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entry restrictions imposed by some countries in recent weeks. we need to deal with this in a coordinated manner if it's a regional effort we can achieve good results handling it in a unilateral an individual way only creates more illegal immigration and more problems not less they're doing i hope that their agreement will be extended to the other countries affected. this time at the foreign ministers level has been announced for next week in ecuador. have also been invited but. they haven't had any communication with their various counterparts on this issue for the last two years and that's been it continues to avoid recognizing the crisis . and brazil's president has sent the military to a province along its border with venezuela michelle says it's to keep order to ensure the safety of people there the government's moving some venezuelan migrants
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away from border towns and an effort to reduce tension with locals in the last two weeks brazilians drove a group of venezuelans out of their town after a local restaurant owner was stabbed and beaten. canada has rejoined trade talks in washington it's all part of an effort to save or change the three way nafta trade agreement with the u.s. and mexico prime minister justin trudeau says progress is being made on monday u.s. president donald trump announced a new deal with mexico that could replace nafta he says it will go ahead with or without canada and he warns that canada will face tariffs of a doesn't join the new pact. we will as we have done this negotiation stand up for the canadian national interest unfortunately values while the team for areas where we can find it not everyone to listen daniel like has more now from toronto. several very tricky days lie ahead for the canadian trade negotiators in washington d.c.
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the foreign minister chrystia freeland has gone there to lead the team and the people that have been working with her on this file throughout her also there and they'll be shared tooling sessions with the u.s. and mexico in the coming days and fridays the deadline let's not forget there's a fairly tight deadline here assuming the canadians stick to it the prime minister justin trudeau has been speaking about this and he said that their eyes are on the prize of a new deal we will engage in a positive constructive way as we always have been and look forward to ultimately signing a deal as long as it is good for canada and good for middle class a good start but reaching that elusive agreement that suits all parties isn't going to be easy for the negotiators there are a number of sticking points that the canadians have mostly with the u.s. that weren't addressed by the u.s. and mexican arrangements announced on monday one of them is dispute resolution canada wants independent trade arbiters and the americans are saying no we can't have that another one is the dairy eggs and poultry industry in canada which is
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heavily regulated which you know does not allow imports of many of those goods and the united states wants that for its farmers canada saying no in fact the prime minister saying as recently as tuesday that that wasn't going to happen it's a week of negotiations compromise may be on the table but for now we've just got several days of hard bargaining ahead of us one person's been killed and thirty four injured off a bomb exploded in the street festival in the philippines it happened in front of the restaurant in the town of. police defused two other devices found in the area no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. police in morocco have arrested twelve people in connection with the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl seventeen year old dzhokhar rose says she was kidnapped and held for two months during which time she was raped and tortured karo posted a video online where she showed cigarette burns and tattoos carved into her body supporters of started a campaign called we are all khadija the suspects are between the ages of eighteen
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and twenty seven. the rain forests in africa are now as endangered are some of the continent's best known animals now a group cultivating a manmade forest in south africa is trying to give visitors a taste of what the world could be losing catherine song reports from south africa in the first of our forests under threat series. one of south africa's botanical gardens is on the edge of the kruger national park the statue action is undoubtedly the manmade tropical african rain forest is thriving in a continent where natural forests are being wiped out by illegal loggers poachers and climate change are additional threats caretaker's he worry that they'll all be gone from africa in a few decades thirteen thousand square kilometers that are being wiped out. that's a massive amount of rainforest disappearing we might even be wiping out species before we even know they exist thousands of students tourists and researchers who
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might not be able to go to the congo basin in central africa home to the world's second largest tropical rainforest or to the coastal rain forest in west africa that has almost all been felled visit this site i fix begins the years ago when. people at the area they ripped out forests left right and center to plant sugarcane and it seriously worries me because they don't replace the trees the botanical garden is not just a showcase of the ecosystem it's also home to some of south africa's rare is trees highly prized by poachers one of the things that stands out in this botanical garden is a psycho tree it's critically endangered slow to grow but also very lucrative in the black market so researchers say that in terms of endangered species the sikat isn't as much danger as the rhino. a most most the book or has protected and grew
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in the prehistoric cyclades for years and proudly oversees the biggest collection in south africa this is. of federal. i have to take. before we open to started tool to pull in it is caught in the forest students learn about the different plants and animals how the ecosystem works and just how critical it is to conserve and protect what remains of africa's tropical rainforest catherine soy al-jazeera lander south africa. and our series on the world's forests continues as we head to malaysia where a boom in biofuels is posing a major threat to the region's rain forests from spirit we'll have that story the u.k. prime minister tourism a has been visiting south africa she's looking to develop new trade opportunities as the u.k. leaves the european union later she'll travel to nigeria and kenya but it's
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uncomfortable attempts to get footloose with schoolchildren in cape town that's dominating a lot of online chatter so far prime minister may says she wants to make britain the biggest foreign investor in africa within four years. we have been working with with african nations with african governments in the past what i'm talking about today is a new partnership for the future recognizing the challenges that we both face we've already seen the benefits of the growth in the economy the stability here in south africa in the investment we've seen from the u.k. i think there are huge opportunities for us to work together both the u.k. and south africa to increase that investment in the future to the mutual benefit both of south africans and the united kingdom from either miller has more from johannesburg. the prime minister is calling this a new partnership with africa she says based on shared prosperity and security now
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so far she's announced that the u.k. will invest about five billion dollars in african economies and we'll follow up with a five further five billion dollars from private investors and the aim here is that the u.k. would want to be the largest g seven investing in africa by twenty twenty two now this trip around the continent is very much about renewing and strengthening ties with african countries african countries not only around their economies but also security and stabilizing individual african countries she said that the stability of these countries will only allow africa to prosper and also in that way benefit the u.k. in terms of trade and investment she looked at a number of issues ranging from poverty of alleviation as well as migrants traveling to europe saying that africa should stabilize and that the u.k. is here to help the continent do that reason may will move on or to nigeria and
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kenya later this week really looking at what happens all to the u.k. after brics that. part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.n. security council has been debating a report calling for senior officers and men miles military to face genocide charges released on monday details mass killings and gang rapes over him to muslims investigators say at least ten thousand people were killed during the crackdown by the military which began last august the u.s. has defended its support for the saudi erotic coalition fighting in yemen defense secretary james mattis says washington's backing for the coalition is constantly under review he says he's hoping for a u.n. brokered negotiation on the conflict in yemen. u.s. military drills looks set to resume on the korean peninsula the exercises had been suspended since a landmark deal between donald trump and kim jong un last june but the u.s.
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is frustrated by a lack of progress towards denuclearization in. colombia and peru have signed have agreed to set up a joint database of venezuelan migrants in iceland was made after a two day meeting both countries are struggling to manage the rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing their borders the migrants are fleeing a deepening political and economic crisis the poem i listened around petty is in the colombian capital the tough. trees that have been receiving the highest number. of migrants so far roughly one million are in colombia they more than four hundred thousand appear to me gratian of the two countries and the two governments are finally deciding that is trying to cooperate to start working towards a more coordinated and more coordinated policy in the region to deal with this unprecedented exodus canadian officials are in washington d.c.
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for talks on the enough to trade treaty with the u.s. and mexico. canada's prime minister justin trudeau says progress is being made on a potential rework of the treaty. on monday the u.s. and mexico announced a new deal which could replace the trade terms agreed under nafta. and the new study has found that nearly three thousand people died in puerto rico in the six months after hurricane maria it destroyed much of the autumn last october the figure is double the government's previous estimate of fourteen hundred deaths but those were the headlines the news continues here on after the listening post that's watching.
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and for your. call as i can watch the sun search for that search and find out why that. oversee. french people. and i don't know. and i'm richard burton you're at the listening post who are some of the media stories that we're covering this week google search for new markets leads it to china despite beijing's rules on censorship is the company doing the right thing c.n.n. names names the weapons manufacturers whose bombs are killing children in the palestinian journalists and citizens have learned that incitement is in the eye of the behold the occupier and we have another one of those videos that casts a political leader as an action hero with a little help from his friends the stock. type google into google search engine
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then hit the news tab you might find a few stories that the tech giant would rather you didn't see a few weeks back we learned that google was working on something called project dragon fly a new search engine for the chinese market one that would funk. and in compliance with beijing's strict rules on censorship in an organization that talks of transparency it is ironic that only a handful of the company's eighty eight thousand employees knew about this project when some of them caught wind of it they leaked the details to an online news site the intercept which broke the story and put google's top brass on the spot google has ventured into china before in two thousand and ten but back then it decided it could not live with the censorship rules there so it pulled out this potential reentry into china signals a major policy u.-turn involving one of the biggest tech companies on the planet and the world's largest market our starting point this week is google's headquarters silicon valley usa.
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times change technology moves on companies evolve there was a time when google's corporate mantra was don't be evil that altruistic philosophy has since been amended watered down if you will to do the right thing was that a mere shift in semantics or has google made a moral adjustment in the way it does business with china just being the latest most newsworthy example of that google is celebrating its twentieth birthday in that time we have folded it into our lives in some really deep ways google is by far the dominant search service on mobile devices and on computers in the world it's very interesting when we look at how google deals with china because that is one place where it won't be dominant and one place where it really has to pander to the demands of the government there but i think it's something google has to do
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google can't ignore china to ignore china is to ignore the world in china increasingly nowadays doing the right thing is about trading off the evil when i think to. chinese friends actually many of them are hopeful that they can use google in china because they would like that the alternative to the near monopolists which is baidu it would be a really interesting scene if there were two big search engines in china taking out rather than one big such engine in china. google has had a foothold in china before operating there from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten often coming into conflict with government censors then after getting cyber attacked and discovering that the g. mail accounts of chinese human rights activists had been hacked it reevaluated its policy a company whose stated mission is to organize the world's information effectively pulled the plug on itself in china walking away from the world's biggest internet
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market eight years later google wants back you and it knows that president xi jinping is government will only permit that if google builds in search filters that meet the censorship rules so that if anyone in china enters a term like human rights democracy or political opposition google search engine would come up right. so it's like a one hundred eighty degree reversal of what they said in two thousand and ten and so it's quite a stunning turnaround that they would suddenly change because in china nothing has changed in fact this probably got worse in terms of the censorship laws that are in place that oversee these things have become a lot more draconian in your peers for google to say it's going to go back and it's an extraordinary story and that's why it's had a lot of attention internationally. legitimate concern that people have if. china it's legitimizing. china's. censorship
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regime that's up to people's interpretation of what overall of a corporation ought to be google is out to make money and so given that there are many shareholders that want to see google's stock price go up clearly it's in their very right to pursue the largest markets in the world. this story only became public because someone inside google wanted it that way and leaked the details of project dragon-fly to the intercept and online news site it's since been extensively reported elsewhere but google is not commenting publicly it's not the first time this year the company has dealt with internal dissent on a large scale three months ago thousands of employees signed a petition protesting against something called project maven the work that google was doing to help the u.s. military analyze a drone for google later announced it would not renew its contract with the
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pentagon first mavin now dragonflies google which deals in information is finding that it cannot keep its own corporate secrets contain the company has a in the employee so less than zero point three five percent or something like that of the overall workforce actually knew about this. and once we have reports of that of course the rest of the employees then phoned and a lot of them are very angry not just because of the censorship pressure which it's controversial on its own but because it was kept secret from them a huge gesture and say google is the secrecy it's a really interesting moment in silicon valley because when companies like google admit that they are pursuing controversial projects like building a search engine in china. when companies like microsoft reveal that they've been working with the department of homeland security on projects that might involve you know the separation of families. the labor force and silicon valley rise up in
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protest and demand better behavior from their companies so we've seen it quite vocally microsoft we've heard rumblings of it at facebook and now we're starting to see it at google they should have accountability but because they can't hide behind the corporate veil there are different sets of rules and norms that are expected of corporations if citizens are concerned about corporations becoming too powerful and becoming like nation states then they should actually be asking the lawmakers to pass laws that require certain corporations above a certain revenue line to have a different way of responding to public inquiries. should google succeed in getting back into china it stands to gain access to more than three quarters of a billion people online but the company's competition there is way out front in
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google's eight year absence by a chinese search engine has solidified its position and now has more than seventy five percent of that market and old habits even relating to relatively young technology die hard so even if google manages to clear the political hurdles currently standing in its way it will have a lot of catching up to do everyone a google knows that if this is successful it will be both politically controversial and a long slow process to try to build back reputation in china the web users in china have established their habits long ago and their habits do not include google at this point so i see this as an effort to establish at least a small presence in china in the hopes that it might grow over time but we have to realize it's almost malpractise for a business that has global ambitions to ignore the largest market in the world can
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seem. any tech company is knocking at the door of china's huge revenues but this does not mean that china wants to go under president xi jinping into the sunset has gotten even tighter the so any kind of censorship deal that google can strike with the governments now would be much worse than back in twenty ten and this is the real bind that operation in china puts on such companies how much can you criticize governments whose permission you need to operate in the markets. we're discussing another story that's on our radar this week with one of our producers johannah joe in yemen bombs continue to corner civilian lives dozens more were killed there this past thursday and c.n.n. recently produced a report that was a little bit different in that it looked into a couple of angles on the bombing of yemen the don't get much coverage what did that report actually c.n.n. was reporting on that airstrike on august ninth by the saudi led coalition the one
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that hit a school bus killing forty children apiece was different in two ways first c.n.n. senior international correspondent gear reported that a bomb had been supplied by the u.s. government as part of an arms deal with saudi arabia second there was this graphic revealing the names of u.s. weapons manufacturer is companies like lockheed martin raytheon and general dynamics whose arms have been used in various air strikes in the past that graphic went viral and many of the tweets mentioned how rarely the media reports on the role played by the u.s. and even the u.k. in selling weapons to riyadh's the u.s. also helps with the targeting of those weapons i spoke with about the piece. we have actually consistently refer to the coalition as us back so this isn't a new elements that come into our reporting it was important to talk about the ball and who made that bomb especially because we knew that the specific technology that
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was use the laser guided technology that was used in this particular strike was technology the president obama had banned the sales of because of human rights concerns and that ban was then overturned by president trump so we knew that this was a really important element and it was one that. it was incredibly vital to get out that odious as they worked through how they felt about the war in yemen still it's only one piece albeit an informative one on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves considering that the u.n. has declared yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis definitely not this war and not just the u.k. and u.s. involvement in it has been extremely under reported amnesty international calls that the forgotten war spoke to me about some of the factors that make reporting on yemen so difficult i think often what people presume to be
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a dis interest on the root of part of the media is that we've actually just an inability to get on the ground we are trying in different ways we are learning as we go along as other people in the media landscape how are we going to report on this war it is in place and accomplish that often times people don't really have a great deal of knowledge on but also that is incredibly difficult to get access to in and i think we are which.


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