the irish state had been
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stained with. numbers who could be going oh surely i cannot fail to acknowledge the great scandal caused in ireland by the abuse of young people by members of the church charge of the responsibility for that metatron education the failure of the crazy ass to cloth ortiz to adequately address these repugnant crimes has rightly given rise to outrage you are myself the sentiments tens of thousands of ranger refugees have protested in bangladesh against me in mars crackdown on the muslim minority group an estimated seven hundred thousand ranger have fled to camps across the border in bangladesh a crackdown began exactly a year ago after one hundred fighters attacked police posts in me in march. thousands of venezuelan migrants have poured into peru before the introduction of new rules making it harder to cross the border starting on saturday all venezuelans trying to enter peru will have to show a passport most have arrived through neighboring colombia or ecuador the un refugee
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agency wants the e.u. to take responsibility for one hundred fifty migrants who've been stuck on an italian coast guard ship for more than a week some of those on board began a hunger strike on friday thirteen people have now been allowed to disembark but it surely won't allow the rest to leave unless fellow e.u. member states agree to take the mend. alistair leaders are accusing the u.s. of political blackmail after it cut more than two hundred million dollars of aid to gaza and the occupied west bank us as the money will be redirected to programs that align with american interests it's already decided to withhold millions of dollars from the u.n. relief agency and president trump outraged past years with his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. at least fifteen people have died after a tourist bus flipped over in bulgaria police say the bus overturned and fell twenty meters off a highway in the capital severe twenty seven others were injured some are in
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critical condition the government has declared monday a national day of mourning there's a headline is to stay with us our zero world continues next is the news hour after that. in march nine hundred seventy eight lebanon was invaded by israel. southern charismatic leader of lebanon's shia muslim sect sought regional assistance. on august the twenty fifth nine hundred seventy eight southern traveled to libya to meet col muammar gaddafi. six days later on august thirty first an official motorcade left tripoli's i shot a hotel carrying a sadat and two colleagues shaikh mohammad the our khub and journalist
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a bus by dr dean. the three men were never seen again. question soon began to be asked about what had happened to them and whether they had actually made the libyan leader or not. several days after their disappearance libyan government official who some milat who had been assigned to be ma'am and his companions was visited by an agent from libyan intelligence agent who is keen to assure milat that a meeting between the a mammon gadhafi had never occurred. and of humanity. how the shafts. of. attack if. you're from any other cuts are step. in suffolk.
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for well they're no longer carbon aloft at the moment a third job and you have a shot. in the model. of the house of the. hospital. but. the last known sighting of the a man and his two companions with them and leaving the hotel in tripoli on august thirty first nine hundred seventy eight witnesses who saw them leave claim they were being taken to meet get happy in his private tent. it's difficult to track down anyone who was present at any such meeting but reports the filtered out that there was indeed a meeting between the m.m. and the colonel and that the meeting did not go well.
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former libyan military advisor mohammad was tripoli's prosecutor at the time of the amount his visit he heard several reports of the meeting and the topics discussed. feel he had. what he. had committed. and had it. for.
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had it. was a member of libya's revolutionary council in one nine hundred sixty nine he confirms the story of a heated exchange over religion where suddenly a. female . lawyer husseini confirms the truth is hard to ascertain without conclusive evidence . that the.
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how long. it talian journalist stefan yellin miti has followed the case of assad those disappearance she does not believe there was murdered on a point of religious dispute. day. why has an italian journalist been following the case of a lebanese a man who disappeared in libya. the answer there is an italian connection to the story three tickets were booked in the name of. and his two companions alitalia flight eight eight one heading from tripoli to rome. the libyan authorities requested urgent entrance visas for us and yacoob from the
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italian embassy in tripoli their french be uses issued in beirut were cancelled. there is evidence the passports of assad her and his companions were altered. on that evening the thirty first nine hundred seventy eight souther and his two companions were driven to the departure terminal of tripoli airport. exit stamps found later in the passports were dated on that day. but did they actually leave libya. what is known is that three men carrying their passports and bearing their names did board the flight to rome. shortly before midnight the alitalia plane landed in rome airport.
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men carrying the passports of a man who saw our souther and shaikh mohammed who had entry visas stamped. he. a transit to use it was issued for the man carrying the passport of. his passport has to this day never been recovered. the three men left the airport after midnight. the libyan embassy in rome it is believed that the three men spent the night here. the next morning september the first nine hundred seventy eight two men checked in at the holiday inn hotel in rome. one was bearded and dressed in a religious robe the other was in civilian clothes the two men checked in for two
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rooms and paid in cash for a one week stay at the hotel. ten minutes later the two men were seen leaving the hotel both dressed in civilian clothes and carrying luggage. ten days after the disappearance of the a man italian police discovered the luggage and passports of other. cool in the hotel in rome. but cynical move toward. something. if it can make it through either. the food or not.
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the italian authorities interrogated crew and passengers of the alitalia flight as well as staff at the airport and the hotel after a nine month investigation in a nine hundred seventy nine the italian authorities concluded that a man with us and his two companions had not entered italy the libyan regime continued to insist that a southerner and his two companions had left tripoli for libyan assertions were unconvincing is especially as gadhafi kept changing his story. how well it. must be a lot of this if you want to treat it mean anything with. the killer massage and they will be said.
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of the feeling that when you talk a. little more the more vulnerable than even the many. others what i think of the bit. we have to be really sure what to do. though to get you out of the idea we're going to really going to do what he would never let me leave you. we're under thirty was only an example move. on the muscles of. the lebanese government and the families of those missing remain suspicious of gadaffi declarations they held the libyan leader responsible for the abductions. there were also questions around a possible italian role in the strange affair. and our
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start up it should be only date anti cause the level of the sport he said. much. of the story of the. libya trip all the pertinent issues of its security. to sensibly. equipped for. a year after the disappearance of. other and his two companions the libyan regime share details of its preliminary investigation to italian authorities. italy contested the libyan account saying its conclusions were flawed to counter these charges the libyan regime produced employees who testified to the departure of the a man and his two companions from libya. al jazeera met former
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immigration officer abdurahman go away lawyer who was working in tripoli airport on the night the man and his two companions disappeared. we went with abdirahman go to his former workplace at the immigration office. it was here in december nine hundred seventy nine that he is then boss called omar kuwait or had ordered him to bear false witness it would. be her. and then the bin. we. feel. for the attic and the kid that.
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limits the matter they kill them. for good little if a debate about the best let them have their whatever that. has it and i'm only alice does that to be in the. middle. another libyan immigration officer who worked at the airport was also compelled by libyan security agents to testify that he had seen. her and his two companions leave tripoli. but that and with him because i really really believe. from what was going on the sort. of the case you know. i am going to show that. only the.
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which of late i want to share that. it's very very well laced with water and peace with a different. mood with a shirt with the father because. with the health care that i had in the. shop with me. on january the first one nine hundred eighty abdurahman go away or was summoned by libyan intelligence to confirm his testimony. but the. letter was written. but babbitt really sort of put off. the year was. while he. would be headed there was indeed the.
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one week later the two immigration officers and the takumi will each summoned for further questioning by the libyan judiciary. criticism i took. with me to the battle could. you could. but. this is. what was going on at that. i mean when you have. had the vision due. to weather shifted around the. there was a missile sub. but there was that but what about it was a saw that there was there was a battle there for
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a while about as there was that the level had. been two thousand and five duffy asked italian prime minister silvio berlusconi to reopen the investigation into the case of. course in rome subsequently reported that there was no new evidence but the report hinted a father and his two companions might have disappeared in italy. italian lawyer has followed the case of the disappearance he's skeptical of the reports from the court ordered by berlusconi.
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but. after the fall of gadhafi regime in two thousand and eleven a number of his former aides spoke out about what had happened to. other abdurrahman a shell game of former libyan foreign minister claimed the man and his companions had been killed by palestinian militant abu nidal who had been close to gadhafi. another top aide of the libyan leader ahmed ramadan claimed during a t.v. interview following his arrest that gadhafi is communication secretary. was linked to the disappearance former government minder who is skeptical of ramadan
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claims. at the. other end fee. then they are not. only among the mom of the shut the sons of gadhafi secretary. have denied the accusations against their father they produced his death certificate stating he died on march the seventh one thousand nine hundred seventy eight in a plane crash five months before. visited libya. major abdul muna m l who also heard stories about the fate of the other has. said that. there.
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were numerous different and sometimes contradictory stories about the fate of him. and his two companions the uncertainty is compounded by the fact that no bodies have ever been discovered. in beirut the lebanese judiciary and the families of those missing have never been convinced by reports from libya. what happened. he had left. but then he.
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really. besides stories of their murder there have also been reports of the him and his two companions being held at one time or another in secret prisons in libya. a former prison guard. was arrested after gadhafi his downfall he was himself in prison and. sources from inside the prison were so days held told al-jazeera of what he revealed under interrogation. my sewed claimed he had guarded. between one thousand nine hundred ninety two and nine hundred ninety five in a secret prison in tripoli. we were not granted permission to meet and interview must so rude. the former prison. in north tripoli holds another story. al jazeera visited the place with witness.
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and former prisoner. who says he was imprisoned here in two thousand and one and he remembers seeing on the wall of his cell the words. that. time may have raised the words. to say. it. that. hour each year lebanon's here community marks the day of the disappearance.
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shortly after gadhafi was killed lebanon sent an investigation team to tripoli which visited a number of jails and detention centers in several cities. was. the team pave the way for a high level lebanese diplomatic mission to meet libya's new leaders the delegation included the son of. the lebanese and libyan governments have agreed to make renewed efforts to investigate the secret prisons and to question former members of the libyan regime.
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different hubba. hubba but active a pub. has very few home when one death is. well lurking there. do i. live. where i'd have been. had the door to him. walk about in their leash athenian well jamie. can. only on by. many state secrets may have gone to the grave with colonel muammar gaddafi the disappearance and presumed murder of a solder and his two companions still raises questions to this day. sutter often spoke of the need for truth and justice for those without
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a voice. his words ring truer than ever not least to resolve the case of his own strange disappearance.
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hand in hand with. refusing to be defined by the mexican women of bringing out their dancing machine. and rediscovering. that. hotham of the viewfinder. this time on our. however we got some welcome rainfall now affecting parts of australia particularly into queensland new south wales this little area of cloud here i will still produce a little more damp weather larry of low pressure to go on through the next day or so that we go for sunday some wet weather rural up the eastern side of the country
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very good news this dry skies do come back in behind seventeen celsius the fragile a twenty two celsius for perth and it's because on into monday similar values on those temperatures by monday it will be largely try and find some brighter skies returning to the east coast sydney at around fourteen celsius ten degrees also warmer than that for brisbane with plenty of sunshine up around the sunshine coast will see a little bit of sunshine too into a new zealand's fair bit of dry weather having said that i want to see showers making their way in fourteen celsius there in the sunshine there on sunday for oakland and also for christchurch and similar valleys might be a top form as we go on through monday perhaps a little bit of wet weather later on in the day to start to push its way towards the fos out of the south island still a little bit of wet weather continue across south korea at the moment more very heavy downpours here for japan it is lousy fine and try through monday night on to choose day.
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thank. you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. i've . this is. this is the news hour live from london coming up pope francis meets survivors of clerical and institutional abuse on
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a trip to ireland dominated by the catholic church is sex abuse scandal. ranger refugees demand justice one year after the start of the mean mommy crackdown which drove them from their homes. their passport no entry brings in new rules to stem the flow of venezuelan migrants escaping economic misery in their country. prosecutors in sicily open an inquiry into italy's interior minister for refusing to allow migrants to leave a coast guard ship. i'm joanna gash rosco with the sports including we talked yesterday. serena williams defuses the contriver c.e.o. of her cat suit at the french open we'll hear more from her in the next sixty minutes.
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pope francis has admitted to feeling shame about the church's failure to prevent what he called repugnant sexual abuse by priests is on a two day trip to ireland the first papal visit there in thirty nine years has just addressed a huge crowd at a festival for families at croke park sports stadium in dublin earlier he met irish survivors of clerical religious and it's abuse in the catholic church the fokker reports. the pope's visit to ireland at this moment of crisis in the kind of the church was always going to set the global agenda of how the the can tackles its legacy of child sex abuse apart from. insisted ways any time. number or so could be going to show. i cannot fail to acknowledge the great scandal caused in ireland by the abuse of young people by members of the church charge of the responsibility for that metatron education the failure of ecclesiastical authorities to adequately address these repugnant crimes has rightly
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given rise to outrage i myself share the sentiments ireland's prime minister has been at the helm of social reforms in the country including the recent popular vote to legalize abortion long prohibited by the catholic church he said it was time to build a new relationship between church and state people kept in dark corners behind closed doors cries for help that went on heard. and these wounds are still open. and there is much to be done to bring about justice and truth and healing for the victims and survivors be holy father we ask that you use your office and influence to ensure that this is done here in ireland and also around the world. in this saga of widespread abuse of children by members of the catholic church protests were inevitable. these people are looking for action not words from the vatican i do get the feeling bob's. trust will not be returned within the catholic population
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from simply what will process say to the common population he needs me to see our actions are going to be pretty serious. going to be. alone in silent prayer the leader of one point two billion catholics. later in the day away from the campus he met eight i were survivors of religious and institutional abuse but ninety minutes likely the most emotional moment of his thirty six hour visit for all involved pope francis has gone further than any pope in acknowledging the church's wrongs but as new allegations of abuse continue to surface the biggest challenge to the church in ireland is the church itself. pope francis is an island and arguably one of the darkest moments in the church's modern history become pope francis universally respected as
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a true reformer reinvigorate face and what the catholic church stands for. thousands of the faithful croke park stadium to hear pope francis speak his visit is a moment of joy for many believe is an island a country where more than seventy percent of the population identify as catholic but as the country embraces secular values irish society regardless of faith wants to hold the church to account the past longs. so let's go live now to knead barker he's in need is it fair to say that the visit has essentially been overshadowed by maybe scandal. but it has been entirely overshadowed but it has been very central to the pope's visit particularly his first day anything of song and celebration here quote parkas over the joy of this event contrasts sharply with what we saw earlier on in the day where pope francis arrived here knowing full
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well that he will be under pressure to address head on the historical. claims of clerical abuse against thousands of priests in this country and he did as i mentioned in my report there go much further than his predecessors but the feeling is amongst many survivors many victims of clerical abuse or abuse within religious institutions is that he could have gone much further how by spelling out exactly how the factor can could bring those who have been accused of sexual abuse to justice by opening better can files and sharing them with respective governments and respective law enforcement agencies to could bring about convictions and thirdly also to make sure any senior religious figures thirds have been accused of perhaps covering up abuse are no longer in positions of power in the church these are the kind of things survivors wanted and it was probably what pope francis didn't say probably what he did say that will be the focus of his main critics here
5:55 am
and what can we expect from the pope tomorrow. when as we've seen today a very grueling first day already for the eighty one year old pontiff another very long day for him tomorrow seven thirty one hour trip in total but he heads west he goes to county mayo to the shrine in new york a major shrine here in ireland a huge religious significance to people here he's expected to speak to vast crowds . in the west of ireland before returning to the capitol where it will hold a massive open air mass in phoenix park the figure of five hundred thousand people has been mentioned by the author a tease he will of course follow in the footsteps of the last pope to come here in one nine hundred seventy nine john paul the second bag then three quarters of the population came out to greet the pope that is in irish history the largest mobile
5:56 am
isolation of irish people in its entire history will pope francis be able to replicate that it's unlikely but most certainly his presence here in ireland will be received joyfully by the faithful of we've seen this evening but i think his critics were also the most certainly out of the streets of dublin staging demonstrations to bind to the pope more clearly and more vocally some of the strongest allegations made against the church and his papacy you park i thank you very much for joining us now of a skype from dublin is susan alone she is co-founder of the adoption rights alliance which advocates for victims of institutional abuse thank you very much for being with us so we heard that the pope did address the issue of abuse within the church and his shame as he talked about in these cases what was what he said today in enough for you. know because i think he's actually narrow the focus to victims of clerical sex abuse whilst in aren't in tact to gratian or are victims of
5:57 am
clerical insurance and abuse are actually women in particular and those who were actually in one thousand nine hundred or in the tens of thousands of women who were incarcerated in modern maybe homes whose children were taken away from them simply because they were unmarried mothers and in those children thousands and forced adoption parsee each reach was there also accommodated in the only state so he really is only he. he kind of sticking to the fringes of abuse and and those levels of abuse which i understood why he around was the character of sex abuse but in fact in arents the model pieces far greater so how it so beyond i mean with what we heard the prime minister urging him to to acknowledge and take action against institutional base and the the promise was came to him to mention both sides of the the issues that you've talked about as well but beyond the words of the pope if
5:58 am
what what actions can you expect if you think that your area has not really been focused on well all i can all i can do is actually refer back to my own this to the vatican in february two thousand and fourteen i was part of a group that accompanied shulman elite and her daughter jane libertad and steve coogan of course should i mean it was a subject the subject of the mina and steve coogan was the director and producer and screenwriter. and naturally revealed to the world scenario stark contrast the absolute inhumanity incarceration on married mothers in gary's homes to retire and and after so many years in infamy his case her son was training her peers when he was forcibly taken from her and trafficked to the us for profit and for adoption now i actually was part of a group of very close creep no more than ten people who mesh with. the current.
5:59 am
close friend an archbishop and his private secretary and we had a private few meena and afterwards that was there in a second session and i was very robust in my questioning on the current parents an argentinean friend he told the power to toll some of the views expressed in the film and. continue. to sociate the pope did not regard the film isn't a catholic bashing the pope regard to the share properly and relation to historical events in our minds and yes he had nothing to say to the musher he own you were hardly back to archbishop jerram and martin you was the archbishop of dublin ireland but somebody who is a non connection to vatican in rome and i just was i was just beyond disappointed
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with that you know they had so much warning about the and strange that accompanies that and of course in our times though the appalling revelations about the almost eight hundred babies and children married to suit system in a form of there may be only two and he is directors are representatives response was to refer me to an archbishop in dublin so i make no apology for the fact that i have little faith in this current pontiff that he's actually addressing these mary very grave she rights abuses and any serious level susan thank you very much indeed to feel thoughts of a thank you thank you. that's exactly a year since man launched a military crackdown on revenge of muslims in rakhine state hundreds of thousands of people a fed to neighboring bangladesh in what the u.n. described as
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a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. refugees that have been holding peaceful protests demanding justice and a safer.


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