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tv   Turkeys Transformation  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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we have come to the end of a long journey. him eric and people have spoken and they have spoken clearly he returned to the senate where he served as a senator for arizona more than thirty years after the war hero posts in the trump election a man with whom mccain had a prickly relationship in the past which did not improve sen mccain emerged as the conscience of the republican party in pushing back against several actions of a president who was the party's new voice on the trump travel ban i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda we don't want to shake news on threats against the media when you look at history the first thing the dictators do is shut down the press and i'm not saying that that's that that president trump is trying to be a dictator i'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history. on the likely reaction of past leaders to claims of alternative facts they would be alarmed by
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the growing inability and even an willingness to separate truth from lives senator mccain served in the vietnam war his aircraft shot down over her noyo he broke his leg and arms suffered torture and spent more than five years as a prisoner of war before returning to the u.s. as a war hero a description he humorously undercut during this visit to the libyan city of benghazi in two thousand and eleven they also served in the united states navy for many years i was a pilot yeah. but i'm not a very good pilot i was shot down diagnosed with cancer and recovering from head surgery john mccain received a standing ovation when he returned to the hill for a crucial senate vote in the motion is agreed to. he followed the republican line in voting to open a debate on repealing the affordable care act but in his speech was deeply critical
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of a senate that he described as more. and more tribal than ever before let's trust each other let's return to regular order we've been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle and a few days later in the early hours of the morning john mccain put principle before party. defying immense republican pressure to support a bill is appealing barack obama's health legislation he's back. and in that moment he rose above the senate mired in endless squabble offering the hope that governance by consensus rather than by command could still be possible but certain that got it right at times john mccain could be wrong but on the strong matic nighty demonstrated truth to himself and to the country he devoted his life to serving sales to come here at al-jazeera yemen's historic council cold in the civil
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war is funny to hear from to visit is. an answer thomas involved a lot carola this month's devastating floods i'll be looking at whether the state's all important to or as an industry can bounce back. however still got some very heavy rain affecting taiwan over the next couple of days that will continue to be the case but for much of the southeast of china jane returning to try and brighter this is the scene in silent taiwan and you can see still floodwaters causing problems it is a little drier than it has been recently but the showers never really too far away so we can expect to see further spells of rain from time to time not as intense as it has been going into monday into tuesday as you can see the showers they do look
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set to continue here's the further flooding concerns i fear southern parts of china a little dry a little pricey but the showers again not too far away the show is not too far away to from me in ma the northeast of india into bangladesh heaviest showers there just around addition maybe to the south of there how west being goal come down into the western gas here they may well be a few showers just pretended to care a lot not just on monday also into chews day with the possibility of a little bit of wet weather here for the northeast generally fine and dry into pakistan temperatures here around thirty celsius try to across the red and potentially a little bit of cloud there into central parts of saudi arabia might just catch the spotter friday but if it does it's warm and sunny. whether online this isn't some abstract issue we need to pay attention to their
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stops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is wanting to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice and part of civil society i did but i never get listened to by those in the corridors of joining the global conversation. going out to zero. deal with al jazeera time for a second look at the top stories zimbabwe's new president deserves the country to unite and focus on helping the economy grow and as a man and gaga was sworn in after weeks of political uncertainty over an election
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that was disputed by the main opposition the inauguration took place at the national stadium in the capital harare. pope francis is concluding his two day visit a while and with an outdoor mass for almost half a million people earlier on sunday the pontiff begged for god's forgiveness the sexual abuse of children by the clergy and said the catholic church needs to take decisive measures the truth and justice to prevail. colombians are voting in a referendum on a series of tough anti corruption measures the bill needs at least twelve million votes in order to pass if it does go through it could see big changes in how public contracts are at war did and politicians could be forced to declare their income. peru's granted asylum to hundreds of friends. whalers despite the tough new entry restrictions that were introduced on saturday all new arrivals are now expected to
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hold possible but the government so far has been willing to set aside those new rules on humanitarian grounds mariana sanchez ripples from the peruvian city of storm bears on the northern border with ecuador. i hoping to escape the economic hardship gripping the country desperate venice will answer pouring into beatles water with it whether by bus by car or by foot before saturday's deadline meant to tighten entry requirements. fifteen year old joined the ladies traveled more than four thousand kilometers with some members of his family he says he never imagined leaving venice when we did that work at the my lab we were at the best time of our lives with friends school family but we had to leave to find a better life in venezuela we were hungry separated from their families with a risky future ahead cinelli for the biggest venture down the road with friends leaving her career behind what i am but i am
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a good about it it's sad i graduated with a bachelor's degree now i can't begin my career nor we all gave up half you change and venezuela we don't have a chance exhausted ill or even penniless many venezuelans have had to rely on handouts to eat most of the people arriving here at the border between a weather and b. who are young adults who has been a mecca for these refugees for the past two years more than four hundred thousand venice winds are already living here open border policy allows them to work legally but now they will only be allowed in treaty with passports the day that nations office for refugee says it hopes this policy stops this is very important for you in which possibility of access to all by asking for asylum. so really very much hope that. the government select people and most province when and don't have passports they're expensive and it takes many months and bribing to get them in
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venezuela but there are forty say they've imposed restrictions to prevent the lincolns from entering the country at this border crossing or trade it in a quote ambiguous intense there are no controls. finished. still working to pay to illegal however thirty three year old tina says they want to have a chance to whom i can talk but it's not often that i want to have dignity we must work that's why we are migrating to another country not to receive handouts but because we like to work to do when authorities say they will be flexible with children the elderly and pregnant women who don't have passports and last protect those who apply for asylum in the uk world are least likely you know according to our refugee laws whether they have the documents or not if a person asks for asylum we have to process the request and allow them into the country the foreign ministry receives thirteen thousand requests each month and that number may group as the exodus of the nist will continue many desperate to
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find a better life for their children and the innocent just are just yet to be speeded. the thousands of people in costa rica have gathered on the streets of the capital san jose in support of nicaraguans have managed to flee the political crisis in their home country more than twenty three thousand have a ride in costa rica since april the government set up a commission to deal with the influx of disaster locals not to incite hatred against the. police in brazil of arrested hundreds of people for committing crimes against women women thousand men have been picked up during a nationwide sweep almost a quarter of those arrested are wanted for the murder of a woman brazil is experiencing a rise in crime against women known as femicide. afghanistan's national security advisor mohammed hanif atmar has resigned with the government
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under increasing pressure after a spike in fighting with the taliban some reports suggest that could be preparing to challenge the president in next year's election his resignation was accepted by the president but president go and he rejected the resignations of others the minister of defense interior minister and the head of the national directorate of security. is a political analyst he says public criticism and pressure led to these resignation offers. the security situation inside afghanistan was. especially i think on the ground in the province and i think on the president you told people as to how did the deal was going to come came undone superior criticism public criticism in a was under pressure due to. to encounter this pressure more high
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officials security of shell that they have presented to resign the first was mr fennis. who resigned from his position and he worked for the last four years he was under criticism and the a war. going on inside the pillows and people who were not. fit to missing the his position that is why he resigned and no i knew what. the national security adviser is appointed who was previously working as an investor to united states publicly going to mit is under pressure in criticism now president going he may decide he has to take action and bring somebody farms in the intelligence and also security sector because our take on the presidential palace was absolutely an intelligence failure that is why i need much coordination and much of the farms
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have to. be adopted in the security sector in also in the defense sector. iran's parliament has voted to remove the minister of economic affairs of five made a sharp fall in the currency and economic instability massoud. lost a vote of confidence by one hundred thirty seven to one hundred twenty one he's the second minister of president rouhani is cabinet to be removed this month president rouhani is expected to appear in parliament to answer questions about his administration's performance millions of people are trying to rebuild their lives after the worst flooding in a century in the indian state of carola a large proportion of its economy is reliant upon tourism and now as the water starts to recede there are fears that the industry has been badly damaged andrew thomas reports. this lush and beautiful is how carola should look
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and what the trunks of visitors. tourism accounts for twelve percent of the southern indian state's economy and twenty percent of its jobs organists flooding has already hit the industry hard i think about thirty five to eighty person cancellations that happened during that. everyone all the tourists were able. to separate years have gone back. a similar percentage of september's bookings have been cancelled to the floods damaged roads rel lines and airports making it hard for visitors to get around they also damage the places they might stay over is it. this annual boat race normally happens in august this year it was cancelled. but though many of those in kara when the rains hit left and many about to come change their plans not all days. after finishing
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a volunteer study and work placement arena both a llama and honestly going to have stuck to their plans spending time involved still in kerala but just south of the worst of the floods we were thinking about moving maybe to go of it at the end we we thought that it was ok to move here. the british family visiting relatives in carolina has also decided to stay in my mind to take out a plan with nothing we're going to give it to. us in fact but. i think that's what it's warehouse full time like. having all. the biggest impact will be felt from october when the peak tourist season for carola begins those in the industry expected twenty to twenty five percent drop for the season as a whole marketing campaigns present based paradise but that image is undermined when these are the images broadcast internationally and state. carolus tourism
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minister was helping out a flood aid collection point last week but he is competent the visitors will be back at the summit going to a whole industries badly affected devastated i'm confident that we'll get a form of that but it's going to take a lot of work. the reason carol is so lush and beautiful is that every year it gets a lot of rain the rain this year of course has been exceptional but those in the tourism industry hype the state and bounce back more beautiful and just as popular as before andrew thomas al-jazeera buckel our coverage of. the yemeni government has reopened the cairo castle in ties to visitors just days after we gained control of the site from the emmer r.t. backed up us brigades for the last four years the council has been used as a barracks and fisher reports from neighboring djibouti. it's historic it's impressive now it's back in control of the local population. carol castle stands at
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the foot of the mountain overlooking the city of tire is in the yemen highlands the last four years has been used as a barracks for you you backed out brigades the government military commission has no taken back control. i don't buy that about i said i believe the reopening of the castle after four years of closure sends a clear message that the state will extend its authority over every inch of the country no faction or party will ever have sovereignty or control over time as. this is a site loved by the locals and loved by the children who know little of its history built more than eight hundred years ago cairo castle is the city's top destination for tourists from all over the world that sound odd but it is always great to paint a smile on children's faces that's what we've seen from the first day the number of visitors is far beyond what was expected it's the city's most important to restate
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an historical site well the castle walls will remain solid it will need some restoration work it was shelled by coalition warplanes in twenty fifteen when it was used as a pretty fighter stronghold. and most of europe we cannot describe the overwhelming feeling as we wonder at the highest point in time as we do not know how to express our delight the reopening of the castle has restored the civic nature of the city. cairo castle has a long and colorful history the events of the last four years especially know that it's back in the hands of local people will be another chapter another story to be handed down from generation to generation alan fischer al-jazeera in djibouti. tougher to take a look at the top stories straight out is there a symbolic new president as the country to unite and focus on helping lead khana me grows and is a man and gallagher was sworn in after weeks of political uncertainty over an
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election disputed by the main opposition. we. are nice and you full. of right to spread off the international observers and grab our media we really. our democratic right to relate leader for choice and. we did. i wish to drink you my friend. where did my goal for peace pope francis is concluding his two day visit to ireland with an outdoor mass for half a million people earlier on sunday the pontiff begged for god's forgiveness the sexual abuse of children by the clergy and said the catholic church needs to take
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decisive measures for truth and justice to prevail colombians evasion in a referendum on tougher anti corruption laws the bill needs at least twelve million votes to pass if it does go through could see big changes and help public contracts are awarded and politicians could be forced to declare their income tributes are pouring in for the u.s. senator john mccain who has died at the age of eighty one he'd been suffering from brain cancer john mccain spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in vietnam and more than three decades as a republican senator from arizona. after this actual security adviser mohammed hanif atmar has resigned with the government under increasing pressure of an up tick in fighting with the taliban some reports suggest after could be preparing to challenge the president in next year's election his role his resignation was
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accepted by president danny rodger today those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next the listening post. on counting the cost crippled by its currency crisis will rich venezuela take desperate measures to deal with its struggling economy plus it has a market value of billions but is yet to turn a profit we delve deeper into what's going on at tesla. county in a car and i just. call it a clutch sensor for the circuit and i. like that. arrangement. and i. love i'm introduced but in your at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week google search for new markets leads it to china despite
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beijing's rules on censorship is the company doing the right thing c.n.n. names names the weapons manufacturers whose bombs are killing children in yemen palestinian journalists and citizens have learned that incitement is in the eye of the behold the occupier and we have another one of those videos that casts a political leader as an action hero with a little help from his friends the stock. type google into google search engine then hit the news tab you might find a few stories that the tech giant would rather you didn't see a few weeks back we learned that google was working on something called project dragon fly a new search engine for the chinese market one that would function in compliance with beijing's strict rules on censorship in an organization that talks of transparency it is ironic that only a handful of the companies eighty eight thousand employees knew about this project when some of them caught wind of it they leaked the details to an online news site the intercept which broke the story and put google's top brass on the spot google
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has ventured into china before in two thousand and ten but back then it decided it could not live with the censorship rules there so it poor. doubt this potential reentry into china signals a major policy u.-turn involving one of the biggest tech companies on the planet and the world's largest market our starting point this week is google's headquarters silicon valley usa. times change technology moves on companies evolve there was a time when google's corporate mantra was don't be evil that altruistic philosophy has since been amended watered down if you will to do the right thing was that a mere shift in semantics or has google made a moral adjustment in the way it does business with china just being the latest most newsworthy example of that google is celebrating its twentieth birthday in
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that time we have folded it into our lives in some really deep ways google is by far the dominant search service on mobile devices and on computers in the world it's very interesting when we look at how google deals with china because that is one place where it won't be dominant and one place where it really has to pander to the demands of the government there but i think it's something google has to do google can't ignore china to ignore china is to ignore the world in china increasingly nowadays doing the right thing is it is about trading off to lesser evils when i speak to chinese friends actually many of them are hopeful that they can use google in china because they would like that be an alternative to the near monopolists which is baidu it would be a really interesting thing if there were two big search engines in china taking out rather than one big such tension in china. google has had
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a foothold in china before operating there from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten off and coming into conflict with government censors then after. getting cyber attacked and discovering that the g. mail accounts of chinese human rights activists have been hacked it reevaluated its policy a company whose stated mission is to organize the world's information effectively pulled the plug on itself in china walking away from the world's biggest internet mark eight years later google wants back you and it knows that president xi jinping the government will only permit that if google builds in search filters that meet the censorship rules so that if anyone in china enters a term like human rights democracy or political opposition google search engine would come up blank so it's like a one hundred eighty degree reversal of what they said in two thousand and ten and so it's quite a stunning turnaround that they would suddenly change because in china nothing has
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changed in fact this probably got worse in terms of the censorship laws that are in place that oversee these things have become a lot more draconian and that your peers for google to say it's going to go back again it's an extraordinary story and that's why it's had a lot of attention internationally. listen my concern that people have that if google to china it's legitimizing. china's censorship regime that's up to people's interpretation of what overall of a corporation ought to be google is out to make money and so given that there are many shareholders that want to see google's stock price go up clearly it's in their very right to pursue the largest markets in the world. this story only became public because someone inside google wanted it that way and
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leaked the details of project dragon-fly to the intercept and online news so it's since been extensively reported elsewhere but google is not commenting publicly it's not the first time this year the company has dealt with internal dissent on a large scale three months ago thousands of employees signed a petition protesting against something called project maven the work that google was doing to help the u.s. military analyze a drone from google later announced it would not renew its contract with the pentagon first mavin now dragonflies google which deals in information is finding that it cannot keep its own corporate secrets contained the company has a in the employee so less than zero point three five percent or something like that of the overall workforce actually knew about this. and once we have reports of that of course the rest of the employees then phone doe and a lot of them are very angry not just because of the censorship pressure which it's
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controversial on its own but because it was kept secret from them a huge gesture and say google is the secrecy it's a really interesting moment in silicon valley because when companies like google admit that they are pursuing controversial projects like building a search engine in china. when. companies like microsoft reveal that they've been working with the department of homeland security on projects that might involve you know the separation of families the labor force and silicon valley rise up in protest and demand better behavior from their companies so we've seen it quite vocally microsoft we've heard rumblings of it at facebook and now we're starting to see it at google they should have accountability but because they can't hide behind the corporate veil there are different sets of rules and norms that are expected of corporations if citizens are concerned about corporations becoming too
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powerful and becoming like nation states then they should actually be asking the lawmakers to pass laws that require certain corporations above a certain revenue line to have a different way of responding to public inquiries. should google succeed in getting back into china it stands to gain access to more than three quarters of a billion people online but the company's competition there is way out front in google's eight year absence by a chinese search engine has solidified its position and now has more than seventy five percent of that market and old habits even relating to relatively young technology die hard so even if google manages to clear the political hurdles currently standing in its way it will have a lot of catching up to do everyone a google knows that if this is successful it will be both politically controversial
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and a long slow process to try to build back reputation in china the web users in china have established their habits long ago and their habits do not include google at this point so i see this as an effort to establish at least a small presence in china in the hopes that it might. growth over time we have to realize that it's almost malpractise for a business that has global ambitions to ignore the largest market in the world you can see many tech companies knocking at the door of china's huge revenues but this does not mean that china wants to go under president xi jinping into the sunset has gotten even tighter the so any kind of censorship deal that google can strike with the governments now would be much worse than back in twenty ten and this is the real bind that operating in china puts on such companies how much can you criticize government is the mission you need to operate in the markets.
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we're discussing another story that's on our radar this week with one of our producers johannah who's joe in yemen bombs continue to claim civilian lives dozens more were killed there this past thursday and c.n.n. recently produced a report that was a little bit different in that it looked into a couple of angles on the bombing of yemen that don't get much coverage what did that report actually c.n.n. was reporting on that airstrike on august ninth by the saudi led coalition the one that hit a school bus killing forty children apiece was different in two ways first c.n.n. senior international correspondent nic gear reported that a bomb had been supplied by the u.s. government as part of an arms deal with saudi arabia second there was this graphic revealing the names of u.s. weapons manufacturer is companies like lockheed martin raytheon and general dynamics whose arms have been used in various air strikes in the past that graphic went viral and many of the tweets mentioned how rarely the media reports on the
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role played by the u.s. and even the u.k. in selling weapons to riyadh's the u.s. also helps with the targeting of those weapons i spoke with about the piece. we have actually consistently referred to the coalition as us back so this isn't a new elements that come into our reporting it was important to talk about the ball and who made that bomb especially because we knew that the specific technology that was used the laser guided technology that was used in this particular strike was technology that president obama had banned the sales of because of human rights concerns and that ban was then overturned by president trump so we knew that this was a really important element and it was one that. it was incredibly vital to get out that is as they worked through how they felt about the war in yemen still it's only
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one piece albeit an informative one on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves considering that the u.n. has declared yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis definitely not this war and not just the u.k. and u.s. involvement in it has been extremely underreported amnesty international calls it the forgotten war spoke to me about some of the factors that make reporting on yemen so difficult. i think often what people presume to be a dis interest on the root of part of the media is that we've actually just an inability to get on the ground we are trying in different ways we are learning as we go along as other people in the media landscape how are we going to report on those who it is in place and accomplish that oftentimes people don't really have a great deal of knowledge on but also that is incredibly difficult to get access to in and i think we are which trying our best to figure it out as we go along and
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it's important to note that access to the warfront in yemen isn't just being limited by the saudi let forces but also the hooty led government that has been very hostile to the media ok thanks joe. turning now to palestinian journalists and activists and the twin inescapable realities of surveillance and censorship since two thousand and fifteen the authorities in israel have arrested an estimated one thousand palestinians for content they published or shared online israel even has a dedicated cyber crimes policing unit with the cooperation of tech giants like facebook the state has successfully taken down hundreds of palestinian social media accounts and israel's strategy in this area goes well beyond censorship the state has developed algorithms that monitor palestinians in anticipation of them committing a crime silenced and surveilled by israel on one side palestinians are also having to contend with the palestinian authority the p.a.
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on the west bank and hamas in gaza neither of which is known for tolerating dissent or criticism on why in the west bank in particular the p.a.'s two thousand seven hundred cyber crimes law has led to the arrest of numerous palestinians the listening posts nuffin now from the occupied west bank. this past week became the latest palestinian journalist to be charged meant the palestine t.v. correspondent is known for his live broadcasts of life under occupation. military reportedly took issue with videos he shed of soldiers in a refugee camp near ramallah none of ali's post-school to buy but both the military prosecutor and the judge refer to the five that i leave the number of follow the hive and the like. and it's not just john f.
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fifteen year old tomato been with the rested for writing the words forgive me on facebook her alleged crime incitement. and then amounted to maybe it's crime was live streaming her daughter's mouth in. from a confrontation with two soldiers in her front yard she was charged with and convicted of in fights with just a few examples and there are hundreds of a charge palestinian say has been used to criminalize criticism of the occupation if your mil if there are who are the general assumption nowadays is that all palestinian social media users are under israeli surveillance system they developed algorithms which monitor social media for certain keywords and later began using a profiling method known as predictive policing before anything you say can be seen as incitement everybody thought. it was just imprisoned for saying resist my people resist so the word resistance is for big as are phrases like i'm against occupation
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or i will resist occupation it's all considered incitement. and there are very sophisticated methods of online surveillance that these algorithms that have been developed the technology that is being used to target everyone anyone exercising their right free speech what we're seeing is a violation of the presumption of innocence people are not presumed innocent they are presumed guilty from the start israel does not hesitate one at once to silence critics while the arabs or jews do invoke the security all your month because i was committed also. neatly multiple gave my. criticism over the way the policy. is one of the rarely point of view threatening to state security. in two thousand and sixteen israel's minister of justice i. boasted that facebook complied with ninety five percent of government requests to
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remove infighting continence i on facebook and you faced a bill in the works would give the government the power to make that one hundred percent the ministry told the listening post that in finding cases are examined. regardless of the nationality or origin of the suspect but there seem to be double standards at play she killed herself once wrote a facebook post that appeared to justify the mass murder of palestinians who give birth to little snakes she was not charged with incitement and in two thousand and seventeen the ngo found that israeli social media uses rates and inciting post against palestinians once every thirty one seconds however prosecutions of israelis friend fights men are extremely rare. censorship and monitoring and not the only way that israel controls palestinians online it also operates social media accounts that target palestinians with propaganda in their own language
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a practice known as the militarization or in full tracing of the palestinian side of the space i think. you have pages like the coordinator and israeli general who publishes information that mainly targets palestinians and sometimes makes threats like we will enter this area and gaza to occupy it again or pages like it known age we want to live which has a photo of dollars luring people to work with them then there are secret accounts like that of captain. and israeli intelligence officer who writes to people and asks if they need help getting a work permit in other words they played with palestinian emotions as well as their need for money to get them to work for them. after a summer in which israeli snipers killed more than one hundred fifty people in gaza including two journalists and were even caught fellah breaking out some of those
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killings. yes. the israeli government announced plans for legislation that would outlaw filming as ready soldiers for quote the sake of shaming them then there are the more traditional methods of controlling information this month the israeli military arrested six journalists for incitement in a single week at least twenty three journalists the currently imprisoned and seventeen media institutions was shut down by the israeli military last year. but navigating israel's system of control is only part of the chance too often palestinian journalists have come to expect the same kinds of intimidation surveillance and monitoring at the hands of that own government in the occupied west bank the palestinian authority seen by many palestinians as an enabler and enforcer of israel's occupation the p.a. seems to mount a thing or two from the israeli withdrawal bill acceptor again with the offer to be
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the most commonly deployed charge is incitement one doesn't want to draw a parallel but often those who've experienced israeli presence have also experienced p.a. presence it's as if there's a certain type of journalists who must be denied a voice the surveillance of what we write on facebook has become so extensive so sophisticated that i believe we will get to the point where it will include the political and social views of journalists to. taking the lead from countries like the united arab emirates the palestinian authority has adopted a cyber crimes law that has had a chilling effect on free speech in the occupied west bank. it was conceived almost overnight with no public consultation and then passed by presidential decree what i can tell mr what was done in order in its first year the law was used in a way that violates human rights and democracy at least thirty palestinian web sites have been banned for either criticizing the palestinian authority or for
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having alliances with hummus or mohammad dahlan the more has been amended but is still nowhere near perfect the point is they're using various laws in a selective way to limit opposition voices the lot of the philosophy we are seeing that is used in an abusive manner it is not used to tackle on line crime it's used to restrict opposition and anyone addressing points that are not supported by the past in writing so we're still calling for every piece of that law or an amendment of it. would be in line with international standards. business garver which is under the control of hamas and where free speech is also heavily restricted security forces there have used harassment interrogation an arbitrary arrests to file an online criticism. but what seems to differentiate the p.s.a. is the frequency with which it was used journalists who are also being sought by
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the israeli military one such voice islam harter a writer with a large online following known for her criticism of the occupation and the p.a. she was arrested by israeli forces in hebron last month not long after have family had been harassed by the p.a. shot about. in april i spent a lot mahatma the palestinian preventive security forces had detained her husband she told me they asked him why don't you stop your wife from writing on your man and he replied i am a man and agree with what my wife writes and i want to disrupt the. given the ever present threat of surveillance and arrest by israel plus the threats coming from their own leadership palestinians are increasingly cautious about what they say online. a study by palestinian n.g.i. mather found that ninety percent of john s. practiced self-censorship out of fear for their own safety what people don't want
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that they are being surveilled all the time was are they are aware of that creates a figure on the part of the population relieved to annoy or leads to feeling that their life is thought of them on it that this. time it is hell with them what about how all of our journalistic out but it is monitored and analyzed reza we feel as if we somehow become like that type of big brother everyone is what you israel is. fortunately the p.a. is watching me. there is censorship but palestinian journalists can navigate this ever narrowing the margin of. because the moment the journalist goes silent there is nothing left to live with. and finally the eighteenth asian games are well underway in the indonesian capital jakarta a television channel there as c.t.v.
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produced a video to mark the opening of the games featuring indonesia's president joko widodo beating a traffic jam to get to the stadium on a motorcycle stunts included lame comparisons were reflexive li made online to tom cruise and the latest mission impossible film which was mission accomplished for s.c. t.v. and its action hero president and a hash tag was born proud to be indonesian fine except whoever made that film should have picked a stunt man who better resembled the president in shape someone in the same weight class perhaps and given that stunt man a wedding ring to match the one that would doto wear that's what the continuity departments for the little things will see you next time you're at the listening post. on the back of. that that's it.
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i i . this is going to. chill. it's the cheapest rail service in the deal congo the largest country in sub-saharan
11:47 pm
africa the swallowed cross is half the country from lubumbashi to a labor of it's the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the swallow has been around for more than fifty years like a local bus it stops a virtually every station passengers clamber the remaining seats people cram into whatever space they can find. nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity for those who want able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the roof. travelers have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. the danger comes not just from above. even at the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can cut like a machete they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade where you are so i'm
11:48 pm
consistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate vacuumed of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that move to produced. that ass in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take form. from sugar to rebellion episode two of slavery roots on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. and live from studio three a today here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to the welcome to the news grid. a call for unity and peace from zimbabwe's new leader after a bitterly fought election amasa non-god is so winning again as president promising
11:49 pm
i knew and different zimbabwe but can he deliver change and or trucks foreign investors to get the economy back on its feet. also on the grid death of a man many regard as an american hero politicians around the world a paid tribute to senator john mccain who has died at the age of eighty one he went from a prisoner of war in vietnam to presidential candidates will explore his influence on u.s. foreign policy and his legacy on the global stage and buried in town stakes scientists warn they could be more of it in our oceans than station within thirty years and it's even adding to climate change we'll find out what environmentalists in the u.s. are doing to fight the rising cost of. raids and arrests in china off workers protest for bexar wages and the government's const down on people talking about it on friday hired with a friend of the online trends you can tweet in comment on facebook live for.
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you with the news grid live on air and streaming online for you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us for the second time in just nine months imus among gaga has been so on asm bob was president he was keen to talk up his messages of unity and moving on after a bit early contested election and results that the opposition is still refusing to recognize god was promised to have a full investigation into the deadly violence that followed the vote the first since his former boss longtime either robert mugabe was pushed from power. was at the ceremony in harare and has this report. president in a synagogue knows he only now do you want last month's election which is over fifty percent of the vote in his inauguration. speech he try to unite a divided country. in order. to call me so i said oh well i'm going to
11:51 pm
be. with you but oh my darling we are all bubbling what you know. is better than i want to divide. that i mean if you want to that tomorrow. that i have to do. opposition leaders did attend send this inauguration but the main opposition leader nelson chamisa did not on friday zimbabwe's highest court rejected his claims of treating the main. issue just. aged man wait. until isolation any international community to intervene when they're going as
11:52 pm
a daunting task of rebuilding a stagnant economy most importantly he has to address city a cash which is and high unemployment. when he took over from longtime leader robert mugabe nine months ago he promised to turn around the economy tackle corruption and end human rights abuses all the work that was done ahead of the elections to try and show the elections being free and fair and that this was the start of the new dispensation that was all undone on august the first when the military moved in and gunned down seven people on the streets of harare this creates the perception that this is not a new dispensation this is the same dispensation it has the name of the leader has changed but it seems that they are going about governance and going about human rights in exactly the same way as happened under the mcgarvie era some african leaders were at the celebrations they say they will work with some to help its economy recover but political analysts say others in the international community
11:53 pm
will need some convincing before sanctions can be lifted and investment can return millions of people here would have to wait and see if and then go to live on his promise to be a president for. well it's not speak to cheap ordinary in the u.s. state of massachusetts via skype research research is rather zimbabwe as a professor of political science at hurst college thank you very much for joining us so imus among goggle eyes for missing to bring about a new different zimbabwe can he deliver real change to the people in your opinion you know i think nelson and i were actually has a very easy which leads you to make a difference to the economy as hiram chess and mentioned is in freefall there is no economy just because of the millions of people that are out of work so this situation is you know as bad as it could go so he only has to do it to be a million mom to effect some change of course as an occurrence of concern that
11:54 pm
since he came in november the economy has not improved it or. not it's first resort that the military's ready to go out into the streets and shift people so they have those concerns but he has a unique opportunity to do very little and get a lot of your word for it and the questions surrounding the elections haven't been answered and haven't gone away as far as the opposition is concerned the opposition saying they have won the election that the figures were manipulated in his speech today president gaga call for peace and unity but what concrete lady think is can do to bring the opposition and nelson chamisa the opposition leader on board is he going to reach out to them we think. i think he has to reach out he gives the we know he's the president he stayed in a speech that he's president of every zimbabwean so the onus and the responsibility for reaching out lies with the president and not so much with the opposition in her
11:55 pm
area i was just in her back for the last couple of months there and all celebrations and harris saw him assimilate that weeks ticking over a deeply divided society and what he does to bring people who didn't vote for him back into the fold will be very critical and having said that what he does on social media which matters a lot for evan it is going to be very very critical from today on what's so what is the opposition's endgame here nelson chamisa has said he would hold peaceful protests that he is going to continue contesting this election result you know what is the end game what is it trying to achieve and in doing all this do you think jimmy set can keep the opposition the m.d.c. together and behind him. you know i think what nelson jimmy six trying to do is to build momentum but yes to be very careful a few weeks ago we saw this all just going to the streets people don't want bloodshed so he has to be very careful with the language that he uses yes to be
11:56 pm
very careful with the promises that he makes after the concords ruling there was a sense from people that maybe he oversold it's quite obvious that the elections when not free and they in the general sense of being free and fair it's also evident that a second had you know some issues with handling the election right but did also to me set to tell his supporters the truth about the kind of evidence that he has and i'm not saying he didn't but i think he has to be very responsible with the language that he uses especially because most of his supporters are evan mates and it's very easy to rally people so you know he must be very careful but you know you have an important important role to play in zimbabwe and as i've written mentioned the president much to reach out to nelson chamisa the two men must be seen to sit down and engage in serious and rigorous conversation back in was about with before and as you said the deadly military crackdown after the election raises
11:57 pm
a lot of eyebrows internationally and many questions whether they can be a real break with the past whether zimbabwe's status as a global pariah can be reversed by amisom and gaga what do you think the president needs to do to ease fear is in the international community what sound policies can the government introduced to transform the economy. you know i think the first thing that the president has to do is to demilitarize politics as you know we're watching in that race and i saw people checking when the vice president called some of the judges generals so that you know that the prescription that the military is have really involved in civilian politics is there and so he will need to demilitarize second he meets to wit the human rights reforms you see investors have a lot of choice when it comes to countries led by just what's to whip what some of what we need to do to go forward is to separate themselves from countries that have human rights abuses and a lot of natural resources and of what we can do both and in some that way has an
11:58 pm
opportunity to say look i want to invest in this but i value the rights of my people i value freedom of speech i will protect your properties create ease of doing business right now registering pro-business and what was very difficult as it is a very simple things that you can to immediately you know within the next few months you can do those things immediately to improve investor country to show people that in the coming just about with you must not worry about having the military conduct a second coup to show people that if they invest in somewhat with the of businesses will be safe to show people that zimbabweans feel confident about their own economy because it's one thing for investors to be confident but it's more important for the millions of zimbabweans especially the young i mean to be confident about the economy because they're the ones that are being to be working with investors on a day to day basis and companies that i formed and other forms of engagement to put in very very interesting to talk to you thank you so much for your insights support and there is a professor at amherst college in the u.s.
11:59 pm
and you can read more about her views on what the future holds for zimbabwe especially the opposition and this opinion piece published recently on our website dot com tipple says zimbabwe's opposition must unite and create a brand that resonates with both urban and rural voters interesting perspective readers on our website. dot com and we're getting quite a few comments on the political situation in zimbabwe diyar here on face book you says asks about the promises the new president as has made and as we heard from our guests he talked about uniting the country is probably going to reach out to the opposition in what way we don't know yet she says corruption is back in zimbabwe with the inauguration of. president and one last comment from martina also on facebook says i wish the people of zimbabwe better luck with this new president thank you very much for all of the comments you can keep them coming of course on
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our website and all of the other online platforms on twitter a.j. news great our handle is at a.j. english on twitter waltz on facebook of course facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or you can also whatsapp us that plus sign seven for five a one triple one for nine on two other world news and world leaders past and present mungo's paying tribute to u.s. senator john mccain after his death at the age of eighty one mccain spent five years as a prisoner of war in vietnam and went on to become a long serving republican party senator and presidential candidate the man he spent his final years criticizing donald trump has ordered the white house fly to be lowered as a sign of respect and morning former presidents george w. bush and barack obama have been asked to give unities at mccain's according to us media reports but the senator made one point clear before he died u.s. president trump was not to be invited let's go live to our brand was in washington d.c. for
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a so rob what more do we know about the public memorials and funeral arrangements for john mccain well.


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