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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 240  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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we have actually consistently refer to the coalition as us back so this isn't a new elements that come into our reporting it was important to talk about the ball and who made that bomb especially because we knew that the specific technology that was used the laser guided technology that was used in this particular strike was technology that president obama had banned the sales of because of human rights concerns and that ban was then overturned by president trump so we knew that this was a really important element and it was one that. it was incredibly cool to get out there to our audience as they worked through how they felt about the war in yemen still it's only one piece albeit an informative one on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves considering that the u.n. has the cleric yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis definitely not this war
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and not just the u.k. and u.s. involvement in it has been extremely under reported amnesty international calls that the forgotten war elbagir spoke to me about some of the factors that make reporting on yemen so difficult. i think often what people presume to be a dis interest on the root of part of the media is that we've actually just an inability to get on the ground we are trying in different ways we are learning as we go along as other people in the media landscape how are we going to report on those who it is in place and accomplish that oftentimes people don't really have a great deal of knowledge on but also that is incredibly difficult to get access to in and i think we are which trying our best to figure it out as we go along and it's important to note that access to the warfront and yemen isn't just being limited by the saudi let forces but also the hooty led government that has been
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very hostile to the media ok thanks joe. turning now to palestinian journalists and activists and the twin inescapable realities of surveillance and censorship since two thousand and fifteen the authorities in israel have arrested an estimated one thousand palestinians for content they published or shared online israel even has a dedicated cyber crimes policing unit with the cooperation of tech giants like facebook the state has successfully taken down hundreds of palestinian social media accounts and israel's strategy in this area goes well beyond censorship the state has developed algorithms that monitor palestinians in anticipation of them committing a crime silenced and surveilled by israel on one side palestinians are also having to contend with the palestinian authority the p.a. on the west bank and hamas in gaza neither of which is known for tolerating dissent or criticism on why in the west bank in particular the p.a.'s two thousand seven
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hundred cyber crimes law has led to the arrest of numerous palestinians the listening posts nuffin now from the occupied west bank. this post we became the latest palestinian journalist to be charged meant the palestine t.v. correspondent is known for his live broadcasts of life under occupation. the military reportedly took issue with videos he shed of soldiers in a refugee camp near ramallah none of ollie's post-school by. the military prosecutor and the judge referred to the five that i leave the number of follow the hive and the like. and it's not just john f. fifteen year old tomato been with the rested for writing the words forgive me on facebook her alleged crime incitement. and then amounted to maybe it's crime was
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live streaming her daughter's mouth in. from a confrontation with two soldiers in her front yard she was charged with and convicted of in fights with just a few examples and there are hundreds of a charge palestinian say has been used to criminalize criticism of the occupation if your mil if there are who are the general assumption nowadays is that all palestinian social media users are under israeli surveillance system they developed algorithms which monitor social media for certain keywords and later began using a profiling method known as predictive policing anything you say can be seen as incitement everybody. was just imprisoned for saying resist my people resist so the word resistance is forbid as are phrases like i'm against occupation or i will resist occupation it's all considered incitement. but there are very sophisticated methods of online surveillance of these algorithms that have been
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developed the technology that is being used to target everyone anyone exercising their right free speech to a seeing is a violation of the presumption of innocence people are not presumed innocent they are presumed guilty from the start israel does not hesitate one at once to silence its critics while the arabs or jews vote the security of all your month was committed also. neatly multiple gave my. criticism over the way the policy. is from the very early point of view threatening to state security. in two thousand and sixteen israel's minister of justice i allege shook her head boasted that facebook complied with ninety five percent of government requests to remove infighting continence i on facebook and you faced a bill in the works would give the government the power to make that one hundred percent the ministry told the listening post that in find when cases are examined.
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regardless of the nationality or origin of the suspect but there seem to be double standards at play she killed herself once wrote a facebook post that appeared to justify the mass murder of palestinians who give birth to little snakes she was not charged with incitement and in two thousand and seventeen the ngo found that israeli social media uses rates and fights in post against palestinians once every thirty one seconds however prosecutions of israelis friend fights men are extremely rare. censorship and monitoring and not the only way that israel controls palestinians online it also operates social media accounts that target palestinians with propaganda in their own language a practice known as the militarization or infiltration of the palestinian side of a space if. you have pages like the coordinator and israeli general who
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publishes information that mainly targets palestinians and sometimes makes threats like we will enter this area and gaza to occupy it again or pages like it known age we want to live which has a photo of dollars luring people to work with them then there are secret accounts like that of captain. and israeli intelligence officer who writes to people and asks if they need help getting a work permit in other words they played with palestinian emotions as well as their need for money to get them to work for them. after a summer in which israeli snipers killed more than one hundred fifty people in gaza including two journalists and were even caught fellah breaking out some of those killings. the israeli government announced plans for legislation that would outlaw filming is ready soldiers for quote the
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sake of shaming them then there are the more traditional methods of controlling information this month the israeli military arrested six journalists for incitement in a single week at least twenty three john f. the currently imprisoned and seventeen media institutions was shut down by the israeli military last year. but navigating israel's system of control is only part of the chance too often palestinian journalists have come to expect the same kinds of intimidation surveillance and monitoring at the hands of their own government in the occupied west bank the palestinian authority seen by many palestinians as an enabler and enforcer of israel's occupation the p.a. seems to mount a thing or two from the israeli withdrawal bill acceptor ghanem with the offer to be the most commonly deployed charge is incitement one doesn't want to draw a parallel but often those who've experienced israeli presence have also experienced p.a. presence it's as if there's
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a certain type of journalists who must be denied a voice the surveillance of what we write on facebook has become so extensive so sophisticated that i believe we will get to the point where it will include the political and social views of journalists i wish to marry you. taking the lead from countries like the united arab emirates the palestinian authority has adopted a cyber crimes law that has had a chilling effect on free speech in the occupied west bank. it was conceived almost overnight with no public consultation and then passed by presidential decree what i can tell mr lamb was so in order in its first year the law was used in a way that violates human rights and democracy at least thirty palestinian web sites have been banned for either criticizing the palestinian authority or for having alliances with high mass or mohammad dahlan the more has been amended but is still nowhere near perfect the point is there using various laws in
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a selective way to limit opposition voices the lot of the philosophy we are seeing that is used in an abusive manner it is not used to tackle on line crime it's used to restrict opposition and anyone addressing points that are not supported by the past and you rightly so we're still calling for every piece of that law or an amendment of it. would be in line with international standards. then those gathered which is under the control of hamas and where free speech is also heavily restricted security forces there abused harassment interrogation and arbitrary arrests to file an online criticism. but what seems to differentiate the p.s.a. is the frequency with which it was used journalists who are also being sought by the israeli military one such voice islam harter a writer with a large online following known for her criticism of the occupation and the p.a.
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she was arrested by israeli forces in hebron last month not long after have family had been harassed by the p.a. chat about how. in april i spent. the palestinian preventive security forces had detained her husband she told me they asked him why don't you stop your wife from writing on your man and he replied i am a man and agree with what my wife writes and i want to. give in the ever present threat of surveillance and arrest by israel plus the threats coming from their own leadership palestinians are increasingly cautious about what they say online. a study by palestinian n.g.i. mather found that ninety percent of john less practiced self-censorship out of fear for their own safety what people don't know that they are being surveilled all the time whether they are aware of that creates a figure on the part of the population relieved to annoy or leads
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to feeling that their life is thought of them on it at this. time in this house but then what about how all of our journalistic out but it is monitored and analyzed reza we feel as if we somehow become like that type of big brother everyone is what you israel is. fortunately the p.a. is watching me. if there is censorship but palestinian journalists can navigate this ever narrowing the margin. because the moment the journalist goes silent there is nothing left at all with. and finally the eighteenth asian games are well underway in the indonesian capital jakarta a television channel there as c.t.v. produced a video to mark the opening of the games featuring indonesia's president joko widodo beating a traffic jam to get to the stadium on a motorcycle stunts included lame comparisons were reflexive li made online to tom
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cruise and the latest mission impossible film which was mission accomplished for s.c. t.v. and its action hero president and a hash tag was born proud to be indonesian fine except whoever made that film should have picked a stunt man who better resembled the president in shape someone in the same weight class perhaps and given that stunt man a wedding ring to match the one that would doto wear that's what the continuity departments for the little things will see you next time you're at the listening post. on the back of. it that that's it.
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i . was. just chilling. yes it. was. september on al-jazeera with the u.s. midterm elections just over two months away we'll explore the mood of the nation as american celebrates labor day on television and online the streamed continues to
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talk into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to build its seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september on al-jazeera for thousands of years farmers in shepherds lived off this land. but such a traditional way of life is under increasing threat. al jazeera world travels to the jordan valley where illegal settlements are expanding and the israeli military cordons off more of the land. what will become of the palestinian farmers and just the palestinian authority have any power to help shepherds of the jordan valley on
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al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. land bank . hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.n. security council has been debating a report calling for senior officers in myanmar military to face genocide charges released on monday details mass killings and gang rapes of range of muslims investigators say at least ten thousand people were killed during the crackdown by the military which began last august the u.s. has defended its support for the saudi and erotic coalition fighting in yemen
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defense secretary james mattis says washington's backing for the coalition is constantly under review he says he's hoping for a u.n. brokered negotiation on the conflict in yemen he made the comment shortly after a new u.n. report said all sides fighting in yemen may have committed war crimes but just stacey's a former state department official who served in the obama administration he says the increasing number of civilian deaths has forced the u.s. to turn down its support for the saudi led coalition. well it shouldn't be surprised that at this point in the conflict both the u.k. and the u.s. are beginning to have some serious concerns that they're actually arry publicly in a slightly new way of course speaking privately to the saudis and the iraqis for some time. these concerns have been expressed were these are strong allies both in the gulf and in the west with each other and cross these regions and they have been for years and of course the u.k. and the u.s. support their intelligence logistics weapons and things have been in place for some
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time but what the u.s. and the u.k. can no longer continue to support is the ongoing full of civilian deaths and human rights violations which of course is happening on both sides but i think what we're hearing both from secretary madness and from the u.k. as well is that the modest unconditional support for this at least publicly is now changed to modest conditional support for the time the u.s. military drills look set to resume on the korean peninsula the exercises had been suspended since a lot of a lot agreement between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un in june. as part of that deal north korea was supposed to end its nuclear weapons development program but the u.s. is frustrated by a lack of progress towards denuclearization in the north. colombia and peru have agreed to set up a joint database of venezuelan migrants then asked what was made after
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a two day meeting both countries are struggling to manage the rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing the border the migrant softening a worsening political and economic crisis. canadian officials are in washington for talks on the nafta trade treaty with the u.s. and mexico canada's prime minister justin trudeau says progress is being made on a potential rework of the treaty on monday the u.s. and mexico announced a new deal which could replace their trade terms agreed under nafta. a new study has found that nearly three thousand people died in puerto rico in the six months after hurricane maria destroyed much of the island last october the figures double the government's previous estimates of fourteen hundred deaths it's also in sharp contrast to the sixty four announced immediately after the storm the real was the most powerful hurricane to hit puerto rico in the nineteen years. the phones have been patiently waiting to say goodbye to the queen of soul aretha franklin the
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public being allowed to view body home city of detroit she died last week of pancreatic cancer a seventy six decades long sing korea included hits like respect i'm not thrilled with the funeral is set for friday. aretha she was i thought you know she was well respected around the world and you know we go michel great i actually had a chance to sing for her last summer but the trade music weekend we did a tribute for her. time and we sang a quick snippet of respect for her at her press conference before her name was revealed. when you were. just a little bit. all right those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera also the people's house statute on solution by the.
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seven billion people who live on pound his head. and every year six point five trillion dollars is spent keeping the health. the pursuit of can't afford health care challenges governments worldwide. to six very different countries to see the constant battle to successfully to. the people. for turkey's seventy six million people get affordable health care is no longer just a dream this is
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a story of an extraordinary transformation of the health system and of the people at its heart. on the front line at one of its newest hospitals we see how the patients and professionals here to turkey new health system to the test. there's. normark so i'm sure there. will be media eleven year old chance a billion he has a chimera and her right thigh bone orthopedic surgeon dr bill and errol is a buy to operate core blow to all the just scrounge. give
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us. beach off the. pioneering operations like this one are expensive and used to be the preserve of the rich but under the new system they are possible for everyone. always going to be really hurt a lot are. brought is an epilepsy the missing trucks a cash machine gun with a room the. knowledge and a lot. in the last year yup michelle schimmel what i usually does all the injured. jensen is the only daughter of clinton sign me. in the usually arms are.
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using the all that is it is in. the way your examiner says that. i do to support others. not us and will family ya know we lookin. for real from our poor kids either but this thing. was earlier protests on zome on the do you make up was this this. church going to you should all do each in salute almost you've been faithful to your learned the truth is it is or to just. you will not ask for a cure or show or the help on my show was. brought is a record of who are the root cause who are causing this who are just you know wish it were a couple of. five hours later chances waking up from her up or asian.
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guy from ear to. general reading yes the number of words now i never will that you called me your told me to be your own mark on the use inject your own selves soldiers on mars for a. year in the stroller where mushers you know i shall rush one fissioning remain you to judge which i took to shit like to look in the south for pitching shows and say that i was so as even shocked john says and do a lot of this was only the shit that was your engine moving average and the subsequent eleven was halted. chances treatment is only possible because of major health reforms that have transformed turkey's health system. when she was born in two thousand and three
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over a third of the population were unable to get the care they needed. a new government set itself the massive challenge to provide health care for all. tripling the budget and building facilities like marmer a university hospital in istanbul it's now a beacon of the new system and a microcosm of both the successes and challenges ahead. former health minister regev act i was in charge of the reforms and gated them through their first decade be there for them as was our sternum was stuffed d.m.n. a little earlier machine and on the big. hoarsely. yeah they should be to give us a muscle because mccoy that he was a man could sell w.'s maclet will you scream at the t.v. she live builders who had a stunning nurse and she done elated and she. had chills so did the solid time and
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beans are not good to. this new political well together with turkeys beginning economy a lot of the government's health spending to increase from around six to twenty three billion dollars in a decade. policymakers concentrated first on highly visible reforms to win public support improving the american says heiresses was a priority and the number of ambulances quadrupled it became free to call one and to get imagines he treatment. was the only young just because well hello dr matter good is on duty tonight at marmora hospital. wanted to know model that not least if we start there in austin as i think. he's dealing with road accident victim bailout act ass
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brought in with his uncle. the only thing photo shoot of the summer year. when you were injured losing would be good and. it. was a good bushnell to do it on a much higher local to skip over to the con a mother could if our son return you'll get us making a will last for pinball on the last for us so we're into the day we don't think. of a love affair. and didn't. well there is what most of the older predicted almost none of us young shit is well i'm sure we're going to want it to work out little is going on in the other search up to his job joe data. by two thousand and nine ninety six percent of ambulances were arriving within ten minutes of color light.


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