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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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glee is now cheney's two modest conditional support for the time be a google search of his own name has angered donald trump so much new government regulation could be on the way u.s. president accuses the search engine of highlighting negative stories about him there's a white house correspondent kimberly halkett. you know i think google is really taking advantage of a lot of people in a allegations from u.s. president donald trump that tech giants like google and facebook are silencing conservative opinions we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that so i think that. twitter and facebook they're really treading on very very troubled territory and they have to be careful it's not fair to large portions of the population trumps comments follow a tuesday morning tweet we're trying to claim to google the search term trump news with negative results he says online searches are rigged by liberal owned media
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groups to shadow ban or silence conservative viewpoints that's why trump economic advisor larry kudlow says the administration isn't ruling out action even regulation you know we're taking a look at it in a statement google denies it searches are selective it says that when a user types a query into the google search bar its goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant alzheimer's in a matter of seconds search is not used to set a political agenda we don't bias our results toward any political ideology is not accurate this tech industry analyst says trump's allegation that tech giants are systematically biased against conservatives is nothing new if trump is google searching himself in finding that a lot of people don't like him that's because a lot of people don't like him to be clear that would also been true if barack obama had googled himself but conservatives in the us are pushing back it's
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basically an intergalactic invasion. people they point to the recent removal of controversy all right wing radio host alex jones from facebook you tube and spotify private tech companies say they're legally within their rights to ban offensive content critics say. they're silencing dissent some republican members of congress are even arguing today's big tech companies are monopolies in the marketplace and should be regulated to foster political debate from all sides a move the white house now appears to be considering kimberlee health al-jazeera washington still ahead on al-jazeera a curfews and post some parts of nepal is anger over a police investigation brings mass protests and heated political climate in france as the environment minister quits saying his government is failing to do enough.
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hello the rain is gathering for some of us in southeastern asia you know for the borneo though here we've had a lot of showers recently but just over the past few hours they've started to melt away and i think as we head through thursday and friday they'll generally be more sunshine here unless of those thunderstorms the showers they will be pulling themselves together over the parts of the philippines and particularly in the south here it's looking wet as we had three day and friday as well elsewhere we've also got some heavy sometimes persistent rains over the western parts or of thailand and then further south expect quite a few showers over k.l. and singapore too as we head down towards australia here with ordinary of low pressure that's affecting us in the southwest that's giving some of us some heavy rain we've seen a few outbreaks of rain in perth another five point four millimeters here in the last few hours which brings all total for august up to one hundred eighty point six
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millimeters which makes it the wettest august on record even though records only go back to ninety ninety three still it has been way here and those showers are gradually edging their way eastward so think of it draw a force on thursday in perth but the weather working its way across other parts of western australia and into parts of south australia even melbourne could expect to see some rain. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the meeting going to join the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them you know how much money. will be given survived the initial little. sound. this is huge. amount.
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of them back let's recap the top stories for you right now good estimates around four million refugees children did not get to go to school last year it says the rollman is failing to keep up with the broad number of displaced people it wants governments and aid agencies to make education a critical element of the international response to refugees international pressure is growing to prosecute me and maurice the military leaders for the genocide of one hundred muslims and security council has to baited mass killings and gang rapes detail by investigators man maher says the allegations are false and the u.s.
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has defended its support for the saudi coalition fighting in yemen after a u.n. report released on tuesday said all sides in yemen's conflict may have committed war crimes it lamed saudi amerada airstrikes for most of the deaths. a suicide car bomb explosion in iraq has killed at least seven people and injured others. i'm near the border with syria the target was a checkpoint jointly manned by the iraqi army and allied shia fighters. the trial of congolese warlord bosco to ghana is drawing to a close at the international criminal court who is known as the terminator faces eighteen counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity from two thousand and two to two thousand and three at the time he was the deputy chief of staff of the union of congo least patriots that's a militia group and the east of the democratic republic of congo a verdict could take months iran and government lawyers at the international court
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of justice for a third day of hearings to challenge u.s. sanctions u.s. government says the court in the netherlands has no jurisdiction to hear the case or argues it's the victim of economic strangulation and the reimposition of sanctions violating a sixty year old friendship treaty or in sleaze in the hague for the iranians the task at hand is to try to answer the very serious points that the u.s. side made on choose day first of all you know the u.s. said we'll let you the iranians say we're guilty of unfriendly behavior under the terms of the treaty nine hundred fifty five or what about you iran since the islamic revolution of the taking of american hostages and support for the syrian government and hizbollah an attack on israel in this sort of thing here can you accuse us of being unfriendly and they also cues the iranians of deliberately mixing up political and legal things because the american side of the iranian complaint isn't a legal water going well it's a political complaints about the u.s.
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pulling out of the nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions and therefore as you say they argue the court has no jurisdiction over all this it looks i think to most dispassionate observers that it's a pretty uphill battle for the iranian side in all these a lot of people think that there's a degree of posturing really and that the iranians are trying to use this not so much that they think they're going to win this is solely but to try to convince their own people for domestic consumption of the not taking sanctions lying down. protests over the handling of a rape and murder investigation into paul have spread to the capital katmandu and definite curfews already in force in the southwest aimed at her venting more protests the police commander has been suspended after accusations of a cover up the reports. the monsoon rains didn't stop the latest protest against the police artists joined the protesters in solidarity following the rape and suspected murder thirteen year old schoolgirl up on
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a month ago. we had the government does not compel us to stand here again and again other protests have been held elsewhere in the park demanding change at least three rapes are reported to police every day around fifteen hundred last year activists say many more aren't reported more than half of all the parties attacked are up to sixty the police are being criticised for their handling of the schoolgirls murder investigation. a sixteen year old boy was shot and killed while others were injured and armed police confronted protesters and punch a blue district where the girl was killed a curfew was imposed there four days ago. police are accused of arresting a mentally unstable man and framing him for the girl's killing while the truth culprit remains free will is. we are an institution that believes in giving justice to women and children nepal police suspended the commanding officer in
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country on four and our initial investigation shows the police were a bit reluctant in the initial response their communication with the victim's family was also lacking these individual cases of carelessness have tarnished the reputation of the entire force. protesters say both the police and the government have to do more to restore faith in them the people who are coming to report versus the provost of people who have registered an f i r vers says the proportion of people who have really been convicted is very different the action of people who have been convicted in this country is a very normal compared to the people who have been raped we have lost faith in the system as protests continue against alleged police mishandling of the keys government leaders are under pressure to offer more than what demonstrators say. that men do combi emporio have a break to set up a joint database of venezuelan migrants countries are struggling to manage the
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rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing their borders their flaying eighty painting political and economic crisis at home according to the un more than two million people have fled venezuela since two thousand and fourteen. as a way to send the colombian capital bogota colombia and peru are the two countries that have so far received the highest number of business well in migrants and are now agreeing that they need to cooperate more to confront this unprecedented exodus of people migration authorities met for two days and then now that they will begin sharing more information about the migrants they are receiving they plan to implement a shared database in new technology at the border to do so they also agreed that this crisis will continue to grow unless there is real change in venezuela and colombia's officials insisted on the need to unilateral entry restrictions imposed by some countries in recent weeks. we need to do with this in
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a coordinated manner if it's a regional effort we can achieve good results handling it in a unilateral an individual way only creates more illegal immigration and more problems not less. they're doing i hope that their agreement will be extended to the other countries affected another meeting this time with the foreign ministers level has been announced for next week in ecuador when this went on and thirty seven also being invited but who said they haven't had any communication with their various counterparts on this issue for the last two years and that's been it's been used to avoid recognizing the crisis and well brazil's president has sent the military to a province along its border with venezuela says it's to keep order in rome and to ensure the safety of people there the government is moving some venezuelan migrants away from border towns in an effort to reduce tension with locals and the last two
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weeks brazilians drove a group of venezuelans out of their town after a local restaurant owner was stabbed and beaten france's environment minister shocked his colleagues by resigning resigning that is live on radio without telling his boss first nicholas low was a popular t.v. presenter and campaigner before going into politics he says the government isn't doing enough to stop climate change reports. it was on french radio that nicholas who law announced his sudden resignation as france's environment minister the pre-mortal the first time i'm going to take the hardest decision of my life i don't want to lie to myself any more i don't want my presence in this government to be taken to mean that we are doing enough to tackle this challenge who had spent fifteen months in government under president emmanuel mccall during which it helped stop controversial plans to build an airport on farmland but he said too little progress would be made in other areas such as rolling back nuclear power before
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entering politics is a popular t.v. presenter of environmental programs and campaign. this makes it clear that the government isn't interested in the on the violent considering the project as a gesture to the low but on every other important issue concerning our future such as pushing for an environment tax nothing has changed in this macro was almost state visit to denmark when he learnt to the resignation who had not told him before hand what we wanted i hope still to be able to count on him in one way or another i think that in fifteen months this government has done more than any other in the same time on the same subject. lose departure is a blow for mycroft his position to him self as a leader on the environment last year he criticised donald trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord make planets great again micro also hosted an international conference on climate change right here in paris it was
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attended by dozens of world leaders environmental experts and campaigners michael likes to present himself internationally as a leader from the mental issues on climate change and here you know says i did really what i could i did my very best one year in three months i did not succeed because this president obviously does not consider a run of the issues as primary issues so that's a real tough tough blow for michael the resignation adds to a turbulent few months for the president's opinion polls suggest his popularity has fallen some people say he focuses too much on economic growth and not enough on social issues now his commitment to the environment is also being called into question. paris with great force in africa are now as endangered as some of its best known animals but a group cultivating a manmade forest in south africa trying to give us a taste of what's been lost. reports from home along the and the first of our forests under threat series. one of south africa's botanical gardens is on the edge
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of the kruger national park the staff traction is undoubtedly the manmade tropical african rain forest is thriving in a continent where natural forests are being wiped out by equal loggers poachers and climate change are additional threats caretaker's he worry that they'll all be gone from africa in a few decades thirteen thousand square kilometers that are being wiped out. that's a massive amount of rainforest disappearing we might even be wiping out species before we even know they exist. thousands of students tourists and researchers who might not be able to go to the congo basin in central africa home to the world's second largest tropical rain forest or to the coastal rain forest in west africa that has almost all been felled visit this site i fix beer instead it's years ago when commodity pretty area they are ripped out forests left right and center to
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plant sugarcane and it seriously worries me because we don't replace the trees the botanical garden is not just a showcase of the ecosystem it's also home to some of south africa's rarest trees highly prized by poachers one of the things that stands out in this botanical garden is a psycho tree it's critically endangered slow to grow but also very lucrative in the black market so researchers say that in terms of endangered species the sikat isn't as much danger as the rhino a mosque has protected and grown the prehistoric cycad for years and proudly oversees the biggest collection in south africa this is the main. of federal. i have to take a three month. before we open to start to tool to put the school in the
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forest students learn about the different plants and animals how the ecosystem works and just how critical it is to conserve and protect what remains of africa's tropical rainforest. zero. south africa. our series on forests under threat continues later on wednesday people take you to malaysia where there is a boom and biofuels and that's posing a major threat to the region's rainforest for exploring that story in the news hour thirteen g. . and we shall carry these are the headlines on al-jazeera the un estimates around four million refugee children miss school last year and roland is failing to keep up with the growing number of displaced people the u.n. is arching governments and aid agencies to make education a critical element of the international response to refugees international pressure
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is growing to prosecute me and morris military leaders for the genocide over henschel muslims and security council has debated mass killings and gang rapes in detail by investigators and maher says the allegations are false. i believe these reports findings and recommendations these are of serious consideration by all relevant united nations board effective huge national corporation will be critical to ensure that they come to believe the mechanisms of credible transparency but should we bend and and comply with the geisha ins and the international law says defending its support for the saudi a moronic coalition fighting in yemen after a u.n. report released on tuesday said all sides and yemen's conflict may have committed war crimes and blamed saudi air strikes for most of the tats. a suicide car bomb explosion in iraq has killed at least seven people and injured others the attack
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was near the border with syria the target was a checkpoint jointly manned by the iraqi army and allied fighters. iranian government lawyers are at the international court of justice for a third day of hearings to challenge u.s. sanctions the u.s. government says the court in the netherlands has no jurisdiction to hear the case or argues it's the victim of economic strangulation and the theory imposition of sanctions violate a sixty year old friendship treaty colombia and peru have agreed to set up a joint database of venezuelan migrants both countries are struggling to manage the rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing the borders they're fleeing a deepening economic and political crisis at home and according to the u.n. more than two million people have fled venezuela since two thousand fourteen those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera and much more to come this is the euro that's next. china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle
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east business spark the wrong line of china to secure its resources for the future the i.m.f. said sub-saharan region as a whole dallas expect to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. europe as a member of this now as the countries are. in something yeah been a book skip a snippet of books. on
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god. thank. god. thank you. thank. god. thank you. business updates brought to you by. going places together. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds lived off this land. but such a traditional way of life is under increasing threat. al jazeera world travels to the jordan valley where illegal settlements are expanding and the israeli military
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cordons of more of them now. what will become of the palestinian farmers and the palestinian authority have any power to help shepherds of the jordan valley on al-jazeera. this is zero. welcome to the al-jazeera news our life for my headquarters and me elizabeth purana coming up in the next sixty minutes a troublesome report card on refugee school children a new study says four million after getting an education. time for accountability over the hendra crisis of reporting legend genocide in myanmar goes before the u.n.
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security council. i think google is really take it as then and give a lot of people a lot of the guts of the serious thing and it's a very serious george. donald trump goes after google accusing the search engine of unfair practices and then to get regulation. and fire a small have all the day's sport including extreme heat at the u.s. open the hits the players hard more on that story coming up later this hour. millions of refugees children missed school last year and the problems getting worse the united nations right. g. eight and c. the u.n.h.c.r. says they aren't getting an education as well as facing the challenge of starting a new life four million refugee children didn't attend school last year that's half a million more than in twenty sixteen well compared to ninety two percent globally
6:50 pm
only sixty one percent of refugee children attended primary school and as they get older the gaps are growing two out of three children and prime we don't make it to secondary school well schools and lebanon where there are hundreds of thousands of refugees are about to resume and some teachers are having to work extra shifts to accommodate them zain ahau the reports. the school year starts in the next few days but according to the united nations up to three hundred thousand syrian children of school age will not be attending classes that has been the number of syrian refugee children who haven't been given an education among them these children they live in this camp in the big car valley many of them are born in lebanon all they know is a life in exile the life of a refugee. the united nations says it is doing its best to enroll the highest number of syrian refugee children as possible but it hasn't been easy the lebanese
6:51 pm
government for example is under a lot of strain its resources its infrastructure has been strained as a result of the influx of over a million syrian refugees into the country but three hundred thousand children do attend classes over three hundred fifty lebanese public schools operate double shifts shifts in the afternoon to accommodate these children but of course there aren't enough spaces to accommodate the remaining three hundred thousand syrian children of school age and it's not just that syrian refugee families have little choice but to send their children to work to be able to provide for the family so there's also a question of child labor they cannot afford to send their children to school and instead their children work and there's also the issue of transportation many parents here will tell you that we can't afford to pay for transportation to send our children to school even if there are places in school so
6:52 pm
a very very dire situation for syria's children. joseph nona riley is with save the children and he told us more about why it's especially important to educate refugee children. because refugee children will spend their entire careers in their country refuge. and education and. back to their own functioning you know. i'm an educated population in the event that we don't. want to challenge. an already ordered or struggling with iran. problem. or great problem education is. not going on the from the humanitarian it's a really really need from. education is not just about
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boxing are encouraging hundreds of the refugee. and then. the international community to be in. refugee hosting which you. are. and you can. improve the education. you brought with your. brother or with. him and work out how we can create a problem but. really improve education and. both the refugee. community. let's move on to other news now and the u.s. is considering ending all funding to the un agency that aids palestinian refugees the united states has been providing some three hundred fifty million dollars and here washington has already cut and withheld millions of dollars from january
6:54 pm
relations between the u.s. and palestinian leadership have deteriorated after president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved to the american embassy there and maim well anwar provides humanitarian assistance to about five million palestinians let's get more on this now our correspondent how for sessions joining us live from west jerusalem the new school year starting harry at a time when anwar is under more financial and political pressure what impact further cuts have here. well yes today is the day that in the west bank and gaza the on ra schools there are about half of the seven hundred schools that they operate in the five areas of operation syria jordan lebanon and the occupied west bank and gaza about half of the schools are in the occupied palestinian territories and they're opening today after a good deal of uncertainty and threat because of the fact the united states
6:55 pm
withheld three hundred of the three hundred sixty five million dollars that it would have been presumed to have provided to enron as the biggest single contributor to the program. over the over the recent years and so the fact that it done of course put huge pressure on the agency the head of the agency was in the west bank refugee camp of jugglers zone earlier today to be there with the children as they came back to school he said that all even now two thirds of the way through this year there is still a two hundred million dollars funding gap as they continue to try to scramble together further funding in extra funding from other donors but the political pressure is as you say mounting after this report in the israeli press at the weekend the united states was going to permanently cut off all funding to annorah and as well as that declare that it viewed palestine refugees which of the people
6:56 pm
that provides assistance to as just being those who left before the creation of israel in one thousand nine hundred eight so restricting their number for more than five million to around five hundred thousand saying that those of the sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of those people had no claim to a right of return to israel in the future and that of course is a hugely politically sensitive position to take it is one that the palestinians utterly reject as saying that that has to be settled in any final status negotiations with the israelis. in a future two state solution and that has always been the position that is the position that is that had been arranged in the oslo accords back in the early one nine hundred ninety s. and so this would be very much in concert with what the united states has been trying to do over recent months the u.s. envoy jard cushion has apparently been lobbying other nations in the region to adopt this line trying to clear the decks of palestinian various palestinian claims
6:57 pm
before presenting the u.s. plan for the donald trump plan for israeli palestinian peace but this is something that the rejects is something the palestinians reject as well what about the israelis had how do they view the apparent new u.s. position on iran. well the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long been of this opinion the identical opinion to apparently what the united states is preparing to announce according to these reports saying that on russia's continued existence is an obstacle to peace he's called for it to be disbanded and he too has rejected the right of return claim of the succeeding generations of palestine refugees but there have been numerous reports in the israeli press and indeed opinion articles penned by members of the military establishment for members
6:58 pm
of military establishment saying that if you entirely demolish annorah and restrict its operations then what happens to the people who rely on it for their services for the five hundred thousand palestinian children who rely on it for education for the one million refugees inside gaza many of whom rely on the food aid distributed by on raw that could lead to security concerns service by no means a unified position on this from the israelis establishment over the israeli government in the person of benjamin netanyahu has long argued for this to take place terry thank you very much for that finale that is how i foresaw it with the latest live and west jefferson thank you. now the myanmar government is calling them false allegations but international pressure is growing from the military leaders to be prosecuted for the genocide and to muslims at least ten thousand were killed and around three quarters of
6:59 pm
a million or one just fled the army offensive which began a year ago the u.n. secretary general said that suffered a render suppose the commission as the security council debated math killings and gang rape detailed by investigators mike hanna has more now from u.n. headquarters in new york. this meeting was before the release of the un report but it was the subject of discussion of many of the speakers in particular as the report held that the military leaders responsible for atrocities in rack and state acted it said with genocidal intent the secretary general did not give any specific direction to the security council as to how it should proceed however it did say that the report must form the basis of its negotiations i believe these reports findings and recommendations these are of serious consideration by all relevant united nations bodies you fact of international cooperation will be critical to
7:00 pm
ensure that they come to believe the mechanisms are clearly bald transparent impartial independent and comply with myanmar's obligations and the international law but the british ambassador indicated that no immediate action is imminent she said it's likely that the report must first go to formal debate within the human rights council which commissioned the report in the first place before the security council takes a decision this is a report by the fact finding mission it will go in september for formal debate in the human rights council and then we hope we will debate it or deal with it in some suitable way in the security council but many members of the security council insistent that action must be taken sooner rather than.


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